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iPhone 8:
10 biggest reveals
fromrecent leak



to the iPod iOS 11
shuffle and nano
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4 Apples Q3 earnings soar

7 Highlights of Tim Cooks Q3 call to analysts
13 Apple discontinues iPod nano and iPod shuffle


15 iOS 11 Beta

27 iPhone 8 details we learned from leak
34 Apples risky balancing act with the next iPhone
41 Three features Apples HomePod needs
46 Update to iOS 10.3.3 now

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Safari for iOS tips 49

Master Pokmon Gos latest features 58
Ask the iTunes Guy 66

Save data on your iPhone or iPad 74

Turn an iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot 89
Set up two-factor authentication for Apple ID 94


iPads sales on the rise thanks to cheaper prices 97


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Apples Q3 earnings soar

Booming iPad sales boost results, reports Michael Simon

o new iPhone, no problem for Apples bottom
line. The company just reported its third
quarter results for fiscal year 2017 and theyre
awfully good: $8.7 billion profit, or $1.67 per share,
onrevenueof $45.4billion.
That breaks down to 41 million iPhones, a slight
increase from the third quarter of 2016, when Apple
moved more than a little more than 40 million


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handsetsSales were down when compared to

lastquarters 50.7 million, however.
But the big surprise was the iPad. On the back
of thenew 10.5in iPad Pro released at WWDC in
June, Apple moved 11.4 million tablets, its biggest
non-holiday quarter for the tablet in more than
two years. Thats an increase of nearly 30 percent
from last quarterand 15 percent from Q3 2016.
However,revenue from tablet sales was only up
2 percent, suggesting people may be opting for
cheapermodels. Apples stock spiked more than
5percent on thenews.
The quarter ending June 30 also saw releases of
newMacBooks and iMacs, but the new productsdidnt
have as much of an effect on Apples bottom line.
During the previous three months, Apple moved 4.3
million Macs, roughly thesame as it soldlast year.
Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted Apples Services
revenue, which pulled in $7.3 billion, an increase
of 22percent from the same quarter last year and a
record high: With revenue up 7 percentyear-over-
year, were happy to report our third consecutive
quarter ofaccelerating growth and anall-time
quarterlyrecordforServices revenue, he revealed.
In a conference call, Cook praised Apples
results, saying the company enjoyed growth in all
product categories. In particular, the iPhone 7 was
a strong performer, with sales of the Plus model
up dramatically over the same quarter last year
and showing strong double-digit growth for the
family.Consequently, the iPhones average selling
priceincreased to 650.


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He also spotlighted iPad sales, saying more than

half of customers were buying their first Appletablet.
Additionally, the Mac was a big hit inChina and Japan,
with the two countries postingrecord unit sales.
While Apple doesnt break out its watch sales,
Cook said sale were up over 50 percent year
over year. Looking ahead to the fourth quarter,
Apple expects revenue between $49 billion and
$52 billion,suggesting the usual iPhone launch
towardtheend of September.


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Highlights of Tim Cooks

Q3 call to analysts
Apples CEO had plenty to say, reveals Jason Snell

very 90 days theres a new Apple financial
quarter, a new raft of federally-mandated
financialdisclosures, and another hour-long
conference call that lets us hear Apple CEO Tim
Cook (and CFO Luca Maestri) take questions from
inquisitiveWall Street analysts.
Earlier this summer Apple announced its quarterly
earnings and followed it up with that exciting phone


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 7 17/08/2017 14:41


call. (If youd like to read a completetranscript,

I madeone.) Here are seven highlights that
I gleanedfrom Apples quarterly exercise in
extremelylimited disclosure.

1. Cook didnt defend the iPad

For the first time in a while, Tim Cook didnt have to
express publicly his belief that everything will be just
fine with the iPad. Thats because, for the first time in
three years, iPad sales grew when compared to the
year-ago quarter. Cook even said the iPad has a lot of
momentum, not something that anyones said lately.
As already mentioned, iPad sales were up and grew
across all of Apples geographic segments. According to
Cook, more than half of iPad sales in China and Japan
were to first-time iPad buyers, and in the US education
market, iPad sales were up 32 percent versus the year-
ago quarter.

2. The Apple Watch is doing well, but no details

The Apple Watch isnt a large enough product to require
its own disclosure line in Apples financial results, so its
rolled into the Other Products category and were left
guessing about how wellitsdoing.
Other Products had a good quarter, which suggests
it was a good quarter for the Apple Watch, unless there
was a shocking flurry of Apple TV sales. (There wasnt.)
Cook gave a little more detail during the analyst call,
saying that Apple Watch sales were up 50 percent
presumably over the year-ago quarter? and that its
the top-selling smartwatch in the world by a very wide
margin. How many Apple Watches does that mean?


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How many of them are now out in the world? We can

onlymake educated guesses.

3. Cook is really excited about AR

Have you seen all those videos of demo apps
that developers are building using the new ARKit
frameworks Apple unveiled at WWDC in June? Tim
Cook has too, and hes really excited. Just take a look
at whats already on the on the web on terms of what
people are doing, and it is all over the place, from
entertainment to gaming, he said.
Cook called AR big and profound and one of those
huge things that well look back at and marvel on the
start of it... I couldnt be more excited about it. And
of course, Cook pointed out that when iOS 11 ships,


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Apple will immediately become the worldsbiggest

augmented reality platform.

4. Big and expensive iPhones? They sell

For all the worry about Apple potentially releasing a
third iPhone this fall with plenty of souped-up features
and a higher price tag, nobody seems to be mentioning
the curious case of Apples iPhone product mix lately.
In this latest quarter, the average selling price of an
iPhone increased to 650. According to Maestri, thats
because theres strongdemand for the iPhone 7 Plus,
whichrepresented a higher percentage of the product
mixthan the 6s Plus did last year.
Apple never breaks down the sales of individual
iPhone models, but its clear that the larger, more
expensive phones are selling better than ever and
perhaps even better than Apple anticipated. That might
be an indication that iPhone customers are plenty
willing to pay for bigger or better technology.


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5. Greater China is a mixed bag for Apple

To hear Tim Cook tell it, Apples sales in China wereflat
if you look underneath the numbers. (Besure the
numbers give consent first.) Cook blamed Hong Kong,
saying it was continuing to drag down the rest of
theChina segment, and hedidnt sound optimistic
about that changing.
Cook was also a asked about WeChat, because
latelytheres been a lot of analysis that since Chinese
users love WeChat as a platform, and its basically the
same on iOS and Android, its a liability for Apple
because switching platforms isnt a big deal if all you
care about is WeChat.
Cook flipped the story, suggesting that since Apple
doesnt have anything remotely approachinga majority
of the phone market in China, the pre-eminence of
WeChat meant Apple had an opportunity to more easily
convert people tothe iPhone from Android. Thats an
interestingbitof spin.

6. Big, beautiful plants

The President of the United States recently told
theWall Street Journal that Apple was building three
big, beautiful plants in the United States. People
in theknow responded: Say what now? Fortunately,
analyst Steve Milanovich of UBS askedCook directly
about it on the call.
Let me just take this question from what are we
doing to increase jobs, which I think is probably where
its rooted, Cook said, redirecting the question away
from the claim of new plants. Cook cited, among other
things, $50 billion it spent in the US on goods and


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services, including a significant portion that were

manufacturing related. He cited Apples $200 million
investment in a Corning glass plant in Kentucky, part of
a $1 billion advanced manufacturing fund. And then he
said, I think theres probably several plants that can
benefit fromhaving some investment to grow or expand
or even maybe set up shop in the US for the first time.
So perhaps those three big, beautiful plants arent
ones Apples building, but perhaps theyll be built by
manufacturers Apple is investing in.

7. Nice try, Amit

Almost every analyst call, someone tries to trick Apples
executives into revealing all their secret plans. (No need
Apples firmware team is on the case.) This time it was
RBC Capital Markets Amit Daryanani, who essentially
asked if we should believe blogs and... component
suppliers that thenew iPhone might be delayed,
despite Apples solid revenue forecast for the current
quarter, whenthe iPhone has traditionally gone on sale.
We have no comment on anything thats not
announced, Cook said.
To which Daryanani replied, Fair enough I figured
its worth a shot.
The microphones in Cupertino picked up an
entireroomful of Apple executives laughing out loud.
Its only fair that they get something out of these
analyst calls, too.


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Apple discontinues iPod

nano and iPod shuffle
The iPod line-up now consists of the sixth-generation touch only,
which gets a price reduction, writes Roman Loyola

pple has removed the iPod nano and iPod shuffle
from its website, signalling that the company
has discontinued the two portable audio players.
The iPod line-up now consists only of the iPod touch.
Today, we are simplifying our iPod line-up with two
models of iPod touch now with double the capacity
starting at 199 and we are discontinuing the iPod
shuffle and iPod nano, Apple said in a statement.


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Apple moved on from the iPod as a featured

producta long time ago, but until this summer
the company still made the two iPods available
for purchase. The iPod nano was Apple smallest
touchscreen device, while the shuffle had no screen
atall, relying on a circle of click controls that you use to
navigate through a playlist of songs.
The iPod nano and shuffle were last updated two
years ago with new colours. The original iPod nano
was released in 2005, and was designed as a smaller,
thinner version of the iPod classic. Apple released the
touchscreen iPod nano in 2012. The iPod shuffle made
its debut in 2010, and maintained its clip-on design
throughout its lifespan.
In its quarterly financial results, Apple groups
theiPod in an Other Products category, so theresno
public information that tells how much revenue the
iPod brings Apple, or how many units Apple sells. The
$2.9 billion that the Other Productsbrought in during
Apples second quarterof 2017 was probably due to
the Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Beats products.
Apple also updated the prices and available
modelsof the iPod touch: 199 for a 32GB
model,and299 for a 128GB version.


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iOS 11 beta
Price: Free
Download from:

t WWDC 2017, Apple showed off its new iOS 11
operating system. It wont officially launch until
the autumn probably September but in the
meantime weve been able to put the beta through its
paces. Read on for our thoughts.

Apple continues its gentle evolution of the iOS interface
theres no radical system-wide redesign like we saw in
iOS 7, but a variety of tweaks and improvements.


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Lock Screen and Notifications

Lock Screen and Notifications have now been
combinedinto one screen this ought to make
itabitsimpler and easier to use.

