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Slow? Out of breath?
Why it doesnt matter!


My stress-busting


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from the EDITOR


Jessica Vicky
With a holiday looming Purple food is full of
around the corner, nutrients and can make
Ill be doing Williams you look younger turn
14-day emergency to p88 to find out what
shred to kick start you should be including
my break on p21 on your plate!

Welcome to YOUR FITNESS!

Choosing to embark on a new fitness regime isnt always an easy
decision, we know that. Everyone has insecurities about their body
shape, concerns about whether theyre too old to work out and worries
about whether theyre doing it right, but the key is to remember that p21 p88
were all in the same boat. Yes, turning up to a new gym for the first
time can be terrifying, but in reality no one is staring at what youre
wearing or paying attention to how fast youre going on the treadmill.
The important thing is that youre actually doing it.
If youre in need of some more confidence, were here to help. Think
youre too slow to start running? Our experts on page 51 are here to
tell you otherwise. Fancy taking up cycling as a hobby? Weve got all
you need to know as a beginner on page 39. Plus, weve got some great FITNESS WRITER, WRITER,
exercises on page 31 that you can do in the comfort of your own home Jody-Ann Lauren
In need of some new Strengthen your core
too no scary gym or equipment needed! gym kit? I loved our and work your abs
This issue were also launching our Your Fitness Awards 2017 and wed budget-friendly buys on with a little help from
love to hear from you. Turn to page 26 to take part, and you could win p18 this issue Kayla Itsines on p42
a stay at a luxury spa too!

Claire Munnings
Editor p18 p42



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10 Fit news: A round-up of the latest fitness stories
12 A bump in the road: We debunk the myths
of pregnancy workouts and reveal how to keep you
and your bump fit
15 The healthy hotlist: A bitesize look at
whats trending in the world of wellness
16 7 ways to burn more calories: How to
carry on burning calories after your workout
26 The Your Fitness Awards 2017:
Nominate your favourite fitness heroes now to be in
with a chance of winning 500 worth of prizes!

31 5 moves to do at home: Tone up and slim
down with this workout, no-equipment needed!
32 Baby got back: Blitz pain and eliminate fat
with this strengthening workout for a beautiful back
39 A beginners guide to cycling: Getting
bike fit is not about reinventing the wheel
45 Ask the experts: Our panel of specialists
answer your health questions

55 Running like a girl: Columnist Jenni

Falconer fills us in on her fitness diary

88 Power to the purple: Purple fruit and
21 Your 14-day fat blast: Kick start
veg could make you look younger
your weight loss goals by losing seven lbs in
two weeks 42 Kick it with Kayla: The fitness star
51 Ready to run?: If youre new to the talks Instagram, planks and tuna sandwiches
sport, running might make you nervous but
you shouldnt let that stop you! 76 Protect your pelvic floor: How to
ensure your daily routine doesnt weaken
99 The pursuit of happiness:
your muscles
TV presenter Fearne Cotton has a secret
84 Sweet nothings: Ready to take the ultimate 18 Hey, big spender: Hit the gym in style
dietary plunge? Davina McCalls got you covered with these budget-friendly buys

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this MONTH

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details, turn to page 36.
58 Style news: Amp up your wardrobe with
springs new collections and latest trends
59 A walk in the park: Fiesty and feminine
84 65
make Beyoncs new Ivy Park collection her
fiercest yet
The power of scent: Our beauty columnist
Lisa Snowdon reveals how different scents can
help you regain your get-up-and-go
66 Forever young: Turn back the clock with
the help of these bathroom beauties
69 American girl: Model of the moment Gigi
Hadid shares her simple beauty regime

72 Health essentials: News and expert

advice to improve your wellbeing
75 Body beautiful: Our healthy living guru
Amanda Byram brings us her bite-sized tips
80 Make time for self-care: Julie Montagu

114 reveals how our health depends on it

90 The vegetarians A-Z: Load up on your
key nutrients with our guide

94 Head space: The best and latest ways to a
healthy, happy mind
97 Mind matters: Columnist Camilla Dallerup
shares her motivation-boosting tips

107 Helen works it out: Helen Skelton stakes

out the newest classes and challenges
108 Do the movement math: Theres a
world of opportunities to keep fit outside the gym
walls and it all comes down to numbers
111 Fitness focus: Ideas to support your health
this month

9 Mailbox: Have your say
46 Competition: A two-night stay for two at a
luxury spa
103 Fitness freebies: Win fabulous health

12 and fitness goodies

114 Final say: Instagram sensation Tessa Seward
chats to Your Fitness

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starting BLOCK

Meet the
EXPERTS Introducing Your Fitness fantastic panel of experts whose
knowledge and advice helped us create this issue


Amanda Byram is a TV CARTER Sportswear designer
presenter, and Your The stunning Beyonc has Charli Cohen explains
Fitness columnist. She launched her new Ivy Park how active clothing could
shares her bite-sized sportswear range and benefit your workouts
health tips on page 75. showcases it on page 59. on page 58.

COTTON HELEN Jenni Falconer is a TV
TV presenter Fearne SKELTON presenter, radio host
Cotton reveals her tips TV presenter Helen and Your Fitness woman
to being happy and her Skelton takes on the pounding the pavements.
restorative yoga routine latest fitness challenge Read her latest instalment
on page 99. on page 107. on page 55.


The Australian sensation Radio and TV presenter Fitness and wellness
behind the Bikini Body Lisa Snowdon is our blogger and Instagram
Guide, Kayla Itsines, beauty columnist. She sensation Tessa Seward,
shares her 14-minute reveals the scents that AKA London Paleo Girl,
ab workout and her top can help you relax your tells us her healthy tips on
recipes on page 42. mind on page 65. page 114.
Editor: Claire Munnings Art editor: Richard Allen Publishing director: Helen Tudor Designers: Hannah Kemp, Group editor: Naomi Abeykoon
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If in doubt, always consult a GP or fitness professional before beginning want to hang onto this magazine for future reference, but if
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Tell us your thoughts at, by tweeting us
@yourfitnessmag, or by writing to Your Fitness,
21-23 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY

Star letter Keeping up with Khlo

Good morning It was great to see Khlo Kardashian on your cover last
Im a busy primary school month (April 17) and to find out her fitness routine. She has
teacher so time really is of completely transformed herself and her physique granted,
the essence. Sometimes she has a team around her, but its still her doing all of the
my fitness regime suffers work and we are all capable of doing the same! I tend to
because I think that I be unmotivated when Im less active, but Khlos workout
wont be able to fit it has got me moving in fact, its the longest Ive stuck to a
into my schedule. Once regime in one period of time and its making me feel good.
I finish work, all I want Thank you Khlo, youve inspired me!
to do is flop down on the sofa and let the evening roll on! Carys McCauley, London
However, your article 12 Ways to Lose Weight Before 9AM (April 17)
made me think again and I realised how much I can really do in the
mornings before I leave my front door. Thank you for all of your good
advice about starting with stretches, eating a high protein breakfast,
skipping outside and taking the stairs these are all do-able and are a
great way to lose weight!
Leona Hexman, Wales

Star letter prize

Get in touch with us at Your Fitness
and you could win some great sporting
goodies. The writer of the star letter
in next months mag will win a brand
new pair of Kameleon goggles from
swimming brand Aqua Sphere, which
deliver great panoramic vision and are worth
10.99. Youll also win a super absorbent
microsoft towel, a deck bag, nose clip and
a non-pull Aqua glide cap so youll be
sorted for summer! Discover the complete
Question of the month...
collection at
We asked: Do you prefer to work out alone or with
someone else?
Pound the pavements I much prefer to work out and exercise alone. Its my time to
Thank you Your Fitness for your great 9 Mistakes relax and unwind. Gerry, via email
Runners Make article (April 17). Ive been an Usually I train with my friend because its also a chance to have
avid runner for years now as its a workout that a gossip! Danielle, via Facebook
I can easily fit into my life, but I havent seen
an improvement for a while and after reading I love working out in a group class as we all motivate each other.
Mary, via email
your feature, I can see why! Ive been sticking to
familiar routes and wearing the same trainers for
a long while so its definitely time I mixed things Have your say
up a bit. Usually, running is my only exercise so Next months question is:
Where do you workout?
Im trying to start incorporating strength training
into my regime as well by investing in some To take part in the Q&A, send your answers to Your Fitness, 21-23
dumbbells and Ive started to examine my diet to Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY, email
make sure Im eating the right things! us at or contact us via, or tweet @yourfitnessmag
Jenny Cooper, Hertford

How to contact us

Your Fitness, 21-23 Phoenix Court, Hawkins
Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY @yourfitnessmag @yourfitnessmag

YourFitness 09

Mailbox.indd 1 23/03/2017 11:28


We all want to know the secret
to staying young and according

FitNEWS to researchers at the Mayo

Clinic in Minnesota, USA,
cycling at full pelt for just four
minutes is it. While this may
sound too good to be true, its
been proven that short bursts
of intense exercise reverses
the damage to cells, as well
as improving fitness, cutting
body fat and reducing your
risk of diabetes. The scientists
recommend completing four
minutes of all out pedaling,
followed by three easier minutes
12 times a week, along with
another 90 minutes walking on
a treadmill.

Dr Hazel Wallace, AKA
@thefoodmedic, is on a mission I have in
to spread her message that eating the past :16%
healthy and staying fit can be
enjoyable, uncomplicated and easy
to incorporate into an everyday No:
busy lifestyle here at YF HQ we 50%
love her tasty recipe ideas!

I want to in
future: 16%

Do you workout with a
personal trainer?
If you dont, why not invest
in one and see if it makes a
difference to your exercise?

10 YourFitness

Fit News.indd 2 23/03/2017 14:16

Up your fitness game with this
decline press up move its more
challenging than the standard
push up and itll work your chest
muscles as well as your arms.
This in turn will help you to
perform other exercises correctly,
as well as improving your posture
and toning your shoulders.

KATE 1 Begin in the press up position,

with both of your arms in line
RICHARDSON- with your shoulders. Move your
feet up onto a box or bench to
WALSH elevate them above your heart.

We spoke to British
Olympic hockey player Kate
2 Lower your body so that your
chest is almost touching the
floor, then push your upper body
Richardson-Walsh about back up to the starting position.
protein and performance

3 Pause at the top briefly, then
lower yourself back down
again. Complete six to eight reps.
Hockey is a great cardio
workout that not only improves
stamina and builds strength,
but can also burn around 450

calories a session. It helps
develop hand-eye co-ordination,
leading to improved balance
and agility and is a fun, sociable calories can be burnt by
sport that everyone can play.
re-decorating a room for four hours,
FOOD FOR THOUGHT according to Plentific (
Its taken me a while to discover
exactly what I need to eat
thats the equivalent of more
everybody is different and its than five Mars Bars! Does your
important to listen to your body
and do whats right for you.
home need a lick of paint?
For me, its vital to eat protein
post-workout to help my body
recover. I always have three
main meals a day.
MIX IT UP For the first time since its launch, global fitness
I play domestic club hockey brand BodyPower is expanding its expo to
in the Netherlands for HC include BodyPower Active. Taking place
Bloemendaal. On top of the between May 12-14 at the NEC in Birmingham,
teams training sessions I do it will bring together the latest in health and
yoga most mornings and some fitness. And, whether youre a fanatic or just
strength work. need a little inspiration to meet your goals, it
will have plenty to motivate you. Experience
Kate is a supporter of the a unique line-up of both boutique and
TeamUp initiative, a campaign mainstream brands, celebrities, athletes and
from England and Wales Cricket live demonstrations from across the spectrum
Board, England Hockey and of active lifestyle, celebrating everything from
England Netball to build a fan healthy food choices to exercise, sport, and
base for womens team sports beauty. There will also be a host of interactive
and ensure all seven to 13-year- areas, including a yoga zone and cooking area,
old girls have the opportunity to so you can learn new skills. Tickets start at 25
enjoy the benefits of team sport. and are available to buy from

YourFitness 11

Fit News.indd 3 23/03/2017 14:17


A b um p

With a celeb baby boom upon us, we debunk the myths of
pregnancy workouts and reveal how to keep you and your bump fit

eyonce, Amal Clooney, Rosie Huntington energy levels, help you sleep better, prevent excess weight gain,
Whiteley...2017 is quickly becoming the year of A-list reduce the risk of pre and post natal depression, make giving birth
bundles of joy. Glowing with health and still rocking easier and reduce constipation.
the red carpets in their second and third trimester, More important than any specific exercise, the main thing I
our favourite celebs may have the best glam squads on hand, ask you to remember is to be truly kind to yourself and listen to
but that doesnt mean we cant all look and feel our best. your body. If you feel breathless or unwell at any point, stop and
While pregnancy fitness often divides opinions and provokes strong dont push yourself. While the subject of vanity continues to be
reactions (we all know the Nell McAndrew story), finding the right at the core (no pun intended) of criticism, for many the motivation
balance can give you a more enjoyable nine months. If you feel fine is a combination of staying healthy and striving to look our best
and are up for it, moderate exercise can help you feel energised throughout pregnancy and beyond. A lot of my clients suffered
and recharged during your pregnancy, says James Duigan, with body image doubts during pregnancy, James tells us. It
celebrity personal trainer and founder of Bodyism ( doesnt make you vain or selfish, its totally natural. Try and do
If youre not feeling it, dont feel pressured as long as you are everything you can to embrace your new curves, stay healthy and
being active and walking at some point throughout your day then treat yourself if you can. Maybe get a blow-dry, a massage or a
that is absolutely fine. There are several benefits of exercise during pedicure. Please remember that you are amazing, what youre
pregnancy. It can ease or prevent back pain, boost your mood and doing is amazing you are my hero!

12 YourFitness

Top Story.indd 2 24/03/2017 15:24



YOU WRECK YOURSELF Follow James pregnancy workout for a strong,
healthy body, inside and out. Whenever you do Myths Debunked
Although seeing your body change so these exercises try to engage your pelvic floor,
dramatically over the next few months can be connect to your breath and be mindful with each Personal trainer Matt Roberts
daunting, this isnt the time to start radically movement, he says. ( puts the
amending your workout. Its best to continue record straight on these
SUPERMAN common fitness fears
in a similar manner to the way you moved Start position: Start on your hands and knees with
before you got pregnant, James says. For

your toes firmly pointed into the floor. Ensure your
example, if you ran regularly and went to the spine and neck are in a straight line by keeping
gym every week, continue with this but check your gaze to the floor, just in front of your fingertips.
in with how you are feeling and slow down
if you need to. If you rarely exercised before
Extend your left arm out in front of you, while
extending your right leg backwards. Return to the EXERCISING COULD
getting pregnant then dont take it up now
start position and repeat 1015 times on each side.
in the hope of keeping your weight down. Maintaining your fitness routine
through pregnancy is actually
Stop any high-impact sports such as horse WITH MINI BAND
beneficial for the health of the
riding, cycling (stationary cycling is fine), ice Start position: Place a mini resistance band around
baby.Studies have shown a strong
skating or hiking. Whatever you choose to do, both legs just above your knees. Lie on your right
link between a mothers exercise
side, bend your right elbow and rest your head
remember to keep comfortable, hydrated and levels during pregnancy and their
on your right hand.
stop at any time that Bend your knees to
babys ability to resist cardiovascular
problems later in life.It is also well
you feel breathless.
IF YOU FEEL FINE a 90-degree angle
and stack them on
documented that babies are better
at handing the stress of labour when
TAKE IT EASY AND ARE UP FOR IT, top of one another.
Raise your top knee,
their mother has exercised.

If you were a die MODERATE EXERCISE taking it as far as you

can without straining

hard HIIT-er pre- the lower back. With
pregnancy, opting for CAN HELP YOU FEEL control, slowly lower
a slower pace may back to the start
feel frustrating but it ENERGISED AND position. Repeat 1015 CORE EXERCISES
times on each side.
doesnt mean you
cant still challenge RECHARGED ARE A BIG NO-NO
MINI-BAND Appropriately selected core
your body in different WALKING exercises are actually essential
ways. You may Start position: Take during pregnancy. The additional
not drip with sweat and be left fighting for a mini band and place it just above your ankles. weight at the front of the body can
your breath, but yoga could be your new Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly affect the mothers posture and
bent and your hands resting on your hips, and alignment, placing areas such as
go-to workout. Above all other exercise, I the lower back in a more vulnerable
engage the core by pulling your belly button in
recommend yoga for pregnancy, James towards your spine. Take one large step out position. Maintaining a strong and
advises. It gives you the opportunity to sideways to the right, then bring your left foot in well-conditioned core throughout
connect deeply with your body and is such a half a step, keeping tension in the band all the time. pregnancy will help to manage these
great way of finding time to stop and check Repeat this movement for 10 steps on each side. changes and reduce the risk of injury.
in with how you are feeling. Not only will yoga
help your body stay physically healthy but it

Start position: Stand with your feet hip-width
also will help improve your mental wellbeing apart, bend your knees and stick your bottom out,
tool. When you practise yoga in pregnancy, so your upper body leans forwards 45 degrees.
you practise yoga with your baby at the very
centre of your body and its a reminder that
Engage your core and raise both hands to create
a Y shape above your head with your arms by
from now on, your baby will be at the centre your ears, then return to the starting point. Repeat
1015 times.
of your life.
Its generally agreed that

YOUR PREGNANCY FIT KIT appropriately managed exercise

during pregnancy will actually reduce
the risk of miscarriage.

This will often depend on the
running experience of the mother
and the stage of pregnancy they are
in. For most experienced runners
continuing to run into the second
trimester, albeit at lower intensities
and volumes, is often fine. However,
as bodyweight changes in the later
Exercise Band, 12 stages of pregnancy it is advisable
Mama Mio Pregnancy Saviours Kit, 48 for runners to focus on other forms
Reebok Toning Gym Ball, 24.99
of training.

YourFitness 13

Top Story.indd 3 24/03/2017 15:24

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 11:54 Page 14
Healthy Ditch the daily habit with these
healthy alternatives

A bitesize look
at whats trending
in the world
of wellness CHICORY ROOT
Mixed with water this has
ITS ALL the same texture and look of
coffee as well as a similar
SO QUIET taste without the caffeine.
Packed full of antioxidants, it
can break down fat and boost
digestion. Raw Halo Organic
Inulin Powder, 18.80
In a world of noise, social media
and smart technology, quiet Hridaya Silent the better by combining it with
reflection has become a lost art Meditation Retreat daily meditation and a delicious
along with writing letters and Based in Mexico, this 10-day vegetarian menu at this retreat.
actually talking to your nearest and experience focuses on Days go by in a blur of hiking, yoga
dearest. But, as we become more accessing our essential nature and mindful movement to discover
stressed, theres a growing need to through meditation and yoga the wonder of being quiet. From
escape. Although spas have always techniques. The program aims 140
waved the flag for relaxation, silent to create a solitary retreat in
retreats have been popping up order to provide the opportunity Silent Spa
offering a tranquil atmosphere to reach deep states of Dont expect a rowdy hen do at
to reconnect with yourself. Duke consciousness. 169.18 the Silent Spa as everyone from
University found that two hours of accommodation and meals not the guests to the staff are required DANDELION
silence daily incited significant cell included, to be 100 percent silent. With Packed full of vitamins
development in the hippocampus, facilities including comfortable A,C,D and zinc, dandelion
the brain region related to the Return To Silence beds, a sole pool, spa suites and root extract can also flush out
formation of memory. Here are our Its hard not to enjoy the a steam bath to keep you busy we toxins, help digestion and aid
top three destinations to zip it silence of Buckinghamshires dont think that will be a problem! bloating. Just add the powder
and relax. countryside but its made all From 75.24 to boiling water and enjoy!
Symingtons Dandelion
Coffee, 6.29



Although it has a quarter of
the caffeine, matcha creates a
calm alertness without the
spikes and crashes of coffee.
SPRITZ RUB CLEANSE Full of antioxidants like
Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Take A Deep Breath Gel Anti-Pollution Cleansing catechins, flavonoids, and
Mist, 24, Cream Moisturiser, 29.50, Cream, 25, polyphenols, its health
Strengthen your skins defenses Enriched with purifying moringa benefits know no bounds.
against oxidative stress and Breathe new life into stressed and nourishing shea, Clarins Supreme Matcha Green Tea,
combat signs of fatigue caused skin and restore dull, dry cleanser removes impurities, 2.24
by smoke and UV light with this complexions with this oil-free, detoxes the epidermis and
refreshing, fine mist. oxygenating moisturiser. restores its biological balance.

YourFitness 15

The Healthy Hotlist.indd 2 23/03/2017 16:22



ways to
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
(EPOC), otherwise known as afterburn,
refers to the increased rate of oxygen
intake that occurs after a heavy bout of
exercise. In a nutshell, its the process that
allows you to carry on burning calories
after your workout is said and done. Like
most things, however, there is a certain
knack to it, so weve enlisted the help
of Claire Finlay, personal trainer and
founder of Transition Zone in Fulham
(, to provide us
with a comprehensive how-to

1 2
Increasing muscles mass is one of the most effective Dont overlook the impact of post-exercise
ways to amp up your off-duty fat burning. The more nutrition on calorie burn. In addition to fuelling
muscles you have, the harder your metabolism has to up prior to your workout, you should try to eat
work in order to supply the extra muscle tissue with a nutritious meal or snack within two hours
oxygen. And, because sustaining muscles requires a of completing your session. Focus on
lot more calories than storing fat, this means that youll carbohydrates, high quality proteins
be burning fat much more efficiently. and quality fats. Spices and herbs
such as ginger, garlic and chilli
can also keep you in
fat-burning mode
for longer.

16 YourFitness

7 Ways.indd 1 24/03/2017 12:41

expert TIPS


Many people underestimate the power of rest

and recovery. But this is the period in which
your body transforms your fitness efforts into
physical changes. Yoga, sports massage,

TURN foam rolling and rest days all aid circulation

which boosts the repair process, ensuring

that the benefits of your workouts show.

Adding two to three HIIT workouts to
your weekly schedule will have you
burning calories for up to 48 hours
after the workout is done. Just ensure
youre working at 80 percent of your
maximum heart rate to obtain the
greatest afterburn effect.

Ensure youre getting
seven to eight hours of sleep the
night before your workout to allow

your body to perform at its best
during high intensity exercise. You

should also aim to sleep for seven to
eight hours after your workout to aid

the repair and restore process.


Another great way to
boost EPOC is tempo
training. Like HIIT, youll
need to ensure that you sustain an
intensity of 70 to 80 percent of your
Hydrate the day before, the
max heart rate. But unlike interval
day of and the day after your
training, youll need to keep this
high intensity workout to allow
going for at least 30 minutes. The
your body to work at maximum
longer you maintain this level of cardio
output and capitalise on all the
intensity, the more metabolically taxing
benefits of EPOC. Remember
it becomes, and the more energy
dehydration slows your body down which
youll burn post-workout!
means you wont be able to work at your peak.

