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Lease-hokls (,.I bolition and
Conversion in lo Ryotlvuri)

'[TAMIL NADUl ACT No, 27 OF 1!1632.

ACT, 1963.
ceived the assent owfthe President on the 12rh December
1963,Brst published in tlzc Fort St. Gc orgc G a m t 5
on ihe 1st January 1964 (Pausa 1 1 , 1885) 1
n Act to provide for the termination of leases of certain
lease-holdr granted by the Government, the acquisi-
t i u ~of ih2 rights of lessees in such lease-holds and the
introductiorz of ryotwuri settlervt~nt in such lease*

slature cf the "State cf Tamil

Ycas of the Rcpvblic G I India

Short til?e,
be called the lIT;mil Pkdu] L;trs,- extent and
(Abolition and Conversion into Ryokqari) Act, wmmencern lent.

(2) It extends to the lease-holds specified in the

(3) It shall come into force on sucli date n9 tlte

notificalion, appoint,
vcmmcnt may, by notification, amend Power tc? ..
alnend the t . I 1.5 1
w-*..- -A- Sch;l.l,,le.
iitxted for the word " M ~ d r i i ~ 'by
' t hi:
aws Order, 1969, as arslenied by the
f Laws (Second Amendfnent) Order,

ts and Reasons, see l%rtSt, George

d the 30th September 1961, Part IV*

tuttd for the expression "State of

daptation of Laws Order, 196;, - q
u Adaptation of Laws (Second

I r6 Lease-holds (Abolition and [I963 : T.N. Act 27

Conversion into Ryotwari)

(2) Where the First Schedule is amended bj omit-

ting t11:rcirorn a n y loasc-hold,-
(i) the provisions of this Act shall be deemed
never to havo applied to that lease-hold, and every pro-
ceeding taken under this Act and pending in respect of
tLc lease-hold. s b l l abate ;
(ii) any amount paid undcr this Act to the lessee
or otl~crp-rson in respect of that lease-hold shall with
interest thereon at tliret- pcr ccnt per ::nnull: be rccovcr-
able as if it were an arrear of land revenue.
(3) A11 i r fcrences made in this Act to the First Sche-
dule shall b- consid-red as relatirlg to tht said Schedule
as for the time bcing amendcd in exercisc of the powerr
co~ferrcd by sub-section (1).
Defir:itioas. 3. In this Act, unless the context otherwice requires,-
(a) "appuinted day" means the date appointed by
the Government under sub-section (3) of section 1 :
Provided that-
(i) whcre the operation of this Act ia respect of a
least-hold hzs been stsycd cr intcrrupted by order of a
Court, Tribuizal or othcr comp~tentauthority constituted
under any law for tltr: time bcing in force, "'appointed
day" men 1s the datc, fmm which ~ h cGovernm3nt have
been in uninierrupted possession of the lease-hold ;
(ii) in relation to a lease-hold added to the First
Schedule by a notification under sub-section (1) ~f wc-
tion 2, "appointed day" means the date on which the
said noiificati~nwas publishcd in the *Fort St. George
Gazette ;
(b) "Assistant Settlement Officer" in relation to
any lease-hold means the Assistant Settlement Officer
appointed under section 6 ;
(c) "Government" means the State Government ;
( d ) "land" rncans a@ land in a lease-hold ;
(e) "lcnsc" in relaticn to any lease-hold means the
lt2se under whicll the lessze held the lease-hold undn
rh: Gov;rnr?.: r: immidiatcly befo:re th- appoint2d &day;
-- -- -
:;r- * -'".;, G>r 1 v-;T: GzZr:;?,

1%3 : T.N. Art 271 Lease-holds (ABolitior~(lnd

Conversion into Ryotwnri)

(f) "lsasc-holti" n i w n s ilny v i l l a s specified in the

First Schedule ;

(g) "lessee" in relation to any lease-hold, means

thc person to whom the lease was granted by the Govern-
@nt and includes his heirs, legal representatives and
assigns ;

(h) "owncd. land" mtans, any land in which n ryot

or the lcssec had a permanent right of occupancy irnmidj-
ately bcfore the appointed day ;

(f) "rent" msans whatever is lawfully payable, for

the fasli ycar imm~diatrIy prcccding the fasli ycar iil which
the appointed day falls, in money or in kind or in both,
to the lessee by a ryot in respect o f any land in a Icasc-
hold ;

( j ) "ryot" in rela.~ic.n to a leasc-hold ,mcans any

person wlzo imtnc:dia.tcly bcforc t llc 21ppointcd day 11a d
a pc~maizcntright of occupancy in rc.s!Tcct of any Innd
and who had been paying rcnt to tht. 1:sscc in rcspr ci
of that land ;

' [ ( k ) "S:ttlcrnc,n.t Oficcr" mc:ins a Scttlcmcnt Oficcr

flppointed undcr section 5 and having jurisdic!ion;]

( I ) "~ribunal" means a Tribunal constituted under

section 8 and having jurisdiction.

1 Thiq clause was substi~vtedfor the following clause by section 2

of the Tamil Nadu Lease-holds (Abolition and Conversion in to
Ryotwari) Amendment Act, 1964 (Tamil Na?u Act 26 of 1964):-
"(k) "Settlement 0fficer9'in rzlation to any 1:ase-bold aeann
g& $~t#&?meo t 0 @ ~appointed
q u n d w section 5;"

Lease-holds (Abolition and [I963 : T.N. Act 27

Conversion into Ryot wari)

