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#,STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN ExPRESSION ,Select the correct answer from the four

choices given!,,,,,
#,##,Sam usually does his work very ........ and well but today he seemed a little
preoccupied. ,Careful ,Careful manner ,Carefully ,Care ,C
#,##,The conference was organized for all of the ....... in the state.,Mathematic
teachers ,Mathematics teachers ,Mathematics teacher ,Mathematic's teachers ,B
#,##,My new glasses cost me ...... the last pair that I bought. ,Times three ,Three times
more ,Three times as much as ,As much three times as ,C
#,##,A good student must know ...... ,To study hard ,To be a good student ,How to study
effectively ,Study ,C
#,##,...... he would have signed his name in the corner. ,If he painted that picture ,If he paints
that picture ,If he had painted that picture ,If he would have painted that picture ,C
#,##,"Conditions required foe seed germination include abundant watere, an adequate supply
of oxygen and ..... ",The temperatures must be appropriate ,Having appropriate
temperatures ,Appropriate temperatures ,Appropriately temperate ,C
#,##,Not only .... generate energy but it also produces fuel for other fission reactors. ,A
nuclear breeder reactor ,It is a nuclear breeder reactor ,Does a nuclear breeder reactor ,Is a
nuclear breeder reactor ,C
#,##,The North Pole .... a latitude of 90 degrees north ,It has ,Is having ,Which is
having ,Has ,D
#,##,..... off the Hawaiian coastline are living others are dead. ,While some types of coral
reefs ,Some types of coral reefs ,There are many types of coral reefs ,Coral reefs ,A
#,##,... will be carried in the next space shuttle payload has not yet been announced to the
public. ,It ,What ,When ,That ,B
#,##,..... contained in the chromosomes and they are thought of as the units of heredity. ,Genes
,Genes are ,When genes ,Because of genes ,B
#,##,Were ... millions of dollars each year repllenishing eroding beaches the coastline would
be changing even more rapidly. ,the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not spending ,the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers not spend ,the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does not spend ,not
spending the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ,A
#,##,..... of economic cycles been helpful in predicting turning points in cycles they would
have been used more consistently. ,Psychological theories ,Psychological theories have ,Had
psychological theories ,Psychological have theories ,C
#,##,In Roman numerals ..... symbols for numeric values. ,Are letters of the alphabet ,letters
of the alphabet are ,which uses letters of the alphabet ,in which letters of the alphabet are ,B
#,##,The speed of light is ..... the speed of sound. ,Faster ,Much faster than ,The fastest ,As
fast ,B
#,##,.... a liberal arts college specifically for deaf people is located in Washington
D.C. ,Gallaudet College ,Gallaudet College is ,About Gallaudet College ,Because of
Gallaudet College ,A
#,##,Bats avoid running into objects by .... high-frequency sounds and listening for echoes.
,The emission ,Emitted ,Emitting ,They emit ,C
#,##,Potassium has a valence of positive one because it usually loses one electron when ......
with other elements. ,Does it combine ,It combines ,In combining ,Combination ,B
#,##,"How tall is Yvonne?". "She is ........ as I am." ,As height ,So tall ,As same height ,The
same height ,D
#,##,James doesn't like coffee and ... ,I don't too ,Either don't I ,Neither do I ,I don't neither ,C
#,##,I ...... be his girlfriend but now we're just friends. ,Used to ,Am used to ,Am using to ,Am
used to being ,A
#,##,Do you ..... fast? ,Know to type ,Know how to type ,Know how type ,Know how
typing ,B
#,##,I wish that the weather .... not so cold. ,Was ,Be ,Were ,Is ,C
#,##,He's taken his medicine ....? ,Hasn't he ,Didn't he ,Doesn't he ,Isn't he ,A
#,##,If I .... the flu I would have gone with you ,Hadn't ,Hadn't had ,Didn't have ,Wouldn't
have had ,B
#,##,The new computer program has provides a variety of helpful applications. ,has
provides ,variety ,helpful ,applications. ,A
#,##,The assigned text for history class it contains more than twenty chapters. ,for ,It
combines ,contains ,twenty chapters ,B
#,##,Helium has the most low boiling point of all substances. ,has ,the most low ,boiling ,all
substances ,B
#,##,The study demonstrates that neither experience or awareness will improve chances of
success ,demonstrates,that ,or ,chances ,C
#,##,Telegraph service across the Atlantic was successful established in 1866. ,service ,across
,successful ,established ,C
#,##,The Colorado River reaches their maximum height during April and May.
