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This manual has been prepared as a guide through which you will become better
equipped in the basic fundamentals of being an outstanding bandsman.
In accepting this band handbook, I accept the privileges and responsibilities as a member
in the Folks Middle School band, and promise to uphold in my actions and attitudes,
those qualities which will honor the band and the school.


o Performing Ensembles
o Summer Band
o Tests and Grades
o Eligibility
o Band Instruments
o Misc. Equipment and Supplies
o Return of School-owned Equipment
o Annual Events
Welcome to the Stallion Band Program! It is my sincere hope that you will find
many long-lasting friendships, learn to respect those around you and feel a tremendous
sense of pride in a job well done through membership in the Folks Middle School Band.
We do not expect every person in the band to be a virtuoso musician or performer even
though many of our band members may fall into this category. We do expect mature,
responsible attitudes and actions, and for everyone to give 100% of their best effort.
The goal of the Folks Middle School Band is to achieve excellence in all that we
do in service to our school and community. Membership in the band program is not
required; band is an elective. Membership in the Folks Middle School Band entitles you
to many privileges and responsibilities and if you choose to be in the band, 100% effort
and participation are required.
This is your band. The success of our band depends on you. Excellence is
attained through hard, efficient work, perseverance and personal sacrifice. The rewards
are being a part of a legacy and winning organization and the strong character, leadership
and sense of responsibility that can be attained through your participation .
It would be a mistake to assume that our objectives can be realized without the
assistance and cooperation of the students parents. With the help of parents, the school
and home become an effective educational team. Parents and students are requested to
read and discuss this entire handbook and to keep it available as a reference for the entire
year. When you have read and understood the contents of this guide, please sign and
return the attached forms to your band director.
This handbook is designed to answer many of the questions that you might have
concerning your part in the band program. Although everything cannot be mentioned
here, this handbook sets forth most of the guidelines of the program that are to be
followed. It should also help you to understand what is expected of you, the band staff
and other band members.
The handbook will also help the program to establish and maintain the traditions,
regulations, and procedures which will make the Folks Middle School Band a winning
organization. If you do not find an answer here, ask your band director.
Welcome again to the Folks Middle School Band! We appreciate your support
and look forward to our school year together.


Carolyn Ireland
Head Director, Folks Middle School

John Hernandez
Associate Director, Folks Middle School
The primary purpose of the Folks Middle School Band Program shall be:
To provide students with the proper fundamentals and motivation necessary to
continue musical endeavors through the high school level and beyond.
To instill in all students a desire for excellence in all aspects of the band program
(solos, ensembles, auditions, rehearsals, performances and competitions).
To foster and encourage an appreciation of music that manifests itself in
enthusiasm while performing and listening to various styles of music.
To provide an enjoyable, musical experience that will enhance students academic
education and that directly relates to the core subjects.
To instill in each student a sense of pride, responsibility and teamwork and values
that are applicable in all aspects of life.

The above purposes serve as the underlying philosophy and spirit with which the Folks
Band Program will operate.

Description of Performing Ensembles

At Folks MS, there are four performing bands (Wind Ensemble/A Band, Symphonic
Band/B Band, Beginning Band and Jazz Band).
Beginning Band
The Folks Band Program is comprised of beginning classes and performing ensembles.
Beginners are defined as those students with little or no previous formal instrumental
musical instruction. Although the majority of our beginners are sixth graders, we will
have a number of beginning seventh and eighth grade students each year. Beginning
Band instruments will consist of the flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet,
French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion. All beginning band students will
be placed in a beginning class by a band director following instrument placement
Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and Full Orchestra
All students in an upper performing ensemble must have completed at least one year of
beginning instruction. All second and third year students will be placed into one or more
ensembles by audition. The materials used for the auditions are similar to those used for
the Region Band auditions and include:
1. Scales
2. Prepared Music
3. Sight-reading
Placement may also take into consideration the level at which a student rehearses on a
daily basis as well as their participation in required activities.

Summer Band
Summer band practice is a fun and exciting part of our Folks Middle School Band
program and it is important in order to have a successful start to our year. The bands
performance demands will begin very early in the school year, usually within the first
week of school. In order to put on quality performances so early in the year, it is
imperative that the band makes the most of valuable summer band rehearsal time. Here
are some guidelines and suggestions to help make summer band camp more productive
and enjoyable:
1. Every student who will be in the 7th or 8th grade in the fall (with the exception of
beginning band students) is expected to attend summer band camp. During this
time, we will rehearse the music for our first commons area performances.
2. Families are requested to arrange summer activities and vacations so that their
child is able to attend band camp which will occur 2 weeks before the start of
school and will last for one week. Band members will receive communication at
the end of the previous year and during the summer reminding them of camp
dates and times.