Vesting of 4. With effect on and from the appointed day and

lease-holds in
Government. save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act-
(0) tl13 Icasc of every icnse-hold shall cease and
dcterminc ;
(b) every 1:ax-hold including all communal lands
and p~ca~llbskes, wasie lands, pasturc lands, forests,
mines and minerals, quarrics, rivers and streams, '[tanks
and ooral ies (including private tanks and ooranies) and
irrigation works], fisherics r n d ferries, situated within
the bountlaries thereof, shall stand transferred to the
Government and vest in them free of all encumbrances,
and ths '[Tamil Nadu] Revenue R~~rsoveryAct, 1864
[Tamil Nadu] Act I1 of 1864), the 2[Tamil Nadu] Irri-
gation G s s Act, 1865 (2[Tamil Nadu] Act VII of 1865)
and all othcr enactments applicable to ryotwari lands
shall apply to the leasc-hold ;
(c) all rights and interests created in or over the
lease-lmld before the appointed day by the lessee or
any other pcrson shall, as against the Government, cease
and determine ;
(d) tha lcssce and any other person whose rights
stand transferred under clause (b) or Gease and determine
under clause (c) shall be entitled only to such rights and
privileges as arc 1-ecognized or conferred on him by or
under this Act ;
(e) the rights and ob!igations of thc lessee as such
shall be exti~~guished ;
(1) any rights and privjlcgcs which may have accrued
in the lease-hold to any pcrson before the appointed day
against the lcssee shall cease and determine and shall
not be enforceab!e against the Govcrnmeilt or against
the lessee, and every such person shall be entitled only
to such rights and privileges as are recognized or con-
ferred on him by or w d e r this Act ;
-- - -----
I These words and brackets W r e substituted for the words "tanks
and irrigation works" by section 3 (1) of the Tamil Nadu fnam
Estates, Lease-holds and M i ~ o Inarns
r (Abolition and Conversio n
nto Ryotwari) Amsndment Ac:, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 2 of
2 These words were substituted for the word " Madras" by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the '
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second .Qmendrl;ent) Ordor, 1969.


Le ase-holds (Abolition and

Conversion into Ryotluari)


, (I) As soon as may be after the publication of this Appointm~n:

in thc Fort St. George Gazette*, tltc G o v e r n n ~ ~and
n t functions
1 appoint one or more Assistant Setrlemznt Officcrs of Assistant
carry out the functions and duties assigned to them Settleme.?:
y or under this Aci . Oficers.
(2) Every Assistant Setllcmcnt Oflic~rclLi:ll bc wrb-
dillate to the Settlement Clfficer and s1la:l ix gi~idcd

7. The Board of Revenuet shall have power.-- Powas of

(0)to give effect to the provisions of illis Act ; control oftho
- .- -- ?Board of

w the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette.
Lease-holds (~bolitionand 11963 : T.N. Act 27
Conversion into Ryot wari)

(6) to i~sueinstructions for the guidance of the

Settlement Officer and Assistant Jett:emc.nt Officers ;
(c) to cancel or revise within such period as may be
prescribed any of the orders, acts or proceedings of any
Settlement Officcr other than those in respect of which
an appcal lies to the Tribunal.
Constitution 8. (1) The Government shall constitute as many Tri-
of bunals as m~ be necessary for the purposes of this Act.
(2) Each Tribunal shall consist of one person only
who $hall be a Judicial Officernot below the rank of
Subordinate Judge.
(3) Elch Tribunal &all have such jurisdiction as
thc Govcrnmcnt may, by notification frcm time to time,
(4) Each Tribunal shall have the same powers as
are vested in a Civil Court under the Ccde of Civil Prct-
c:dure, 1908 (Central Act V of 1908), when trying a scit
or when hearing an appeal.


Grant of 9. (1) With effect on and from the appointed day-

ryotwari patt as.
(a) every ryot shall be entitled to ryotwari patta in
respect of all his owned lands ;
(b) tlke !esscc shall be enrltlec' to ryotwari patta ia
respect of all his owned lands ;
(c) ever!; person whether 3 ryot or the lessee shall be
rrititIcd to I yonvari patta' in respect of all lands (other
than owrlcd lands) cultivated by him continuously for
a period of not less than twelve fasli years immediately
&fore the appointed day :

~aese-holds(Abolition md
Conversion into R y o t ~ v ~ r i )

(ii) beds and bunds of tanks and of supply, drain-

,aur plus or irrigation channels ;
(iii) threshing floor, cattle stands, village-sitcs,
-tracks, roads, temple sites and such other lands as
fct apart for the common use of the ~ i l l a g ~ r s ;

(iv) rivers, stlcanls and cther porambokes.

Provided that the Tribu~~al

may, in its discretion,
allow further time not exceeding two n1onth.s for the
filing of any such appeal :

192 ~ease-holds(Abolition and

Conver~!on into Ryotwari)

Ryotwari patta l[9-A. 11) Notwithstanding anything contained in this

not to be Act, no ryotwari patta shall be granted in respect of any
granted in private tank or oorani.
respect of
private tank or
oorani . (2) Any vyotwari patta granted in respeM of any
~ r i v a t ctank or oorani under this Act before the date of
ihc publication of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates, Lease-
holds and Minor Inams (Abolition and Conversion into
Ryotwari) Amendment Act, 1975 in the Tamil Nadrr
Govenzment Gazette, shall stand cancelled, and for pur-
poses of coinycnsation under this Act, the private tank
or oorani stall be deemed to be Iand occupied neither by
the lessee nor by any other pcrson.]
Liability to pay 10. Every person, whether a lessee or a ryot, who
land revenue to becon1es entitled to a ryotwari patta under this Act in
respect of any land shall, for each fasli year commencing
with the fasli year in which the appointed day falls, be
1;q ble to pay to the Governnlent such assessment as may
bc lawfully imposed on the land.
Vesticg of 11. (1) Every building situated within the limits of rt
buildings. lease-hold sllall, with effect on and from the appointed
day, vest in t h pcrson
~ who owned it immediately bfore
that day: but the Government shall be e~titlcdfor each
fasli yea.r comnlencing with the fasli year in which the
appointed day falls, to levy the appropriate assessment
(2) In this section, ' building ' includes the site on
which it stands and any adjacent premises occupied as
an appurtenance thereto.
Right of 12. (1) In cases not governed by any other provision
certain lrssees of this Act, whexe, on or afier the 30th day of September
and 1961, but before the appointed day, a lessee has created
by way of lease or otherwise. right in any mines or minerals,
quarries, fisheries or furies, the transaction shall bt
deemed to bc valid, and all rights and obligations arising
- -A. --0

1 This section was inserted was deemed always to have been

inserted by section 3(2) of d l Phdu Inam Estates, Leaso;.
holds and Minor Ii-lams /Abolilion m d Gnversion into &yotwarf)
Amendmt~tAct, 1975 (Tamil Narlu Act 2 of 1976).