YourFitness 17

7 Ways.indd 2 24/03/2017 12:47


Whether its an investment or a
steal, these budget-friendly buys will
have you hitting the gym in style

Casall Yoga Vest, 50
The Upside Power
Cropped Floral-Print
Stretch Leggings, 80

The Super Elixir Refill,
OMOROVICZA Ultramoor Mud
Mask, 65
Street Precision Low
Speckle Cross Trainers, 70
Alta Fitness Tracker,

18 YourFitness

Shopping.indd 2 23/03/2017 16:29


Extra High Impact Non-Padded Sports Beyond Yoga,
Bra, 25 Sports Bra,
HeatGear Printed Capris, 18
35 Sports Tights,
Burst Equinox Womens 17.99
Shoes, 39.71 Miler Running Tank Top, 20

Memory foam
isnt just for your
mattress, Skechers
trainers cushion
your soles for
ultimate comfort

Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Creme
Riche, 36
Just Do It Yoga Mat, 35 INKD 2 Headphones,
Stella McCartney for Adidas Media 17.99
Armband, 30 No Show Pants, 16
Sugar It Up Sports Duffle Bag,
37 Pointe Studio Harper Grip
Weight Training Gloves, 25 Sock, 10 Sport Bottle, 8

Sport Drawstring Bag,
Fountain The Energy
Molecule, 24
A good quality,
non-slip yoga mat
is always worth
spending a little
more money on
Marc Cain

YourFitness 19

Shopping.indd 3 23/03/2017 16:30

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:47 Page 20
Two-Week PLAN

Your 14-day
Images: Free People



YourFitness 21

14 Day Weightloss.indd 3 24/03/2017 15:25


hether its to tone
those triceps or fit
into that pair of jeans,
we all have an overall goal of
where we want to be long-
term. But, when a holiday looms
or an invitation drops through the
door, suddenly the desire to amp
up that three month plan reaches
feverpitch. Although rapid weight
loss is difficult to sustain and not
a healthy solution overall, there
are a few sensible options we can
adopt to get the process moving a
little quicker. Changes in our body
composition are most effectively
achieved by making small lifestyle
alterations over time to work
towards healthy and realistic goals,
says William McLaren, personal
trainer at 1Rebel (
That being said, weve all found
ourselves in the position where a
holiday, event or such like is fast
approaching and we are looking
down at our bloated bellies wishing
we had thought twice about eating
that chocolate biscuit or slice of
Victoria sponge that seemed like
such a good idea at the time! But
all hope is not lost and William
has a plan to help you slim down
in double time. Believe it or not,
our bloated tums are mostly due
to sodium and water retention
that occurs when we consume
excessive amounts of salty, sugary
foods. Whether its to kick start STEADY STATE
your weight loss journey or a
temporary last minute figure fix, this (LISS)
14-day guide will help you to feel An hour of cardio a week is
seven pounds lighter, leaner and great for aiding your weight
ready for summer. loss. You can choose
between the treadmill, bike
and cross trainer (or switch
between all of them to keep
THE DIET it interesting). Youre heart
rate should go above 110
Yep, you dont get off it that easy! What you eat
goes hand-in-hand with how you train to get the bpm (beats per minute)
most effective results. Over the next two weeks imagine a fast walk or a
youre going to need to drastically reduce all gentle cycle.
carbohydrates, William warns. Other than the
obvious breads and pastas, this also includes all
fruits and starches. Protein must be kept high Your week should
and fats (including nuts, oils, avocados, oily fish) look like this
must also be increased to compensate for the THE WORKOUT Monday
- Weights
- Weights
reduction of sugars. After a few days, your body The program will consist of three heavy
will enter the state of ketosis (this is when your weight training sessions and four lower Wednesday - LISS
body uses fats instead of carbohydrates as its intensity sessions per week. You will do Thursday - LISS
primary source of fuel). Alongside ketosis, your the A1 and A2 exercises as a super set Friday - Weights
body will also begin to expel all the fluid that it (onesetof anexerciseis performed directly Saturday - LISS
has been holding onto - because of this, it is after asetof a differentexercisewithout Sunday - LISS
vital to also increase your water intake in order rest between them). The same goes for B,
to avoid dehydration. For low-carb, ketogenic C and D exercises. You must go as heavy Repeat this process
recipes I love the Diet Doctor ( as you can (you should be failing on the last for week two.
for some inspiration. rep). If not, increase the weight.

22 YourFitness

14 Day Weightloss.indd 4 24/03/2017 15:29

Two-Week PLAN


Exercise Sets Reps Rest

A1: Deadlift 4 15 10s A compound exercise that works more than one
muscle group and is the most taxing on the body.
A2: Pull down 4 15 2m

B1: Db lunge 4 15 10s

1 Holding the barbell (or two
dumbbells), keep your arms
straight and knees slightly bent
avoid rounding your back

3 Keep the barbell close

to your legs, almost
B2: Incline db press 4 15 2m

C1: Barbell curl 4 15 10s 2 Slowly bend at your hip joint

and lower the weights as far
as possible without rounding
touching them

4 Squeeze your glutes to

pull yourself up at a
C2: Leg lowers 4 15 2m
your back. Looking forward, quicker pace than it took
D1: Sprints 4 1m 1m not at the ground, will help you to bend down


A great posterior chain exercise to build a strong
Unilateral exercises will help to correct
back and help support correct posture. If you can do
imbalances in the body. My favourite exercise
pull ups I would recommend them instead.
is the dumbbell lunge to target those glutes!

1 Stand with your torso upright holding two

dumbbells in your hands by your sides 1 Hold a lat pulldown bar out
in front of your shoulders 3 Bend your knees slightly
and position your feet

2 Step forward with your right leg around two with your arms extended shoulder-width apart
feet or so and lower down keeping
the torso upright and maintaining balance 2 Step back enough so the
weight doesnt rest on 4 Look straight ahead
throughout and keep your

3 Using mainly the heel of your foot, push up the stack to ensure constant shoulders down
and go back to the starting
position as you exhale
tension on the muscles
5 Pull the bar down to your
waist keeping your elbows
extended but not locked out


A push exercise to strengthen shoulders, chest and arms

1 Lie back on an incline bench

with a dumbbell in each
hand, and the palms of your
shoulder width, rotate your
wrists forward so that the
palms of your hands are facing
hands facing each other away from you

2 Using your thighs to help

push the dumbbells up, lift
the dumbbells one at a time
4 Breathe out and push
the dumbbells up with
your chest
so that you can hold them at
shoulder width 5 Lock your arms at the top,
hold for a second, and then

3 Once you have the

dumbbells raised to
start slowly lowering the weight


This targets your biceps I love to put an ab exercise in at the
end to help strengthen the core

1 Stand with your torso upright while holding a

barbell at a shoulder-width grip
1 Raise both legs toward lower your legs until

2 While holding the upper arms stationary, curl the

weights forward while contracting the biceps
the ceiling
Breathe in and tighten
theyre about four inches
above the floor
as you breathe out

3 Slowly begin to bring the bar back to starting

position as your breathe in 3
your abs
Keeping your back on the
floor, exhale and slowly
4 Breathe out as you
raise your legs to the
starting position.

YourFitness 23

14 Day Weightloss.indd 5 24/03/2017 15:25


Exercise Sets Reps Rest

A1: Barbell squat 4 15 10s

A2: Shoulder press 4 15 2m

B1: Step up 4 15 10s

B2: Prone row 4 15 2m

C1: Tricep extensions 4 15 10s STEP UP

C2: Russian twists 4 15 2m
This exercise is great for
D1: Rowing sprint 4 1m 1m developing strong glutes and quads

1 Place your right foot onto a
bench or chair

2 Press through your right heel

as you step onto the bench,
bringing your left foot to meet
Box squats or goblet squats could be a better your left so you are standing
regression if you find this movement difficult on the bench

1 Begin with the barbell

supported on top of your 2 Bend your knees and
descend down while
3 Return to the starting position
by stepping down with the
right foot, then the left so both
shoulders. Your chest should keeping your chest up and
feet are on the floor
be up and your head facing your back straight
forward. Adopt a hip-width
stance with your feet turned
out as needed
3 Keep the weight on the
front of your heel and rise
up, squeezing your glutes
A prone row is a pulling movement and
will help strengthen the upper back
1 Face a bench and lie your
chest down on it with your
legs extended behind you
3 Bend the elbows to draw your
upper arms up alongside your
midsection. Stop when your upper
Lifting weight overhead has many benefits and will
strengthen your shoulders, triceps and core
2 Reach down and pick up
your dumbbells that you
arms are behind your back

4 Return to a straight position with

1 Hold a dumbbell in each

hand and sit on a bench that
has back support
Make sure to rotate your wrists
so that the palms of your hands
are facing forward
placed underneath the bench the shoulders downward

2 Raise the dumbbells to

shoulder height one at a 3 Exhale and push the
dumbbells upward until they
time using your thighs to help touch at the top. Slowly lower
propel them up into position. the weights back down The rotational movement targets the obliques

1 Lie down on the floor with your
knees bent. Lift your upper body
hold for a second and then move
back to the starting position
up in a 45 degree angle.

2 Holding a weight of your choice,

twist your torso to the right side
3 Move to the opposite side
and repeat 15 reps on each
side for three sets
A great accessory exercise to target the back of the arms

1 Stand with your feet

shoulder-width apart with a
dumbbell held in both hands
3 Keeping your elbows in,
lower the dumbbells behind
your head until your forearms
At the end of the two weeks, you should have seen a dramatic change
2 Lift the dumbbell over
your head until both
arms are fully extended 4
touch your biceps
Raise the dumbbell back to
the starting position
in your body. Low carb diets can take some getting used to, but many
people actually find that they have increased energy, healthier sleep
patterns and choose to stay on a ketogenic diet.
Personally, I believe carbohydrates are an essential part of any diet,
however getting them from the right sources is key. Cutting out refined
sugars and replacing them with wholesome, slow release carbs such as
*Before starting this is programme you should check with your GP that you have no
health issues and that your current BMI is not underweight, William advises. oats, sweet potatoes, rice is perfect.

24 YourFitness

14 Day Weightloss.indd 6 24/03/2017 15:26

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:47 Page 25

Award s 2017



26 YourFitness

Fitness Awards 2017.indd 2 24/03/2017 16:14



We are delighted to announce the Your Fitness
Awards 2017, celebrating the very best of fitness,
health and nutrition brands in the industry. From
sports apparel and top protein powders to fitness
trackers, headphones, energy boosters and
two relaxing
everything in between, well be trying all the very stays at
latest in fitness and health with the help of our QHotels worth
expert judges, including Lisa Snowdon and Faya
Nilsson (AKA Fitness On Toast). We want you to 250 each
be a part of these awards too simply nominate
your favourite products, brands and people that
you feel are deserving of an accolade and youll be
automatically entered into a prize draw to win a stay
at QHotels. Voting takes place later this year and
well announce the winners in the magazine.


1 Head to to nominate your
favourite sports apparel brand, diet food brand, fitness app,
fitness celebrity and fitness blogger by 1st June.

2 Every reader who sends us their nominations online will be

automatically entered into the prize draw to win one of two
luxury stays at QHotels (see below). Its your chance to win!

3 Later in the year you can then VOTE for your favourites
from those with the most nominations and be in
with a chance of winning yet more prizes! Just log on to to cast your votes.

HEAR FROM YOU! this luxury
stay for you
Nominate now in the following categories: and a friend
worth 250

Need a break? Who doesnt! Were giving two lucky

Your Fitness readers the chance to win a bespoke
QHotels spa break at their choice of one of 25 unique
BEST SPORTS BEST DIET luxury hotels across the UK for them and a guest.
APPAREL BRAND FOOD BRAND Whether you choose to relax with a sumptuous
countryside retreat or explore a thriving city centre,
youll find a dedicated team on hand to perfect the
final details of your trip. With gorgeous spa facilities
and health clubs at each hotel, you will have everything
you need to leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed.
Make your trip memorable by visiting the best local
attractions, from beautiful rural scenes to the best
BEST BEST FITNESS shopping streets, all before an indulgent evening meal
FITNESS APP CELEBRITY worth 28 per guest in your hotels restaurant. Head
up to your comfortable room and after a peaceful
NOMINATE YOUR nights sleep, tuck into a delicious breakfast to finish
your restorative getaway! Everyone who nominates will
FAVOURITES AT automatically be entered into the prize draw.
Prize must be taken within six months of win. There is no cash alternative and prize is
BEST FITNESS TO WIN A LUXURY non-transferable. Hotel choice excludes The Spa at The Midland, Manchester. Stays
are subject to availability, Evening meal worth up to 28 per guest plus breakfast only.
BLOGGER STAY AT QHOTELS. Readers who cast their votes will be automatically entered into the prize draw. For full
T&Cs for all our prizes and voting visit

YourFitness 27

Fitness Awards 2017.indd 3 24/03/2017 16:14

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:47 Page 28
your fitness REPORT

TOP form

If you have a busy schedule, its tough

to find the time to fit exercise in. We
asked personal trainer Chris Shepherd
for a short HIIT workout thats simple
to do, while being highly effective for
fat loss, increasing metabolism and
improving strength and conditioning.
Perform each move for 30
seconds and follow each round with
30 seconds of active rest (such as
jogging on the spot). Aim to complete
the three rounds three times and pause
for 60 to 90 seconds between each
complete circuit. Be sure to perform
each exercise with maximum intensity
and make the most of the active rest
by concentrating on breathing deeply
through your nose into your diaphragm.

Mountain climbers
Jog and punch, using light
dumbbells if possible
Lunge jumps

Press ups
Up and down planks (repeatedly
switch from a plank position resting on
your hands to your lower arms)
Squat thrusts (similar to a burpee,
minus the final jump)

Sprint on the spot (hold a weight
above your head if you can)
Shoulder taps (begin in a plank
position, then bring your right hand up
to touch your left shoulder. Repeat on
the other side)

YourFitness 29

Top Form Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:11

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 30
toning TIPS

Take a large step

forwards with your right foot then
bend your hips and knees to
come into a lunge position,
making sure your front knee
doesnt come over your toes.
Jump into the air and quickly
straighten both legs, driving your
left knee up level with your hip.

MOVES Land softly with your right leg

forwards, left
leg back and
repeat. Perform
five to eight
reps on your
right leg before

changing sides.

Tone up and slim down with
Begin in a push up position (either with
your legs fully extended or on your knees),
this at-home workout no with your hands directly under your
shoulders. Bend your arms to lower your
equipment needed! chest towards the floor, without allowing

your back to arch. Straighten your arms to
hese five moves are perfect for return to the start, lifting your left hand off
when you cant make it to the gym the floor and bringing it to touch your right
or still want to exercise when away shoulder. Return your hand to the floor and
from home for work or even on repeat, lifting the right arm with the next
rep. Complete 12-15 reps in total before
holiday. They require no equipment and you
moving on to the next exercise.
only need a small space to get a whole body
workout. The focus alternates between the
upper and lower body so try to move from one
to the next with a minimal amount of rest.

Shift your weight over to your right

4/ JAB,
leg as you lift your left foot off the floor,
taking it behind and over to the right.
Bend your right hip and knee to come STRAIGHT
into a quarter squat position. Quickly Begin in a boxers stance with Begin standing with
straighten your right leg, jumping up and your left foot forwards, right feet hip width apart. Bend
bringing your left leg forwards whilst in the foot back, making fists with your hips and knees to
air. Land softly on your left leg, and repeat your hands either side of your come into a squat position,
to complete one rep. Perform eight to 10 chin. Quickly straighten your coming as low as you can
reps in total before moving on. left arm, jabbing your hand out without rounding or arching
in front of you. Bend the arm your back. Hold the bottom
to return to the start and position for a
repeat. Quickly straighten your count of two
right arm, punching straight in before
front of you. Come onto the straightening
ball of your back foot and your legs to
pivot slightly as you do so to return to the
generate more power. This start. Perform
counts as one rep. 12-15 reps.
Perform 10 reps in total before
moving on to the last exercise.

YourFitness 31

Kristoph_new.indd 1 24/03/2017 15:43

Top form


Blitz pain and eliminate fat with this strengthening
workout for a beautiful back

You might not be able to see it in the mirror but your back
works hard all day long extending, bending, lifting and GUIDELINES
rotating. With so few of us taking the time to strengthen l Warm up by doing five minutes of cardio. A
these well-used muscles, its no wonder that so many of us gentle row on the rowing machine is a great option.
suffer from pain! If you want to sculpt a sexy back, while l Perform each move below in the order outlined.
Finish with the two back-soothing stretches.
ensuring that you dont suffer from aches later in life, take
l Do this workout at least once a week as part of
care of your posterior chain muscles with this workout. Aim a complete fitness plan. You should also aim to
to perform the workout at least once a week as part of your strengthen your chest, shoulder and lower body
existing full-body exercise plan. Simple. muscles weekly.

32 YourFitness
strength WORKOUT

2-3 SETS OF 12-15 REPS

1 Hold a barbell in each hand with your

arms beyond shoulder-width apart and
your hands facing towards your body

2 Bend your knees slightly and

lean forward from your hips with a
straight back

3 Draw the barbell back towards your

upper abs by bending your elbows
out to the sides. Return and repeat

2-3 SETS OF 12-15 REPS

1 Grab a barbell with your hands slightly

less than shoulder-width apart

2 Hold the bar at the top of your thighs

with your arms extended

3 Draw the bar up your body, leading

with your elbows until it's at chest
height. Lower and repeat

YourFitness 33
Top form

shoulder-width apart and your
hands facing away from
your body

2 Bend your knees slightly

and lean forward from your
2 Bend at your hips to lower
your torso until it's almost
parallel to the floor

3 Return to standing,
squeezing your glutes
ROW hips with a straight back 2-3 SETS OF 12-15 REPS as you rise and thrust your

2-3 SETS OF 12-15 REPS 3 Draw the barbell back

towards your lower
1 Grab a barbell and hold it
hips forward

in front of your thighs, with
Hold a barbell in each of abs, keeping your elbows close PT TIP Keep your eyes
your feet hip-width apart and
your hands with your arms to your torso. Return and repeat forward and your chin down
your knees slightly bent
to maintain posture


resistance band with your
hands shoulder-width apart

2 Keeping your arms

straight, pull the band
out and back until you feel
facing your body
Raise your arms to
shoulder level and reach
your hands away from your
body with your arms extended
a squeeze between your
1 4 You should feel a stretch
2-3 SETS OF 15-20 REPS
Stand with your feet hip-
shoulder blades in your upper back.

width apart

Stand tall and raise your

Slowly return to the start Place one hand on top of Hold for 15-30 seconds
arms out in front of you and repeat the move for and then release
the other with your palms
at shoulder level. Hold a the correct amount of sets

34 YourFitness
strength WORKOUT



1 Lie on the floor,
facing up
both of your knees in your
hands. You should feel a

2 Draw your legs towards

your tummy and hold
slight stretch in your
lower back

3 Hold for 15-30 seconds

and then release



1 3
2 Dyna-Band Light Strength
ElleSport Fortitude Performance Vest With ElleSport Fortitude Printed Fashion Resistance Band,
Built In Bra (Dust), 36 Performance Capri, 40 10.50

Personal trainer: Sarah Ivory (, Photography: Cliqq (, Hair and make-up: Jo Adams (, Model: Emma Atkins, W Model Management,
Clothing: Top and leggings: ElleSport (, Trainers: Adidas by Stella McCartney (, with thanks to Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Golf and Spa (

YourFitness 35
10.75 for 3 issues!* - Section 1 (increasing to 17.75 every 5 issues)
UK cheque/cc 44.45 for 12 issues - Section 2 or 3



Title Mr / Mrs / Ms Forename

Surname DOB

Address Kala Kilshaw, Creative Director of ego

Postcode PROFESSIONAL, addresses the truth behind
Daytime No. Mobile No. home hair care and offers tips and
Email techniques to ensure that your hair stays
healthy and happy between salon
THIS IS A GIFT, my recipients details are
appointments and during visits to the gym.
Title Mr / Mrs / Ms Forename
For full details visit:
Surname DOB



Daytime No. Mobile No. 1 Condition is key

Hair is 91% protein so
a regular protein hair
6 Nutrition for your hair
Make sure your diet is
vitamin rich as lack of
masque made with avocado nutrients is main reason 1-3
1 DIRECT DEBIT I am paying 10.75 for 3 issues (increasing to 17.75 every 5 issues) YFI0517
and olive oil is perfect women have hair loss or
INSTRUCTION TO YOUR BANK OR BUILDING SOCIETY deep conditioner thinning hair concerns

2 7
Originators ID No. 677183 Choose the right Holiday hair musts
Reference Number products for your shampoo chlorine water
Instruction to your hair type from your hair as soon as
Bank or Building
Name and full postal address of your Bank or The correct shampoo and possible to prevent
Building Society Society
Please pay Aceville Publications conditioner really does additional environmental
Limited Direct Debit from
To the Manager.............................................................................................................. the account detailed in this make a differencethick & chemical damage ,
instruction subject to the
Address................................................................................................................................... safeguards assured by the coarse hair requires comb your conditioner
....................................................................................................................................................... Direct Debit Guarantee. I
understand that this instruction
moisturising versions fine through whilst sitting
Postcode............................................................................................................................... may remain with Aceville
Publications Limited and, if
damaged needs protein and poolside and use as a bit
Name(s) of Account Holder(s)
so, details may be passed sugar based versions of extra sun protection
electronically to my Bank/
medium hair needs a

Building Society.
Colour fade
Branch Sort Code balance of both
Bank/Building Society Account Number
3 Hotter is not
always better
The temperature you style
Use colour safe products,
dont take the colour
through to the ends
your hair should vary on everytime, use a regular
Date....................................................... your hair type, remember treatment masque
Data Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit instructions for some types of accounts
hair is like a fabric so
The direct debit guarantee
Your Direct Debit Guarantee will be found on your confirmation letter.
gradually adjust your
appliances so that you can
9 Quick gym fixes
Fabric snag free hair
bands and dry shampoo are
create the shape you want
the musthaves in your gym
ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO PAY in a single pass
44.45 for 12 issues 87.95 for 24 issues Euro 71.00 ROW 81.00 for 12 issues bag - treat you hair like your
2 I enclose a cheque made payable to Your Fitness
4 Invest in your hairdryer
Its the tool you use to
body and take care of it

3 Please charge my: Which brush is
Visa Mastercard Amex Switch/Maestro (issue No.) create the shape in your hair
best for you
CARD NUMBER EXPIRY DATE and the quality of your
Bristles do make a
dryer can mean it actually
difference use pure bristle
conditions whilst drying!
SIGNED: TODAYS DATE: for smoothness and natural
Your details will be processed by Aceville Publications Ltd (publishers of Your Fitness) in full accordance with
data protection legislation. Aceville Publications Ltd and sister companies may wish to contact you with
information of other services and publications we provide which maybe of interest. Please tick here if you
DONOT wish to receive such information through by Post Phone Email SMS . From time to time
Aceville Publications Ltd will share details with other reputable companies who provide products and services
5 Dont rush
The more time you
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Offer valid for the first 30 subscribers.

Please return to YFI - Dovetail Services (UK) Ltd, 800 Guillat Avenue, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne ME9 8GU

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109 FREE *

When you subscribe to YOUR FITNESS magazine

Keep your hair healthy & happy during visits to the gym

The new device that looks like a
straightening iron but isnt
its the Ego Therapy, an intensive
conditioning tool that glows not
with heat, but with infrared light.
So whats the point? Well, it puts your hair
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We all love a bit of therapy every now and again and
ego professional have created the latest innovation in
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protein and nutrition right into the core of your hair. Created by hairdressers for professionals and their
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FOR USE ON WET HAIR ONLY. mance with innovative conditioning technology.
Modern living demands that we play many roles in
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Pay just 10.75 for 3 issues*
01795 592 935 Quote YFI0517
*Terms and conditions apply. For further details please refer online.
Lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-1pm Offer closes 5th May 2017

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YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 38
saddle UP

Cyc l i n g

You dont have to be Victoria

Pendleton or Lizzie Armitstead
to get into cycling. Alice
Whitehead shows you how
getting bike fit is not about
reinventing the wheel

YourFitness 39

ith the freedom to peddle where you want (in half the
time of a car) and with enough calorie busting
exercise to dump that gym membership cycling can,
quite literally, be a breath of fresh air.
According to research, cycling for just 20 minutes at an average
speed can torch up to 150 calories, while biking regularly can help you
sleep more deeply, reduce the risk of chronic disease and illness such as
type 2 diabetes, help you live longer and even, according to
a University of Illinois study, increase your brain power!
So why is it that only a quarter of all cyclists in England are female?
If the Lycra, lingo and the saddle soreness are putting you off,
try our beginners guide to getting the wheels in motion

Get your kit on

Choose your bike While some of the more committed MAMILs
(Middle Aged Men in Lycra) may insist
Cycling magazines and marketers would like you to believe otherwise, cladding yourself in stretchy fibres
you need the latest carbon-fibre constructed, disc-braked is not a requirement of cycling. With few things
stunner (with a stunning price tag to match) in order to more un-motivating than the thought of having
cycle. As youd expect, the truth is far cheaper. As long as to squeeze into skin-tight clothing before
the wheels go round, the gears work and the brakes stop exercise, youre best going for comfort and
you crashing into stuff, any good bike will do. At its most convenience. If youre cycling outdoors, high
basic, youre looking for a dropped crossbar so you can vis is a must, and skorts are an excellent hybrid
step over more easily, a shorter frame so you can reach the between a skirt and a short with less of the
handlebars without slouching, and a light weight frame so unflattering tightness. One exception to the rule
you can lift it up stairs and onto bike racks. Wheel and deal is padded shorts, however and these are a
at your local bike shop: most places have a try before you must-have investment for your lady bits!
buy policy, and never be strong-armed into a buying a pink CYCLE SHORTCUT: Buy padded shorts
bike with basket and bell just because youre a woman. specifically designed for women at stolengoat.
CYCLE SHORTCUT: There are lots of places to buy com, or
affordable bikes online and you can pick up cut-price
peddles via or eBay, or why not encourage
your employer to sign up to to get bikes

Start small
tax free for you and your work colleagues?

