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USB Image Tool 1.

COPYRIGHT 2006-2017 Alexander Beug

USB Image Tool can create images of USB flash drives and MP3 players,
that are mounted as USB drives. It allows you switch between images
with different music styles on your MP3 player or to make an exact
backup image of your USB flash drive.

- create raw/compressed image files of USB drives

- restore images of USB drives
- show USB device information
- manage favorite USB images

For USB Image Tool license see license.txt.

USB Image Tool uses zlib/minizip compression routines. zlib by Jean-loup Gailly
and Mark Adler, minizip by Gilles Vollant.

USB Image Tool changelog


USB Image Tool 1.74

added: new option - initialize remaining space afte restore

USB Image Tool 1.73

added: logging
fixed: endless loop when removing a device
fixed: exception copying empty debug log to clipboard

USB Image Tool 1.72

- fixed: invalid compressed imz images

USB Image Tool 1.71

- added: support for UASP based devices
- added: debug output for device scan
- fixed: devices were unlocked between restore and verify
- fixed: misleading error message

USB Image Tool 1.70

- fixed: scrolled output (command line tool)
- changed: .NET 4.0 (for GUI)

USB Image Tool 1.69

- fixed: favorite tab buttons were not visible

USB Image Tool 1.68

- fixed: back to .NET 3.5 for Windows XP compatibility

USB Image Tool 1.67

- added: rescan on media insertion/removal for card readers
- added: show hardware id string (vendor & product id) & volume serial
- added: volume tags for file name suggestions
- fixed: error messages sometimes didn't show Windows last error code

USB Image Tool 1.66

- fixed: mandatory verify after backup (command line tool)
USB Image Tool 1.65
- added: Verify for command line tool
- fixed: MD5 path and file name
- fixed: file name in imz files
- fixed: file month in imz files

USB Image Tool 1.64

- fixed: CRLF for MD5 hash files

USB Image Tool 1.63

- fixed: device selection more persistent, when new devices are found
- changed: MD5 hash file format standardized

USB Image Tool 1.62

- fixed: exception after restore, when focus was lost in device view

USB Image Tool 1.61

- added: date/time format for file name suggestion
- changed: rescan devices after restore completed
- fixed: access violation when creating an zip-backup

USB Image Tool 1.60

- changed: always require admin rights to set device mode as default selection
- added: buffer size adjustable
- added: support for non-removable drives (USB HDD)
- added: reset device with empty boot sector for reformat
- added: accept Windows disk number (command line tool)
- added: scroll for piped output (command line tool)
- fixed: multi-threading locking
- fixed: cancellation message

USB Image Tool 1.59

- fixed: device mode check on file size

USB Image Tool 1.58

- fixed: size check on gzip images of 2 GiByte and above
- fixed: location info and serial number in command line tool
- added: optional completion message

USB Image Tool 1.57

- fixed: broken large zip files (using 64bit functions now)

USB Image Tool 1.56

- fixed: zip file compression (new zlib/minizip versions)

USB Image Tool 1.55

- fixed: error code 3 on Restore because of unknown file systems (atv-patchstick)
- fixed: error code 87 as a result of an invalid device image

USB Image Tool 1.54

- changed: Restore now allows shared read access on image file
- fixed: catch an exception for strange link open error

USB Image Tool 1.53

- added: truncate oversize images in device mode
- fixed: invalid characters in automatic file names
- changed: device mode is now default when available

USB Image Tool 1.52

- added: more detailed error messages

USB Image Tool 1.51

- fixed: invalid progress values caused GUI exception
- fixed: Remove favorites button was always disabled

USB Image Tool 1.50

- added: parallel operations on different flash drives
- added: progress information in command line utility
- added: show location information (Windows Vista or higher)
- added: optinal suggestion of the backup file name
- fixed: read errors due to wrong size information
- fixed: closing dialog had no effect on leaving the program
- fixed: show device serial number

USB Image Tool 1.42

- added: MD5 checksum creation

USB Image Tool 1.41

- fixed: "Error reading settings!" message

USB Image Tool 1.40

- fixed: compression routines for zip/imz files
- fixed: device mode without unplugging the device
- fixed: progress bar stopped to early on size differences
- added: compression routines for gzip files

USB Image Tool 1.31

- fixed: exception when device list focus was lost during file dialog
- fixed: restore of compressed images in device mode under Windows Vista
- added: check for corrupted zip files after backup is finished
- added: check for corrupted zip files before restore is performed

USB Image Tool 1.30

- added: device mode (supports bootable USB sticks)
- fixed: compressed file name resolving in command line utility

USB Image Tool 1.28

- added: command line utility
- fixed: 64bit compatibility

USB Image Tool 1.27

- fixed: Windows Vista UAC issues again

USB Image Tool 1.26

- fixed: activated Windows Vista UAC caused detection errors

USB Image Tool 1.25

- added: rescan for USB devices
- changed: unknown volumes are not shown anymore

USB Image Tool 1.24

- fixed: some more interface issues fixed
- fixed: size check based on partition size
- changed: Windows 2000 not supported anymore

USB Image Tool 1.23

- fixed: XZip 1.3 compression routines (bugfixes)
- fixed: device scan only when necessary
- fixed: Favorite Restore button was enabled during transfer

USB Image Tool 1.22

- fixed: device change caused errors during transfer operations
- fixed: progress bar did not move when compressing/decompressing
- added: serial number added to device information

USB Image Tool 1.21

- fixed: Windows Vista compatibility issues

USB Image Tool 1.20

- added: read/write compressed images

USB Image Tool 1.11

- fixed: button position when resizing

USB Image Tool 1.10

- added: favorite images management