Control Centre
Apple has made significant changes to the Control
Centre, introduced in iOS 7 but in recent years suffering
from feature creep. The two-screen format of the iOS
10Control Centre feels like an unnecessary pain (there
are so few controls on the second screen, and several
ofthe front-page controls are so large, that it could
surely have been condensed into one), and a betrayal
ofthe simple, quick-settings purpose of the feature.
In iOS 11 Control Centre gets a new look, for a
start.Instead of a light grey solid pane with controls
onthe top, the entire screen blurs out and the
individual elements sit on top in their own near-black
rounded rectangles. Its hard to say if this is better
or worse, aesthetically, but its at least different. It
feelsfresh while remaining consistent with Apples
post-iOS 7 design language.
More significantly, Control Centre is now a
single-page affair, so youll no longer try to adjust
the brightness slider and accidentally switch to the
secondpage. This is a good thing.
There are new options in Control Centre, such as
anifty screen recording function and a Mobile Data
on/off toggle. And it uses 3D Touch (or long-press,
on an iPad or older iPhone) to allow quick access to
more settings and features. Hard-press the clock/
alarmbutton, for instance, and gives you quick


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 16 17/08/2017 14:41


New options in the Control

Centre include a Mobile
Data on/off toggle

access toa timer; force-pressing the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

toggles box reveals options for AirDropand personal
hotspots;and so on.
Finally, and as long requested by users, Control
Centre is now customisable. Theres a page in Settings
where you get to decide what appears there. It follows
the same format as the Notifications editing page, with
simple red minus icons to remove elements and green
plus icons to add them.
So much for Control Centre on the iPhone. On the
iPad, interface changes are more pronounced, and
whenyou swipe upwards youll bring up not just the
Control Centre but the (redesigned) app switcher and


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(greatly enhanced) app dock. (In fact, you need to do a

longer swipe upwards to bring up all of these things. A
short swipe up just brings up the dock.)

Dock (iPad only)

This is the first of the changes well be talking about
that affects iPad only, so apologies to iPhone owners
forthe present. Well have more for you shortly.
The app dock has been part of iOS since the
launch of the first iPhone, but this is the first time its
changed significantly. The dock is now accessible from
more places, can contain more icons (including some
smartelements), and supports drag-and-dropping for
quick multitasking.
The old dock was just a row of app icons at the
bottom of the Home screen: the only thing that

You can swipe up from

the bottom in any app
to bring up the Dock


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 18 17/08/2017 14:41


distinguished it from the rest of the interface was that

it was more flexible in number of icons (anywhere
fromzero to six), and it stayed there when you
swipedto later Home screens.
Now its accessible from pretty much anywhere; do
a short swipe up from the bottom of the screen within
an app, just as you used to do to bring up Control
Centre, and the dock appears instead. (On iPhone this
still brings up Control Centre; and on iPad, continuing
the swipe upwards will bring up Control Centre and
theappswitcher as well as the dock, as described
above.) You can then jump to another app, or drag-and-
drop an app directly on to the screen to open it insplit
screen with whatever youre currently doing.
Youll also notice that theres a vertical line partway
along the dock, just as there is on the macOS dock.
Apps to the left of the line are the ones you choose
to put there, but ones to the right are dynamic
either recently used, or currently being used on
otherdevicesyou use, thanks to Handoff.

App switcher (iPad only)

This is less exciting, but the Control Centre screen
wevementioned in the two sections above also
contains the app switcher, which shows screenshots
ofthe currently open apps youve used most recently.
In iOS 10 this is accessed by double-pressing the
Homebutton, and displays the screens in a swippable
stack; here, theyre laid out more simply in two flat
rows.Swipe to the right to see earlier apps.
In most respects this is functionally the same as
theold app switcher, but we think its handy having


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 19 17/08/2017 14:41


itall gathered on the same screen as the Control Centre

and dock. There is, however, one change here which
strikes us as mildly inconvenient: instead of just swiping
upwards on one of the screens to close that app, as you
do in iOS 10, you now have to press and hold a screen
until little X icons appear, and then tap that icon.
Note that if you swipe up on an unlocked iPad, the
Control Centre will be in its usual position on the right,
but the dock and app switcher elements will be absent.

Redesigned App Store

Apple has redesigned the App Store quite extensively.
Launching the app now takes you to a Today tab, which
is designed to help with app discovery (one of the App
Stores historically greatest problems). Youll see new


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 20 17/08/2017 14:41


Collections, a Daily List centred around a particular

theme, and tutorials that show you how to doparticular
things in new apps.
There are now dedicated tabs for Games and
(non-game) Apps, places for you to discover both new
and popular offerings, as well as in-app purchases for
apps you may already own which are available to view
and download right there within the App Store. Youll
see previews, tips and gameplay videos too.
The Search tab remains; Apple didnt say what
work if any has been done to improve the quality and
protection against spam of an App Store search, which
is mildly worrying. App Store search in iOS 10 and
earlier is rifewith problems, and feels at least five years
behindthe standards of web search engines.

New features
A huge number of new features have been unveiled
foriOS 11; here are the highlights.

New Messages features

iOS 11s Messages app has been updated with several
new features including a new app drawer, which
contains stickers, and a new peer-to-peer version of
Apple Pay which lets you pay contacts via iMessage.
That could be a game-changer; Apple Pay has already
made big strides in corporate adoption but this can
takeit into the realm of everyday life (and may make
settling up restaurant debts a doddle).
Apple Pays new feature still uses the TouchID
fingerprint sensor, and money received will go into
yourApple Pay Cash Card, which you can use for


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 21 17/08/2017 14:41


furtherApple Pay payments or to transfer money back

into your bank account.
Theres also new Messages in iCloud: a feature that
will automatically synchronise your conversations
across all of your iOS and macOS devices.
Finally, Apple has added a new QuickType keyboard
which on iPhone will mean you can use the device
easier with one hand. It will move the keys closer to
your thumb for one-handed typing.

Siri improvements
Siri has a new, supposedly more natural-sounding male
and female voice, as well as a new visual interface.
Apple also added new features to Siri including
theability to translate what you say
into German, French, Italian, Chinese
or Spanish, with further languages
beingadded soon. It also works
betterwith Apple Music to help
suggest songs youmight like.
Siri is also becoming more
intelligent in iOS 11. It will now
use on-device learning to discover
more aboutyou, and therefore
improve suggestions when youre in
particular apps. For example, if youre
lookingat a particular place or topic
in Safari, Siri can suggest related
words and items in Mail, Messages
and other apps. Additionally,
although Apple didnt talk about it
during the keynote, youll be able to


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 22 17/08/2017 14:41


typequeries into Siri rather than always being forced

tospeak them out loud.

New Camera features

The camera software has seen a lot of improvements,
including improved image quality. Portrait Mode in
the iPhone 7 Plus can be taken with Optical Image
Stabilisation, True Tone flash and HDR, for example.
A new Depth API is being released for developers,
which means theyll be able to use the iPhone 7 Pluss
camera to add more depth information to their apps.
Apple has also added a new technology called
HighEfficiency Image File Format (HEIF) that reduces
the file size of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus photos.
Finally, the camera is also getting a QR scanner
built-in this is long overdue, albeit bad news for
themakers of rubbish free QR reader apps.

Live Photo Effects

You can now choose precisely the frame you want from
a Live Photo to make your Key Photo, and there are
alsonew Effects available to use with Live Photos.
The new Loops effect will turn your Live Photo
into an infinite video loop; Bounce will play and then
reverse the clip. And a really cool feature means you
can combine Live Photos to create a Long Exposure
effect, perfect for waterfalls or city shots, for example.

Indoor Maps and Lane Navigation

Maps of airports and shopping centres are coming soon,
and were also about to get information about your
speed, and lane navigation.


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iOS 11 sees the launch of a new feature called Do

Not Disturb While Driving, too (you can find out how
touse it here). When activated, people who are tryingto
get in touch with when driving will get a noteto
say youll see the message when you arrive atyour
destination. (They can choose to override this,ifits

A new AirPlay protocol brings lots of new features for
speakers including multiroom support, and theres
anAirPlay 2 audio DPI for developers. Youll also now
be able to see what your friends have been listening
to in Apple Music thanks to new public profiles. Plus,


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 24 17/08/2017 14:41


developers will get access to a new Apple Music API

tointegrate its library into other apps such asNike+
Run Club and Shazam.

Improved data tracking

While it may not be as glamorous as a redesigned
App Store or an overhauled Control Centre, theres a
new addition in iOS 11 that will make it much easier
to manageyour mobile data. Within the Mobile Data
section of the Settings app, youll find a bunch of
newoptions and menus.
Were not sure if its compatible with all carriers at
this time, but we can confirm that EE customers in iOS
11 will be able to find out how much data they have
used and how much they have left in the Settings app.
It doesnt end there, either you can even
change your data plan from within the Settings
app. It providesan easier way to keep an eye on
your mobiledata without the need to download a
third-partyapp from the App Store.

Files app (iPad only)

As per the rumours, iOS 11 features a new app called
Files. Like the multitasking features, its designed to
make life easier for power users.
Files will keep all of your documents in one easy-to-
use place. Youll be ale to drag and drop attachments
from Mail or any other app into a particular folder,
or create folders to help stay organised and find
what youre looking for faster. Its going to make
multitaskingso much quicker, and brings the iPad
Proalot closer to an alternative to a laptop.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 25 17/08/2017 14:41


Apple Pencil compatibility (iPad only)

For iPad Pro models, the Apple Pencil has become
better than ever thanks to new integrated support for
inline drawing, and a new Instant Notes feature that
letsyou open the Notes app directly from the Lock
Screen with a simple tap.

Which iPhones and iPads are compatible?

Heres a list of every Apple device that supports iOS 11:

iPad Air 1, Air 2,

9.7in Pro, 10.5in Pro, 12.9in Pro (2015/17)
iPad mini 2, iPad 3, iPad 4
iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus
iPod touch (sixth generation)

Were cautiously optimistic about this update. The
new features are appealing the new dock and drag-
and-drop interface tweaks seem particularly useful for
multitasking, the camera changes will be very popular
and AR seems fun if niche and, well, itll be free.
DavidPrice and Lewis Painter


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 26 17/08/2017 14:41


iPhone 8 details we
learned from leak
Its like the iPhone 4 all over again. Michael Simon reports

Credit: Twitter / Benjamin Geskin

f you were following Apple back in 2010, you
remember the infamous iPhone 4 leak. The handset
that introduced the world to FaceTime, the Retina
display, and a stunning design that lives on to this day
in the iPhone SE was plastered all over Gizmodo some


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 27 17/08/2017 14:41


two months before its formal introduction. Even in the

age of rumour sites and Reddit, it was a rare red-faced
moment for Apple.
And from the looks of it, it has happened again.
No, the iPhone 8 wasnt left in a California bar by
an absent-minded Apple employee, but a ton of
information about the next iPhone was inadvertently
leaked by an unwitting engineer. A pre-release version
of the HomePod firmware was accidentally uploaded
to a public server recently, and naturally, developers
quicklydownloaded it and starting diggingfor clues.
And boy were there a lot of them.

1. The bezels are shrinking, big time

The very existence of the iPhone 8 in an S year tells
us that it will be a radical change from the current
iPhone design, but Apple has all but confirmed just
how different it will look. According to a scalable vector
image spotted by developer Steven Troughton-Smith,
the new handset design matches up with the rumours
of an all-screen front that dispenses of the Home
button. The picture isntvery detailed, but it does
showa design somewhat reminiscent of the LG G6, but
with uniform skinny bezels all around.

