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P rinted at . Che n n ai . Coim b ato r e . Be n g a luru . Hy de r a b a d . M a d u r a i . N o i da . V i s a k h a pat n a m . Th i ru va n a n t h a pu r a m . Ko ch i . V i j ayawa da . M a ng a lu ru . Ti ru c h i r a pa l l i . Ko l k ata . Hu b b a l l i . M o h a l i . M a l a p p u r a m . M u m b a i . Ti ru pat i . lu c k now

Ahmed Patel makes it to Rajya Sabha Ready for mosque
EC invalidates two votes cast by rebel Congress MLAs; BJPs Amit Shah, Smriti Irani win comfortably at a reasonable
Mahesh langa
After a nail-biting Rajya
gislators, the Congress raised
the demand for invalidating
two votes cast by Raghavji
distance: Shia board
Dipak Misra to be 45th
Sabha contest, Congress vet-
eran Ahmed Patel, BJP pres-
Patel and Bholabhai Gohil.
As many as eight Congress
Opposes Sunni board on Ayodhya issue
Chief Justice of India ident Amit Shah and Union legislators, including former
NEW DELHI Minister Smriti Irani were Leader of the Opposition
The Centre on Tuesday declared winners following Shankersinh Vaghela, his son
cleared the file for counting of votes at Swarnim Mahendrasinh Vaghela and
appointment of Justice Dipak Sankul in Gandhinagar early others voted for the BJP,
Misra as the 45th Chief on Wednesday. hurting the chances of Mr.
Justice of India with effect After a delay in counting, Ahmed Patel, who was seek-
from August 28. the Election Commission an- ing a fifth term.
Justice Misra will have a nounced the names of the I have voted against
tenure of about 14 months till winners, while the fourth Ahmed Patel because the
October 2, 2018. candidate Balwantsinh Ra- Congress did not deserve to
jput of the BJP, who resigned win, Mr. Vaghela told medi-
NEWS A PAGE 10 as Congress legislator to take apersons after voting.
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD on Mr. Patel, lost the contest Hard-fought win: Congress MLAs and party supporters celebrate the victory of Ahmed Patel in However, for the Con-
that became a tightrope walk the Rajya Sabha elections, in Gandhinagar on Wednesday. VIJAY SONEJI * gress, the setback was not
for Congress president Sonia Mr. Vaghela or his sons
Gandhis political secretary. lots to the BJP polling agent ficer, told The Hindu. confusion, high drama and cross-voting. The problem Krishnadas Rajagopal mony if a mosque and a
Ahead of the big verdict in in violation of the rules. As So, after the ECs ruling, a flip-flops, claims and coun- arose when Sanand legis- NEW DELHI mandir stood too close, in
the crucial battle, the BJP re- per the EC rule, a legislator total of 174 votes were cast terclaims dominated the lator Karamshi Patel, who The Uttar Pradesh Shia fact, so close that even their
ceived a major setback with cannot show the ballot to by the legislators against the high-stakes voting for the was part of the 44 MLAs Central Waqf Board told the respective loudspeakers
the Election Commission any unauthorised person ex- Assembly strength of 182 be- three Rajya Sabha seats in- flown to Bengaluru as a des- Supreme Court that the 15th would disturb each others
late on Tuesday accepting cept his own partys polling cause six Congress MLAs volving heavyweights Amit perate measure to keep its century Babri Masjid was a prayers.
the Congress demand for in- agent authorised by the EC. had already resigned as le- Shah, Smriti Irani and Mr. flock together, cross-voted in Shia waqf (endowment) and
validating the votes of two of The EC has held two gislators, including Mr. Ra- Rajput from the BJP and Mr. favour of the BJP. their Sunni counterpart, In true Islamic spirit
DELHI METRO A 4 PAGES its legislators, who cross- votes invalid, B.B. Swain, jput, who took on Mr. Patel. Patel of the Congress. who have been at the front- Instead, the Shia board said
OPPORTUNITIES A PAGE 2 voted and showed their bal- Gujarats Chief Electoral Of- Earlier in the day, chaos, After the voting by 176 le- EARLIER REPORTS A PAGE 11 line of the 70-year-old Ram- that in the true spirit of Is-
janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid lamic tenets of living in
title dispute, were mere in- peace and harmony and to

Only govt. can take call terlopers led by hardliners,

fanatics and non-believers
bring a quietus to the dec-
ades-old tug-of-war between

Apple poised for big steps in India on yoga in schools: SC

who do not want an amic-
able settlement with the
Hindu sects involved.
the two religious communit-
ies, they would settle for a
masjid located in a Muslim-
Tracing the lineage of the dominated area at a reason-
Tim Cook promises scaled-up local manufacturing, more features on iPhones Legal Correspondent The Supreme Court masjid, which was razed by able distance from the most
NEW DELHI Bench denied any relief to karsevaks on December 6, revered place of birth of
Thomas K. Thomas made by the company so far system for developers to Noting that it is not our petitioner and advocate 1992, to Mir Baqi, a Shia Maryada Purushottam Sri
Cupertino in India. shift from Android to the business to check what is Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, noble in Baburs court, the Ram.
A year after Tim Cook be- The maker of iconic iOS platform. being taught in schools, the saying that it was for the Shia board said that, unlike The cross-appeals chal-
came the first CEO of Apple products like the iPhone Supreme Court has dis- government to take the call the Uttar Pradesh Sunni lenging the September 2010
to visit India, the Cupertino- and the Mac is looking at a On pre-owned phones missed a petition for a dir- on such issues. Central Waqf Board chiefs, it judgment of the Lucknow
based technology giant is multi-pronged strategy to The company is also looking ection to the government to His petition had sought a wanted a peaceful co-exist- Bench of the Allahabad High
clearly looking to take a lar- ramp up its presence in one to engage with the govern- make yoga education a direction to the government ence with the Hindu com- Court in the title dispute is
ger bite into Indias bur- of the fastest growing smart- ment to seek approval for compulsory part of the syl- to frame a National Yoga munity. coming up for hearing, after
geoning digital economy. phone markets in the world. import of certified pre-used labus for Classes one to Policy, saying that right to a seven-year hiatus, before a
In an interview with The This includes scaling up its iPhones to make its devices eight. health was part of the right Recipe for acrimony Special Bench of Justices
Hindu at Apples campus at manufacturing, developing more affordable. We are nobody to say to lead a dignified life under In an affidavit filed on Tues- Dipak Misra, Ashok
Cupertino in California, Mr. localised features on its OS, what is to be taught in Article 21 of the day before the court, the Bhushan and S. Abdul Naz-
Cook said he was very setting up self-owned retail I AM VERY BULLISH ON INDIA schools, a Bench, led by Constitution. Shia Waqf Board acknow- eer on August 11.
Tim Cook happy with the progress outlets and creating an eco- BECAUSE OF ITS PEOPLE A PAGE 11 Justice Madan B. Lokur, or- ledged that it would be a re-
ally observed. CONTINUED A PAGE 10 cipe for communal acri- CONTINUED A PAGE 10

Mehbooba, Farooq talk Article 35A CCTV footage emerges

Peerzada ashiq BJP coalition, J&K Chief Min- The 20-minute meeting at
Under pressure from her
ister Mehbooba Mufti on
Tuesday evening met Op-
his residence comes a day
after Dr. Abdullah had of Chandigarh stalking
own Peoples Democratic position National Confer- warned of a public revolt
Party (PDP) to declare revoc- ence (NC) president Farooq over revocation of Article CHANDIGARH
ation of Article 35A as a Abdullah to discuss the 35A
redline for the ruling PDP- States special status. After CCTV footage of a
white sports utility vehicle
following the victims car in
the Chandigarh stalking
case emerged on social me-
dia on Tuesday, the clamour
against the police and BJP
leaders has intensified.
Haryana BJP chief
Subhash Barala, whose son
Vikas is involved in the in- Women protesting in Delhi
cident broke his silence, say- on Tuesday demanding
ing there was no attempt to strict action against the
influence the investigation, accused in the stalking case.
and the victim was like his *
own daughter.
Members of several polit- and 511 (attempt to commit
ical parties organised offences punishable with
protests in Chandigarh and imprisonment) of the IPC.
Haryana demanding the ar- But they have been main-
rest of Vikas and his friend taining that they are in the
Ashish, who are facing process of gathering and
charges of alleged stalking analysing the CCTV footage.
and harassment of a young Members of the All India
woman, daughter of an IAS Democratic Womens Asso-
officer. ciation led a march against
the police for allegedly dilut-
Police silent ing the charges against the
The two were released soon two accused.
after their arrest on Friday AIDWA members
night. marched from Yavnika
Even after the CCTV foot- Garden in Panchkula to-
age surfaced on Tuesday, wards the residence of Chief
which apparently could cor- Minister Manohar Lal Khat-
roborate the charges of kid- tar but were stopped by the
napping by the victim, the police.
police are silent on the pro- Police should add non-
gress in the case. bailable sections in the FIR
Informed sources said against the two men. Be-
the Chandigarh police had sides, the accuseds father,
got footage from at least five Subhash Barala, should
CCTV cameras that shows resign as president of the
the victims vehicle being BJPs Haryana unit.
chased. But whether the As his party is in power at
feed is from private cameras both the Centre and Hary-
or from those installed by ana, Mr. Barala could influ-
the administration is yet to ence the case and investiga-
be confirmed by the police. tions, said Subhashini Ali,
The police have been fa- national vice-president of
cing flak for not invoking AIDWA.
Sections 365 (kidnapping) CONTINUED A PAGE 10




There are no shortcuts to skilling

Corporates have to do more than just allocating funds for skill development initiatives they have to be out there in the trenches with those they seek to help
Ranjit Singh also specialised institutions, is how they want to go about there for the long haul. They but hunker down to the task should the industry partner ing, they may still be unfamil- students. But for these part-
making funds available, ensur- this work. have to be in the trenches, vir- of ensuring the teachers at the renovate the ITI workshops iar with concepts of nerships to work, corporates

orporate India has ing flexibility in the cur- tually, doing the hard work for institute are adequately and install the latest industry- punctuality, discipline, order must be ready with 360 de-
stepped up its commit- riculum and encouraging The missing piece the partner ITIs. trained and motivated. Once relevant equipment, but also and cleanliness and kaizen. gree support: the companys
ment to skill develop- practical training in The puzzles seem to be fitting The situation may differ they are trained, the corpor- have mechanisms to ensure They may not have been sens- senior management taking out
ment in recent years. But if In- classrooms. in, making for a pretty pic- owing to local factors, and ate should be prepared to the equipment are regularly itised to the quality demands time to oversee the manage-
dia has to meet its skilling Besides the funds provided ture. Well, almost a pretty pic- there are honourable excep- stand by and see them trans- used and maintained. Remote of industry. All of this means ment of the ITI, appointment
challenge in quick time, cor- by the Government, corpor- ture. For, there is a missing tions. But, by and large, there ferred to another location control does not work. Cor- they are still far from of dedicated staff for assessing
porate India needs to do much ates are making a contribution piece. What is it? is much in the government where critical vacancies have porate partners have to hand- industry-ready. the needs of the ITI and driv-
more. to skilling by way of their CSR Based on Maruti Suzukis system that needs to be fixed. not been filled. In places hold the ITI right through, The positive part is the ing change on a regular basis,
The nature of its interven- obligation. experience of working with Even if all stakeholders are where teachers are periodic- over the last mile. plenty of good intentions: stu- ensuring exposure to industry
tion has to see a qualitative As industry wants skilled government-owned Industrial ready and willing, it is the cor- ally redeployed to execute dents willing to learn and for faculty and students and of
change. people to support its growth, Training Institutes (ITIs) porate that has to make it government-related work Soft skills training make it big, teachers respond- course, being there for them
The country has been try- it is keen on training youth across India for over a decade, happen. such as elections, the corpor- In a good case scenario, where ing to new learning and expos- at placement time.
ing to build an eco-system for and the Government is also the overarching conclusion is ate must step in with tempor- the ITI is well-equipped and ure and principals keen on (Ranjit Singh is General
skill development. The Gov- willing to allow corporate that corporates have to Train the teachers ary teachers for as long as it is operating smoothly, the gap getting the most out of the in- Manager CSR &
ernment, through the Min- partners and training institu- deepen their commitment to The corporate should not stop required. In our experience, may be soft skills. While stu- dustry partner and striving for Sustainability at Maruti
istry of Skill Development and tions plenty of freedom in their partner ITIs, and be at providing funds to the ITI, we recognise that not only dents acquire technical train- high placement rates for their Suzuki India Ltd.)




Lets talk, Mamata to hill parties

DELHI Timings
Wednesday, August 09
RISE 05:47 SET 19:06
RISE 20:14 SET 07:01
Thursday, August 10
RISE 05:48 SET 19:06 Indefinite shutdown in the hills for a separate Gorkhaland entered its 55th day
RISE 20:52 SET 07:58 uri Mayor Ashok Bhat- Congress MLA Shankar (M) for misleading the
Press Trust of India
Friday, August 11 tacharya alleged that the Malakar said it was not the House, asserting that the
RISE 05:48 SET 19:04 Stating that an undeclared situation in the hills had be- time for pointing fingers State government had not is-
RISE 21:30 SET 08:55 bandh in Darjeeling hills come worse than before. against each other as the sued any notification on any
has affected many lives, West He blamed the Chief min- situation had gone beyond language. Her statement
Bengal Chief Minister ister for raising the language anybodys control, and that irked the Left members who
Mamata Banerjee on Tues- issue in the hills which was the time had come for all staged a walk-out from the
day urged the hill parties to not well taken and resulted political parties and the Assembly.
shun violence and come to in the current stalemate. Centre to arrive at a solution. Speaker Biman Banerjee
the discussion table. Mr. Bhattacharyas state- Ms. Banerjee said con- said by staging a walk-out,
She told the State As- ment drew flak from the rul- structive suggestion by the the CPI(M) and other Left
sembly that there had been a ing party members who tried Congress was welcome. members failed to show
loss of 550 crore and that to hoot him down. She also hit back at the CPI political courtesy.
the State administration had
shown restraint.
Odisha to grant land rights
Schools, offices and tour-
ism had come to a halt due to Bengal Assembly passes SGST Bill
the bandh, she maintained
while speaking on the cur-
rent impasse in the Darjeel- Press Trust of India
by government from July 1,
the date of implementation
mental expenditure and oth-
ers. As the ordinance had a
to urban slum dwellers
ing hills. of the new tax regime across definite lifetime, it had to be
The indefinite shutdown The West Bengal Assembly the country. ultimately ratified by the Efforts will be made to provide the rights on an in situ basis
in the hills called by the on Tuesday passed the State Ms. Banerjee said the gov- Assembly.
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Goods and Services Tax ernment had no option Special Correspondent basis. The urban poor in of our cities and towns, but
and other hill parties de- (SGST) Bill, 2017, even as but to issue the ordinance Taxes lowered BHUBANESWAR slums will get land rights for the fear of eviction coupled
manding a separate Gorkha- Chief Minister Mamata on GST as otherwise the She said owing to many ob- Odisha Government on residential use, that are her- with harassment is always in
land entered its 55th day on Banerjee said her party State would not have been jections raised by State Fin- Tuesday took a decision to itable, mortgageable and their mind.
Tuesday. TMCs ideological position able to conduct any treasury ance Minister Amit Mitra at grant land rights to the slum non-transferable, said Chief They are the silent ones
Mr. Banerjee said Darjeel- on GST would not alter. operation. the GST Council meetings, dwellers living in Municipal Minister Naveen Patnaik. who keep out homes secure
ing had been a part of West The common people are taxes on many items of com- Councils and Notified Area and comfortable. It is be-
Bengal and she would not al- facing problems and since Nozzle of a gun mon use had been lowered. Councils of the State and Transferable rights cause of their sacrifice and
low its division. we (TMC) value democracy The State government is sit- Crediting former Finance property rights to those liv- Mr. Patnaik, who presided hard work that the kitchens
Mamata pays tribute to the party will stand behind ting before the nozzle of a Minister Asim Dasgupta, ing in Municipal Corporation over the Cabinet meeting, run, the gardens bloom, the
Rabindranath Tagore Common phenomenon the masses, she said speak- gun and the central govern- also the chairman of the em- areas. said that in Corporation city breathes and we feel se-
KOLKATA She said such kind of agita- ing in the Assembly after the ment machinations forced powered committee of fin- Accordingly, the State areas, limited transferable cure, he observed.
West Bengal Chief Minister tion in the hills had become passing of the Bill. us to do that, she said. ance ministers on GST then, Cabinet approved promulga- rights will be given to the Stating that it has been
Mamata Banerjee paid tribute common in a 10-15 year inter- The Chief Minister said for preparing the initial tion of two ordinances for slum dwellers. The govern- the persistent effort of his
to Rabindranath Tagore on his val, adding that the time has Spending on ads the State government was draft, she, however, decried assigning land rights or ment is also fast tracking government to bring about
76th death anniversary on come for election to the The Centre could have fed clearly against the hasty im- his midnight presence in the property rights to the identi- civic infrastructure and im- growth that is inclusive and
Tuesday. In a pictorial Gorkhaland Territorial Ad- many poor people with the plementation of the new tax Parliament session when the fied slum dwellers for re- proving living conditions for empowering, Mr. Patnaik
Facebook post, Ms. Banerjee ministration as its five-year- money which had gone in regime and had urged the new tax regime was formally development, rehabilitation slum dwellers, he added. said the decision to grant
said Kabiguru Rabindranath term comes to an end. the ads spend for creating Centre to postpone it by two introduced. and upgradation of slums. The Chief Minister said land rights to slum dwellers
Thakurer Prayan Dibase The TMC supremo praised awareness about GST... The months. But we were really She questioned the pres- As far as practicable, ef- that the Cabinet meeting of will be a landmark step in
Sraddharghyo (Tribute to the Congress for not politi- country is now in an acute hard-pressed and so the or- ence of Mr. Dasgupta, who forts will be made to provide Tuesday was dedicated to this regard setting a bench-
Kabiguru on his death cising the issue while hitting crisis, she said. dinance had to be issued. cited personal reasons for these rights on an in situ the people who were lifeline mark in the entire country.
anniversary). Tagore died in out at the CPI(M) for trying to The State had issued an The government, she being present there, al-
1941 on Baishe Srabon (The fish in troubled waters. ordinance in June end to fa- said, needed money to pay though his party (CPI-M)
22nd Srabon in the Bengali
calendar). PTI
CPI(M) member and Silig- cilitate treasury operations salaries, make develop- had boycotted it.
Toy train set to return at Nandankanan
Former Bengal MLA
Sohanpal passes away
Lay emphasis on quality of content: Patnaik Staff Reporter
and mechanical assistance
for the toy train, is giving fi-
The toy train will run
on normal tracks like
Veteran Congress MLA Gyan The toy train, which has nal shape to the project. It the ones being used for
Singh Sohanpal died at the been non-operational for will lay the track, procure an trains by the Indian Rail-
SSKM Hospital here, Congress So that readers are able to make informed decisions, says Odisha Chief Minister years now, is set to stage a engine and provide four ways he said.
sources said. He was 92 and a comeback with a new look bogeys. The earlier toy train
bachelor. Fondly called Pradip Kumar Das ments for children, farmers at the Nandnankanan Biolo- Initially the toy train pro- in Nandankanan used to
Chacha, Gyan Singh was CUTTACK and youths of the country. gical Park. The authorities ject entailed an investment move around a barren
admitted to the hospital with Chief Minister Naveen Pat- Dwelling on the new have also decided to set up of 3 crore. Now the invest- landscape dotted with
old age-related problems. naik on Tuesday called threats to journalism, partic- two herbivore safaris close ment has been escalated bushes and small plants.
Gyan Singh who enjoyed upon media persons to give ularly the print media, Mr. to the toy train route. close to 5 crore, said NBP The NBP authorities
immense respect among emphasis to quality of con- Padmanabhan singled out The RITES Limited, the director Sisir Acharya. have now planned to
politicians cutting across tent so that readers are able the digital environment, public sector consulting Mr. Acharya said the pro- house black bucks, sam-
party lines, was elected to to make informed decisions. where news was available firm, which has been as- ject had hit a roadblock due bar and nilgai in the two
the State Assembly 10 times. Mr. Patnaik was speaking for free online, to be the signed to provide both civil to demonetisation last year. safaris.
at a function to mark the greatest challenge to journ-
Man commits suicide 70th anniversary of vernacu- alism across the world.
after killing infant son lar daily The Prajatantra The crisis has two as-
KRISHNAGAR here, which was also atten- pects. The first being finan-
A man killed his infant son ded by the Editor of The cial, leading to a slump in
and then allegedly committed Hindu, Mukund Padman- print circulation, and
suicide by hanging himself abhan, as the guest of second is invasion of bad
from a tree in Nadia district, honour. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Editor of The Hindu practices through a combat-
the police said on Tuesday. Mukund Padmanabhan at the event in Cuttack on Tuesday. * ive frenzy to catch eyeballs,
Sarajit Roy (28), a labourer Nationalistic awareness BISWARANJAN ROUT he said, adding that free
killed his one-and-half year Mr. Patnaik said The Pra- news was bad journalism.
old infant son and then hung jatantra started its publica- the masses through its launched with the spirit of Mr. Padmanabhan, how-
his body from a tree. He then tion on the eve of Indias In- columns. nationalism to protest ever, saw a ray of hope for
allegedly committed suicide dependence as a light house In his address, Mr. Pad- against British colonialism. the print media, saying
by hanging himself from a of Odishas socio-economic manabhan said both The In fact, both the publica- people still value serious
branch of the same tree at and cultural development Hindu and The Prajatantra tions started as weekly and news and there still was a
Badkulla Koya village in Nadia and it was able to spread na- shared a common history as still continue to bring out paying public for serious
district, the police said. PTI tionalistic awareness among the two publications were publications and supple- and good news.

National competition on letters to the Mahatma

DoP aims to revive letter writing through contest titled Bapu, you inspire me
Soumya Das According to Department, circle Arundhuti Ghosh said: age categories of those up to
Kolkata the theme of the contest is, We have chosen Mahatma 18 years and those above 18.
In a unique initiative to re- Dear Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi as his ideals, such as In each group, submis-
vive the declining interest in Gandhi), you inspire me. non-violence, still have a sions are allowed in two cat-
letter writing, especially The last date for submission strong appeal to the younger egories inland letter card
among the youth, the De- to the competition, which is generation. category and the envelope
partment of Posts under the open to all, is August 15. The The competition will be category. The word limit for
Union Ministry of Commu- results will be declared in held both at the circle (divi- the letters written on plain
nications has organised a na- New Delhi on Mahatma sion of operational areas of A-4 size paper has to be not
tionwide letter writing com- Gandhis birth anniversary the Department of Post more than 1,000 and for
petition calling for letters to on October 2. Speaking to which often comprises of those written on the inland
be written to Mahatma The Hindu, Chief Postmaster more than one State) and at letter card cannot be longer
Gandhi. General of West Bengal the national level under two than 500 words.

Sarpanch killed by
Maoists in Odisha
Suspected him to be a police informer

Staff Reporter looted from the grocery

BERHAMPUR shop owned by him.
A sarpanch was murdered
by Maoists at Hatibari village Poster left
in Koraput district of Odisha Maoists left behind a hand-
on Monday night. written poster at the spot. In
His body was found in a it they alleged that Mr.
pool of blood at Hatibari on Khara was an exploiter of
Tuesday morning. The vic- the locals and a police in-
tim was identified as former, because of which he
Jagananth Khara (42), the was punished with death.
sarpanch of Hatibari Speaking to The Hindu,
pachayat under the Nand- Deputy Inspector Generalof
apur block. He was killed in Police, South-West Range,
in a gruesome manner. His S.Shyani said the victim had
hands and legs were tied no links with the police and
and throat slit. his murder was only part of
The naxalites also the terror tactics of Maoists
torched a tractor, a jeep and to create panic among
a bike owned by the victim. people living in remote
Cash and other goods were pockets.