Get in gear
Youre not out to break Bradley Wiggins records, so pick
a pace that raises your heart rate and gets you into that fat
burning zone, but doesnt mean youre gasping for breath.
You wouldnt attempt a marathon the first time you pulled
A common beginners mistake is not using gears on trainers so build up to bigger rides gradually. Swap one
correctly. Cycling in too high a gear (the higher a of the short trips you might take in the car with a bike ride,
gear, the harder it is to push the pedals round) and then up the distance by a few miles each time. For a
causes faster muscle fatigue and can strain knee good workout you should be aiming for a 15-20 mile round
joints. Keeping to a higher cadence (the speed trip (approximately one hour to 90 minutes of cycling).
you revolve the pedals), will give you a better CV CYCLE SHORTCUT: If youre worried about cycling on
workout, allow you to cycle for longer and make the road, try a confidence building training session with
it easier to get to the top of those hills. or also
CYCLE SHORTCUT: has a offers free info packs about cycle-friendly routes in your local
handy How to Cycle Up Hills guide to gears. area, and has a list of cycle friendly cafes.

40 YourFitness

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saddle UP

Stay indoors
A spin class can be a great way to get cycle-fit
if the weather is rubbish, and theres nothing
more motivating that cycling with others. Most
nationwide gym chains offer free 30-45-minute
classes, and some even allow you to book a
bike in advance so you can sneak in at the
back! Based on interval training slower paced
pedalling broken up by high intensity inclines
it can really get your heart racing, but the benefit
is you can make it as hard or as easy as you
like. Get in early to get advice on adjusting your
bike for your height and arm length.
CYCLE SHORTCUT: Now theres a spin to suit
everyone, from those that incorporate stability
exercises and hand weights (, to
those with Pilates (, or even in
the water (!


Dont want to go it alone? Buddy up on your bike with
these group cycle events and ideas
Dont be afraid to investigate your local cycling club theyre not all
speedy road-warriors! Most clubs accommodate several different groups
based on average speeds and club rides are great for motivation, to
navigate your local area and provide safety in numbers. Its not unusual
for clubs to offer routes to coffee shops and pubs for post-ride
conversation and cake/recovery drinks! Got to for more.
Try a fitness tracker app such as Strava or Endomondo to plan routes,
and give you a motivating nose into how other people are cycling if you have
a competitive edge!
Join womens only cycle rides through During July,
the Womens Festival of Cycling will be organising big and small cycle events.
Go to for more details.
Challenge yourself with a cycle sportive. The majority are not competitive races
and offer a choice of distances. Organised rides are a great experience, with
stewarded routes so you dont get lost, feed stations, and the unique experience
of taking to the road with hundreds, if not thousands of other cyclists. Search by
region at
Or, give back as you bike and raise money for charity at

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with Kayla
We spoke with the fitness star to talk
Instagram, planks and, err, tuna sandwiches

ayla Itsines, the Australian sensation behind
the Bikini Body Guide, is no stranger to
working up a sweat and encouraging others
to do so too. You only need to glance at her
motivational Instragram feed, which boasts
more than 6.4 million followers, to see that
the personal trainer from Adelaide knows a thing or
two about fitness. With a successful workout
guide and accompanying app under her belt
plus a debut book which showcases more
than 200 delicious recipes, Kayla is now a
recognisable face in the blogosphere and
heroine for body confidence and female
fitness, but the 25-year-old never
planned a life in the spotlight

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ab workout
I honestly would only use Want to tone your middle the
Instagram to upload my client's Itsines way? Here's how
transformations because I didn't have
anywhere else to store them, Kayla admits. This workout consists of two rounds, each
Then people started following and it just lasting seven minutes. Set your timer for
tumbled into the present which is absolutely seven minutes and aim to complete circuits
amazing, but I never expected nor wanted of the moves as many times as you can
to be famous. I love where I am but it was before the timer runs out. Once completed,
For beginners, start on your knees and build take a 30 second break. Reset your timer
never a dream of mine. Instead, Kayla just
up your strength before moving on to your to seven minutes and complete the circuit
wanted to help people, share her love of
toes. If you're a beginner it's great if you can again for your full 14-minute workout.
fitness and spread the message of being fit
hold a plank for 10 seconds, and then you
and having body confidence. It's this love
should aim to hold your plank for between
of helping others which led to the Bikini
30 seconds and one minute, then from one
Body Guide (BBG), a workout and nutrition AB BIKE, 40 REPS (20 PER SIDE)

minute to five minutes it gets a little bit
programme which has taken the world by
boring after that.
storm. BBG struck a chord with so many
people because it's built up of 28-minute
workouts making it perfect for women who are It's not just about losing weight
time strapped, Kayla explains. It's ideal for though, Kayla is a huge advocate for

busy mums and those who want to work out working towards a better you, for only you.
at home, plus there's an amazing community I'm a little bit different as a trainer because
which comes with it. if someone came up to me and asked me
to share three top tips to become leaner I
Famed for her 28-minute HIIT would tell them to step back and not even
focus on that, she explains. I think that
and LISS workout routines, Kayla puts women on the spot and can lead to
revealed the unusual time-limit was spawned 40 REPS (20 PER SIDE)

unattainable and unachievable goals. I would
from her personal training days where clients
instead concentrate on questions such as:
joked: 'You only need to do 30 minutes
'Are you healthy?', 'Are you fit?', and 'Do you
with Kayla'. I became known for quite high
feel good?' as I believe feeling good is more
intensity workouts. I love circuit training so I
important than becoming leaner. We couldn't
created four seven-minute circuits and then the

agree more!
28-minute routines stuck. To accompany her
HIIT workouts, rest days are complemented
with LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) training. Fitness is just one string to
Great for recovery, incorporating LISS training Kayla's bow. Nutrition is also integral to
with your routine is also good for the mind. her training programme and after joking that
If you've done a high intensity workout, the she can't live without her Grandma's cooking,
some of which has been incorporated into STRAIGHT LEG SIT UP AND TWIST,
following day you're super sore so it's nice to

her first book, Kayla's favourite foods may 20 REPS (10 PER SIDE)
go for a walk. It's relaxing and a good time
for you to think to yourself as well as get time surprise you. I love carbs, especially rice,
to breathe. Plus, it's less strenuous for your bread and pasta. Mango and fish are among
joints," she explains. my favourite foods, too. These give me a
boost. If I'm making lunch or looking for

But if you want Kayla's enviable something before a workout, I quite often have
For the full workout descriptions head to

a tuna sandwich or toastie for energy, and

abs, you need to put the work in. You because it makes me feel good, she admits.
need to train your whole body to work your
A girl after our own hearts, Kayla also explains
abdominal muscles, she says. In terms
how she doesn't follow a pre and post
of your core, the best exercise is planks.
workout meal plan. That mindset originated
from body building and how you need to
eat to fuel and recover from a heavy weight SNAP JUMP, 15 REPS

training session. Instead I focus on food as a
whole to fuel your entire day. All of this, and
more, is in Kayla's debut book 28 Day Healthy
Eating and Lifestyle Guide (18.99, Bluebird).
Turn over to discover what Kayla recommends

we eat in a day.

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Green Smoothie Bowl


Peri Peri Chicken

with Rice Salad


Apple with
Nut Butter

with Hummus
& Tomato

Chicken Gyros
with Tzatziki


1 To make the marinade, whisk the
garlic, lemon juice, rosemary and
oregano together in a medium bowl.
120g brown rice
medium green pepper, finely diced
Youll need: Place the chicken in the bowl containing small red onion, finely diced
the marinade and stir to combine. Cover 1 medium cucumber, finely diced
1 small handful baby spinach leaves
with cling film and refrigerate for 30 60g frozen corn kernels, thawed
1 frozen medium banana, chopped
minutes to marinate. 1 small handful baby spinach leaves, shredded

65g strawberries
Heat a non-stick frying pan over FOR THE DRESSING
200g low-fat plain yoghurt
medium to high heat and spray 200g low-fat plain yoghurt
125ml semi-skimmed milk
lightly with oil spray. Add the chicken Lime juice, to taste
tsp matcha (green tea) powder (optional)
and cook for eight to 12 minutes or until 1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
FOR THE TOPPING the chicken is cooked through, stirring
30g natural muesli
1 tsp goji berries
2 tsp chia seeds
occasionally. Transfer to a heatproof
bowl and set aside. To save time, the
chicken can be marinated and cooked
1 To make the marinade, whisk the
garlic, ginger, lemon juice, honey, chilli,
paprika, parsley, salt, pepper and four

the night before and stored in an airtight teaspoons of water together in a medium
Place the spinach, banana, strawberries, bowl. Place the chicken in the bowl and
container in the refrigerator.

yoghurt, milk and matcha (if using) in a rub with the marinade. Cover with cling film
To serve, spread half of the tzatziki
high-powered blender and blitz until smooth. and refrigerate for one hour.
over the wrap and place the chicken,

To serve, pour the smoothie mixture into a To make the rice salad, place the rice
tomato, cucumber, onion and lettuce
serving bowl and top with the muesli, goji and 300ml of water in a small saucepan
down the middle. Fold over the end and
berries and chia seeds. over high heat and bring to the boil, stirring
roll up to enclose the filling. Drizzle over
the remaining tzatziki. occasionally. Cover and reduce the heat to
CHICKEN GYROS mediumlow. Simmer for 20 to 25 minutes
with TZATZIKI PERI PERI CHICKEN or until the liquid is absorbed and the rice
is tender. Remove from the heat and leave
SERVES 1 with RICE SALAD to stand, covered, for five minutes. Set
Youll need: SERVES 2 aside to cool.
100g chicken breast fillet,
cut into bite-sized pieces
1 wholemeal wrap
Youll need:
200g chicken breast fillet
3 Place the rice, pepper, onion, cucumber,
corn and spinach in a bowl and toss
gently to combine. To make the dressing,
Lime wedges, to serve
100g tzatziki whisk the yoghurt, lime juice and coriander
medium tomato, sliced FOR THE MARINADE together in a small bowl. Heat a non-stick
medium cucumber, sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed frying pan over medium heat and spray
small red onion, thinly sliced 2cm fresh ginger, peeled and grated lightly with oil spray. Add the chicken and
1 small handful lettuce leaves Juice of 1 lemon cook for four to six minutes on each side
2 tsp honey or until cooked through. Set aside to cool
tsp dried chilli flakes slightly. To serve, place the rice salad on
garlic clove, crushed
tsp sweet paprika two serving plates and top with the peri-peri
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped chicken. Drizzle over the yoghurt dressing
tsp fresh rosemary, finely chopped
Sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste and serve with lime wedges on the side.
tsp fresh oregano, finely chopped

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insider TIPS

Ask the
EXPERTSWe put your fitness, health
and nutrition questions to our
panel of experts...

Q Should I start my gym sessions

with cardio or weights first?
Gemma Peterson, Cambridge

Amy Costello, co-founder and head trainer at F45
Tottenham Court Road Studio (,
This is somewhat dependent on your fitness goals and the
main focus of each of your gym sessions, but generally if youre
looking for weight loss and lean muscle gain (or toning up as its
known), I would recommend that you head to the weights room
first. Starting a session with a focus on strength and resistance
will burn out your anaerobic energy systems, meaning that once
you hit the cardio section of your workout, your body will resort
to burning fat to keep your aerobic system going. This will churn
up those calories both during your session and for an extended
period after youve completed your workout. Its important with
weight training that you always practise good form, so get lifting
those weights while youre feeling fresh and energetic for the
most effective and injury-free workout.

Q Can the food I eat affect my

genes and help me live longer?
Annie Bagshaw, Worcester

Naturopathic herbalist Vera Martins at the College of
Naturopathic Medicine (, says:
Definitely! Our genes are flexible entities that can be
switched on and off through a mechanism called epigenetics.
Certain dietary compounds are known to control these switches,
affecting many health conditions such as cardiovascular and
autoimmune diseases, reproductive and neurological disorders
and even cancer. Foods rich in the polyphenols curcumin (found in
turmeric), epigallocatechin gallate (present in green tea), resveratrol
(in grapes and berries) and isothiocyanates (in broccoli and kale) are
key to keeping our genes happy. These antioxidant compounds
share the ability to reduce cancer growth and promote longevity.
Try to avoid eating sugary, processed foods which negatively affect
genes linked to cardiovascular health and memory. Also, a diet rich
in bad fats (mainly trans fats) can switch off the gene for leptin, a
hormone that regulates our appetite, meaning we may eat more
than we need. Good food choices equal happy genes.

Got a question youd like to put to our experts? Drop us a line at
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Ask the Experts.indd 3 23/03/2017 16:59


Kick start your summer fitness goals with
a luxury fitness retreat for two

ere at Your Fitness, the promise of luxe
surroundings, delicious food and a spa
softens the blow when a boot camp is
involved. This is why were offering one lucky winner
the chance to experience the beautiful surroundings
of Champneys Leicestershire location for an
amazing two-night fitness getaway later this year.
Champneys boot camps have been specially
designed to make you feel fitter, energised and
more inspired to make positive lifestyle changes by
offering the perfect motivational kick-start, worlds
away from the stereotypical military style classes.
Their holistic approach aims to build healthy
relationships with food and exercise; relationships
that will last long after you leave.
The picturesque Champneys Springs resort is
the perfect setting to focus your mind and relax
your body after a hard workout session.
Surrounded by water walkways and 31 acres of
beautiful open parkland, the tranquil location is a
modern take on country style spa. Designed with your relaxation in mind, the UKs first purpose-built
health spa continues to champion the best of
health and wellbeing. Youll take part in four to six
exercise sessions per day and with a heavy
emphasis on team interaction, activities offer the
perfect balance of strength, endurance and
stability training - inside and outside of the resort.
This programme also includes blood pressure
checks, nutrition plans, diet and exercise
discussions, a 25-minute Champneys massage, a
Thalassotherapy pool session and carefully crafted
healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. So if you
fancy taking a break and focusing on you, enter
this competition now for your chance to win!
For more details, head to

T&Cs: This competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over, excluding employees or agents of the associated companies and their families. One entry per person (duplicates
will be void). The prizes cannot be exchanged for goods, or towards the purchase of goods at any retail outlet and are subject to availability. Prizes cannot be exchanged for
cash, or replaced if lost or damaged. Automated entries are disqualified. Illegible entries and those that do not abide by these t&cs will be disqualified. The decision of the judge
is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No responsibility held for entries lost, delayed or damaged in the post, proof of posting is not proof of delivery. All entries
become the property of Aceville Publications Ltd & sister companies. Winners will be notified within approximately 90 days of the competition start date, a list of winners will be
available in writing on request from Marketing Department, 21/23 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY. CLOSING DATE 18/05/17 Entrants should enter
by completing the entry form on Entries received after the closing date of the promotion will not be considered. The Promoter will use entrants personal
details in accordance with the Aceville Privacy Policy. This two night boot camp retreat for two people is valid at Springs and will run from Friday 17th November 2017 for two
nights. Standard room accommodation only. Travel to the spa is not included. There are a minimum number of people required for this break to run, if there are insufficient numbers
the winner will be notified of cancellation around two weeks before and the following prize will be offered as an alternative (only if the two night boot camp retreat is cancelled): a
Champneys two night mid-week stay with an hour of Champneys time valid at Champneys Springs. Not valid Friday or Saturday nights. Subject to availability. Includes all meals,
two buffet breakfasts, lunches and two three-course evening meals. An hour of Champneys time includes two treatments - a Head in the Clouds Massage and Champneys Body
Wrap per person, which cannot be altered. Prize must be booked and taken within six months from the date of issue. For more terms and conditions see online.

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Prize Draw MAY.indd 2 24/03/2017 11:58


Log on to our website,, and answer
the question below correctly to be
in with a chance of winning this
amazing prize!

Q) What is the location of

the Champneys boot camp?
A) Oxfordshire
B) Leicestershire
C) Gloucestershire

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promotional FEATURE

SYNERGY To mark the 20th anniversary
of Bio-Synergys launch,
we look back at some of
their best bits

ith over two decades serving
the nations fittest with
top quality supplements,
its fair to say that Bio-Synergy has
come a long way over the last 20 years.
From professional athletes to fitness
enthusiasts, the team have kept some of
YF readers the world's fittest gym bunnies in their
can get 20% OFF
Bio-Synergy's whole best shape ever with the before and after
range (no minimum images to prove it. Heres a run-down
order). Just enter
BD20 at the checkout of the brands highlights in numbers.
expires 31st May

3 86 16,100
been won by teams Body Perfect servings WATER
using Bio-Synergy have been consumed INSTAGRAM 17.88


often a Bio-Synergy MEMBERS OF STAFF
have been burned by customers product is being consumed working at Bio-Synergy
tracking their expenditure

2012 is the year

2002 is the
year that
Bio-Synergy were partners to 2 CELEBRITY
launched the first sports the Commonwealth Games James Cracknell and

supplement range specifically Ant Middleton
developed for women,
Active Woman 150 PROFESSIONAL
supplied across rugby,

medals earned by athletes
football, Formula One, ice
hockey, hockey, basketball YEARS serving
and volleyball. the fittest athletes
incorporating Bio-Synergy

in the world
supplements into their BRAND
daily regime AMBASSADORS

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advertorial.indd 2 24/03/2017 12:34

your fitness REPORT

PRO running

Whether youre running a 10k,
half marathon or the full 26.2
miles, theres no doubt that race
training can be tough. Luckily,
Lindsey Passaic, wellness coach
at VitalityHealth ( is on
hand with her top tips to help you
get race ready.
1 Get a plan in place so you can
start to make small changes to
your daily routine, slowly building
up to the big run. Try going for
a lunchtime jog, running to work
or taking a Sunday morning run
around the park.

2 Dont skimp on stretching, as

this not only reduces the risk
of injury, but decreases muscle
soreness and increases flexibility at
the same time. Before you start, try
doing a dynamic stretching routine
(high knees or twisting lunges for
example), which increases your
core temperature and prepares your
muscles for exercise. Using a foam
roller will help your body recover,
improve circulation and reduce
soreness after a workout.

3 Set realistic goals and celebrate

your successes you dont
have to do everything in one go. Its
better to reach your end goal slowly
rather than increasing the chance of
getting injured.

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Pro Running Intro.indd 1 22/03/2017 13:13

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 50
face your FEARS


Will I be fast enough? Could I do a race? If youre
new to the sport, running might make you feel
nervous but you shouldnt let that stop you!
WORDS: Sarah Ivory

YourFitness 51

Face your Running Fears.indd 3 24/03/2017 09:27


Running has a reputation for being one of our favourite sports.

According to official Sport England figures, 2.49 million people
take part in athletics (which includes running) each week. Yet, it
is also an activity that many of us shy away from. Despite being
one of the most natural forms of exercise, running is hard and
that gives many of us such a bad case of the jitters that we
put off getting started. And if that doesnt stop some, theres
always the fear of being seen jogging, which prevents a lot of
people from heading out the door. We worry that well look too
slow, fat, old or silly to other folk. But heres the thing running
doesnt discriminate. Whether you run with jiggly thighs,
arms flapping ( la Phoebe from friends) or head rolling, the
benefits are the same for everyone improved cardiovascular
fitness, boosted bone density, weight loss and, best of all,
increased happiness thanks to the release of happy endorphin
hormones. Still nervous about giving running a go? Read on
and let our panel of experts quash your fears...


Im worried
Ill be the slowest
runner on the

If you think youre too slow to join a running
group, youre not the only one many
runners (both new and returning to the
sport) worry that theyll be left behind on a
run. But heres a secret the feeling you
get after finishing a tough run is the same
whether you ran it at a six-minute mile
pace or an 11-minute mile speed. And in
fact, research from Denmark even shows
that jogging at a slow-to-moderate pace I run with a really
could be better for health and longevity
than running at a strenuous speed. A embarrassing technique
mile is a mile, whether youre aiming for
under four minutes or under 10 minutes, Do you run on your toes? Kick out a leg every third step? Flap your arms
agrees a spokesperson for The Running about? Theres a lot of chat about the correct way to run but, the reality is, it
Bug ( Its still faster takes all styles. People with unusual techniques are often the fastest, says a
than your friends on the couch and nobody spokesperson for The Running Bug. Take Paula Radcliffe, Britains greatest
cares how fast you run. Got it? distance runner. She has one of the most unusual techniques. Find your own
natural technique and own it it will be far better than trying to copy anyone
elses. It may also reassure you to know that proper run training doing drills,
speed work and run-specific strength sessions can also help to improve your
running form. So, you may find that your style improves over time. Hurrah.

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Face your Running Fears.indd 4 24/03/2017 09:27

face your FEARS

Put your anxieties to one side and begin a running
routine today with these simple tips from Technogym
master trainer, Alex Hatzidakis, guaranteed to make
you fall in love with the simple sport!


Set yourself a goal that is achievable, whether
thats to complete a parkrun or run to the end
of the road. Consider smaller challenges before
signing up for a marathon!


Quality trumps quantity when it comes to
running. As a guide, aim to do one
moderate-paced run a week, one hill or sprint
session, and one longer run. You dont need to
run every day.


Running with friends or a local jogging group is
a great way to boost motivation. Youll learn how
to set a consistent pace and, ultimately, improve
your running skills. Meeting up once or twice a
week will help you to stay on track.


Dont just log lots of miles spend some time
improving your running efficiency, too. If you
cant afford a coach, the Technogym MyRun app
provides instant feedback on your step frequen-
cy, stride length and displacement.

Running isnt all about leg power; you need to
be mentally strong as well. A good strategy is to
repeat positive words and affirmations, or listen
to uplifting beats while you run. These things will
help get you into the zone for running.

Ill never run

further than a mile,
so why bother? FEAR Im pretty

#4 sure that Im
Need to stop and walk for a bit after running a mile?
Go ahead! Running continuously doesnt have to be
your goal. In fact, it might surprise you to discover
that many top runners, especially ultra-distance
not built for
athletes, still walk sections of training runs and races.
The run-walk-run method is a really effective training
tool and you shouldnt be afraid to use it. And when
it comes to weight loss, scientific data shows that It doesnt really matter whether youve got a curvy, Kardashian-
there is very little difference in the number of calories esque figure or are as short as Kylie Minogue, if you can walk,
used when walking a mile compared to those used you can run. Just ask Sarah Morwood, a former size 18 non-
when running one. The key is to gradually increase runner who won the Race to the Stones ultra marathon in 2015:
the time you spend running and reduce the time Its tough when you first go out but its still nice because its
spent walking. However, its unlikely that youll ever such a positive thing to do. And its so much nicer than dieting!
ditch the run-walk-run method completely, as its That said, your body may not be built to run fast. There is data
also a technique thats employed when doing fast from Loughborough University showing that some people are
interval training. Theres no shame! genetically primed to run further and faster than others. But if
this concerns you, refer to Fear #1. Its all about being in the
right headspace, adds Sarah. Im not fast but Im very good
at running steadily for a long time. Turns out, theres a race
distance for everyone.

YourFitness 53

Face your Running Fears.indd 5 24/03/2017 09:27

promotional FEATURE

If youre hunting for a refreshing
low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to
soft drinks and juices then youre in
luck. TreeVitalise organic birch water
is simple, unsweetened loveliness
at its best. Natures own blend of BOTTLED UP
micronutrients brewed inside a tree Want to add a dash of flavour to water
are just what you need during a when out and about? Forget lemon
sweaty gym sesh. And for those slices and handfuls of mint leaves and
in search of an extra special treat, instead opt for Stur and in particular, its
the soothing mint and tangy lemon new Naturally Skinny Stur a great way
infusions will do just the trick. Prices to quench thirst and help you to
from 2.49 available at Holland and manage your weight at the same time.
Barrett. Combining natural ingredients, soluble
fibre and saffron extract to improve
satiety, the blend is also calorie and
sugar-free! What flavour will you
choose? Opt for a tangy citrus blend or
try the deep cherry. Each bottle is the
perfect size for your handbag and
boasts 20 servings. 3.49, available
exclusively at

Combining 100 percent natural whey
and vegan protein blends with ancient
raw superfoods such as maca, camu
camu, acai, raw cacao and matcha
green tea, the Pure Blend Company
protein is free from sugar, gluten, soy,

SHAKE IT OFF nuts, flavourings and artificial additives.

Choose from the whey range, which is
Nutritionally balanced and free from any lactose-free, or the vegan range which
nasties, Prana Protein wholefood is packed with omega 3 and 6. 30,
shakes are just what youre looking for pre-order via
to refuel post-workout. Boasting more

and coming soon to
than 40 percent protein, these shakes
are perfect to help your body recover
and restore after exercise and also work
wonders for an energy boost on-the-go.
1.49 per shake (available in packs of


Quench your thirst with these natural

drinks that will also boost your health


Take control of your nutrition and taste buds with these gluten- and dairy-free Looking for a sports bottle to help you drink your rda
smoothie mixes. Pure Recharge takes natural ingredients combined with while out and about? Pick up an Ion8 today, and thank
superfoods such as guarana and us later. The 100 percent leak proof bottles feature a
ginseng to provide a unique lid system which includes an easy-open locking
healthy breakfast or post latch and hypoallergenic seals to ensure annoying
workout pick-me-up. The spillages are a thing of the past. Goodbye soggy gym
simple, easy to use bags! The bottles come in a range of sizes, styles and
pouches can be blended colours, plus theyre dishwasher safe, can take a hot
with fresh fruit and almond and cold drink and are BPA-free. What more could you
milk to complement a possibly need? A newly launched British brand ion8 is
healthy, balanced and growing very quickly and the leak proof feature has
active lifestyle. 2.70, proved a real winner with gym users... and its easy to see why.

