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Complete the following sentences with who, whom, which, or that.

1. Was it Jennifer who said that?
2. This is the report __which_ the president wanted.
3. The girls __that_ are in my class are all good students.
4. Our teacher, _who_ is an American, speaks English perfectly.
5. The car _that_ Hernando used belongs to his uncle.
6. The teacher with __whom_ I studied mathematics last year died last week.
7. To _who_ did you sell your furniture?
8. Is this the program _that_ you always watch on TV?
9. The movies _that we saw this summer were all good.
10. These are the kinds of exercises _that_ help us learn English.
11. The lamp _which_ you broke is my brother's.
12. She is one of the workers who_ went on strike.
13. She was the pilot _whom_ flew our 747.
14. It is the little things in life _that_ count.
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Complete the following sentences with will and the verbs in parentheses. Use both the full form and the
contracted form.

1. He will call (call) you tomorrow. He'll call you tomorrow.

2. They _will see / ll see_ (see) us in the morning.
3. They _will be / ll be_ (be) happy to see you.
4. She _will help / ll help_ (help) you with that work.
5. Mary _will clean / ll clean_ (clean) off the table right away.
6. The stores _will close / ll close_ (close) early today.
7. I _will leave / ll leave_ (leave) the tip.
8. Helen _will find / ll find_ (find) the book that you need.
9. You _will spend ll spend_ (spend) a lot of money there.
10. Ms. Koboski _will be / ll be_ (be) in New Orleans.
11. The wind _will blow / ll blow_ (blow) that sign down.
12. We _will meet / ll meet_ (meet) you in Grand Central Station.
13. I _will pay / ll pay_ (pay) the bill.
14. You _will learn / ll learn_ (learn) a great deal in that course.
15. We _will remain / ll remain_ (remain) in Tokyo about a month.
16. We _will be / ll be_ (be) tired after the long drive.
17. I _will give / ll give_ (give) you that money tomorrow.
18. John _will do / ll do_ (do) well in that job.