Lease-holds (Abolition and 193

Conversion into .Ryotmri)

any law in force at the time ,pd that any such right
ted for a period not exeeding one year.

te Government.
' ,

194 and
' Least:-holcl~(Abolition [I963 : T.N. Act 2 ; ~
Co~zversiorzinto Ryotwari)

I "

s u v e y oflease- 13 (1) Any lease-hold may be surveyed, or if it has been

holds. surveyed before the appointed day, may be resurveyed,
as it it .cvere, Government land, in accordance: with the
~ o v i s i o n sfor the survey of such land contained - in the
[Tamil Nadu] Survey and Boundaries Act, 1923 ('[Tarnil
Nadu] Act VIII of 1923) :
Provided that any resurvey made under this sub-section
may be limited to what is necessary for the ryotwari
settlellleilt of the lease-hold,

(2) The cost of the survey or resurvey, except so

sxuch therec f as i s payable by any person under the pro-
visions of xction 8 of the '[Tamil Nadu] Survey and
:Boundaries Act, 1923 ('[Tamil Nadu] Act VIII of 19233,
shall be borne by the Government.
2 r\jott,jr;tri
Manner ofefrcc- $4. (I) Tl-w Sc:tle.rnt~?it Ofiiccl- s l ~ ; ~ l l
ting ryotwari ~ettlcIII~;iL o:'ci~ch ~c.?sc-ho;~! or p::rC thmeof in accordance
settlement. 'with :t settle~nc.-l!tn~;;::~.,~:.:.. frcr::eil and published by
the G O V iuA\;e:;t
~I for the purpose.
(2) Tile, said ilotiiication shall embody the principles
adopted in making ryotwari settlements in ryotwari areas
and shall adopt-
(a) the ratcs of as~essmentset out in the resettle-
ment notification in force on the date of the publication
of this Act in th9*Fort St. George Gazette in the district
in wI~ichthe lease-hold is situated ;or
(b) if nore thai~one such notification is in force
in the district, the rates set out in one of those notifications
which the Government consider to be the most a m o -
priate to the case.

1 'i'hmo words %re substituted for the word '' Madrasss by the
Tarnil Nadu Akaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as 'amended,by the
Tarnit Nadu Adaptation ofLaws (Second Amendment) Urdeq 1969,

* Now the TnmilNadrr ~okrnrmentGuzetfle.

LedS'e-ho/ds (.4bolit;o!z rlrrQ

Convc.t.sioiz into RyotwLlril

i) as empowering the appropriate officer or autho-

The land revenue payable to the Government in Inter assess-

t of any land for each fasli year commencing with trient
sli year in which the appointed. day falls, shall,
ryotwari settlement effecred in pursuance of section
ken brought into force in the lease-hold, be deter-

Where refit was payable to the lessee by I-lle ryot

tasli year immediately preceding the fasl; ?car in
the appointed day falls, the rent so payable ;

appointed day falls, by a ryot holding similar

similar advantages in the village :

196 ease-holds (Abolition and [I963 : T.N. Act 27

Conversion into Ryotwari)

Compensation 16. The compensatiorl payable in respect of each

bow deter- L,~se-hold shall be determined in accordance with the
mined. provisions.

Compensation 17. The compensation shall be determined for each

to be deternlin-lease- hold as sa whole and not separately for each of the
ed forasthe
hold lease- interests therein.
a whoie.
Basic annual 18. A sum called the basic annual sun? shall' fir&
sum. be determined in respect of the lease-hold.

Component 19. (1) The basic annual sum in respect of a lease

parts of basic hold shall be the aggregate of the sums specified below,
annuals*n. less the deductions specified in section 22 :-
(i) the whole of the gross annual rent demand in
respect of all l a ~ d sin the lease-hold occupied
person other than the lessee on the appointed da
the deduction specified in section 20 ;
(ii) the whole of the average net annual mis
Ianeous revenue derived frpm all other sources :in
lease-llold specified In section 4 (h) but not including !an
occup.ed by the lessee on the appointed day.
(2) Where the rent payable by a ryot to the : le
is in kind or partly in kind and partIy in cash, its conim
- value in terms of money shall be ascertained in
prescribed manner.
(3) Where tbe rent in respect of any land
the fair rent as determined in accordance with the
visions contained in the Second Schedule such fair
shall be deemed to be the rent in respect of that
for the purpose of clause (i) of sub-section (1). : . .:

Deduct ion 20. From the gross annual rent demand there
from gross deducted three and one-third per cent of such
annual rent de-
wnd. on acco~tntof the maiptenance: of irrigation works senrio
the lease-llold : e

Provided that no such deduction shall be made

i-s no irrigation work serving the lease-hold or if the
is under ILOlzgal obligation to maintain any 'ru
grving the lease-ho ld:
!, ''-
, '
Y '

. .
Lease-hoZds (Abolition and 198
Conv~rsioninto Ryolwnri)

further that, where the obligation of the lessee

ain every one of the irrigation works serving the
is shared bv him either with
d -- ..--- the
--- Gnvei-nm~nt *
L some other person, the .I percentage of such
n shall be reduced by such extent as the Govern-
). deem reasonable. -

The awrage net annual miscellaneous revenue a m p u tat ion of

referred to in clause (ii) of sub-section (1) net misceh-
* 19 shall be the average of the net annual income us revenue*
the lessee from such sources during the three
immediately preceding the fasli year in which
pointed day'falls :

that, if the Settlement Officer or the * Board

is of the oplr,ic;~thn+ +Fn- we no reliable
ascertainine the said annual income derived bv
the average net annual miscellaneous revenuk
sources referred to tn clause (ii) of sub-section
on 19 shall be the: average of the net annual
erived by the Government from such sources
fasli year commencing on the appointed day,
as the first day of July or on the .first day o f ,
ediately succeeding the appointed day if that
not the first day of July, and the next fasli year
ryotwari settlement is efleoted in that year or the
o fasli years irl other cases.