54 YourFitness

advertorial.indd 2 24/03/2017 09:54


like a girl
Each month the TVpresenter, radio
host and our woman pounding the
pavements fills us in on her fitness diary

he sun is shining, youre feeling fit Another way to resist
and fancy going outdoors for a jog. the urge to stop is to run
The question is, for how long? If with a friend. Need to catch
you feel like it would be too easy up on all the latest gossip? A
to do your favourite 5k loop and youd like to run is a perfect opportunity
challenge yourself to do something more than and the chat should take your
the standard 10k but are unsure of how you mind off the exercise.
can amp up your distance, read on. This is your If no friends are available
guide to taking on the longer run. then your final weapon is your
Like many marathon runners, I remember earphones. I listen to playlists
my first long session I was broken afterwards! filled with upbeat songs, or I
As part of my training I had a goal of 20 miles tune into the Heart app and
in place. Before then, Id never ever run that listen to the radio. Sometimes
far in my life (why would I have?!), but knew it I even phone my brother for a
had to be done to prepare me for the big event. good old chinwag!
The goal was simply to jog the route without
requiring medical attention at the end and
somehow I managed it. This is when I realised Be ready
that long distance is possible you just have to The next issue is how to
build up gradually and commit to it. prepare your body for a long
run in terms of fuel and
Pace yourself water. When I am marathon
training, I take gels or jelly
Whatever distance you're going, the key is beans out with me, especially
pacing yourself. Go at a slow and steady speed for distances greater
which you know you can maintain. The biggest than 15 miles. If it's a
mistake marathoners make during the first shorter run, I make
few miles on race day is sprinting to get a head sure that I have fuelled up beforehand with aim to go on a challenging enough run that you
start this will pretty much always backfire. I something like a banana, some toast or a bagel. will feel a sense of pride in your achievement
remember one year being on the starting line Consume some simple carbs which will keep once its over. If you usually run 5k, aim for 10. If
with Gordon Ramsay who flew off when the energy levels up. I also plan my run so that I 10k is your normal distance, aim for 20k!
gun fired. Cut to a few miles down the road and pass water stops. In races, youre often lucky The final option is to select a destination
I casually overtook him by which stage he to get given water en route, but sadly in the you have to get to and make that your goal. Run
was really struggling. real world this doesnt happen so you have home from work, get the train to a village a
to either carry it or know where you can find few stops away and jog back from there, or tell
Keep it interesting some. I have been known to pop in to pubs and
ask for a glass of water, take a few sips and then
a friend youre coming to visit and then pound
the pavements there. You may need to ask
One of the other reasons so many people stop move on! them for a lift home afterwards though!
sooner than they initially intended is utter
boredom. Avoid this by picking a route that
will be interesting. Just doing continuous laps Remember your goal My advice is to give longer runs a chance
in these warmer months, they can make
of the park will probably drive you insane and When hitting the long distance, you need to you feel great, boost your mood and energy
there is a strong chance that you will give up remember why you're doing it. If it is for fun, and provide a great way to get in shape and
after passing the same blue Fiesta parked by the dont set yourself such a big target that you put burn calories!
postbox for the eighth time! yourself off ever going out again. You should Good luck let me know how you get on!

TWEET JENNI @jennifalconer YourFitness 55

Jenni Falconer.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:09

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 56
your fitness REPORT

FIT kit

The sun is shining and the days are getting

longer yep, summer is definitely on its
way! If you need a workout wardrobe
update for the new season (who doesnt?),
get yourself kitted out with ONeill Actives
first ever eco-friendly activewear and
swimwear line. Made from recycled plastic
found on the beach, this collection will
take you from land to water in style. From
running and yoga to swimming and surfing,
this range helps to remove thousands of
plastic bottles from shorelines worldwide.
Its also packed with technical features
including UV protection and quick-drying
fabric. We love the Active Mesh Insert
Sport Bra (34.99) and Active Print 7/8
Surf Legging (45.99), pictured here. Head
to to see the full collection.

YourFitness 57

Fit Kit Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 17:58



Charli Cohen, sportswear designer (

Shes the designer that made high fashion and technical
sportswear fuse together and now Charli Cohen is taking
Monochrome functional style to a new level
Not everything is black and
Why have you decided to take your collections in a
white but it is over at Adidas
different direction?
for its new season collection.
If anything Im reverting to the original plan for CC. Now
Seemingly timeless,
that people have got so used to wearing activewear as
monochrome is a trend that
daywear, they expect more from their clothes generally.
endures every time and for
We still have a strong core of performance-wear, but this
SS17, fashion houses like
now represents a third of our technical fashion offer.
Dior, Lanvin and Alexander
Who do you imagine your customers to be?
McQueen have re-worked
What our customers have in common is an attitude and
the look through complex
state of mind they lead busy, active lifestyles and are
geometrics and simple con-
Speed Marble Crop Top, 29.95 experience-seekers. We give them the clothing to do that.
trasts. Channel the look in
Three Quarter Tights, 39.95 What do you think are the must-haves that
your athleisurewear with
Ultra Boost Shoes, 129.95 sportswear should include?
Adidas stylish collection of
Fabric is everything. At the very least it should be
monochromatic bras, tights
breathable, moisture wicking and for skin-tight pieces,
and shoes.
it should have great recovery so you dont end up with
saggy knees and waistbands after a few washes. And
from a psychological standpoint, think of your sportswear
as your superhero suit invest in pieces that make you
feel strong and confident.

Launch alert!
It may be long overdue but sportswear giant Nike has finally got
the memo and created a plus size collection. Encompassing
everything from t-shirts, running tights, high-tech hoodies and
training shorts, sizes range from an impressive Xl up to 3XL and
38E in sports bras for what Nike call curved athletes. From blush
They were seen as the uniform for the un-cool
pinks and marble but thanks to the fashionistas, tracksuit sets are
making a comeback.
prints to combi Heres how to wear them

sets and
Opt for classic colours
like navy or black
must-have which are more
understated cool than
staples amp in-your-face edgy.

Branded tracksuits
up your fit kit give your outfit a
retro feel while a plain
wardrobe with version is more subtle
and mature.
springs new
As the perfect day-to-
night ensemble, team
collections and your tracksuit with T7 Crew Sweater,
43, T7 Strap
trainers to run errands
latest trends and heels for after-dark.
Sweatpants, 47

58 YourFitness

Style News.indd 2 24/03/2017 09:38


thePARK Fiesty and feminine,

Beyonces new Ivy
Park collection her
fiercest yet

Floral Mesh Low Rise Legging, 45

Double Layer Floral Bra, 30
Mesh Basketball Short, 36
Hooded Floral Mac, 50

YourFitness 59

Fishnet Seamless Ankle Leggings, 38

Fishnet Seamless Bra, 24
Fishnet Seamless Crop, 26

60 YourFitness

V-Back Mesh Insert Bra, 22

Para Parka, 75
Boyfriend Style Logo Hoodie, 34
Logo Baseball Cap, 15

YourFitness 61

Floral Basketball Tank, 32

62 YourFitness

Khaki Logo Bodysuit, 30

Khaki Parka, 55

All available at

YourFitness 63
YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 11:52 Page 64

Lisa Snowdon
The power
Our beauty columnist reveals how
different scents can help you regain
your get-up-and-go and relax your mind

ne of my main pleasures true, as I can assure you if such a potion
in life is to be surrounded in existed I would have sourced it by now and
a sensory explosion of would be eagerly spreading the word! What
delectable aromas from the I can tell you, though, is that aromatherapy
perfume I wear and the candles I burn, and essential oils are extremely powerful
to the oils I slather over my body on a in healing, calming or exciting the nervous
daily basis, I love it. The power of scent is system in a natural way and can be very
huge and so necessary in my world it beneficial to our health. Lavender is known
can wake me up, calm me down, lift my to soothe and calm the mind, citrus
mood and help me to switch off. It can scents stimulate, while musk and
boost my motivation and encourage me sandalwood can be arousing.
to hit the gym and switch my focus to My go-to products include
work once I'm done exercising too. Aromatherapy Associates'
Smell also evokes powerful nostalgia Revive Morning Bath and
and I often find that memories come Shower Oil which contains
flooding back whenever I catch a whiff grapefruit, rosemary and
of freshly cut grass or jasmine in the juniper and provides the
summer. So pure yet powerful and perfect start to the day.
distinctive, it takes me back to happy Aesops Ginger in-flight
times in my grandma's garden, where Therapy is also an ideal
there was also the delicate aroma of roses pick-me up and very
growing alongside wild lavender. Little did uplifting whenever you feel
I know back then, as I was greedily trying that energy slump. Rose Noir
to inhale all the delicious notes of nature, is my light and floral perfume
that it would be these same smells that I from Byredo bought for me for
would still be attracted to to this day. my 40th birthday and I adore it.
On a recent weekend in Paris I And, finally, one of my favourite
stopped by Le Grand Musee Du Parfum smells that can't be bought,
and it got me pondering my relationship blended or concocted is the
with scent and where it all began. smell of my fianc's skin that
Ancient Egypt marked the dawning wonderful natural evocative mix
of fragrance, with the use of aromatic of pheromones and masculinity,
plants in embalming and mummifications. a secret chemistry and mystical
But moving from the dead to the living, alchemy that can never be
the beneficial therapeutic and aphrodisiac explained, or imitated.
virtues quickly became apparent
and from Egypt it spread through the
Mediterranean. In 17th century Toulouse, Lisa's calming scents
aromatic vinegars were created for
protection from epidemics and plagues
to cover up the smell of death. Perfume Bamfords Shavasana Neom Tranquility This Works Sleep Plus
was also heavily applied to cover up the Essential Oil Candles, 45, Hair Elixir Spray, 25,
smell of bad body odour when water was Relaxation, 25, In the evening I burn I am a big fan of This
considered too dangerous and
Ideal for use in times these candles from Works' sleep products
diseased to bath in. of stress and anxiety, Neom they ease and this two-in-one
Myths and fables talk of the magical this is made with stresses and strains overnight treatment
power of herbal and floral concoctions chamomile, lavender away and it's this smell promotes better sleep
that cured disease-eradicating illness and and geranium and I associate with winding and boosts hair vitality
reversed the ageing process. Now I dont has a little roller for down at the end of a through botanical oils
believe for one second that the latter is your pulse points. long day. such as lavender.

YourFitness 65

Lisa Snowdon.indd 1 22/03/2017 13:09


Pro-Definition Facial Oil,
Anything thats described as skin strength
in a bottle has our undivided attention. With
ingredients including raspberry plant stem
cell extract, Himalayan gentian extract
and barbary fig oil, this product supports
the structure of a mature complexion as
it changes over time to create contour
definition and lift around key areas.

YOUNG Turn back the clock
with the help of these
bathroom beauties

M&S Collection

Dust off your straighteners ladies

because poker tresses are back
this season. Seen on the catwalks

of Versace and H&M, this style
looks best when hair is healthy,
sleek and glossy. To get the look
A HELPING HAND at home, apply a heat defense
28.99 product to the lengths and ends
Dont let your hands show your age, nourish them with the before blow drying with a paddle
avocado oil and berry extracts in Antipodes Joyful Hand and brush. Section your hair off into
Body Cream. Enriched with South Pacific hibiscus flower bunches and straighten each
extracts, its rich and velvety texture sinks into the skin without piece from root to tip. Finish off
any oily residue so you can carry on lifting without slipping. the look with a shine spray or
serum for a glass-like sheen.


Advanced Night Repair Intensive Hyaluronic Mask,
Concentrated Recovery Eye 49.50
Mask, from 10 Treat sweaty post-workout skin
As the thinnest skin on the face, our to a hit of hydration as this mask
eye area is prone to pollution, UV contains high concentrated
rays and the stresses of modern life. levels of three patented forms
Show them a little TLC with Estee of hyaluronic acid designed to
Lauders newest addition. With a plump out fine lines and wrinkles.
blend of nine anti-irritants including By re-hydrating the surface
ladys thistle and white birch, each layers and filling in tissues from
eye mask soothes tired, puffy the inside, it instantly nourishes
peepers, giving them eight hours of the skin at the surface and more
dual-powered moisture. deeply beneath the epidermis.

66 YourFitness

Beauty Blitz.indd 1 23/03/2017 11:42

beauty UPDATE

Fresh Pressed Daily Booster
with Pure Vitamin C 10%,
Forget your morning OJ,
Cliniques new booster
unleashes 10 percent of fresh
vitamin C on your complexion to
tone, renew and brighten your
visage with every pump. Like
a daily supplement, simply mix
two drops with your favourite
moisturiser to see results in as
little as seven days.

Three of the best

It may look like No, its not a Designed to help
something from X kitchen utensil, this relieve tired eyes
Men, but the red and massager mimics by using soothing

M&S Collection
blue wavelengths the tapping, pinching T-Sonic technology,
in this LED-filled and knuckling of the the IRIS reduces the
mask can disrupt the renowned Skinesis appearance of puffy
acne cycle and aid massage to drain eyes, dark circles and
inflammation in just toxins and reduce fine lines. Hello bag-
10 minutes. puffiness. free peepers!

ORDERS How do I fight sudden age spots?
Samantha Sergant ( says:
Sensible sunshine is the way to go. And by
that I mean enjoying the sunshine in the early
Anti-ageing skincare generally isnt
morning and late afternoon
something most women concern
hours, so that you can
themselves with. Thats until the first
receive the health promoting
frown line appears and there it stays,
properties of the sunlight,
even when you raise your eyebrows. Dr
whilst avoid being burnt in the
Perricone knows this and has created
middle of the day. If you have
a range designed for millennials
overdone it over the years,
who are starting to think about the
apply fresh organic lemon juice
first signs of ageing. Formulated
to the area on your skin and
with Dr Perricones patented NRF2
go out in the sensible sunshine
Support Complex, the Pre: Empt
Gentle Foaming times for 20 minutes so that the
range is packed full of turmeric for
Cleanser, 29, sunlight can further stimulate
Refreshing Shower its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
the lemon juices lightening and
Mask, 32, Brightening properties to give you plump and
brightening properties.
Eye Cream, 39 youthful skin.
La Roche-Posay Redermic UV
SPF30, 29.50

YourFitness 67

Beauty Blitz.indd 2 23/03/2017 11:35

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 68
beauty EXPERT

Get Gigis Look...

1. LOreal Volume Million Lashes

Mascara So Couture Black,
Im low maintenance when it comes to my
routine, especially on my days off.

2. Tommy Girl The Girl

Eau De Toilette, 35
It makes me feel the same way it smells
lively and fun

3. Laura Geller Beach Matte

Baked Hydrating Bronzer,
I stick to bronzer, mascara and a spritz of
fragrance, and then Im out the door

4. Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick in Nude

Vanille, 38
I cant live without nude lipstick its a
great basic that goes with every outfit
and look.

5. Lip Pencil in Stripdown, 13

Gigi Hadid
The model of the moment shares her simple beauty regime and
why shes happy to be fronting the new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance

Shes bagged herself one of the biggest going to be prettier and nicer. I think what
contracts around and a One Direction means the most is when they say, I talked to
boyfriend to boot but one thing Gigi Hadid the hair stylist from the shoot and they said
still has time for is her beauty routine. how kind you were. Thats what makes me
As the face of Tommy Hilfigers new feel good about the day.
fragrance, The Girl she Gigi talks to us
about off-duty hair and boxing to stay fit. I was born in a generation in which social
media is part of our everyday lives. It is
I love that The Girl fragrance has a clean something that has already made sense to
and fresh feel. I like a scent that doesnt me, and feels very natural. I always knew
overwhelm and keeps everything light and social media was going to be important and
airy. Its really flirty to wear at night but also
versatile enough to wear during the day.
its really helped to push my career.
My number one beauty tip is less is more.
To me, women are beautiful when they are There are events or times to have a glamorous
confident, warm and welcoming. Ive been or statement look, but mostly I like to keep it
fortunate enough to meet some of the women natural. My hair is usually in a ponytail or a bun
I admired growing up and the ones that truly - if Im having a bad hair day, I just put it up
touch me and continue to inspire me are the and no one knows.
ones that embrace these qualities.
I try to sleep as much as possible after a
I like to box year round; its how I keep my
body in shape and a great way for me to not
think about anything for an hour. It allows me
long night to look my best, but if I dont get
enough sleep, coffee helps! On set, being
around people that I love working with helps
4 5
to work things out without even realising it. My to give me a lot of energy.
health mantra is to eat clean to stay fit, have a
burger to stay sane. I think of Tommy Hilfiger as an iconic
American brand. Its a lifestyle that exudes
I think that its really important to be happiness and fun. The feeling you get when
someone that people like to work with. If you look at the campaign is the same feeling
they dont like working with you, theyre not we had when we were shooting it, playful and
going to theres always someone whos spirited, so thats really exciting.

YourFitness 69

Beauty Insider.indd 3 23/03/2017 17:10

promotional FEATURE

1Apple pie
For a sweet fix minus the
sugar, add diced peeled
apples and a sprinkle of
cinnamon to fresh, air-
popped popcorn. Making
your own is really simple
just be sure not to add oil
or butter and because this
whole grain is low in fat and
calories and high in insoluble
fibre, it makes a perfect
healthy snack choice.

4 Fruity

No, we dont mean putting
Home- fruit between slices of

baked crisps bread, we mean using fruit

as the bread! Cut apples
Are these salty bites your into rings or pears into slices
snack weakness? If you have and stuff with thick and
more of a savoury-tooth than creamy Icelandic Skyr or
a sweet-tooth, swap crisps nut butter. You could even
and crackers for homemade add nuts, raisins, seeds or
vegetable crisps. You can granola for extra crunch.
use whatever vegetables you
like, from thinly-sliced carrots
to iron-rich kale leaves just

drizzle them with a little oil,
season with sea salt and/
or spices such as chilli or

paprika and bake in a hot
oven until crisp.


Icelandic Skyr is a delicious,
nourishing dairy product

you need to try today that can be enjoyed from

breakfast through to
bedtime. Made with the
purest skimmed Icelandic
3 Grab n go milk, it contains up to 19g
of protein per portion, so
trail mix Avoiding junk food can be hard when its guaranteed to keep
you full! Its also the perfect
Keep a pot of homemade
trail mix on your desk, in
youre hungry, but were here to help convenience food, as its
your handbag, in the car sold in individual pots with
or wherever hunger tends Trying to eat healthily can sometimes feel daunting how do you ensure their very own spoon inside
to strike and youll fill up that youre getting the right amount of calories and nutrients for your the lid. Enjoy plain
on nutrients rather than goals, without risking those hunger pains come 11 oclock? Well, dont or flavoured Icelandic
empty calories. Simply worry. Maintaining a healthy diet neednt be complicated and it doesnt Skyr by itself or add some
combine your favourite mean you have to go without. Little and often is the key by eating chopped fruit and nuts
nuts, dried fruits, seeds snacks and small meals throughout the day, youll give your body a for added goodness.
and anything else you fancy steady supply of energy, meaning that youre less likely to reach for that
(such as cocoa nibs) in a biscuit tin. Here are some ideas for nutritious nibbles thatll keep you full To find out more about Skyr,
50:30:10:10 ratio and store and satisfied. So whether youre in the office or heading home from the The product is sold in Waitrose
in an airtight container. gym, there will be no more tummy rumbles! stores all over the UK.

70 YourFitness

Skyr Advertorial.indd 1 24/03/2017 09:35

your fitness REPORT

HEALTH files

How many different types

of fruit and vegetables have
you eaten today? If the answer is
five, you may think that youre doing
well but it seems that you could do even
better. A new study by Imperial College London
found that 10 portions (which equates to 800g) could prevent
up to 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide every year. While this
may sound a little overwhelming, there are lots of ways to squeeze
extra servings into your day. Start your mornings with a smoothie
(you can add leafy greens as well as fruit) to tick off at least three
portions and a colourful salad for lunch, which could contain around
five portions. And when that afternoon slump hits, grab an apple or a
banana instead of a chocolate bar. To finish off the day, serve dinner
with three types of veg (remember, you could mash swede instead of
potato to top a cottage pie, or spiralise courgettes to use in place of
spaghetti) and thats it!

YourFitness 71

Health Files Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:05



Youve probably heard a lot
about the health benefits
of probiotics, but you may
not be as familiar with the
lesser-known gut-friendly
prebiotics. These are dietary
fibres that naturally occur in
foods such as leeks, chicory,
onions, artichokes and raw
garlic and serve as food for
good bacteria. A new study
by the University of Colorado
Boulder suggests that these
can improve your sleep,
buffer the psychological
impact of stress and
increase your wellbeing.
Sounds good to us!

MILK IT Omega 3
Coconuts were one of the most
We know how good this essential fatty acid is for
popular foods of 2016 praised
our hearts, but it seems that it has other benefits as
for their electrolyte-packed water
well. According to new research by Harvard Medical
and versatile oil (great for your
hair, body and cooking!), but School, eating foods rich in
their milk is also worth shouting omega 3 could reduce
about. Perfect as a cows milk the harm caused
replacement for those with a by air pollution by
lactose intolerance, it makes a up to half.
great base for smoothies or as a
dairy alternative in baking. The
benefits are countless, as the THE BAROMETER
fruit is full of nutrients and rich
in fibre, vitamins C, E, B1, B3,
B5 and B6 as well as minerals Peeling vegetables
including iron, calcium, The skins are where the majority of the
magnesium and phosphorous. nutrients are found, so you lose these benefits
Try it for yourself in your when you remove them. Instead, keep them on
morning juice! and rinse carefully youll cut down on prep
time too!

72 YourFitness

Health Essentials.indd 2 23/03/2017 18:04

QA &
Smoothies are a great way to start the day and this
summery offering from Nairns Oatcakes (nains- is breakfast in a glass. Full of slow
release carbohydrates and protein, this is a fantastic
option when you are short of time and will help keep
you feeling energised and focused throughout the
morning, or after a workout. Suitable for vegetarians,
its gluten and wheat-free you can even use a milk
alternative to make it dairy-free.

Ingredients (serves 4)
60g Nairns gluten-free porridge oats
1tbsp desiccated coconut
30g macadamia nuts, chopped
15g cashew nuts, chopped
ASK THE 15g pumpkin seeds
EXPERT 1tbsp ground flaxseed
tsp ground cinnamon
400g fresh or frozen strawberries
I recently read in the news that
Juice of 2 limes
multivitamins are a waste of 500ml milk or milk alternative
money. Is this true, or can they
benefit my health? Method:
1. Heat a non-stick frying pan and toast the oats for 2-3 minutes
Isabelle Nunn, technical and until golden. Add the nuts and seeds and toast for a further minute.
commercial nutritionist at Kinetic 2. Pour into a bowl and add the flaxseed and cinnamon.
( says: 3. Place the strawberries in a blender with the lime juice and milk.
Good health starts with an Blend until smooth. Add 6tbsp of the oat mixture and blend again.
essential daily intake of vitamins Pour into glasses and top with a spoonful of the oat mixture.
and minerals. These are in turn Storage: Store the oat topping in an airtight container for one
involved with the maintenance to two weeks. Smoothies are best drunk once prepared but
of various bodily functions. will keep it in the fridge for four to five hours.
Multivitamins often act as an

insurance policy when we eat
well, have an active lifestyle and of evening meals are now meat-free in the UK as
are free from illness but feel the
need to top up. Your body should
the amount of so-called flexitarians has risen. In
obtain the necessary nutrients fact, more than half of us go vegetarian part-time
through your diet first and foremost by ditching meat for two days a week. If you dont
but theres no doubt that other
factors in life can act as nutrient
already, why not try it for yourself this week and
robbers. These include pollution, see if you feel the benefit?
stress, medication, a hectic

lifestyle, smoking and illness,

where the absorption of nutrients
is inefficient or even impossible. INSTEAD OF... TRY THIS...
Specific diets can also cause
deficiencies in vitamins and
Burgers Making your own veggie
minerals. Multivitamins can be burgers. These can be created
beneficial to your health, provided using chickpeas, peanut butter
they are of good quality, with easily and oats and have a similar
absorbed forms of the nutrients texture to meat ones, but with
and free of unnecessary additives. less calories and lots of taste.
Vitamins work better in synergy
with other vitamins or minerals Lamb or chicken Veggie skewers. Chunks of halloumi,
than they do independently. This skewers courgette, sweet potato, mushroom and
means that using a multivitamin anything else you
can give us a good balance of fancy make a great
nutrients in one hit. Some vitamins alternative to this
also act as antioxidants and MEAT YOU dish (in fact, we think
therefore protect our cells against HALFWAY you might make the
damaging molecules, which are Want to try meat-free switch permanent).
called free radicals. Occasionally, Monday? Try these easy
multivitamins may not be suitable vegetarian swaps in your Chilli con carne Chilli non carne. Substitute
for your specific needs and this is usual meals and see if you the mince for kidney beans
where professional advice should notice the difference we and any other veg you feel
be sought. bet you wont be able to! like for a warming, hearty dish
without the meat.