2. There will be a camera notch

One of the defining and likely controversial aspects
of the new iPhone appears to be a notch at the top
of the screen for the camera and sensors. And Apple
isnt trying to hide it. In the iPhone 8 icon discovered
insidethe firmware, the crude drawing clearly shows
anotch jutting into the top of the screen. Weve seen


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 28 17/08/2017 14:41


asimilar design in the upcoming

Essential phone, though Apples
isfar more pronounced. Purists might
balk at the seemingly un-Apple-like
decision, but it might not be so bad
in practice. Troughton-Smith found
references to a new split status
bar that would presumably place
the battery and Wi-Fi icons around
Credit: Steven Troughton-Smith

the notch, and he also notes that

the status bar seems a lot more
complexand powerful in design,
maybe even interactive.

3. The screen will be even better

Ever since the iPhone 4 introduced
us to the pixel-less world of Retina
displays, nearly every Apple display has shifted
to the eye-friendly standard (sorry MacBookAir
fans). But nowit seems as though the iPhone will
up the ante again. During his code spelunking,
Troughton-Smith found references to a newscreen
resolution of 2436x1125 with a robust a 521ppi
density. Thewouldrepresent a healthy bump from
the 1334x750 and 1920x1080 resolutionsin the
iPhone7and 7 Plus, respectively.

4. AR is a big deal
Apple is killing it when it comes to augmented reality.
While its ARKit platform was only just released
at WWDC in June, developers have already made
some truly amazing things with it, and its clear that


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 29 17/08/2017 14:41


Apple has big plans for AR. But it will be the iPhone
8 that fully unlocks its potential. Weve already
read rumours of a 3D laser system and a depth-
sensing camera, but Troughton-Smith also spotted a
curious reference toARFaceAnchor in the HomePod
firmware. Thissuggests that there will be specific AR
featurestailored for the iPhone 8.

5. Touch ID likely out, Face ID definitely in

Rumours have suggested that Touch ID will be going
away in the iPhone 8, and Troughton-Smiths probing
seemingly confirms it. Not only did he not find a single
mention of the under-the-display ultrasound Touch
ID we were all hoping for, he discovered a trove of
BKFaceDetect references inside the BiometricKit
framework, alluding to a new system of unlocking the
phone using our faces rather than our fingers. Based on
his findings, he has surmised that the new system, code
named Pearl ID, will support multiple faces and use an
infrared sensor for low-light situations. And theres also
a passbook.payment.contactlessinterface reference
suggesting Apple Pay support as well.

6. A tap will wake the screen

Without a home button on the front, were going to
have a harder time unlocking our iPhones when theyre
resting on a table, but Apple has apparently solved that
problem. Troughton-Smith spotted a reference to tap-
to-wake, meaning youll be able to tap or double-tap
on the screen to bring it to life.Android phones have
enjoyed the feature for years, but it would be a new
and welcome addition to the iPhone.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 30 17/08/2017 14:41

Credit: AGVideos FEATURE

A virtual home button like

this concept will likely
replace the physical one

7. The home button goes digital

Without a physical home button, Apple will need to
go the Android route and make a virtual one on the
screen to aid with navigation. So its no surprise that
Troughton-Smith found repeated references to a home
indicator that will seemingly only appear when you
need it. Whats more, the previously rumoured function
area looks to be legit. The resolution Troughton-Smith
unearthed suggests apps will only take up a 5.15in
portion of the rumoured 5.8in screen, presumably
leaving an area at the bottom for buttons and shortcuts.

8. There will be three new models

Among the goodies uncovered in the HomePod is the
code name (er, number) for the iPhone 8: D22. This isnt
random. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were code named D10


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 31 17/08/2017 14:41


and D11, respectively, so naturally the 7s and 7s Plus

would be D20 and D21, and the new model D22. (For
reference, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were branded N60
and N61, while the 6s and 6s Plus were N70 and N71.)
And Apple might have tipped us off to the release
date, too. In its fourth-quarter guidance, Apple expects
between revenue between $49 billion and $52 billion,
significantly higher than the $46.9 billion it reported in
the same quarter last year. That likely means Apple is
planning on shipping a pretty good amount of iPhones
before 30 September.

9. You wont have to plug it in

Weve been hearing for months that wireless charging
will finally arrive with the iPhone 8, and now theres
confirmation that Apple is indeed working on a new


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 32 17/08/2017 14:41


charging system. There are two clues here. The first

is a new battery icon specific to the iPhone 8. While
that could be written off as a simple design decision,
a Redditer also found references to charge inductive
and high voltageinthe code. That likely means Apple
will introduce fast charging and wireless charging in
theiPhone 8, though weve heard whispers that it
wontbe ready at launch.

10. The camera will be smarter

Its not a surprise to hear that the camera will be
gettingan upgrade in the next iPhone, but the
HomePodfirmware gives us a hint as to how much
better it will be. Developer Guilherme Rambo found
a reference to a new SmartCam mode that will
presumably be able to detect your surroundings and
fine-tune the exposure, focus, and white balance
accordingly. Among the modes he spotted are baby,
petbright stage, fireworks, sky, snow, and many others.
It might not seem like much, but it could end up being
the most used feature of the iPhone 8 and based on
what we know, thats saying something.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 33 17/08/2017 14:41


Apples risky balancing

act with the next iPhone
The idea Apple might make an high-end phone with a huge price
tag has rubbed many up the wrong way, argues Jason Snell

s there always are at this time of year, there are
lots of rumours out there about what the next
iPhone will be. This year were hearing that
Apple is going to release a high-priced, next-generation
phone in addition to the expected iPhone 8 models. The


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 34 17/08/2017 14:41


idea that Apple might make an ultra-high-end phone

with a huge price tag has rubbed many people the
wrong way. Daring Fireballs John Gruber did the math,
and while this potential move makes a lot of sense,
its also a gamble on Apples part. But if Apple didnt
release a next-generation phone this fall, it would also
be risking the fortunes of both its brand and its most
important product.

The trouble with the cutting edge

In the early days of the smartphone market, every
new phone model brought huge leaps forward in
functionality. But these days its tougher to make
major advances that motivate users of older phones
to upgrade. Still, Apples got to sell new iPhones so
in secret product labs in Cupertino, Apples designers
andengineers are always trying to figure out whats
next. Apples well-earned reputation for bringing
cutting-edge technology to the masses is on the line
with every release.
While Apple made some major improvements
between 2014s iPhone 6 and 2016s iPhone 7 dual
cameras on the plus model and huge processor and
graphics updates under the hood, just to name a few
the fact is that the outside design of the iPhone hasnt
changed in nearly three years. Meanwhile, Apples
competitors are releasing new designs with big screens
and reducedbezels that make the front of the phone
appear to be almost entirely taken up by a screen.
By most accounts, Apples next-generation iPhone
will offer a similar design. But also, by many accounts,
Apple is struggling to create that product and when


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 35 17/08/2017 14:41


it arrives, it may be expensive, late to ship, and supply

This is one of those areas where Apple may be the
victim of its own success. The iPhone is so popular
a product that Apple cant include any technology
or source any part if it cant be made more than 200
million times a year. If the supplier of a cutting-edge
part Apple wants can only provide the company with 50
million per year, it simply cant be used in the iPhone.
Apple sells too many, too fast.
Contrast that to Apples competition. On the smaller
end, former Android chief Andy Rubin announced the
Essential phone, but even Rubin admitted that hed
only be able to sell in thousands, not millions. Same
for the RED Hydrogen One groundbreaking phone,
hardly likely to sell in any volume. The Google Pixel
looks like its in the one million range. Apples biggest
competitor, Samsung, has to deal with a scale more
similar to Apples but its still only expected to sell 50
or 60million units of the flagship Galaxy S8.
Now, its entirely possible that Apples apparent
difficulties with its next-generation phone model arein
part the fault of designers and engineers who bet that
new technology would be available at scale and at the
prices necessary for Apple to maintain its profit margins
in order to ship this newphone inthe fall of 2017. But
its also true that most cutting-edge technologies are
going to cost more and initially be available in limited
quantities, unless Apple makes huge investments in
equipmentand manufacturing and corners the worlds
supply of those parts, which it has done on more than
one occasion.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 36 17/08/2017 14:41


The titanium version

of the RED Hydrogen
phone is priced at
$1,595 (1,200)

One way to work around the challenge of the

iPhones scale is to add a new, high-end model thats
not expected to carry the burden of the entireiPhone
market something more likely to sell 30 or 50
million units, rather than 200 million. (Even the
iPhone SE probably sells in greater quantities than any
smartphone not made by Appleor Samsung. Apple
is big.) If youre Apple, you raise the price to limit
demand, yes, but possibly also to offset the expense of
the new cutting-edge tech being used in the product.
So thats the speculation for this fall: that Applewill
release the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, withmodest
improvements in functionality and little to no change
in external design, and expect those phones to soak
up most of the demand, while the new high-end phone
sells in smaller numbers up atthe high end.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 37 17/08/2017 14:41


That scenario makes sense, more or less. Its still a

risky move for Apple to make.

Why buy the rest when you can buy the best?
The iPhone is Apples most important product, by far.
iPhone revenue made up 63 percent of overall Apple
revenue during its last financial quarter. The risk Apple
takes in monkeying with theiPhoneproduct mix is that
it will do somethingto suppressiPhone sales.
Its worth asking the question, then: If Apple
released minor iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates
and simultaneously released a sent-from-the-future
iPhone Pro with a bunch of great new features for a
high price, what would you do? Somepeople will buy
that expensive cool phone, tobe sure no matter how
Apple prices that device,I suspect theyll sell them as
fast as they can make them. But if youre ready for an
upgrade and either cant get one of those high-end
iPhonesor simply dont want to spend that much ona
phone, then what?


