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READ IT talk about it live IT

For families to do together

This weeks Bible story is Family Conversations Work together to make a neat family poster
The Greatest What is the greatest commandment? that can remind you of this great story. Print
Commandment 1 the greatest and second greatest command-
from Matthew 22:34-46. ment on a poster board using very large letters.
Why do you think Jesus said the second great-
2 est commandment is to love your neighbor as
Then, invite everyone in your family to help
decorate it. Use markers, crayons, gel pens,
Jesus tells us to love God and love yourself?
stickers, whatever! Hang it in the kitchen or
our neighbors. family room as a reminder of how God wants
Who was trying to trick Jesus?
Ask each other what you remember about: 3 us to live.
Law Commandment
Sadducees Soul Find a few riddles to ask each other. What
Pharisees Neighbor 4 makes a riddle difficult to answer?
For younger kids
According to Jewish tradition, there are laws Is there someone at school you have trouble
and commands in the Old Testament. These being kind to? Someone you dont get along
laws tell us how to live and behave at home, at Eye Spark with at church or in your neighborhood? Make
church, the temple, and at work. Jesus summed Keep an eye out for Bibles this week. Each time a list of these neighbors. Do your best to be
it all up for us in just two commandments. you see a Bible, remember that everything in it kind to these neighbors this week and remem-
is summed up in the two commandments Jesus ber Jesus great commandments.
talked about in Matthew 22.

Read the whole story together For older kids

in the Bible!
Ear Spark With adult permission, use an online search
Spark Story Bible pages 308-311 engine to learn more about the Pharisees
Open your ears to buzzes this week. When-
and the Sadducees. Who were these people?
ever you hear an alarm clock, a kitchen timer,
Spark Bible page 1087 Compare how they were similar to and differ-
or buzzer of any type, stop and read Matthew
ent from each other. Remember that they were
22:37 out loud. (Hint: write it on a note card
and carry it with you.) In a few days you will
Family Prayer have it memorized!
Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us
a guide to live by. We want our lives to be
pleasing to you. Amen. Classroom, The Greatest Commandment Family Page. SparkTM
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