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Human Resource

Strategic Plan
(Condensed Version)

A dynamic and diverse workforce of highly skilled people

working together to deliver excellent service
to the community of Winnipeg
Vision A dynamic and diverse workforce of highly skilled people

working together to deliver excellent service

to the community of Winnipeg

This document is a condensed version of the City of Winnipeg

Human Resource Strategic Plan, published in March 2001
and approved by Council in July 2001.
Table of Contents
Mayors Foreword ................................................................................. 3

CAO Foreword....................................................................................... 3

A Human Resource Strategic Plan - What Is It?................................. 4

A Human Resource Strategic Plan - Why Have One? ....................... 5

Organizational Framework.................................................................. 6

Vision ..................................................................................................... 7

Key Success Factors.............................................................................. 8

Organizational Priorities...................................................................... 10

Moving Forward.................................................................................... 12
Mayors Foreword CAO Foreword

Winnipeg is at the cusp of a renaissance. We are At such a critical time in our life as an organization,
creating a civic government that is more afford- I am pleased that we have this new Human
able and responsible, a leader in Canada. Were Resource Strategic Plan a blueprint for the
witnessing a rebirth in our Citys downtown and future. It is often said that people are our most
Exchange District. We are using new technology important resource. If that is true and I am
to make information more accessible to citizens. convinced it is how crucial it is that we have
And were continuing to invest in the core services the tools to do something about it!
that make this a richly rewarding place to live,
As an organization, we have a strong commitment
work and play.
to sound, service-based planning. We have
Our challenge is to keep saying yes to innovation developed departmental business plans, to
and opportunity. To do that, we need to continue ensure that we are always focused on results.
investing in our workforce, which is already We have established an overall Corporate Action
among the finest in Canada. We have to build on Plan, to ensure that every departments work is
our many strengths and skills, and anticipate and advancing Councils priorities. And now, with
develop new ones. That is the purpose of this this Human Resource Strategic Plan, we are
Human Resource Strategic Plan. taking the next logical step ensuring that the
development of our workforce is consistent with
This Plan will guide us as we move to a smaller,
Councils vision, and that its skills are consistent
more flexible, more highly skilled workforce.
with the tasks Council sets before us.
Just as important, it commits us to a work
environment that supports, affirms and equips As you read these pages, you will discover a
employees as they prepare to meet the service single theme: we are building a dynamic and
challenges ahead. It will help us open up new diverse workforce of highly skilled people,
opportunities for our staff, on the front lines working together to deliver excellent service to
and in management. the community of Winnipeg. To begin, we have
adopted four immediate priorities: leadership
Much hard work, consultation, and care has gone
development, performance management, human
into the preparation of this Plan. I would like to
resource planning, and CUPE classification and
thank my colleagues on City Council, for their
compensation. As implementation of the
support in initiating this project; our civic unions,
Strategic Plan proceeds, we will be reviewing
who have been partners from the outset; and all
all areas of our human resource practice, to give
the staff who have helped to put the Plan together.
us the organizational strength and flexibility we
As we move ahead, lets keep working hard and
need, while giving employees the opportunities
lets do it together thats the Winnipeg spirit.
they deserve.

Like the Mayor, I would like to thank all the

partners who have made this initiative possible.
To all those whose work in implementing this
Glen Murray Plan is just beginning I look forward to working
Mayor with you, and lets make it a great success.

Gail Stephens
Chief Administrative Officer

A Human Resource Strategic Plan

What Is It? This Human Resource Strategic Plan

encompasses both organizational elements
A Human Resource Strategic Plan provides and human resource elements because
a framework to guide the application of all human resource issues encompass both
aspects of an organizations human resource areas. The organizational elements need to
practices. It identifies a long-term vision, be in alignment with the human resource
supporting success factors, and the most elements, and vice versa. The Plan also
immediate priorities needed to achieve addresses the key success factors and
the business strategy (together with organizational enablers that are required
detailed action plans to implement the to support and sustain initiatives in the
priority projects). long run. It defines what needs to happen
within the City to ensure a positive impact
This Plan is intended to help the City
on the effectiveness of people and the
systematically improve its organizational
organization as a whole. This broad
effectiveness and address its most important
approach serves as a framework to guide
issues. It provides a long-term strategy for
the organization in the long term.
managing human resources that is aligned
to the Citys corporate goals. In addition,
the development of this Plan sends a
powerful message to employees that the A framework to guide the organizations
City of Winnipeg values its people and is
committed to becoming an
human resource practices
employer of choice.