,reaches ,their ,height ,during ,B
#,##,Factor analysis is used to discover how many abilities are involve in intelligence test
performance ,Factor analysis ,is used ,how many ,involve ,D
#,##,The buffalo and the bison are like except for the size and shape of the head and
shoulders. ,are ,like ,except ,size ,B
#,##,The result of the failure to plan for the future is that a child from an urban area must be
took to the country to see nature. ,is that ,an urban ,took ,see nature ,C
#,##,This machine can print on a single pieces of paper but only if the level is facing the front
of the machine ,this ,pieces ,only ,facing ,B
#,##,Unlike other architects of the early modern movement Alvar Aalto stressed informality
personal expression romantic and regionality in his work. ,Unlike ,other ,romantic ,his
work ,C
#,##,Color blindness may exist at birth or may occur later in life as a result for disease or
injury. ,Color blindness ,exist ,later ,for ,D
#,##,The author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is better know as F. Scott Fitzgerald. ,The author
,better ,know ,as ,C
#,##,"Some of the most useful resistor material are carbon, metals, and metallic alloys.
",Some ,most useful resistor ,material ,metallic ,C
#,##,Alloys of gold and copper have been widely using in various types of coins. ,have
,widely ,using ,various types ,C
#,READING COMPREHENSION ,"Read the passage carefully and select the one correct
answer from the four choices (A, B,C, or D)!",,,,,
#,Reading 1 for 6 next questios,"The practice of signing and numbering individual prints was
introduced by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, the nineteenth century artist best known for the
painting of his mother, called "Arrangement in Grey and Black," but known to most of us as
"Whistler Mother." Whistler's brother-in-law, Sir Francis Seymour Haden, a less well-known
artist, had speculated that collectors might find prints more attractive if they knew that there
were only a limited number of copies produced. By signing the work in pencil, an artist could
guarantee and personalize each print. As soon as Whistler and Haden began signing and
numbering their prints, their work began to increase in value. When other artists noticed that
the signed prints encouraged higher prices, they began copying the practice. Although most
prints are signed on the right-hand side in the margin below the image, the placement of the
signature is matter of personal choice. Indeed, prints have been signed within the image, in
any of the margins, or even on the reverse side of the print. Wherever the artists elects to sign
it, a signed print is still value above an unsigned one, even in the same edition.",,,,,
#,##,Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? ,Whistler's Mother
,Whistler's Greatest Works ,The Practice of Signing Prints,Copying Limited Edition
Prints ,C
#,##,What made Whistler's work more valuable? ,His fame as an artist ,His painting of his
mother ,His signature on the prints ,His brother-in-law's prints ,C
#,##,The author mentions all of the following as reasons why a collector prefers a signed print
ExCEPT ,It guarantees the print's authenticity. ,It makes the print more personal. ,It
encourages higher prices for the print ,It limits the number of copies of the print ,C
#,##,"The word "speculated" in line 4 (Whistler's brother-inin-law, Sir Francis Seymour
Haden, a less well-known artist had speculated that collectors ) could best be replaced by
",Guessed ,Noticed ,Denied ,Announced ,A
#,##,The word "it" in the last line refers to ,The same edition ,The image ,The reverse side ,A
print ,D
#,##,It can be inferred from the passage that artists number their prints ,As an accounting
procedure ,To guarantee a limited edition ,When the buyer requests it ,At the same place on
each of the prints they produce ,B
#,Reading 2 for 5 next questions ,"Champor is a very useful chemical. It is generally used for
making motion picture films, celluloid, and medicines. The champor tree grows mainly in
Japan, China, and Formosa, but some places in the United States also are home to the
camphor tree. The camphor tree grows tall and has white flowers and green leaves. The
chemical is removed from the branches by steaming. It is almost transparent. The chemical so
obtained is then drained and pressed to remove oil and water. Then chemical itself remains in
the form of whitish crystals, which are then treated until they are in liquid form. Although it
has medical qualities, it can be extremely poisonous if taken in large doses.",,,,,
#,##,How does the author describe the chemical champor? ,Nearly clear in color,Eighty
percent oil and twenty percent water ,Always in crystal form ,Always in liquid form ,A
#,##,All of the following are true ExCEPT ,Camphor can probably be lethal ,Fewer champor
trees exist in the United ,Camphor is used in medicines ,Camphor is removed from the tree
as a liquid ,D
#,##,The word "doses" in the last line is nearest in meaning to ,Crystals ,Amounts ,Chemicals
,Powders ,B
#,##,The chemical is removed by ,Boiling the leaves ,"Applying hot, moist air to the
branches ",Baking the branches in a kiln ,Placing the branches in a cold container ,B
#,##,"According to the reading, what is camphor commonly used for besides medicines?