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 38 17/08/2017 14:41


The risk Apple is taking is that the mere existence of

a top-of-the-line iPhone will make the iPhone 7s and 7s
Plus look dull, boring, and unworthy of desire. Up until
now, pretty much everyone who buys a new iPhone has
received the same model, excepting some colour and
storage variations. Even the iPhone Plus line is largely
a scaled-up version with an improved camera. But in
a world where theres an amazingly cool iPhone, will
people stop buying the boring models?
If that happens, Apple could end up with long
waitsfor the expensive phone and a glut of iPhone
7s and 7s Plus models... and a drop in overall iPhone
sales.That would not be good.
So why would Apple take the risk to change its
iPhone product mix and release an expensive top-
of-the-line model that could potentially suppress
sales of its most important product? The risk of doing
nothing is that Apple will, for the third consecutive
year, have released iPhone models that look more or
less like the previous years model, and all the while,
its competitors are releasing new phones with exciting
new features, including edge-to-edge displays and
bright OLED screens. I am not one of those people who
believes thatApples entire product strategy is about
being cool,and that people only value Apple stuff for
the cachet it brings its users. And yet, I cant deny that
one of the defining aspects of the Apple brand is an
expectation that the company will bring the masses
thecoolest, most cutting-edge technology around.
Thelast thing Apple wants is for the iPhone to be
perceived as a laggard, eternally behind faster movers
like Samsung and Google.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 39 17/08/2017 14:41


I can write all about Apples issues with building

products at scale all I want, but billions ofsmartphone
buyers dont care about that. All they care about is
theproduct itself. And if Applecantmake a cool
iPhone, for whatever reason, it risks the long-term
reputation of the iPhone and Apple brands.
Thats why (assuming that the rumours are true)
Apple is willing to make this risky move to offering a
high-end iPhone that makes the regular iPhone pale
in comparison. The company might even see a short-
term drop in sales of the cheaper iPhone. But if the
new iPhone truly shines,Applewill havereclaimed
thehighground inthe smartphonecategory.
Im sure Apple would have preferred that it could
release a cutting-edge phone as the only iPhone this
year, but the rumours suggest that didnt work out.
The companys choice, then, is to let it all ride another
year or do something dramatic despite the risks.
Thepeople who are the market for a new iPhone
thisfall will reveal to us whether Apples gamble
wasthe right one.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 40 17/08/2017 14:41


Three features Apples

HomePod needs
The HomePod needs to shine in a few key areas if Apple wants it
to make a splash. Dan Moren reports

ts pretty clear that the HomePod was one of the star
attractions of this years WWDC. For a product that had
little in the way of actual stage time (and even less
in terms of what was demonstrated to journalists) and
wont ship for several months yet, it certainly grabbed
a lot of the airtime directly following the event. And in
that, it follows in the merry tradition of products like
theoriginal iPhone and the iPad.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 41 17/08/2017 14:41


But its hard to tell from the meagre time devoted

to it just how important Apple thinks the HomePod
is. Its kicker placement at the end of the keynote
would suggest that the company thinks thedevice
is positioned to make a big splash, but the intense
focuson music alsoseems to point to more of a
nicheutility for many.
So, which is it? Is the HomePod a product on the
same level of importance as the iPad or Apple TV, or
isitsimply a souped up version of the iPod Hi-Fi?

First off, let me say that Im a firm believer that
with Apple what you see is generally what you get.
So the rumours that the HomePod might contain
some significant hitherto unseen functionality,
like a replacement for the AirPort Extreme, seem
to meentirely fanciful. There may be small
implementation details or features that we havent
seen yet, but what Apple is selling is a high-quality
networked speaker with Siri built-in. Anything more
than that is pure conjecture.
Thats not nothing. As Sonos has proved, theresa
market for high-quality networked speakers. If theres
room in that market, its largelybecause as popular
as Sonos is among a certain class of people, it doesnt
have the brandreach that Apple does.
Plus, that dedication to music and audio is
something that runs deep in Apples product line. Yes,
the iPod Hi-Fi might not have been a big hit inits day,
but I know a few people who still have them, and the
complaints certainly arent about the sound quality


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 42 17/08/2017 14:41


of the device. I have no doubt that the HomePod will

prove to be an excellent speaker the question is,
well,everything else.

Questioning Siri
The HomePod sweet spot is exactly where Apple thinks
it is: combining the features of a Sonos and a smart
speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. The
company is right that nobody has managed to put both
of those things together yet as an owner of multiple
Echos, a Google Home, and a couple Sonos speakers,
I wholeheartedly agree that it would be great to
streamline that setup into a single convenient package.
Just as when Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone was
awidescreen iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a
breakthrough Internet communicator in a single device,
virtual-assistant-powered speakers and great networked
speakers should really be oneand the same.
But those smarts are where the biggest risk comes
in. Theres certainly been a perception that Siri has
been slower to advance, especially as competition from
Amazon and Google has becomestronger. A recent
report suggests that consumers are using Siri lessoften;


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 43 17/08/2017 14:41


while those types of surveys are best consumed with a

grain of salt, lets set aside for the moment whether or
not Siri is actually less capable. Id argue the important
issue to take away from that is one of context. Yes,
weve heard the argument that a virtual assistant in a
mobile device that goes everywhere with you is more
useful, but Im not so sure thats true. I use the virtual
assistants that are tethered to my home far, far more
than I use Siri on my phone. A not insignificant part of
that is reliability: I find that they are more consistently
responsive than Siri. But a bigger point is, once again,
context. Im far more comfortable talking to a virtual
assistant in the comfort of my own home than I am
when Im in public with my phone. Not to mention that
home, myphone is often somewhere that Siri wont
work in my pocket, or in another room whereas the
Echo and the Google Home dont require me to fumble
around looking for a device.
Of course, putting Siri into a home context could
mean that people end up using it more, which could in
turn trigger more rapid development on the assistant.
Ultimately, the only way Siri gets better is if people try
to use it more. In the end, Apple is focusing on music
because its an easy entry point for most people, and
its closely tied to the device in a way, Apple is using
voice control of music as a Trojan Horse to get people
acclimated to its voice assistant, and then branching
outfrom there.

The price of admission

The other big risk for Apple is on the price side. The
company has already made the argument that a


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 44 17/08/2017 14:41


HomePod is cheaper than buying both an Echo and a

Sonos speaker, and sure, thats fair. But the virtue of the
Sonos is the way they work together. You want to buy
two HomePods and youre talking about 700 not an
inconsiderable amount of money. Certainly putting a
HomePod in every room of your house quickly becomes
an expensive proposition perhaps even more so than
equipping your home with Sonos speakers and an Echo.
But Apple has never shied away from offering what
it sees as premium product for a premium price, and
the HomePod is no exception. Thats a strategy that has
largely worked out for the company to date. The real
question is whether or not the consumers will consider
a smart-assistant combined with a networked speaker
to be as essential a purchase as the devices that have
come before. If the Echo and Google Home are any
indication, my bet is that those
who do take the plunge
will quickly consider it
indispensable, while
those who havent yet
seen it in action will be
more sceptical. Even at its
best, the HomePod isnt
likely to reach the sales
heights of the iPhone, or
even theiPad or Mac. But
put it in the same league
as theApple TV, Apple
Watch, and even the
AirPods and, well, that will
benothing to sniff at.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 45 17/08/2017 14:41


Update to iOS 10.3.3 now

Apple patches serious Wi-Fi exploit. Glenn Fleishman reports

OS users should update immediately to version 10.3.3
to eliminate the risk of a Wi-Fi-based exploit that can
be carried out by an attacker in proximity to a device
or potentially through a compromised Wi-Fi router
without any interaction from the user at all.
In the iOS 10.3.3 update, Apple patched a bug that
arises from how three models of Broadcom wireless
chips, which Apple uses in iOS hardware, processes
data. The chips are designed for smartphones and
tablets, and arent used in Macs or other full-featured


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 46 17/08/2017 14:41


PCs. Security researcher Rich Mogull of Securosis

said, As described, the Broadcom vulnerability is
extremelyserious, but we will need to see the full
exploit details to determine the real risk to users
onallthe various devices out there.
Affected devices are the iPhone 5 and later, fourth-
generation iPads and later, and the sixth-generation
iPod touch. Apples release note explained, An
attackerwithin range may be able to execute arbitrary
code on the Wi-Fi chip, and attributed its discovery
toNitay Artenstein of Exodus Intelligence.
Artenstein in April scheduled a talk about the
vulnerability for the Black Hat security event happening
in Las Vegas 22 to 27 July without providing details.
He labelled the flaw Broadpwn. Artenstein hasnt yet
provided further details, although his talk says hell
tellthe story of how we found the bug and exploited
itto achieve full code execution and how we went
onto leverage our control of the Wi-Fi chip in order
torun code in the main application processor.
To use this proximity attack, a malicious party would
need to be within range of a user with a vulnerable
device. That limits the potential effect, but also means
that anyone with an unpatched device remains at
risk from hackers using heavily trafficked public
places or targeted employees of specific companies,
organizations, or government agencies.
Wi-Fi routers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices
used by consumers and small businesses have been
cracked in the millions worldwide, making that an
unfortunately plausible vector that bypasses the
requirement for someone to be within Wi-Fi range of a


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 47 17/08/2017 14:41


victim or thousands of victims.

Compromised hardware could
then be used to stage attacks.
On 5 July, Google released
a patch for the flaw for Android
systems. Apples update
came on 19 July. No reports
have appeared of this flaw
being exploited in the wild. It
affects hundreds of millions of
smartphonesand other devices
that use a set of Broadcom chips
released started a few years ago.
Online metrics show that
iOS users tend to update to
the latestreleases rapidly, and
this should be no different.
But if you havent yet, you can
avoid any potential of being
hit by this and other security exploitsby installing
thelatestreleaseright away.
Android uses may have a more difficult track,
as evensome modern Android phones with the
affectedchips lack upgrade paths. Mogull notes,
Although mostiOS devices with the vulnerable chip
can be patched, this likely doesnt hold true for all
Android (and other) devices.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 48 17/08/2017 14:41


Safari for iOS tips

Ben Patterson shows how to hide your frequently visited sites,
remotely close Safari tabs on other devices, and more.

ou probably already know how to search the
web from Safaris address bar on your iPhone, or
which button enables the handy Reader mode.
But for every Safari feature you think youve mastered,
another is hiding in plain sight. For example, theres an
easy way to search the current page in Safari, as well as
customize how Reader mode looks and feels. Read on
for more of our favourite Safari tips.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 49 17/08/2017 14:41


1. Hide frequently visited websites

As youre browsing, Safari for iOS keeps track of
the websites you visit the most and puts them in
a Frequently Visited panel just beneath your web
favourites, which you can access by tapping the address
bar. The Frequently visited section can make for a
handy way to jump to favourite sites that you never
bothered to manually star as a favourite. On the other
hand, it also reveals your oft-visited sites to anyone
else who happens to use Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
If youd rather keep your frequently visited sites
under wraps, try this: tap Settings > Safari, scroll down
to the General section, then toggle off the Frequently
Visited Sites setting.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 50 17/08/2017 14:41


2. Rearrange or delete your favourites

Speaking of your favourite sites, you actually have
morecontrol over their appearance in Safari than you
might think. For example, try this: tap the address bar
to reveal your favourites, tap and hold one of the site
icons, then drag the icon to rearrange it.
You can also unfavourite a site by tapping and
holding its icon, then tapping the Delete button that
appears. Want to rename an icon? Tap and hold it, then
tap Edit. While you cant rearrange or edit frequently
visited sites, you can (assuming you havent turned
them off entirely) delete them one-by-one by tapping
and holding an icon, then tapping Delete.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 51 17/08/2017 14:41


