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I - Make the Adjective Clause Connector Bold and underline the subject and verb in each sentence. Then write if the
sentence is CORRECT or INCORRECT at the end of the sentence. (Hint: Some words will be bold and underlined)
1. My sisters prefer to eat food that have cooked themselves. INCORRECT.
2. The boat that hit the underwater rock sank. CORRECT
3. The car which he was driving could not possibly be his. INCORRECT
4. The children built a house in the tree that in the backyard. INCORRECT
5. The cost of the trip which we wanted to take. INCORRECT
6. The children are playing with the toys which their mother told them to put away. CORRECT
7. The guests who were seated around the dinner table. INCORRECT
8. The students have to read all the chapters which are on the test. CORRECT
9. I really do not like the artists which you like. CORRECT
10. The stones that they were set in the ring were quite valuable. CORRECT

II - Combine the two sentences to make one, using an adjective clause.

For example:
I met Mary in the hall. She is a tour guide.
A: I met Mary, who is a tour guide, in the hall.

1. The man was sick. He looked very pale.

A: The man who looked very pale was sick.
2. He was sitting in the emergency room. It was very crowded.
A: He was sitting in the emergency room which was very crowded.
3. A nurse was nearby. He called to her.
A: A nurse who he called to her was nearby.
4. The nurse called a doctor. He came quickly.
A: The nurse called a doctor who came quickly.
5. The doctor asked him to lie down. He looked very worried.
A: The doctor who looked very worried asked him to lie down.
6. She gave the man an injection. It made him go to sleep.
A: She gave the man an injection that made him go to sleep.
7. The Olympic snowboarding event was exciting. Many people watched it on TV.
A: The Olympic snowboarding event that many people watched it on TV was exciting.
8. It was the first time snowboarding had been included in the Olympics. Snowboarding is a new sport.
A: It was the first time snowboarding that is a new sport included in the Olympics.
9. The competition was very exciting. A Canadian won it.
A: The competition that a Canadian won it was very exciting.
10. The winner, Ross Rebagliati, lives in Whistler, BC. Many young snowboarders admire him.
A: The winner, Ross Rebagliati, who many young snowboarding admire him lives in Whistler, BC.