Published by N. Ram at Kasturi Buildings, 859 & 860, Anna Salai, Chennai-600002 and Printed by S. Ramanujam at HT Media Ltd. Plot No. 8, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P. 201306, on behalf of KASTURI & SONS LTD., Chennai-600002. Editor: Mukund Padmanabhan (Responsible for selection of news under the PRB Act).
Regd. DL(ND)-11/6110/2006-07-08 RNI No. TNENG/2012/49940 ISSN 0971 - 751X Vol. 7 No. 189




Sex racket busted Police seize
records of
Gangster attacked on
in Kerala, five held five hospitals Vijayapura court premises
Special Correspondent
KOLLAM Condition of notorious criminal Bagappa said to be critical
Actor Dileeps remand Minor, in advanced stage of pregnancy, approaches police A Kerala police team on
extended to August 22 Tuesday seized the records Special Correspondent
KOCHI Special Correspondent The racketeers had lured the accused, and stated that of five hospitals that al- Vijayapura
The judicial first class court, Thiruvananthapuram the young girl into the sex she was impregnated by a legedly refused to admit an In an incident that left the
Angamaly, on Tuesday A 17-year-old from rural trade in 2015 by promising youth who reneged on his accident victim, leading to legal fraternity shocked, a
extended the remand period Thiruvananthapuram is the her a sure escape from promise to marry her. his death. The team is also 40-year-old notorious crim-
of actor Dileep, accused of latest known victim of a poverty. She was peddled to The police found the girl examining CCTV footage of inal was shot at by an un-
hatching a conspiracy to long-running commercial scores of clients during the highly traumatised and her the hospitals. known assailant on the Vi-
abduct and sexually abuse a sex racket, which arranged period. initial account unbelievable. Murugan, 30, residing at jayapura district court
woman actor, till August 22. minors for rich clients in re- She was counselled for days Kottiyam here, met with an premises here on Tuesday.
The SIT produced the actor turn for a high fee. Repeatedly raped after which she opened up to accident on National High- According to the police,
before the magistrate J.K. Dinil, Deputy Superin- The school dropout, a Dalit, a magistrate, who recorded way 66 on Sunday. The five when Vijayapura Bagappa
through videoconferencing. tendent of Police, lived with her widowed her sworn statement in hospitals where he was Harijan came to court for a
Nedumangad, who busted mother. She came under the camera. taken allegedly refused to hearing around 10.30 a.m.,
School bus driver held in the network on Sunday, said influence of a woman in the Investigators said they admit him. He died on the assailant shot five
drink-and-drive case so far five persons, including neighbourhood, who offered were shocked to learn that Monday morning. rounds at him. Bagappa,
VIJAYAWADA two women, had been arres- her a stylish life as escort for on some days the girl, the Circle Inspector Ajay- who was out on bail, had
The driver of a private school ted in connection with the rich men and a sure path to familys only breadwinner, anath said cases had been come to the court in a
bus was seen consuming felony, which involved kid- the entertainment industry. was forced to receive several registered against the five private vehicle. Bagappa is
liquor by a civilian, who napping, rape, procure- The racketeers them- clients and her fee was a hospitals on the charge of accused in multiple criminal
alerted the Guntur Rural SP ment, human trafficking and selves, including a 64-year- mere 250. The mother was refusing to admit the vic- cases, including murder, ex- Grisly scene: The spot where Bagappa (inset) was shot at in
on Tuesday. The police crimes under the Protection old professional driver who seldom aware of her daugh- tim. The relevant records tortion, kidnap and illegal Vijayapura on Tuesday. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

responded quickly, nabbed of Children From Sexual Of- transported the girl from ters whereabouts. had been seized from these possession of weapons.
the driver, produced him in fences (POCSO) Act. one private premise to an- The future of the child hospitals, he said. got off his vehicle, the man the BLDE Hospital, where he
the Bapatla additional junior The police were in posses- other, had raped her several rape survivor, who is tem- The police would look Five shots started shooting at him. On underwent surgery. Sources
civil judge court, which sion of the networks client times. porarily in protective cus- into the circumstances un- According to eyewitnesses, a hearing the gun shots, said his condition was crit-
awarded him a one-month jail list, mostly mobile numbers, The case came to light last tody, hangs in balance. The der which KIMS Hospital, man aged about 30 was people started running. I ical. Superintendent of Po-
term. When we intercepted and more arrests were likely. week when the girl turned court, it is learnt, is unlikely Kottiyam, where the victim waiting near the two- heard at least five shots, lice Kuldeep Jain said a spe-
the bus, about 15 students Mr. Dinil said there could be up at the local police station, to sanction the termination was first taken, referred wheeler parking area on the said an eyewitness. cial team had been formed
were in it, the police said. more victims. allegedly at the instance of of her advanced pregnancy. him to another hospital. court premises. As Bagappa Bagappa was shifted to to nab the attacker.

Naidu hits back at Jagan, exhorts Fishing boat hit by NHRC team begins probe
partymen to gear up for 2019 ship off Kerala coast into Kerala political violence
YSRCP will not get more than 30 seats in the next election Fishermen escape unhurt, case filed
Records statement of BJP leader Kummanam Rajasekharan
Staff Reporter consequences if he were to Staff Reporter have registered a case, the
VIJAYAWADA become chief minister. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM fishing boat was allegedly Staff Reporter The members recorded witnessed violence and sub-
After maintaining silence Quoting surveys, the TDP In a suspected case of mid- hit by the ship as it took a the statement of BJP State mit a report to the
over YSR Congress president president said: The YSRCP sea collision, a fishing boat turn. A delegation of the National president Kummanam Ra- commission.
Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddys wont get more than 30 seats was allegedly hit by a ship Human Rights Commission jasekharan, office secretary The commission had re-
comment that there is in the 2019 elections. The off the Hit and run (NHRC) arrived here on Jayaraj and others who were gistered a case on a com-
nothing wrong in shooting time had come to gear up for Thiruvananthapuram coast The fishermen, who were Tuesday to inquire into the present in the office during plaint filed by Mr. Ra-
the CM, Andhra Pradesh the elections, he said. in the early hours of Tues- identified as Dasan Antony, spate of political violence the time of the attack. jasekharan.
Chief Minister and TDP na- Mr. Naidu asked the lead- day. While the three fisher- Kenny and Antony, fell into that has rocked Kerala in re- Following this, it directed
tional president N. Chandra- ers to strike a balance men who were in the boat the sea. They managed to cent times. Details collected the State government to sub-
babu Naidu on Tuesday gave between people and the escaped unhurt, the ship hold on to the capsized A team comprising They collected details re- mit a report.
vent to his anger by posing a cadres. Both were equally sped away after the colli- boat, following which they Deputy Superintendents of garding the crude bomb at- The State police chief had
question. What would you important for the party. sion. The incident is repor- were rescued by other fish- Police I.R. Kurillose and Ravi tack on the office in Septem- submitted a report, which
call a person who says that N. Chandrababu Naidu The cadres remained with ted to have occurred about ermen. Despite claims that Singh, and Inspectors Bim- ber last. stated that members of all
the CM should be shot dead, the Telugu Desam despite 4 nautical miles off the Veli the boat was hit by a foreign aljit Uppal and Rajendra The team is likely to visit political parties had come
hit with slippers, threatens a a teleconference of Telugu hardships. They were the coast between 1 a.m. and 2 vessel, officials maintained Singh visited the Bharatiya the house of slain Rashtriya under attack.
Collector that he will be im- Desam Party leaders. real strength of the party. a.m. when the fishermen that the ship was yet to be Janata Party State committee Swayamsevak Sangh func- The commission had is-
prisoned and a Police Com- Mr. Jagans comments re- The leaders, he said, should were fishing aboard Sou- identified. The fishermen office. tionary Rajesh at sued a direction seeking a
missioner that his pension flect his mental condition, follow the partys calendar mya, a fibre boat. could manage to note only It collected evidence in Sreekaryam on Wednesday. list of cases regarding the
will be denied? he said. The people should and conduct meetings as per According to the Vizhin- the red colour of the vessel, connection with the attack The officials said they murder of, and attacks on,
Mr. Naidu was addressing understand and gauge the schedule. jam coastal police, who sources said. on the building. would visit all the areas that workers of political parties.





BJP targeting Rahul, says Lalu Police upset

IN BRIEF Weather Watch
Rainfall, temperature & air quality in select metros yesterday

over reporting
on Abdullah
Nitish has committed political suicide by joining hands with BJP: RJD chief
Omar Rashid
Amarnath tewary
The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Ter-
No GST on tickets of Rashtriya Janata Dal chief ror Squad on Tuesday
films shot 50% in UP Lalu Prasad on Tuesday hit claimed that inaccurate
LUCKNOW out at the BJP and the RSS and faulty reporting by
The UP government will not and said they were targeting local newspapers was prov-
charge GST on tickets of films Congress vice-president ing a hindrance in its in-
of which more than 50% part Rahul Gandhi in order to vestigation of Abdullah-al-
has been shot in the State. eliminate him. He also at- Namon, the Bangladeshi
The decision was taken at a tacked Bihar Chief Minister national arrested on
Cabinet meeting presided Nitish Kumar, saying he had Sunday from Muzaf-
over by Chief Minister Yogi committed political sui- farnagar on suspicion of in-
Adityanath. PTI cide by joining hands with volvement in terror
the BJP. activities.
Rahul Gandhi ko ei log In an appeal, UP ATS In-
Bihar nod for private target kiya hai hatya karne spector-General Aseem
university in Patna ka BJP-RSS Rahul Gandhi Arun asked the media to
PATNA ko mitaana chahata hai (BJP, give importance to facts Temperature Data: IMD, Pollution Data: CPCB, Map: Skymet (Taken at 18.00 Hrs)
The Bihar Cabinet on Tuesday RSS have targeted Rahul and accuracy, not speed.
Forecast for Wednesday: Heavy to very heavy rainfall is likely at
gave its nod for setting up the Gandhi to get him The ATS even pointed
a few/isolated places over sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim,
States third private university killedthey want to finish out some instances of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur,
in Patna and provisionally Rahul Gandhi), Mr. Prasad Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi applies tilak on the forehead of her son and former Minister faulty reporting. Apart Mizoram, Tripura, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh,
allowed it to start its told journalists at his resid- Tejashwi Yadav prior to his Janadesh Apman Yatra in Patna on Tuesday. RANJEET KUMAR * from arresting Abdullah, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, east Rajasthan and Bihar
academic activities from a ence even as his sons, Tej the ATS had also picked up city rain max min city rain max min
leased-out building for two Pratap and Tejashwi Yadav, Haryana, the daughter of an Calling Mr. Kumar a be- has connection with the three others for question- Agartala...............0.1.... 33.4.... 26.3 Kozhikode ................1.... 32.3.... 24.5
years. Principal Secretary left for Champaran to kick IAS officer was harassed by trayer and ranchor (one who mining mafia of the State ing. Though they were Ahmedabad.............2.... 33.7.... 25.8 Kurnool ................... .... 35.3.... 25.8
off the partys Janadesh Ap- the son of the State BJP chief quits the battlefield), Mr who were funding the RJDs soon released after ques- Aizawl ....................1.... 29.5.... 11.1 Lucknow................1.6.... 34.7.... 26.2
Brijesh Mehrotra said the Allahabad ............6.8.... 34.7.... 27.0 Madurai................... .... 39.0.... 26.0
Cabinet gave its nod for man (insult to peoples man- ...its all jungle raj every- Prasad said: No party in the proposed mega rally on Au- tioning, some newspapers Bengaluru .............. .... 31.3.... 22.0 Mangaluru ................8.... 30.9.... 24.2
setting up Amity University in date) Yatra on Wednesday. where, he alleged. country would now trust Nit- gust 27 in Patna, the RJD printed pictures of the Bhopal.................4.7.... 27.4.... 23.8 Mumbai...............21.9.... 31.7.... 25.6
Regarding the attack on Narendra Modi has taken ish Kumarhe is politically chief said: It is Sushil Modi three persons, probably Bhubaneswar .....28.9.... 33.1.... 24.4 Mysuru.................... .... 32.0.... 20.4
the State capital. PTI Chandigarh ..........0.4.... 32.9.... 28.6 New Delhi ...........29.6.... 35.6.... 26.5
Mr. Gandhis car in Gujarat Nitish Kumar captive. He will finished. I always con- who has given contract to from their Facebook Chennai ................. .... 34.9.... 27.4 Patna ....................5.9.... 34.6.... 27.5
on August 4, he said: It is a ask Nitish to campaign in Bi- sidered Nitish Kumar more mining mafia during the pre- pages, said Mr. Arun in a Coimbatore............ .... 33.6.... 23.4 Port Blair .................3.... 29.9.... 24.4
conspiracy by the BJP-RSS to har in the Lok Sabha elec- mature than me, but he vious NDA regime in Bihar- statement. This could Dehradun................9.... 32.7.... 24.3 Puducherry............0.1.... 35.3.... 24.6
Security tightened ahead kill Rahul Gandhi. The BJP tions and give him two seats proved me wrong...I feel weve not taken a single damage the character of Gangtok................21.... 21.5.... 18.0 Pune ....................... .... 29.6.... 22.3
of I-Day in Manipur is targeting those who op- in return. By joining hands sorry for him, he added. penny from themlet them the youth and also make it
Goa .....................9.3.... 31.3.... 25.5 Raipur ..................... .... 30.0.... 26.0
Guwahati .............0.2.... 34.0.... 27.0 Ranchi...................4.6.... 32.0.... 23.3
poses UP, Mayawati is with the BJP, Nitish Kumar Asked about Deputy Chief spin stories against me and difficult for us to get their Hubballi................. .... 28.0.... 22.0 Shillong.................9.6.... 25.0.... 16.8
Security across Manipur has being targeted and my fam- has committed political sui- Minister Sushil Kumar my family, well expose them cooperation for investiga- Hyderabad ...........0.6.... 32.8.... 24.6 Shimla....................16.... 22.4.... 17.5
been tightened ahead of the ily too has been targetedin cide, Mr. Prasad said. Modis charge that his family in our rally. tion, he said. Imphal................... .... 28.9.... 22.9 Srinagar .................. .... 33.0.... 20.3
upcoming Independence Day Jaipur ..................3.5.... 32.6.... 24.0 Trivandrum .........14.5.... 31.4.... 23.4
Kochi...................8.4.... 31.8.... 24.6 Tiruchi .................... .... 38.8.... 27.4
celebrations. DGP L.M. Kohima..............60.4.... 26.3.... 18.4 Vijayawada ............5.8.... 32.7.... 25.0

Unique initiative to promote small family norm

Khaute said: For the last 10 Kolkata.................30.... 33.5.... 26.7 Visakhapatnam .......1.8.... 33.2.... 27.2
days, the State forces have Particulate matter in the air you are breathing Yesterday
taken up special measures to CITIES SO2 NO2 CO PM2.5 PM10 CODE
ensure peaceful and violence- Ahmedabad ......... ......... ... ....... .............. In observation made at
free Independence Day Bengaluru ................9 ...40 ..59 ....... ......92 ......*
celebrations across the Rajasthan government's Health Department to organise Saas-Bahu Sammelans in 14 districts Chennai....................6 ...14 ..82 ...... 56 ....... ......*
4.00 p.m., Howrah,
recorded an overall air
quality index (AQI) score
Delhi......................18 ...76 ..62 .... 103......94 ......*
State. PTI Hyderabad .............28 ...17 ....9 ...... 63......89 ......* of 275
Special Correspondent indicating an unhealthy
State have reported a high information about family Dungarpur, Udaipur, week to review the impact of Kolkata ..................20 ...44 ..24 ....... ......59 ......* level of pollution.
JAIPUR Lucknow ..................9 ...45 ..44 ...... 83 ....... ......* In contrast, Agra, Uttar
fertility rate in the past. In planning methods at the Rajsamand, Banswara, Ja- the government's Pradesh recorded a
Mumbai .................10 ...14 ..11 ...... 34......60 ......*
In a unique initiative, the Ra- order to achieve the family meetings, scheduled to be- lore, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Pali, intervention. Pune ......................41 .....3 ..71 ...... 26......67 ......* healthy AQI score of 41
Goods train engine jasthan government's Med- planning targets, the State gin on September 10, to gen- Sirohi and Baran districts. Ms. Gupta said the post- Vishakhapatnam .....19 ...16 ..67 .... 108......87 ......*
catches fire ical and Health Department government has launched a erate awareness among wo- partum intrauterine contra- Air Quality Code: * Poor * Moderate * Good
AMBALA has decided to organise mission family development men. State-level group ceptive devices and other SO2: Sulphur Dioxide. Short-term exposure can harm the respiratory system,
The engine of a goods train Saas-Bahu Sammelans programme in collaboration Mothers-in-law and A State-level programme im- equipment were being sup- making breathing difficult. It can affect visibility by reacting with other air
caught fire between Ambala particles to form haze and stain culturally important objects such as statues
(meetings of mothers-in-law with some development daughters-in-law will be ap- plementation group has plied to the community
and monuments.
Cantt and Ambala City railway and daughters-in-law) in partners in these districts. prised of the methods in been set up under the pro- health centres in the 14 dis- NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide. Aggravates respiratory illness, causes haze to form by
stations here on Tuesday. over 16,200 villages of 14 dis- view of their central role in ject. tricts for their free-of-cost reacting with other air particles, causes acid rain, pollutes coastal waters.
The driver of the Punjab- tricts next month to pro- More awareness the families. The group, which also supply to the target families, CO: Carbon monoxide. High concentration in air reduces oxygen supply to
bound train noticed smoke in critical organs like the heart and brain. At very high levels, it can cause
mote the small family norm Principal Medical and The mission family devel- monitors the family welfare while counsellors would be dizziness, confusion, unconsciousness and even death.
the engine and stopped it at with emphasis on develop- Health Secretary Veenu opment programme is oper- schemes such as Chiraayu, appointed to remain in PM2.5 & PM10: Particulate matter pollution can cause irritation of the eyes,
Jandli village near Ambala ment of local communities. Gupta said here on Tuesday ative in Dholpur, Karauli, Hamari Shaan and Mission touch with the couples after nose and throat, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath, reduced
City, railway officials said. PTI The 14 districts of the that experts would provide Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur, Indradhanush, met here last the birth of children. lung function, irregular heartbeat, asthma attacks, heart attacks and
premature death in people with heart or lung disease
(Individual pollutant data for various cities are averages for the previous day)




Kerala, Haryana top sanitation survey
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were among the worst performers in terms of rural coverage
Special Correspondent did not score high despite
New Delhi Prime Minister Modis em-
Bengal CPI(M) seeks Almost all rural households phasis on Swachh Bharat
action against MP in Kerala and Haryana had (Clean India) Mission.
KOLKATA access to a toilet while Bihar To instil a competitive
The State Committee of the fared the worst, as per the spirit at the ground level, Mr.
CPI(M) has given credence findings of a government Tomar announced that his
to the report of the probing commissioned survey on Ministry would now start
commission on allegations rural sanitation. ranking all districts in terms
against party MP Ritabrata The Ministry of Drinking of sanitation coverage and
Banerjee on Tuesday. Party Water and Sanitation on solid and liquid waste man-
State secretary Surjya Kanta Tuesday released the find- agement.
Mishra hinted that the State ings of the survey of 1.4 lakh The results would be an-
Committee had sent rural households, under- nounced on October 2 when Bounty in the offing: After a lull in the first week of August,
recommendations for taken by the Quality Council Swachh Bharat Mission com- the country may get 100% of its annual monsoon. Photo
punitive measures against Mr. of India (QCI) between May pletes three years but the shows rain lashing Thiruvananthapuram in July. S. GOPAKUMAR *

Banerjee to the Central and June this year. rankings of the districts

100% monsoon
Committee. He was The survey, covering 4626 would be based on the data
suspended by the CPI(M) for villages across all States and that the Ministry collects
three months on June 2 due Union territories, claimed between July and Septem-
to alleged inappropriate that 62.45% of the house- ber.

Eight killed in Bengal

holds had access to a toilet.
The survey also pointed
that 91.29% of the people
In the run up to the 70th
Independence Day, the Min-
istry has drawn up a plan to
quota this year
road accident who had access to a toilet celebrate a Freedom from
KOLKATA also used it, indicating a Open Defecation Week.' July rainfall exceeded IMD prediction
Eight people were killed in a change in sanitation
bus accident at Tehatta in behaviour. Model Ganga villages Special Correspondent or hiatus anticipated by the
Nadia district on Tuesday Mr. Tomar also announced NEW DELHI meteorologists has shaved
when the vehicle fell into a NE States top performers that on Saturday he and his Reiterating its forecast from 3% off what the country usu-
canal. Thirty-four people Northeastern States of colleague, Uma Bharti, will June, the India Meteorolo- ally gets between June 1 and
sustained injuries in the Sikkim, Manipur and Naga- travel to Allahabad to de- gical Department has said August 7. However, India is
accident and have been land were top performers clare 24 villages by the banks India will get normal rain likely to get 100% of its an-
admitted to a local hospital. with 95% rural households of the Ganges also called during the remaining nual monsoon.
The bus was travelling from covered by toilets. And so Ganga grams as model months of the monsoon sea- This year, the IMD form-
Karimpur to Krishnagar. The were the Himalayan States of Ganga villages. son. India is likely to get ally launched a new forecast
driver is suspected to have Himachal Pradesh and Ut- From Uttar Pradesh, 10 100% of its annual monsoon model the Monsoon Mis-
lost control over the wheel tarakhand with over 90% model Ganga villages have quota of 89 cm, a slight in- sion Coupled Forecasting
which led to the mishap. toilet coverage of the rural been chosen while Bihar has crease over the 98% forecast System (MMCFS) that em-
houses. four Ganga villages. Bengal, by the agency in June. ploys supercomputers to
NIA questions Hurriyat Interestingly, BJP and Bi- Jharkhand and Uttarakhand The rainfall during Au- forecast the monsoon. This
leaders sons har were among the worst are the other States that fig- gust is likely to be 99 9% of is in addition to the statist-
NEW DELHI performers in terms of rural ure in the list of model vil- LPA and the seasonal ( June ical system traditionally em-
The NIA on Tuesday sanitation. lages. to September) rainfall over ployed.
questioned separatist leader In Bihar, only 30% of the The Minister reiterated the country as a whole is In April and June, figures
Syed Ali Shah Geelani sons in rural households had access that 77 Central Ministries likely to be normal (96% - from both models were
connection with the probe to toilets while Uttar Pradesh had a sum of 12,000 crore 104% of LPA), the IMD said made public as part of the
into a case pertaining to was marginally better at for the Swachh Bharat cam- in a statement on Tuesday. IMDs forecast.
creating unrest in the 37%. Another BJP-ruled paign and every Ministry Tuesdays forecast, how-
Kashmir Valley with the help State, Jharkhand, too scored should pitch in. Resurgence ahead ever, doesnt explicitly men-
of funding by terrorist the same as Uttar Pradesh. holds had access to toilets. with just 43% .Look, it is not days to come both Uttar Pra- I think this provision of Rainfall had weakened over tion figures from the
groups. In a first, the NIA also Apart from Kerala, Tamil even six months since we desh and Bihar will see im- every Ministry having its most of the country in the MMCFS. Both numbers are
questioned a J&K police Gujarat does better Nadu was the other per- have come to power in Uttar provement, asserted Naren- own fund is a milestone. first week of August after a extremely close. If theres a
officer. While Geelanis older Prime Minister Narendra former as 79% rural house- Pradesh but the way the dra Singh Tomar, the After all, the campaign isnt munificent July, where rain- wide difference we will de-
son Nayeem is a surgeon, the Modi's home State fared bet- holds had access to a toilet. Chief Minister has taken up Minister for Drinking Water about one Ministry but the fall exceeded the quota fore- clare that, D.S. Pai, Chief
younger one, Naseem, is a ter in terms of rural sanita- However, neighbouring the issue of cleanliness and and Sanitation, when asked entire country and society, cast by the IMD. Low rainfall Forecaster, IMD Pune, told
J&K government employee. tion as 85% of rural house- Puducherry scored poorly sanitation, I am sure in the why some BJP-ruled States Mr. Tomar said. in August part of a break The Hindu.

ATS clean chit to 5 students Now, a Ganesha idol that gives back
They were questioned on links to arrested Bangladeshi It comes with an embedded seed ball that will germinate as the idol dissolves
Staff Reporter morning as their numbers longs to the Ansarullah Deepika K.C. bring more greenery to life. seeds inserted in a mix of The recommendation is hollow interior, merge into
Meerut were found in the mobile Bangla Team , a terror outfit Bengaluru The green Ganeshas by a peat from coconut waste and that, at the end of the fest- the clay and soil. If kept in a
The Anti-Terror Squad of Ut- phone of the suspected ter- active in Bangladesh, was Devotees of Ganesha who Bengaluru-based start-up in manure. The choice of seeds ival, instead of immersing place with enough sunlight,
tar Pradesh gave a clean chit rorist. Of the five, four ori- brought to Lucknow on are also environmentally collaboration with an agri- is left to the customers, but the idol, it is watered every and watered regularly, sap-
to the five students of Is- ginally belong to Jammu and Tuesday for interrogation by conscious face a dilemma: culturist and a certifier of the start-up, GrowShareSus- day to dissolve it; the process lings will sprout in four days
lamic seminaries in Saharan- Kashmir and one hails from the ATS. the idols are usually made of sustainable products, among tain, focusses in food sus- may take around six days. Or to a week.
pur and Shamli, who were Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Three of the students Plaster of Paris, and decor- others, are made of natural tainability, so they encour- one could choose to im- When we noticed the ad-
picked up for interrogation The Bangladeshi terror were picked up from Deo- ated with non-biodegradable clay, and coloured (on re- age buyers to choose merse the idol in a bucket or verse effect of PoP idols on
after the arrest of an alleged suspect Abdullah-Al-Mamon band and two were taken paint. This year, worshippers quest) with organic veget- vegetable seeds. Purchasers other large container, with the environment, we came
Bangladeshi terrorist Abdul- was arrested from Kutesara away from Jamia Madrasa in Bengaluru have an option able dyes. can also choose to buy, along water, and let it dissolve up with this idea, says
lah from Deoband. They village in Muzaffarnagar. Ab- Miftahul Uloom, a seminary that isnt just environment Thats not all: inside each with the idol, a tray filled slowly. As the idol dissolves, Apoorva Jaiswal from Grow-
were taken away on Sunday dullah, who reportedly be- in Jalalabad, Shamli district. friendly, it is designed to idol is a seed ball; that is, with red soil and manure. the seed balls which fill the ShareSustain.





