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Stand Up for Europe

Agenda of the 7th European Convention

Stand Up for Europe Board and Munich Team

Date: Nov 3- Nov 5 2017

Place: Hochschule fr Philosophie, Kaulbachstr. 31a 80539 Munich, Europe
- Members of Stand Up for Europe.
- Saturday morning session will also be open to non-members from 08:15 until 12:15
subject to availability.

Visit of the city of Munich, 14:00-16:00 2 hour Max-Joseph Platz. In front
organized by members of the of Opera House
Munich City-Team.
Check in and Registration 16:00-17:00 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
Welcome and Introduction by 17:00-17:30 30 min Kaulbachstr. 31a
the Munich Team
Opportunity for members to 17:30-18:30 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
meet and engage in Pan-
European discussions on
selected aspects of the
European integration process

Telling things with humor: I 18:30-18:40 10 min

play Europe by E. Candenot
Walking together through the 18:40-19:00 20 min
City Park English Garden
towards Dinner Restaurant Leib
und Seele
Get together in Bavarian 19:00-open Oettingenstr. 36
Restaurant end
Leib und Seele

7th European Convention August 2017
Stand Up for Europe

Welcome from the Munich 8:15-9:15 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a


One year after federalizing

the federalists in 2016: Where
do we stand and where do we
go? A comprehensive
overview of activities and
projects, the status and the
vision of Stand Up for Europe
presented by Richard Laub,
President and Pietro de Matteis,
Key Note Adress by the former 9:15-10:00 45 min Kaulbachstr. 31a
President of the European
Commission, Mr. Jacques Santer
Coffee break 10:00-10:15 15 min
1st Panel: Discussion on a Vision 10:15-11:15 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
for the future of Europe:
Chances of closer economic,
fiscal and social union. What are
the next steps?
Dr. Theo Waigel (confirmed)
German Minister of Finance
(1989 1998)
Henri Malosse (confirmed)
President of the European
Economic and Social Committee
Prof. Martin Stuchtey
Management consultant,
founding partner of SystemiQ,
20 y Partner of Mc Kinsey and
Professor for Sustainable
resources management at
Innsbruck University

Moderator Jeanne Rubner

Journalist and editorial manager
Bayerischer Rundfunk

2nd Panel: Discussion on civil 11:15- 12:15 1 hour

society and European activism
Jacques Santer (confirmed)
President of the European

7th European Convention August 2017

Stand Up for Europe

Commission (1995-1999)
Pawel Adamowicz (confirmed)
Lordmayor of Danzig, and one of
the most prominent pro-
European voices in Poland
Guillaume Klossa (pending)
Director of the European
Broadcasting Union
Founding President of Paris
based think tank Europa Nova

Moderator Jeanne Rubner

Journalist and editorial manager
Bayerischer Rundfunk

For more details on the panelists

please see biographies attached
Coffee break 12:15-12:30 15 min

Vote on the Secretary for the 12:30-12:35 5 min Kaulbachstr. 31a

minutes of the Convention
Adoption of the changes to the 12:35-12:45 10 min Kaulbachstr. 31a
Approval of the accounts and 12:45-13:00 15 min Kaulbachstr. 31a
the budget for the new fiscal
Lunch Break 13:00-14:15 1 hour 15
Vote on the political proposals 14:15-15:15 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
of Stand Up for Europe drafted
by the board and the city teams
in preparation of the Convention
(our proposals)
Discussion on the strategy of 15:15-16:30 1 1/4 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
Stand up for Europe towards the
next European Elections in 2019
Coffee break 16:30-16:45 15 min

Election of the new Board (incl. 16:45-18:30 1 3/4 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
introduction of applicants)
Free Time / Dinner 18:30-21:00 2 1/2 hour Widenmayrstr. 52
(Italian Restaurant Taverna del
European Dance Party at 21:00- open Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strae
Lovelace end 1
(7,50 euros entry fee)

7th European Convention August 2017

Stand Up for Europe

Meeting of the new Board 8:30-9:30 1 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
Open Space Discussion How do 9:30-12:00 2 hour Kaulbachstr. 31a
we grow Stand up for Europe?
Break outs discussing strategies,
instruments and actions for
growing the number of city-
teams and the members of
Stand up for Europe
Presentation of different projects, 12:00-12:40 40 min Kaulbachstr. 31a
organized or supported by Stand up
for Europe:
A) Presentation of
reaching out to citizens
report by the special
adviser to the President
of the European
Commission (pending)
B) Presentation of the
citizen Convention
project by H. Malosse
C) Presentation of a Youth
Council that organized
discussions at local
schools about their vision
of a future Europe in
preparation of the Stand
up for Europe conference
by S. Stuchtey

Concluding Remarks. End of 12:40-13:00 20 min Kaulbachstr. 31a

Convention by P. Willisch,
Munich team leader

Lunch/ Free Time 13:00-14:00 1 hour

Joining Pulse of Europe 14:00-15:00 1 hour Max-Joseph Platz. In front
Demonstration of Opera House

7th European Convention August 2017

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