YourFitness 73

Health Essentials.indd 3 23/03/2017 18:04

promotional FEATURE

1 It takes
care of
your body
Simply put, this is a silicone
cup which is worn internally
like a tampon and retains
up to 28ml of liquid. As
it collects menstrual fluid
rather than absorbing
it, unlike other sanitary
products (tampons soak
up 35 percent of vaginal
moisture), it doesnt cause
dryness or irritation and it
maintains the natural pH
levels of your body.

2 Its a great
choice for a
busy lifestyle

Thanks to its design, the
cup is an ideal menstrual can
aid for all kinds of activities, save money

reasons to
including water sports Theres no doubt about it
and swimming, as well as constantly buying sanitary
travelling without fear of products every month
leaks. You can even sleep really adds up. In fact, its

swap to a
using it, as it can be worn estimated that us ladies
for up to 12 hours without spend just under 156 a
discomfort. If that wasnt year on sanitary products.
enough, its also convenient In comparison, menstrual

you never have to make cups cost 17.99 and are
a last minute run to the reusable, meaning that
shops or keep a stash in you only have to buy
your bathroom. It doesnt one! All you need to do

take up as much room in is remove, wash out and

this spring
your handbag or suitcase then reinsert. Feminesse
and you no longer have to recommends replacing
smuggle sanitary products your cup every two years.
up your sleeve or find a

suitable place to dispose
Youll avoid
chemicals Think that tampons and sanitary towels are the be all and
Its estimated that a
woman will throw away
and additives end all of feminine hygiene? Think again. With a whole load
13,000 tampons and pads
Unlike sanitary towels and in a lifetime. Every year,
tampons, menstrual cups of benefits and advantages over other products, the menstrual over 45 billion feminine
contain no dyes, perfumes, cup is a force to be reckoned with. hygiene products are
pesticides, plastic, bleaches, disposed of globally in
toxins or other nasties, fact, Ocean Conservancy
meaning that its a perfect volunteers collected
The Feminesse Menstrual Cup is a
option for people with 27,938 used tampons and
reusable, pH-friendly and eco-friendly
sensitive skin, thrush, alternative to tampons and sanitary applicators on our worlds
eczema or allergies. By towels. It boasts a unique, foldable beaches on a single day,
using a cup instead of other design meaning the cup can be stored according to International
feminine hygiene products, virtually flat and placed inside the Coastal Cleanup, 2013.
youll also minimise your risk included silicone travel case. Compact In comparison, you only
in your gym or work bag, you can carry
of Toxic Shock Syndrome, need one cup and theyre
your cup confidently and discreetly.
an infection caused by The case also opens up to be used designed to be durable
bacteria that can be life- when cleaning the cup. Available in and last for years,
threatening if left untreated. Tesco and online at minimising waste.

74 YourFitness

Feminesse Advertorial.indd 74 24/03/2017 09:28


Quinoa may

look and taste
like its got a high

content, but its
actually high in
protein the amino
acid in quinoa is
lysine, a nutrient
Every month our healthy living not found in many
guru brings us her bite-sized tips other grains

eve all heard the term superfoods
but what exactly does it refer to?
Well, these types of foods dont
have a specific meaning per se,
but they are thought to be extremely
nutritionally dense and especially beneficial
for our health and wellbeing. At a very basic
level they are said to be rich in particular
nutrients. This could be antioxidants,
thought to ward off cancer; healthy fats,
thought to prevent heart disease; or
phytochemicals, the chemicals in plants
responsible for deep colours and smells
which have numerous health benefits.
So, which are the most super of supers?
Here are some of my favourites...

Raw cacao
Cacao is the raw form of chocolate. Its laden
with antioxidants and minerals, and known to
elevate the pumping action of the heart muscle
and help alkalise the body. Plus it also contains
natural mood-enhancing compounds, including
serotonin and tryptophan, which have been
shown to ease depression and create feelings
of happiness.

Goji berries
These potent red berries have been traditionally increase these good bacteria? The most seeds provide approximately 100 milligrams
used in Chinese medicine for more than 6,000 effective way is by eating foods packed with of bone-building calcium, seven grams of
years so they must be doing something right! probiotics which are in fermented foods, such dietary fibre and three grams of protein.
They are thought to contain more iron than as kefir, saurkraut and live yoghurt. With the highest content of omega 3 fatty
spinach and more beta-carotene than carrots, acids of any plant food, they help to fight
plus vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron and
selenium. They allow your skin to absorb more Quinoa inflammation, thereby reducing the chances of
heart disease, Alzheimers, and depression.
oxygen, help to improve circulation, protect Ahhh, quinoa. What a star grain! Quinoa Small seed, big deal!
against heart disease and cancer, and move contains oodles of vitamins such as B6,
bacteria and viruses out of the body, therefore
strengthening your immune system. The list
potassium, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, plus
minerals such as magnesium, copper, folate Spirulina
is endless! and zinc, and also phytonutrients which fight This green giant is a water algae packed with
inflammation and disease. nutrients. It gets its superpowers through
Fermented foods photosynthesis (remember that in science
class?) and has all the protein, vitamins,
There are trillions of good bacteria (probiotics)
co-habiting in your gut. These help to fight Chia seeds minerals, digestive enzymes and chlorophyll
your body could need. It is fab for building
infection, reduce cholesterol, produce vitamin B These little seeds are a powerhouse of muscle, losing weight and fighting disease.
and detox the intestines to boot! How can you goodness. Just two tablespoons of chia Near-perfect nutrition!

TWEET AMANDA @amandabyram and @bodybybyram or VISIT HER WEBSITE

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amanda.indd 1 23/03/2017 16:49


Protect your
Bad news your daily
routine could be weakening
your pelvic floor muscles
and causing problems
down there. Heres
how to ensure you can
give your floor more...
WORDS: Sarah Ivory

I s it normal to leak urine mid-run? is not

exactly a question you can bring up at
your next running club social. And yet
research in the British Journal of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology reported that half of
the 1,500 female participants in a recent
study had at least one sign of pelvic floor
dysfunction, a health problem that can
cause stress-induced urinary incontinence
because the pelvic floor muscles are weak.
Ironically, most of us pay great attention
to the rest of our bodies running or
doing weight training to look great on the
outside but, because the pelvic floor
muscles (the sling of muscles that run from
the pubic bone to the base of the spine,
holding the uterus and bladder in place)
are such an intimate part of our bodies,
we tend to ignore them until a problem
arises. Well, ignore no more! It can be too
embarrassing to talk to friends about pelvic
floor problems, such as reduced sensitivity
during sex or urinary incontinence, so
weve rounded up a panel of experts to
answer your burning questions.

76 YourFitness

Pelvic Floor.indd 2 24/03/2017 10:40

pelvic floor Q&A

Q I cant motivate
myself to do pelvic
floor exercises at home.
too. Generally, exercise strengthens the pelvic
floor muscles, says GP Dr Hilary Jones, brand
ambassador for Tena Lady (, But 3 SUBTLE
Are there any gym
straining and increasing abdominal pressure,
which youre likely to do when lifting heavy
weights, could stretch the pelvic floor muscles.
classes I can try? Fortunately, this doesnt mean that you must
Any exercise that improves core hang up your weight-training gloves any time The symptoms of a weak pelvic
strength and control will help, says soon, as paying attention to your breathing floor are embarrassing enough
Lynne Robinson, author of Pilates pattern and breathing freely as you lift can help you dont need the entire gym
for Life and founder of Body Control Pilates you to avoid straining mid-move. And if running crowd to know youre working
( Pilates is a great is your thing, Dr Hilary Jones recommends those muscles! These three
choice because core stability is central to all emptying your bladder before heading out on exercises are super-discreet and
of the exercises. When you use your core a jog and then consciously pulling your lower boast oodles of benefits.
muscles correctly, you get a gentle contraction abdominal muscles in during your run to take Do them in a circuit format.
of the pelvic floor muscles. This is because the pressure off the pelvic floor.

lower back, transverse abdominal and pelvic
floor muscles work together to increase the Ive heard that sitting Lie on your back with knees
bent and feet flat on the floor
intra abdominal pressure that stabilises your
spine. Doing yoga and certain gym moves can
down can weaken my under the knees. Raise your
also be great ways to strengthen the pelvic floor. pelvic floor muscles. True? hips up towards the ceiling,
However, there are some exercises you should Bad news for office workers prolonged squeezing the glute and pelvic
steer clear of in Pilates and other gym classes, periods of sitting dont do your pelvic floor muscles. Pause for a few
advises Robinson. If your pelvic floor is weak, floor muscles any good! When sitting seconds. Release the pelvic floor
avoid doing curl up exercises like stomach down, your pelvic floor muscles are completely muscles as you lower your hips
crunches or roll-ups, as these can put too relaxed and the weight of your abdominal back to the ground. Repeat eight
much pressure on the pelvic floor. Never hold organs on top of these muscles tends to to 10 times.
your breath during exercises, and take care gradually stretch them, warns Dr Hilary Jones.
that you dont brace your abdominals too However, there are things that you can do:
much as this can cause over-activity of the When sat at your desk, practise squeezing Lie back with one leg bent
pelvic floor muscles. the pelvic floor to keep those muscles toned. and one leg extended. Lift
To make it even easier to remember to do these and squeeze your pelvic floor

muscles to begin. Slowly slide
How do I know if Im exercises, the My PFF (Pelvic Floor Fitness) app
by TENAboasts subtle exercise reminders and a the heel of the bent leg along the
exercising my pelvic bespoke programme that will discreetly guide ground until the leg is extended.
floor muscles correctly? you through your pelvic floor workout. Return the leg back to the start.
Release the pelvic floor muscles

Doing your kegels but not sure whether
youre squeezing the right bits? Robinson Aside from before repeating. Do eight to 10
reps on each leg.
notes that it can be really difficult to know straightforward
if youre doing pelvic floor exercises properly.
Too often women just recruit the front part of
exercise, how else can I #3 CAT-COW
the pelvic floor and its essential to get it all strengthen my muscles? Kneel on all fours with knees
under hips and wrists under
working, she says. Its equally important to Its not just exercise that can help deal shoulders. Exhale and round the
fully release your pelvic floor, as inappropriate with weak muscles down there.Pelvic spine, scooping the abdominals
holding patterns can cause weakness. If you floor and fitness expert Jane Wake says: upwards and tucking your pelvis
know your pelvic floor is weak, you will need Another great option for strengthening the pelvic under. Feel the pelvic floor
to practise your exercises daily. To get it right, floor muscles is to try one of the many devices squeeze and lift. Inhale and tilt
try to slowly pull up the pelvic floor muscles out there, such as Innovo (249,restorethefloor. your butt towards the ceiling,
while tightening them, which should feel like com). These gadgets work in various ways: lifting the head and releasing
stopping the flow of urine mid-stream. some strengthen your pelvic floor with the pelvic floor muscles. Repeat

contractions, while others measure the efficiency eight to 10 times.
I love exercising but of your own exercises. Yes, thats right fitness
experience the odd trackers shouldnt be the only gadgets you invest
in to strengthen your body!
leak when training.
How can I manage this? When sitting down, your pelvic floor
muscles are completely relaxed and the weight
Not all exercises are created equal.
While Pilates may be great for

of your abdominal organs on top of these

strengthening your pelvic floor muscles,
high impact workouts, such as trampolining

muscles tends to gradually stretch them

and running, can put extra stress on the muscle
group. And heavy lifting might be a bad idea,

YourFitness 77

Pelvic Floor.indd 3 24/03/2017 10:41

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preparing for a holiday or getting ready
to slip on your LBD, youll find the best
workout to tone up every part of your
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HEALTHY EATING Overhauling your diet

can be overwhelming. Get clear and
simple healthy eating ideas that deliver
brilliant results, plus easy recipes for you
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BEAUTY TIPS If you want shine-free skin,

healthy nails or anti-ageing exercises,
we have all the pampering tips you could
possibly need to keep your body at its best.

You can now download

digital copies of the
magazine from iTunes,
INSTA-WORTHY SNAPS! the Kindle Newsstand, Google
Play App Store and on Barnes
Check out @yourfitnessmag for workout tips, recipes and advice.
& Noble. So not only can you
pick up the latest issue, you
can catch up with our back
catalogue for instant inspiration
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Never miss an
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tips from top trainers meal and snack ideas great #fitspiration to get all of the latest from Your
Fitness in your newsfeed.

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Social media page.indd 3 24/03/2017 10:42



Yoga teacher and nutritionist Julie Montagu

reveals how our health depends on it
t is no secret that self-care
is an essential component
of a happier life, but many
of us still struggle to find
Unplug Dont feel guilty
Secondly, dedicate some time each day You should never feel guilty for making
the time to put self-care into
to unplugging from your gadgets and time for yourself. Without self-care, you can
practise. Self-care exists in many
technology in general. Disconnecting from quickly burn out and when this happens you
forms and should be thought of as a
the constant stream of information that we are no good as a parent, a partner, a friend
general concept that embodies several
are becoming increasingly dependent on or an employee. We are often conditioned
different activities and concepts.
will help to restore balance in your mind. to believe that caring for ourselves is selfish,
Exercise, meditation, nutrition and
It will also re-focus your attention to the when in fact it is one of the most positive
ample sleep are key, but many smaller
things that are truly important. You will things we can do to benefit those around us.
acts of caring for ourselves are also
be surprised at how much of your day is
essential to create a greater sense of
happiness. Research has shown that
consumed by technology and how much
you have to gain from reducing the amount
Change your attitude
taking the time to care for When you feel as though you are obliged to
of attention you give it. Try to ignore your
yourself will help you to create a do something, try to rephrase the description
phone when you hit the gym or go for a run
better work-life balance, increase of the situation in a more positive way. For
too youll notice that you engage better
your general wellbeing, boost your example, if you feel obliged to go to the gym
with your workout if youre not constantly
workouts and also encourage you to with a friend whos desperate to lose weight,
checking for texts.
be more engaged at work and tell yourself that you are privileged to spend

at home. time with your good friend and that working
The following tips are designed to Take time to yourself out is good for your health too, instead
help you embrace self-care every day! It can be tempting to take your lunch of thinking that you have to help them do
break with your friends or in front of your something. This shift in attitude can enable
computer, but eating by yourself in the you to turn almost any activity into an act of
Wake up early park is the perfect way to unwind. This self-care as you are benefiting emotionally
First of all, always aim to wake up 30 will also give you an opportunity to take a from it in some way.
minutes earlier than your schedule walk, which is a simple way to get a short
actually demands. If this means that burst of exercise. When you return to work
you are awake 30 minutes before the for the afternoon, you will be refreshed,
rest of your household then this is re-energised and ready to tackle the
an additional bonus. This time spent afternoon with the same gusto you had in
alone will help you to wake up in a the morning.
positive way before the chaos of the
day begins. It will also mean that you
are able to get organised peacefully
Pencil it in
and embrace the quiet of the morning. Scheduling time with yourself is just as
During this half hour you can dedicate important as scheduling time to socialise
a few minutes to self-care. A short with your friends and family. For this reason
session of morning meditation is a you should treat your me time as you
good choice and will help to clear would any other scheduled date. Write it in
your mind for the day ahead. your diary and be sure to commit to it.

80 YourFitness

self care.indd 2 23/03/2017 17:25

self CARE

Scheduling time Take on new goals

When you are considering how to
with yourself is spend your leisure time, try to invest
in things that give you real life experiences as
just as important opposed to utilising things that are just material
as scheduling time This could take many forms, but positive
choices are joining a sports team, learning to
to socialise with play a musical instrument or signing up to a

your friends fitness event. In doing so, your leisure time

will feed your self-care goals and you will feel
and family more fulfilled on the whole.

Sleep well
An adequate sleep pattern is an incredibly
important part of self-care that many people
neglect. It may sound strange to give yourself
a bedtime but this is a great idea if you are to
regulate your sleep pattern. When you are well
rested you are much more likely to care for
yourself the following day. And when you care
for yourself throughout the day, you are much
more likely to sleep well the following night! Get
into this pattern and your health and happiness
will soar! I find it incredibly useful to silently
express gratitude first thing in the morning
and as the last thing through my mind at night.

Treat yourself
like others
Finally, I find it really helps to promote self-care
if you think of caring for yourself as you would
think of caring for another person. Many of us
find it easy to neglect our own needs but would
not be so comfortable treating a friend or family
member in the same way. It is important that
you make this connection when it comes to the
way you care for yourself so that you can truly
understand how important self-care is.

Being aware of what your

emotional needs are,
and making an effort to
maintain yourself in this
manner, is a responsible
way to live your life. Only
when you have an authentic
love for yourself that is
nurtured through regular self-care can
you genuinely be the happiest version
of yourself. Remember, the process of
self-care is one that never ends and it
must be an omnipresent aspect of your
life. It is not something that you should
only pay attention to when you are stressed,
depressed or otherwise unhappy.

Julie Montagu, aka The Flexi Foodie, is one of Londons top yoga and
nutrition teachers. For more information

YourFitness 81

self care.indd 3 23/03/2017 17:25

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 09:48 Page 82
your fitness REPORT

FOOD fit

Once thought of as a passing fad,

quinoa has proven itself as a diet
staple and its here to stay thanks to
its many health benefits. A complete
protein (meaning that it contains all
nine essential amino acids which help
to break down food and repair the
body), its a good source of calcium,
manganese, magnesium and is packed
with B vitamins, dietary fibre and vitamin
E. One of the least allergenic grains,
quinoa is a great wheat-free choice
for those following a gluten-free diet
and for vegetarians and vegans who
struggle to get enough protein. When
cooked, the seeds become creamy and
fluffy and can be eaten as a cereal at
breakfast (you could try it as a base for
porridge), at lunch in a salad, or as a
side at dinner. Gain the benefits of this
grain when youre on-the-go with one
of Perkiers range of quinoa bars, with
flavours including cashew, chia and
pumpkin seed and goji and cranberry.
0.99, available at supermarkets, Whole
Foods Market and Holland & Barrett.

YourFitness 83

Food Fit Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:00

Food FIT

Ready to take the

ultimate dietary plunge?
Davina McCalls got you covered
She may have considered herself
to be a self-confessed sugar addict
in the past, but Davina has since
become a beacon of hope for all of
those who want to ditch the sweet
stuff without suffering through
endless cravings, energy dips and
mood swings. After effortlessly
eliminating sugar (and in just
five-weeks we might add), she's
back to show the world just
how easy it can be with her new
cookbook Sugar-free in a Hurry. To
give you a taster, and help you on
your way to a sugar-free diet, we've
got a brilliant, easy-to-follow five-day
plan from the star herself.

Davin a
s 5-d a y
84 YourFitness

Sugar Plan.indd 1 24/03/2017 09:40

Davinas 5-day plan sweet NOTHINGS
Asparagus and dippy eggs steam six Broccoli, spelt and orange salad see Squash spaghetti with pancetta
sauce serve cooked spiralised
MONDAY asparagus stems and serve with a soft
boiled egg topped with a squeeze of
recipe below
squash with onion, pancetta,
lemon, a dot of butter and some chives. garlic and sage.

Baked eggs florentine cook an egg Spicy prawn salad Mix king prawns with a Crispy lemon thyme chicken with
in a ramekin in the oven for 15-20 salad of lettuce, bean sprouts, carrot, pepper roasted veggies see recipe overleaf
TUESDAY minutes with some wilted spinach, crme
fraiche, a pinch of nutmeg and sprinkling
and cucumber, mint and coriander and dress
with a combination of lime juice, fish sauce,
of Parmesan. mirin, honey, sesame oil and chilli.

Cheesy pea fritters with roasted cherry Minty pea soup see recipe overleaf Glazed salmon with rainbow
tomatoes make the fritters by adding vegetables cook a salmon fillet
eggs, milk flour, baking powder, cottage with a marinade of mirin, sesame oil,
cheese, some Parmesan cheese, a pinch soy sauce and miso paste, and then
WEDNESDAY of cayenne pepper, some sliced onions serve with a mixture of rainbow-
and frozen peas and cook them like coloured, stir-fried vegetables such
thick pancakes. Serve with roasted as red and yellow peppers, carrots,
cherry tomatoes. courgette and pak choi.

Asparagus and dippy eggs steam six Super green soup make a soup using Cod pesto parcels see recipe
asparagus stems and serve with a soft chicken stock and supergreens such as overleaf
THURSDAY boiled egg topped with a squeeze of broccoli, baby spinach and kale. Add an
lemon, a dot of butter and some chives. extra bit of zing with some coconut milk,
lime juice, chilli and coriander.

Red pepper toasties griddle a piece of Courgette and shrimp salad make a Lamb kebab with Greek salad
bread after brushing the sides with garlic, salad using courgette ribbons, fresh mint see recipe overleaf
FRIDAY then top with ricotta, some capers, grilled
pepper slices, a few thyme leaves and a
leaves, capers, wild rocket leaves and
dress with lemon juice and olive oil.
drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

A bit of citrus in a salad perks

it up beautifully and gives it a
lovely tangy flavour. I use a pack
of ready-cooked spelt for speed, SERVES
but you can, of course, cook your
own if you prefer! 4
300g ready-cooked spelt
300g tenderstem or purple
sprouting broccoli
1 tbsp olive oil
1 red chilli, deseeded and sliced
2 garlic cloves, finely sliced
2 tbsp sesame seeds, to garnish

1 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 oranges
1 tsp rice vinegar
Salt and black pepper

1 Heat up the spelt according to

the packet instructions and tip
it into a serving bowl.

2 Put the broccoli in a steamer

or a colander over a pan of
boiling water and steam for two
minutes, then set it aside. Heat
the olive oil gently for two to
three minutes. Add the chilli and

a n d
garlic and fry for another minute.

3 To make the dressing, whisk

together the tahini, sesame oil,
juice of half an orange and the rice
vinegar in a small jug and season
with salt and black pepper. Peel S p e l
Broccoli, e Saladt
and segment the remaining
oranges, discarding the pith.

4 Mix the sauted broccoli

with the cooked spelt and
add the orange segments.
Pour over the dressing, scatter
with sesame seeds and pour.

YourFitness 85

Sugar Plan.indd 2 24/03/2017 15:43

Food FIT
Davina's masterclass

Min t y p e a s o u p SERVES
To make the mint oil, blitz
a large handful of fresh
mint leaves with two to
three tablespoons of olive
oil in a small blender until
smooth, then season with
salt and pepper. Add more
The colour of this dish is coloured. Add the garlic and oil if necessary to make a
ridiculously amazing. Its great cook for a further minute. pourable consistency.
hot but also perfect served
chilled on a summers day. 2 Add 400g of the peas,
the lettuce, most of the
mint leaves (reserve some for
1 tbsp olive oil garnishing later) and 700ml of
1 medium leek trimmed and the stock. Bring the soup to the
roughly chopped boil and then simmer for two to
1 onion, roughly chopped three minutes.

1 garlic clove, finely chopped Blend the soup with a
500g frozen peas stick blender or in a food
1 baby gem lettuce, root trimmed processor until you have a thick
and leaves roughly chopped pure. Add more stock to get
Large handful of fresh mint leaves the consistency you like, then
800ml hot chicken or add the remaining peas and
vegetable stock warm through for a further two
12 tbsp lemon juice to three minutes. Add lemon
4 tbsp crme fraiche, to serve juice and seasoning to taste.

