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Written by
Adi Nugraha DJ Anwar
Jose Adelina Putri
Kurnia Fitri Apriliana
M. Ridho Ansori

Faculty of Medicine, University of Lampung

Background: Occupational disease is an arteficial disease due to the onset of humanity (man-made
disease). One form of disorder that can arise from work especially in the mining industry is lower back
pain (LBP) or lower back pain. Low back pain is a clinical syndrome that contains symptoms of illness
in the lower spine. Mount Camang located in Kelurahan Tanjung Gading, Kedamaian District, Bandar
Lampung is still a place to stay for people.

Objective: To find out what factors caused the sickness of the back painter: It is mandatory to
understand a phenomenon in a natural social context by emphasizing the process of deep
communication interaction with the phenomena studied.

Result: Based on the results of interviews with the correspondent obtained disease data Most often
complained of by the lower back pain rock miners, upper respiratory tract infections, physical trauma
from work accidents, skin diseases, and diarrhea. Compared with data available at the Induk Satelit
Puskesmas, for the incidence of muscle diseases, in the last year at the Induk Satelit Community Health
Center showed an increasing trend. In 2014 the incidence of muscle disease 816 cases, year 2015
increased to 1206 cases, and in 2016 the incidence of muscle disease increased almost times from the
previous year.

Conclusions: The factors that cause LBP in the community of stone miners in the mountain camang
are the lack of knowledge and awareness of stone miners about ergonomic work so that workers are not
so concerned about things that can give them the risk of occupational diseases like LBP. Most miners
do not use personal protective equipment (PPE) and do not pay attention to ergonomics in work and
good working hours. Counseling about ergonomic work for rock miners in the mountain area.

Keyword: Low Back Pain, Community Diagnose.