- .patable
'From the aggregate of the sums referred ta in sums
lder the
and (ii) d s%b-section(1) of scctior, 19, ascer-
s aforesaid, there shall be deducted --
be deduc

be whole of the amount payeble :mnually by

ee to the Government ; and

proportionate amount, ascertained in the

manner, payable for each yeax, -by the 1ese;ee

;mvernment in respect of any additional playmcrmt

under the lease.
- -
198 Lease-holds (Abolition and [I963 : T.N. Act 27
Coqversion into Ryotwari)

Amount of 23. The compensation payable in respect of any r I :

-Wn*tion* lease-hold shall be-

* .

(i) jn cases in which the lease was granted in per

tuity, ten times the basic annual sum ; and! ,

(ii) in other cases, five times the basic z ~ n u a sug.

Determination 24. (1) The Settlement Officer shall, by order in writing,
ofbasic annual determine in accordance with the provisions ofsectipps
turn m,d corn 19,20,21, 22 an$'23, the basic annual s u m in respect,of $ch,
' X
. compens'ation payable in respect 'tIicrdoC4
lease-hold and the , ,! .. I

(2) The lessee or other person interested may, withi

such time as may be prescribed or such further ti
the Settlemerit Officer may, in his discretion, allow,
in writing to that officer for a copy of the data on the
of which he p r o p u . ~ :a
~ deternine the basic annual.. . ,

(3) On receipt of such application, the

Oficeg shall funjiph the data aforesiid to 'the
and he shall. also, before passing any ord
sub-section (1); give the applicant a ree8o$ableh
nity of making @S representations in regard thereto
ing or orally.

(4) A copy of every order passed under sub-section (1)

shall be communicated to the lessee and also to every
applicant under sub-section (2).

... . ( 5 ) (i) The Settlement Officer may, at any time, ei& .

. . suo matzr or on the application of' any person, review
any order passed by him under sub-sectiou (1) on any
one or more of the following grounds, iiamely :--

(a) that the said order is vitiated by any clerical or

arithmetical mistake or error apparent on the face of :
;he record ; or
(6) that subsequent to the passing of the sai
order, data for the betkr calculation of the basic aq$W
sum bHve become available ; or

Law-holds (Aboiitio,~and
Conversion into & ~ t i v i ~ ~ + i )

(c) that the said order %requires to be modified

of the final order of any competent authority.

Provided that the Settlement Officershall. not: exercise
b-section jo respect OF 2 ny lease-
he lessee concerned aiid every
sub-section and sub-section (21, a
portunity of beillg ~ I C ~ ~ I ~ .
. *

(ii) A copy of every order passed undcr this sub-

ion shall be comn~urlicatedto the *Board of Revenu :
also to the lessee concerned and every applicant
er this sub-section and sub-section (2).

person deeming himself aggrieved by an

nder sub-section (1) or sub-section (5) may,
ones mon-th from the date of the order or suqb
time as the Board may, in its discretion allow,
to the *Board of Revenue, and the Board shall
ellant a reasonable opportunity of
ass such orders on thb'appeal as it tilinks

Revenue may also, in its discre-

er stro motu or on the applicatioll of
d examine the record of any oider
ceeding taken, by the Settlerne ~t Ofticer
on, for the purpose of satisfyin; itself as
regularity or propriety of such order or
d pass such order*in reference thereto

Provided that the basic annual sum or compeizsatiou

ct of a.ny lease-hold shall no: be reduced

(1) of the Tamil Nadu Board of Revetlue
1 Nadu Act 36 of 1980) ar,y reference to
hall be deemed to be a reference to the
L'cnse-Izolds (Abo!irion and [I963 : T.N. Act 27
C ~ l l ' ,i.3ian into Ryotwari)

by the Board without giving the lessee and every person

who has made an application under sub-section (2) a
reasonable opportunity of being heard.

. (8) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-

section (6) or sub-section (7), the*Board of Revenue may,
on applicatiol~made to it by the Settlement Officer or by
any other person in that behalf, review any order passed
by it under sub-section (6) or sub-section (7) if it is of the
opinion that the said order is vitiated by an error in the
decision on a point of law cr by a mistake, and may make
such order 0x1 the application as it thinks fit :

Provided that no application for review shall be

granted b:~ the *Board of Revenue without previous
notice to the lessee, and to the applicant, to enable them
to appear and be heard in support of the order n review
of which is applied for.

(9) KO order passed by the Settlement Officer under

sub-section (1) or sub-section (5) shall be liable to b;
cancelled or modified cxcept by the "Roard of Revenue
as aforesaid : and no order passed by the *Board of
Revenue under sub-sections (6), (7) or (8) shall be liabl:
to be cancelled or modified by the Government or any
other authority. .

Compensation 25. .The compensation payable under this Act may be

to be paid in paid in such forin and manner and at such time or times
presc*bea and in one or more instalments as may be prescribed
ner. by rules made by the Gavernmeat.

_ _--_ --- ___--_-_ d

+ By virtcle of' section 10 (1) of the Tanill Nadu Board of Re~enut
Abolition Act, 1B!kt.b (riamil Nadu .4c$ 36 of 1980) any reference to
the Board cf Revenue shall be deemed to be a reference to the
Statc Government.

he Government shall deposit in the office tCornpeasat ion

0 be deposited
af the compensation payable ander this Act in office of
and manner and at such time or times and Tribunal,
stalments as may be prescribed by rules

tlte Government shall be entitled to

unt to be deposited all moneys, if any,
due to them-
k+p (i) in respect of any amount payable under the
i or-

(ii) in respect of any claim whioh was secured

ately before th2 appointed day by a mortgage
rge on,the lease-hold or any portion there-

vided further that, where the amount jf t l ~ c

tion payable in respect of any lease-hoid stands
fter the deposit referred to above bas already
de, the Government may deposit the difference
raw the same from the deposit already made or
se adjust the same, in such manner. . and at . such
or times as m y be prescribed, and the prov~s~ons
&ctions 27, 28, 29, 30, 32 and 33 shall applr to the
nt &ally under deposit, and to' this extent the
rial or the Special Appcllaie Tribunal, as the case
be, shall be &ornpete6t'to revise its orders, if any,
) On the making of such deposit, the Government
be deemed to have been completely discharged in
ct of all claims to, or enforceable against, thc coin-
tion aforesaid.
;(1) Every person making a claim to, or enforceable Claims to ba
st, tbe compensation deposited under- any of the Amade

visi~nsof thi<Act or any portioll thereof, shall apply 'lU" """wU"*

beTribunal within three months from the date on wL:-I*
amount was deposited or within such further time not
ding tbree months, as the Tribunal ma), in its dis-
11, allow.
Lease-hoids (Abolition and [I963 : T.N. Act 27
Co!zversion i~ztoRy ot wdri)