(optional) Serve the soup hot or cold,
Salt and black pepper with a drizzle of crme
fraiche and/or a swirl of mint

oil and a scattering of chopped
Heat the oil in a large
mint. Delicious served with
saucepan. Add the leek and

o n
some crusty soda or

l e m
onion and cook them over a

s p y
sourdough bread.

r i
C me chicken
gentle heat for five minutes or
until the onion is soft but not

thy with roasted veggies

I do love a one-pot dish! This one
is quick to prepare and although
it does take a while to cook, you
1 Preheat the oven to 200C.
Place the sweet potato,
celeriac, carrot and garlic in
can go off and play with the kids a large shallow roasting tin.
or do your fitness routine while
supper is looking after itself in
Drizzle them with a tablespoon
the oven. Make sure you cut the of the oil and season with
vegetables into cubes roughly salt and pepper, then roast
the same size so that they cook for 15 minutes.
evenly. If you want to reduce the
calories in this dish, remove the
chicken skin before serving.
2 Add the beetroot to the
roasting tin and nestle the
chicken thighs in among the
vegetables. Drizzle with the
1 medium sweet potato, cut into rest of the oil and scatter over
cubes (about 250g peeled weight) the lemon zest, a squeeze of
celeriac, cut into cubes (about lemon juice and the thyme
200g peeled weight) and season well. Place the
1 large carrot, cut into chunks other (unsqueezed) lemon half
4 garlic cloves, unpeeled in the tin, cut-side up. Roast
2 tbsp olive oil on the top shelf of the oven
300g pack of cooked beetroot, cut for 30 minutes.
into wedges
8 chicken thighs, skin on
Finely grated zest of one lemon
3 Turn the oven up to 220C.
Sprinkle the vinegar over
the vegetables and roast for
and a squeeze of juice another five to 10 minutes. The
SERVES 2 sprigs of lemon or normal thyme, vegetables should be beautifully

4 leaves picked
1 tbsp cider vinegar
tender and the chicken cooked
through with lovely crispy skin.
30g rocket leaves Scatter with rocket leaves
Salt and black pepper before serving.

86 YourFitness

Sugar Plan.indd 3 24/03/2017 09:40


Lamb K e b a b with Greek Salad SERVES

Even just half an hour marinating
does something magical to
meat, making it extra tender
1 Cut the lamb into cubes
and the onion and peppers
into bite-size pieces. Cut the
and delicious, and these lamb courgette into thick slices. Put
kebabs with a lovely Greek salad them and all the other kebab
are a huge favourite of mine. ingredients into a large bowl
and season well, then cover and
500g lamb neck fillet leave to marinate for at least 30
1 red onion minutes or overnight in the
1 red, 1 yellow and 1 orange fridge if time allows.
pepper, deseeded
1 courgette
1 tsp ground cumin
2 Thread pieces of meat and
vegetables alternately on
to four large or 8 small metal
2 tsp ras el hanout skewers. Preheat the grill to
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped high. Place the skewers on
2 tbsp chopped fresh oregano a large roasting tray and grill
Finely grated zest of 1 lemon them for 15-20 minutes or
Squeeze of lemon juice until they're lightly charred and
Salt and black pepper the meat is cooked. Turn the
skewers frequently.
For the salad
200g vine tomatoes
100g cherry tomatoes
3 While the skewers are
cooking, prepare the salad.
Quarter the vine tomatoes and
1 cucumber cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
100g feta cheese Cut the cucumber and feta
red onion, thinly sliced into cubes. Put all the salad
100g pitted Kalamata olives ingredients in a large bowl,
1 tbsp red wine vinegar season and toss together.
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp chopped fresh oregano 4 Serve the hot skewers
with a Greek salad.

Cod a n d P e s t o parcels
My perfect food when Im in water for two minutes. Drain
a hurry. These are so quick them and rinse in cold water to
to make and everyone loves stop them cooking, then mix
them! Fresh pesto from the deli them with the other
counter is fine or why not make green vegetables.

your own?
Divide the vegetables
between the four squares,
2 tbsp olive oil
add a cod fillet to each and
400g mix of green beans,
season well. Add a tablespoon
mangetout, tenderstem broccoli or
of pesto on top of each fillet,
sugar snap peas
then drizzle with a little olive oil.
4 x 150-175g cod fillets, skinned
Scatter the cherry tomatoes
4 tbsp fresh pesto
around the vegetables and add
250g cherry tomatoes, halved
two wedges of lemon to each
1 lemon, cut into wedges
parcel. Scrunch up the paper
Salt and black pepper
and foil, making sure you leave
a little space around the fish.

1 Preheat the oven to 200C.

Cut out four 40cm squares of
baking paper and the same of
4 Place the parcels on a
baking tray and bake them
for 15-20 minutes or until the
This five-day plan has been adapted from
Sugar-free in a Hurry by Davina McCall foil. Lay the paper squares on fish is just cooked through
(16.99, Orion). For a full recipe breakdown of top of the foil squares and brush and the vegetables are tender.
the dishes mentioned in this plan and more them lightly with a little olive oil. Serve the parcels at the table
great ideas, pick up a copy today!
2 Blanch the green beans in a
saucepan of boiling, salted
so everyone can enjoy
opening their own.

YourFitness 87

Sugar Plan.indd 4 24/03/2017 09:40

Food FIT

Pu r p l e

Don't be a shrinking violet purple fruit and veg are

packed with nutrients and could make you look younger

88 YourFitness
purple FOOD

You don't need to look to the catwalk for this be missing out on but you should be including in
season's hottest hue, the latest shade trending in your dishes. From fighting fine lines and beating
the wellness world is on your plate. While your illnesses to helping aid weight loss and creating
mum may have told you to eat your greens, there's Insta-worthy meals, purple fruit and vegetables
another colour in the spectrum that you might really do have it all.

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson ( agrees. Anthocyanins

SO, WHY SHOULD I EAT THESE? work closely with vitamin C in our body to increase the amount of the
Purple fruit and vegetables boast heaps of benefits, as they are packed
vitamin in our cells, enhancing collagen. As a result they strengthen
with potent nutrients such as anthocyanins (bear with us). The bright tone of
and maintain our skin, including all connective tissues and blood
these foods is an indication of nutrient density and high levels of antioxidants,
vessels. Nutritionally, it's recommended to consume a rainbow of
which help us to fight disease, inflammation and signs of ageing.
colour daily through a variety of vegetables and fruit. Don't focus
Anthocyanins are the most prominent among the flavonoids, explains
solely on purple foods as this is an unbalanced diet generally, but by
nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker ( These are the
all means do include some of this colour whenever you can ideally
universal plant colourants that are responsible for the red, purple and blue
every day to help provide a source of these valuable nutrients,"
hues evident in many fruits, vegetables and cereal grains. Proven to have
Shona explains.
health-promoting qualities, their consumption is thought to play a role in
preventing illnesses such as cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular
and neurological diseases. And that's not all, as other benefits include I'M SOLD! WHICH FOODS SHOULD BE ON MY PLATE?
improved cognitive function, a healthy liver and a reduction in high You'll be pleased to know that you don't have to change much
cholesterol. A change in our diets to increase our intake of these foods is about your daily menu to be able to gain the benefits from purple
certainly a positive one and I look forward to seeing the inventive ways in produce. Here are some of our favourite purple-coloured foods
which they continue to be used, Dr Schenker says. which can be easily incorporated into your diet:

You might think purple Fun carrot fact This vegetable's Red cabbage They may be small, Originating from Kenya,
potatoes look slightly before they became skin contains the contains an impressive but these berries are this brew is grown
odd compared to the well-known for their antioxidant nasunin, amount of vitamins, mighty. Known as an at altitude near the
normal ones that you're orange tinge, this root helping to maintain minerals, nutrients and immune booster, acai equator which results
used to, explains vegetable was originally brain cell function, antioxidants, explains berries can also aid in very high levels of
Victoria Robertson, purple! This variety says Victoria. Not Victoria. Just a few digestion thanks to their anthocyanin (it contains
certified nutritional chef has twice the amount only are they a great examples of these powerful detoxification more than blueberries)
and head of culinary of alpha and beta source of fibre, they are calcium for strong capacities and they to protect the leaves
at food delivery service carotene than the more are also full of vitamins bones and teeth, can also promote skin from UV damage.
HelloFresh (hellofresh. common type, which is B1 and B6. These vital magnesium and iron for health. These purple These leaves boast, but their converted into vitamin nutrients help maintain energy and potassium powerhouses have anti- another secret not
high concentration of A, essential to healthy your nervous system, which promotes ageing properties and found in any other food
anthocyanin acts as vision and skin. They convert carbohydrates healthy blood sugar can help you to lose the polyphenol GHG,
an anti-inflammatory are also full of dietary into glucose, break levels, along with an and maintain weight which can decrease fat
and has great anti-viral fibre, vitamin K, vitamin down fats and protein abundance of additional pop them in your while increasing lean
properties." C and manganese. and preserve immunity. health perks!" morning smoothie! body mass.

Victoria suggests Sadly purple carrots are Here at YF HQ we love "Add this to any dish, Not sure how to fit Brew this cuppa for one
switching your usual an uncommon sight in using this vegetable in whether it be a side or these into your diet? to three minutes. While
shepherds or cottage most UK supermarkets, place of pasta sheets in the main ingredient in Try an acai berry bowl it's best as a loose leaf
pie topping to this but you can find them lasagne dishes. All you a stir-fry and your body simply blend this tea, you can also buy
potato and enjoy the online at need to do is slice it into will thank you, says berry and top with your purple teabags 3
taste, colour and array They can be used in thin pieces for a tasty Victoria. We also like choice of fruit. That's for 20, available at
of health benefits. place of orange carrots. meal with less carbs. using it in a salad. breakfast sorted!

YourFitness 89




Load up on your key nutrients with our guide

Meat-free living doesnt mean your diet should lack key
nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Instead, you just need to
adjust meals and include a variety of different foods to hit
your RDAs. Simple, right? If youre still feeling a little lost,
check out our handy A-Z to keep you in tip top health.

Avocados are rich in potassium, which is
a nutrient that vegetarians can sometimes Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. Small but
be deficient in, explains nutritionist Julie mighty, chia seeds contain an abundance of protein,
CHIA fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, says Julie Montagu.
Montagu ( Potassium SEEDS

Sprinkle over your breakfast smoothie, top your

is super important for the health of your
muscles and your blood pressure, so porridge and even add to your home-baking.
make sure to include this delicious

fruit in your diet.

Getting enough protein on a plant-based diet can
be a challenge, says Karen Ansel, author of Healing
Superfoods for Anti-Aging (14.99, Sterling). Thankfully
there are plenty of natural alternatives, such as beans.
BEANS Eating just four dates provides women with
Just one cup of cooked beans supplies roughly up to 30 percent of the RDA of fibre as
15 grams of protein, Karen adds. well as satisfying your sweet tooth without
consuming any refined sugar. DATES

90 YourFitness

YourFitness 91
veggie GUIDE

sy ith of
ea w as
tu e
d s l.
3. e an ond se say y
s ed s y t s nc
, it d ed wh
a urc a
ve en ra
rld Loa se ly, ic
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wo od. ese tive gan ha ec ea
om eat uts calc le, aren ckin ians ts er
e f n a r pp
on t o the rfo th rna Or
gr ln n
ca er, e a
p K la ar en th
ve a uld
in e oy te e
S wa nta exa
m be get utri s o ats
AIN ha al p ho ly, s up nj Al lov ve y n ll a y f rce nt ev e th
all nti s s ai n ed a s e, e es. e
co r
trie ow ov

e e
ric ss ia ie f i
d n e ta r d o
an a ge ei ts
a re Ve th oun u.
ino ey t. in m ag

qu th die ains ial a ont
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t d ro
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s red fib oth t?
iou ide nd o ou o
trit ns a sm rk in.c
m mp ), p urt fue ana
the he FA og r to , p

t n c te or l a w prot
os is ro s



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ur e ,
yo uc m
y ind olis
wa iet- tab s by as


ke we alth sou be
as he at can
o f e
gr ese

nu . H pr
al in im to
vit sk n
k ur ca nks
lac n o es tha
ay o liv t
m cts g o en cid
S ich effe atin erc ic a
ba mm gg ho en Ju of hy s (E d y de .99 e e
th h d m los h IVE wh al t e 0 p ole
ts, co ve w e b ys e w
on nd cid a po 11
n w of ug ur ht suc OL diet iment d tha by 2 nt of
Oa g in althy lude ovid sa a
ed sta tty lad ein r,
s nt ro yo eig s, u. A tr le es u
c pr c, bb der l fa sa rot de ce th st d n
de vea inkl h co
in e
th y h to in will zin er is oo e w oo e
Du un ntia s to p p Pow
p es B as c f y m re r ig
an is nd
DA g
to se g m in 10 lori sis. cre eni ekl w
of eir
aim th a
es ppin y h rote o a i in g e
rR ,6 t
ou a 3 p ns c gen nd rmo ur w th
f y eg to ot tr p P U r o a e o
. nt o om n m bu rm fat th n y
th urn ding s, i .
ies ce of NO
lad per g PE b lu no
ng 5 8m LE inc lape io
kli 3 33
rin nd 6, JA ja
sp e a s HEMP
et fibr tain
. G f on t. ke ,
en r ta sins h. ic
m go c
siu , 8 ds lem s o rai ns, alt wh ive e
ne in ee he er nit B urc
ag te x s
m pro f fla
pp ut as ee to
su n h gr ry ta al nd og ith l so
im u c
n nd c fy ? T re pt l-ro aid ed w tura
iro s a it su lea DA ou y
of g o


an ulse fru on is R el y trick ay e

p ied up th Fe ve r d m
dr ad on ies. pro pe nsu S
lo ort gg n iron co H
sh r ve h ca of uld he N NTS
fo ic g sho o t E
wh 4.8m en ng t LEM I KE
FIR K be is an ct vita
ld , m inc ba f
ou ion z ut r o
sh ct s, g de n

r o al
fo eat r to load a n
ed gr pe d 2,
joy a op an K
en o is d c eria min


be el.
an ns
FL tc A
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t o so is a d g ith
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ed ic K on ing
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ly ca M t f efi h air ot alc als lc k
Ju ediu ins nd ats. ric d n c - ca bo eir
nt of lie ea t, k
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co te alth ns on tte co s c bl ch as
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ed so la h
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an to r, s t le ac st ala bet abs
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yo A 00g or ent c sw ine
o e h c ily qu e ea gu
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RD t 1 s m nc oli a mb d all s ney on
nd lan
in ng d de tu ed id M
jus hat h co hen y as r co ta cki roi
bla a p ury nd d,
W ig p jo o on la hy iet.
as id avo s a ee en ac Ne s, k ulie
a d, E w
a n l t c ns r t r d t w sa s s toe aw s, m is t.
m ut die eed s J
no aria ry fo you
IES i r. o
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SP ba ice s a nut bles nte als ut. eed t
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RIC fem ou la , p ho
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e m
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iss es ,
se aste ege fer h e
D bas ve ine g
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to a v to
EE nt- lea Iod udin
ve rodu al-d oun s
he ur se ked
, r o
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SE ost his c ntag by i
ple tte d lin
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an ost atio te
ap u an
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m s as
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an lie inta
ce o te
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th in tr
wi it ex
k ry k
l. ac t. T nea
se sn die o s
ce -
An a ur m
so lciu ner ulie
n as ian ay
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Ka st ge asy ing ca in J
ds toa a ve n e az nd d w bes a s
am n a oun scri fu , it t
en t t, ,
an iro ll r e to at ien t!
m ea to s
a gu ics
is in, n a s, d ly is me red
m h in r i ur iot
co w at tte
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re hole hy f bu of te t a n on to ng .
of pr h
w lt ut T pro g i taria ot tive ile i ple h of og es r
of akin ge u. N rna sat sta
alt ts . Y urc
he ean

m ve ag lte ver ge
fo ont hy a ery frid
M alt v t a
he so a ng i
al aki

W . he un m so
gu e o iu
ta th m ss stic
on ct l a ta ta
M ote cia po fan
lie pr efi nd e
Ju to ben m a n b
ins elp ns iu ca
pla h ta al rts
c en
rc ed
all it

se te er
es ple oth re
th om in he
of a c on re t e
m fo is

ET nd
GH t a
E S ize rge c yo
BL iral ou and elp
PA r ou tte, arro u

ex ich on n, c hu
wh so c otei yog
al pr in
of ert
ro in
pe w ay
0 slo d g
r g sk two un stu AL
ou ri t fo t
m er jus ice cen W
tu anc
m A re

by f an uts ea sing
l l
wt ha wa tha y u UT

d N
try on
la ,c
lito ed r.
xy eriv ga
ve d su
Gi ally d

it l s
s ng om re -w in, TA sp f c h h as
r? tur bloo
ain aki ot c , the alth gra GE ur s o uas to ay. ga na
VE et yoibbon ut sq pasta -a-d su is aise
e is tb
co s, m is n ces d h f th cu
oa cid ch our ine o G r rn f 10 on but nt r
uin a hi s ga gs try utte ad o ur wn ar es
Q ino in w sed be lpin u. b te yo do sug do
am rote -ba to r he tag ins ach OL cut ike nd
p nt ch ula on LIT to s l s a
pla mu reg lie M XY rying taste alorie
is m Ju T d c
fro ys an wer
INO sa

QU fe

92 YourFitness
your fitness REPORT

MIND fit

Youve heard of Danish hygge (a feeling

of cosiness) and Swedish lagom (being
balanced, frugal and fair), but now its
time for a new cultural concept, this
time from Finland. Taken from the
Finnish word for gut, sisu is several
qualities rolled into one, including
bravery, determination, hardiness and
perseverance. Dating back hundreds of
years, it describes what happens after
youve reached the end of your physical
and mental capabilities the toughness,
resilience and grit that keeps you going,
despite the challenge. Want to develop
it for yourself? According to Sisu
researcher Emilia Lahti (,
there are several ways to incorporate it
into your life. Try long distance running
(as this gives you an opportunity to
be in a situation when you have to
push beyond your limits), reflecting
on when you have experienced the
feeling of sisu before and thinking of
people throughout history who have
demonstrated this quality. As Emilia
says, you dont know how strong you
are until you try!

YourFitness 93

Mind Fit Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:10

Mind FIT


While websites such as Instagram
and Facebook are referred to as
social media, its seems that this
is a bit of a misnomer. A study from
the University of Pittsburgh School
of Medicine has shown that these
sites, which are designed to make
you feel more connected actually
have the opposite effect. In fact, if
you browse for more than two hours
a day, you have double the chance
of experiencing social isolation and
loneliness. There are several reasons
behind these results, including the
fact that spending more time online
means that youre less likely to meet
up with friends in real life. Perhaps
its time to put down the digitals and
catch up with your mates in person.


1 3
Transform your home Spritz the Neom Real
and mood with Neals Luxury Home Mist on
Yard Remedies sofas and bed linens to
Organic Aromatherapy release its stress-busting
Calming Room scents of lavender,
Spray, which features jasmine and Brazilian
soothing rose and Rosewood itll boost your
uplifting patchouli. 17, energy and help you relax. 18,

The Temple Spa
Quietude Calming
Mist For Me & My
Space combines various
essential oils, including
cedar wood, vetivert,
orange and chamomile
to help promote a
restful nights sleep.

94 YourFitness

Head Space.indd 2 23/03/2017 18:02

QA &
Many of us know how hard
ASK THE it can be to get enough sleep
(the recommended amount for
EXPERT adults is eight hours), but new
research by Benson for Beds
I get stressed and my heartbeat ( has revealed that
raises at the smallest of things. on average over 70 percent of
How can I feel less tense? us Brits miss out on an entire
nights sleep every week. Just
Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says: imagine how mortifying would
it be to fall asleep in a meeting!
GET SOME REST And yet, 12 percent of workers
Stress, sleep and anxiety are all have admitted to doing just
related. If we dont get enough sleep that (try explaining that to your
we can find it harder to adapt to boss) while eight percent have
challenging situations and when called in sick due to snooze
we cant cope as efficiently with deprivation. If you are struggling
stress it can be harder to snooze. and spend your nights tossing
Magnesium is known as natures and turning, try reducing your
exposure to blue light (from
tranquilliser and is needed to relax
TVs, smartphones and laptops
our muscles and nerves, which
yep, even your trusty Kindle)
helps us to fall into a peaceful sleep.
in the hours before bedtime as
Try to include plenty of foods that this seems like sunlight to your
are rich in the nutrient in your diet brain, tricking it into keeping
such as pumpkin and sunflower you awake.
seeds, fish and leafy green veg.


A workout places stress on
your body which activates your
by increasing levels of certain
hormones. These chemicals raise WALL, DONT TURN AROUND AND GIVE UP. FIGURE OUT
your heart rate and blood pressure,
stimulate energy breakdown and
inhibit immune function. To protect - Michael Jordan
our body, our brain releases
endorphins to fight that stress, giving
us that good feeling.
WATCH WHAT YOU EAT They may wake us up before our alarm, but it
Consuming the wrong types of food turns out that their cheerful tweeting actually has
can fuel stress. When your body is a calming effect. A study by Exeter University
stressed it can crave sweet foods. showed that people in neighbourhoods with more
However, although these foods birds have better mental health, regardless of
may give you a temporary lift, in whether they live in a leafy suburb or a busy city.
the longer term they will act against It seems that the more you see of our feathered
you by putting more strain on the friends, no matter what specific type, the more
adrenal glands as they try to keep relaxed and connected to nature you feel. So
your blood sugar balanced. Stick instead of spending your break at your desk or
to snacks such as nuts, as these putting your feet up after work, get outside and
contain protein and good fats that see how many birds you can spot youll feel all
will reduce your cravings. the better for it.

YourFitness 95

Head Space.indd 3 23/03/2017 18:02





When you subscribe to Your Fitness magazine




Sweet n Salt ~ Sea Salt ~ Cinnamon Sweet ~ Cinema Sweet ~ Maple Bacon

Make life pop with a box of award-winning popcorn from Metcalfes skinny.
Each of their deliciously lipsmackingly good, lightly seasoned flavours is made
without anything artificial andsatisfies your cravings for fewer than 125
caloriesper serving.Made with the very best butterfly popcorn and popped to be
just so, Metcalfes skinny is the perfect snack for pleasing peckish popcorn lovers.

Pay just 10.75 for 3 issues*
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YF SUBS House Ad May17.indd 96 24/03/2017 09:42


the body and science shows that flotation can

actually help lessen stress, anxiety, pain and
even depression and sleep disorders. I highly
@camilladallerup recommend it!

Try it now:
De-stress the body
We often talk about how good meditation is for
the mind but it has an equally beneficial effect on
the body too. One of my favourite mindfulness
meditations I teach is a body scan. What is so
wonderfully fascinating about our bodies is the
way we sometimes store stress, uncomfortable
situations or worries in our body, making the
neck tense, the muscles tired and sometimes
even causing an uncomfortable or upset
stomach. Not only are we going over and over
situations in our minds but we are also bringing
stress into ourselves. Doing a gentle body scan
can release this and reset the body.It allows us
to tune into different areas, let go of any tension
and instead invite in a feeling of relaxation.
Camilla Dallerup 1 Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and close
your eyes.

How to have a 2 Tune into your breath by simply noticing how

it comes in through the nostrils and travels all

stress-free body
the way down into the belly and out.

3 Keep your focus on the breath and when

your thoughts pull you away just keep

focusing on your inhalation and exhalation.
remember when exercise was part of my
profession and I would constantly push 4 Now bring your attention to your body as you
scan through it slowly right from the bottom
of your feet, up through the legs, stomach, chest,
my body to the limit. Back then I thought
that if I was feeling tired or my immune shoulders, throat and right up through the face
system was low it was simply because I was to the top of your head. Pause at every area to
training too hard. At the time I didnt realise that check in and notice if there is anything there that
stress and anxiety in general was also having an you should let go of. If there is, imagine blowing
impact on my health. One thing I have definitely it away as you exhale. Continue until you have
learned from teaching mindfulness meditation scanned the entire body.
is that the tension and unease we hold in our
minds comes out in different ways as disease
in the body, and if we dont consciously take
time to nurture ourselves, we get forced to take Relax
Each month some time out when we come down with a Calm Cure by Sandy Newbigging
cold, flu or an injury. Based on more than 15 years of research,
our favourite With this in mind, I recently booked a this is the ultimate book to help you
session at a flotation pod. Taking the time out de-stress. From the first line I read I felt
motivation guru to nourish your body and mind is important this sense of complete relaxation, as if I
especially after a busy or stressful period. The knew I was in safe hands. Sandy writes:
guides us back studio I went to in LA is very appropriately called It is your relationship with life that ultimately
to the straight Pause Float Studio and these sorts of flotation
pods are also popping up throughout the UK.
determines your peace, health, wealth,
happiness and life success and this sums
and narrow The time I spent there was absolutely heavenly. up what the book is about perfectly. It
teaches us to stop resisting what is and
You begin by climbing into some shallow water,
which is filled with Epsom salts and around make peace with life and explains how
body temperature, and then you pull the lid resistance to issues can cause problems
down and lean back. It feels a bit like floating in the body. In Sandys own words: When
inside an egg or a cocoon and I was able to you resist what you dont want, you keep
choose if I wanted to listen to a meditation and getting it. When you calm inner conflicts,
have some calming blue lights on. Everything new things can enter your life. The book
about this experience encourages you to go also talks in detail about the importance
within yourself and its so nurturing! I literally felt of self-awareness, which is a topic I feel
like I had completely unplugged from the world strongly about. For me, this is absolutely
and could notice all my tension dissolve in the key in making major changes in our lives
water. Many sports athletes find it beneficial to and to understand ourselves better.

