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1. A boiler uses 2500 kg of coal per hour and air required for combustion is 16 kg per kg coal. If ash
loss is 10%, determine the mass of gas entering the chimney?
A. 42,250 kg/hr C. 85,452 kg/hr
B. 78,300 kg/hr D. 33,800 kg/hr
2. The gas density of chimney is 0.75 kg/m. If the driving pressure is 0.25 kpa, determine the
height of chimney?
A. 54.6 m C. 74.6 m
B. 63.7 m D. 68.5 m
3. The actual velocity of gas entering in a chimney is 8 m/sec. The gas temperature is 25 C and
pressure of 98 kpa with a gas constant of 0.287 KJ/kg-K. Determine the chimney diameter if
mass of gas is 50,000 kg/hr?
A. 1.57 m C. 3.56 m
B. 1.81 m D. 1.39 m
4. A coal fired steam boiler uses 3000 kg of coal per hour. Air required for combustion is 15.5 kg
per kg of coal at barometric pressure of 98.2 kpa. The flue gas has temperature of 285C and an
average molecular weight of 30. Assuming an ash loss of 11% and allowable gas velocity of 7.5
m/sec, find the diameter of chimney?
A. 1.61 m C. 1.81 m
B. 1.71 m D. 1.91 m
5. A steam generator with economizer and air heater has an overall draft loss of 21.78 cm of
water. If the stack gases are at 177C and if the atmosphere is at 101.3 kpa and 26C, what
theoretical height of stack in meters is needed when no draft fan are used? Assume that the gas
constant for the flue gases is the same as that for air.
A. 565 C. 545
B. 535 D. 550
6. If the actual draft required for a furnace is 6.239 cm of water and the frictional losses in the
stack are 15% of the theoretical draft, calculate the required stack height in meters. Assume that
the flue gas have an average temperature of 149C and molecular weight of 30. Assume air
temperature of 21C.
A. 215 C. 220
B. 230 D. 210
7. A steam boiler plant consumes 9000 kg of coal per hour and produces 20 kg of dry flue gases per
kg of coal fired. Outside air temperature is 32C, average temperature of the flue gas entering
the chimney is 343C and average temperature of dry flue gas in the chimney is 260C. The gage
fluid density is 994.78 kg per cubic meters and the theoretical draft of 2.286 cm of water at the
chimney base is needed when the barometric pressure is 760 mmHg. Determine the height of
the chimney.
A. 46 C. 40
B. 50 D. 56