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What is the difference between a community health nursing and public health nursing?

Community health nursing Public health nursing

As a global or umbrella term As a component or subset
The synthesis of nursing practice and Described as the synthesis of public health and
public health practice applied to nursing practice
promoting and preserving tee alt of
Is considered to be broader and more Maybe defined as a field of professional practice in
general specialty area that nursing and in public health in which technical
encompasses subspecialties that nursing, interpersonal, analytical, and
include public health nursing, school organizational skills are applied to problems of
nursing, occupational health nursing health as they affect the community. These skills
and other developing fields of are applied in concert with those other persons
practice such as home health, hospice engaged in health care, trough comprehensive
care and independent nurse practice. nursing care of families and other groups and
through measures for evaluation or control of treats
to health, for health education of the public and for
mobilization of the public for health action.
Is seen as a subspecialty nursing practice generally
delivered within official or governmental agencies.
Is defined as the practice of promoting and protecting
health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social
and public health sciences.
Community health nursing practice is Public health nursing practice is population-focused
collaborative and is based in research wit the goals of promoting health and preventing
and theory. disease and disability for all people through the
It applies the nursing process to the creation of conditions in which people can be
care of individuals, families, healthy.
aggregates and community.
Community and public health nurses practice disease prevention and health promotion.

What is the comparison between community health nursing and Community-based nursing?

Community health nursing Community-Based Nursing

Goal: emphasizes preservation Has been identified and defined to differentiate it

and protection of health from what has traditionally been seen as
The primary client is the community and public health nursing practice.
community. Refers to application of the nursing process in
Services are both direct and caring for individuals, families and groups were
indirect. they live, work or go to school or as they move
through the health care system.
Is setting specific and the emphasis is on acute and
chronic care and includes practice areas such as
home health nursing and nursing in outpatient or
ambulatory settings.
Goal: emphasizes managing acute or chronic
The primary clients are the individual and the
Services are largely direct.