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Rama Al Bringi

Damascus Syria
Personal Mobile: 0944 36 42 49.
Details: Date of Birth: 15/06/1986
Nationality: Syrian
Address: Mazzraa Street /malek al adele/
-Certified Public Accountant in 2015 from The Ministry of Fi-
nance - Syria
-Bachelor of Economics Damascus University, Syria

Experience :
1-Fawaz AL Baba Auditing Consulting and accounting cen-
ter, Damascus, Syria
Senior Auditor from 1/6/2017 till now
2- Medical care center (MCC) is the only TPA Company in Syria
which runs from the heart of the health service and it is the health service provider
Senior Accountant From 03/ 2015 till 31/ 5/2016

3-Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a NGO devoted to interna-

tional solidarity, emergency relief and development programmes.
Finance assistant From 5/ 2013 Till 07/2013

4- Al-Wataniya Micro Finance Institution (WMFI) is an independ-

ent for-profit but socially responsible Microfinance Institution.
Accounting and Financial services From 12/ 2012 Till 03/2013

5- Al Sham Shipping Company .One of the largest joint venture

companies in Syria.
Senior Accountant From 15/10/2008 Till 30/ 04/2012
Responsi- Assistant in the preparation of budget, accounting, financial reports
bilities: Maintain proper control over various financial records such as commit-
ments and expenditures against budgeted amounts
Completing legal forms and providing statistical information to manage-
Monitoring profitability
Follow-up customer payments, of the company's bank accounts, and
participation in the preparation of budgets and final accounts
Formulation and implementation of strategic financial plans
Verification and payment of outstanding claims.
Writing and transferring accounting entries on day-to-day electronic
Accounting program. Following-up payments and resolving queries from
Ensure the integrity of general ledger, upon the quarterly closing ac-
counts and other balance sheet accounts upon the quarterly closing.
6-Textrade Company a global company with 6 branches in the
world specialized in selling men's fabrics.
Accountant from 1/1/2008 To 1/10/2008
Responsi- Discount bonds in the banks.
bilities: Writing daily sales reports, reconciling corporate bank accounts
Posting of cashbook receipts and payments, Balanced Transactions
and bills.
Supervision of financial on Documentary credit, Kept records of clients
Credit Control which include Chased payments and resolved queries
from customers, Followed up outstanding queries on purchases in-
voices held for payment.
7-Industrial bank of Syria Branch (1) (credit department) 1/3-
Discount bonds, balanced accounts at the end of the working day.

Professional Skills:

Computer Skills: ICDL Certificate

Certificate of the National test of Informatics. In: The Scientific As-
sembly of the Syrian Computer Society .Year: 2010
Excellent internet skills and office tools
Proficient in accounting software.
Personal traits:
Calm and determined under pressure.
Honest, reliable and dependable.
Ability to be consistent and display a positive/helpful attitude.
Ability to work in a self directed manner.