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Laboratory Report Format

Magday, JC and Surname, ABC
Group #. [Group Name]
07 August, 2017 [Date of submission]

I. Introduction (10 pts)

Brief introduction of the concepts and experiment (Author, 20xx). State main objectives
of the experiment. Provide an overview of the methodology. Limit to a maximum of 0.5 page.

II. Materials and Methods (10 pts)

A. Method A
Write in paragraph form. This should be written in past passive form. Include reagent
recipes and brand names in text.

B. Method B

III. Results (20 pts)

This portion shows the results (images, tables, charts) of the experiments. Describe the
progress of results throughout the experiment. Label figures and captions properly (i.e. figure
captions are at the bottom of the figure, table titles are at the top).

IV. Discussion (40 pts)

Subtitle A
This part provides the detailed rationale behind the methodology. Compare
experimental results with theoretical. Incorporate answers to post-laboratory questions.

Subtitle B

V. Conclusion (5 pts)
Write in paragraph form. Summarize results. State whether objectives have been met.

VI. References*
Not bulleted. Arrange alphabetically. Follow the APA style of citation.

Appendix (optional)

*(5 pts for References inclusive of general formatting)

Font: Arial 11 (Except TITLE = size 14) Page layout: A4, 1-inch margin on all sides
Spacing: 1.15 Max. no. of pages: 5 (excluding References and Appendix)

IMPORTANT!!! Any form of cheating in examinations or any act of dishonesty in relation to studies,
such as plagiarism, shall be subject to disciplinary action.