The mood of the moment

Indian politics is in a phase never seen before, with the collective targeting of Opposition parties
this formulation was always a ers. The private TV channels have
threat to minority citizens but per- morphed into vicious Opposition-
haps never more so than now with eating beasts. Ideally they would
Food for action the ruling regime seen to be unapo-
logetically majoritarian both in its
like to beam Mr. Modis activities 24
into 7. But that would mean sparing
The Supreme Court directive should lead politics and policies. Mob lynch- the Opposition, the decimation of
ings of mainly Muslims may appear which has to be a higher calling.
to better access under the Food Security Act vidya subrahmaniam to be unconnected to state policy The Modi governments dismal re-

but these in fact stem from a state- cord on the economy, the devastat-

he National Food Security Act, 2013, has met with

e said the person who promoted prioritisation of cows ing consequences of demonetisa-
prolonged political indifference, but there is
leads the country over human lives and the proscrip- tion, a failing farm sector and the
some hope now since the Centre has been asked should be secular, tion of beef as a food choice. The as- deteriorating situation on the bor-
by the Supreme Court to ensure that States implement should have a vision of inclusive sertion of Hinduness is evident in ders have paradoxically all added
key aspects of the progressive law. The directives in the growth. This country was consti- all spheres, cultural, social and to the popularity of Mr. Modi and
Swaraj Abhiyan case underscore the depressing reality tuted under a Constitution whose even individual, and in politics in established that people will believe
that several State governments have not met key re- basic values, egalitarianism, plural- the increasing and unconscionable the wildest untruth if it is wrapped
quirements in the legislation which empower the com- ism and inclusiveness, together marginalisation of Muslims. The in nationalist colours. This nar-
form what we call Bharat ka dar- same dark space as J.K. Rowlings pared to die for shows, of course, BJPs candidate list for this years row nationalism is co-opting an
mon person in securing subsidised food. Sections 14, 15 shan or the idea of India. The ques- Lord Voldemort, He who must not that his affected moral superiority Uttar Pradesh Assembly election ever widening circle of people,
and 16, which require the setting up of a grievance re- tion before us is: will the constitu- be named. notwithstanding, he is cut from the did not have a single Muslim, sig- with dissenters shamed as traitors
dress mechanism and a State Food Commission with re- tional vision triumph or will we same cloth as the rest of the polit- nalling the arrival of Muslim-free and worse. An astonishing number
sponsibility to monitor the implementation of the law, surrender to the ideology of divi- Role reversal ical crowd. But this is not all there is electoral politics. of people today believe Mr. Modi
have been heeded only in name, as in Haryana, or not at sion and polarisation? Yet there was a standout piece in to this speedy journey from secular can at once defeat Pakistan and
all. Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswans claim last If the other vision succeeds, the the swirl of accusations. Mr. Ku- absolutism to sectarian iffiness. If Corruption on the other side China.
country will disintegrate and the mars June 20, 2013 speech, made today Mr. Kumars conscience al- This is the mirror opposite of the Mr. Kumar has grasped the jingo-
November that the Act covers the entire country is,
Idea of India will collapse. India in the Bihar Assembly while seek- lows him not only to name he who ideal Mr. Kumar held up in 2013. istic popular mood and Mr. Modis
therefore, not consistent with the facts. As the court has cannot be destroyed; we will not al- ing a fresh vote of confidence, rose must not be named but also em- Even on corruption he has turned unassailability for the foreseeable
pointed out, Article 256, which casts a responsibility on low it to be destroyed above petty grievances to raise fun- brace him in full view of the world, out to be on slippery ground with future. With his exit, the few and
the States and the Union to ensure compliance with Nitish Kumar, June 20, 2013 damental questions about India it is because he has realised that the surfacing of scams in BJP-run far between Opposition unity
laws made by Parliament, also provides the remedy, as and its future. The speech, extracts Prime Minister Modi is all there is to States, earlier in Madhya Pradesh moves have collapsed with no guar-
it can be invoked by the Centre to set things right. Un- When a political alliance re- of which are quoted above, Indias politics. Any political future and more recently in Maharashtra antee of who will defect next to Mr.
fortunately, the NFSA, which is vital for social security emerges from the debris of an summed up exactly what it was that there is is only with him, especially and Chhattisgarh. It should be evid- Modis side. The last doubt about
earlier break-up, the reunion un- Mr. Kumar rejected when he ended with the Muslim vote, an earlier ne- ent to anyone that the Vyapam re- the state of the Congress has been
through the Public Distribution System and child wel-
failingly prompts a journalistic re- his 17-year-long partnership with cessity, no longer a factor in secu- cruitment scandal with its startling dispelled by the sweat it has expen-
fare schemes, has suffered due to a lack of political will. visit to the past to the time when the BJP. lar electoral calculations. cash-crime-multiple murder angle ded on laffaire Ahmed Patel, and
As a law with egalitarian goals, the NFSA should have the partners said the foulest things On one side, he said, was the The fact that the BJP in power hasnt been sufficiently investig- Jairam Rameshs honest confession
set the floor for food security through the principle of to each other and swore eternal plural and inclusivist constitutional has pretty much followed the scary ated. The BJP seems able and will- that the party is in an existential
universal access, though not every citizen would need hate and enmity. The ritual, meant vision, and on the other a destruct- script Mr. Kumar envisioned in ing to explore alliances with parties crisis
it. There is great merit in providing highly subsidised to expose the hypocrisy on either ive counter vision (obviously that of 2013 is obviously no longer a matter unknown for their financial prob- Indian politics is in a phase never
foodgrains to targeted households chosen by the State side, was expectedly repeated Mr. Modi) founded on the politics of for concern. In the more than three ity, among them the All India Anna seen before. The collective target-
when Bihar Chief Minister Nitish division and polarisation. And he, years since Mr. Modi won a record Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and ing of Opposition parties for cor-
governments, with a ceiling of 75% of the population in
Kumar walked out of his alliance Nitish Kumar, would not allow the majority, the BJP has moved closer the Nationalist Congress Party. Re- ruption is an unseen first. Whether
rural areas and 50% in urban areas. But the system with the Lalu Prasad-led Rashtriya latter to succeed: Let me promise and closer to the Rashtriya member Mr. Modi calling the latter in 1977, 1989 or in 2011-2012 when
should have in-built mechanisms to allow for the entry Janata Dal and walked into the you: we will never allow the politics Swayamsewak Sanghss dream of a the Naturally Corrupt Party? The the Anna agitation was at it peak,
of new households that suddenly find themselves in fin- eager arms of the Narendra Modi- of division to destroy this country. Hindu Rashtra not in the sense of Right to Information Act, which public anger was directed at the
ancial distress, while others can exit it based on Amit Shah-steered Bharatiya Janata Having treated his rupture with a formal theocracy but in the sense had thoroughly and ruinously ex- corrupt government, not the Op-
changed circumstances. Such arrangements can be Party (BJP). the BJP as a service to the country, of a nation Hindu in all respects, posed the United Progressive Alli- position. Following its 1977 victory,
made only when there is a full-fledged, independent It had indeed been a bitter part- as a personal sacrifice to prevent its numerically, culturally and above ances corruption, has been given a the Janata Party government made
ing of ways between Mr. Kumar and ideological colonisation, worse its all for being able to claim a 5,000- quiet burial. every effort to pin corruption
machinery in the form of a Food Commission, and dis-
the BJP in 2013. Mr. Kumar said he likely vivisection, Mr. Kumar today year-old civilisational legacy. This Can it be Mr. Kumars case that charges on Indira Gandhi who in-
trict-level grievance redress, besides social audits. All would disappear into the bowels of tells us that there is no issue more antiquity of culture and land de- Opposition corruption is corrup- stead thrived in the hostile atmo-
these are provided for under the Act, but have been ig- the earth but not engage with Mr. important to him than the corrup- manded that all inhabitants ac- tion but BJPs corruption is so much sphere. People saw it as a witch-
nored. Modernisation of the PDS, with the use of in- Modi. Such was his contempt for tion of Mr. Prasad and his young knowledge their common Hindu hogwash? That is an absurd argu- hunt and brought her back.
formation technology, could incorporate such dynamic the then Gujarat Chief Minister that son and former Deputy Chief Minis- ancestry and agree too that this an- ment. But that is exactly what Mr. Not happening today.
features to the supply of subsidised food to those who he felt it an affront even to take his ter, Tejashwi Yadav. Mr. Kumars cestry overrode any subsequent Kumar has willed himself to be- Vidya Subrahmaniam is Senior Fellow,
need it, and eliminate deficiencies and fraud. Now that name. In Mr. Kumars angry ima- decision to preserve himself rather conversion to Islam or Christianity. lieve, and with him an ever growing The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public
gination, Mr. Modi occupied the than the country he was once pre- The Hindu aggression implicit in constituency of Mr. Modis support- Policy, Chennai
the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Dis-
tribution has been given specific directives by the court
to complete the unfinished tasks this year, it should
make up for lost time. As is widely acknowledged, some
States are better at running the PDS than others, and
The short and the long of running
the food security law is the best tool to raise standards
uniformly. Food Ministry data presented to Parliament
Usain Bolt and Mo Farah revived athletics and added new dimensions to human endeavour
show that the present system does not reflect the true mere numbers and the colour of his events. Those belong to the le- what kind of voids will they leave
scale of public grievances, with a mere 1,106 complaints the metal. gendary Kenenisa Bekele. The behind? It may be instructive to
received from beneficiaries nationwide in 2016, includ- When he arrived, track and field Ethiopian himself said that Farah listen to what Bolt had to say on the
was in crisis. Laffaires Marion needs to get the world record to eve of the London worlds. I dont
ing those reported in the media. The courts interven-
Jones and Justin Gatlin to name achieve immortality. The Greatest think it gets any worse than that,
tion is wholly welcome to make the NFSA meaningful. just two had dragged the sport Ever tag often goes to the well- he said, referring to the problems
into the pits. Now, as Bolt prepares rounded of champions. Ask Bolt if in Russia. Its on its way back up
n. sudarshan to leave, there is still no stemming he doesnt like the rhythmic allure now. Hopefully, athletes will see
the rot with the Russian doping of triple three-peat of Olympic whats going on and understand

Rouhanis challenge U
ntil the 2017 IAAF World scandal the latest to hit. golds along with world-record that if they dont stop what theyre

Championships in Athletics But in a decade-long career, the times in all the three events. doing the sport will die.
100m final in London on Sat- Jamaican has single-handedly re- But this should take nothing It wasnt the tone of a man who
Irans President begins his second term in urday, Usain Bolts only opponent stored hope. Of the 30 fastest away from Farahs success particu- had made athletics more popular.
daunting circumstances at home and abroad had been the clock. Ever since he mens 100m sprint times ever, only larly at a time when distance run- It was of someone who had
descended in Beijing for the 2008 nine have been run by an athlete est man was one of our own and ning is arguably more competitive provided the sport with a new
Olympics with his 65 frame, he who has not been banned for dop- was out there to have fun. At a time than ever before. Quite unlike the lease of life. Without Bolt, its back

assan Rouhani has formally begun his second
term as Irans President in especially challen- has shredded to bits every compet- ing. All nine are by Bolt. when there was and still is a sprint races, it gives ample scope to to square one and up to the likes of
itive field assembled. The way Bolt has managed to do deep sense of cynicism about enact the us against him battles. Christian Coleman, Wayde van
ging circumstances. Conservatives at home are
From 2008 to 2016, Bolt ran 21 this is his greatest legacy. Many sporting excellence of any kind, he Farahs gold in the 10,000m in Lon- Niekerk and Andre De Grasse to
pushing for a hard-line agenda, Sunni states in the Gulf global championship races the consider the Olympic sprints to be was the ultimate escape artist. don was one example of this when pick up the pieces.
are consolidating a regional alliance against Shia-major- 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at the acme of sporting achievement. a bunch of East African rivals did Distance running, though
ity Iran, and the U.S. is turning up the heat on the coun- three Olympics and four World But never in history has anybody Another running great their utmost with repeated surges equally infested with cheats, per-
trys missile programme. Mr. Rouhani, who won the Championships. He won 19 of made it look as intoxicating, tran- Mo Farah isnt one bit as glamor- to break his rhythm. haps suffers less in terms of per-
election on a moderate platform, had drawn hope dur- them. The two losses were be- scendental and more importantly ous. Neither is the sport he com- In fairness, Farah may never en- ception. It doesnt have a vertical
ing his campaign that he would build on the mo- cause of a false start (100m, 2011 accessible as him. petes in distance running. How- dear himself to fans quite like Bolt. and niche base like sprinting but is
worlds) and the disqualification of In his first ever Olympic 100m in ever, his place among the all-time His coach Alberto Salazar being more horizontal and widespread.
mentum his first term had generated and initiate social
a teammate who tested positive Beijing, he shattered the world re- running greats is in no doubt. The under investigation by the United This gives greater potential to un-
reform. It was never going to be easy, given the resolve (4x100m relay, 2008 Olympics). cord in a race which ended with Brit is in line for his fifth consecut- States Anti-Doping Agency hasnt earth a diverse number of champi-
of the clerical establishment to push back any major at- The 22nd race on Saturday chest-thumping euphoria, well be- ive 5,000m/10,000m double helped. Even in his greatest mo- ons. There is every chance that the
tempt to change the status quo. In Irans complex, mul- didnt bring much cheer as he had fore the finish line. And in his last, across two Olympics and three ments of triumph, reputational great Mo Farah will be replaced by
tipolar political system, the President runs the govern- to settle for a bronze. There will be in Rio, there was that sideways- World Championships, after which damage always seems round the an equally great runner. Can the
ment with a popular mandate but the security one more shot at gold when he looking giggle with a few metres he will move from track-racing to corner, though there has been no same be said of Bolt?
establishment reports directly to the Supreme Leader, competes in his last race in the still left, probably alluding to the road-racing. illegality attached to anything
4x100m relay later this week. But ever-elusive competition. The 34-year-old does not pos- Farah has done.
who can override the government on critical issues. Bolts phenomenon isnt limited by It seemed that the worlds fast- sess the world record times in both So when the two move away,
What Mohammad Khatami tried and failed and what
Mr. Rouhani tested during his first term was to gradu-
ally push pragmatic policies, overcoming the conser-
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters emailed to must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.

vative opposition. Mr. Rouhanis decision to go ahead

Still unsafe such as boys are boys and Nehrus relevance the private sector was There is strong logic in rates. With increasing
with the nuclear deal despite concerns from the estab-
Despite a steady rise in women should not The Congress party may sceptical about such large subsidising losses on urbanisation, open spaces
lishment was an example of his successful brinkman- crimes against women, no endanger themselves at have inherited many faults investments. strategic lines and in are shrinking, diminishing
ship. The expectation was that in his second term, Mr. government has been night have no place here. from history and we may H.N. Ramakrishna, backward area operations. chances of aquifer
Rouhani would expand the reform agenda into do- serious about finding a Emaciated laws often pave critique Jawaharlal Nehru, Bengaluru Similarly, suburban train replenishment. The
mestic politics. The reformists have many demands. solution to this issue. Of the way for offenders to Mahatma Gandhi or Indira services are highly pollution control boards
However, one of the first decisions Mr. Rouhani has what use are the plethora of escape. Whether the BJP Gandhi and so forth, but we Baggage of losses subsidised. While concerned must be given
taken in the new term raises questions about his resolve laws? Another disturbing likes it or not, the should not forget the With its monopolistic commuters rightly expect more resources and the
fact is that we have been Chandigarh incident is going respect these leaders stature and ever increasing good service from the teeth to curb water pollution
to initiate meaningful reforms. On Tuesday, he nomin-
unable to stem instances of to be a litmus test for a party deservedly earned both demand for its passenger, railways, there is also a need .
ated an all-men cabinet, which needs to be approved by kidnapping, rape and that says that it is a paragon within and outside the goods and catering services, for commensurate payment Gagan Pratap Singh,
Parliament. The chances of women nominees getting stalking, reinforcing the of ethics and that all are country. the Indian Railways has no for the services rendered. Noida, Uttar Pradesh

through the parliamentary process were high this time perception that in a male- equal before the law of the Nehru still matters. He was a reason to incur losses; if it is The tariff for suburban
given that reformists and moderates make up a major- dominated society like ours, land. true democrat and held fast in the state it is in today, this services has been stagnant The article must be read
ity in the Majlis. Still, Mr. Rouhani preferred not to take such incidents are common R. Krishnamachary, to his conviction that can be attributed to for years. If the government along with the report,
and can often go Chennai democracy was the right corruption and finds it politically Metrowater plans
the risk of antagonising conservatives. To be sure, these
unchallenged. Finally, and correct path for India mismanagement at all unacceptable to hike fares, rainwater harvesting audit
are hard times for a moderate President in Iran. The
posing unwarranted Instead of allowing the (Why Nehru matters more levels. The Railways losses they should recover the (Chennai editions, August
nuclear deal, the signature achievement of Mr. Rouh- questions to women is not incident to take on political than ever, Aug.8). He can be linked to the web of amount from local bodies 2). In the recent spells of
anis first term, is under attack, with U.S. President Don- only an infringement of overtones, it would be scrupulously respected corrupt contractors and which benefit indirectly rain in Chennai city, some of
ald Trump threatening to cancel its certification. With their privacy but also acts as appropriate if society takes parliamentary traditions. railway officials, and also from suburban services, as us who maintain rainwater
the U.S. imposing more sanctions on Iran over the mis- an impediment to womens up the issue in its proper Proof of this democratic unscrupulous politicians done in many European harvesting structures were
sile programme and joining hands with its regional freedom (Editorial perspective and continues tradition is the flawless way (Subsidise rail losses: cities. able to harvest over 2,000
rivals such as Saudi Arabia, conservative sections find Pursued by danger, to fight such incidents with in which our elections take PMO, August 7). It is also A.N. Appaiah, litres of rainwater. The
August 8). the same fervour as it did in place and the smooth time for introspection on Mumbai amount may be
their hard-line views vindicated and would like Tehran K.R. Srinivasan, the Nirbhaya case. transition of power to the why the public sector insignificant, but my
to reciprocate in the same tenor. Mr. Rouhani may Secunderabad As the woman in the next government. He remains non- or Water conservation household was able to take
therefore have preferred to avoid a clash within the sys- incident said on social ushered in the concept of underperforming, while In the Ganga Doab region, care of certain chores in the
tem over his cabinet nominations. It is not clear to what The incident of the media, she could have socialism and self- private players are growing groundwater is heavily house with this drop in the
extent he may sacrifice the reformist agenda under stalking and murder of ended up being attacked sufficiency, a popular path from strength to strength. contaminated with heavy ocean. Had most
pressure from hardliners. His supporters will hope that Swathi in Chennai a while and finished off; this for nations of that time. This Loopholes need to be metal residue as a result of households in Chennai
ago is still fresh in memory. highlights the seriousness of was largely inspired by the plugged and steps taken to industrial waste. There are maintained RWH structures,
he will come around to simultaneously pursuing a prag-
The very essence of a free the incident and must result Russian model. He was strengthen the no checks on irrigation they could have enjoyed the
matic reformist agenda at home and a realistic foreign nation is one where a in every citizen of a free instrumental in the setting organisations. Everyone carried out using bounty, even if small.
policy that doesnt succumb to external provocations. woman should be able to India fighting back against up of large public sector knows where the problems groundwater (A gathering L.A.P. Subramanian,
Only then would Hassan Rouhani live up to the expecta- reach home without any crime. corporations, and lie. crisis, August 8). The Chennai

tions of the millions of Iranians who re-elected him. fear and at any time of the Varghese George, kickstarted our industrial Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, problem becomes acute more letters online:
day. Patriarchal statements Secunderabad foundation at a time when Hyderabad with subsidised electricity




Today, we do not talk of inclusive nationalism

The former Chairman of the Law Commission on how enforced cultural nationalism will harm India in the long run
Anuradha Raman Anand Dighes case (in 2001, normally accorded to it. It is students is absurd! Enforced
relating to the prohibition of a form of what I would call nationalism cannot promote
Former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Ajit Prakash Shah performance of the Marathi conscripted nationalism. true culture. People and cul-
was hailed as the co-architect of the landmark judgment in 2009 play Mee Nathuram Godse The Madras High Court tures, regardless of belong-
that decriminalised homosexuality. Justice Shah, also a former Boltoy), the court highlighted has replayed this with its re- ing to a particular class or
Chairman of the Law Commission, may have retired but he con- that respect for, and toler- cent order that Vande geography, can truly grow
tinues to speak openly on a range of issues, including free ance of, a diversity of view- Mataram must be sung regu- and evolve only if they can
speech. In this interview, he discusses the current debate on the points was essential to sus- larly in educational institu- transcend all social and ter-
right to privacy, the Supreme Court judgment on the national tain a democratic society and tions and elsewhere, includ- ritorial limitations.
anthem, and enforced cultural nationalism. Excerpts: government. Similarly, in ing workplaces like factories
Anand Patwardhans case (in and offices! The courts have The right to privacy is
In your M.N. Roy We seem to have forgotten 1996, relating to the refusal failed to recognise that such currently being looked
Memorial Lecture on the all-inclusive nationalism of Doordarshan to telecast actions of singing or stand- into by the Supreme
Free Speech, Nationalism from half a century ago, and his documentary film In ing up are now no longer Court. Is it absolute?
and Sedition this year, we have inverted it into Memory of Friends), the genuine acts of nationalism.
you began with his words something that is court said that the state can- They have now become a The right to privacy has
and said Roys views on undesirable. not prevent open discussion, performance. People now historically been read under
nationalism and its As Tagore said, when the regardless of how hateful sing or stand not because Articles 19 and 21 of the Con-
attendant dangers still nation becomes powerful at such discussion was to the they truly respect the senti- stitution by the court. From
resonate today. What the cost of the harmony of states policies. But the Su- ment that these songs or Govind v State of Madhya Pra-
worries you? social life, that day is an evil preme Court put it best, per- poems convey, but because desh (1975) to NALSA v Union
day for humanity. What do haps, in S. Rangarajan v P. they are afraid of being of India (2014), the Supreme
What is of utmost concern we have today instead? Jagjivan Ram (1989), when it beaten up. In effect, orders Court has repeated the exist-
in the so-called national- People speak of removing said that in a democracy it like these have actually un- ence of a right to privacy un-
ism debate is what (Nigerian the thoughts of Tagore from is not necessary that every- dermined patriotism der the Constitution. One
writer) Chimamanda Ngozi textbooks! one should sing the same amongst fellow Indians. concept emerging through-
Adichie calls the danger of a *
PRASHANT NAKWE song. The judiciary is supposed out is that the right to pri-
single story, or the danger You posed a question on The response to criticism to be the protector of indi- vacy cannot be absolute. It
of understanding an idea
only from one perspective. If
the defining characteristic
of a nation, whether its
where people become
blinded by a nationality <
> The immense power
that the state wields
through the harassment it
causes, the trial acts as the
is not to shut it down, but to
engage with, and respond to,
vidual liberties. It is indeed
disturbing that it should itself
must be restricted by law,
and must be within the para-
we restrict our understand- the territorial boundary driven by irrationality, which through this deterrent against any voice the speaker. Free speech mandate such restrictions. meters of Article 19(2).
ing of nationalism, we ignore or the people. What does in turn may have extreme provision (on of dissent or criticism. As a must be countered by more The court itself, in the
the multiplicity of views that nation mean to you? consequences. Sadly, this is result, the broad scope of speech, not by acts of moral Do you see this as a latest hearing, has observed
sedition) makes it
exist. Nazism and fascism the situation we seem to Section 124-A (of the IPC) al- vigilantism. Such acts have consequence of that one of the immediate
were both ugly manifesta- The defining characteristic have found ourselves in difficult to let go of lows the state to go after absolutely no place in our majoritarianism? consequences of declaring
tions of nationalism. They of a nation changes with today. the law entirely. those who challenge its constitutional polity and privacy a fundamental right
were irrational and excess- time, situation and context. Connected to this is the power, whether it is the JNU democracy. I strongly believe that ac- could be the creation of a
ive. In contrast, we have About 150 years ago, coun- trend of manufacturing affec- around this. The [Supreme] students, activists such as What prevents us from tions like these preventing corresponding obligation on
Gandhis and Nehrus nation- tries were still isolated from tion for the state and govern- Court agrees that mere criti- Hardik Patel and Binayak striking down the law on people from eating the food the government to bring in a
alism, which was anti-colo- each other, and an identity ment be it the Prime Minis- cism is not sedition. But that Sen, authors such as Ar- sedition, you ask. The im- they want, effectively forcing regulatory framework. Of
nial and sought to be all-in- based on geography was ne- ters office, the Army, the does not prevent prosecu- undhati Roy, cartoonists mense power that the state a life choice on them un- course, a regulatory frame-
clusive; it was not based on cessary to bring about order police, to call them to ques- tions from taking place. Any such as Aseem Trivedi, or the wields through this provision dermine any feelings of na- work is needed. India is one
religion. in chaos. But in a world that tion is to spread disaffection dissent is taken as sedition. villagers of Idinthakarai in makes it difficult to let go of tionalism and unity. This is of the few countries which
Today, in India, we do not is increasingly international, against the state. And linked This tendency is very Tamil Nadu protesting the law entirely. Its as nothing but enforced cul- does not have a privacy law
talk of inclusive nationalism. where identities of ordinary to that is: what prevents us disturbing. against the Kudankulam nuc- straightforward as that. tural nationalism. It is un- or data protection law.
What we have is a situation people have intermingled so from striking down the law Gandhi said that we can- lear power plant. imaginable to expect that a There are many kinds of
of enforced cultural national- greatly that they are no on sedition? not expect the law to manu- You said that the interim country as diverse as India privacy: privacy of space,
ism. It is a culture of hate longer distinguishable from We are in a situation today facture affection for the You are defending free order of the Supreme can be expected to lead a ho- privacy of behaviour, privacy
that is being perpetrated in one another, it becomes hard where any criticism of cer- state, that we must allow dis- speech, yet we are all Court on the national mogenised existence, with a of decisions and privacy of
the name of nationalism. to defend the idea of a nation tain offices is branded as affection to be fully ex- aware of the restrictions anthem has actually single ideology or monochro- information. Privacy even ex-
There are repeated lynchings based only on territorial anti-national and sedition. pressed unless it incites viol- imposed by Article 19(2) undermined patriotism. matic way of living, or a ists in the right to be left
in the name of cow protec- boundary. Indeed, as M.N. Whether it is any wrongdo- ence. This is also what Kedar of the Constitution. Has How? standard diet. alone, or the right to be for-
tion from Mohammad Akh- Roy put it, the idea may even ing, fake encounters in the Nath Singh v the State of Bi- the time come to review I practise yoga regularly, gotten. Underlying all con-
laq to Junaid Khan, it is all well be regarded as an anti- Northeast, even speaking har (1962) says. The law is it? The right to free speech for example, and I believe it cepts of privacy is the prin-
very disturbing, to say the quated cult. If we allow ter- about these is enough to la- clear that mere sloganeering and expression also includes is a holistic practice. But that ciple of dignity. The lawyers
least. There is an invasion of ritorial identity to over- bel you seditious. We are also is not enough, and has to be Agreed, 19(2) has its re- the right not to speak or ex- does not mean that I will in the present matter have
university space. Independ- whelm our narrative, we may acquiring a reputation of be- accompanied by a call for vi- strictions. But the court has press ourselves. However, spend the rest of my time argued that it would be more
ent thinking is being killed. regress into a situation ing singularly humourless, olence. But when an FIR is also read these restrictions under the guise of law, foisting yoga upon others. I proper if the court, after re-
where even a parody is not registered, the question of in- very narrowly. The court has with this order, the court has do not endorse the idea of cognising the right, does not
tolerated! terpretation of the law in line always said the restrictions now restricted our funda- making yoga compulsory, as define the contours of this
In India, we have had a with the Supreme Court does to free speech must be reas- mental rights. Making some- if it were a badge of national- right, and decides its delin-
> includes
< The right to free speech and expression also
the right not to speak or express long, celebrated legal history not arise. While the court onable and not excessive or thing compulsory, like stand- ism and Hindu pride. eation on a case-to-case basis
of fighting against the law of may eventually acquit the arbitrary. And free speech it- ing up when a national In the same vein, recent instead. I agree. This is a case
ourselves. However, under the guise of law, with sedition. Gandhi, Tilak and person accused, the trial it- self has always been linked to anthem is sung, undermines reports of installing a milit- involving the citizen versus
this order (standing for the national anthem), the their ilk have all been part of self becomes the punish- democratic ideals by the the very meaning of that ac- ary tank on the JNU campus the state. The court must
court has now restricted our fundamental rights. building the jurisprudence ment. And worst of all, court. For example, in tion, and the respect that is to instil nationalism in the stand by the citizens.