",Film for snapshot camera ,Poison ,Fertilizer ,Film for movies ,D
#,Reading 1 for 9 next questions ,"Bile is a heavy, bitter, greenish-yellow fluid secreted by the
liver at the rate of a couple of pints daily. It, along with pancreatic juices and secretions by the
small intestine, functions as an aid in the digestive process. The bile itself maintains the
alkaline level of the small intestine and dissolves fats. The bile continues to form between
meals although it is not needed then. The function of the gall bladder is to hold this bile until
it is needed. During digestion, the bile flows from the liver through the common bile duct and
into the duodenum, or first section of the small intestine. Between meals, the muscle over the
duodenum, or sphincter of Oddi, prevents the bile from entering. It is then that the bile is
forced into the gall bladder, which is a small sack underneath the right portion of the liver. At
times, because of a malfunction of a duct or one of the digestive organs, bile will stagnate in
the gall bladder, and gall stones will form. This consist largely of cholesterol, and when the
gall bladder contracts, especially while the patient is sleeping, the stones may cause extreme
pain, like a heavy pressure either near the liver or in the middle of the chest where the rib
cages meet. The stones may also cause jaundice, since the flow of bile to the duodenum may
be impeded. If the stones are very small, they may flow down into the intestines or pancreas,
causing additional problems. Generally, the only way to alleviate the problem is to remove the
gall bladder itself, as it is generally too difficult te remove only the stones. As with the tonsils
and appendix, it is accepted practice to remove the gall bladder when trouble occurs. But one
can get along quite well without a gall bladder. The bile is still produced by the liver and still
flows to the small intestine. The only difference is that it is no longer stored in the gall
#,##,Which of the following would be the best title for this passage? ,Digestive Juices
,Useless Organs ,The Function of the Bile and the Gall Bladder ,The Liver's Function in
Digestion ,A
#,##,The word "it" in line 5 (The function of the gall bladder is to hold this bile until it is
needed.) refers to ,Function ,Gall bladder ,Bile ,Digestive process ,C
#,##,What is the general fuction of the gall bladder? ,It feeds the bile into the duodenum by
way of the liver ,It is the passageway of the digestive juices,It produces bile ,It stores bile
when it is not needed ,D
#,##,In line 13 the word "jaundice" (The stones may also cause jaundice since the flow of bile
to the duodenum may be impeded.) is nearest in meaning to ,Pain ,Yellow skin ,Hardness
,Death ,C
#,##,The author describes the gall bladder as ,"A heavy, bitter greenish-yellow fluid ",A small
pouch below the right side of the liver ,The first section of the small intestine ,A
sphincter ,B
#,##,Why is the gall bladder compared to tonsils? ,Because it does not serve a vital bodily
function ,Because they both are connected to the liver ,Because it is a useful organ ,Because it
causes a sore throat ,A
#,##,What is the main component of gallstones? ,Sand ,Bile ,Duodenum ,Cholesterol ,B
#,##,All of the following are functions of bill ExCEPT ,Dissolving fats ,Aiding digestion of
foods ,Causing stagnation in the gall bladder ,Maintaining the alkaline level ,C
#,##,The author implies that ,Gall bladders are totally useless and should be readily
removed ,It is simple to remove stones from a gall bladder ,Bile can serve its function
despite removal of the gall bladder ,Gallstones first appear in the pancreas ,C