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of Rhetoric and Writing

Composition Program Ethical Uses of Sources Module

Student Name: ______________________________ Course Name: RHET 1311

T-Number: ________________________________ Faculty Member: Sarah Moore

Each student in this course must complete this Ethical Uses of Sources module prior
to submitting a major writing project. Visit the websites listed below and read all
information, then compose your response to the writing prompt and complete the
acknowledgement form.

! Visit and carefully read that page and each

section linked within that article. Sections included are as follows:
o Guidelines for Using Materials
o Guidelines for Appropriate Network and Computer Use
o Copyrighting Your Own Work
o Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It
o More Resources
! Within that fourth section above (Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it,
located at be sure to also read
each of the following topics:
o What is "plagiarism"?
o How can I avoid plagiarism?
o What could happen if I commit plagiarism?
! Also visit the student violations section of the UALR student handbook located
at and read the information there.

Respond to the following prompt. The audience for the statement is other
students at UALR who are required to use sources for writing. If your
response includes information from the handbook, document the content.

In your own words, compose a short response to the information youve studied at the
websites above, informing other UALR students how to use sources ethically when they
write in college. Be sure to include why sources are needed and methods for including
sources in your writing. Include what academic integrity means and four violations and
how they differ as described by UALRs student handbook. Explain this concept of using
sources ethically in words that are more natural and appealing to other students

Also complete the student acknowledgement form found below. Submit the
acknowledgement form to me along with your composition response to this
module as a single PDF document in Bb messaging.
This form is an acknowledgment of students rights and responsibilities in the UALR
composition program. You must complete and submit this form to your instructor
before any work will be accepted in your composition course.


I understand, in accordance with the UALR Student Handbook, that I have rights as a
student, including the right:

To expect an education of the highest quality

To develop my potential to the best of my ability
To inquire, discuss, listen, and evaluate
To express views relevant to the subject matter in the classroom, and
To be free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age,
national origin, or disability.

Along with my rights as a student, I understand I have academic responsibilities,

including showing academic integrity in my college coursework and engaging in
classroom conduct that does not disrupt the facilitation of knowledge and student
learning. I understand that such behavior is considered grounds for academic disciplinary
action. This will result in an imposed grade penalty along with reporting student behavior
to the Dean of Students on all violations of academic integrity, as defined in the UALR
Student Handbook as collusion, duplicity, and plagiarism, along with classroom
disruption that results in ejection.

I understand the guidelines and rules set forth by UALR, the Department of Rhetoric and
Writing, and the Composition Program.

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Course Name: RHET 1311-991/992 Faculty: Sarah Moore