Speak up against trolls Govt. suffers snap reverse in Lok Sabha

Actors have a moral responsibility to History was created in the Lok Sabha to-day [August 8, New
Delhi] when the Government suffered its first defeat on a snap
swat trolls who intimidate in their name vote on an Opposition amendment, charging Government
with failure to implement the recommendations of the Com-
VAISHNA ROY missioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The
amendment was carried by 91 votes to 89 amidst tremendous
The relationship between Tamil Nadu excitement. However, Congress members breathed a sigh of
and cinema has always been complic- relief when the motion itself as amended by the Opposition,
ated and slightly surreal. Its hard to un- was put to vote and carried by 115 to 107 votes.
derstand why a mere actor, someone

paid to play a role, is worshipped as a A HUNDRED YEARS AGO AUGUST 9, 1917

demigod. What is lacking in the Tamil
males psyche that he needs a film star Absconding Panjabi students.
cult to validate his existence? And why
is this psyche so fragile that he cant As statements have appeared in the local press regarding the
handle criticism of his heros films, es- pardon given to certain Punjabi students who had fled from
pecially if it comes from a woman? India in 1915 the Punjab Government thinks it desirable to
The sick extent of the psychosis of such fans came through publish the following Communique: In the spring of 1915,
this week when Dhanya Rajendran, editor-in-chief of The News about 15 young Mussalman students at Lahore at the instiga-
halfway from a film starring Vijay, a famous Tamil actor. After colleges with the intention of fighting against the British Gov-
ominously warning her to wait till 6.00 p.m., Vijay fans started CONCEPTUAL NOTEBOOK ernment, an offence which rendered them liable on convic-
a concerted trolling campaign, calling her the most vicious tion by a court of law of the penalty of death or transportation
and abusive names, and even issuing rape threats.
Twitter India managers took down the most offensive Exchange Terror on the tarmac for life with forfeiture of all their property. No alternative
minor penalty is provided for this crime under the Indian
tweets, but admitted they could not do more, especially with Penal Code...
Tamil abuse, because the site isnt geared to filter regional lan- History When a reporter was at the right place at the right time
guages. Facebook had earlier admitted to a similar problem. If
social media websites allow regional language posts, they Suhasini Haidar
change of cultural habits, broke the story about an speaking to relatives at the
must simultaneously set up systems to monitor these. Also,
people, diseases, techno- You can have your per- hour later, by which time airport and attending
blocking abusers for a mere 10-11 hours is of little use; they
logy, and a variety of plant mission, but I doubt you IC-814 was on its way to briefings, in order to cover
merely return with renewed vitriol.
and animal species will need it now, said the land in Amritsar and every moment of hostage
Today, fan clubs have moved from being offline to largely on-
between the Americas and officer at Delhis Palam air- journalists were thronging negotiations at Kandahar.
line affairs. And simultaneously, being a fan has moved from
the rest of the world that port as he signed the pa- the airport. Hopes faded as it was
simply admiring your hero to aggressively demanding that
happened during the 15th per I had been chasing Watching events unfold clear that neither the
everybody must like him or face the consequences. Thus, male
and 16th centuries. The him with for a week. It up close, we saw that Taliban government in
reviewers who pan a Vijay film also face great flak, but it comes
Columbian Exchange fol- was the last week of 1999. every department of the Afghanistan nor any other
nowhere close to the invective Ms. Rajendran has been subjec-
lowed the successful voy- We were to be at the air- government was unpre- government that could ex-
ted to. In her case, the rage stems additionally from the fact of
age to the Americas by port at the stroke of mid- pared. Family members of ert influence the U.S.,
her being a woman and daring to voice her dislike of Vijays
Italian explorer Chris- night of the new millen- passengers were running the U.K., the U.A.E., or
topher Columbus in 1492, nium, as the biggest worry around wildly, but no offi- Pakistan would do much
In this instance, the threat, followed by the concentrated at-
which paved the way for then was whether com- cial would speak to them. to help.
tack, indicates a planned campaign. This means a leader and a
the colonisation of the puters affected by the Indian Airlines staff were On December 31, just
well-oiled organisational machine. Vijay might be aware or un-
Americas by many Y2K bug would disrupt barking orders, but no before lunch, we were told
aware of its existence, but he still has a moral responsibility to
European powers. Previ- flights around the world. I one could be seen carry- that the External Affairs
reprove the trolls because the abuse happens in his name.
ous voyages failed to have was finally getting permis- ing them out. At the crisis Minister would be flying to
a similar impact. The term sion to film my report management group meet- Kandahar, possibly to
Online impunity
was coined by American right from the tarmac, but ing at the Safdarjung Air- meet the demands of the
Fandom in Tamil Nadu is like religious mania and scorns the
historian Alfred W. Crosby I could tell from the of- port office, senior officials terrorists. We all rushed
rule of law. Some trolls even tagged the Chennai police, daring
in his 1972 book The ficers agitation that a big- watched the television back to the airport, know-
them to act. Where is this impunity derived from? First, from
Columbian Exchange. ger story was breaking. paralysed as commandos ing that the government
the extreme misogyny inherent in the Tamil film industry.
Second, from the exalted status granted to actors and to fan- The Indian Airlines couldnt be sent to Amrit- had caved. We brought in
dom. When a society treats its actors like gods, then devotees CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC flight from Kathmandu to sar on time. Captain Devi the millennium on the
can do no wrong. Abuse or even violence is justified as right- Delhi, IC-814, had been hi- Sharans stalling tactics Delhi airport tarmac all
MORE ON jacked, and the first report werent heeded by the air- right, but it was to see the

eous anger directed against a heretic.
said that it was being di- port security who allowed unfolding of a nightmare
The only way to mitigate such obsessive behaviour is for act- THE WEB verted to Lucknow. All of a the plane to take off from that ended with the re-
ors to ask their fans to stop it. If stars are happy to accept the
tremendous power invested in them by their fans, they must sudden, the sleepy cor- Indian territory, after lease of three dreaded ter-
In numbers: 75 years since
accept responsibility as well. Invariably, in Tamil Nadu, film ridor of the Civil Aviation which, it has been argued, rorists that, perhaps, led
the Quit India Movement
stars also harbour political ambitions, and a fan base is a po- Ministry was like a bee- the government lost all its to far graver challenges for
tential voter base. Is this the reason why actors are so reluctant hive coming alive. As a TV cards. For the next week, India than any cybersecur-
to ask fans to behave? producer, I had a massive journalists covering the ity crisis.






One denomination, two Dipak Misra to be 45th
Chief Justice of India
Shia board for mosque at
a reasonable distance
dimensions: uproar in RS Centre clears his name for the post
Legal Correspondent
The Shia board suggested Masjid was a Shia waqf, it is Opposition says different sizes of 500 notes are printed to favour the BJP NEW DELHI
that the court set up a com- the Shia Central Waqf Board The Centre on Tuesday
mittee headed by a retired U.P. alone which is entitled Special Correspondent Despite his party being a cleared the file for appoint-
Supreme Court judge and to negotiate and arrive at a NEW DELHI BJP ally in Bihar, Sharad Ya- ment of Justice Dipak Misra
comprising two retired Alla- peaceful settlement with the Protests by Opposition mem- dav of the Janata Dal(U) sup- as the 45th Chief Justice of
habad High Court judges, other remaining stakehold- bers alleging a scam in the ported the Opposition India with effect from Au-
Chief Minister of Uttar Pra- ers, the affidavit, filed by printing of the new 500 parties, saying no country in gust 28.
desh Yogi Adityanath or his Shia Waqf Board chairman notes forced a total washout the world had two notes of Justice Misra, the senior-
nominee, a nominee of the Syed Waseem Rizvi, said. of proceedings in the Rajya different sizes. One is big- most judge of the Supreme
Prime Minister, before Sabha on Tuesday. The gov- ger, one is smaller. I can give Court after the present Chief
which a representative each Subjected to threats ernment accused them of signed [copies of the notes], Justice J.S. Khehar, who is Dipak Misra
of the Shia Central Waqf Mr. Rizvi said the other raising frivolous issues, he said. retiring on August 27, will
Board, the Nirmohi Akara sect of the Muslim com- without giving notice. have a tenure of about 14 served as Chief Justice of the
and a Hindu sect shall make munity has subjected him Amid continuous slogan- Frivolous issues months till October 2, 2018. Delhi High Court.
suggestions and proposals to threats on learning about shouting by Congress and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Justice Misra was elevated
for an amicable settlement the views of the Shia board. the Trinamool Congress said the Congress had been to the Supreme Court on Oc- Yakub Memon case
keeping in mind the larger He said he had informed the members, Rajya Sabha pro- raising frivolous issues, tober 10, 2011. Justice Misra wrote history
public interest. It pointed U.P. government, which is ceedings were suspended six without giving notices, to He enrolled as a lawyer when he led the three-judge
out that there had unfortu- taking steps for his security. times before being ad- stall the zero hour on February 14, 1977 and Bench which heard Yakub
nately been no talks during According to him, the ef- journed for the day. proceedings. was appointed Additional Memon, the sole con-
the seven years the appeals forts of the Shia board for an Congress leader Kapil Mr. Jaitley said there was Judge of the Orissa High demned man in the Bombay
were pending before the SC. amicable settlement would Sibal raised the issue no provision in the rules that Court in 1996. blasts case, who came
The board proposed that usher in a new era for both through a point of order, as Note issue: Congress leader Kapil Sibal showing photocopies anyone could flash any pa- After a stint in the Mad- knocking on the Supreme
the apex court give a time the larger denominations to soon as the House sat at 11 of two 500 notes of varied sizes in the Rajya Sabha. PTI * per and say it is point of or- hya Pradesh High Court, he Courts door for reprieve in
frame for the committee to live in peace and harmony. a.m. He said different sizes der. There is a misuse of became a Permanent Judge the early hours of the day he
submit its report besides He said the High Court of the new notes were prin- We have today dis- Leader of the Opposition zero hour, he said. in December 1997 before as- was hanged to death. Justice
scheduling its first meeting while portioning out one- ted one for the ruling covered the reason the gov- Ghulam Nabi Azad said: Mr. Jaitley did not reply to suming charge as the Chief Misra is at present hearing a
and venue. third share in the area of the party and one for the oth- ernment did demonetisa- This is the biggest scam of the Opposition charge of dif- Justice of Patna High Court slew of important cases with
It is submitted that the (demolished) Babri masjid ers. tion, Mr. Sibal said. this century. ferent size notes. in 2009 and, later on, far-reaching consequences.
Sunni Central Waqf Board to Muslims in its Septem-
U.P. is under the dominant ber 30, 2010 judgment had

Rahul deliberately avoided SPG: Rajnath Sonias call

control of Sunni hardliners, expressed hopes of an amic-
the fanatics and non-believ- able settlement. The same
ers in peaceful co-existence, view had also been ex-
who have no stake in the pressed by the Supreme to defend
present case since Babri Court later on.
What does he want to hide by not taking them along, the nation and the House want to know freedom
CCTV footage emerges Special Correspondent
The Lok Sabha was ad-
Special Correspondent
New Delhi
Congress president Sonia
of Chandigarh stalking journed amid uproar on
Tuesday after Home Minister
Gandhi on Tuesday said
the party must defend the
Rajnath Singh said Congress freedom of individuals and
Ms. Ali condemned the BJP charges of attempt to kid- vice-president Rahul Gandhi institutions, even as she
for shaming the victim on nap and outraging the mod- had violated security pro- also expressed concerns
the social media by using esty of women. Later, the tocol multiple times in India over the rise in number of
her old photos and ques- CCTV on the route of the in- and abroad. He was re- cases of vigilantism.
tioning her lifestyle. cident went non-functional, sponding to Congress allega- The Congress must al-
Statements by BJP leaders but yet the police are silent tions against the BJP over ways defend the liberty
on Beti bachao beti padhao on the issues, which indic- throwing of stones at Mr. and freedom of individuals
were hollow, she charged. ates that the BJP leaders are Gandhis car in Gujarat last and institutions. An-
Later, an AIDWA delega- trying to influence the week. guished by assault on free-
tion met Mr. Khattar and probe, said Shobha Oza, The Home Minister said dom, self-appointed vigil-
gave a memorandum de- president, AIMC. that in the past two years, antes are a threat to liberty
manding inclusion of Women members of the Mr. Gandhi had carried out and enemy of pluralism
charges of kidnapping and Indian National Lok Dal 121 planned and unplanned and diversity, she said in
outraging the modesty of a staged a protest and raised tours. He did not use the bul- her opening remarks at a
woman in the FIR. slogans against the BJP and letproof car on 100 occa- Congress Working Commit-
All India Mahila Congress its Haryana president in sions. The offices of the Con- tee meeting convened to
representatives met Hary- Chandigarh. gress president and Mr. mark the Quit India move-
ana Governor Kaptan Singh They demanded the ar- Gandhi were informed of the Where did he go? He de- placards and shouting slo- have to see, he said. Had places where there was no ment anniversary.
Solanki and submitted a rest of the accused and violations. liberately did not move with gans such as Hitlershahi the stone hit Rahul, he pre-scheduled programme, Former Prime Minister
memorandum, to be sent to resignation of Mr. Subhash Mr. Singh said Mr. Gandhi the SPG cover. It is violative nahin chalegi (This Hitler- would have lost his life. he said. At his rally venue, Manmohan Singh ex-
the Prime Minister, and de- Barala. was a national leader and a of the SPG Act enacted by like behaviour will not be There were attempts to kill 4,000 people had gathered. pressed concern about In-
manded the immediate ar- Mr. Barala said, The law respected member of the Parliament, Mr. Singh said. tolerated). him. He is the son of a mar- Some came with black flags. dias youth and peasantry
rest of the accused. would take its own course House. Rahul Gandhi is an- He said the Congress An undeterred Mr. Singh tyr, hence we are not afraid, Rahul left the venue early. At as also the multiple prob-
First the Chandigarh po- and there was no attempt to mol dharohar (invaluable), leader was provided with a said, What does he want to Mr. Kharge said. He said the Lal Chowk in Dhanera, a lems post-demonetisation
lice dropped the serious influence the probe. he said and questioned his bullet-resistant car and a hide by not taking the SPG BJP should apologise for the stone was hurled by a per- and GST.
neglect of his own secur- jammer. along, the nation and the incident and take action son. It hit the rear window, Congress vice-president
ity. Mr. Gandhi went on for- But at the helipad, he House want to know. against the culprits. injuring an SPG personnel Rahul Gandhi was unable

Govt. can take a call eign tours and informed the

Special Protection Group at
the eleventh hour.
agreed with his aide to travel
in another car and ignored
the advice of the SPG to use
Seeks apology
Mr. Kharge alleged that the
Mr. Singh, in response,
hailed the SPG for making its
trained driver drive the SUV
on his arm, he said.
As Speaker Sumitra Ma-
hajan proceeded with other
to attend the meeting as he
is down with viral fever.
The meeting passed two

on yoga in schools: SC The Minister was respond-

ing to the issue raised by
Congress leader Mallikarjun
the special vehicle.
Upset at these remarks,
Congress MPs protested in
Centre and the State govern-
ment failed to extend secur-
ity. Was the security delib-
that Mr. Gandhi used. Rahul
[Gandhi] got down from the
car in violation of the secur-
business, Congress members
continued to protest, forcing
the Speaker to adjourn the
resolutions: one on the
Quit India Movement and
the other on the attack on
The petition, that cited the right to life, education and Kharge. the well of the House raising erately ignored? We will ity protocol. He stopped at House till Wednesday. Mr. Gandhi in Gujarat.
Ministry of Human Re- equality.
source Development, the The state has an obliga-

Mehbooba, Farooq talk Article 35A Centres reply sought

NCERT, the NCTE and the tion to provide health facilit-
CBSE as parties, sought a ies to all the citizens, espe-
direction to provide stand- cially to children and
ard textbooks of Yoga and
Health Education for stu-
dents of class one to eight
adolescents. In a welfare
state, it is obligation of the
state to ensure the creation Meeting comes amid increased concerns of the parties over special status of J&K
on J&K special status
keeping in spirit various fun- and sustaining of conditions
damental rights enshrined congenial to good health, Peerzada Ashiq
Soldier killed SC asks if States Constitution is valid
in the Constitution such as the plea mentioned. Srinagar
Under pressure from her Krishnadas Rajagopal
own Peoples Democratic in sniper fire NEW DELHI

Two held with foreign Party (PDP) to declare revoc-

ation of Article 35A as a red-
line for the ruling PDP-BJP
in Jammu The Supreme Court on
Tuesday asked the Centre to
respond to a petition chal-

notes worth 1.3 crore coalition, J&K Chief Minister

Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday
evening met Opposition Na-
Special correspondent
Sepoy Pawan Kumar of 20
lenging the continuing valid-
ity of Article 370 of the Con-
stitution giving special
Shoumojit Banerjee Yetam, was travelling to tional Conference (NC) pres- Kumaon regiment was autonomous status to with the dissolution of the
Pune Dubai on Air India flight IX ident Farooq Abdullah to killed on the Line of Con- Jammu and Kashmir. Constituent Assembly of
Two passengers travelling to 211. Immigration personnel discuss the States special trol (LoC) in sniper fire in A Bench of Chief Justice Jammu and Kashmir on
Dubai were arrested on also raised suspicions about status. Combing operation: Army jawans at Drabgam in Pulwama Jammu, while a civilian was of India J.S. Khehar, Justices January 26, 1957. It asked
Tuesday for attempting to another passenger, Harsha The 20-minute meeting at district of south Kashmir on Tuesday. NISSAR AHMAD
killed by unknown gunmen A.K. Goel and D.Y. whether the J&K Constitu-
smuggle foreign currency Ranglani Raju, who was his residence comes a day in south Kashmir on Chandrachud issued notice tion, which neither got the
worth 1.30 crore at Pune booked on the same flight. after Dr. Abdullah had position were also discussed. He said the constitutional Monday night. The soldier to the Centre on the petition mandatory assent or ap-
airport. Officials then apprehended warned of a public revolt The two parties may have link with the country binds was posted at Mankote sec- filed by Vijayalakshmi Jha proval of the President of In-
According to Customs au- Raju. Detailed examination over revocation of Article different ideologies but they us. Any attempt to weaken tor of Poonch on the LoC, saying Article 370 was a dia, was valid at all.
thorities, an immigration of- of the checked-in baggage of 35A. are one on safeguarding the constitutional link will said a defence official. temporary provision. The petition pointed to
ficer at the airport during the two passengers led to J&Ks special status. This is make the situation worse. Meanwhile, police foiled The petition, represented Clause (3) of Article 370,
passenger profiling found the recovery of dollar bills Common ground also in the national interest, There is a consensus on an attempt to build a ter- by advocate Anil Kumar Jha, which said it was up to the
the documents of a man amounting to $1,72,000 and Besides the prevailing situ- PDP minister Nayeem J&Ks special status here and ror infrastructure by luring asked the court to clarify if President to declare
identified as Nishant Vijay euro banknotes totalling ation in J&K, apprehensions Akhtar told The Hindu after todays meeting was aimed young boys into militancy Article 370 was supposed to whether the Article should
Yetam to be suspicious. 30,000. of erosion of States special the meeting. at strengthening it, he said. in Baramulla. have lapsed automatically cease to exist or not.

Border meeting with China on I-Day Nepal to stay Charge sheet filed J&K gets a
neutral breather on
Dinakar Peri
NEW DELHI War an option, says China ference has not happened.
But so far there has been no Special Correspondent
in train blast case Commission
Even as the border stan- formal communication on NEW DELHI Special Correspondent Ghaus Mohd Khan, all resid-
doff between India and Atul Aneja tion under international law the cancellation, the source Nepal on Tuesday said it in- New Delhi ents of Uttar Pradesh have Legal Correspondent
China is close to complet- Beijing to protect the lives of its added. Six editions of the tended to maintain neut- The National Investigation been charged under provi- NEW DELHI
ing two months, officials China on Tuesday did not troops, said Wang Wenli, a exercises have been held so rality in the India-China Agency (NIA) filed a charge sions of the Indian Penal The Supreme Court on
said the ceremonial bor- rule out war as a possibility Chinese diplomat in the de- far. standoff. Nepal doesnt sheet against four men for Code and the Unlawful Tuesday gave the Centre
der personnel meetings to to end the standoff between partment of the boundary A section within the milit- take sides on the issue. In- allegedly planting a bomb Activities (Prevention) Act, and the Jammu and Kash-
mark Independence Day Chinese and Indian troops and oceanic affairs, during ary assess, based on a host dia and China both have on the Bhopal-Ujjain passen- among others, the NIA said mir government three
will go ahead between the at the Doklam plateau. an interaction with a visiting of factors including not asked or pressured ger train in March this year. in a statement. months to decide on set-
two militaries as planned If India continues going Indian media delegation. weather, internal political Nepal seeking favour. We At least 10 people were in- The probe found that ting up a Minorities Com-
on Tuesday. down the wrong path, we Officials said a mutual situation of China and In- dont see possibility of a jured in the blast. In the Muzzaffar had formed a ter- mission in the State.
Such meetings are usu- have the right to use any ac- pullout was not an option. dias military advantage in war, said Foreign Minister charge sheet, filed in a spe- rorist gang with several The SC Bench expressed
ally are held on ceremonial DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the Chumbi Valley, that an of Nepal Krishna Bahadur cial court in Bhopal, the NIA members, including Danish, dissatisfaction with the
occasions, but there were end to the standoff is in sight Mahara in Kathmandu. said the accused were in- Hussain, Khan and Saiful- State governments affi-
doubts if it would happen points at Bum La and ever, there is still no clarity though China continues its Mr. Maharas statement spired by the Islamic State. lah, who owed their allegi- davit, at one point even
this time. The meetings are Kibithu in Arunachal Pra- on the annual bilateral milit- aggressive posture. Another has set the stage for a cru- The accused Atif Muzaf- ance to the IS, the statement asking whether the aim
going as scheduled, a de- desh, Daulat Beg Oldi and ary training exercise Hand- section believes it could drag cial week when Nepal will far, Mohd Danish alias Jaa- said. Action against Saiful- was to make fun of us.
fence source said. Chushul in Ladakh and in-Hand. on as on a few past host key Indian and far, Syed Mir Hussain alias lah, a resident of Kanpur, Following this, the State
There are five meeting Nathu La in Sikkim. How- The joint planning con- occasions. Chinese dignitaries. Hamja Abu Bakkas and has abated as he is dead. withdrew its affidavit.