3. Change Reader mode

font and background colour
One of the most handy features in Safari, Reader mode
reformats a cluttered web page to make it easier to
read. To activate Reader mode, all you have to do is
tap the little four-line button on the left side of the
address bar. By default, the background colour for
Reader is bright white, while the font is the relatively
boring sans-serif San Francisco better than trying to
read tinytext on a busy web page, certainly, but not
as soothing as the silky fonts and warm background
huesin the iBooks app.
If you look in the top corner of a Reader-enabled
page, youll see a telltale aA button. Tap it, and a
menuof alternative fonts and background colours will
appear, perfect for switching to a supple serif font with
an easy-on-the-eyes cream backdrop.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 52 17/08/2017 14:41


4. Search for text on a page

Like Chrome, Safari for iOS makes it easy to search
Google (or the search engine of your choice) by
tappingyour search directly into the address bar.
Confusingly, though, you can also search for text
on the current web page in exactly the same way, but
you might not know it unless you scroll down a bit on
Safaris search results. If you do, youll find On This
Page results at the very bottom of the list, typically
hidden by the virtual keyboard.
For a more intuitive way to search a web page in
Safari, tap the Action button (the one that looks like a
square with an up arrow) at the bottom of the screen,
then tap the Find on Page button in the bottom row
ofAction options.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 53 17/08/2017 14:41


5. Add a site to your home screen

One of the oldest Safari for iOS features is one thats
easily forgotten: the ability to add a shortcut, complete
with its own icon, for any web page to your home
screen. Just visit a website, tap the Action button at the
bottom of the screen, then tap the Add to Home Screen
button (in the bottom row of buttons). Youll have a
chance to edit the name of your new home screen icon
before you tap the Add button.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 54 17/08/2017 14:41


6. Save a web page as a PDF in iBooks or Dropbox

One of the best ways to preserve a permanent hard
copy of a web page is to save it as a PDF, and theres a
surprisingly easy way to do it in Safari for iOS.
Just visit any website in Safari, tap the Action button,
scroll through the top row of buttons and tap Save PDF
to iBooks. Once created, the PDF will open within the
iBooks app; from there, tap the Action button again (this
time at the top of the screen) to email or print the PDF.
Dont want to save the PDF to iBooks? If youve
got Dropbox installed, youll find a Save to Dropbox
buttonin the bottom row of Action buttons in Safari;
tap it, and Safari will save a PDF of the page in your
Dropbox folder.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 55 17/08/2017 14:41


7. Close open tabs on other iOS devices

If you tap the Tabs button in Safari for iOS (the two-
square button in the bottom corner of the screen) and
scroll down, youll see a list of the Safari tabs you have
open on all your various iCloud-connected devices,
such as your Mac desktop system and/or your iPad.
What you may not know, though, is that in addition
to being able to remotely view your open Safari tabs on
other iOS devices, you can remotely close those tabs,
too. Just swipe from right to left on any tab, then tap
the red Delete button. Keep in mind that itll take a few
seconds for a remotely closed tab to actually close.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 56 17/08/2017 14:41


8. Do a Spotlight search directly within Safari

If theres a word, a name, or some other string of text
on a web page that youd like to dig up some info on,
theres an easy way to do it without ever leaving Safari.
Just tap, hold, and drag the selection handles
around the words you want to look up, then tap the
aptly named Look Up button in the black options
bubble that appears. When you do, an overlay window
with universal Spotlight search results will appear,
includinghits like word definitions, recent news
stories, Wikipedia articles, relevant reviews, and (not
surprisingly) matches from the iTunes Store.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 57 17/08/2017 14:41


Master Pokmon
Gos latest features
Andrew Hayward looks at the games competitive overhaul

okmon Go is just over a year old, and while
Niantic was celebrating the smash mobile games
first birthday with hat-wearing Pikachu sightings
in the game, there was also a big functional addition to
the game: Raid Battles and the rebuilt Gym system.
The Raid Battles hatch powerful Pokmon at Gyms
throughout the game for limited-time showdowns and


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 58 17/08/2017 14:41


up to 20 players can take them on at the same time,

working together towards a big bounty. Meanwhile, the
Gyms themselves have changed in structure, not only in
the way theyre managed by teams and players but also
in the way they parcel out rewards for staying put.
Outside of Februarys influx of second-generation
monsters, its surely the largest feature addition
the game has seen to date and it might get your
competitive juices flowing again if you grew tired of
the old Gym system. Heres a look at how the games
updated elements work, and how you can thrive in both.

Ready to Raid
If you live near any Gyms and
youve played Pokmon Go over
the past several days, then youve
probably already seen some Raid
Battles on the map. They pop up
every so often on Gyms, and youll
either see an egg or a Pokmon at
the top of the beacon, both with
a timer below. If theres an egg,
that means a Raid Battle will begin
as soon as the timer hits zero. If
theres already a Pokmon up top,
however, that means you have a
limited amount of time left (less
than an hour) to take part in that
battle before it finishes up.
At the time of writing, anyone
with a player level of 5 or higher Raid Battles pop up on
Gyms all around the map
can take part in Raid Battles, and


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 59 17/08/2017 14:41


its unclear whether Niantic will bother lowering that

any further it seems like a fair bar to cross in terms
of play time and experience before taking on these
challenging fights. If you see a Raid Battle in action,
simply approach the gym and youll be able to take part.
Well, at least if you have a Raid Pass. Each Raid
Battle requires one of the passes, and luckily, youll get
one per day simply for visiting a Gym and spinning the
Photo Disc. Wait, spinning the disc at a Gym? Thats
right: Gyms now also double as PokStops with this
latest update, and thats true of Gyms that are hosting
Raid Battles, as well. If you use your free daily Raid Pass,
you can buy more for 100 coins apiece in the shop.
Each Raid Battle carries a
difficulty rating between one and
five, although level five Battles
havent been unveiled just yet. A
level one Raid Battle might put
you up against a monster with
1165 CP as I have encountered
several Magikarp at that level.
Meanwhile, a level four Battle
could find you on the opposite
end of an insanely overpowered
Tyranitar at nearly 35,000 CP.
Thatwould be impossible to
takedown alone, right?
Exactly. And thats why Raid
Battles are multiplayer-centric
events. Sure, you can take them
on solo, but the chances of you
Uh, that wont be an easy fight
beating a level three Battle solo


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 60 17/08/2017 14:41


seem nigh impossible. But if you

can wrangle a few friends, or team
up with some random players
nearby, then you have a much
better shot of winning out. Up
to 20 people can participate in a
simultaneous Raid Battle, should
you happen upon the incredible
scenario of 19 other people
congregated in the same spot
toplay Pokmon Go.
Thats pretty unlikely these
days. Back when Pokmon Go
first launched, youd see packs
of people roving around parks
and cities, playing together and
enjoying the initial thrill of the
launch. Pokmon Go still has a Avoid going into battle
solid player base, but not nearly alone if you can

to that early level. In my very first

Raid Battle, I happened to find two other people to play
with and that wasnt quite enough firepower to take
down the level four Charizard we faced. But in every
other Raid Battle since, Ive ended up playing solo.
If you dont have Pokmon Go-playing pals handy
to Raid with, then you might want to try some of the
fervent online communities around the game. For
example, I found a Chicago-centric Facebook group
in which players were posting appealing Raid Battles
and looking for allies, and then that pointed me to
a Subreddit of nearby diehards. And from there I
foundaDiscord group with active users looking to


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 61 17/08/2017 14:41


playin packs. Your city or community may vary, but its

worth a look around.

Pokmon Prep
In any case, whether youre playing solo or with an
assembled group, its worth doing a little bit of prep
before each battle. Youll have two minutes to pick your
ideal line-up of six Pokmon, as well as lavish them with
any healing or revival items you might have.
When choosing your line-up, its worth considering
which Pokmon are the best counters to the boss
monster the ones that will do the most damage,
not necessarily just
your Pokmon with
the highest CP ratings.
In this case, we can
turn to the hive mind
for help: hardcore
Pokmon Go resource
site The Silph Road
has a full listing of the
best counter Pokmon
on its Subreddit; its
worth keeping that page
bookmarked on your
iPhone, or maybe copy
down the critical info
into Notes.
Once the two
minutes have passed
Youll all fight in unison and everyone is ready,
during Raid Battles
its time to battle. These


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 62 17/08/2017 14:41


battles are much like the familiar Gym fights, albeit now
with all of your other comrades encircling the boss.
Youll tap for basic attacks, hold down a finger for a
special attack, and swipe in either direction to dodge
and youll have 180 seconds to collectively take down
the boss. The time limit can be a killer: Ive done solo
Raids in which my six Pokmon might have eventually
been able to take down the boss, but I ran out of time
because its such a slow grind on your own.
Should you succeed, youll get a nice bounty of XP as
a result, along with special items like the Golden Razz
Berry, Rare Candy, and Fast and Charged TM (technical
machines) used to teach your Pokmon new moves.
Youll also get a small stack of Premier Balls, which are
white with red markings. And then youll need to use
the Premier Balls to try and capture a weakened version
of the Raid Boss you just pummelled. You can use
candy to help your cause, but only the Premier Balls are
available to try and capture the Pokmon and if you
run out of those balls before it is captured, then itll flee
and youll leave empty-handed. That could be pretty
crushing after a hard-won battle, especially since rarer
Pokmon are found in some Raids.
Thats the gist of Raid Battles for now. Well
probablysee additional Pokmon types added as Raid
Bosses over time, and surely well get the promised
level five Battles at some point.

Gear Up for Gyms

While the Raid Battles are the most enticing part of
the new update, you may also notice that the Gyms
themselves have changed quite a bit when not in


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 63 17/08/2017 14:41


the midst of a Raid.

Making all the Gyms
double as PokStops is
a nice bonus, but thats
only one part of the
As before, each of the
games three factions
can battle for control
of nearby Gyms in the
game, and if your team
commands the spot,
then you can place one
of your Pokmon there
to protect the Gym
from attackers. How
it unfolds from there
Gyms look different now, but the is a bit different from
changes are more than skin deep before, though. Now your
Pokmon will stay put
until it loses motivation, which happens gradually as
other faction players challenge it.
Once a Pokmons motivation is sapped, it will return
to your line-up the next time it falls in battle. But you
can help each Gyms Pokmon stay motivated even
after youve placed a creature within. Thats because
you can now feed Berries to the Pokmon when you
visit, which helps ensure that theyre powered up and
ready for the next challengers. Any common Berry will
help boost their motivation a little bit, while the new
Golden Razz Berry can fully restore all of the monsters
motivation. In other words, if you have Pokmon


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 64 17/08/2017 14:41


holding down a nearby Gym, its worth popping

by regularly to toss some berries their way. Thats
especially true thanks to the Defender bonus, in which
you can earn free PokCoins each day that a Pokmon
stays put. Youll also earn the new Gym Badges for
visiting and protecting Gyms and as those Badges
level up over time, youll earn bonus items each time
you visit in the future.
From what Ive noticed, the new motivation system
seems to allow teams and players to stay more
entrenched in Gyms than ever before, especially if an
area has a lot of players from the same faction. The
ability to keep your Gyms Pokmon powered up with
Berries and the fact that anyone can pitch in, not just
the owners of those particular Pokmon certainly
helps with that. I spent a lot of time wandering around
and playing the game before I found an allied Gym
withan opening for my Pokmon, but again, your
experience may vary.
All told, however, the Gym changes seem to
encourage and reward frequent, continual play, which
is sure to appease the diehards and maybe provide
incentive for old fans to get back into the habit.
Both the new Gyms and the Raid Battles can seem
intimidating if you dont play much, but if you start
with the lower-level Raids, keep an eye out for Gym
openings, and try to keep your defending Pokmon
motivated, then even casual players can have a lot of
fun (and success) with these new additions.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 65 17/08/2017 14:41


Ask the iTunes Guy

Kirk McElhearn answers your iTunes questions

Tunes is great at storing all your music and
other media, but only if you let it. If, like one
correspondent,you have a number of hard drives
withold iTunes Media folders, you need to do some
work to consolidate them. In other news, iTunes has
changed the way you delete files from your library,
butnot from the cloud. And if iTunes displays a
sessionexpired dialog, heres how to fix it.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 66 17/08/2017 14:41


Ill also be addressing a few high-level questions

about iTunes; these are questions I get very often, but
generally dont cover in the column.



