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10 Plagues of Egyp ACROSS pown 2 Firstplague; The ila westumed 4 Ninth plague; This coveres ha inte land for three days 5 Fithplague; Allcfthese ciedthat 3 Third plague; Dust ofthe earth belonged to Egypt, but not one vwas turned int his died that belonged to Israel 4 Fours plague, Swarms of 7 Tenth plague, ofeven, ‘were sent upon the Eoyaiians ‘tst-o01n man and beast 6 Sinn plaque: The magicians © Second plague; Pharaoh's could not stand because they magicians wore able to copy tic ‘wor coveredin plague 8 Sevan plague; Thi fll from 40 Eighth plague; These came and heaven wit fice and thundering ale every green thing in he land oreo WORDBANK: Blood, bcils cattle, darkness, death, fas, rags, hal, lice, locust.