I am very bullish on India because of its people

We are really impressed with the leadership, be it State or Centre, they all want to do the right thing, says Apple CEO
Thomas K. Thomas be used in a bad way and We are really thinking
Cupertino eliminate those. AI is incred- very deeply about how tech-
After CEO Tim Cooks whirlwind trip to India last May, Apple ibly powerful. It will get nology may be used which is
has ramped up its game significantly. The tech giant has set up closer and closer to human not good and prevent it. Its a
an accelerator for developers in Bengaluru, a software develop- capabilities and at some big topic and we spend a lot
ment centre in Hyderabad and started assembling iPhones in a point, for some functions, of time on this. I worry as
limited way. This comes even as Apple is facing multiple chal- they will far surpass human you do.
lenges, including declining sales in China and the U.S. In addi- capabilities.
tion, the company is under pressure to keep up its leadership in As technologies like AI
bringing out innovative products, especially with new technolo- Do we now know these and AR permeate into our
gies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality areas where AI will lives, how are you going to
(AR). The Hindu met Mr. Cook at the Apples iconic campus at surpass human IQ? get users involved
Cupertino, California, over a sit-down lunch to understand how because if you ask a user
Apple is democratising these new technologies and the next steps Probably not. Some of what he wants to do with
in scaling up its India presence. these are predictable but a AI, chances are he may
lot of things may not be pre- not know?
Since you visited India last are patient. As I told you last dictable. Apple is going to
year there has been much time we met, this is not use AI for good and we will The beauty of AI is that the
progress for Apple. What about a quarter or a year or a try to anticipate possible mis- user does not have to think
next for India ? decade, we want to be in In- use and prevent that. All of about launching an applica-
dia for a 1,000 years. us have that responsibility. tion or think like okay, I am
I am very bullish on India Should governments also be going to do some AI now.
because of its people, its cul- One of the things that involved in this? The answer This is embedded in things
ture and the leadership. I Apple wanted to do in is absolutely, they should. Its which you dont even get to
love the culture and warmth India was to import very clear that AI will replace know. For example, if you
of people. Every time I meet certified pre-owned some type of jobs but it will use Apple Music, AI is em-
Prime Minister Modi and iPhones. This would have create other jobs. So like bedded in it to do things like
listen to him and then see his opened up a whole new some other technologies in giving recommendations
actions, including GST, I see market segment for you at the past it will create and it based on your usage. It is em-
bold things that I dont see in lower price points. Now will disrupt. We all could do bedded into the phone to
any other place. I am super
impressed and optimistic. So
that the Indian
government has not given
that presents itself in India
we would certainly look at it. <
> We have brought cricket to Siri. After going for a
cricket match during my visit... I realised that this
over a billion people from
day one. Thats a big differ-
a better job in anticipating
those areas where disruption
alert you on your next
what we are doing in India is consent, is there a plan B was something we should have done ence. will happen and reaching out So, AI is not like a thing or
to ramp up. We just got star- to make Apple products Will you replicate the to those people in advance a physical robot. If you talk
ted on local production of more affordable? growth you have seen in onment protection but I dont worry about So essentially what you and re-skill them for the next to our various teams the
iPhones and its very success- China? things like faster permissions someone elses growth. Mar- are saying is that Apple is thing. Many countries, in- software team, Apple TV
ful so far. I am extremely I still believe that certified Our goal is not selling the and the ability to freely move ket in India is big enough for looking at AR from the cluding U.S., havent done a team, the mail team, the
happy and its ramping up pre-owned phones will be most number of units. If it money from business to busi- several brands. For us its point of making this very good job on that front. home pod team all of them
nicely. We want to continue good for India. happens then its wonderful. ness. about innovation, making available to the masses have AI projects going on. AI
to ramp up the production Its a programme thats But I care about providing We hope to have retail, best product and making the over existing devices than Is that because there is no is, sort of, like air. Its invis-
which means more volumes widely used in the U.S., all great products that Indian manufacturing, indirect ecosystem better and better. it being delivered as clarity on how AI will play ible yet all permeating.
and more products for us. throughout Europe and al- customers really love and channel and maps develop- If we do that well then more moonshot ideas for which out?
We have some work to do most every country in the playing a key role in building ment centre in India and we people will switch from An- users will have limited So what happens to the
there but its headed in the world where we sell. We just up the ecosystem. If we do would want the flexibility to droid to iOS. Thats what we uses, like cyborg eyes or I wouldnt say that. Its dif- silicon as all these
right direction. have to do a better job ex- that well then our business freely move money between did in China and thats what neural links? ferent in each country. In the technologies would need
In the accelerator we plaining it and talking about will grow. Whether it will them because thats how we we are doing in India. U.S., for example, theres a higher processing power?
already have hundreds and the advantages. Over time take the exact curve as China run business here in the U.S. There will also be unique feeling that the individual is Will Moores Law get
thousands of folks who have hopefully and eventually we I dont know but I sense sev- where we have just one bank Everyone wants to know products on AR, I am not responsible for their future. redundant?
gone through it. There are will get an agreement on eral similarities. In terms of account. whats the next big denying that. But it wont be So if I happen to do a job that
now 7,50,000 iOS developer that. infrastructure, India was a Things like that make life innovation from Apple. essential for customer to ex- automation will eliminate So on the silicon, the CPU
ecosystem-related jobs in In- We have not closed that few years behind in terms of simpler and makes business You recently said that perience AR. Last year, you then its my responsibility to advancements are slower but
dia. That number is increas- option. I believe that if things cellular network, but the nimble. In India we are really augmented reality (AR) is saw the excitement created get retrained. I think we have the GPU advancements are
ing and so you will see more are fundamentally good, it speed at which that is chan- impressed with the leader- as big as the smartphone by Pokemon Go. It was a to come to different view of exponential. These advance-
iOS applications debut in In- will ultimately happen over ging is magnificent. So I see a ship, be it State or Centre, in terms of disruption. simplistic application of AR that. We ought to be able to ments allow things that are at
dia. I think with ARKit and time. It may take a while but lot of things moving in the they all want to do the right When you moved from but you can see the power of work together as companies the core of machine learn-
other things, it opens up a thats okay, we are patient. direction which gives me the thing. Mac to smartphones, mixing the physical and vir- and governments to help ing, which you could not
whole new vector. Entertain- Meanwhile, we do have confidence that India has an Apple disrupted the tual world. think through these disrup- have done a year ago. This
ment is another area with In- products like the iPhone SE exceptional future. How are you dealing with market. Can you give tions, predict these in ad- would allow you do even
dia being one of entertain- and iPhone 6 that caters to the localisation aspect insights into how much of The other big technology vance and take proactive more in the next 5 years.
ment capitals of the world. I the segment. When do we see Apple especially with making a shift will AR bring to that everyone is talking measures, instead of waiting This is a huge competitive ad-
see all of these vectors act as starting its own retail in iOS 11 more relevant for what you do? about is artificial until there is a problem. vantage for Apple because
catalysts. Add to this how Re- You recently said that India as that would Indian users? intelligence (AI). But there we have such an enormous
liance Jio has got their net- India is where China was a enhance consumer The difference is that the is a debate on this in Technology is changing deep expertise in silicon.
work up and running faster few years ago. You have experience several We are bringing Hindi to earlier shift was very fo- terms of the impact it will human social behaviour
than any other carrier in the invested in Chinas cab notches? dictation. We have brought cussed on products. What we have. While Elon Musk drastically. Not all of this You have placed bets on
history of the world. I see all hailing company Didi cricket to Siri. After going for are seeing happening now, has expressed major is good. For example, the autonomous cars,
these things and I get super Chuxing. As you expand We have had lots of posit- a cricket match, during my faster that what we thought, worries over AI, others art of conversation is healthcare and new
excited. We are looking at into India, will you also ive discussion on that front. I visit to India last year, I real- is that AR is literally impact- like Masayoshi Son of taking a back seat to technologies. Is this the
taking the next steps, includ- make investments in local do think we will have retail ised that this was something ing across all parts of life Softbank have predicted texting. Do you think end of Apple as we know
ing developing the channel businesses? stores in India eventually, we should have done from enterprise use case to that AI will surpass about it when developing it today and the
and expanding touch points. not tomorrow but over time. already. We are also local- gaming, learning, healthcare human IQ. How are you products? emergence of a
We are keen on going ahead I certainly would not rule it ising our keyboards within and so on. viewing this at Apple? completely new beast?
with our own retail so we are out but its unusual for us to Should Indian policy iOS. So we are trying to think Its a horizontal techno- We try to stand at the inter-
investigating that. We are go- invest. We invested in Didi makers be doing more to through every single way to logy as opposed to a vertical Many technologies can be section of technology and Apple at its core is about
ing to keep expanding. Chuxing because we were attract foreign make the user experience one. Theres nothing else used in bad ways. Techno- liberal arts. So for example in integrating hardware, soft-
very impressed with the investments in general? better for the Indian other than AR that will effect logy in itself is not bad or iOS 11, if you are in a car, it ware and services together to
The key thing though is company, with the manage- customer. that many parts over a life- good. Its the people who will shut off notifications create an experience that
that 95% of the Indian ment team. The things that attract time. We are still in the early design it decide whether its automatically. It will detect users love. So will Apples
ecosystem is on Android. We are intrigued with the businesses are rule of law, What is your take on days. But the promise is going to be put to good or you are on the move. You DNA change, the answer is
sharing economy, especially certainty of law, little or no Chinese phone brands there. bad use. You can see that have the option of circum- no but the product categor-
That means we have a transportation and accom- friction from an import and which have taken away While you will will see happen earlier also so this is venting it, but shutting off ies will change. Fortunately,
huge opportunity. But its modation, like Airbnb. We export point of view so that your market share in unique products in the AR not a new concept. notifications will be the de- the products that we are in
never been about volumes thought we could help them you can readily get things in China. In India, the same space, the biggest advantage While infusing technology fault option. We did this be- now are really very good and
for us. I definitely want in certain scenarios and they and ship things out. The abil- brands have wiped out is that this technology will be with humanity we are trying cause we find that some they have a long life and lots
more. With all the things we could help us in other areas. ity to set up business quickly the Indian brands. Can ready to use but AR on to make sure its used for people get distracted if they of growth. But you can bet
are doing, I am confident So there seem to be joint I dont mean cutting they come in the way of smartphones and tablets. It good and also trying to fore- receive a message, when that we will do more and
that growth will come. We benefits. So if something like corners on things like envir- your India ambitions? instantly has an audience of see some of the ways it can they should be driving. more things.

Video proof helps Congress invalidate votes of 2 rebels
Party cites 2016 RS election when one
vote was rejected on the same ground Rumblings in JD(U)
Devesh K. Pandey
Mahesh Langa
Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar
Prasad, Piyush Goyal,
over Gujarat RS polls
NEW DELHI/Ahmedabad Nirmala Sitharaman and
While invalidating the votes Dharmendra Pradhan met Party suspends its general secretary
Digvijaya urged Vaghela of two Congress MLAs in the the Election Commission
not to ditch Congress
Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls,
the Congress cited the June
seeking immediate counting
of votes.
Special Correspondent
2016 Haryana Rajya Sabha Refuting the Congress The elections to three seats
Ahead of the crucial voting
on Tuesday, Congress leader elections in which, it said, charges as baseless, the from Gujarat for the Rajya for Patel
Digvijaya Singh had made a the vote of one of its MLAs BJP said the validity of votes Sabha have led to a tumult
fervent appeal to former was rejected as the ballot pa- once put in the ballot within the Janata Dal (U), Press Trust of India
party leader Shankersinh per had been shown to unau- boxes could not be ques- with party president Nitish Gandhinagar
Vaghela over the Gujarat thorised persons. tioned. After the meeting, Kumar suspending general The lone JD(U) MLA in
Rajya Sabha polls, reminding On Tuesday, one after the Mr. Goyal told the media that secretary Arun Shrivastava Gujarat, Chhotu Vasava,
him not to forget what the other, delegations of both the Presiding Officers de- from his post after the latter said on Tuesday that he
grand old party has done for the parties made multiple cision was final. He said unilaterally appointed a voted for Congress
him over the past years. He visits to the Election Com- neither the Congress nor the Big battle: Congress leaders P. Chidambaram, R.P.N. Singh and Ashok Gehlot address the polling agent for the nominee Ahmed Patel in
further wrote that whatever mission, seeking to counter poll observers had raised media after meeting EC officials in New Delhi on Tuesday. SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR * elections. the Rajya Sabha polls, as
issue is their will be resolved each others claims. any objection, when the Mr. Shrivastava, said to be the ruling BJP had done
within the party and It went on all evening, votes were cast in the mission, as it was the only counting of votes. Soon after gislators asking them to for- close to senior Rajya Sabha little for the tribal people
requested Mr. Vaghela to not with both sides remaining morning. constitutional authority. He the delegation left, some BJP give him if he had ever hurt MP Sharad Yadav, is uncom- and the poor.
to ditch the Congress. ANI firm on their respective Mr. Goyal said the validity said video of the election leaders again returned fol- anyone when the MLAs were fortable with the return of Mr. Vasava represents
positions. of votes could not be ques- process should be reviewed lowing reports that yet an- being taken to the polling the JD(U) to the NDA fold. the Scheduled Tribe-
Congress to act against Congress leaders Randeep tioned now, demanding de- and the votes rejected, as the other Congress delegation station in a bus from a The appointment of a reserved Jhagadia Assembly
MLAs who cross-voted Singh Surjewala and R.P.N. claration of results after the ballot papers had been was to reach the EC office. resort. polling agent by Mr. seat in Bharuch district in
GANDHINAGAR Singh first approached the counting of votes. Mr. Prasad shown to unauthorised per- The BJP too alleged that the Interestingly, the most flip Shrivastava, according to a Gujarat. The MLA said,
The Congress on Tuesday said Commission and demanded said the Congress was afraid sons. He cited the preced- Congress was trying to build flops and claims and counter letter issued by party The BJP has ruled the State
party legislators who cross- that the votes be invalidated of losing the election. ent of June 11, 2016, during pressure on the claims came from JD(U) legis- spokesperson and secretary for 22 years but has ignored
voted in the Rajya Sabha for violation of Rule 39 of the Then, a more high-profile the Haryana Rajya Sabha Commission. lator and seasoned tribal general, K.C. Tyagi, was the tribal areas.
elections in Gujarat will be Conduct of Election Rules delegation of the Congress, polls. As per rule, the ballot Indeed, another Congress leader Chhotu Vasava, who deemed a serious break in
suspended with immediate and the ECs circular on se- comprising Ghulam Nabi paper has to be shown only delegation visited the EC for he has voted for remained party discipline and led to
effect, party general curity of ballots. Azad, P. Chidambaram, to the polling agent of the submitting more documents. suspense till the end. On his suspension. a polling agent. You had
secretary Ashok Gehlot said Videograph of the entire Anand Sharma, Randeep party to which the MLA be- However, the EC clarified Tuesday morning, Mr Vasava According to the letter not been authorised to do so
here on Tuesday. process is available with the Singh Surjewala and R.P.N. longs. The Congress alleged that it met only two delega- travelled with Congress lead- written by Mr. Tyagi, Mr. by the party president. The
Apart from former Chief Returning Officer and he Singh, met the Election Com- that BJP leaders, who were tions of each of the parties. ers from Anand to Gandhin- Shrivastava had conceded to above act not only amounts
Minister Shankersinh Vaghela may be immediately directed mission again. Union Ministers, were seek- agar but at the polling sta- him, in a private conversa- to anti-party activity and
who has left the Congress, to follow the law in letter and Mr. Chidambaram later ing to put pressure. Appeal by Patel tion, he was escorted by two tion, that he had written a breach of discipline but also
five of his supporters in the spirit, said the party. told the media that the ulti- In response, another BJP Earlier in the day Congress BJP leaders, who sub- letter to the Returning Of- treachery, Mr. Tyagi wrote
Congress cross-voted for the Soon thereafter, a BJP del- mate decision had to be delegation met the Election stalwart Ahmed Patel re- sequently claimed that ficer appointed for the polls in the letter addressed to
BJP candidates. IANS egation of Union Ministers taken by the Election Com- Commission and sought the portedly cried before the le- Vasava voted for BJP. that he would be appointing Mr. Shrivastava.




Up to 100 feared dead in China quake Nawaz Sharifs
It struck a mountainous region 284 km north of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province
wife or daughter
Agence France-Presse
we just all ran outside right Some houses at the scenic
may contest polls
away. spot collapsed following the
A 6.5-magnitude earthquake Electricity was cut off quake and authorities were Ex-PM will take a decision shortly
rattled southwest China late briefly, but was then re- organising young people to
on Tuesday, killing at least stored, she said. help evacuate residents, a Press Trust of India

PML-N told
Jacob Zuma survives five people, with up to 100 The quake occurred staff worker at the park told
no-confidence vote feared dead, according to a around 9.20 p.m. (6.50 p.m. Xinhua. Pakistans ruling party may
South African President
government estimate.
Five people died and
IST), not far from the site of a
massive 8-magnitude earth-
Photos from the area pos-
ted to social media showed
field ousted premier Nawaz
Sharif s wife Kulsoom or his to pick
Jacob Zuma on Tuesday
survived a parliamentary vote
more than 60 were injured
in the quake, the official Xin-
quake that struck in 2008
leaving 87,000 people dead
masses of people milling
about on streets scattered
daughter Maryam from the
seat that fell vacant after he new chief
of no confidence as ruling hua news agency said, in- or missing. with light debris, and a taxi was disqualified from hold-
ANC lawmakers stuck by him cluding 30 who were in crit- dented from being hit by a ing office, a senior party Press Trust of India
despite divisions and criticism ical condition. Quakes epicentre large boulder. Over 600 fire leader said on Tuesday. Islamabad
of his rule. The motion fell But Chinas National Com- Its epicentre was 284 km officers and soldiers have Mr. Sharif stepped down Pakistans Election
short of the 201 votes it mission for Disaster Reduc- north of the provincial cap- been deployed, the Peoples on July 28 after the Supreme Commission on
required to succeed. AFP tion estimated that as many Natures fury: Fallen trees block a road after an earthquake in ital Chengdu and struck at a Daily newspaper said. Court disqualified him for Tuesday issued a
as 100 people may have per- Jiuzhaigou county in Chinas Sichuan province. REUTERS * depth of 10 km, the U.S. Geo- The Red Cross Society of not disclosing his assets. notice to the ruling
Venezuela government ished, based on 2010 census logical Survey said. China said it was deploying After the verdict, Mr. Sharif Pakistan Muslim
using excessive force: UN data of the mountainous, Sesheng fled her establish- out of their homes to sit out The affected region, Ji- emergency specialists. The ceased to be a member of League-Nawaz (PML-N)
GENEVA sparsely populated region. ment in Jiuzhaigou town in the town's large public uzhaigou county, includes quake hit at night, commu- Parliament. asking it to appoint a
Venezuelan security forces Over 1,30,000 houses after she felt the earth mov- square, far from any tall one of the countrys most nications lines and electri- Initially, the ruling new leader to replace
have wielded excessive force may be damaged, it added in ing under her. I was also in structures, afraid to go back famous national parks, a UN- city are disrupted and Pakistan Muslim League former Prime Minister
to suppress protests, killing a statement posted on its Jiuzhaigou in 2008 during inside for fear that buildings ESCO World Heritage Site people are no doubt shocked Nawaz (PML N) had de- Nawaz Sharif as its
dozens, and have arbitrarily website, based on a prelim- the last big quake, so I knew might topple. known for karst formations and scared, said Gwendolyn cided that the former Prime chief. Mr. Sharif
detained 5,000 people since inary analysis of the disaster what it was. This felt even Many were also sitting in and lakes. More than 38,000 Pang, a spokesperson with Ministers younger brother resigned last month
April, including 1,000 still in in a remote region of stronger, she told AFP by cars, thinking it safer. people visited the tourist site the International Federation Shehbaz Sharif would con- after the Supreme
custody, the UN human rights Sichuan province. phone. People didnt dare grab any- on Tuesday, according to the of Red Cross and Red Cres- test election from NA120 in Court disqualified him.
office said on Tuesday. It Restaurant owner Tang She said people had come thing like money or clothes official Xinhua news agency. cent Societies in China. Lahore, vacated by Mr. He, however,
called on the government to Sharif, so that he could be continued as the
rein in security forces. REUTERS appointed as Prime Minis- president of PML-N.
The Election

North Korea has produced Rouhani presents

ter. But now it has been de-
Landslip kills 23 cided to let him continue as Commission of
in China village Chief Minister of Punjab to Pakistan (ECP) through

miniaturised nuke warhead men-only Cabinet

BEIJING complete different develop- the notice told the
A rain-triggered landslip hit a mental schemes. PML-N that Mr. Sharif
village in southwest China on The PMLN leader, on could not lead the
Tuesday, killing 23 people and condition of anonymity, party after
leaving two others missing, Reformists criticise Presidents move said that the party has a lot disqualification under
authorities said. Rescuers WaPo quotes analysis by defence intelligence agents of respect for Ms. Kulsoom the Political Parties
were able to pull one person Agence France-Presse men's affairs, told the as she is the symbol of cour- Order 2002. The ECP
out from the rubble in Gengdi Agence France-Presse were verified by two U.S. of- that another intelligence as- Tehran Etamad daily. age for many party mem- also referred to the
Washington Constitution of the
village in Sichuan province, ficials familiar with the sessment estimated that Iranian President Hassan Many on social media bers who remember the
and four others had minor North Korea has produced a analysis. North Korea now has up to Rouhani put forward a new said Mr. Rouhani, a 68-year- time when she led the party PML-N, which
injuries, the provincial nuclear warhead small The Pentagon did not im- 60 nuclear weapons, more Cabinet line-up on Tuesday old moderate cleric who after Mr. Sharif was im- mandates that the
government said. AP enough to fit inside its mis- mediately respond to a re- than previously thought. that was immediately criti- whipped up reformist sup- prisoned by former military party would appoint
siles, The Washington Post re- quest for comment. North Korea has alarmed cised by reformists for its port to secure re-election in dictator Pervez Musharraf its new chief within
Iraqi militia says 40 ported on Tuesday, a major It was not known if North the international com- lack of women or young May, was failing to keep his following the 1999 coup. one week. It asked the
fighters killed in Syria development sure to further Korea has successfully tested munity by the pace and pro- people. campaign promises of Begum sahiba PML-N to elect a new
BAGHDAD inflame tensions. the smaller warhead design, gress of its missile develop- The ministerial line-up, greater diversity. (Kulsoom) is the natural president and inform
The Kattaib Sayeed al- The Post cited parts of an the daily said, though North ment program, and in July which must still be ap- The peoples message in choice to contest the polls the commission.
Shuhadaa a powerful Iraqi analysis conducted by the Korea last year claimed to leader Kim Jong-un conduc- proved by Parliament, also the last two elections has on the seat vacated by
Shia militia said on Tuesday Defence Intelligence Agency have done so. ted two tests of an Intercon- lacked minorities and actu- had little reflection in the Nawaz Sharif, he said.
that at least 40 of its fighters that says the intelligence tinental Ballistic Missile ally increased the average proposed Cabinet, tweeted Maryam Nawaz is the The PMLNs main rival
were killed in an attack the community thinks North Big advance the first time he had demon- age compared to Mr. Rouh- Mohammad Karroubi, son second choice and would be Pakistan TehreekeInsaf
previous day on its positions Korea has nuclear weapons The progress means North strated its capability. anis first term. of jailed Opposition leader acceptable to the party as has already announced the
across the border in Syria. The for ballistic missile delivery Korea is further along the The first of these trials, The lack of women min- Mehdi Karroubi. How can her father was grooming her name of Yasmin Rashid for
militia blamed the U.S.-led including in intercontin- path to having a deployable which Kim described as a isters shows we are treading you speak of equality of the for a role in politics. the seat.
coalition for the assault but ental ballistic missiles. nuclear missile than has pre- gift to American bastards, water, Shahindokht Mow- entire nation and ignore wo- He said that the final de- Mr. Sharif had defeated
the IS claimed its fighters had The Post said the assess- viously been acknowledged. showed the rocket had the laverdi, Mr. Rouhanis out- men and religious cision would be taken by Mr. Ms. Rashid with a huge mar-
targeted the militiamen. AP ments broad conclusions The Post also reported potential range to hit Alaska. going Vice-President for wo- minorities? Sharif in the coming days. gin in 2013.

Macron to backpedal on 14 Islamists

jailed over
creating First Lady status 2005 blasts
Agence France-Presse The presidency will cla- Agence France-Presse
Paris rify Ms. Macron's position in Dhaka
French President Emmanuel the coming days, a source A Bangladeshi court on
Macron is preparing to back- told AFP late on Monday, Tuesday jailed 14 Islamist
pedal on the issue of creat- adding that there were extremists for their roles in
ing an official First Lady pos- would be no change to the a deadly series of coordin-
ition for his wife in the face Constitution to create a First ated bomb attacks in 2005.
of attacks from left-wing op- Lady position. Instead, the At least two people were
ponents and a petition presidency will make clear killed and hundreds
against the move, officials the resources at Ms. Mac- wounded in the blasts or-
and reports said. rons disposal and the cost to chestrated by the Jamaat-
The newly-elected 39- the public purse. ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh
year-old President had The idea is for the ( JMB), an outlawed Islamist
promised in March on the French people to know how group also blamed by au-
campaign trail to create a much this role costs, said thorities for last years
real status for his wife Bri- The Macrons. *
FILE PHOTO Aurore Berge, a senior law- deadly attack on a Dhaka
gitte, who is his former maker from Mr. Macrons cafe. The court in the cent-
schoolteacher. role garnered around party. The new status would ral district of Tangail sen-
The issue has become a 2,70,000 signatures and an have seen France copy the tenced all 14 accused to 20
new political headache for opinion poll showed a ma- American tradition of a years in jail, although only
Mr. Macron after an online jority of French people were prominent public role for 10 were present, the court
petition against creating the also opposed. the First Lady. inspector told AFP.