Q I have multiple iTunes Music folders from different

old hard drives that were dying, and they all now
reside on an external HD. One of them is in my iTunes
Media folder, others are named Music 2, 3, and so on.
I am struggling to find an efficient way to consolidate
all themusic into the iTunes Media folder. Currently
I haveto open two Finder windows highlighting
two different Music folders to manually compare
contents,select the correct content and then drag
it into the correct folder; then delete the artist and
albumfrom Music 2, and then repeat this dozens of
times. Is there a better way?

A There are lots of reasons that people end up with

multiple music folders. In some cases, iTunes will
lose track of a library, and prompt a user to create a new
one. In others, people have thought it was a good idea
to segregate music, manually managing it and spending
a lot of time juggling files and folders.
I get these questions a lot, and theres only one real
answer. Decide which is going to be your master iTunes
library, open it, then drag the top-level folders that
contain the music from the different libraries or drives
onto the iTunes window. This will add all the tracks to
the master iTunes library. This may take a while; hours
ifyou have a lot of music.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 67 17/08/2017 14:41


When youre finished, youll likely have a lot

of duplicates, but you can sort through these with
DougAdams $15 Dupin. This app lets you sort by a
number of criteria, such as bit rate, in case you have
files of different quality, keeping the best versions
ofyour tracks.
The downside to mass-combining iTunes libraries
or music folders is that youll lose any play counts,
lastplayed dates, ratings, and playlists. But its
probablybetter to just start from scratch, and
consolidate the music once and for all.


Q I was sorting through my music library, which

usesiCloud Music Library. I wanted to delete
somesongs to free up space. When I pressed delete,
I did not get the usual message asking if I wanted
to remove the download or delete the track from
the cloud, but I got a message asking if I wanted to
deletethe track entirely. Is this new?

A This is new. I dont know exactly when this started,

but previously, if you selected one or more tracks
and pressed Delete, iTunes displayed a dialog asking
ifyou wanted to delete a track from your library or
fromthe cloud. Now, the process is very different.
You can still choose to delete items from your local
library by right-clicking on a track and choosing Delete
from Library. Note that as recently as last month, there
were two Delete options is the contextual menu, when
you right-clicked on a track in a playlist. One would
offer to delete the item from the playlist, and the


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 68 17/08/2017 14:41


Be careful. If you press Delete, you

may permanently delete a track

other from the library. And theres not even a hidden

keyboard shortcut that allows you to delete something
from your library, and not your iCloud Music Library.
Note that if you dont use iCloud Music Library,
pressing Delete in your music library offers to
delete anitem from the library, as it should. Pressing
Deletewhen in a playlist, with or without iCloud
MusicLibrary, deletes the track from the playlist,
butnot from the library. So you need to be careful
about how you delete music from your library if
you useiCloud Music Library. Frankly, I think this is
a mistake, because a lot of people will lose music
sincetheyre used to the older behaviour.


Q Whenever I launch iTunes, a dialog displays

tellingme that my session has expired. And it
displays an email address I no longer use. And this
dialog keeps displaying as I use iTunes. What can I do?

A Make sure youre signed out of the iTunes Store

(from the Account menu). iTunes will remember the


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 69 17/08/2017 14:41


last email address you used to sign in. You may also
need to deauthorizing your device; again, the Account
menu, Authorizations > Deauthorize this computer.
In this case, the first solution solved the
correspondents problem.


Q Why doesnt Apple split iTunes into different

appsby media kind?

A I get this question a lot; its also the most common

solution that people offer to solve the issue of
iTunes complexity. If Apple did split iTunes into a set
ofapps, like on iOS, there would be seven apps. Would
that somehow be simpler? I dont think so.
While this approach works on iOS, where apps only get
media in one direction from the cloud, or synced from a
computer it wouldnt work on the desktop. If youdont
use all the media kinds available in iTunes onthe
desktop,or the iTunes Store, just turn them off, and you
wont be distracted.


Q Why is Apple so focused on the cloud? I dont

want to stream music, or store my music on
Apples servers, I just want to listen to the music I own.

A There are two kinds of people... okay, no, thats a

clich. But there are different types of music listeners.
There are those who have a large music library theyve
built up over time, who still buy music by download


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 70 17/08/2017 14:41


and on CD and who want to listen to their own music.

And there are those who have embraced thenew way of
consuming music: streaming.
Some people do both, some more one than the
other,but these are fundamentally two ways of
managingmusic. (With movies and TV shows, its similar,
though you cant get anywhere near the same range of
content from video streaming services.)
Apple is, as the sporting saying goes, skating to
wherethe puck is going. But for now, it looks as though
Apple is shutting out those users who still manage
their music libraries, and only paying attention to those
who want to use the cloud. Unfortunately, since iCloud
Music Library doesnt work as well as it should, this is


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 71 17/08/2017 14:41


frustratingfor those who own a lot of music and want

touse this service.
In the future, most people will have the bandwidth
tostore their music libraries in the cloud and stream
theirmusic. While iTunes has a lot of problems with
this, over time, these services will have worked out
theirkinks,and will cause fewer headaches. I hope.


Q Why is iTunes so confusing? Even the simplest

tasks sometimes turn into complex procedures.

A Youd think that Apple, long known for creating

intuitive interfaces, would do a better job with
iTunesAnd, to be honest, iTunes used to be pretty
simple.But iTunes is now the gold standard for
confusionand obfuscation.
The major shift came, in my opinion, with the release
of iTunes 12. While the app had long been a Trojan Horse,
providing a tool for music fans to organize and play
their music, but at the same time being a gateway to the
money-earning iTunes Store, the 2014 update of the app
took a disturbing turn.
In this version of iTunes, Apple seems to have given up
any pretension that the apps main raison dtre was for
usto enjoy our own content. As I said in a 2015article:

Recent versions of iTunes seem to be designed by the

marketing department, not the UI team. In an attempt to
stuff as many money-making features as possible into
iTunes, Apple has forgotten the apps original vocation: to
play music. iTunes is no longer an app that manages your


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 72 17/08/2017 14:41


iTunes library, syncs it to your iOS device, and lets you

boogie. Its become an app to sell, sell, sell you Apples
media services.

That ship has sailed. The Services line on Apples

income statement now represents more than 13
percentofthe companys income. (Services include the
iTunes Store, Apple Music, iCloud, app sales, and other
non-hardware income.) iPhones are the biggest piece
of the pie, and Macs still make billions of dollars, but
the growing Servicesrevenue is a good predictor of
thedirection the company is taking.
People who just want to listen to their music or
watchtheir movies wont like it, but iTunes is part of a
huge financial juggernaut looking toward the future. I
justwish Apple would spend more time making sure
iTunes works while theyre taking our money.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 73 17/08/2017 14:41


How to: Save data

on your iPhone or iPad
Does your iPhone keep running out of cellular data before your
allowance is reset each month? Karen Khans tips will help

1. Wi-Fi Assist
A quick one worth checking before we move on to
more difficult or inconvenient solutions. When Apple
introduced iOS 9 some users found that their Mobile
Data (or Cellular Data if you are in the US) was being
gobbled up more rapidly than before. It turned out that
the reason for this was Apples new Wi-Fi Assist feature,
which utilises the mobile network if your Wi-Fi is flaky.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 74 17/08/2017 14:41


If you think this is happeningto you, you can turn

this feature off in Settings > Mobile Data then scroll to
the bottom of the page where you can turn off Wi-Fi
Assist. In iOS 10, Apple tweaked the feature soit now
shows how much datahas been used by Wi-Fi assist.
Itsstill a feature thats onby default, though.
Apple has at least made sure that there are some
limitations to the feature, though: it wont work
when you are data roaming in another country and
not all apps can take advantage of the feature, for
example video and audio streaming apps are exempt.
However,Apples Safari, Mail, Maps, and Apple Music
doutilise the feature.

2. Track how much iPhone data you use

Before you can start to manage your iPhone cellular
data usage, you need to keep tabs on how much you
are using. To view how much data you have used go to
Settings > Cellular (Or Mobile Data) and scroll down to
see your Mobile Data Usage. If you have never reset this
number it could be pretty big.
Our advice is to get in the habit of resetting it every
month, perhaps set an alert on your phone so that you
remember to reset it on the day your network resets
your allowance. To reset your statistics, scroll down to
the bottom of the page and tap: Reset Statistics. Get in
the habit of looking here once in a while so you can see
if you are on target.
Those looking for something a little more
comprehensive should take a look at Data Usage, an
app that we have been using ourselves for the past
three years to keep track of our monthly data usage.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 75 17/08/2017 14:41


The app looks to measure

cellular and Wi-Fi data usage
in real time, and offers this in
two different ways via the app
itself, and via a handy Today
widget that can be added to
yournotification centre.
The app asks you to input
your monthly data limit and
then produces statistics like how
much you should use per day
until your data is renewed, or
if youre likely to go over your
allowance in any given month.
Users can also take a look
back at the data from any month
in the past, as long as the app
was being used of course.
Thoseinterested can take a look
at Data Usage on the App Store, and it only costs 49p.

3. Stop iPhone apps using cellular data

Back in iOS 7, Apple introduced the ability to determine
which apps on your iPhone are allowed to use cellular
data. When we are close to our allowance, we head
to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data and scroll down to
switch off a number of apps so that we will think twice
before wasting our cellular allowance on them.
The other benefit of stopping some of your apps
using cellular data is that it should stop them updating
in the background when you are out and about
thereby preserving battery life.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 76 17/08/2017 14:41


Below each of the apps on the Settings > Cellular

page you will see just how much data they have been
using since you last reset your iPhone.
You can expect that the apps you use frequently
will have higher data usage, but any that stand out as
guzzling a lot more data that you think they should
becan be switched off here.

