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in Cairo

Cairo - ILI
Living in Egypt

Modern Egypt

airo is a mega-city of some 17 million Housing and new-town developments
people. Cairo is called Mother of adjacent to the city are rapidly developing
the World given its location at the in the form of the new desert cities where
crossroads of Africa and the Middle East. modern Cairo is emerging. Modern Cairo has
The city is diverse and cosmopolitan, where become the home of hi-tech industries in
ancient and modern cultures co-exist. the new Smart Village, factories producing
Mercedes, BMW, Suzuki and General
Old Cairo with its bazaars, dusty alleyways Motors; tech companies like Toshiba and
and coffee shops is circled by the modern National and other multi-national electronics
city with five star hotels, fashionable cafes, industries; food factories like Nestle and
shopping malls and cinemas. The River Nile Cadbury; pharmaceuticals, textiles and
dissects the metropolis, with the old city weaving; clothing producers like Benetton,
centre and Old Cairo on the east bank and Naf-Naf and Pierre Cardin and a huge range of
newer residential suburbs with their local industrial products and top brand names all
shopping areas on the west bank. manufacturing under license in Egypt.
Studying at
International House, Cairo

The School

LI was first opened in 1975 in a leafy The school offers a wide range of Arabic
suburb of Cairo and was the first courses with an average of 250-300 full-
International House language school in the time students attending every month from
region. Being an International House school some 30 different countries, so we really are
means that we approach teaching Arabic in a a cosmopolitan community. 20 modern air-
lively and modern way. If you dont know the conditioned classrooms, a spacious caf and
International House organization you can find restaurant open all day, a free internet centre,
out more on small one-to-one teaching units, teacher
training, teachers development and resources
Downtown is a 15 minute taxi ride away and unit, book writing, resident author and lots of
the Great Pyramids of Giza about 40 minutes. practical technology are some of the facilities
(Admitted it depends on the traffic however, our students enjoy.
sounds romantic!). Cairo, although a huge city
is in a narrow valley and from one side on the We also provide a whole range of other
Mokattam Hills to the plateau of Geza on the facilities and support (which you can read
other side is only a few kilometers. about later) including airport meet and greet,
two serviced residences, social activities,
trips and excursions, and special services to
universities, foreign offices and organizations.
Arabic courses at
International House, Cairo

What programs do we offer?

e teach ECA (Egyptian Colloquial spoken The Military.
Arabic) and MSA (Modern Standard reading Groups of young learners.
and writing Arabic). We offer full-time NGOs
morning courses 5 days a week . We offer young UN/EU organizations
learners courses; we train teachers of Arabic as a Ministries of Education
foreign language in-house and on-line, develop Teachers of Arabic
teaching materials, on-line courses and tailor-made University students from schools of Middle
programs for clients. Eastern Studies, Arabic, Politics and Islamic
faculties, etc.
We are particularly experienced in handling
the following customers and are able to
provide customized curriculums to meet our
clients need :
Foreign Ministries, diplomat training
Ministries of Development & AID.
Arabic courses at
International House, Cairo

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

We teach Aameya or Egyptian We teach Fus-ha or Modern Standard

Colloquial Arabic which is the most Arabic which is used in more academic
widely understood in the Middle East. conversation, books newspapers and
With our communicative approach, the media. The course enables you to
and our focus on small classes, students develop your reading and writing skills
can quickly progress through the levels as well as listening and speaking. As
to a point where they really begin to you progress you will be able to follow
communicate. cultural and current affairs in the Middle
East and be able to understand radio and
For beginner students who do not TV programs, read Arabic literature and
know to read and write we add on extra also Islamic texts. All the other stuff...
support, free of charge. There are ten
levels, from beginners to Advanced that 90% of our students come from abroad so we have to
conform to European and American look after you. Cairo is an amazing city to live in, but
language teaching classifications and lets say it can be challenging!
Meet and greet.
31 bed residence.
Hotel bookings
Flat rental service.

So please, dont feel that you are on your own. We are

there to support you and help you so you really enjoy
your learning and living in Cairo.
Arabic courses at
International House, Cairo

Other courses Teacher Training

ILI has developed a wide range of special We have always trained our teachers on
courses over the years and continues to do International House programs which ensure
so through our development department. the quality of our staff and follow-up quality
As well as private group classes in school control. The full-time or part-time 120 hour
or in-company, one-to-one and small courses are accredited by IH World and the
group tuition we offer Media Arabic, and certificates gained recognized worldwide.
Arabic for Economics, Political Science,
aspects of Religion, History, Business
Communication and even Calligraphy Course Books
(actually pretty popular!). ILI has developed two series of books over the last 3
years published by the American University in Cairo.
The easiest way to learn about the books is through
our website or from reviews on Amazon. Kallimni Arabi
is the ECA program which is acclaimed worldwide and
is available in 5 books covering 10 levels.
Lughatuna Al fusha is the new MSA series; is available
in 6 books covering 10 levels.
Arabic courses at
International House, Cairo