(2) Zvery claim to, or enforci.ablc agai

pensation or any portion thcseof which is not
Tribun~1 withi11 the L~ILI'L;Goresaid shall,--

(i) in so far as it relates to the amount paid b

the Tribu~zalunder section 34 ;or

(ii) subject t o the provisio~lsof section 36, in SO

far as it relates to the amount in respect of which an o~der
for payment has bwn made by the Tribunal or the Special
Appellate Tribunal in favour of any person,
cease to be enforceable.

of Tribu-
~ u t y 28. The Tribunal shal1,after giving notice
nal, who have applied under section 27 and to any
it considers to be interested, make inquiry into i
of the claims received by it, and determine the per
in its opinion, are entirled to tlte coinpnsation-
and the u~nouiltto wl~iclteach c?f ihem is sntit

Cornpensation 29. 1) As a preliminary to such determination, t hz

I ~ J L Tri- bunnl s la!l rtpportion the compzns:~
and :my o t l ~ persons
tion among the le
wvhosc rights o r interests iu
lease-hold stand transferred to the Governnlent tin
clause (b) o f section 4, or cease 2nd determine u
clause (c) s f section 4, as far as possible i n . .
with the ~ a l u eof their respective interests i

(2) The value of those interests shall be asertaine

in accodanoe with such rules as may b:: made by the
Goverqment in this. behalf. b

(3) After the compensation has been

among the persons refeircd to in sub-section (
i t is wore convenient so to do pmding such a
ment ,the Tribunal shagtake into c~nsideration
cation of creditors and decide the amount to
of such creditdrsbis entitled-and the perso
out of whose share or shares of the compensati
amount should be,paid. 1 . -
.- . .; . -
., 9".- *---- " . . .,
I ,


Lease-ho2h ( Abolitiolz a?~d

Conversiolz i~ztoRyot w r i )
d that the interest of any person DevolurLion of
nt cf any portion of the compen- interest in
sat ion.

(3) In respect of each of the subsequent fasli years,

interim payment to be deposited sllall be t l ~ ebasic
annual sum roughly estimated as aforesaid.

inst, t Izc a Inc unt s

fasli ye:,rs if the basic annual sum a s fiilally

, determined had been adop!~dinstead of the basic a n ~ ~ u n l
stih as'i roughly estimated.
. $ +

Lease-holds (Abolition and . [I963 : T.N. Act 27

Conversion into Ryotwari)

I I (7) If the aggregate interim payinent determined

under sub-section (6) exceeds the aggregate interim pay-
ment already deposited, the balance with interest thereon
at three pt,r cent per annum shall be deposited by the
Governmeilt with t!~e Tribunal along with the compensa-
tion as finally determined.

(8) If the aggregate interim payment determined

under sub-section (6) is less than the aggregate amount
already deposited, the excess amount deposiled shall be
deducted by the Government from the amount of the
compensation finally determined and t be balance .shall be
deposited in the office of the Tribunal.

(9) No interim payment made under this section

sl~allbe deemed io constitute any part oft he compensation
which the Government are liable to deposit under sub-
section (1) of section 26, or to any extent to be in lieu of
such cornpensat ion.

(10) 1'1-be Tribunal shall revise its apportionment
of tlzc interim paymeiAi0.,I:h:-2fercnc.c to the aggregate
interim paymcnt as finzlly determii~edby thc Government
and make the necessary adjustments when apportioning
the compensation as finally determined.

Appeals 32. (])Against any decision of the Tribunal under sub-

section (4) of section 9, the Government may, within six
months from the date of the dcoision, and any person
aggrieved by any decision of the Tribunal under sub-section
(4) of section 9, section 28, section 29, section 30 or section
31 may, within three months from the date of the decision,
appea 1to the Special Appellate Tribunal consisting of two
Judg:s of the High Court nominated from time to time
by the Chief Justice in t l d behalf:

Provided that the Special Appellate Tribunal may,

in its discretion, allow further time not exceeding three
nionths for the filing of such appeal.
".' *2 -

.'AGa~c-.* -- .--
- " - 7 ,
'*-a*- * ,#>*
C&*"i";;sxr mi. .?~,?fl%-..~

m m k e of the Special Appeikze Tribu~al

appeal on all points, whether of law or of

ed for the purpose

dge or Judges shall hear
to sucl~point or points
on of the majority of the
eal including those who
be the decision of the

nal shall have the

1Court undel*the Code
Czntral Ac: V of 1908), when

OF the Tribunal
ming an interest in anv
that any such person has ndt
or filed any statement or
peared or participated in any
oceeding before the Tribunal or the Special Appellate
ibunal, as the case may be.

determined Restriction on
made under the jurisdiction
a 1 and the Sppecial of Tribunal
to the npport ionmen.+ Specia 1 Appel-
late Tribunal,
referred to in szc~iol~ 28, or
31, as the case may be, and
Special Appellate Tribunal
o into ths qucstim o f the
of t.he deternzination or the adequacy of the

206 Leme-lzolds (Abolition w d [I963 : T.N. Act 27

Conversion into Ryottiuri)

Di~b~rserneotof 34. All payments made out of the compdlisation

compensation. deposited in t& office of the Tribunal under dction 26
shall be ma* by it in accordance with its orders and deci-
sions subject to the rnodific~,tions,if m y , made on appeal
under. sectioii 32.

Limitation for 55. Every person in whose favour an crder for paynlent
claims by. h2&sbeen made bq the Tribunal, shall make an application
persons en:ltled f t payment
~ within three months from the date of the
to paynlent. Of acr :

R-ovided that the Tribunal may, within such further

time not exceeding six months, as it may, in its discretion
allow, admit a claim preferred after the period of three
months ttfo~.eszsid,if it is satisfied that tho claimant had
sufficient cause for not preferring tho claim within th:!t
period :

Provided further that, where an appeal has been filed

before the Special Appellate Tribunal against the said order
for payment, the aforesaid. period of thiee mooths shall be
reckoned from the date of the decision of the Special
Appellate Tribunal or the appeal.

