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Name : Wahyu Fahrul Ridho

NIM : 29116013
Class : YP 55B

To Position The Himalaya Herbal tooth paste, there are things to consider:

Target Urban Community Adult

Complete and intensive oral

Unmeet Need
health care

Oral Problem solution herbal

Competitive Set

Unique Point of Difference Ayurveda Herbal formula

Ayurvedic herbal are already popular

Reason to Believe and its effect are scientifically proven

Based on the data above, the best positioning phrase should be :

For modern community adult who seeking complete and intensive oral health care, Himalaya Herbal
Toothpaste offers oral problem solution herbal toothpaste. Unlike other oral health care brands,
Himalaya Herbal Toothpaste use scientifically proven ayurvedic herbal formula

The reason:

1. Target
Urban Adult Community
The penetration rate of toothpaste market in India is only 60 percent. Urban area penetration
is higher than rural area whereas the former is 70% and the latter is only 40%. The toothpaste
usage is also higher in urban households. In most cases it is better to targeting people with
high usage already, because india market of toothpaste is still low. It is risky to focusing target
on rural area community because of its low awareness of oral healthcare. Targeting adult is
better because the children segments size is insignificant comparing to other segment and we
need to make variant of our products.
2. Unmeet Need
Complete and intensive oral health care
Complete and intensive oral healthcare unmeet need comes from the combination need of
niche problem solving segment and herbal segment. Also it is potential because of growing
awareness of oral health care. Even though it comes from the herbal segment, complete and
intensive oral healthcare could also touch the problem solving segment.
3. Competitive Set
Oral problem solution herbal toothpaste
It is meant to targeting the niche problem solving segment. Problem solving segment is
potential segment because it have higher involvement relative to other segment available,
about 64% customer of niche - problem solving segment is high involvement customer, while
other segment only ranged from 28%-40% of its customer. It is recommended to targeting
segment with higher involvement because it is relatively easier to offer a functional product
with high benefit to customer. If consumer have extensive buying behaviour, they will
carefully choose their products and it is easier to position our brand because we know what
customer wants. If they have low involvement, we would be having a hard time dealing with
how we should position our brand like customer wants and need.
4. Unique Point of Difference
Ayurveda herbal formula
Ayurveda Herbal formula is the concept uniquely brought by Himlaya herbal drug company. It
is concept that distinguish Himalaya herbal from other competitor.
5. Reason to Believe
Ayurvedic herbal concept are popular and it is scientifically proven
Ayurveda herbal is very popular with india society and it is an integral part of Indian culture. It
is better to use things that consumer is already familiar. Furthermore, Ayurvedic herbal
medicine concept is well known concept of Himalaya drug companys products. With
Ayurvedic herbal concept and scientifically proven herbal products, Himalaya gained positive
perception in their herbal offering products in the past. It is best if we still using our strength
in market by utilizing already established customers trust in our herbal concept.