Courses are offered in 10 levels

each, from beginner to advanced

Specialized courses like Media Arabic, ECA courses are offered 10 hours per week for
Economics, Political Science, Business USD 180 (2 weeks) & 360 (4 weeks)
Communication , Poetry, Aspects of MSA courses are offered 15 hours per week for
Religion & History and Calligraphy. USD 255 (2 weeks) & 510 (4 weeks)
Teacher Training in Teaching Arabic as a Combined courses are offered 25 hours per week for USD
Foreign Language. 435 (2 weeks) & 870 (4 weeks)
(TAFL certificate )
We offer young learner courses.
For Online application follow the link:
We have our own books Kallimni Arabi
Series and Lughatuna al- Fusha
available through Amazon.
On-line learning and on-line teacher
Tailor made courses.
We provide our own residence.
(On site and Off Site)
We can provide student insurance through
the recommended International House insurance
What can you do?

ewcomers to Egypt will want to We also do camping and 4-wheel trips in the
sample Cairos Pharaonic history white desert or visiting Siwa or the Sinai. One
such as the Pyramids, Saqqara and of the best ways of getting around is to ask
Memphis, old Cairo, the markets and visiting other students who have done some of the
the Egyptian Museum. These places are easy more exciting and madder trips how they
to find but there are many other interesting did it! However, do not tell your mother we
archaeological sites within a days drive from suggested this!
Cairo that are less crowded.
Islamic Cairo (Old Cairo) and Coptic Cairo
Those who are particularly interested in are fascinating parts of the city, both having
Egypts ancient archaeological sites and excellent local museums. Islamic Cairo has
seeing those that are less accessible to survived virtually intact as it was spared the
the general public should join the Egypt ravages of Mongol and Crusader invasion.
Exploration Society (EES) which organizes Apart from the famous mosques and the
regular lectures and visits to archaeological souk area known as Khan El Khalili, Islamic
sites. The school, as we said, organizes lots Cairo is little changed, except over the years
of local trips to the Pyramids, Old Cairo, it sadly fell into ruin. Recently, it is being
Memphis etc with our really nice tourist completely restored, becoming pedestrian-
guides! friendly, and now includes the extraordinary
Aga Khans El Azha Gardens of 35 acres.
What can you do?

he old city walls have emerged along The Cairo Opera House presents international
with the gardens from a very ancient events of modern, pop and classical music,
and very, very large rubbish dump and opera and plays in sophisticated surroundings.
the whole area is now really interesting. It took A large number of international hotels provide
800,000 truck loads to clear the centuries a wide range of international cuisine. Students
old rubbish tip! Cairo has loads of modern use them for their night clubs, bars and
cinemas showing British and American films. swimming pools.

There is an international film festival in the Apart from the hotels, there is a wide range
autumn which shows some of the latest of restaurants and quality coffee shops
releases. throughout Cairo and the suburbs and finally
just loads and loads of coffee shops, fast
There are 10 local television channels with food outlets and good local cafes, bars and
many programmes in English and numerous restaurants.
companies offering satellite TV, e.g. Orbit and
Showtime, with masses of channels. Cairo has the weather for outdoor sports.
There are many sporting clubs with swimming
pools, fitness centres like Golds Gym, tennis
and squash courts. Most students pay the
daily rate to use a clubs facilities but longer
term membership can be bought.
What can you do?

here are also many excellent golf
courses bring your clubs! The Sinai
peninsula and Red Sea are nearby and
the scuba diving and snorkeling on the coral
reefs incredible and beautiful. You dont have
to stay in 5 star hotels there is lots of choice.

Further afield are the desert oases of Siwa

and Baharia, Farafra and Kharga (best visited
in winter). The school can advise you on
visiting these little known oases, where off-
road expeditions in 4x4s or on camels are
incredibly popular with students.