U.S. government report warns of

drastic impact of climate change
Scientists say they fear Trump administration may change or suppress findings
Lisa Friedman projected actual rise, scient-
ists say, will be as much as 2
The average temperature in degrees Celsius. A small dif-
the United States has risen ference in global temperat-
rapidly and drastically since ures can make a big differ-
1980, and recent decades ence in the climate: the
have been the warmest of difference between a rise in
the past 1,500 years, accord- global temperatures of 1.5
ing to a sweeping federal cli- degrees Celsius and one of 2
mate change report awaiting degrees Celsius, for ex-
approval by the Trump ample, could mean longer
administration. heat waves, more intense
The draft report by scient- rainstorms and the faster
ists from 13 federal agencies, disintegration of coral reefs.
which has not yet been made Among the more signific-
public, concludes that Amer- Dire predictions: The coal-fired Plant Scherer in Georgia, which ant of the studys findings is
icans are feeling the effects is one of the top carbon dioxide emitters in the U.S. AP * that it is possible to attribute
of climate change right now. some extreme weather to cli-
It directly contradicts claims ducted by tens of thousands tional Academy of Sciences mate change.
by President Donald Trump of scientists, have docu- has signed off on the draft re- The field known as attri-
and members of his Cabinet mented climate changes on port, and the authors are bution science has ad-
who say that the human con- land and in the air. Many awaiting permission from vanced rapidly in response
tribution to climate change is lines of evidence demon- the Trump administration to to increasing risks from cli-
uncertain, and that the abil- strate that human activities, release it. mate change.
ity to predict the effects is especially emissions of Scientists say they fear the
limited. greenhouse (heat-trapping) Rise in temperature Trump administration could
Evidence for a changing gases, are primarily respons- The report concludes that change or suppress the re-
climate abounds, from the ible for recent observed cli- even if humans immediately port. But those who chal-
top of the atmosphere to the mate change, they wrote. stopped emitting green- lenge scientific data on hu-
depths of the oceans, a The report was completed house gases into the atmo- man-caused climate change
draft of the report states. A this year and is a special sci- sphere, the world would still say they are equally worried
copy of it was obtained by ence section of the National feel at least an additional that the draft report, as well
The New York Times. Climate Assessment, which 0.30 degrees Celsius of as the larger National Cli-
The authors note that is congressionally mandated warming over this century mate Assessment, will be
thousands of studies, con- every four years. The Na- compared with today. The publicly released. NYT



market watch
Sensex dddddddddddddddddddddd 32,014 ddddddddddddd -0.80
US Dollar dddddddddddddddddddd 63.63 ddddddddddddddd0.26
Shell firm diktat jolts market Bajaj to make Triumph
motorcycles in India
Gold ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 29,350 ddddddddddddd -0.23
Brent oil ddddddddddddddddddddd 52.14 ddddddddddddddd0.92 Sensex drops 0.8% after bourses suspend trading in more than 300 companies
SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT panys compliance track re-
The sudden suspension in
cord both with the ex-
changes and Registrar of
Range of sub-800 cc bikes to be sold locally, exported
ACC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1812.15. . . . . . . . -5.20
Adani Ports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 414.80. . . . . . . . . 0.55
trading in more than 300 Companies has been impec- Lalatendu Mishra
Ambuja Cements. . . .. . . . . . 274.15. . . . . . . . -5.35 shell companies on a dir- cable, it said in a statement. MUMBAI
Asian Paints. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1147.35. . . . . . . . -2.30 ection issued by the Securit- We are seeking legal advice Triumph Motorcycles of the
Aurobindo Pharma . . . . . . 726.30. . . . . . . . . 1.85 ies and Exchange Board of in the matter and we are ap-
Axis Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 499.45. . . . . . . . -6.35
U.K. and Bajaj Auto have
Bajaj Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2911.60. . . . . . . 22.35 India (SEBI) took the market proaching the regulator SEBI entered into a partnership
Bank of Baroda . . . . . .. . . . . . 156.55. . . . . . . . -3.50 by surprise on Tuesday with requesting it to recall its dir- for the manufacture of Tri-
Bharti Airtel . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 417.80. . . . . . . . . 0.35 the mid-cap and small-cap ection qua us. We shall co- umph-branded motorcycles
Bosch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24189.40. . . -164.45
BPCL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505.05. . . . . . -22.65
segments bearing the max- operate with all the authorit- in India for the global
Cipla . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 578.60. . . . . . . 12.10 imum brunt. ies for any verification. market.
Coal India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 245.05. . . . . . . . -6.45 While the benchmark Corporate law experts The partnership aims to
Dr Reddys Lab . . . . . . . .. . . . 2095.65. . . -111.30 Sensex fell 0.80%, or 259.48 said the sudden action by deliver a range of mid capa-
Eicher Motors. . . . . . . . .. 32120.85. . . . . 151.00
GAIL (India). . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 386.75. . . . . . . . . 5.15
points, to close at 32,014.19, the regulator could lead to city motorcycles out of In-
HCL Tech. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 882.00. . . . . . . . -4.00 the BSE SmallCap index slid Shell shocked: Mid-cap and small-cap stocks bore the brunt significant erosion in percep- dia, said a top official.
HDFC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1719.90. . . . . . . . -5.50 1.27%, or 205.17 points. The of losses in the wake of the regulators missive. REUTERS
* tion and valuation of the We will be jointly devel-
HDFC Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1777.90. . . . . . -10.65
BSE MidCap index also lost firms that had been listed. oping new products in the
Hero MotoCorp . . . . . .. . . . 3913.40. . . . . . -39.30
Hindalco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 234.90. . . . . . . . . 7.25 1.2%, or 187.12 points. and any upward price move- SEBI itself to take corrective SEBI order has taken in- mid-range here, said S. Distant horizons: To begin with, the ASEAN and African
Hind Unilever . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1191.00. . . . . . . . . 4.70 ment is not permitted bey- action or operating compan- dustry and investors by sur- Ravikumar, President (Busi- markets are targets for export of the new range of bikes.
Indiabulls HFL . . . . . . . .. . . . 1195.80. . . . . . . . -3.70 Under surveillance ond the last traded price. ies to challenge it on differ- prise, said Rajesh Narain ness Development & Assur-
ICICI Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 295.50. . . . . . . . -4.65
IndusInd Bank . . . . . . . .. . . . 1638.65. . . . . . -11.85
A circular issued by the stock Also, an additional surveil- ent grounds... Companies Gupta, Managing Partner, ance), Bajaj Auto. The mo- ment, Triumph-branded in the 400cc-800cc
Bharti Infratel . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 383.60. . . . . . -14.25 exchanges on Monday said lance deposit of 200% of the could approach SEBI, stock SNG & Partners. Devil lies torcycles will be sold in motorcycles will be made at segment.
Infosys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 963.85. . . . . . . . -4.40 that the capital markets reg- trade value is collected from exchanges, SAT (Securities in the details so we need to India and in other export Bajaj Autos plant at Chakan, There is growing de-
Indian OilCorp . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 413.25. . . . . . -17.95 ulator based on a letter the buyers that is retained Appellate Tribunal) or the deep dive on this order. It is
ITC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 274.15. . . . . . . . -5.70
markets, he added. The alli- near Pune. The partners will mand for leisure bikes in In-
Kotak Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 987.70. . . . . . -10.20 from the Ministry of Corpor- with the exchanges for a high courts for relief, he not clear whether show ance does not involve equity develop a new range of mo- dia and this tie-up... is a step
L&T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1171.20. . . . . . . . -8.75 ate Affairs (MCA) had iden- period of five months. said, adding that penal ac- cause or appropriate notice infusion, it is learnt. torcycles in the sub-800 cc towards addressing that
Lupin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 974.50. . . . . . -10.55 tified 331 shell companies Sandeep Parekh, tion had been taken even be- was given to these compan- capacity. To begin with, the need. The idea is to combine
M&M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1400.00. . . . . . . . -0.75
Maurti Suzuki . . . . . . . . .. . . . 7755.90. . . . . . -82.75
and that exchanges needed Founder, Finsec Law Ad- fore the most basic fact find- ies to justify whether these Development begins ASEAN and African markets Triumphs global brand im-
NTPC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171.15. . . . . . . . -3.30 to place the listed entities visors said the concept of ing had been done. are actually shell companies Product development has are the targets, it is learnt. age and Bajajs low-cost
ONGC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 164.00. . . . . . . . -1.90 under Stage VI of the Graded shell company in itself could J Kumar Infraprojects, a or not. already started and time of Shrikant Akolkar, re- manufacturing prowess. Tri-
PowerGrid Corp . . . . .. . . . . . 222.90. . . . . . . . -3.05 Surveillance Measure (GSM) not be used to penalise entit- company in the list, said in a SEBI advised the ex-
Reliance Ind . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1602.55. . . . . . -13.80
product introduction will be search analyst, Automo- umph bikes globally start
State Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303.65. . . . . . . . -7.55 with immediate effect. ies in the absence of any filing that it was not a shell changes to appoint an inde- announced at a later stage, biles, Angel Broking said the from 675 cc and this tie-up
Sun Pharma . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 500.35. . . . . . . . -5.20 Under the GSM frame- other violation of laws, regu- company and had a work or- pendent auditor to audit he added. partnership would leverage will give them an opportun-
Tata Motors . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 430.00. . . . . . . . . 0.00 work, trading in such firms is lations or circulars. der book of 9,334.81 crore such listed firms and if need According to people fa- on Bajajs low-cost expertise ity to scale down the capa-
Tata Motors DVR. . . .. . . . . . 248.45. . . . . . . . -1.90
Tata Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78.25. . . . . . . . -1.75
allowed only once a month One can expect either as on March 31. Our com- be conduct a forensic audit. miliar with the develop- to create a value proposition city curve, he added.
Tata Steel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 616.45. . . . . . . 16.40
TCS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2503.05. . . . . . . . -0.40

House panel raises concerns over

Tech Mahindra . . . . . . .. . . . . . 398.25. . . . . . . . -8.10
UltraTech Cement . .. . . . 4056.70. . . . . . . . . 6.75
Vedanta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297.70. . . . . . . 10.00 BHELs failure to Bharti Airtel
Wipro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 287.40. . . . . . . . -0.35
sells 3.65%
YES Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1763.55. . . . . . -36.30
diversify hit revenue
employee future in AI, Pawan Hans
Zee Entertainment . . . . . . 539.95. . . . . . . . -0.70

in tower arm
EXCHANGE RATES Plan targets not met till FY16, says CAG Press Trust of India
Indicative direct rates in rupees a unit
except yen at 4 p.m. on August 08 Members of Parliament flag job security issues as disinvestment process rolls out New Delhi


Special Correspondent that BHEL could not imple- Bharti Airtel on Tuesday
US Dollar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 63.43. . . . . . . 63.75
NEW DELHI ment strategic approaches Special Correspondent 2017. It has been reporting said it had sold 6.75 crore
Euro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 74.91. . . . . . . 75.29 Bharat Heavy Electricals envisaged in Strategic Plan NEW DELHI continuous losses due to its shares, about 3.65% stake,
British Pound . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 82.62. . . . . . . 83.05 Limiteds (BHEL) failure to 2012-17 in potential growth The Parliamentary Standing high debt with its net loss at in its tower firm Bharti In-
Japanese Yen (100) . .. . 57.50. . . . . . . 57.79
effectively diversify its busi- areas, viz., transportation, Committee on Transport, 3,728 crore in 2016-17 com- fratel for 2,570 crore.
Chinese Yuan . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 9.47. . . . . . . . . 9.51
Swiss Franc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 65.27. . . . . . . 65.60 ness portfolio has meant transmission and industrial Tourism and Culture sought pared with 3,836 crore in The company sold part
Singapore Dollar . . . . . . .. . 46.62. . . . . . . 46.86 that the sharp slowdown in products, the report said. details from the Centre on 2015-16. of Bharti Infratel equity
Canadian Dollar . . . . . . . . .. . 50.05. . . . . . . 50.30 the power sector has im- BHEL did not set year- the disinvestment of Air In- The Cabinet Committee held through its wholly-
Malaysian Ringitt . . . . . .. . 14.80. . . . . . . 14.89
pacted the companys wise milestones for imple- dia and Pawan Hans, flag- on Economic Affairs, chaired owned subsidiary Nettle In-
Source:Indian Bank
turnover, which declined mentation of the envisaged ging concerns over the em- by Prime Minister Narendra frastructure Investments
from 49,510 crore in 2011-12 strategies, the report ad- ployees future in both the Modi, on June 28 gave its in- Ltd. through a secondary
to 26,587 crore in 2015-16, ded. BHEL could not public sector units. principle approval for the share sale in the stock mar-
BULLION RATES CHENNAI according to a Comptroller achieve any of the strategic The meeting, chaired by strategic disinvestment of ket, both at the BSE and
August 08 rates in rupees with previ- and Auditor General report plan targets till 2015-16; Trinamool Congress MP Air India and its subsidiaries. the NSE.
ous rates in parentheses tabled in Parliament on shortfall ranging between Mukul Roy, was attended by A group of Ministers led by The sale was for a total
Retail Silver (1g) . . . . . . . . . . . 40.00. . . . . (39.90) Tuesday. 23.33% and 113.91% against Civil Aviation Secretary R.N. Keeping promises: All commitments made by Air India will be Finance Minister Arun Jaitley consideration of over
22 ct gold (1 g) . .. . . . . . . . . . . 2,717. . . . . (2,711)
specific goals. Choubey, Air India chairman honoured, Minister of State for Aviation Jayant Sinha had said. will take a call on various is- 2,570 crore and was ex-
Profit turns to loss The CAG report also high- and managing director sues, such as the treatment ecuted at a price of 380.6
The companys profit of lighted the fact that the (CMD) Ashwani Lohani and job security of the workers Air India has undertaken of unsustainable debt of Air per share, representing a
7,040 crore in 2011-12 was value of the governments Pawan Hans CMD B.P. will be kept in mind during right now will be fully hon- India, hiving off of certain as-
PVR exits converted into a loss of 913 stake in BHEL suffered be- Sharma, along with officials the disinvestment process of oured. It pertains to passen- sets to shell company, de-
discount of 4% to the previ-
ous days closing price,
crore in 2015-16, the report cause the overall market of Department of Investment both the companies and that gers, employees, financial in- merger and strategic disin- Bharti Airtel said in a
bowling added. value of the company has and Public Asset Manage- the modalities of the stake stitutions and all other vestment of three statement.
When questioned about plummeted in recent years. ment (DIPAM) in the Finance sale are being worked out at stakeholders, Mr. Sinha said profit-making subsidiaries, Bharti Airtel will use the
business this, the Ministry of Heavy ... the market value of Ministry. present. in a press conference. Air In- quantum of disinvestment amount realised from the
Industries and Public Enter- Government of India hold- Minister of State for Civil dia had 21,313 employees, in- and the universe of bidders. transaction to lower its
Special Correspondent prises in May 2017 said that ing in BHEL also decreased Work in progress Aviation Jayant Sinha had cluding pilots and mainten- Last year, the government debt. The consolidated net
MUMBAI several attempts were by 38,092.50 crore. The Members of Parliament said in June that the commit- ance and overhaul had decided to sell its entire debt had decreased to
Multiplex major PVR Ltd. made to diversify the com- The CAG pointed out raised concerns over job se- ment towards Air Indias em- personnel, as at March 2015. 51% stake in Pawan Hans Ltd 87,840 crore at the end of
has entered into definitive panys product offerings that, even as BHEL had curity of the workers in both ployees will be duly hon- The panel also flagged the (PHL), in which ONGC holds June 2017, from 91,400
agreements with Smaaash and these efforts were still failed to diversify its busi- the PSUs, sources said. oured during the issue of the huge debt of Air the rest. The Cabinet ap- crore in the previous
Entertainment to sell its on. ness, it was losing market Senior civil aviation ministry disinvestment process. We India. The national carrier proval for deciding upon the quarter. Bharti Airtels
stake in bluO entertain- The reply, however, is to share in its core areas as officials told the Parliament- are very clear that all com- has accumulated total debt modalities of its stake sale stake in Bharti Infratel now
ment, a bowling and enter- be viewed against the fact well. ary panel members that the mitments and contracts that of 48,876 crore till March will soon be sought. stands at about 58%.
tainment entity for 86
crore. The board has ap-

Logistics Data Bank project

proved the stake sale, PVR
informed the stock ex-
changes on Tuesday.
bluO is a 51:49 joint ven-
ture between PVR and Ma-
jor Cineplex Group of Thai-
land. The acquisition
to expand to South India
marks the doubling of area
under Smaaash manage- Special Purpose Vehicle begins talks with southern ports
ment from 2.76 lakh square
feet to approximately 6 ARUN S
lakh sq. ft. in India. New Delhi
The acquisition also The Logistics Data Bank
adds six centres across five (LDB) project, unveiled in
cities to Smaaashs existing July 2016 to make Indias lo-
seven centres in India and gistics sector more efficient
one in Minneapolis, U.S. through the use of Informa-
The acquired centres will tion Technology, will soon
operate under Smaaash expand operations to the
branding and two more countrys southern region.
centres are expected to So far, it had covered only
open shortly. the western logistics
The facility where every
container is attached to a
JSPL Q1 loss Radio Frequency Identifica-
tion Tag (RFID) tag and then Electronic eye: The facility, by which every container is tracked
narrows to tracked through RFID read- using RFID tags, aids importers and exporters.
ers aids importers and ex-
420.4 crore porters in tracking their Development Corporation containers (1.87 million im-
goods in transit. This has, in Logistics Data Services Ltd. port containers and 2.01 mil-
Press Trust of India turn, cut the overall lead (DLDSL) that is jointly lion export containers) have
New Delhi time of container movement (50:50) owned by the Delhi been tagged and de-tagged
Jindal Steel and Power Ltd as well as reduced transac- Mumbai Industrial Corridor under the project until now.
( JSPL) on Tuesday repor- tion costs that consignees (DMIC) Trust and Japanese Official sources said talks
ted narrowing of its consol- and shippers incur. It is IT services major NEC have begun with ports in
idated loss to 420.4 crore billed as a major ease of do- Corporation. south India for further ex-
for the quarter ended on ing business initiative On July 1, 2016, the LDB pansion of the project.
June 30, 2017. aimed at boosting Indias project was launched at the Initial discussions on the
The Naveen Jindal-led foreign trade and ensuring Jawaharlal Nehru Port, LDB project were held in
company had reported a greater transparency. Mumbai. From May this May 2012. Talks were held
consolidated loss of 1,238 The project covers the year, its operations expan- on a regulatory framework
crore for the correspond- entire movement (of con- ded to the container termin- from the Directorate Gen-
ing quarter of the previous tainers) through rail or road als at Adani Port Special eral of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
fiscal. till the Inland Container De- Economic Zone, Mundra to ensure that all logistics
The consolidated total pot and Container Freight and Adani Hazira Port players share data to make
income increased to Station, the shipping min- both in Gujarat. the project viable.
6,126.6 crore in the period istry had said, adding that Later on, meetings were
April-June 2017 from the service integrates in- 3.88 mn containers held between the DGFT, the
5,124.7 crore in the year- formation available with the So far, in all, the DLDSL shipping ministry and other
earlier quarter, according agencies across the supply provides container tracking stakeholders including the
to a regulatory filing by chain to provide detailed, services to around 70% of Tariff Authority for Major
JSPL. real-time information within the container traffic in In- Ports regarding the regulat-
Shares of the company a single window. dia. The services include ory framework on Mandat-
fell 2.55% to close at The LDB is being imple- providing users the average ory User Charges (MUC) as
139.70 apiece on the BSE, mented through a Special delivery time as well as noti- well. In November 2014,
compared with the previ- Purpose Vehicle called Delhi fications through SMS and TAMP passed an order for
ous close. Mumbai Industrial Corridor email. About 3.88 million levy of MUC for the project.




Start-up funding may Amazon to help Titan reach U.S.
come under SEBI lens Indian watchmaker chooses non-traditional way to access a new market
Special Correspondent
Kant, CEO, Watches and Ac-
cessories, Titan Company.
Regulator keen to oversee such deals, ensure transparency Amazon, the worlds biggest When we were looking at
online retailer, said it was the U.S., we said lets look at
ASHISH RUKHAIYAR helping Indias watch-to-jew- a new strategy of entering
ellery maker Titan Company this market as opposed to
Wipro, Excelfore to offer The Securities and Exchange to foray into online selling in the traditional way, he said.
smart vehicle solutions Board of India (SEBI) is con- the United States through its Titans products in the U.S.
BENGALURU cerned with the manner in Global Selling Programme. would be available in a price
Wipro and Silicon Valley- which start-ups are being The partnership would range from $30 to $300.
based Excelfore announced a funded through unregulated enable Titan to take its range Amazon has already taken
partnership Tuesday to offer entities and is examining the of watches to global custom- brands such as Amul, Fa-
secure connectivity solutions manner in which alternative ers on in the bindia, Chandrika and Him-
for smart and autonomous fund-raising platforms and U.S. and eventually across alaya to international mar-
vehicles. The solutions are crowd-funding ventures can other Amazon marketplaces, Striking it right: S. Ravi Kant of Titan, right, and Amazon Indias kets such as the U.S. through
meant for original equipment be regulated to bring in according to the e-tailer. Gopal Pillai in Bengaluru on Tuesday. SOMASHEKAR G R N* the Global Selling Pro-
manufacturers and tier-I transparency and regulatory gramme it unveiled two
equipment makers, according oversight in such deals. Long-term prospects focused brands such as Fas- across 30 countries, said the years ago.
to a filing. The partnership The regulator has re- My first watch many years track and Raga, also marked company had used the tradi- We are very happy with
combines Excelfores smart cently formed a panel under ago was a Titan and I still rel- its entry into the wearable tional method of buying, and the response we are getting
mobility network solutions T.V. Mohandas Pai, former ish those moments, said Go- technology space last year set up stores and identified not only from NRI customers
with Wipros systems CFO of Infosys , to look into Investor protection: Currently, shares issued to more than pal Pillai, director and gen- by introducing Juxt, a local partners to tap these but also the customers who
integration and managed this issue and advise on en- 200 persons constitutes a public issue. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK
* eral manager, Seller smartwatch. markets. Now, however, in are [originally] from those
services expertise. suring that market disrup- Services, Amazon India. each of these markets where locations, said Mr. Pillai.
tion does not come at the that any violation would be framework to ensure clear- This deal is a long-term suc- E-commerce focus Titan has been present for The global watch market
Commerce Ministry cost of investor protection construed as organising an ing and settlement and audit cessful partnership for both Titan, which has more than more than 20 years, e-com- is expected to surpass $90
begins DGS&D shutdown and market integrity. unrecognised stock ex- trail of transactions, said the companies. 200 million customers and merce was emerging as a fast billion by 2019, according to
NEW DELHI Incidentally, SEBI chair- change and that SEBI Sumit Agrawal, partner, Titan, which has segment- 7,000 retail stores spread growing channel, said S. Ravi research firm Technavio.
The Commerce Ministry has man Ajay Tyagi had recently would be constrained to Suvan Law Advisors and a
started the process of met an industry delegation initiate action. former SEBI law officer.
shutting down the more than
100-year-old government
to discuss the matter as the
regulator was concerned
There are many entities
such as Grex, Venture Cata-
A SEBI press release is-
sued last year looks at all EarlySalary Mcleod Russel Q1 loss narrows
procurement arm, the
Directorate General of
with the increasing number
of such entities in the mar-
lysts, Indian Angel Network,
LetsVenture, Traxn and
such innovations with a sus-
picious eye. Globally there allies with
Supplies and Disposals, a ket with even recognised TermSheet that help start- are no uniform standards for Increased production from own sources boosts margins
senior official said. Public stock exchanges raising a ups connect with investors. registrations while at most Amazon
procurement is being red flag over the mushroom- It could not be immediately places such platforms are Special Correspondent
managed by the ministrys KOLKATA
ing of such ventures. ascertained whether all regulated trading venues, N. Anand
e-market platform since last these entities have received which serve as an alternative CHENNAI Mcleod Russel India Ltd. has
year. Before closing, the Crowd-funding the SEBI notice. to trading at a public ex- Pune-based credit start-up narrowed its loss in the first
ministry has to decide upon The Committee on Financial Under the current legal change, he added. EarlySalary has signed an quarter to 1.7 crore, from
issues to do with manpower, and Regulatory Technolo- framework, issue of shares The start-up ecosystem exclusive pact with 17.3 crore a year earlier.
land and office spaces of the gies will, among other to more than 200 persons has gained significance espe- Amazon to enable salaried The company said that
directorate. PTI things, deliberate on finan- constitutes a public issue cially after the government's employees to shop and pay this was mainly attributable
cial technology solutions for and needs SEBI approval. Make in India initiative and later at no extra charge, to the increased production
DCGI nod for Mylans further widening and deep- Earlier, the cap was 49 and important departments in- said a top official. from its own sources. Rev-
anti-HIV medicine ening of the Indian securit- was increased to 200 when cluding the Department of Pay Later enables enue from operations in-
HYDERABAD ies market through tradi- the Companies Act was re- Economic Affairs and De- young employees to shop creased 8% on higher
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, a tional and alternative vised in 2013. Industry parti- partment of Industrial now and pay after a month volumes, although unit price
subsidiary of Mylan N.V., has platforms, including peer to cipants said that SEBI has a Policy and Promotion are without any interest or of teas sold was 2% lower
received marketing peer lending and equity provision under Section 28 pushing regulatory bodies to charge, said Akshay during the quarter at 168.4
authorisation for its crowd-funding. of Securities Contracts (Reg- create an investor-friendly Mehrotra, CEO, per kg, it said in a filing.
antiretroviral drug Avonza Interestingly, this comes ulation) Act (SCRA) that al- ecosystem for such Production rose to 241 Price of picking: MRIL said that staff costs increased by 26
(TLE400) from the Drug in the wake of notices that lowed the regulator to recog- ventures. Transactions ranging lakh kg, from 218 lakh kg a crore in the quarter due to wage revision. AFP *

Controller General of India. It the regulator has sent to nise such alternative Manish Kumar, group from 3,000 to 1 lakh can year earlier. Operational in-
is a fixed-dose combination many entities that act as investment platforms. CEO of iVentures and Co- be done through this come for the quarter rose to About 61 lakh kg was the Uganda. Operations in
drug comprising Efavirenz, platforms for funding start- founder Grex, is of the view route, he said. 194 crore, from 179 crore. crop from small growers. Rwanda showed improved
Lamivudine and Tenofovir ups or connecting them to Framework critical that while angel groups are However, an employee The company operates in profitability.
Disoproxil Fumarate tablets. the large investor While a notification under an important part of the can buy products only up Staff costs rise Vietnam, Rwanda and The company said that In-
Mylan Pharmaceuticals community. section 28 of SCRA providing ecosystem, even stock ex- to 50% of salary. If this MRIL said that staff costs in- Uganda through four subsi- dias tea production was es-
president Rajiv Malik said While questioning the legal recognition to alternat- changes could look at such proves successful, we creased by 26 crore in the diaries. For the six months timated to have been higher
Avonza would be available at manner in which these entit- ive investment platforms alternative platforms as a might tie up with 10 more quarter due to wage revi- ended June 2017, the Viet- in the quarter ended June
a cost lower than that of ies help start-ups raise would be a welcome step, a means to deeper down- online retailers by Diwali, sion. However, bought leaf nam operations narrowed its 30, due to a recovery in
other current first-line ARVs. funds, the regulator has said lot would depend upon the stream integration. he added. prices were lower. losses as did McLeod Russel South Indian production.