The Human Resource Strategic Plan addresses broad people

effectiveness, not just the Human Resources function.

Human Organizational
Business Organizational Resource and Human
Strategy Strategy Strategy Resource

Links to Human Values Recruitment, Staffing

Resources Strategy Leadership Workforce Adjustment
Organization/Work Design Training & Development Elements addressed
through the human
Accountability Performance Management
resource strategic
Performance Classification planning process.
Measurement & Compensation
Communication Human Resource Planning

Enablers: Roles of Mayor, Council, Managers, Individuals, Human Resources and Technology

Why Have One? The City faces major issues regarding
affordability and the delivery of service
Many issues drive the need for a specifically the need to reduce costs
comprehensive Human Resource Strategic within a dynamic global environment of
Plan for the City, including: ever-changing business needs and service
The City workforce has steadily reduced demands. We require a more flexible
to less than 9000 employees (down from workforce possessing a different mix of
11,000 in 1990). skills and knowledge.

Eight unions and associations represent Many City policies and procedures
City employees; over half are represented dealing with human resource matters
by CUPE. were developed incrementally over time,
usually in reaction to a particular problem
Salaries and benefits total approximately
or event. Many components of the Citys
$458 million per year, or about 38% of the
human resource systems (classification
Citys annual tax supported and utilities
methodologies, job descriptions, etc.) are
operating budgets.
old and need updating. Others (such as
72% of Civic employees work in five the Citys performance management
departments: Police, Transit, Community system) require renewal to provide us
Services, Public Works and Fire Paramedic with the flexibility we require to manage
Service. our human resources and respond
The average age of civic employees quickly to changing work requirements.
is 42.01 years. A number of program and policy initiatives
There is potential for significant turnover are under development by the City to deal
within the civic service. with a variety of human resource issues.
Until now, these initiatives have lacked
- 30% of the workforce will be eligible
a comprehensive overview strategy frame-
to retire in 2005.
work to align them within the direction
- 50% of the workforce will be eligible provided by the Citys Corporate Plan.
to retire by the end of 2010.

We need to begin now to develop and

implement programs in the area of These issues and challenges are addressed
succession planning and leadership in this Plan, which is based on a comprehensive
development in order to prepare for this
analysis of the current state of human
potential turnover and loss of knowledge
to the organization. resources within the City. This Plan creates
a long-term vision for the Citys workforce,
and identifies strategic priorities.

Organizational Framework

City of Winnipeg Vision

To be a vibrant and healthy city which places its highest priority on quality of life for all its citizens

The Citys vision was developed through public consultation, and is articulated in Plan
Winnipeg 2020 Vision, adopted by Council in December 2001. Serving Citizens The City of
Winnipegs Action Plan 2000-2002 identifies the following mission, values, principles and orga-
nizational goals. They reflect Plan Winnipegs principles and direction at the administrative
level, and support and define the organizations strategic direction in support of the vision.

Mission Organizational Goals

Working together to achieve affordable, Affordable
responsive and innovative public service Maximize efficiency and implement
Council policies to achieve Councils
three-year budget
Improve the quality of information for
Integrity behaving honestly, fairly Councils strategic decision-making
and ethically
Respect treating people with dignity
Ensure a skilled, productive and
and acknowledging their value as individuals
flexible workforce
Quality providing efficient and
effective services
Maintain a consistent high level of
Accountability establishing responsibility,
citizen satisfaction with key City services
expectations, review and appropriate
Diversity capitalizing on the diverse
background and experiences of our staff These vision, mission, values, principles
and community and organizational goals are the cornerstone
for the development of a vision and key
Principles success factors for human resources.
In the delivery of services, we aspire to: They form the foundation for all aspects of
Focus our efforts on ensuring good human resource management in the City of
value and results
Winnipeg. The process of aligning all human
Engage employees
resource activity in the City will not occur
Ensure sustainability
Strive for fairness overnight; it will evolve over time as attitudes
and behaviours change and the culture of
the organization shifts accordingly.

