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Life on Mars? Words & Music by David Bowie J=124 Ws a God aw- ful small af fair (Werse 2 see block lyric) girl with the mou - sy hair. my is yel - ling and her dad - dy has told her to go,___ (© Copyright 1971 Chrysalis Music Limited, The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Road, London WIO (25%), 'EMI Mase Publishing Lined, 127 Caring Cross Road London WC2 (37.5%) de Tintreto MisiRZO Mase Limited (37.5). AIL Rights Reserved Iterational Copyright Secured Delivered by www sheetmusicdirect com AWE diay i ee friend is no - where to be seen, walks through her sunk - en dream, DE to the seat with the clear - est view and she's But the film is a sad - ding bore for she's lived it ten times or more. She could SS ed ‘Aap ask her to fo as they the dance hall i's the freak - i- est show. Delivered by wow sheetmu