Lanka ropes
in Rumesh Pujara has evolved as an Aravinda against constant
chopping and changing
Former pacer Rumesh Rat-
nayake has been appointed
exemplary No. 3 batsman Sri Lanka needs a proper under-19 and A-team structure
as head of fast bowling for
the Sri Lanka cricket team. Skipper Kohli has high praise for his hunger for runs and passion for the game Special Correspondent
The 53-year-old will Colombo
work closely with Sri Aravinda de Silvas words
Lankas high-performance INDIA IN LANKA are slow and measured un-
centre and will oversee the like the batting mayhem he
K.C. Vijaya Kumar
work of the other fast- Colombo wreaked in his prime. The
bowling coaches of the player-of-the-final during
countrys cricket board. The No. 3 slot in a batting or- the 1996 World Cup that Ar-
der is extremely crucial. It juna Ranatungas men won,
demands the gift of stability, Aravinda leads a happy life
especially in case of early in a leafy Colombo suburb,
dismissal of one or both the
LCI seeks openers. It needs to provide
with one eye on his son, an
emerging tennis player, and
incremental growth if the
BCCIs views top two set a fine base. The
the other on Sri Lankan
incumbent must also possess
on legalising an air of serenity.
He spoke about those
heady days at Lahore in 1996
These templates found an
betting exemplary practitioner in
and the present state of
cricket at home. Excerpts:
Rahul Dravid and his is the 1996, a memory to cher-
G. Viswanath benchmark that Cheteshwar
ish: It was a great team ef- Credit sharing: Aravinda de Silva, while downplaying his
Pujara is aspiring to reach. fort. People say that it was title-winning knock in the 1996 World Cup final, said
Following a mandate from The weather-beaten boots Sanath ( Jayasuriya) and Ara- others played crucial roles too. DANIEL BEREHULAK/GETTY IMAGES

the Supreme Court to that Pujara has stepped into vinda who won the World
> My
examine the possibility of had been occupied by two approach was game. We need a back-up
Cup but that is rubbish as far
legalising betting in India, 100-Test-club men for over about being plan, a proper under-19 and
as I am concerned. There
the Law Commission of three decades Dilip Veng- aggressive and I did A-team structure. It is not
were [other] vital contribu-
India (LCI) has begun the sarkar from 1976 to 1992 and happening now and that
tions. To name one, Upul not worry about
process of ascertaining the Dravid from 1996 to 2012. needs to be sorted out.
Chandana came onto the failure or criticism
views of BCCI members. Pujara has the credentials to Perfect fit: Cheteshwar Pujara has stepped into the weather-beaten boots of Rahul Dravid ICC and the money pie:
field for two overs and got a
In a letter addressed to live up to that weighty leg- admirably. AFP *
from my mistakes. I was just The ICC should act like the
run out while [Graeme] Hick
State Association acy. Sports Club here, Pujara thanks to a prolific run game and knows how to and [Alec] Stewart were bat- a part-timer who could bowl World Bank be transpar-
members of the BCCI, Dr. scored 153, 15 and 133. These overseas edged out the tal- score runs. He has evolved ting in the quarterfinal but inside me there was al- ent in what they spend and
Sanjay Singh, member Heartening signs knocks are part of a product- ented Rohit Sharma in the massively as a batter and his game. It was a crucial mo- ways this belief that I could fund projects that have pur-
secretary LCI, has said: With 50 Tests yielding 4,099 ive phase stretching from battle for middle-order slots, game has gone to another ment. We contained Eng- come in and get a pose. Funds should be given
While the LCI has been runs at an average of 52.23, last year. Pujara has now managed to level. If you see from the last land and we got the score. It break-through. for improving cricket and it
reaching out to the various and 13 centuries including a In his last 10 Test innings, stay ahead of the Mum- season and continuing now, seemed easy, but in the end, Cricketing ties: I was in- should be done in a more
stakeholders to seek their hundred in South Africa and he has amassed 706 runs, av- baikar, the latter coming into he has got about 1,500 runs wicket crumbled so much volved with selection but I meaningful manner. I think
observations and three in Sri Lanka, Pujaras eraging 70.6 and includes a contention only when the which is outstanding. Credit that the last few runs were resigned after the World ICC came and did a present-
suggestions, it considers journey from being a good 202 against Australia at Ran- team opts for a six-batsmen goes to how hard he works difficult. Cup. And then I was in- ation to the cricket board
that the views of your batsman to becoming a great chi. combination. on the game. He scores runs Kumar Dharmasena made volved a little bit in restruc- but a vision was lacking. I
association will be is very much a work in pro- His berth in the longest in all conditions and that, for some useful contributions turing the coaching. Again, I think the board should take
valuable in formulating its gress. The signs, though, are format seems set in stone un- Kohlis backing us, is most important. and [so did] Roshan [Ma- resigned a couple of months it up. If there are value-pro-
recommendations on heartening. like his stint with limited- Vitally, Pujara has, at last, Like his idol Dravid, Pu- hanama] down the order. ago. So, I am in and out but I positions from the cricket
betting. May I add here Just like Dravid, Pujara too over cricket where he has found the needed backing jara has revealed a safe pair Kalus [Romesh Kaluwithar- am obviously available any board, they (ICC) might sup-
that keeping in view the went through a testing phase just five ODIs under his belt, from Kohli and the skipper of hands in the close-in cor- ana] stumping of Sachin time to help youngsters. port it.
intertwining nature of when his strike-rate came with the label of a Test-spe- recently said: Pujara and don. He needs to be more [Tendulkar] in the semifinal State of Sri Lankan Kohlis batting: He is an ac-
betting and gambling, the under scrutiny. At least, for cialist being a strong adhes- Ajinkya are our two best Test athletic in the outfield as his changed the whole situ- cricket: We are going complished player. He has a
Commission has decided Dravid, the question was ive which he cannot shed. batsmen, especially in the winnowing steps demand ation. So, when you look at through a rebuilding process little bit of weakness outside
to consider examination of specific to his initial one-day- Ahead of the second Test, middle order. They have more strides per 100 metres. it overall, Vaasy [Chaminda but you cant be saying that the off-stump but he has
both, betting and ers, but startlingly, for Pu- Pujara did mention about been doing so well consist- His batting is getting well- Vaas] and Murali [Muttiah forever. Short-term process worked on it. Obviously,
gambling. jara, the query was linked to wanting to play in all formats ently. Pujara, I would give rounded but there is one Muralitharan] getting us is good for a few months, when a lot of people start
While endorsing the his forays at the Test crease! and the need to show more more credit because he only area where he has to im- those break-throughs... one or two series, but not bowling to your weakness,
Justice Lodha Committee He even briefly lost his spot (aggressive) intent in his bat- plays one format and to have prove running between those were the important for the future. So we need to you automatically tend to
recommendations that in the playing eleven under ting. He may be drawn to- that hunger and passion day- the wickets. A run out, his or parts that made winning the seriously look at the team in develop those areas. Sourav
betting should be Virat Kohlis watch but wards wearing the blue in [and] day-out, and to the partners, always looks a World Cup possible. the long-term and not keep (Ganguly) was so strong on
legalised by law, the forged his way back with shade but his value is more come out and have those possibility, and he needs to Imperious batting, part- chopping and changing. If the off-side and they started
Supreme Court has said, fortitude and big runs scored crucial in Test whites. It is a consistent performances, rule that out. It is a minor time bowling: My approach you look at the Sri Lankan bowling straighter and then
It involves the enactment at a brisk pace. position that he has worked takes a lot of mental blemish on a canvas that he was about being aggressive side, there were 14 or 15 in- he became so much stronger
of a law which is a matter In the two recent Tests at hard to secure and retain. strength. has painted ever so and I did not worry about juries that kept some of the through the on-side towards
that may be examined by Galle and in the Sinhalese If earlier, Ajinkya Rahane He obviously has the exquisitely. failure or criticism. I learnt main players out of the the end of his career.
the Law Commission and
the Government for such
action as it may consider
necessary in the facts and
the circumstances of the
Anukul stars for Indian colts
case. Sports Bureau Anukul returned figures Man-of-the-Match.
The LCI has told the Cardiff
of four for 30 to bowl out The scores: England U-19 181
BCCI members that their Left-arm spinner Anukul England for 181. The visitors in 46.4 overs (Liam Trevaskis
views will be submitted to Roy did the damage in the chased down the target with 33, Liam Banks 43, Oliver
the apex court. middle overs claiming four more than 15 overs to spare. Robinson 27, Shivam Mavi three
We have to place the wickets and then backed it for 30, Rahul Chahar three for
LCIs letter before our up with an unbeaten 43 to Pacer Shivam Mavi and
30, Anukul Roy four for 30) lost
committee, said Abhay help India U-19 defeat Eng- leg-spinner Rahul Chahar
to India U-19 185 for five in
Apte, president of the land U-19 by five wickets in chipped in with three wick-
34.3 overs (Shubman Gill 27,
Maharashtra Cricket the first Youth ODI here on ets each.
Salman Khan 69 n.o., Anukul
Association. Monday. Anukul was adjudged the Roy 43 n.o.).

Its time we had a specific law

against fixing in sport
If sport cannot be pure, then what area of human activity is left for honesty
bills. Yet, nothing. example. In 2015, the last year for
Now the Kerala High Court has which statistics are available, the Na-
quashed the BCCIs life ban on tional Crime Records Bureau recorded
Shanthakumaran Sreeshanth who had 32,127 murders in the country. Whats
been in the doghouse since the 2013 IPL that compared to a deliberate no-ball?
spot-fixing scandal. That was the start-
ing point for reforms in the BCCI, after Dangerous route
BETWEEN WICKETS first the Justice Mudgal Commission Yet, this is a dangerous route to take.
suresh menon and then the Justice Lodha Commission Sport is an artificial activity, it is true. In
submitted reports. the deepest sense of the term, it is
As long as our lawmakers keep ignoring For want of an adequate law, Sree- meaningless. Yet it is this very lack of
the importance of laws to deal with shanth was tried under the Maha- meaning that makes us inject it with
match-fixing and its variants, no court rashtra Control of Organised Crime Act purpose, and hold it to the highest
in the land can convict any cricketer (MCOCA). It was nobodys case that the moral standards. If sport cannot be
who might be involved in fixing. fast bowler was a terrorist or involved pure, then what area of human activity
At the turn of the century, when the in organised crime. It was like using a is left for honesty and integrity and all
issue first shocked a nation, skipper road roller to trap a fly. There is a not- the values we aspire to but struggle to
Mohammed Azharuddin was among so-subtle difference between bowling a attain?
those banned by the Board of Control deliberate no-ball on schedule and The courts have their hands tied
for Cricket in India. But it was quickly blowing up a building, even if the two they have to follow the law. And the
realised that there was no specific law key words are anagrams. definitions of cheating do not go far.
to deal with fixing in sport. In 17 years, the BCCI has concluded
There was an outcry then, the inad- Air-tight that a number of players, from interna-
equacies of trying those who trans- Any law dealing with fraud in sport tionals to local stars have been guilty of
gressed under the cheating laws were must be air-tight and stand up in a match-fixing, spot-fixing, or not report-
pointed out, and the need for a sports court. But when there is no law to begin ing knowledge of these crimes to the
fraud bill was emphasized. Nothing with, everything is in favour of the sus- authorities.
happened. So far no bill has been pect. Not surprisingly, both Azharuddin
Yet, so long as there is a reluctance to
passed in the 17 years since the subject and Sreeshanth have interpreted the
pass a law in Parliament, there cannot
first came up. In other words, match- rulings of the courts as judgements ab-
be a fair trial for those who are hauled
fixing and spot-fixing are not illegal in solving them of fixing a cricket match.
up for these activities.
India. It is a lacuna crying to be This is not strictly true even if for the
covered. sake of argument one concedes they As a Delhi Court said in the Sree-
In 2012, the Andhra Pradesh High could be factually correct. The govern- shant case, In view of the huge va-
Court ruled that the case against ing body of cricket has only got to be- cuum of law in this regard in the realm
Azharuddin was not proved to its satis- lieve that the balance of probabilities of law, this court is helpless to proceed
faction. The BCCI did not appeal. is against the player to call for a ban. further under any of the penal
The Prevention of Dishonesty in But the player can still take the BCCI to statutes.
Sports Bill was ready in 2001; others fol- court in the absence of a specific law. Azharuddin might be innocent, Sree-
lowed: The National Sports Develop- And usually the BCCI runs out of steam shanth might be innocent, but we need
ment Code (2011), the Draft National by then. to give the courts the power to punish
Sports Development Bill (2013), and the Perhaps our lawmakers think that a the guilty. Punitive reasons apart, there
Draft Prevention of Sporting Fraud Bill sports fraud bill is not sexy. After all, fix- are exemplary reasons too.
(2013). In 2016, the then President of ing can be seen as a victimless crime. Young players cannot be allowed to
the BCCI and a ruling party Member of No one is murdered, none injured, and begin their careers believing that they
Parliament Anurag Thakur introduced the loss is mainly to the credibility of a can get away. And that will happen if
the National Sports Ethics Commission popular sport. That pales when com- we dont appreciate the importance of
Bill which borrowed from the earlier pared to the statistics for murder, for specific laws to deal with fixing in sport.




Jadeja tops all-rounders list SHOOTING

Good show by Kynan

Pujara ranked third among batsmen; Rahane vaults to sixth
SPORTS BUREAU Hafezi of Iran to the bronze.
Dubai O In the bowlers list, Kynan Chenai won the trap Zoravar Singh Sandhu (110)
Indias Ravindra Jadeja on Ashwin (842) dropped a bronze in the Asian shotgun and Birendeep Sodhi (98)
Kumble gets his dues Tuesday edged out place to be third championship on Tuesday. shooting below par to be
from BCCI Bangladeshs Shakib Al CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC In a low-scoring competi- placed 17th and 36th in a
NEW DELHI Hasan to claim the top rank tion, in which the highest field of 41 shooters, India
Anil Kumble has been paid his among all-rounders, apart seven wickets, including a score was 118 out of 125, the could only take the seventh
dues of close to 1 crore by from retaining the No. 1 spot five-for. 25-year-old Kynan finished spot among the 13 teams,
the BCCI, marking a closure in the bowlers chart, in the Jadeja also gained nine third behind Abdulrahman with a total of 324.
to an acrimonious episode in latest ICC rankings. places to take 51st rank Al Faihan and Talal Alrashidi The results: Men: Trap: 1. Ab-
which he quit as the head Jadeja currently has 438 among batsmen while Indias of Kuwait, who was placed dulrahman Al Faihan (Kuw) 39
coach of the Indian team. The points among the all-round- wicketkeeper-batsman ahead of him in qualification Kynan Chenai. (118); 2. Talal Alrashidi (Kuw)
BCCI made the disclosure on ers while Shakib has 431. Wriddhiman Saha has at- as well. 38 (118); 3. Kynan Chenai 30
its official website as part of Cheteshwar Pujara (888) tained a career-best 44th po- It was a commendable place only sixth. Kynan had (116); 17. Zoravar Singh Sandhu
a monthly exercise of gained a place to be third sition after moving up four performance by Kynan as a series of 23, 23, 23, 23 and 110; 36. Birendeep Sodhi 98.
publishing payments above among batsmen while Virat places. the former World champion 24 during qualification and Team: 1. Kuwait 350; 2. Le-
25 lakh. Kumble was paid Kohli (813) maintained his In the bowlers list R. Ash- Khaled Almudhaf could 30 in the final, beating Ali banon 336; 3. UAE 331.
approximately 48.75 lakh fifth position. win (842) dropped a place to
each, for May and June. PTI Steve Smith and Joe Root be third with Jimmy Ander-
are still Nos. 1 and 2 in the list
of batsmen.
The significant gainer is
son a notch below Jadeja.
Pacers Mohammad Shami
(20th) and Umesh Yadav
Meghana on target in air rifle
Ajinkya Rahane (776), who (22nd) have also made not-
has climbed five places to able gains. Ayonika slips when it matters
sixth. Opener K.L. Rahul is at England all-rounder Mo-
number 11 with 737. een Ali has finished the Special Correspondent The topper of the third Surendra Rathod.
Incidentally, the match series against South Africa NEW DELHI trial on Monday, Apurvi In standard pistol,
which put Jadeja on top of with a career-best rank of 21 Meghana Sajjanar continued Chandela was sixth behind Samaresh Jung clinched the
Babar Azam plays down the heap is also the one among batsmen, 18th among to assert her growing confid- Rubaiya Takhar after having top slot with 575, a point
Kohli comparison where he breached ICC Code bowlers and fourth in the ence as she beat Olympian qualified sixth. New shoot- ahead of Olympian Gurpreet
KARACHI of Conduct to be handed a table for all-rounders. Ayonika Paul by 0.2 points ers Smita Kamble and Sh- Singh while juniors Anhad
Pakistan middle-order one-Test suspension. His rise in the rankings for the top slot in womens hailaja Patel made it to the fi- Jawanda and Achal Pratap
batsman Babar Azam has In the recently-concluded was due to consistent per- air rifle in the National nal ahead of World Singh Grewal placed third
played down his comparison second Test, which India formances as he became the shooting selection trials at University champion Vinita and fourth respectively after
with Indian skipper Virat won by an innings and 53 first player to score 250 runs the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Bhardwaj, while a string of being tied on 572.
Kohli, saying there is no runs, Jadeja contributed an and take 25 wickets in a four- On top of the world: Ravindra Jadejas all-round exploits on the Tughlakabad, on Tuesday. top shooters like Anjali Anish Bhanwala, the ju-
similarity between the two. unbeaten 70 and also took Test series. Sri Lanka tour have seen him climb up the rankings. REUTERS * Meghana shot 250.1 in the Bhagwat, Raj Chaudhary, nior World Champion,
When quizzed by a fan on 24-shot final, and pipped Ay- Suma Shirur and Elizabeth settled for sixth place with
Twitter how he felt about onika despite a 9.8 on the Susan Koshy could not reach 570.

Jhulan feted by CAB Myneni

being called the Virat Kohli last shot. Ayonika was bril- the top 25. The results:
of Pakistan, Azam wrote back liant herself after topping In mens rifle prone, Men: 50m rifle prone: 1. Sushil
saying, There is no qualification with 419.7. Sushil Ghalay topped ahead
comparison. Virat Kohli is a bows out However, after a string of of Olympians Sanjeev Rajput
Ghalay 249.8 (627.3); 2. San-
jeev Rajput 249.2 (619.9); 3.
great batsman and I am just a high 10s, Ayonika spoilt her and Gagan Narang. The Gagan Narang 227.7 (621.7).
beginner. But I would like to Palash Nandy gets lifetime achievement nod SPORTS BUREAU
chances with a 9.7 on the other Olympian Chain Singh 25m standard pistol: 1.
be recalled as [the] Babar penultimate shot. Thus, a placed fifth behind Surendra Samaresh Jung 575; 2. Gur-
Azam of Pakistan. ANI Y.B. Sarangi Saketh Myneni and Sriram 10.5 on the last shot proved Rathod. Even though he preet Singh 574; 3. Anhad
KOLKATA Balaji crashed out of the inadequate. beat Sanjeev by 0.6 point for Jawanda 572.
With the Indian women singles competition in the World Cup bronze medal- the first place, Sushil Ghalay Women: 10m air rifle: 1.
teams World Cup legend $150,000 Challenger tennis list and Asian champion had shown his class during Meghana Sajjanar 250.1
growing bigger by the day, tournament on Tuesday. Pooja Ghatkar got the third qualification with a total of (416.6); 2. Ayonika Paul 249.9
seasoned seamer Jhulan Saketh, who ran into the place ahead of Anjum 627.3 that was 5.1 points bet- (419.7); 3. Pooja Ghatkar 229.6
Goswami has provided fur- second seed Evgeny Don- Moudgil. ter than second-placed (418.5).
ther insight into the famous skoy, managed to win just
Animal Kolasinac ready campaign. four games. Sriram Balaji,
to rumble: Walcott After being felicitated by facing the third seed Go TENNIS
LONDON Chief Minister Mamata Soeda of Japan, won only
five games.
Theo Walcott has backed
Sead Kolasinac (in pic) to
bring some much-needed
Banerjee at the Cricket Asso-
ciation of Bengals (CAB) an-
nual awards ceremony here
The results (first round):
$150,000 Challenger, Jinan,
del Potro ends Isners streak
steel to Arsenals defence. on Tuesday, Jhulan said she China: Alexander Kudryavtsev AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
offered to be dropped from (Rus) bt Sasi Kumar Mukund MONTREAL
He is an absolute animal. I
6-3, 6-2; Go Soeda (Jpn) bt
see him in the gym everyday. the playing XI ahead of In- Former US Open champion
Sriram Balaji 6-2, 6-2; Evgeny
You can just tell he looks dias crucial semifinal Juan Martin del Potro de-
Donskoy (Rus) bt Saketh
after himself well. The power against Australia. feated hard-serving Amer-
Myneni 6-2, 6-2.
hes got and his pace, its I was disappointed with Doubles: Sriram Balaji &
ican John Isner 7-5, 7-5 in the
beautiful to watch. Hes a my show early in the World Vishnu Vardhan bt Saketh ATP Montreal Masters here
great addition to the squad, Cup. After the match against Myneni & Vijay Sundar Prash- on Monday.
Walcott said. AFP West Indies, I told my coach anth 6-2, 6-2. The Argentine snapped
Tushar, Im not bowling $15,000 ITF, Wetzlar, Ger- an eight-match win streak
properly and you can drop many: Juan Ignacio Galarza for Isner, who won back-to-
me. (Arg) bt Tejas Chaukulkar 6-4, back titles at Newport and
He said, No, I want you Proud moment: Jhulan Goswami is felicitated by West Bengal 6-2; Sumit Nagal bt Eduardo Atlanta. del Potro had to
to lead the bowling attack, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and CAB president Sourav Dischinger (Bra) 6-3, 6-4. overcome 24 aces by 14th
said 34-year-old Jhulan, who Ganguly on Tuesday. PTI *
$15,000 ITF, Nonthaburi, seeded Isner as he seeks to
surpassed Australian Cath- Thailand: Karunuday Singh bt return to the final for the
ryn Fitzpatrick earlier this [ Jhulan] played [in the final]. Yuanfeng Li (Chn) 3-6, 6-2, first time since losing to Mur-
year to become the leading <
> Jhulan is the best
fast bowler of India What you achieved was 6-4; Francis Casey Alcantara ray in 2009.
Sharapova gets wild card wicket taker in One-Day remarkable. (Phi) bt Rishab Agarwal 6-1, del Potro hammered nine
in womens cricket. I 2-0 retd.
for China Open Internationals. Apart from Jhulan, the aces, had three double faults
BEIJING Jhulan made a superb want to see her keep Doubles: Pruchya Isaro (Tha) and won 85 % of his first Rocking again Juan Martin del Potro, who eliminated John
CAB honoured 1989-90
Five-time Grand Slam turnaround to pick up two performing & Karunuday Singh bt Justin serves in the 1h 49m match. Isner in round one, feels he is back in good shape. AFP
Bengal Ranji Trophy win- Barki (Ina) & Kittiphong