A Vision
For Human Resource/Organizational Effectiveness

A dynamic and diverse workforce of highly skilled people

working together to deliver excellent service
to the community of Winnipeg

Human resource issues are intrinsic to all will need a variety of

activities undertaken within an organization. skills, and the knowledge
Employees at all levels are the people who and ability to accomplish
accomplish all that we do; citizens are the a greater variety of tasks
people we serve. Management of human than may be currently
resources is not limited to human resource required. Highly skilled
professionals working in a specialized employees will need both
The workforce of the future will need
functional area. The responsibilities of formal education and
human resource management are spread on-the-job training in more and different skills.
throughout an organization, involving all order to have the skills
levels of management, supervisors, and they need to accomplish their assigned
employees themselves. work, and to allow them to pursue future
This Human Resource Strategic Plan (HRSP)
seeks to establish vision and direction not Our vision emphasizes the need for
just for human resource effectiveness, but employees to work together both within
also for overall organizational effectiveness. departments as well as across the
organization. Working together will allow
A dynamic workforce is one that is adapt-
staff to share knowledge, to gain experience,
able and flexible. It can respond quickly to
and to reduce duplication of effort in order
changing requirements and demands. It is
to improve the efficiency and effectiveness
a workforce that is vibrant, energetic, and
of all organizational activities.
The Citys guiding imperative is to deliver
A diverse workforce will reflect the cultural
high quality services to the citizens of
and ethnic diversity of the community we
Winnipeg. Community implies shared values,
serve. It will reflect a variety of talents,
a common interest, and involvement.
skills, and perspectives.
Though we serve a variety of sometimes
City employees are already highly skilled competing needs and interests within the
and well-educated relative both to the community of Winnipeg, our commitment
positions they hold and in comparison to is to the greater good for all.
employees in other sectors. Nevertheless,
the workforce of the future will need more
and different skills to effectively meet the
work challenges of tomorrow. Employees

Key Success Factors

An important component of the Human Shared Leadership

Resource Strategic Plan is the definition and Political, administrative and bargaining
unit leadership that supports the vision,
application of key success factors that will strategies and values
support and reflect the achievement of its Demonstrated by behaviours and
vision. These key success factors emerged accountability

from interviews and focused discussion groups

Clear Roles, Responsibilities
conducted with members of Council, man- and Accountabilities
agers, union and association leaders, and Effective work, job design and delegation
employees at all levels within the organization of authority
Line managers and supervisors held
during the development of this strategic plan.
accountable for effective human resource
They represent the factors that we, as an performance and well-being
organization, collectively feel are critical to Employees are aware of corporate and
departmental direction and how their
the successful achievement of our corporate
performance directly affects achieving
vision, mission, and organizational goals. goals and objectives
Leaders and employees held accountable
and recognized not just for performance
and results but also for demonstrating the
corporate values

Collaborative Union/Management
Joint initiatives, agreements and collabo-
rative problem-solving that reflect the
HR vision and values

Clearly Articulated Human Resource Policies

Current policies that are meaningful,
communicated and recognize the need
for departmental flexibility
Consistent application of those practices
requiring a corporate approach

A Proactive Approach Open Communication
to Human Resource Planning and Knowledge Growth
Researching demographics, effective Sharing knowledge on trends, best practices,
service delivery, internal and external best etc. throughout the organization
practices and workforce trends
Information sharing across all levels

A Positive, Respectful, Safe and Healthy Value and Recognize

Work Environment Employee Contribution
Conflict is managed and differences are
Encourage participation of employees in
decisions and issues in the workplace
An environment that supports the
Receptiveness to varying ideas and
physical, psychological and social
celebrating successes
well-being of employees
Create an environment that capitalizes
on employee differences allowing all
Access to Enabling Technologies and Tools participants to reach their full potential
Employees have access to tools, resources,
Employees are recognized as the Citys
training, etc. to allow them to deliver
most valuable resource
quality service

Shared Employer/Employee Commitment

for Career and Self-Development These factors are critical to the successful
Employee commitment to managing achievement of organizational goals.
his/her own continuous learning and

The City provides opportunities and

information to support continuous
learning and growth

Core competencies are identified and

training provided around specific

Organizational Priorities

Training and Development (Leadership)

Ongoing training and development for
We have identified four strategic priorities
staff is a critical support to ensure a dynamic,
that support the achievement of the vision knowledgeable and skilled workforce.
for Human Resources/Organizational Initially, our focus will be on leadership
development. The organization may face
Effectiveness. The priorities were identified
a management crisis if the next wave of
as those issues requiring immediate attention, leaders are not proactively developed prior
based on analysis of the current state and to anticipated retirements. Creating the
desired organizational culture cannot
strategic options for moving forward,
be achieved without an organizational
as well as extensive consultation with approach to leadership development
stakeholders. The priorities are: supported by senior management.

To help the organization prepare for the

Training and Development (Leadership) loss of knowledge and leadership that will
Performance Management result from retirements and attrition, our
Human Resource Planning intent is to develop leadership skills,
knowledge and abilities at all levels of
Classification and Compensation
the organization.

