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No Red Ink Weekly Grammar Assignment

English III CP Spring 2017 Beam

Class Code: rare honey 3

You will be practicing and improving your grammar skills weekly by completing a Practice
and Quiz on The assignment due dates are listed below. No class time will be
devoted to completing the practice assignments, therefore you should plan to use your time prior to
the quiz wisely! (Forgotten passwords will not be accepted as a reason for incomplete practice /
unprepared students!)

Practice assignments will not be graded and are optional for you to complete. They are
HIGHLY recommended proceed to the quiz at your own risk! Practices are all open and available
as of August 28th.

Quizzes will be taken in class each Monday (unless otherwise noted). You will be given 30
minutes to complete the quiz. No extra time will be given, so please be prepared! You will NOT have
access to the practice or review during the quiz.

Quizzes will qualify as a quiz grade.

Be sure to see me/email me PRIOR to the due date with any questions or concerns.

Dates are as follows:

No Red Ink Unit # Practice/Quiz Title Quiz Taken On

1 Compound and Complex Mon. 9-4
2 Commas / Lists Mon. 9-11
3 Commonly Confused Words 1 & 2 Mon. 9-18
4 Commonly Confused Words 3 Mon. 9-25
5 Subject Verb Agreement Mon. 10-2
6 Active Passive Voice Mon. 10-9
7 MLA Citation and Quotations Mon. 10-16
8 Pronoun Case Mon. 10-23
9 Misplaced and Dangling Tues. 10-31
10 Parallel Structure Mon. 11-6
11 Verb Phrases, Prepositions, Mon. 11-13
12 Vague Pronoun / Antecedent Mon. 11-20