champion Maria Sharapova crucial wickets against de- Sourav Ganguly

ning coach Palash Nandy He broke Isner at 5-5 in the
has accepted a wild card fending champion Australia Wachiramanowong (Tha) 6-2, second set and then jumped Viktor Troicki 6-1, 6-2 and 2-6, 7-6(1), 6-1; Juan Martin del
with the Kartick Bose Life- 6-3.
invitation to make her and three against eventual Luckily, everything went our time Achievement Award. to a 40-0 lead in the final Frances Gael Monfils shook Potro bt John Isner 7-5, 7-5;
Women: Dhruthi Venugopal Roberto Bautista Agut bt Tim
seventh appearance at the champion England in the fi- way. game. del Potro sealed the off a slow start to beat Amer-
Prominent award winners: bt Kajsa Rinaldo Persson Smyczek 7-6(4), 6-1; Richard
China Open in October. The nal, where India lost by only Praising Jhulan for her contest on his second match ican Steve Johnson 2-6, 7-6
Jhulan Goswami (special (Swe) 6-2, 6-1. Gasquet bt Brayden Schnur 7-6
Russian tennis star, who nine runs. feat, CAB president and point by hitting a forehand (1), 6-1.
award), Palash Nandy (lifetime $25,000 ITF women, Kok- (5), 5-7, 6-1.
missed Wimbledon and the Talking about the dis- former India captain Sourav achievement), Manoj Tiwary sijde, Belgium: Doubles: Bibi-
winner down the line. Frances Benoit Paire also
entire grasscourt season with missal of Australia skipper Ganguly said, Jhulan is the (cricketer of the year), Ashoke ane Schoofs (Ned) & Ankita I got lucky tonight, del advanced, downing Amer- At Toronto: Petra Kvitova bt
a thigh injury, also had to Meg Lanning in the semi- best fast bowler of India in Dinda (best fast bowler), Raina bt Lulna Meers & Potro said. Nobody wants ican Donald Young 6-3, 5-7, Carla Suarez Navarro 6-1, 7-6
withdraw from the Stanford finals, Jhulan said, Lanning womens cricket. I want to Mandira Mahapatra (best wo- Chelsea Vanhoutte (Bel) 6-4, to play John in the first 6-4, but rising French star (5); Dominika Cibulkova bt
Classic due to soreness in her is one of the best cricketers. see her keep performing. man cricketer of the year), East 6-3. round. But now I am in good Lucas Pouille fell 7-6(5), 7-6 Lesia Tsurenko 7-6(3), 6-4; Var-
left arm. The former World Since Lanning was strong Hailing the Indian teams Bengal (first division cham- $15,000 ITF women, Arad, shape. I look forward to im- (8) to American Jared Don- vara Lepchenko bt Jelena Os-
No.1 was also scheduled to square of the wicket, I told runner-up finish, Ganguly pion), Kalighat Club and East Romania: Doubles: Selma proving my game and win- aldson. tapenko 1-6, 7-6(2), 7-6(5);
play at the Rogers Cup in Mithali [Raj] that (during said, My mother last Bengal Club (first division su- Stefania Cadar (Rou) & Jen- ning more matches. Important results (first Barbora Zahlavova Strycova bt
Toronto this week but practice) I would bowl to her watched a cricket match per league), Bengal under-19 nifer Luikham bt Yarden Akler In early matches on round): At Montreal: Nick Kyr- Kristina Mladenovic 6-2, 6-3;
withdrew with the same like I would to Lanning and when I played. Then she (Cooch Behar Trophy (Isr) & Alexandra Alina Tincu Monday, Australias Nick gios bt Viktor Troicki 6-1, 6-2; Venus Williams bt Irina Begu
injury. ANI she would give me feedback. watched a match when you champion). (Rou) 6-3, 6-2. Kyrgios romped past Serbian Gael Monfils bt Steve Johnson 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.


THE HINDU CROSSWORD 12081 (set by xChequer)

10 Old drinking container, horn
shaped without base, yet
2 Tool to swindle (6)
Ramas compassion
preserved (6) 3 Say abstract symbol of
strength (5) Valmiki hails Rama with the epithet Sarva Bhuta Hite Ra-
11 Dog with small jaw (5)
taha for His exceptional care and concern to the welfare and
12 Excellent vehicle, looking back 4 Crossing river certainly well being of the entire creation. It is a tribute to the sterling
on length of race (6) requires guts (8) quality of compassion that Rama embodies, pointed out
Srimati Jaya Srinivasan in a discourse.
14 Kindness always, not your 5 Major upset with bloody Ravana senses danger when he hears that Rama has
present challenge on any terrible black and white films crossed the ocean and reached Lanka with the Vanara army.
occasion? (5,1,5,4) (4,4) It is unbelievable, he tells himself, yet it has come to pass
that the entire Vanara army has built a bridge and crossed
17 Governor's role revolving on it 6 Animated films brought back
over to his kingdom. In his own interest, he decides to send
(6) high hat (5)
two rakshasa spies, Suka and Charana, to assess the enemys
strength. They enter the enemy camp disguised as monkeys
18 Knight and page return, having and Vibhishana recognises them. When they are taken to
8 Pause after shot a 6? (4,1,8) Rama, they are sure that it is going to be death for them; but
saved good old maids (5)
they are amazed and surprised by the benevolence of Rama
22 Oracle received in the morning 13 Start eating or I hit (9) and in the way He allays their fears.
delivery (6) Rama smilingly makes the following enquiries to both of
15 Obvious mark from mate, yes them: Have you seen the entire army of ours? Have you
23 Unfortunately the bell rings, a scratch (4,4) made enough enquiries about all of us? Have you done what
ending in decision becoming Solution to puzzle 12080 Solution to yesterdays Sudoku your rakshasa king has commanded you to do? Then you
dead intent (4-4) may go back. He even tells that Vibhishana will give them
16 Rock in space with a banned
ACROSS whatever details they may require. He tells them that though
drug (8)
24 Arrogant against perhaps the they have been caught they will not be killed because spies
7 Say tin, and lid of tin having greatest in running race (8) without defence should not be killed. He asks them to get
official seal (6) 19 Josh working lad in locker-
back to Lanka and convey His warning message to Ravana
25 Swindles male caught in room (6)
8 Deal non-negotiable, bail that very soon He will unleash His anger against him in
frenzied lust (6) battle. Rama Himself proclaims that His protection is as-
originally granted unlikely to
20 Rejecting education, provide sured to all beings unconditionally and He vows to uphold
be revoked most probably
DOWN eggs for stall (5) this promise at all times. Only the Supreme Lord can make
such a promise and also uphold it with extraordinary con-
9 Talk improperly when young 1 Orders irate constituents to get 21 Rap on table, essentially fidence. In it is subsumed the Lords omniscience, omni-
lady's high (8) involved in battles (9) disturbing meal (5) presence and omnipotence, unique and unparalleled.




Kipyegon clinches 1500m crown Stomach bug

Jamaicas McLeod wins 110m hurdles
hits athletes India-A to title
Meanwhile, Jamaicas LONDON
Omar McLeod added the A number of athletes at the
World 110m hurdles title to Shreyas Iyers unbeaten
World Championships have 140 (131b, 11x4, 4x6) and Vi-
his Olympic crown. How- been laid low by stomach
ever, World record holder jay Shankars 72 (86b, 9x4)
Agence France-Presse upsets with Botswanas Isaac powered India-A to a
Aries Merritts dream of win- Makwala saying on Monday he
ning at least a medal two seven-wicket win over
was forced to withdraw from South Africa-A in the final
Faith Kipyegon of Kenya ad- years after a kidney trans- the 200m heats because of of the triangular series on
ded the World title to her plant were dashed as the food poisoning. Tuesday.
Olympic crown after sprint- American 2012 Olympic London 2017 organisers Put in, the hosts made
ing to a thrilling victory in champion finished fifth. released a statement late on 267 for seven in their 50
the womens 1500m on Asian champion Nirmala Monday saying a number of other athletes in his overs, riding on Farhaan
Monday as Caster Semenya Sheoran finished seventh teams had reported cases of accommodation had been ill. Behardiens unbeaten 101
snatched bronze. with a mediocre 53.07s in the gastroenteritis at their official and Dewald Pretorius 58.
In a fantastic race that womens 400m semifinal. hotel, the Tower Hotel. Makwala, among the
The results: Men: 110m favourites for the 400m,
In reply, the visitors lost
erupted on the final lap, Those affected have been
hurdles: 1. Omar McLeod (Jam) would normally be scratched
openers Sanju Samson and
Kipyegon held off all-comers, supported by both team and
13.04; 2. Sergey Shubenkov from the final after pulling
Karun Nair with just 20 on
including double-hunting Se- LOC medical staff, in addition
(ANA) 13.14; 3. Balazs Baji (Hun) out of another event. As he
the board before Shreyas
menya, down the home we have been working with
13.28. missed the heats on medical
and Vijay Shankar forged a
straight to clock 4min Public Health England to
Women: 1500m: 1. Faith Kipye- advice, however, he would be
141-run stand for the third
02.59sec. American Jennifer ensure the situation is
gon (Ken) 4:02.59s; 2. Jennifer able to run, if fit.
Simpson claimed silver, at managed and contained, the
Simpson (USA) 4:02.76; 3. The scores: South Africa-A
0.17sec, with South Africas organising committee said in a Irelands 400m hurdler 267 for seven in 50 overs
Caster Semenya (Rsa) 4:02.90.
800m specialist Caster Se- statement. Thomas Barr was also forced (Khaya Zondo 39, Farhaan Be-
Triple jump: 1. Yulimar Rojas
menya taking bronze It was not immediately out of his semifinals on hardien 101 n.o., Dewald Pre-
(Ven) 14.91m; 2. Caterine Ibar-
(4:02.90). clear whether Makwala, who Monday. I wasn't feeling torius 58, Shardul Thakur
guen (Col) 14.88; 3. Olga Ryp-
Defending World cham- akova (Kaz) 14.77. pulled out of the 200m heats great yesterday evening and three for 52) lost to India-A
pion Genzebe Dibaba fin- Hammer: 1. Anita Wlodarczyk earlier on Monday, was staying later in the night I was hit with 270 for three in 46.5 overs
ished 12th and last, more (Pol) 77.90m; 2. Zheng Wang at the hotel in question but he a bad bout of gastroenteritis, (Shreyas Iyer 140 n.o., Vijay
than 4sec off the winning (Chn) 75.98; 3. Malwina Kopron Oh, what a feeling! Kenya's Faith Kipyegon wins the women's 1500m ahead of Jennifer Simpson, said on his Facebook page that Barr said. Shankar 72, Manish Pandey 32
pace. (Pol) 74.76. right, even as Caster Semenya lunges for the bronze. AP *

Jones returns to the land of his destiny Azhar will receive Chaudhari helps
His double hundred in the tied Test in Chennai is the stuff of legend his dues: Khanna Titans hold Bulls
A close first half finished
S. Dinakar
> Deano, the pitches of 57, 77 and 100 not out.
Vijay Lokapally ing for the clearance of his PKL 13-9 in Haryanas favour.
are killing me. They Mark Waugh got two NEW DELHI dues.
Each time Dean Jones gazes pairs in that series and he Ashwin Achal An all-out after the restart
have become so flat Former India skipper Mo-
across the MAC Stadium was picked!
NAGPUR the first of the match
Mitchell Johnson hammad Azharuddin is all The other cases A terrific comeback by gave Haryana a 22-12 advant-
these days, he pinches him- to Jones the day after the former retired Jones, who notched up set to receive his dues from Azharuddins case would Telugu Titans helped it sal- age. Gujarat could not find a
self and smiles. He had sur- 3631 runs in 52 Tests at
of playing spin, crease man- the Board of Control for also bring into focus the is- vage a 21-21 draw against way out of the hole and fell
vived a rather frightening 46.55, said A couple of law
agement, and looking after Cricket in India. The Boards sues of Manoj Prabhakar, Bengaluru Bulls in the to its first defeat in three fix-
ordeal. firms approached me later
himself in the heat. acting-president C. K. Ajay Jadeja, Ajay Sharma ProKabaddi League here on tures. Haryana, aided by
If I had to die for the love for suing Cricket Australia Khanna confirmed to The and S. Sreesanth, the last- Tuesday. strong performances from
of the game, what else would for wrongful dismissal from Hindu on Tuesday that the
Question marks named exonerated of Titans looked down and defenders Mohit Chhillar (7
be a better place than a service. But he decided BCCIs legal team has con-
Interestingly, Jones revealed match-fixing allegations by out, trailing 15-20 with just pts) and Surender Nada (6),
cricket ground wearing my against it as such a move veyed it has nothing to chal-
that Aussie skipper Allan the Kerala High Court. three minutes to go. On the scored its maiden win in
baggy green cap, he says. would have made him un- lenge Azharuddins claims.
Border had question marks The Board had slapped a back of successful raids three attempts.
It was in this arena, on a welcome at most cricket The Committee of Admin-
about him as a batsman even life ban on Sreesanth and from Rakshit and Rahul
very hot and humid day in grounds. The results: Haryana Steelers
after his remarkable double istrators (CoA) will meet the former India fast bowler Chaudhari, the deficit was
1986, that the Australian con- 32 (Mohit Chhillar 7, Surender
hundred in Chennai. here on Wednesday to take has now expressed his de- clipped to 20-21. On the final
jured one of the greatest in- Flat, flatter, flattest Nada 6, Vikas Kandola 6) bt
It was only when he fol- a look at many issues, in- sire to return to cricket. play of the match, Chaud-
nings in Test cricket an On present day cricket, the Gujarat Fortunegiants 20
lowed that effort with a cluding revising the pay Prabhakar, too, had writ- hari managed to get one (Sachin 8); Bengaluru Bulls 21
epic 210 against India during Aussie felt that the pitches structure for domestic crick-
match-saving 73 not out un- ten to the Board for clearing touch. (Rohit Kumar 5) tied with
the historic tied Test. had become flatter. eters and Azharuddins re-
Dean Jones. der pressure on the final day his dues. He had served his Telugu Titans 21 (Rahul Chaud-
Battling through extreme Previously, batsmen quest to be paid his dues five-year ban and returned
FILE PHOTO: V.V. KRISHNAN of the third Test in Mumbai Solid show by Steelers hari 8).
fatigue in energy-sapping would shed nervous sweat one-time payment, benevol- to the mainstream by coach-
did Border acknowledge him Earlier, Haryana Steelers re-
conditions, he felt dizzy and thing big happened. Jones as a batsman. on the flight to Perth think- ent fund and pension. ing Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and corded a 32-20 victory over PLAYING TODAY
vomited, but refused to give was offered A$200,000 tax ing about taking on the pace- The meeting is expected Afghanistan. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Kapil [Dev] took the Gujarat Fortunegiants. The
in. free to go on the rebel tour of man on the fast pitches to approve the list of BCCIs Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal
second new ball, I hooked I have written to the two sides went toe-to-toe in
After his innings con- South Africa in 1985. Back him for a six and four, there. panel of TV commentators Board many times but have the opening period, trading Warriors, STAR Sports 2 & 2
cluded, Jones had to be ad- then, the money could buy square-cut him, and for the Now, they drink a bottle for the ensuing season apart not heard from it, said successful raids and tackles. HD, 8 p.m.
ministered drips. me three homes, set me up first time on the tour, Border of champagne at the pro- from discussing the conflict Prabhakar, who keenly
Jones remembered the for life... my contract with walked down the pitch and spect of another hundred! of interest issue. awaits the CoAs views on
journey leading to the Test at Cricket Australia was said, now I know that you he quipped. Azharuddins dues had the issue.
Chepauk. A$3,000. can play, Jones said. Patrick Patterson was the been withheld following his Ajay Sharma was also
As he confessed, he got His father advised him Although regarded as a quickest bowler he faced, ban for alleged match-fix- given a reprieve by a Delhi
kicked on the tour of the against the move and there path-finder in one-day but Jones recollected a vi- ing. The player had defen- court and the Board is yet to
West Indies in 1984 against he was on the flight to India. cricket for his aggression cious delivery from the over- ded his case in the Andhra contest that decision. He
four fearsome quicks who Ahead of the tour, Jones and athleticism he made the-hill Jeff Thomson at the Pradesh High Court which would, however, have to an-
worked on his feet move- spoke to the great Lindsay 6068 runs in 164 ODIs at Gabba that exploded from ruled against BCCIs process nounce his retirement be-
ment and mind, scored runs Hassett on how to play spin. 44.61 Jones believed he the pitch and had him of conducting the probe and fore seeking his dues.
in bucketfuls in the following You got to use your feet, had a lot more to offer in caught at third-man from the the decision to ban him for Even former India all-
home season but was over- otherwise they will get you, Tests. twisted shoulder of his bat. life. rounder Jadeja has not been
looked for the England tour he told me. In fact, he never played And then, in the city of his The Board, too, did not paid his dues. He, too, may
before being picked for the Then he chatted with Ian for Australia again in Tests destiny, Jones never forgets challenge the Andhra Pra- have to announce his retire-
India campaign. Chappell who enlightened after the 1992 series in Sri to pinch himself. He is alive desh High Court ruling, ment before becoming one No way out: A Gujarat Fortunegiants raider is trapped by the
Ahead of the tour some- him about the mind-games Lanka where he had scores and kicking! leaving Azharuddin plead- of the beneficiaries. Haryana Steelers defenders. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Anand looks
for a strong
Sports Bureau
With four rounds to go in
the Sinquefield Cup chess
tournament, the title-race
is nicely headed for a close
finish with Magnus Carlsen
and Viswanathan Anand
looking good to give cur-
rent leader Maxime Vach-
ier-Lagrave a sleepless
night or two.
As things stand, Lagrave
leads with 3.5 points, half a
point ahead of Carlsen and
Anand. The French leader,
who beat Carlsen, is also
unbeaten like Anand.
Sixth-round pairings: Sergey
Karjakin (Rus, 2.5) vs
Viswanathan Anand (3); Fabi-
ano Caruana (USA, 2.5) vs
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (Fra,
3.5); Magnus Carlsen (USA, 3)
vs Hikaru Nakamura (USA, 2);
Levon Aronian (Arm, 2.5) vs
Wesley So (USA, 2); Ian
Nepomniachtchi (Rus, 2) vs
Peter Svidler (Rus, 2).



Now, try ice cream

that is melt-resistant
Press Trust of India ature with hardly any melt-
Tokyo ing. The researchers tested
Scientists in Japan have the ice cream with a
come up with a cool solu- hairdryer blowing hot on it
tion to stop ice cream from for five minutes and the
melting before you have had product retained its shape.
time to finish it. Scientists have adapted
Ice cream starts melting the ice cream by injecting it
just moments after it is with polyphenol liquid ex-
scooped from a container tracted from strawberries.
and placed into a bowl or on Polyphenol liquid has
a cone. Now, researchers properties to make it diffi-
from Kanazawa University cult for water and oil to sep-
in Japan claim to have found arate, said Tomihisa Ota, a
a way to maintain the shape professor at Kanazawa Uni-
of ice cream by increasing versity. The ice cream
its melting point. comes in different flavours
The product can last including chocolate, vanilla
three hours at room temper- and strawberry.

A skin that tracks movement

IITBombay team produces a wearable device that may help stroke survivors
R. Prasad uniformly distributed. When
Chennai the matrix is stretched or
A thin, light, wearable ges- bent, the way the carbon
ture-tracking device that be- nanotubes are connected
haves like a second skin and changes. This produces a
is able to precisely detect change in the electrical path-
mechanical movements such way across the device which
as bending and stretching of is measured as change in
the joints of the hand fin- resistance.
gers, knuckles and wrist Unlike other devices
has been developed by re- which use metallic elec-
searchers at the Indian Insti- trodes, the one developed by
tute of Technology (IIT) the IIT Bombay team uses
Bombay. the same carbon nanotubes
The device can find ap- for electrodes. Metal elec-
plications in physiothera- trodes are more prone to
peutic recuperation of stroke Test of flexibility: Scientists Chandramouli Subramaniam, failure and fatigue and are
patients, personalised point- left, and Mihir Kumar Jha display the wearable gesture uncomfortable when used
of-care health monitoring tracking device. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
* directly on skin. So we made
systems, and robotics. the electrodes by coating a
While commercially avail- grees during bending in all Chemistry at IIT Bombay.The cotton thread with carbon
able activity trackers can es- the three joints. performance and sensitivity nanotubes, says Priya Rathi,
timate parameters such as What makes the device of the device is not com- the first author of the paper.
number of steps taken and particularly unique is its abil- promised by humidity or Studies will be carried out
calories burnt, this device ity to track the amount of temperature. on healthy individuals and
can accurately measure the bending of individual joints those with arthritis to under-
amount of motion taking and distinguish the differing Across all joints stand the difference in move-
place in all the three joints extent of movement occur- Though we tested the ment of joints. Later, those
during any activity or gestur- ring simultaneously in all the device on the three joints of with early-stage arthritis will
ing, the researchers said. three joints of the hand. the hand, it can be used for be enrolled and a longer-dur-
The device is capable of The device can be dir- tracking the movement of ation study will be conduc-
instantaneously detecting ectly put on skin, on gloves any joint in the body, says ted, says Prof.
movements and is quite or any artificial surface like Prof. Subramaniam. Subramaniam.
sensitive it can detect vari- robots, says Prof. Chan- The researchers used a The results of the research
ations of about 2 mm during dramouli Subramaniam polymeric film as a matrix in were published in the
stretching and about 5 de- from the Department of which carbon nanotubes are journal ACS Omega.

Google fires employee
behind sexist note
Company says Damore violated code of conduct
Actor, who played
Reuters had submitted a charge to authority Mr. Damore could original Godzilla, dead
the U.S. National Labour Re- try to invoke. Non-union or TOKYO
Internet giant Google has lations Board (NLRB) accus- at will employees, such as Haruo Nakajima, the actor
fired the male engineer at ing Google upper manage- most tech workers, can be who played Japans iconic
the centre of an uproar in ment of trying to shame him fired in the United States for city-wrecking monster
Silicon Valley over the past into silence. Its illegal to re- a wide array of reasons that Godzilla in the original 1954
week after he authored an taliate against an NLRB have nothing to do with movie, has died, film studio
internal memo asserting charge, he said. performance. Toho said on Tuesday. He was
there are biological causes The U.S. National Labour 88. Nakajima, who went on
behind gender inequality in Sundar Pichai responds Relations Act guarantees to appear as the iconic
the tech industry. Google Chief Executive workers, whether they are creature a dozen times, died
James Damore, the engin- Sundar Pichai told employ- in a union or not, the right of pneumonia on Monday,
eer who wrote the memo, ees in a note on Monday that to engage in concerted said a spokesman for the
confirmed his dismissal, say- portions of the anti-diversity activities for their mutual studio that produced the
ing that he had been fired memo violate our Code of aid or protection. Godzilla films. AFP
for perpetuating gender Conduct and cross the line Management at the
stereotypes. Mr. Damore by advancing harmful largest tech firms, including
said he was exploring all gender stereotypes in our Google, have publicly com-
possible legal remedies, and workplace. It was not im- mitted to diversifying their
that before being fired, he mediately clear what legal workforces.

Orangutan Chantek, the ape Hong Kong closes 13

beaches after oil spill

who went to college, is dead HONG KONG

Hong Kong has closed more
than a dozen beaches after a
palm oil spill washed foul-
39-year-old animal could communicate via sign language smelling, styrofoam-like
clumps ashore, the latest
Reuters environmental disaster to
Atlanta blight the territorys waters.
Chantek, a male orangutan The city closed two more
who was among the first beaches south of the island
apes to learn sign language, on Tuesday, bringing to 13 the
could clean his room and total shut since two vessels
memorised the way to a fast- collided in the Pearl River
food restaurant, died on estuary. REUTERS
Monday at age 39, Zoo At-
lanta said.
Chantek was taught by a
trainer who raised him like
her own child. The ape was
being treated for heart dis-
ease, the zoo said in a state-
ment. A necropsy will de-
termine the cause of death. Smart cookie: Chantek the orangutan. * REUTERS/ZOO ATLANTA
Chantek will be deeply Scientists make 3D
missed by his family here at with anthropologist Lyn American Sign Language, images of live embryos
Zoo Atlanta. He had such a Miles at the University of along with Koko, a gorilla, WASHINGTON

unique and engaging per- Tennessee at Chattanooga and Washoe, a female Scientists from the University
sonality and special ways of for about nine years. chimpanzee. of Illinois have found a way to
relating to and communicat- Chantek learned to clean He was transferred to Zoo make 3D images of live
ing with those who knew his room, make and use Atlanta in 1997 and fre- embryos, an advance that
him best, said Hayley tools and could direct a driv- quently used sign language may help select the most
Murphy, vice-president of ing route from the university to communicate with keep- viable embryos for successful
the zoos animal divisions. to a Dairy Queen restaurant, ers, the zoo said. But he was pregnancies during in vitro
Chantek, one of the old- according to a 2014 PBS doc- shy about signing with fertilisation. Gradient light
est male orangutans in umentary, The Ape Who people he did not know and interference microscopy
North American zoos, was Went to College. often used communication allows researchers to produce
born at the Yerkes Regional Chantek was among a more typical of orangutans, images from multiple depths
Primate Research Centre in handful of primates who such as vocalisations and that are then composited into
Atlanta. He was sent to live could communicate using hand gestures, it said. a single 3D image. PTI