Leaders throughout the organization must

be skilled and capable of setting clear
direction, determining priorities, ensuring
The value of the strategic priorities lies in
that staff and resources are aligned to
their ability to support us in achieving the
achieve organizational goals, and providing
organizational goals identified within the
quality information to Council for its
Citys Corporate Plan. In each priority area,
we are directing efforts toward specific
activities and projects determined to be of Enhanced staff development and
particular importance as we move toward organizational effectiveness will also be
our vision. As the Human Resource Strategic achieved through a variety of work
Plan is implemented throughout the organ- opportunities, including job rotations,
ization, the priorities can and will change, secondments, mentoring, etc.
as they are either completed, and others
take their place, or according to shifts in
organizational needs relative to the priorities.

Although the priorities address common Developing leadership skills, knowledge

areas of need that will always be present,
the priorities themselves will also shift as
and abilities at all levels of the organization
the organization reshapes itself and
becomes more effective.

Performance Management prepare succession plans to meet future
needs. Initially, our focus will be on improving
Performance management helps ensure
information on the civic workforce and
meaningful alignment between organiza-
future needs through demographic analysis,
tional goals and objectives and employees
a succession-planning framework, career
day-to-day work plans, accountabilities,
planning requirements, workforce needs
and career objectives. Initially, our focus
forecasting and deployment initiatives.
will be on effective work planning and
These will allow us to proactively manage
performance feedback systems. The need
our human resources.
for performance feedback was one of the
strongest messages provided by employees We will identify departmental workforce
during consultation for this Plan. requirements and explore opportunities
for cross-departmental cooperation. This
Employees need to know what is expected
initiative requires research to determine
of them; they need the right skills, training,
the Citys future needs, as well as extensive
tools, equipment, direction and authority
consultation with departments, unions and
to do their work; and they require clear
associations, with a focus on areas of the
feedback on their performance.
organization where the risk is greatest.
This Plan defines performance management
as a developmental tool for the organization.
Classification and Compensation
The intent is to encourage employee ideas
and input; to value innovation, creativity, A redesigned classification system will
and risk-taking; and to promote and support and promote broader employee
demonstrate that employee contributions skill sets that are required to meet changing
are valued. Performance management public demands for services. It will allow us
must have strong links with training and to be proactive in reorganizing delivery of
development initiatives. service to citizens.

Initially, we will focus on redesigning the

Human Resource Planning CUPE classification and compensation
system, to allow for cross-training and
Proactive management and planning of
increased flexibility in work assignments
human resources will allow the organization
while reflecting each departments needs.
and its employees to be better prepared to
Our intent is to contribute to efficiencies
meet the Citys future requirements in
and cost savings, to enhance our ability to
ensuring effective delivery of services to
deploy human resources in response to
the public.
service requirements through the broadening
The human resource planning initiative of job classifications, and to develop clearer
will develop and implement a framework, lines of progression and provide career
to facilitate the identification of areas of paths for CUPE members.
change, risk, and opportunity, and to

Moving Forward

Human Resource/Organization Effectiveness Vision

A dynamic and diverse workforce of highly skilled people working together to deliver
excellent service to the community of Winnipeg

Key Success Factors Shared Leadership

Clear Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
Collaborative Union/Management Partnerships
Clearly Articulated Human Resource Policies
A Proactive Approach to Human Resource Planning
A Positive, Respectful, Safe and Healthy Work Environment
Access to Enabling Technologies and Tools
Shared Employer/Employee Commitment for Career and Self-development
Open Communication and Knowledge Growth
Value and Recognize Employee Contribution

Strategic Priorities Training and Development (Leadership)

Performance Management
Human Resource Planning
Classification and Compensation

Key elements of this Human Resource Strategic Plan are continued

communication of its vision and key success factors, and implementation
of those initiatives identified as areas for initial focus. The strategic priorities
work together to produce a balanced strategy with long-term focus for the
future. These priorities link to both Council and administrative priorities.

This Plan provides a framework for long-term direction in human resource

and organizational effectiveness. It is concerned with all aspects of human
resource management within the organization. The Plan identifies a number
of initiatives that need to be addressed in the short term. However, over
time, our intent is to review and continuously improve all elements of our
human resource management to ensure their ongoing alignment with the
Citys overall direction.

Human Resource
Strategic Plan
Prepared by Corporate Services
The City of Winnipeg

For more information on the Citys Human Resource Strategic Plan, please contact:

Manager of Human Resource Planning and Services

City of Winnipeg, Main floor, 510 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1B9
Phone: (204) 986-5756 Fax: (204) 986-3298

A copy of this plan is also available electronically at