4. Turn off 3G and 4G

data on your iPhone
If things are really desperate, one way to preserve
yourdata when you are running low is to temporarily
disable cellular data. This way if you have a week
or soto go until your contract
renews then you can manage
your usage rather than
runningout completely.
To turn off your cellular
dataso go to Settings >
Cellular(Mobile Data) and
togglethe Cellular Data
(MobileData) switch to off.
This will turn off all cellular
data and restrict all data to
Wi-Fi, including email, web
browsing and push notifications.
We also find this is a handy
way to preserve battery life
as opposed to turning the
phone toAirplane Mode, which
preserves power but means
nobody can contact you.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 77 17/08/2017 14:41


5. Turn off autoplay video in

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
A while ago Facebook added a feature to their iOS app
that means when you are scrolling through your news
feed any video thats been posted will automatically
stream even if youre not on a Wi-Fi network.
Obviously this isnt an ideal situation if youve got a
limited data allowance. We recommend you change
your settings so that it only streams if you are in Wi-Fi.
Open Facebook and click on More at the bottom
of the screen. Now choose Account Settings > Videos


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 78 17/08/2017 14:41


and Photos > Video Settings > Auto-play and select On

Wi-Fi Connections Only or Never Auto-plays Videos.
Like Facebook, Twitter also has an autoplay video
feature that you can turn off in the app. From the profile
view, tap the Gear icon, then Settings > Data > Video
Autoplay and choose Never play videos automatically
or Use Wi-Fi only.
There is a similar series of steps in Instagram to turn
off video streaming over your data connection. Tap the
Gear icon in Instagram, select Mobile Data Use and
choose the Use Less Data option.

6. Use Twitter Lite

Along with the ability to turn
off auto-playing videos on
Twitter, the social network offers
Twitter Lite to allow those with
capped data allowances to
browse the site without worry.
Its also designed to be used
on a slow Internet connection,
so is a good alternative to use
How does it help? It provides
a stripped-down version of
mobile Twitter where users have
to tap on every image, GIF and
video to display it, instead of
it being loaded automatically
as you scroll past. This should
stop images/GIFs/videos youre
not interested in from using up


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 79 17/08/2017 14:41


your mobile data and hopefully make it last a little bit

longerthan before.
To access Twitter Lite, head to on
your iPhone, tap your profile icon and toggle on Data
Saver. Once you reload your timeline, you should have
access to Twitter Lite.

7. Stop using data-hungry apps on 3G or 4G

FaceTime: Its great that we can use FaceTime over 3G
or 4G, but it sucks up data. Go to Settings > Cellular and
scroll down your list of apps to make sure that FaceTime
is switched off for cellular data. Crucially, this will also
stop anyone contacting you via FaceTime over 3G.

iCloud Drive: Go to Settings >

iCloud > iCloud Drive. Here you
can turn off Cellular Data so
that your iPhone only updates
iCloud Drive when youre on a
Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, turn
off the ability for apps to store
documents and data in the cloud
by toggling the switch beside
each app to off.

iTunes: Go to Settings > iTunes

& App Store and make sure that
Use Cellular Data/Mobile Data is
switched off. Similarly, if youre
an Apple Music subscriber, make
sure Mobile Data is not selected
in Settings > Music.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 80 17/08/2017 14:41


8. Photo Stream
Photo Stream was the main
culprit when we started to
regularly hit our data allowance
back in the summer of 2013,
having signed up to a friends
feed, and started sharing
one of our own. Even though
the serviceclaimed it would
automatically upload new
photos and send them to
all of your iCloud devices
when connected to Wi-Fi,
we weregetting sent photos
fromour friends Photo
Streamover 3G.
Luckily things have got
better since then. The iOS
7 update bought the ability
to manage Photo Sharing. You could turn off iCloud
Photo Sharing(at Settings > Photo & Camera),
which would stop your phone from downloading
imagesfromotherpeoples shared photo streams
thatyou subscribeto (you can still download them
onyour Macor another device).
When Apple launched iCloud Photo Library, we
wereconcerned that it could also gobble up iPhone
mobile data, but the Upload to My Photo Stream
indicates that it is via Wi-Fi only.
One way to make absolutely sure that Photo doesnt
use your cellular connection is to go to Settings >
Mobile Data and switch the slider beside Photos to off.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 81 17/08/2017 14:41


9. Use Safari reading list

toview articles offline
One of our favourite new
features that arrived in the
iOS 7 version of Safari was the
Reading List feature that lets
you download a web page for
reading off line. This is great
when you are reading a web
page during a commute and
about to head into a tunnel.
Thefeature remains in iOS 8,
iOS9 and iOS 10.
Its also great if you are out of
data and want to be able to read
some articles on your iPhone
while you are out and about. You
can queue up a few web pages
in your Reading List while you
are on a Wi-Fi network, and then read them without
usingup any data.
While you have access to Wi-Fi go to Safari, open
theweb pages you wish to read, click on the Share
iconat the bottom of the page, and select Add to
Reading List. Wait for the phone to download the
articleand then head out. You will be able to read it
even if you are using Airplane Mode.
However, if you dont want your phone to use
cellular data to download the pages you have added
to reading list on your other devices, you need to head
to Settings > Safari and scroll down to toggle off Use
Cellular Data for reading list.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 82 17/08/2017 14:41


10. Turn off PushNotifications

How many of your applications
are using the Apple Push
Notifications service to alert
youto new data?
Go to Settings > Notifications
to find out. You can easily stop
any apps from pestering you
with Notifications here.
The format for this has
changed slightly in iOS 9 and
iOS 10. Previously you could
scroll down the list, tap on those
apps you dont want to notify
you, and toggle to switch beside:
Show in Notification Centre, and
Show on Lock Screen. However,
you wouldstill want to make
sure that those apps that you
still want to receive notifications for arent doing
sooveryour cellular connection.
In iOS 9 you get the choice of notification
style for each app. You can choose for apps to not
Allow Notifications. Or you can choose the kind of
Notifications you allow.
Its slightly annoying that you have to turn off
Notifications on a per app basis, but you can at least
see the kind of notification setting you have for each
app without tapping on them first (its below the
nameof the app).
Note that if you have an Apple Watch you may want
some apps to display notifications on that device go


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 83 17/08/2017 14:41


to the Apple Watch app to set this up. Those apps that
appear under Include on the Notifications Centre tab
may be using data to alert you to changes. If you really
dont need to be told that your friend has replied to
your post on Facebook turn Notification Centre off by
tapping Facebook, and switching the slider to off.
Be ruthless with the apps that are alerting you to
changes, although if you then end up checking them
every five minutes it may be a false economy.

11. Stop fetching email

Another one to curb is your email. If you have the
phone or iPad set to fetch data wirelessly at specific
intervals you will quickly
consume data this can get
really out of hand if you have
your iPhone set to Push data to
your iPhone from the server as it
will be updating all the time.
Start by making sure that
Push is not selected. The way of
doing this has changed in iOS 10.
Previously you could go
to Settings > Mail, Contacts,
Calendars > Fetch New Data and
if Push is turned on, turn it off.
Then to make sure you are
set to fetch data manually. Go
to Settings > Mail, Contacts,
Calendars > Fetch New Data and
scroll down and select Manually
from the list. You can be even


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 84 17/08/2017 14:41


more precise if you prefer, and amend your fetch

settings for separate accounts. Changing these settings
also has the benefit of preserving battery life.
In iOS 10 you need to got Settings > Mail >
Accounts> Fetch New Data and from that screen
change Contacts & Calendars, and iCloud to Fetch
andthen in the list below set Fetch to Manually.
Alternatively, go to Settings > Mail scroll to the
Messages section and deselect Load Remote Images.

12. Stop Background

One of the new features of iOS
7 was the ability for your phone
to automatically update its
operating system, and its apps,
in the background without you
having to act. The same feature
remains in iOS 8, 9 and 10.
However, this can be a
problem if your phone decides
to update when you arent on a
Wi-Fi network. Head to Settings
> General > Background App
Refresh and make sure that the
Background App Refresh switch
is set to off.

13. Browse in Chrome

There are alternatives to Apples Safari when browsing
the web on the iPhone and iPad, and a good one to try
out if you are a bit short of data is Chrome.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 85 17/08/2017 14:41


The Chrome app has a Reduce Data feature that will

go some way to reduce the size of the websites you are
browsing by running the site through Googles servers
and compressing the data.

14. Low-res images in Messages

In iOS 10 or later, you can choose to send low-quality
images in Messages. Instead of sending an image in
high res it will automatically send it as a compressed
version saving your data. To do so, go to Settings >
Messages and turn on Low-Quality Image Mode.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 86 17/08/2017 14:41


15. Mind what you watch on Cellular

Whether its Netflix, YouTube or iPlayer, watching your
favourite shows could eat up your data if you watch
over 3G/4G. In each app go to Settings and select to
play back only over Wi-Fi. For example in YouTube
go toSettings and choose Play HD on Wi-Fi only. In
Netflixgo to App Settings > Cellular data usage.

16. Keep Wi-Fi on

If you have ever found yourself
switching off Wi-Fi when your
phone decides to connect to
the Wi-Fi when you are about
town you may find yourself
usingcellular when you are
backat home.
Its a frustration thats
easily fixed if you choose to
forget the network when one
of them pops up. Just tap on
the networkname, and in the
following screen select Forget
this Network.

17. Use Wi-Fi hotspots

Youll be able to find Wi-Fi
networks all around, especially
in any big city. You can find Wi-Fi in most coffee shop
chains, many restaurants, and other public areas
like libraries and airports. If you are a BT broadband
subscriber you can use the BT Wi-Fi app to get onto any
of their hotspots for free. Download the BT Wi-Fi app


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 87 17/08/2017 14:41


for iOS here. However, you should always exercise an

air of caution when accessing a hotspot, as we explain
in this article: How do I know if a Wi-Fi hotspot is safe.
The best advice is to use a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires
a password its an extra assurance that someone else
wont be spying on what you are doing.

18. Share your connection to Wi-Fi

You could create a hotspot from your Mac and access
it from your iPhone. This is ideal if you are at work and
your boss wont let you use the local Wi-Fi network, or if
you are in a hotel which only has ethernet access.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 88 17/08/2017 14:41


How to: Turn an

iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot
Its easy to share your iPhones data with a MacBook or iPad, and
browse the Internet on the go. Lucy Hattersley shows how

ave you ever wished you could share your
iPhones cellular connection with Wi-Fi-only
devices nearby, such as a laptop or iPad? Youre
in luck: its easy to set up an iPhone as a portable Wi-Fi
hotspot, opening up its web connection to anyone who
is close enough has the password. Heres how.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 89 17/08/2017 14:41


The benefits
Lets say youre travelling with your iPhone and
MacBook or a Wi-Fi-only iPad and want to do some
work. At this point youve got two options: do the work
on the larger-screen devices, but without being able
to connect to any online resources; or go online and
bestuck with a smaller screen.
Turning your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot gives you
a handy third option, allowing the laptop and tablet
to piggyback on the phones web connection. Wi-Fi
hotspots are great for working on the go.
Its easy to do, but you may wish to speak to your
phone carrier first or at least check your contracts
terms and conditions; somenetworks prefer you not
to do this and may charge you extra (or cap your data
allowance) if theyspot you setting up a hotspot.
And while were talking about data allowances,
thisis another thing to bear in mind: if you have a
limited allowance you should only use the Wi-Fi
hotspot for a short amount of time.