Unclaimed and 36. (1) ( ( I ) &41amounts

1 deposited ifi the offi? af the
undisbursed Tsi buwal under sub4ection (I) of section 26 and 'Sub-set-
amounts how tions (4) and (7) of section 3 1, and remaining unpald iind
dealt with. with rcfereacc:to ihich no claim has been made \itifhin the
time specii ied in sub-section (1) of section 27, or nogappli-
cztion for payrnect has been made within the time' speci-
fied i i l sectioi~35 ; and

(b) all amounts deposited as aforesaid and

unpaid after ihe expiry of a period of six ifibnths
1 ' I? rj,n ib date of thG d ~ t ofi the~ application
~ ~ u&
'kctian 35,


Lease-holds (Abolition and

Conversion i~toR y o t ~ a r i )

anlounts deposited by the Tribu~slin the

rt uiider sub-saction (1) shall be dealt witl':
ict Court in accordance,with such ru!es as inay
the Goverizmt:i~tii: thls behalf.

11 making a claim to or euf~rceable

deposit under sub-section (I)
Court in the prescribed form

e District Court shall, after giving notice to G

. ~

who have applied under sub-section (3) and to any

m it considers to be interested, make enquiry
idity of the claims received by it and subject to
ons of sub-scction (5) determine the persons
ount held in deposit a ~ c the
f them is entitled.

(j)Eve] y u~.d.ctFor pnytncni m

~uc:by tlv: 'l'r-ibu~u~t
l ur
@cia1 Appellate Tribui~alin favour of any person
h bindillg on the District Court.

11t midc to ally person is Wrong and ex-

not due to him or to i l l cess payments to
ue to him, the wliich is be recoverable as
ichisinexcess,as thccasr IT ay be, land revenue.
e per Ccfit per annurn, or a n y
not be otherwise adjusted by
unt due to such pelasor],shall be
11 arrcar of land revcr)ue


ch the lessee ?as liable. u n h r the trpsc uaount to

to 'the,,G~YFF. q q t before the ~ l g d eto aoocBe,
a .to. 43
a c c r , ~ .effect from 'the
ediaQ1y prece ing the a p p ~ i n i ~ d

208 Lease-;told$ (Abolition and 11963 : T N. Act 2

Co~versioninto mot wad)

of execution 39. (1) No court shall before the ddntp: m which the e
p -oeedings* liee deposit in pursuance of this Act is inade in the 0
of the Tribunal, order or continue execution in respect
any decree or order passed against the lessee against
t other irnmova
ifiterests in the lease-bold or n g ~ i n shis
prr'pr ty or against him persona lly bq arrest and detention
and with eRect on and from suchi!.ate, execution in the cacP
aforesaid may be ordered or colltinued as specified in, an
in accord-ance with, the provis:oizs of section 40.

(2) All proceediilgs for the execution of any decr

or orcler by the arresl its14 Jetc1itioil in prison of the less
gending on the appointed day shall stand dismissed and
on suzh day the lessee is detained in prison in executio
of any such decree or order, he shall be released forthwith.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in any o

taw for tire time being in force, no !essee shall, on or
the appointed day and before the date on which the ea
deposit as aforesaid is made. sell. mortgage, lease or 0th
wise assign or alienate any of his i~~l~novable proper
and any transaction of the natu1.e hereby prohibited s
be void alld inoperati de and shall not confer or t a k a
any right whatcver on or from any party to the tmnsrct

Traasitio~alpro- 40. (1) No clailn or liability enforceable inmediate

vision in regard before the appointed day against the lessee or aga
to liabilities
lessee, etc. ofany other person whose rights in the lease-hold st
transferred to the Government in pursuarrce of cla
(b) of section 4, shall on or after that day, be rnfotcea
against tbe interest he bad in the lease-hold ;and a11 su
claims and liabilities shall after the date on which
earliest deposit in pmbsuanceof this Act is made in
0 ffice of the Tribunal, %e enforce3ble-

: nginsr the irlteriri~FnJ-mentsor rhe c c m p n

t icn cr other sum or sums paid or payable to him un
this Act, to the same extent to which such claims a
liabilities were enforceable against his interest in the lea
hold imn~ediately5efoz.e the appointed day ;and

I (h) against his other property, if any, to th&sa

& I .extent to which such claims and liabilities were enforces
.against suchproperty iarmcdhklybefore &cappinte&

Q)Z~ 209
~ ; O P ~ V C , ; ! ~ Irziu
O,~ E?ynr"i~.t~rf)

ity with the ptovisiol~sof sub-sectioi~(1) o:dy s;:

the interim payments or against the colnpzns~tion
stlm or s t ~ ~ n s or payable to h i n ~as ;; forcsa it!,
st his otl~crproperty, if any.

) No corn t shti hal, in enforcii~gany cle im ur 1iabi l ity

the lessee or any other person aforesaid, iillow
at a rate cxcertling six per cent per anntrnz h i 11zplc
for the period commencillg on the appcinteri t!lt,y
ng with the tlatc on whicl~the ea rlirst dcposit
rce ofthis Act i s made in the office o f thr: T~.ibuna'l.

211: I:Of t J:~:(:c Iiihli ycal s i r ~rcspcct ul t i ~ s t lJailci, bc clee tlwd

to bc diachurgecl w'lether or not a d c c ~ c chas b c c ~ obtni
~ ncd
ih~rcftir,if r h ~rgot p:rys to the Iessec tlzc arrears af't.rrrt
clue !*OI. ;I ~ C I - I ' O C L ~ l ' i t n ytl~iyefirsli years.

( 2 ) I n ally suit or proceeding for the recovery of any

al-l.eal-s of rent refelrod to in sub-jt.ction (I), the court or
a~~thoi-i ty concerned shall, upon dcpcjsit in the court or authority, or upon P T G O ~by the ~ y o t of tllc
pirymcll t, of arrears of such rent for any thrct fasli years,
disnlihs the suit 91' proccedjng.