YourFitness 97

Camilla.indd 1 23/03/2017 17:27

promotional FEATURE

Dashing about from place to
place? Dont let that stop your
healthy eating goals!

RAMP UP your day Eat CLEAN

Increase your Boost your protein
mileage with intake the healthy
the new Acti- way with the
Snack Four Matcha Candy
Fruits, a high Protein blend
fibre blend of
dried mango
Ultimate from Muscle
Candy. With all
with goji berries, ENERGY BOOST natural ingredients
golden berries If youre vegan, or trying to cut down on including matcha
and sultanas. dairy products, it can be hard to find a green tea, vanilla,
Naturally low nutritious snack that suits your needs. Not and organic
in fat, high in anymore though! Our lovely friends at Bounce whey protein, it is
fibre and high in have just launched Bounce V Life a new naturally low in fat
potassium, which range of vegan protein energy balls. We and can be used to
contributes to normal love the Beetroot Cashew Vegan Ball, which increase lean muscle mass and
muscle function, satisfies any sweet cravings you get as well as assist with weight management.
Acti-Snack Four Fruits is also bursting giving you a hearty hit of 9g of veggie protein. Each serving contains only 97 calories.
with carbohydrates, perfect for on-the-go 1.79, available from Whole Foods and other 34, 10
refuelling. 5, independent stores, when use code YOURFIT10).

Mix and MATCHA FUELLED by taste

Regular green tea has well and truly met its matcha. Over the Vibrant, moist and with a delicious real
past 12 months weve fallen head-over-heels with this fruit flavour, Get Fruity snack bars are
super-power drink. Teapigs Matcha Sachets (11.90) perfect for lunch boxes or on the go!
are great for those on-the-go. Simply pour the individual Made from a special blend of natural fruit,
serving into water and shake for an instant pick-me-up. fruit juice, oats and virgin coconut oil,
One serving of matcha offers the same nutritional value they contain no refined sugar and are 100
as 10 cups of regular green tea which is why the brand percent natural, gluten-free, dairy-free
call it a super-power green tea it offers buckets of and vegan. 2.49. available from Tesco,
sprightliness! Waitrose and Ocado,

98 YourFitness

Advertorial.indd 1 27/03/2017 11:30

Mind FIT

his is about love, respect and gratitude.
My relationship with my own body has
changed massively over the years and has
morphed from one of anguish, destruction
and abuse to one of love, comfort and thanks a
much happier place to be. I LOVE my body. Im
not talking about an aesthetic love where I spend
hours adoring my calves in a mirror, Im talking
about viewing my body as a miraculous machine
that can self-heal, create and move. A happy body
to me is one that feels comfortable. One that is
fuelled in a balanced way, rested when possible
and one that is enjoyed rather than criticised.

It may seem obvious
to mention that our
bodies and minds
work together and
have a vital and
strong alliance,
but I think stopping
to take note of this
makes us feel slightly
more in control. With Mentally I am boosted and deal with stress a lot
the gargantuan power better if Im in a calm place. I also dont feel led
our minds have the ability by my mind as much anymore, as my thoughts
to apply, combined with the and stress levels arent steering the ship so
strength of the human body, often. Some days, I can calm my physical side
we can do so much, or very little. with good thoughts and a positive mindset but
And it goes both ways, by looking equally I can quieten my mind with slow and
after our bodies, our minds can feel the considered physical movements. Body and mind
equilibrium so essential to feeling happy can work alongside each other and also help
and calm. Our bodies have to work in tandem each other out.
with our minds and I think we might have
slightly lost this connection over the years. In
my twenties my goal used to be to achieve: run LISTEN TO YOUR BODY
at a faster speed, work more, feel excited and I constantly think back to my teens and twenties,
to push my own boundaries. My old ways and when I had little regard for my body and all that
thoughts seem a vast canyon away from todays it was miraculously doing. I would work on many
priorities. In that huge space lie a lot of mistakes filming projects at the same time, rushing from
and mental and physical upheaval but, on the location to location, at times flying in and out of
upside, all that took place in that time has led time zones with no days off to rest. I would eat
me to my new set of life rules and tools. on the run and not care if the food was good
I now aim, both mentally and physically, fuel (Im talking a bag of sweets and a strong
for a lack of adrenalin, a peace and a coffee for breakfast), and would work and move
balance that I would have previously found until I was physically exhausted. During this time
boring. Personally, what works for me I partied until late without much sleep and I put
is having calm in my mind and my body little energy into thinking about what fuel my
so it can grow and function and heal as body needed. Mentally, I chased emotional highs
needed. It means that I now sleep deeper and was always seeking adventure regardless of
and can deal with lack of sleep (due to my the outcome.
gorgeous children!) a lot better. I have much I made these decisions and my body
more energy as I pay attention to what goes into suffered as a result. I was constantly exhausted,
my body, and feel much happier in my own skin. had a greyish tinge to my skin and felt slightly

100 YourFitness

Mind Feature.indd 4 24/03/2017 09:55

mind over MATTER

on edge a lot of the time. Although I think that wonderful and exciting physical adventures but Ive enlisted the help of my dear
naturally I would have grown tired of this fast- these days what works for me exercise-wise friend and yoga queen Zephyr
paced way of living, this chapter ended more is the odd run and yoga. I know lots of people Wildman to come up with a
suddenly, in an implosion of depression and can feel a bit apprehensive about yoga, but its restorative sequence that you can
physical stress that eventually led me down honestly the one activity that navigates me to do before bed, in your lunch break,
this wonderful new path of seeking happiness. that blissful territory where my mind and or while the baby is napping. It will
I dont regret the lack of sleep, or feeling body work in tandem and can be only take a short amount of time, but
overwhelmed when I worked too much, I just both calm and grow stronger will enhance the other twenty-three
wish I had listened to my instincts a bit more simultaneously. Sometimes in and a half-odd hours of your day.
during this decade, as this could have saved a busy week that one hour
me a lot of stress. of yoga can be the only

Start off with your
time I feel truly sane and legs crossed.
balanced in this crazy
WALKINGS CHEAP world we live in. It
Breathe in as you
stretch your arms
Being active makes me feel alive. It can shift allows my muscles out in front of you,
mental struggles while simultaneously charging to strengthen without so that your forehead
travels towards
my body with strength and energy. Sometimes, stress and creates
the floor.
when Im cooking for the kids, Ill put some fun a flexibility that raises
music on and well all dance about, just to get my energy levels

Slowly return to your
our bodies on the move. I also love nothing and opens my heart. upright posture. Place
more than just going for a walk come rain or My first yoga class felt your right hand on
shine. Im having a huge love affair with walking strange. I was nervous, and the floor then reach your
and find it an amazing remedy for many hurdles felt like it was the first day of left hand up above your
in life. Walking in the rain, sunshine, gales; in school when I headed to my head and over to the
right side.
the city, in the park, on my own or with loved first lesson. Each position was is bliss. Rex is at an age where he will new and unnatural to my postnatal
walk a short distance before getting tired out
form and I sweated just moving into Bring your arms
so Ill let him switch from walking alongside a downward dog pose. After about six back down. Place
your left hand on
me to the ride-on months I started to
your right knee and
board on the back
of Honeys buggy.
MOVING OUR understand how my
body should feel in each
gently twist at the hips
so that your right arm
Walking is the easiest
and cheapest form
BODIES WILL posture, and I found I
could go that little bit
travels behind you.

of exercise that gets ALWAYS BENEFIT further with each move.

Extend your arms
your heart rate up My mind started to open
and lungs expanding. OUR MINDS. YOU to the undercurrent of
in front of you, with
your left arm slightly
Remember that the spirituality which cements below your right. Then
aim is to feel good CAN MAKE IT A the yogic foundations bend both your elbows
and get your mind and I had that lightbulb and wrap your right
full of positivity which PART OF YOUR DAY moment: yoga classes forearm over your left.
is a much stronger are challenging but not
incentive than NO MATTER HOW stressful. If Ive had


expecting to look like a good day, my head Get up from the
Gisele by the end of will clear quickly to a floor onto all
the year. As soon as new-found clarity, fours. Extend
your right leg behind
we give ourselves visual goals of what we and if Ive had a bad day the fog will start
you so your toes are
want out of exercise, we start to feel let down to lift gradually and I feel I can breathe flexed and pushing
if things dont go our way. Moving our bodies properly again. into the floor. Place
will always benefit our minds. You can make your right palm flat
it a part of your day no matter how busy on the ground and
you are. It can be done literally anywhere take your left arm
straight up, turning
and at any time.
your torso slightly.


Come back to
PRACTISING YOGA all fours then
stretch up
I have tried most physical workouts over with straight arms
the years. Ive climbed a big mountain, Ive and legs so that
Extract taken from Happy:
extensively cycled, run the odd half marathon Finding Joy in Every Day your bum is in
and danced until my toes bled at dance and Letting Go of Perfect the air and your
school. I have taken so much from all of these
by Fearne Cotton, 6.99 palms are flat
on the floor.

YourFitness 101

Mind Feature.indd 5 24/03/2017 09:55

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 11:57 Page 102
Visit our website fitness FREEBIES
for your chance to win*

* Terms and conditions apply


Weve got together with Ragdale Hall Health amazing
Hydro and Thermal Spa to offer one lucky
winner an Overnight Reviver break for two!
Nestled in the rolling Leicestershire countryside,
Ragdale Hall was named best spa in the UK worth
and combines state-of-the-art facilities
with the charm of traditional 1,015!
Victorian architecture. It
features a series of heat
and water experiences WORTH
and indoor and outdoor OVER
pools, as well as a gym,
tennis courts and a daily
programme of exercise
classes. This amazing prize
includes use of the Thermal Spa and all
facilities, all meals (a three-course dinner
and lunch and breakfast delivered to
T&Cs: The prize is available for over 16s only.
Travel is not included. The prize is valid for six your room), a 50-minute blissful face
months from the date the winner is notified, and back therapy, complimentary robe
subject to availability. Arrival from 2pm, departure hire throughout your stay and your
up to 6pm the following day (check out of room
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Spring is here so now is
the perfect time to improve
your wellbeing! Weve got
an amazing prize to give
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food superstore Healthy Supplies to give eatery that makes healthy
away five hampers packed with the latest superfoods, worth food delicious, varied and filling. Evolve is offering five energy-filled
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of organic British quinoa grain, a kilo of raw cacao powder, a kilo wraps. Plus, youll get a shake after each session to prepare you for
of gluten-free teff grain, 500g goji berries, 100g organic pea protein the next one. To keep you going through your week of boxing fitness,
powder, 250g organic spirulina powder, 100g bee pollen and 50g Simple Health Kitchen is offering 20 a day to spend on a wholesome
organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea. This amazing prize will breakfast, lunch or dinner for five days.
provide you with everything you need to stay healthy and achieve your T&Cs: Classes must be booked in and meals claimed within three months of
competition close. 20 a day at Simple Health Kitchen can be claimed on the
goals this season! For more information about Healthy Supplies, visit days you have booked the classes at Evolve. Prize valid for one person only. Only valid at Simple Health Kitchen St Pauls site.

YourFitness 103

Fitness Freebies.indd 1 23/03/2017 14:14

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 12:02 Page 104

104 YourFitness
your fitness REPORT

TRY it

If you havent tried rock climbing

before, chalk up, because doing an
hour of this sport can burn up to
700 calories! If that wasnt enough,
youll also improve your upper body
strength, build muscle and develop
better flexibility (to perform difficult
manoeuvres). It could also aid you in
other exercises, such as yoga and
reduce your stress levels. Climbing
has been proven to boost your brain
power because it involves problem-
solving skills as you figure out how
to move from rock to rock too. If
you want to have a go, head to to find your nearest
indoor climbing wall!

YourFitness 105

Try It Intro.indd 1 23/03/2017 18:11

YOUR FITNESS MAY 2017 ad master_ROP 27/03/2017 11:58 Page 106

106 YourFitness

works it out
Your Fitness intrepid columnist stakes out the
newest classes and takes on the latest challenges

onsidering how badly it smells and boxer shorts I nearly bawked, now I applaud that
how sick it can make you feel, its man for being so sensible. If I had the confidence
amazing how addictive hot yoga is. Its to wear nothing but knickers and a bra I would.
not for everyone but the fact Ive been As it is I opt for shorts and a vest.
missing and longing for it during my pregnancy As soon as you start sun salutations the sweat
(some studies say its dangerous to work out in will pour from every crevice. At first its
intense heat when pregnant, so Ive not been embarrassing but I soon started to see it as a bit of
going), means it clearly is for me. a reward for my hard work. There is very little
Im certainly no yogi. In fact, Im far from it scientific evidence to suggest this outpouring of
I talk too much, I think too much, and theres fluid means your body is detoxing and flushing
just too much about me thats a bit hyperactive out toxins but mentally I feel like lots of bad
for yoga. The one normal class I went to ended in things are leaving my body. And isnt that the
the instructor suggesting I try a one-to-one point of yoga anyway? Enjoying a mental detox
session so that I didnt distract other participants, as much as the physical one?
so you can see what I mean! For me, the heat also raises my heart rate and
Hot yoga, however, is different. Its I can get more of a cardiovascular workout from a
acknowledged by many as being more session and as my muscles are warm I can stretch
physically challenging than its normal deeper into poses that in a cold village hall are
sibling hence why I signed up. I totally unthinkable. Its worth knowing that
started at Hot Buddha in for some people this can present a problem
Warrington under the guidance warm bodies often bend further than they
of a fab instructor called should and pushing yourself past your
Rebecca. At 8 a class it was a end point can lead to injury. Also dont
fraction of the price I used to forget about dehydration if you
pay when I lived in the dont drink enough you will be
capital. That said, many thirsty so take on plenty of fluids
London studios run brilliant before and after the exercise.
introductory offers. Generally I feel awful in class
Put simply, hot yoga but amazing for two to three days
is yoga performed in afterwards. Just make sure you
temperature usually above take a full change of clothes
20c. The class I regularly everything will be sweat-soaked,
attend is normally around from your knickers to your head
37c. Imagine a tropical band. I for one find that pretty
holiday in a jungle with satisfying, even if it does mean
no breeze and youll get driving home with the
the idea. windows open.
I learned the hard
way that the less you
wear the better. The first
time I saw my middle TWEET HELEN
aged male neighbour do a
downward dog in only small @HelenSkelton

This month Helens been...

Preparing for Visiting Buying
SCOTTISH CUP FINAL ROLLAND GARROS I wish I had one of these for my first born!
Even if youre not a footy fan, the FA Cup Ive always wanted to visit what is arguably Essentially, its a car seat on wheels, and that
is part of our culture. Its historic, its hard one of the most physically demanding means I dont need to wrestle a push chair in
to predict and its a day to be celebrated. In on-court and glamorous off-court and out of the boot if I need to nip into the
the pub or with a BBQ, for me the FA Cup competitions in the world. Its the second of supermarket. Its practical for travelling, taxis
final is as much part of my growing up as the four annual grand slam tournaments and the and anywhere in between and will be great
Grand National. biggest clay court competition. for the new baby.

YourFitness 107

Helen.indd 1 24/03/2017 15:42

Try IT

Theres a world of opportunities
to keep fit outside the gym
walls and it all comes down
to crunching numbers

ompared to our ancestors its fair to say weve got it pretty easy.
We dont have to hunt for our food, become a dab hand at starting
fires or avoid stalking predators (unless you count that guy in your
Kettlebell class) everything we need is at the press of a button.
But, putting the convenience factor aside, how does this fare when it comes to
our health? Not well according to experts. As the average person sets up camp
in front of a computer for nine hours a day, scientists have discovered that sitting
for this length of time causes the enzymes that break down fat to drop by 90
percent immediately while our insulin effectiveness also reduces, leading to a
risk in diabetes. Perhaps our club-wielding ascendents had the right idea after
all! Short of quitting our office jobs for a life al fresco (park ranger anyone?),
wellbeing insiders are encouraging us to explore more creative ways to include
functional fitness in routine tasks to boost our range of movement. This
means reconnecting with your bodys natural movement abilities and making
the most of everyday activities. Doing this will mean that everything from
getting out of bed to moving furniture, to playing with your children will feel
different. The most profound one is the feeling of increased flexibility,
mobility and suppleness that gradually starts to seep into the day-to-
day experience of being in your body, says Louise Westra, resident
naturopath at Gleneagles hotel and spa ( YF looks at
how we can start moving more without being a slave to the gym.

108 YourFitness

Try IT.indd 2 23/03/2017 16:27

natural MOVES

So, what does moving more actually
mean? We all get up in the morning, and
get on with our day, moving a lot as we
do so, but its challenging our bodies
with the right movements which will make
the biggest difference to our wellbeing.
Louise believes that coaxing our muscles
into doing the unexpected will create the
greatest results. Our body doesnt know
if we are doing formal, organised exercise
or climbing a tree in the local park. Quite
simply, were designed to be moving and
with more sedentary jobs than ever, were
not doing it enough. Although experts
have warned us of the dangers of sitting
for long periods of time, it turns out that
fitting in your twice-weekly gym sesh wont
cut it anymore. But being more aware and
increasing your everyday movements can
lead to a host of health benefits. You may
feel physically uncomfortable practising
these types of movements at first, but
doing them more often can help, Louise
says. Issues will often resolve over time.
In turn this can certainly have a positive
effect on quality of sleep, digestion and
overall general wellbeing. Increased grace
and belief in the natural power of your
body also seems to occur for those using
this type of exercise as part of a functional
approach. You start to realise that you
can achieve things with your body that
previously werent possible or that never
happened when simply using weights in
a gym. This gives a wonderful sense of
empowerment and self-belief.


Moving in everyday scenarios has been engrained in us since birth as an evolution of
nature. But the process of functional movements is something thats often overlooked.
You cant be distracted when youre focused on moving your body in these specific
ways, Louise tells us. It may seem easy but at the outset can be quite a challenge!
Functional movement begins with your eyes they look for the place that the body is
moving into. This is followed by our brain deciding whether the distance is achievable
and the nervous system starts to synchronise the muscles that will be involved. Our arms
and legs move in sequence and our feet send messages back to the brain based on
where they find themselves at the end of the movement. Throughout this we are constantly
anaylsing our next steps and adjusting our body accordingly. All these things are happening
in a fluid (maybe not so fluid at the beginning!) cascade.
Think youre moving enough? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but probably not
according to The British Medical Journal as a recent study has found that a weekly total of
3000-4000 MET minutes (more of this on the next page) is needed to significantly reduce the
risk of breast and bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke five times more than
the current World Health Organisation recommended 30 minutes, five times a week. A useful
measurement is the MET, or metabolic equivalent test. This estimates the amount of oxygen
an activity uses and thus the intensity of that activity. Recording the MET value of our movements
gives an insight into our level of movement throughout the day.

YourFitness 109

Try IT.indd 3 23/03/2017 16:27

Try IT

Rob Westra, master trainer at Gleneagles

hotel and spa ( shares
his top moves to identify imbalances in
the body. All four exercises have varied
applications depending on fitness level
and are used to assess your flexibility,
strength and motor control, he says.
Combine them for five minutes to
create a beautiful flowing sequence
that you and the kids will love.

Start on all fours facing the ground.
Push hard into the floor with arms lifting
your backside towards the ceiling,
slowly move your right hand and left leg
forward simultaneously if possible then
To do so each activity is worth a
certain MET value and you simply
count up the values (apart from sitting
LEAP OF FAITH repeat other side. When comfortable try
it in reverse and change it up with bent
arms and legs heading towards whats
which is the baseline at a MET of one). called a lizard walk. Show off!
If there is one thing human beings excel at
more than any other species is adapting to
change. Letting go of the norm and embracing
Fidgeting 1.8 a new routine may seem daunting but with these
(sitting or standing) few lifestyle adjustments, you can be honing
Ironing/folding laundry 2 your body in no time. MONKEY
Sitting while playing with 2.2 This move requires us to travel
infants/children MAKE IT INCONVENIENT sideways so start in a deep squat. Place
Supermarket shopping 2.5 Organise a new plan for your journey to the school your hands on the ground in front and
with a trolley playground or the office to incorporate some towards the direction you wish to move.
physical activity.Stand for part of a train or bus Lean forward onto your hands while
Deep squat 2.5
journey and engage your butt and core muscles lifting your body into air in a sideways
(feet on the floor with
until you reach your destination. You can even direction. Remember to move both
bum just off the floor)
alternate standing on one leg or another. ways. Once comfortable, lift your body
Driving 2.5
higher and include 180 rotations.
Sex 2.8 GET UP
Cooking/washing up 3.3 Standing or walking meetings may be few
Walking whilst 3 and far between but the benefits are endless.
carrying a small child Make sure you get up for a drink of water every
Brisk walking 3 hour. And visit colleagues for face-to-face
Washing windows/ 3-3.5 discussions instead of emailing. FROGGER
vacuuming This one certainly shows off your
Playing with kids/dog 4 strength and flexibility. Get into the
We all have to sit at some point but doing so
Light gardening 4 same position as monkey but move
actively will engage those core muscles. At home sit
Washing the car 4.5 forwards and backwards instead. You
on the floor and move into various positions such as
Mowing the lawn 5.5 can change it up with a kickthrough,
a deep squat while watching TV or reading. At work
jump into a crow position and other
Resistance training 6 use a Swiss ball instead of a chair to challenge your
hand balancing positions.
Digging 7-8.5 deep core muscles and improve posture.
Running (moderate pace) 7
Climbing stairs (fast) 8.8 PLAY MORE
Activities like climbing a tree or climbing frame in
the park, chasing a ball with the dog or throwing
a ball with your children will use muscles that have
become lazy or obsolete.
To work out our MET minutes we Similar to bear but this time we are
multiple an activitys MET by the HAVE A MOVEMENT SNACK looking at the ceiling. Start by sitting on
number of minutes we do it. For Consciously set an alarm to remind yourself to move the ground with your hands behind you,
example a half hour walk reaches a total every 20 minutes (ideally). Even if you dont move lift your bum off the ground and start
of 150 MET minutes because 30 x 3 = from the location of your desk, stand up, stretch moving forwards. Remember to move
90. To hit the necessary level of daily your quads, rotate your ankles, bend your knees, your right hand and left leg together.
activity we need 429 minutes per day, to stretch your arms up into the W position and rotate When youre ready, try it backwards.
get to the 3000-4000 weekly target. your wrists and shoulders.

110 YourFitness

Try IT.indd 4 23/03/2017 16:28

Promotional feature

Focus Ideas to support your health this month

Drink up
A blend of 100 percent natural ingredients, Tay Tox teas
will help to detoxify your body, aid weight loss and improve

Eye to eye your general wellbeing. These drinks are high in fat-burning
antioxidants, and contain ingredients to help speed up your
If sunlight bothers you when you work out, then the lightweight metabolism, reduce bloating, improve your skin, give you
and ultramodern Shadow eyewear could be a vital part energy, curb sugar cravings and aid sleep. The Detox Tea is
of your kit bag. Providing the ultimate in performance and bursting with natural, enriched ingredients to aid your weight
protection, they come with three interchangeable lenses which loss programme, in conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness
let you adapt to all sports, weather and light conditions. 50, plan. 30 for a monthly subscription of 30 tea bags plus free postage,

Get flex-able
If youre regularly active, youll be familiar with the next day aches
and pains from a tough session. To help reduce soreness try
Flexable Cream, an advanced paraben-free massage cream for
joints and muscles, combining the beneficial and time-tested
properties of glucosamine and chondroitin with natural extracts
including boswellia, coconut oil, vitamin E and yerba mate leaf
extract. 7.99,

Good vibrations
We all know that time is precious and it can be hard to fit in a
workout which is where the Powrx Home Pro 2.0 comes in!
By simply spending 10 minutes on this plate, you can achieve
the results of a 60-minute workout, as its engineered to get your
muscles working 10 times faster than any conventional exercises.
Youll tone up your abs, bum, legs, back, shoulders and arms, all
within the comfort of your own home. Vibration training increases
circulation and can help reduce toxins and the appearance of
cellulite. 249.99 plus a free skipping rope,

YourFitness 111

Fitness Focus.indd 2 24/03/2017 14:50

YF Directory MAY 2017_DIRECTORY 27/03/2017 12:13 Page 112


Or just learn to relax yourself

Relaxation and Daily Awareness Workshop

A unique one day certificated teachers

workshop with Buddhist monk
Ven. Lama Ngedon Drime
(shri sadhu dharmavira)
This unique workshop contains all the
relaxation techniques needed to experience
the wellbeing that comes through a life that is
stress and anxiety free.