Create a hotspot
A Wi-Fi hotspot turns the iPhone into a Wi-Fi router,
much like the one in your home. The iPhone connects
to the Internet using its 3G/4G cellular data connection,
and then broadcasts this via a Wi-Fi connection that
your Mac, or other device, can connect to.
Heres how to set up an iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot:

Open the Settings app, then select Mobile Data. (In

iOS 10 or later. In some older versions of iOS you
justselect Mobile.)


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 90 17/08/2017 14:41


Tap Personal Hotspot, and set Personal Hotspot to On.

(Tap the slide so it turns green.)
If Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth are off, iOS will ask if you
want to turn them back on. Wed recommend doing
so - without them, the hotspot will be limited to USB.
This is more secure, however.
Tap Wi-Fi Password and enter a suitable password.
(This isnt related to your Apple ID or usual Wi-Fi
Now check the name of the hotspot listed under To
Connect Using Wi-Fi (we get Davids iPhone).
Click the Wi-Fi icon in your Macs Menu bar, or open
the Settings app and tap Wi-Fi on an iPad, and
choosethe Wi-Fi hotspot.
Enter the password from Step 4.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 91 17/08/2017 14:41


That should be it. You

should now be able to browse
the Interneton your MacBook
or Wi-Fi-only iPad using the
connection provided by your
iPhone. If you havent got the Wi-Fi
icon in the Menu bar of your Mac,
open System Preferences and
click Network. Select Wi-Fi in the
list on the left. Choose the iPhone
hotspotfrom the Network Name
drop-down menu.
While youre here, you should
place a tick next to Show Wi-Fi
status in menu bar.
You can now browse the
Internet on your Mac or iPad
using the data connection from
the iPhone. Your mileage may
vary, however, depending on how good the iPhones
networkconnection is. You might find the Internet
runsa little slower than youre used to.
When youve finished, tap Settings > Mobile >
Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and set it to Off.

What if someone tries to hijack your connection,
burning through your data connection and/or accessing
dodgy sites and content?
You should be okay, because the iPhone hotspot
is password-protected. (All the more reason not to
choose the word password or something else thats


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 92 17/08/2017 14:41


easily guessed.) And youll see a small notification at

the top of your iPhones screen when a device accesses
its hotspot, so youll get a warning if someone in your
traincarriage does manage to guess your password.
A more important warning concerns data limits on
your own surfing. Its easy to forget, when accessing
the web over a device thats normally limited to Wi-Fi
connections, that youre working against a 3G or 4G
data limit. Remember that youre on the clock, so to
speak, and wed suggest avoiding downloading large
apps and similar.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 93 17/08/2017 14:41


How to: Set up two-factor

authentication for Apple ID
Glenn Fleishman explains how to update to two-factor
authentication for an iTunes-only Apple ID

f youre like me (and many of you are), you have
twoApple IDs for historical reasons that you
continueto use. Until the mythical future date
at which Apple updates its back-end systems to
achieve the glory obtained only decades ago by most
businesses that manage accounts to allow merging


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 94 17/08/2017 14:41


purchases and otherdata from multiple IDs into a

singleone, were stuck with it.
Years ago, iOS could interact poorly with two ID
setup, but then Apple switched to embrace it fully.
Now,in iOS 10, the Settings section for accounts
evenlists iCloud and Store as separate items if youre
using two accounts along with the email addresses
forthem. Thats a nice move.
However, youre still left with a problem: if you
wantto use Apples two-factor authentication (2FA)
system, and youre using just a password now or
Apples older-but-still-active two-step verification,
you cant switch 2FA on. Thats because as part of the
2FA upgrade, Apple moved the setup portion from its
AppleID website to Settings in iOS and the iCloud
system preference pane in macOS. Further, 2FA lets
youset trusted devices on which to receive login
alertsand codes, but those can only be associated
witha single Apple ID at a time.
Added to that? Apple requires 2FA if you use third-
party email, contacts, or calendar software that interact
with iCloud. The easier way to work around this is with
a Mac. Create a new account via the Users & Groups
system preference pane, and then log into it. In that
account, log into the Apple ID you use for purchases,
and then follow the instructions to enable 2FA.
While Apple advises you to have trusted devices,
you can get away with just trusted phone numbers,
which can either receive a text message or a voice
call.Id suggest making sure youre linked to a couple
of different phone numbers just in case you lose


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 95 17/08/2017 14:41


Apples 2FA system protects your account from someone who has obtained your password

If you dont have a Mac, you can use your iOS device,
and log out of your iCloud-linked Apple ID and log into
your purchased-linked one, and then follow the steps
under Password & Security to enable 2FA. That can mess
with your synced events and contacts, so if you have
a spare iOS device on which you can set this up, its
much better. In the most extreme case, you could back
up your iOS device, wipe it and set it up fresh with your
purchase-linked Apple ID, enable 2FA, and then erase it
and restore it from the backup.
macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11 wont work
with two-step verification if you have it enabled, but
according to email sent out by Apple right after its June
6 developer event keynote to anyone with two-step
verification enabled, upgrading to iOS 11 or High Sierra
betas will automatically upgrade the account to 2FA.
However, it doesnt explain what happens for those of
us with separate iCloud and Store accounts.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 96 17/08/2017 14:41


iPads sales on the rise

thanks to cheaper prices
Apples tablet saw sales growth last quarter for the first time in
three years, and we have the 339 iPad to thank, argues Dan Moren

f you, like me, were wondering when the iPads
salesfree fall would come to an end, we may now
have an answer. Earlier this week, Apple released
its latest financial results, including the first quarter
of sales growth for the companys tablet in more
thanthree years.
Arresting the tablets decline, though, didnt
necessarily mean blockbuster sales. Apple moved 10.7
million iPads in the most recent quarter, but thats still


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 97 17/08/2017 14:41


well below the companys quarterly record sales of

18.6million back in 2014.
That said, an upswing is an upswing. Whether it
continues is anybodys guess, but there are a number
ofpotential factors that might have the iPad poised
fora return to form.

Just the iPad

Though Apple doesnt break out its sales by model
lines, the general consensus seems to be that the
sales in the most recent quarter were driven by the
companys fifth-generation iPad, released back in
March. The 339 model is the cheapest full-size iPad
that Apple has ever released, and while it may not
match up to the Pro line, its a lot of performance for
theprice tag.
And the truth of the matter may be that people
arent buying iPads for performance. Though plenty
of people have argued that you can get most, if not
all, of your work done on an iPad, Id wager that most
consumers arent doing their work on the iPad, for
whatever reason. But they are using their iPad for
plentyof common daily tasks: email, web browsing,
social media, video playing, and the like. The fifth-
generation iPads A9 processor is plenty capable for
allthose tasks with performance to spare.
Many of the additional features, then like the
improved display of the Pro models, compatibility with
the Apple Pencil, and the addition of a Smart Connector
are likely lost on the average user. Moreover, the
fifth-generation iPad is potentially an attractive device
for use in both education environments, where it


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 98 17/08/2017 14:41


boasts an even lower price tag (just above 300), and

in some enterprise situations where those additional
features are unneeded. Not to mention as point-of-
sale terminals, information kiosks, and other less
demandinguse cases.
In other words, the fifth-generation iPad has
commoditized the tablet, while still providing the broad
support and ecosystem access that youre not going to
get from cheap Android-based competitors.


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 99 17/08/2017 14:41


Go Pro
Meanwhile, the iPad Pro aims to be living up to its
name. Effects of the new iPad Pros sales may not have
fully felt in the most recent quarter, which ended 1
July just a couple weeks after the new Pros started
shipping. But Id argue that the new 10.5in iPad Pro
is positioned to appeal both to those new customers
looking for the most powerful tablet around, as well as
consumers looking to upgrade from older models. (I can
speak to the latter especially, as I traded in my iPad Air
2 for a 10.5in iPad Pro, with no regrets.)
The increase of the screen size, though it didnt
satisfy all who had hoped for an even higher-resolution
display, is a major factor. Setting aside the 12.9in Pro,
which presents an entirely different set of trade-offs,
theres been no change in the size of the standard


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 100 17/08/2017 14:41


iPads display since its launch back in 2010. Just

as the iPhone 6 series spurred on new sales and
upgradepurchases thanks to its larger screen size,
theiPad 10.5in offers a similar appeal even more
so given how similar the form factor is in size and
weightto its predecessors.
A bigger screen continues to be a major feature
when it comes to touch-based devices, not only
because it means more viewable area but also because
it means a larger control surface. Even everyday
functions like typing on the on-screen keyboard can be
made more pleasant and less frustrating with a modest
increase in screen size. Thats a powerful argument
for upgrading, even before adding in harder-to-
demonstrate features like ProMotion.

Speaking of different screen sizes, you might have
noticed one particular Apple product getting none of
the love: the iPad mini. Though Apple is still selling
the iPad mini 4, its become the tablet only for those
that prize small size above everything else: its both
more expensive than the fifth-generation iPad and less
powerful. Spec-wise, its about the same as the iPod
touch, albeit with an option for cellular data.
It may be that Apple is biding its time on the iPad
mini, leaving it to sit around like the iPod touch or the
Mac mini, to be updated sporadically. At the moment,
both use the A8 processor that also runs the Apple
TV and the upcoming HomePod, so its clear Apple
can produce those chips at scale and probably for a
good price. But the iPad mini has never been a winner


IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 101 17/08/2017 14:41


on margins for Apple, and now that the company has

gotten the 9.7in iPad down to a better price, it makes
the mini a much harder sell. SEPTE

Trouble with the curve

Of course, it may be premature to declare an iPad
rebound in full effect. As weve observed over the last
several years, iPad owners dont swap their devices out
nearly as often as iPhone users, many of whom upgrade
on a one- or two-year cycle. Like Macs, iPads remain
usable longer, and the pace of innovation doesnt seem
as rapid as with smartphones.
So dont expect the iPad market to look like the
iPhone market, to hit those heights or to grow as
consistently. None of that means the iPad isnt a
success, just that it has a
different curve than its
smaller sibling. As the Mac
has shown, you can
survive a long time
without that kind of
runaway growth
and thats hardly a
model to sneeze at.


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Best Mac for


+ ONE Y:
education discount 10 iPhone 8 details
How to
we learned from
HomePod leak

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IPAD & IPHONE USER 123.indd 104 17/08/2017 14:41