(3) If befcre the appointrd day an) clecrez or order

has beec passed in any suit or proceedings fol the recovcry
of any a.1-rearsof refit d ~ i froma
e ryot, which ia inconsistent
wit11 tlrc. provisions of this section, the court o r auttiority
concerned. shall, upon deposit in the court or before the
aut11orit-y, or upon proof of the payment, of the arrears
of~entduefr~~ntheryotforatlythrecfa~liye~rsandon tl~c
tipplicatiori of any person aflected by suclz decree or orckr,
whether or not he was a party thereto, vacate the decree
or (,l-der :
Provitied that ilothing containc~iin this sccticn shall
:rpyly to any suit or proceeding in which the decree or or cler
has bccli scttisfied in full, before the appointed day.
Exp2artutiort.--.For the ; I.i110va1 of doubts it is hrrebj
declrrrcd that t l ~ cpayment ci i deposit, of arrears o f rr nt
. * .
for three 6sli years referred to in this section sha3 be p; y-
' 8 .
mcnt or dtposit made after the a p oi~nted day.
~ g h t g of
or occupier not
ownw 44. M7h\.rc.a person-
to be aflmed by (ci) is entitled to the owntrship or to the posr;essinn
temporary tiis-cju ~ . c c t ~ l ) a t itli:u~yl;lnci
~)n or huil.ii;~!! inrncdiatc-ly b:Torc
th: ;I p p o i n ~t l ~d ; t y , bu t Jut s ir iinr fcrl ed h i s !sigh t t ( 3 the
. .possf"sion 4 ir
accupatiou. I ~ o s ~ cn ~ ~r ioccul~;~tio
J o 11 thercof or h;i s bcc [I tvlnpo1.n-
, lily cii:,pos ,tx:,*c ;i o r (lt!t>rived of hi s rig f t t llr
occ~\l;:~ti o t l tl~creof; : ~ n d

(.b,) not on that t h y lost his right to recover t11e

po!;.ies:;I(,I:or occupation df such i;ind or building ;
for the purposes of this Act and subject io
i . 1 ~shall,
l ! ~ ~ r e ob fi deernedto he t ! ~ eowner, or to be
t h p~*ovibiolls
yosszsdon or occupation, of such laud or.building :

T , E ~ ~ s c - ii! ~ ,o.~I' )/if?<


C i ~ ~ ~ c e r!/lit sio~~

transferee of t11c
fedtc 211 the rjglrts
his Act of his irai~sferor.

under thi:, /kt,

a civil court (not beillg the Cst~rt

a Court of Small Cattse5) ou any
jurisdiction shall be binciing on
persons clailning untlcr f hem in
is A c t before a Tribunal 01- the
a1 iil so far as sucl~matter is i i ~
s persons aforesaid it1 such
l L ~ f

de in the office of the Tribunal,

such proceedings were pend inp
r obtaining certified copies of
ceeding shall be excluded.
ry decision or order in any
appeal or revision is provided
ommunicated in such manndr

o be the date 01 the decisi

.. . 011
' - .:,J 1 . 49. ..,,

21 1, S O l o tnid
i o .; /Iul(/ri)
C o ~ t v ~ ~ ~ill:~!j~ R ~

( 3 ) 'The provisio~lsclt' s e c t i v ~4~. I I ~ C I sub-sections (1)

anL\ (2) of zection 12 of the'Indian Liinitation -Act, 1908
(Central Act I>; of 1908), shall, SO far as may be, apply to
i1ppml or application for revision under this Act.
(4) Where, under this Act, an appeal or application
ii,r rcvision inay be preferred to any authority or ofricer
w i t i ~ i a~ lprescrtbed period or within sucR further time )lot
exc,;cding a specified period as may be allowed by such
anthority o r officer, the further time at'oresaid shall be
cotnputed an and from the expiry of such prescribed period
jolnjxlted in accordance with the provisions of sub-sections
(2) 2nd (3).

. 48. (1) Any order passed by any officer or the Govern-

~ct. ~nentor other authority under this Act or any decision of
Tribunal or the Special Appellate Tribunal in respect
of matters to be determined for the purposes of this Act shall,
~ul-,.jectonly to anylappeal,or revision provided under this
Act, be final.

(2) NJ such order or decision shall be liable to be

qucstiot~edin any court of law.
Jirris~liqiou, of 49. 1) No suit or other proceeding sf:alI lie against

the Government for any act done or purporting to be don
unclcr this Act or any rule made thereunder,

(2) (a) No %it, !\rosecution or other proceedings

%halllie against any ofticel. or servant of the Government
.I,or any act done or purportinq to be done under this Act

or any rule made thereunder, w~thoutthe previous sanction

of tlte Government.
(b) No officer or servant of the Government sha
be liable in respect of any such act in any civil or crirnina
proceeding if the act was done in p o d faith in the course o
the execution of the duties, or the discharge of the functions
imposed by or under this Act.
(3) No suit, prosecution, or other proceeding sh'all b
institutec' azainst any offic r or servant of the Governmen
for any act done or purpo ting to be done under this Act
or any rule made thereunder, after the expiry of six months
from the date of the act complained of.

* .VOWr LC Jitxira tion Act, J963 (W

Y ' d'." .

: :1 T.N. Act 2J] and

~ I / / ( II<L.o[)L,.

(i) l'he Goverj~r~~entmay make rulcs to oirry 1'1dlP'Cl to

I 1r lcs
&! purposes of this Act.

Bins, appeals and revisions under tnla ncr ;

a ( g ) the transfer of proceedings fro111

ktbority or officer, to another ;

uo motu or on appllcatlon a1 Lnt;J-lA--*Aa


&r person to whom f he pi

c;*t . (4) (a) All rules made under this Act shall be publisllt
iu the * Fort St. George Gazette and unless they are
expressed to come into forcc on a particular day, shall conle
into force on the day on which they are so published.
(b) Ail notifications issued under this Act sliall
uilicss they are expressed to come into force on a partic
day, come into fi~rceon the day on which they
published .
( 5 ) Every rule made or notification issued under this
Act shall, as soon as possible, after it i s made or issued, be
l> aced on the table of both Houses of the Legislature and
if, before the expiry of the session in w l ~ i c hit is so placed
or the ltext session, both Houses agree in making any
modificatioi~in any;~ich rule or t~otificationor both Houses
agree thnt the rule or notification should not be made or
issued, tkc rule or notificatjoil .;ha11 thereafter have effect
only in sucll modified form or be uino elrect, as the case miry
be, so however, that any such .modification or ililizulincnt
shall be w i i l ~ o ~prcji~dlcc
t to illc validity of :~nytt:ing
prei'iously durle u~~cies
i irai r ~ i i c :t,s not ificatic,n.

