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Destructive earthquake in Jambi occurred on October 7, 1995 at coordinate 2.1o S 101.3 o E Richter Scale and a
depth of 33 km. This earthquake caused 84 people died, 558 were seriously injured and 1310 slighty injured. 7137
home were damaged, transportation, irrigation, places of worship, market and shop damaged. Liquefiation in Desa
Penawar,Kecamatan Sitinjau Laut. Ground crack trending N340 E N35 E in the Desa Sebukar, Koto Iman, Tanjung
Tanah And Kayu Aro. Landslide in Kampung Benik South of Lake Kerinci, Earthquake sources on the ground due to
earthquake fault movement is active


This Province of East Java Island is an earthquake hazard area. This earthquake originated from subduction zone at
southern part of java and active fault mainland. The destructive earthquake occurred in Malang on November 20,
1958 and Pebruary 19, 1967 ; in Blitar Treanggalek on October 4, 1972 ; September in Pacitan on July 20, 2003
and in Situbondo on 10, 2007, The earthquake triggered tsunami occurred n Juny 3, 1994 and hit southern coast of
Banyuwangi and it surrounding.


According to historical record, there are no histrorical earthquakes in South Kalimantan Province


Destructive earthquake occurred in Lampung Province associated with inland fault activity at shallow depth. Lampung
Province has been struck by four destructive earthquake : January 9, 1852, Telukbetung Earthquake (VII MMI) 1903,
Liwa Earthquake (VII MMI), 1993, Liwa Earthquake (VII MMI), February 15, 1994, Liwa Earthquake (IX MMI) and May
12, 2006, Kalianda Earthquake (V MMI).


Destructive earthquake in Maluku Province have been recorded since 1629 (Supraptoyo,2008). Epicenter located in
the Banda Sea, Seram Sea, and the Buru Strait with intensity between MMI V to MMI IX and magnitude between 5.0
Mw to 8.3 Mw. The earthquake that caused fatalities are 1835 Ambo Erathquake on November 1, 1835 caused 60
peopled injured, 1998 Mangole Earthquake on November 29, 1998 caused 41 people died in Mangole and Manado,
and 2006 Buru Earthquake on March 14, 2006 caused 3 death.


Seismic activity in West Sulawesi in less than in North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi or Southeast Sulawesi.
The major earthquake sources affect to Sulawesi Barat could be Makassar Thrust and Walanae Fault. Since 1928 up
to now, Sulawesi Barat at least had been 6 times struck by destructive earthquake. 1928 and 1984 Mamuju
Earthquake, 1967 Tinambung Earthquake and 1969 Majene Earthquake had generated tsunamis. Even small
earthquake, 1972 Mamuju (4,7 RS) and 2006 Majene Earhquake (4.0 RS) had caused damage in West Sulawesi.


Yogyakarta area is an earthquake prone area. Epicenter of the destructive earthquake came from active fault on land
and the subduction zone. Event of destructive earthquake in this area were occurred on 1840, June 10 1867, July 23
1943, January 13 1981 and May 27 2006.