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The Manager Human Resources

Secours Islamique France

Dear madam/sir,

I take this opportunity to submit my profile for Administrative Coordinator with motivation to work in
humanitarian fields as well as to exercise my skills and experience I posses in support services.

Equipped with diversified experience in support services from different humanitarian and corporate
organizations in past twelve years, I have developed sound knowledge & skills at professional and
ethical values. I gained administrative and management skills, HR and logistics functioning while
working at different capacities and departments. I have good English communications skills at
different levels of organizational structure; also having basic knowledge of Russian language.

I am open, flexible and motivated professional with strong believes in values of team work, respect
and humanity; these values support me to fit in all kind of cultures and environments.

I have post graduate degrees in Accounting and International relations; currently with Medecins Sans
Frontieres (OCA) as Manager HR/Fin since November 2015 based in Nukus, Uzbekistan. I am
manging two projects with budgets more than 8 Million (Euro) as well as 170 National Staff. I have
worked with RCRC Movement as national staff in Pakistan for five years at different capacities, have
developed understanding about The Movement.

Being motivated to fulfil my social responsibilities and career grooming in a cross cultural
environment, I offer my skills and experience. My enclosed profile will give you a detailed insight
about my experience and references. I am interested to be part of field projects to contribute to the
team, the organisation and humanity.


Adil Hussain Shah

Balakot, Pakistan
Dated: 24/08/2017