This course was created for those who

wish to teach others to be stress free. But,
anyone who would like to attend for their
own personal wellbeing, is very welcome.

Booking now for workshops In London.
To ensure quality teaching, workshops
are limited to a maximum of 8 participants
To receive full details about the workshop and its benefits,
please telephone: 01723 862 496
(shri sadhu dharmavira)
(calls taken between 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week)

112 YourFitness
YF Directory MAY 2017_DIRECTORY 27/03/2017 12:16 Page 113
Final SAY

Fit and Famous...

The fitness and wellness blogger at
London Paleo Girl talks to us about
Pilates, pizza and playlists
On her daily menu
I think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I cant function
without it and am a big believer in eating breakfast like a king. I always get
up earlier to allow enough time to make something a bit different because
I love to cook and make new dishes and breakfast creations are endless.
One of my favourites is courgette fritters with poached eggs, asparagus,
cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and sometimes smoked salmon or avocado
if Im extra hungry! I prepare a salad of marinated salmon or chicken filled
with butternut squash, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach leaves and
broccoli, followed by a pink lady apple or blueberries for lunch. Dinner ranges
from a homemade fish dish and veg, to a Thai curry or a stir fry. Everything
revolves around a plant-based diet, with quality, lean protein (usually fish
or white meat), lots of fresh flavours (including garlic, ginger and lime) and
using vegetables such as butternut squash noodles and cauli rice to replace
gluten and grains. I usually finish my meal with a Lucy Bee Cacao Powder hot I believe you
chocolate with coconut milk.
have to be your own
On rest day treats motivation that
Im gluten intolerant and very rarely eat grains, so when I do, I go to Peas in a Pod
one of my favourite places for a chicken burger and sweet potato With business
partner Becki
amazing feeling of
fries or a pizza. As I was brought up with having a pudding after every
meal I have such a sweet tooth, but luckily the joint care supplements
feeling good inside
I take daily (LQ Joint Care) have a fruity flavour. that tends to
These satisfy my cravings and provide great health
benefits too. I also love protein pancakes and Breakfast time shine out
The most important
waffles complete with every chocolate brownie, nut meal of the day
butter and chocolate topping possible!

On her favourite workout move On her dream workout partner

In the gym I use the VIPR (the Swiss Army knife The obvious answer is Ryan Gosling but I have
of exercise gadgets) for so many different and full to say my dad. He had a major heart operation
body moves. I like using the vertical knee raiser/ two years ago at over 60 years old but still works
dip machine for my arms and abs to do knee and out, whether its cycle rides, long walks or coming
leg raises and oblique bends and the hip abduction Work it out to the gym with me. I wish we lived closer so we
Exercise alfresco
machine for standing inner thigh toning moves. could work out together and I could help motivate
him daily and train him to become stronger.
On her motivation
I believe that you have to be your own motivation On her greatest fitness achievement
when you feel good inside it tends to shine #Selfie Definitely when I completed the Nuts Challenge last
out. How I feel now keeps me wanting to live Post-workout pose year. My friend Tiffany asked me to do it with her
this lifestyle. Lots of my inspiration comes from for a charity she supports and I thought it would
my friends, boyfriend and family, as well as all be easy but I was wrong! It features a mud run
the lovely girls who follow me on Instagram. Im and two and a half hours of obstacles, so it was a
very lucky to have Becki (@alt_healthy_becki) challenge but a great one for sure.
as my business partner shes intelligent, hard Head to to find out how Tessa fits
The finish line
working and so supportive. In terms of fitness, my Completing the exercise into her busy schedule and her most embarrassing
Nuts Challenge workout moment!
inspiration is Stef (@stef_fit_) because her body
Serve yourself
is quite literally incredible, shes worked so hard A tasty and
Tessa is an ambassador for LQ Joint Care Supplements. Pick
them up at Boots and online at, priced at 24.99
to get it and maintains it in such a strong way by nutritious dinner
eating and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Image credit: Clothing

114 YourFitness

Final Say.indd 1 23/03/2017 17:33

ELLESSE_YOUR FITNESS 24/03/2017 16:09 Page 1
BODY POWER ACTIVE page_YOUR FITNESS 24/03/2017 16:08 Page 1




Guilt-free HEALTHY
Its difficult to steer clear of the refined sugar, and its surprising how many dishes the sweet stuff makes
its way into. However, we all know the importance of cutting it down in our lives, and also how thats
easier said than done! To help you along the way to a healthier diet, weve brought together some easy-
to-follow recipes for you to try all free from refined sugar, and full of flavour.
From tasty breakfasts to kickstart your day and delicious main meals to fill you up to moreish desserts
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Sugar-addicts, this ones for you. Enjoy!

A colourful breakfast with a CHIA LOAF Try out tofu in this mix of rice
healthy dose of antioxidants A super-grain combo to have on and vegetables
its own or with a hearty soup
Prep a nourishing brekkie An easy-to-make dish full A delicious recipe with a creamy
ahead of time of goodness tomato hummus


A tasty dish of eggs, broccoli COUSCOUS SALAD Naturally-sweetened indulgence
and peppers Give yourself an all-natural
energy boost 18 RHUBARB AND
SWEET POTATO HASH 12 TURKEY AND Fill your bowl with this
Stock up on carbs for QUINOA BURGERS seasonal pud
your workout The Friday night favourite is still
on the menu! 19 DESICCATED COCONUT
Welcome this nutrient-rich brunch 13 SALMON FISH CAKES Little cashew nut butter treats
to your table Tuck into oily fish for heart-health
Say hello to healthy fats An omega-3 super-dish

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2 YourFitness
Serves 4

200g self-raising flour
50g oat flour
500ml almond milk

4 tbsp raspberry powder
2 tbsp coconut oil
150g cashew nuts, soaked in
water for 2 hours
3 tbsp light natural sweetener Get your dose of antioxidants with this twist
Pinch of vanilla powder on a traditional wake up call

1 In a bowl, mix together the flours, almond milk 2 Drain and rinse the cashews thoroughly. Place
and raspberry powder. Heat a non-stick pan over a soaked cashews in a food processor or blender with
medium heat and brush with coconut oil. Put 2 to 3 a little water, sweetener, vanilla and a pinch of salt.
spoons of batter for each pancake into the pan, and Blend, slowly adding more water, until you reach
fry for 1-2 minutes on each side. desired creamy consistency. Layer pancakes with
cashew sauce and sprinkle with raspberry powder.
Recipe: Healthy Supplies,
YourFitness 3
Fuel your day with a bowl of
energy-boosting goodness
Serves 1

For the jam

500g raspberries
4-5 tbsp agave or maple syrup, to taste
3 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp lemon juice

For the oats

2 tsp agave or maple syrup
120ml almond milk
vanilla pod, scraped
1 tbsp almond butter
A small handful of raspberries, plus extra
to serve
6 tbsp rolled oats

1 To make the chia jam, combine the

fruit with syrup to taste, and gently
simmer for 10 minutes. Add a pinch of
salt, chia seeds and lemon juice, stir well
and continue to cook for 10 minutes
until thickened. Chill in the fridge for at
least 2 hours.
2 For the overnight oats, mix together
the syrup and almond milk then combine
the vanilla seeds and almond butter.
Roughly mash in the raspberries and tip
over the oats, stir well, cover and leave
to soak overnight, for at least 2 hours.
3 In the morning layer the oats and
some of the jam into a jar or swirl in a
bowl and top with extra raspberries.
Recipe: BerryWorld,
4 YourFitness
Eggs, tenderstem broccoli and yellow peppers
make for a well-rounded, nutrient-packed lunch
Serves 2

2 tbsp olive oil

2 shallots, finely chopped
2 yellow peppers, thinly sliced
tsp ground cumin
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
tsp ground coriander
tsp spicy harissa
300g yellow and red cherry
tomatoes, quartered
2 garlic cloves, crushed into a
paste with teaspoon of salt
150g tenderstem
2 free-range eggs

For the yoghurt sauce:

100g fat-free Greek yoghurt
1 tsp honey
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

To serve:
Small bunch of fresh herbs, 2 Stir in the cherry tomatoes and 2-3 minutes until al dente. Add the
chopped garlic paste and cook for a further tenderstem to the shakshuka pan,
Sprinkle of zaatar (optional) 15 minutes over a low heat. Stir arranging them around the eggs
occasionally, adding a little water and continue cooking for a further
1 Heat 1 tablespoon of the olive if it is too dry, just enough to stop 5 minutes until the eggs are set.
oil in a medium-sized frying pan, the mixture burning. Make two 4 Make the sauce by combining
add the chopped shallots and fry wells in the mixture and crack an the Greek yoghurt, honey and
gently over a low heat for 8-10 egg into each. Cook gently over a lemon juice in a bowl. Sprinkle
minutes, until soft and translucent. low heat for 5 minutes. chopped herbs and zaatar
Add the pepper, cumin, thyme, 3 Meanwhile, place the tenderstem over the shakshuka and serve
coriander and harissa to the pan in a steamer over a pan of immediately with a bowl of yoghurt
and stir well. simmering water and steam for sauce on the side.
Recipe: Tenderstem,
YourFitness 5
& SWEET Serves 2

POTATO HASH 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut

into small chunks
1 bunch British asparagus,
spears halved
Fill up on greens and carbs the 3 tbsp olive oil
health-smart way 1 shallot, finely sliced
2 handfuls of sweetcorn
1 tsp garlic granules
1 tbsp sliced jalapeo
peppers (optional)
1 avocado, sliced
1 lime
2 eggs

1 Boil a kettle and fill a saucepan

with the hot water. Add the potato
chunks and bring back to the
boil. Simmer for 5 minutes, add
the asparagus for 2 minutes until
softened, then drain and leave
to steam.
2 Heat half the oil in a large
frying pan. Tip the potatoes and
asparagus into the hot pan with
the shallots, sweetcorn, garlic
granules and jalapeos. Toss to
coat in the oil and season. Cook,
stirring occasionally, until the veg
is browned.
3 While the veg is cooking, heat
another non-stick pan with the
If you like it hot, just remaining oil and fry the eggs.
Tip the vegetables into two
add jalapeo peppers! bowls, top with slices of avocado,
squeeze some lime over and top
each with a fried egg.
Recipe: British Asparagus,

6 YourFitness
Serves 2 SALAD
2 courgettes
A light lunch full of heart-healthy
cucumber and bone-strengthening nutrients
1 tbsp black sesame
190g quinoa, cooked
1 lemon, juice and rind
tsp Himalayan salt
2 tsp olive oil
8 grilled king prawns (optional)

For the dressing

2 chillies
3 limes, juiced
1 lime, zested
2 tbsp honey
120ml oil
120ml water
Salt to taste

1 Using a spiraliser, make the

courgette into ribbons and cut
the cucumber into small chunks.
Mix the courgetti with the quinoa,
cucumber, lemon juice and rind,
Himalayan salt and olive oil.
2 Remove the rind from the
watermelon and cut into squares.
Mix the watermelon into the
courgetti and sprinkle with the
black sesame topping with the
prawns if desired.
3 To make the dressing, de-seed
and remove the stalks from the
chillies. Add all the ingredients
to a blender and mix until fully
combined. Drizzle over your salad
to serve.
Recipe: Pollen + Grace,
YourFitness 7
Grilled avocado
Enjoy healthy fats with this nutritious warm salad
1 Heat the olive oil in a heavy-
based saucepan over medium
heat. Add the quinoa and toast
for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently.
Fill the pan with water, bring to
the boil, and cover with a lid.
Cook over a low heat until the
quinoa has absorbed the water
and is tender.
2 Remove from the heat and set
aside to cool, still covered, for 10
minutes. Meanwhile, blanch the
broccoli in a large saucepan of
salted, boiling water for 1 minute.
Drain and refresh in a bowl of
cold water.
3 Preheat the grill to hot. Drain the
broccoli and pat dry with kitchen
paper. Brush the broccoli and
avocado slices with olive oil before
seasoning with salt and pepper.
Brush a grilling tray with olive oil.
Arrange the broccoli and avocado
on the tray, spaced apart. Grill for
3-4 minutes, turning once, until
lightly charred. Remove from
Serves 4 2 large avocados, pitted, peeled the grill.
and sliced 4 Fluff the quinoa with a fork.
2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra 150g baby spinach Toss in a large mixing bowl with
for grilling leaves, washed the spinach leaves, lemon juice,
185g mixed quinoa, red and white, lemon, juiced coconut aminos, and some salt
rinsed and drained 2 tbsp coconut aminos and pepper. Divide between
500ml water Sea salt serving bowls, topping with the
300g Tenderstem broccoli, Ground black pepper grilled broccoli and avocado
trimmed before serving.
Recipe: Candida Diet Foods,
8 YourFitness
Serves 6

300g quinoa grain

75g Linwoods milled chia seeds
100ml water An energy-boosting side or
50g avocado oil or melted
coconut oil afternoon snack
tsp bicarb soda
tsp salt

Try with
tsp ground pepper
2 tbsp lemon juice
100g pumpkin seeds
1 tsp dried garlic powder
2 tbsp of poppy seeds
avocado, almon
butter or dipped
2 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped
2 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped

into a soup!
Extra pumpkin and poppy seeds
to decorate (optional)

1 Place the quinoa in a bowl

and cover it in just boiled water,
leave to soak overnight. This will
slightly cook the quinoa, making
it easier to blend and make it
more digestible.
2 The next day, preheat the oven
to 170C/350F/Gas 4. Drain the
quinoa well in a sieve, letting it drip
for 15 minutes, dry and blend for
30 seconds in the food processor.
Add the rest of the ingredients.
Blend for a few more minutes until
it is fully combined.
3 Line a loaf tin with baking
paper, pour in the mixture and
scatter over a few extra seeds
to decorate. Bake for 1 hour 20
minutes, until cooked through.
Allow to cool completely in the tin
then remove and slice into 1cm
slices and toast.
Recipe: Madeline Shaw, courtesy of Linwoods,
YourFitness 9
ASPARAGUS These earthy veggies will

SOUP leave you satisfied without

the added calories

Suitable for

Serves 4 1 Heat the olive oil with the butter Remove the bay leaf and thyme
in a large, heavy-based saucepan sprigs. Pour the contents of the
1 tbsp olive oil set over a medium heat. Once saucepan into a food processor
1 tbsp butter the butter has stopped foaming, or blender. Pure until smooth,
1 large onion, finely chopped add the onion and a pinch of adding a little more water, if
400g green asparagus, woody salt. Sweat for 5-6 minutes needed, to thin it out to the
ends removed, spears chopped until softened. desired consistency.
3-4 thyme sprigs 2 Add the asparagus spears, 4 Pour the soup back into the
650ml water thyme sprigs and water. Stir well, saucepan and return to a gentle
120g unsweetened plain yoghurt cover and cook over a slightly simmer over a medium-low heat.
Dill sprigs, to garnish reduced heat until the asparagus Stir through the yoghurt, making
Sea salt is tender, stirring from time to time. sure no visible streaks are visible.
Freshly ground black pepper 3 Remove 4-5 pieces of Ladle into bowls and serve with
asparagus from the saucepan a garnish of dill as well as the
and set aside for a garnish. reserved asparagus pieces.
Recipe: Candida Diet Foods,
10 YourFitness
Middle Eastern sumac chicken
& COUSCOUS SALAD Rich in proteins, chicken makes for
a great pre-workout food
Serves 4

500g chicken breasts, sliced

2 tsp sumac seasoning
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
50g pitted green olives, sliced
2 tbsp chopped coriander
200g wholewheat couscous
1 preserved lemon, chopped
1 lemon, juiced
100g handfuls herb salad

1 Toss the chicken in 1 teaspoon

of sumac. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil
in a frying pan and fry the chicken
for 6-7 minutes until golden and
cooked through. Add the olives
and coriander.
2 Meanwhile, place the couscous
and preserved lemons in a bowl
and pour over 300ml boiling water,
cover and leave for 5 minutes.
Fluff up with a fork and leave to
cool slightly.
3 Whisk together the lemon juice,
remaining sumac and oil and toss
into the salad. Mix in the chicken
and couscous.

Recipe: Make More of Salad,

YourFitness 11
Choose lower-in-fat
turkey to make your
Friday night favourite
Serves 5

500g lean turkey mince

500g cooked quinoa
Handful each of dill, parsley
and mint
1 lemon, juice and zest
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tsp paprika
tsp Himalayan salt
tsp rapeseed oil for frying

1 Add all the ingredients to a bowl

and mix together with your hands
until combined.
2 Heat a frying pan and add your
oil. Place as many patties in the
pan as you can fit. Cook on one
side for 6 minutes and cook on
the second side for 4-5 minutes.
Serve in a bread bun with your
desired toppings.
This recipe also
makes great
Recipe: Pollen + Grace,

12 YourFitness
Serves 4

600g wild salmon fillet, skinless

and pin-boned, cut into chunks
2 spring onions, finely chopped
2 tsp Dijon mustard
Enjoy oily fish for healthy joints
1 tsp paprika
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1 large egg
2 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp olive oil, plus extra
for greasing
Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper

To serve
180g mixed leaf salad
2 lemons, 1 halved, the
other sliced
1 tbsp flat-leaf parsley, leaves
only, finely chopped, plus extra
to garnish

1 For the fish cake, add the

salmon chunks to a food
processor and pulse a few times
until very roughly minced, taking
care not to overmix. Scrape the
fish into a bowl and add the
spring onions, mustard, paprika,
cayenne, beaten egg, lemon juice,
salt and pepper. Mix together with
your hands until evenly combined.
Shape into patties between lightly
greased palms. and cook for a further 3-4 minutes 3 To serve, divide the salad
2 Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil until golden brown on the other leaves between plates. Position
in a large non-stick frying pan side. Remove to a plate lined with the fish cakes next to them and
set over a medium heat until hot. kitchen paper, and cover loosely serve with a garnish of lemon, a
Place four patties in the oil and with aluminium foil. Wipe the pan sprinkling of chopped parsley,
leave to fry for 3-4 minutes until clean and repeat for the remaining and some extra parsley sprigs
golden-brown underneath. Flip patties, using the remaining oil. as a garnish.
Recipe: Candida Diet Foods,
YourFitness 13
Candied WALNUT
Rich in good fats, this is the perfect pre-workout dish
Serves 4

4 salmon fillets, skin on

80g walnuts, roughly chopped
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp coconut oil, odourless
or sunflower oil
1-2 tsp paprika
- tsp chilli flakes (optional)
Sea salt
Black pepper

1 Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/

Gas 7. Wash and pat dry the
salmon fillets and set aside. Then
roughly chop the walnuts and For extra flavour,
set aside.
2 In a bowl mix together the maple you can leave
the salmon to
syrup, mustard and apple cider
vinegar then add in the walnuts
and combine together.
3 Heat a non-stick frying pan with
marinate with the
1 tablespoon of coconut oil and
when its hot, add the salmon
topping on for a
fillets to the pan skin side up. Keep couple of hours
moving the salmon so it doesnt
stick to the pan and then turn over
after 1 minute and cook skin side each fillet with sea salt, paprika, salmon, any extra walnuts can be
down for a further minute. chilli flakes and black pepper, and placed around the salmon and
4 Transfer the salmon to a tray rub it in. used for garnish. Place in the oven
pre-lined with baking paper or a 5 Spoon the walnut and maple for 12 minutes. Once cooked,
silicone baking mat and season syrup mixture on top of the serve immediately.
Recipe: Lisa Roukin, Photography: Inbal Bar-Oz
14 YourFitness
Build muscle with this protein-packed tofu meal

Serves 4 1 orange pepper, deseeded and garlic for 5 minutes to soften.

and diced 2 Add the rice and saffron and stir
2 tbsp olive oil 800ml low-salt vegetable stock well. Drain the Tofoo and pat dry,
1 onion, peeled and 100g peas dice into bite-sized pieces. Add
finely chopped 2 vine tomatoes, quartered to the pan with the peppers and
2 cloves of garlic, peeled stock and bring to the boil. Cover
and crushed To serve and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring
250g paella rice 2 tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped from time to time.
8 saffron strands Lemon wedges 3 Add the peas and tomatoes
280g Naked Tofoo and cook for a further 5 minutes.
1 red pepper, deseeded 1 Heat the olive oil in a large Scatter with parsley and serve with
and diced non-stick pan and fry the onion lemon wedges.

Recipe: The Tofoo Co. at YourFitness 15

with tomato
Help keep your
cholesterol levels
low with tasty tofu

Serves 4

225g smoked Tofoo

4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Zaatar spice
400g tin chick peas, drained
2 tbsp tahini
1 lemon, zest and juice
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 tbsp sundried tomato pure

To serve
50g pomegranate seeds
Handful of fresh mint leaves

1 Slice the Tofoo into eight and

lay onto a non-stick baking tray. 2 To make the hummus, blitz the 3 Divide the hummus between
Brush with 2 tablespoons of the chick peas, tahini, lemon zest and four serving plates, top each with
olive oil and dust each slice with juice, garlic and tomato pure in a two slices of Tofoo and sprinkle
the zaatar spice. Grill under a food processor until smooth, then with pomegranate seeds and
medium heat for 5 minutes. stir in the remaining olive oil. mint leaves.
Recipe: The Tofoo Co. at
16 YourFitness
Serves 4-8
BROWNIES Indulge in decadent brownies
200g Medjool dates, pitted
and chopped
without the refined sugar
100ml boiling water
1 very ripe banana, mashed
50g wholemeal rye flour
25g ground almonds
75g unsweetened cocoa powder
130g unsalted butter
2 tsp fennel seeds
2 large free-range eggs
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
100g almonds, roughly chopped

1 Preheat the oven to 180C/

350F/Gas 4. Grease and line the
base and sides of a 20cm square
cake tin.
2 Place the chopped dates in a
bowl, pour over the boiling water
and leave to soak. Gently melt
the butter in a small pan with the
fennel seeds.
3 Once the dates have soaked
for 15 minutes, spoon them into a
blender or food processor, add the
banana and blitz until shredded.
Pour in the melted butter and
fennel seeds, add the two eggs
and vanilla bean paste and blitz.
Add the flour, cocoa powder and
the ground almonds. Blitz again
until you have a thick glossy paste.
This can also be done in a large break them up too much. Spoon until the top is firm to the touch.
mixing bowl. the mixture into the brownie tin. Set aside on a wire rack to cool
4 Stir in of the chopped Sprinkle the remaining almonds completely in the tin, then cut
almonds, being careful not to on top. Bake for 15-20 minutes into squares.
Recipe: Dom Franks of Belleau Kitchen, courtesy of Leisure,
YourFitness 17
STRAWBERRY Seasonal fruits full

CRUMBLE of vitamin C to
keep bones healthy

Serves 3-6

For the filling:

1 large punnet of strawberries
6 stalks of fresh rhubarb
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 lemon, zested

For the topping:

230g gluten-free oats
150g flaked almonds
70g sunflower seeds
130g maple syrup
70g cup coconut oil
Pinch of Himalayan salt

1 Add the rhubarb and

strawberries to a large pan with
the lemon zest, maple syrup and
a splash of water. Leave to cook
over a low heat for 15-20 minutes.
2 Place all the ingredients for the
topping to a bowl and mix together
using your hands. Spoon the
rhubarb mixture into a large dish, or
individual ramekins, until about
full. Top with the oat mixture.
3 Bake for 15-20 minutes at
175C/350F/Gas 4 until golden
brown. Remove from the oven
and serve warm.

Recipe: Pollen + Grace,
18 YourFitness
Desiccated coconut
Grain-free and vegan, these beauties make the
perfect after dinner treat
Serves 20

340g cashew butter

80g desiccated coconut
5 tbsp agave nectar
60g raisins
tsp cinnamon
Sea salt
30g desiccated coconut

1 Put the cashew butter, agave

nectar and cinnamon into a mixing
bowl and mix together. Add the
desiccated coconut and keep
mixing, adding in the raisins.
2 Make little balls, each weighing
28g, from the dough and place
on a baking tray in the freezer
until ready to roll in the desiccated
3 Take the balls out of the freezer
and roll in the desiccated coconut
then place in the fridge until serving.


Why not try

Clarks Organic Agave
Syrup, 2.50, widely
available adding raisins or
dried apricots for

Recipe: Lisa Roukin,
a fruity twist?
Photography by Inbal Bar-Oz
YourFitness 19
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