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'TEROFFICE CORRESPONDENCE, Los Angeles Unified School District Office of the Superintendent INFORMATIVE TO: Members, Board of Education DATE: June 30, 2017 FROM: Michelle King BABI SipetinisRden\, y SUBJECT: IMPROVING THE POLICIES AND PRACTICES IMPACTING CO-LOCATED PUBLIC SCHOOLS RESOLUTION (RES-055-15/16) PUR ‘This Informative provides an update on the implementation of the Improving the Policies and Practices Impacting Co-located Public Schools Resolution (RES-055-15/16).. BACKGROUND In response to RES-055-15/16, an Advisory Committee was convened to provide recommendations to improve the processes around co-locations and to revise Policy Bulletin 5532, Policy on Co-locations for District School Facilities’ Use Pursuant to Education Code Section 47614 (Proposition 39) ry Committee was comprised of: principals, lead teachers, and parents from co- located sites in each local district, representing both the District and charter schools; representatives from Associated Administrators of Los Angeles and United Teachers Los ‘Angeles; and Dr. Gipson and Dr, Meléndez. In addition, Board offices, all District and charter pals, and staff from the California Charter Schools Association were invited to s. Additional detail about the Advisory Committee and its process was provided in Board Informatives dated August 12, 2016, and September 26, 2016 (Attachments A and B). Ihave reviewed staff's May 31, 2017 report, which details the extensive engagement with various stakeholders around the resolution (Attachment C). I have also conferred with staff and carefully considered the Advisory Committee's recommendations (Attachment D). The themes that emerged included the following: # A desire to enhance communications to stakeholders throughout the year; «Increased support for strategic/master planning of facilities utilization; «Additional funding to support maintenance needs, cooperative school operations, and student safety at the school site; and ‘© Clear coordination of services to support all students at co-located sites Members, Board of Education June 30, 2017 NI Ss To further strengthen the network of support to our schools and improve the policies and procedures impacting co-located sites, I have directed staff to begin implementation of the action items below. As implementation progresses, applicable staff will apprise my office of any significant issues or challenges that arise, so that appropriate action may be taken to advance this important work in a timely fashion. Target Date: October 1, 2017 = ‘Owners; Office of District Operations in coordination with Charter Schools Division and the Office of the General Counsel Related Recommendations: © Reiterate and closely monitor reporting requirements for charter schools co-located on District sites to identify over-allocated space and inform potential fiscal and/or space utilization options, pursuant to applicable regulations Specify the Complex Project Manager (CPM) as the key Facilities point of contact for co-locations in their respective areas. The CPM is responsible for all maintenance and operations activities, including ensuring that adequate resources are available for the smooth functioning of campus operations and approving requests for facilities alterations. ‘© Ensure relevant stakeholders are fully informed of the Prop. 39 alternative agreements process # Require charter schoo! operators to staff charter school entrance gates at student drop- offand pick-up times # Implement an enrollment practices code of conduct for both District and charter schools © Emphasize District policies and practices that must be adhered to by all co-located programs to best ensure student and staff safety Require joint community meetings hosted by both co-located principals wort Complex Project Managers in Existing Roles to Coordinate Services Target Date: September 1, 2017 | ‘Owners: Facilities Services Division Related Recommendations: ‘© Monitor all maintenance and operations resources and activities, including assessing ‘and ensuring the provision of adequate levels of maintenance resources at each co- location Ensure awareness of all construction-related activities on co-located sites Communicate timely and accurate information of facilities-related issues to both strict and charter school principals _ Members, Board of Education June 30,2017 Target Date: As soon as practicable in the fall of 2017 Owners: Local districts in coordination the Office of Di Schools Division Related Recommendations ‘Pilot program for 2017-2018: Assign two additional operation coordinators to the field for the 2017-2018 school year. One would support the Prop. 39 co-locations in in LD West, Northwest and Northeast, and the other would support the LDs Central, Bast and South, The two operation coordinators would interface with LD leadership, including Administrators of Operations and operation coordinators, and be located in the field for timely support for co-located sites. © Support co-located District and charter school principals to establish and present a unified effort of commitment to work collaboratively to support of all students © Provide support to District principals in the annual B-CAR process © Facilitate timely and efficient communications between co-located District and charter school principals Support enforcement and compliance with all applicable District policies and procedures © Support relationships between administrators at new and existing co-locations, including shared promising practices, learning opportunities, etc. © Facilitate joint activities in which co-located District and charter schools’ students may participate together (e.g,, shared sports activities, community nights, etc.) © Support co-located District and charter school principals in an effort to keep staff informed about notable events or changes at the site Coordinate specific joint learning opportunities for co-located programs Perform other duties as assigned ict Operations and Charter Action Item: Establish a Space Uti ion Committee ‘Target Date: September I, 2017 ‘Owners: Facilities Services Division and Local Districts in coordination with the Office of the Superintendent and Office of General Counsel Related Recommendations: ‘© Enhance the strategic prioritization and identification of all programming at District school sites prior to November 1 © Plan for the growth and contraction of District and charter school programs over time in order to avoid/mitigate conflicts (e.g., inform charter school operators and District administrators of potential multi-year occupancy possibilities/limitations and practices for managing disruptions) © Ensure facilities projects continue to be planned with consideration for both District and charter school students’ needs, consistent with all applicable laws, regulations, bond programs, ete. © Engage and inform District administrators, as needed, regarding expectations, actions, and follow-up steps throughout the Prop. 39 timeline Review and potentially expand a co-location grant program for improvements at co- located sites, as appropriate Members, Board of Education June 30, 2017 Target Date: October 1, 2017 | ‘Owners: Facilities Services Division Community Relations, Parent and Community Engagement in the local districts, Parent and Community Services, and Office of the Superintendent Parent Engagement Related Recommendations: * Streamline collective efforts to directly communicate with potential co-located school community stakeholders (e.g., parents, staff, students) based on a calendar to be established, including engagement prior to November 1, regarding the Proposition 39 Jaw, its implementing regulations and District process # Serve as lead representatives for the District at community meetings related to Prop. 39 co-Locations in response to Local District requests/needs, as appropriate + Support both charter and District school administrators at co-located sites to explore potentially inviting parent representatives from each school to participate in each other's parent couneils meetings, as appropriate * Provide additional charter school program information, such as grade-levels, a brief summary of the educational program/mission, in the potential co-location notification letter to District principals © Expand the current communication materials used to assist in messaging Prop. 39- related information to field (e.g., sample letters, timeline, expectations, etc.) and respond to issues that arise from parents and other community stakeholders [want to acknowledge the great work and contributions made by all of the principals, teachers, parent representatives, staff, and other participants who have worked collaboratively to advance this important work on behalf of all of our students, Should you have any questions, please contact José Cole-Gutiérrez at (213) 241-0399 Alison Towery at (213) 241-4822. Attachments: A - August 12, 2016 Board Informative B September 26, 2016 Board Informative — May 31, 2017 Interoffice Correspondence from Staff D~— Advisory Committee Recommendations ¢: Senior Leadership Local District Superintendents Local District Administrators of Operations Jefferson Crain José Cole-Gutiérrez Robert Perry, Ph.D. Alison Towery Working Group F ilitators