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Proceso: Gestin de la Formacin Profesional

Procedimiento: Ejecucin la de Formacin Profesional Integral


Centro de Formacin: Industrial y del Desarrollo Tecnolgico

Programa de Formacin: Gestin Integrada de la Calidad, Medio Ambiente, Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional
Cdigo de Ficha: 1194829 Fecha de aplicacin: 08 de Agosto de 2017
Competencia: Producir Textos En Ingles En Forma Resultados de Aprendizaje: Comprender las ideas
Escrita y Auditiva principales de textos complejos
Criterio de Evaluacin: Elabora resmenes cortos Tipo de Evidencia:
sobre textos sencillos y con contenido tcnico Producto
Nombre del Aprendiz:
Nombre del Instructor: Shirley Cristina Romero Vergara
2. Cuestionario de Preguntas
1. Complete with the Present Continuous Tense

2. Make the sentences in Negative and Interrogative (Present Continuous)

3. Put the verbs into Simple Present Tense

4. Make the previous sentences in Negative and Interrogative.

5. Match the questions and answers. Present Simple- Present Continuous

What does Cristina do? ( )a. English. I am from New York

What is your dad doing? ( )b. Nobody likes it
Where does she work? ( )c. He is eating a hot dog.
Where are you working? ( )d. We are in London this month.
Do you play the guitar ? ( )e. In a restaurant
Is your boyfriend playing the guitar? ( )f. Portuguese. Thats what it is
What language do you speak? ( ) g. No, It is the stereo.
What language are the men speaking? ( )h. Charles. He is drinking from early.
Who drinks wine in your family? ( )i. She is an Engineer.
Who's drinking wine? ( )j. Of course

6. Present Continuous vs Present Simple

7. Make Present Continuous questions (yes / no and wh). And answet them .
For the Yes-No questions use SHORT ANSWERS.

1. (Kevin / eat / pie?)

2. (what time / your friends / go to the party?)

3. (why / Yuli / read / a book?)

4. (when / you / leave?)

5. (Kathy / drink?)

6. (we / play / chess later?

7. (you / go / shopping at the mall?)

9. Match the solution with the problem.