Speeia! pro\ i- ~ in the

52. ( i ) S ~ i \ v i l l ~ . ; ~ i \ r ~ ~2 t lyl i~gl i i i ,coi~tail~ed
sion roln;irlg '[l'alni L Nricil!] Lslnl Rtfk i iils (pix;fli\11i 01' Ctilin,~ onliind)
to fixa!io~lof' Act, 1961 ! l [ ~ f i ~ ~ ~ ~ i i N Acts i d58~ ~of] l4JliI), but subjectto the
cc'liflg area provis~onaIf ztlb-scc~icn(3),t llo L ~ Lt l~orizcduRccr sh;llJ
in reS'
ally ~Cc! O" in the tw;iiali of*tbr: ceiling zrca ol. :try pi rson ,-illtlfr lha.1
Idn,.l I n a
lcasc-hold. Acl, cxc;lu(fc any land i n :I ieasc-l~ciftl.
(2) '21 st.,c)iil 3s i l l ; . ' Iv,;rtvfcrlhc- ryotwar I sct t l C ~ l ~ i l ~ t
i b bi.~ui;t~ i l.l ~ t ,~ ( \ S C Ciii i : ! > j i t t j i t l LCI;.! 1.c cl t o in sub-stc; jc 11
(1) d i gr;1fii i.4 llbc r t i p a t l ; ~in reslecl
such lallcl I P :in). persoil i o :!~ci;,.cl:i~~c.u with t C t provibions
c.f Illis ~ r c t ,tl'e a b i hcbrizttl ~ ~ ~ ' E L slC I;ill - ci lculate 01.
recalculate tke ceiling a s ~ a of such per-sc n arid in so
crrlcikit ing or I ~calc~tlstjfi,~: ihc ariihorizrtd c acer $1 211
:.i k p i n 1 : i c i ~ ! t ~ iti j: e ~)f'if!e];!I:'!
I > ~ > I \ \ . ' : : ;'=:iI. 1 - 3 s b ~ : i : g i . . ~ : ic:llL!ci-
in r: * zbyct
c>f j\-ijch
~ ~ ~ igIs J ~ C X .
_ _ _-- --
j hc\e ' \ , ) I L ~ SWerd s~lt~stit!tted filr t l x i\.oril '' hIadmsw by the
;; t t n r l N i ~ c l i t AtfapLatic)n of i:iws Order, 1909, as anlcndcd by tile
'tit~nilNail u .h~tcipc;ttion
of I-itws ISccc~ldAlncttdment ) Order, 1969.

c i

' p ~ ~ ~ r - j ? c ? l (Abolitfan
dIr an$! 21s
i ? f o ./<]'~t)l"gl*j,

Ft r ~ I I L p~rposes of' jwii~nilNaau] I,~!rld

(1;ix;rtion of' Ce~lil~g
on L L ~ I I L IAct,
) 196It t*:\,n~l J[

i ?

1G %

j ; j
; I

necessary for the purpose of removing the diffculty.


(Set section 1 (21.1
Keve:lue nunrbcr lit/:;l h r c r t 1 yf ~lrtr
rtarrre oj' vil/(~,yu. Icclsc-hold. i 11
i i/
! a
. . 13. Chant L y o ~

, hoIc hi?legt. 1
,, 55. Mukthdpud~~r)nti\r D P. t j;
. . 146. Knradiputhi~,, kc.. ; I *

, . 147. Kann:u~kotlur ..
.. ..
13c. i I'

1. jj

.. L50,'Thervoy Do,
. . 151. Kand~gai . .. Do. I;
. . 180, Pappaitkuprarn crr'itrs CJi ~ ,
Alamelurnanga pilranr.
. . 121. Ikkattuthangic: , .
. . ? 17. 1-Iun~sar~aha!t~..
. . 3 18. Siilatahalli ..
1 ?I)

qo j
i '1
iI !I 1

. 32 1, Regad~hclli
. , 322. Mottankurii'fi-r
. .. ,
3 iI

___ __ ______ _ _____

I ____
___--__ _ --- -- - - - - - --- -
-- --- -- - --------.
I ,



fi&i-hoZds (Abolitbn md
Cdnvcrsioiz illto & y d t ~ ~ r i )


[See sectjvn 19 (5)J
iJroI isions relalatitag to ihe dctrr.~?rOiutio~r
uffhir rent.

i , idor lopcs, orchards and lallds used lor non-qri-

~ ; u l t u a1 the fdir rent shall be tlie lease aluvull
l j)~i-l~o:rcs,
,I> deterlnincd by rules ~ n a d eby the Gov~rn~nent in Il~i
bell all'.

2. In respect or lsilda other than those specilicd iu

pa';iggaph I, the fair rent shall be the aggregate of-
(a) (i) in the case of wet land, 40 per cent of th
nornlal gross produce or its value in inoney ;
(ii) in the case of wet land tihe irrigation of which '
s~pplementedby lifting water, 35 per cent of the nornl
gross produce or its valoe in money ;
(iii) in the case of land on which crops which
not give any yield within a period of one year from
tillle of cultivation are cultivated, 40 per cent of the nor111
gross p x ~ d ~ -orc eits value in money ;
(iv) in the case of any other class of land, 33-113
1?cr cent of tlie normal gross produce or its value in
I money :
Provided that, in the case of lands referred to ijl sub.
paragral>h~ (ii) and (iv) for the cultivation of which walcr
is lilted by pump sets installed at the cost of.thf pen0
owlling the land, the fair relit shall be increased to 4
per cent ; and
(b) the vaiue of one-fifrh of the straw or stalk of
(hi: crops cultivated orl the land in an agricultural .