(Problem is most of them dont want to come

back!). Then, of course, there are the wonders
of Luxor and Aswan. Travel by plane, train or
bus to any of these destinations is good for
short holidays.
Useful Information

Food and Drink

Almost everything you want is available from There is a flourishing fast-food market
supermarkets - except Marmite, a strange (everyone delivers everything) with all the
black English substance which only appears familiar names Pizza Hut, Pizza Express,
occasionally and causes a small riot amongst Burger Kind, McDonalds, KFC. Believe it or
a very small group of weird people! not, you can even get a McDonalds breakfast
delivered at 6am!
Prices vary considerably whether you shop
at mega-markets like Carrefour or street More sophisticated cuisine is also available
markets, small shops and street vendors. in the city and suburbs including Thai,
Fruit and vegetable markets display a Chinese, Indian, French, Italian, Lebanese
huge range of produce all year round. Cairo etc. and of course Egyptian.
definitely welcomes vegetarians!
Useful Information

Alcohol Medical

Although Egypt is predominately a Muslim Pharmacies abound, most medical products

country, alcohol is widely available and not are available and many of those subject to
prohibited. The local beer and wines are good prescription in the UK are available over
(produced by Heineken), including made- thecounter. If you have to take special
under-license beers and good local brands. medicines regularly, check with us to make
Quality local spirits (plus designer drinks) sure they are available.
have recently come on to the market from the
same company and are also good. As a student you should make sure you are
covered with a good medical insurance policy.
However, homemade-type locally produced The school will be happy to refer to good
spirits, although cheap, are truly appalling doctors and hospitals that we know and trust.
and at best will only make you impotent! Please ask us to help.
Please dont even think about drinking this
Useful Information


Winter is usually warm during the day but There is a huge textile industry in Egypt,
cold at night, with temperatures dipping to which is famous for its cotton. Reasonably-
single figures, so for 8 12 weeks of the year priced casual and smart clothes are widely
you will need jumpers, cardigans and jackets. available and there are loads of local and
(Most foreigners think that Cairo is always hot international brands. Just a note: you should
not true!) For other times of the year when also have clothes for more formal occasions.
its hot, smart loose cotton clothing is most When Egyptians celebrate, they really dress
comfortable. Please respect the conservative up! Dont forget your diamonds when invited
culture of the country and Islam, and dress to a wedding!
modestly in the cities. In Sinai and the Red
Sea resorts, wear what you like! This does not
mean that in the cities women have to cover
up Saudi-style; it just means you have to dress
Useful Information

Tourist visas and Residence

Most nationalities can enter Egypt by buying However, to be on the safe side, please check
a tourist visa on arrival at the airport. If you with your nearest Egyptian embassy or
are unsure, please email us and we will advise email us to see if you have to get a visa before
you. arrival. Obviously, we cannot be responsible
for your entry or stay, but we can help and
Thereafter you have to keep your visa advise.
up-to-date which is a relatively simple process
and we can advise and help you. Fortunately,
unlike some countries most nationalities are
automatically granted an entry visa and no
one needs an exit visa. Cairo airport and the
immigration procedures are actually pretty
easy to navigate.
Student Living Costs Cairo

Student Living Costs in Cairo Exchange Rates

Students arriving in Egypt obviously need to know There are no problems exchanging U$, EUR or
what it is going to cost them to live as well as study. and most other currencies at banks or exchange
A good guide to the Cost of Living can be found at offices. Exchange rates are very much in favour of foreign students coming with international
currencies. The Egyptian Pound is called LE - Livre
Accommodation Egyptienne. The U$1 = LE9, EUR1 : LE9.95 and
1 : 12.90 (at the time of editing May 2016).
ILI/IH Cairo has two residences for students: one
5 bedroom unit is in the main school building and
another 26 bedroom unit 15 minutes away in Dokki
Getting your money
which includes a free shuttle bus to and from school.
The school residences are a good choice being properly
designed student apartments. They come in fully ATM machines abound everywhere and you can
air-conditioned units of 5 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms access your overseas bank on your cards. You do not
with 24 hour security, individual bed/study rooms, have to an Egyptian credit card or bank account.
WiFi, cable TV, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, sitting
and dining rooms plus fire systems (unusual in Cairo!) Students obviously have varying perceptions of
cleaned daily and bedding and towels provided. There how much they need. You need to be able to live at a
are no extras, utility costs are included. decent standard, afford reasonable accommodation, eat out from time to time, take breaks take part in a
range of social activities with friends and colleagues.
We can help with finding your own accommodation Everyday bills for phones, electricity and gas are
through trusted agents and for some LE5000 - reasonable and traveling around the city by taxi or
7000 a month you should be able to find good
going to different parts of Egypt by bus or train is
accommodation for 3 sharing. The disadvantage,
of course, is that your flat will not be serviced and
maintained by the school.
Contact information:

International Language Institute,

P.O.Box 13, Embaba, Cairo. 12411, Egypt.
Cairo - ILI
Phone: (202) 3346 3087 (Sunday to
Thursday 0800 to 1500 Cairo time).
Cairo is currently GMT + 2hours.
Fax: (202) 3303 5624

How to apply:
Students can apply to any of our courses online at

So thats it! We hope this was useful.

Please email us if we can be of further help.