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Instructor: Jess McIntosh

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Overview Texts
This course studies human history from a global perspective, emphasizing The course will use a variety of
themes that transcend the confines of national experience. The first semester will primary sources, including images,
explore the human experience from prehistory to the late 1400s, while the second objects, and audio. In addition to
semester will examine the development of the modern world, from 1492 to the these primary sources, the course will
present. We will examine the relationship between biology and culture, the rely upon the following required texts:
origins and justifications of power and difference, the emergence and impact of text 1
the nation-state, and the creation of transnational communities and systems. text 2
text 3
This class is first and foremost a discussion-based one. Please come ready to
contribute, to take leaps of faith, to go out on limbs, and, most importantly, to be
wrong. Key Dates and Assignments
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Course Goals
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Student performance in the class will be assessed in the following way:

Weekly reflection assignments (25%)

Quizzes and tests (25%)

Research papers (30%)

Oral presentations and closing conversations (20%)

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