Tests and Grades
A students grade will be comprised of taking his/her instrument home, being
prepared musically and logistically for class, and attending and participating in
sectionals, extra rehearsals, concerts and contests. Practice is expected daily from each
student. We understand that there may be days when this is not possible but students
should make every effort to uphold this expectation.
Class participation consists of a students preparation and effort in class. This is
called rehearsal etiquette and is a physical as well as mental state that all musicians must
learn. Students must have their instrument, music, pencil and/or book in class every day.
Failure to do so will result in a lowered grade for the day. If the student is prepared for
class on a daily basis, they will progress quickly and therefore enjoy band much more.
Materials/Instrument checks are given to encourage students to keep their
instruments in good playing condition. Maintenance and care of the instrument will be
taught from the first day of class with the instruments. Each student should be prepared
for class every day and should have all materials listed in the Folks MS Band handbook
under Various Equipment.
The Folks Middle School Band will be using performance evaluations with
graded rubrics at various times during the school year as part of each students grade.
This will also be a factor in determining grades as well as band placement and chair
placement. Test grades may be taken in sectionals or class as determined by the director.
These may or may not be announced in advance. During sectionals or class, the director
will initiate guided practice in accordance with the needs of the group (e.g. fundamentals
contained in the method books in accordance with the TEKS for secondary band). After
this period of guided practice, the student will be assigned a portion of this material to be
played at a later date. The student will then be given a period of independent practice to
prepare the material. The director will then test the student on the material assigned. If
the student feels he/she can do better, he/she may be given an opportunity to retake the
assessment and replace the grade within a time period determined by the director. Due to
performance deadlines, it is necessary for the music to be fully prepared by certain
deadlines and this will be a factor in determining if/when a student may make up or
retake a playing assessment. It is the students responsibility to set up a time with the
director for retaking tests.
Students will be given objectives sheets that will be kept in a portfolio to show
progress over the course of the year. Students portfolios will include video and audio
documentation of their musical skills as well as written assessments based on music
theory understanding. It is expected that students practice to improve endurance, muscles
in the face/mouth, technique and overall ease of playing. Practice should be daily and
amount to about a half hour each day however, some students may require more or less
practice to keep up with the daily, weekly and monthly objectives. A large portion of the
class grade will come from mastery of the performance objectives.
The following items will result in your grade being lowered:
1. Unexcused absence from full band rehearsal
2. Unexcused absence from a special rehearsal
3. Unexcused absence from a performance
4. Unexcused absence from a section rehearsal
5. Improper appearance for performances, festivals etc. (not being fully dressed)
6. Failure to play off music
7. Improper care of uniform, instrument, or equipment
8. Poor posture (crossed legs, slumping in chair, holding instrument incorrectly)
9. Poor participation (not playing when instructed etc.)
10. Failure to bring instrument, music, equipment, folder, pencil (this is part of proper
rehearsal technique for all musicians)

Texas House Bill 72 mandates that a band student receiving a grade below a 70 in any
class for a six-week period is not eligible to participate in any extra-curricular
performances or activities (including pep rallies, performing with the high school band at
a football game, and contests) for the following three weeks. They may participate after
three weeks is the failing grade is brought up to a 70 or above and all other classes are
also passing.
By state law, the bands rehearsals/practices and concert performances are considered to
be co-curricular rather than extra-curricular. A co-curricular activity is defined as an
extension of the classroom instruction. Students who fail and are rendered ineligible are
still eligible to participate in all co-curricular activities. These activities include (but are
not limited to) before and after school practices, sectionals, concerts at Folks Middle
School and clinics. Attendance at these co-curricular events is mandatory for all band
members and will account for a portion of the students band grade.
Band students receiving one or more grades below a 70 on a six-week grade report will
be expected to attend tutorials (either with the teacher of the class in which they failed or
with a band director) as a prerequisite to remaining active in the band program. The band
is a team and needs all of its team members to be successful. This is why eligibility is so
important. Failing students who attend tutorials and continue to fail may be kept in the
band program as long as an effort to pass is being exhibited and no behavior or attitude
problems are involved.
If a student has failed the previous six week period and is uncertain whether a particular
band event is co-curricular or extra-curricular (and whether their attendance is required or
not) OR if a student is uncertain whether they have regained eligibility since a previous
grading period, it is the responsibility of the student to ask a band director.

All band students must abide by the Folks Middle School attendance policies. In
addition, the following FMS Band attendance policies are in effect for all band students:
1. All scheduled rehearsals and performances are considered mandatory and each
students presence is required for grading purposes. Performances are the
culmination of several weeks of careful individual and group preparation, intense
rehearsal and hard work. Absences from rehearsals or performances (other than
illness or emergency such as a death in the family) must be approved by the band
director prior to the rehearsal or performance. Multiple absences may result in
lower chair placement, a lower grade, removal from performances or lower band
2. Absences will be excused in the following cases:
a. A death in the family
b. Medical emergency
c. Religious holiday
d. Previously scheduled medical appointment that cannot be rescheduled or
worked around
e. Excused absence from school on the day of the rehearsal or performance
Circumstances may justify an excused absence for reasons other than those listed
above. Students who make commitments to more than one school activity are
asked to be fully committed to each as a team member and should put priority on
performances and contests over practices and rehearsals. Students whose
activities conflict should communicate with the teachers/sponsors of both
activities to make arrangements to be at all major events. Feel free to ask a band
director to help with communication with the sponsors of other activities.
3. Absences may be unexcused in the following and/or similar cases:
a. Family birthdays
b. Family shopping trips or errands
c. Rock concerts
d. School club meetings
4. ALL absences (excused and unexcused require prior notice to a band director.
With the exception of emergencies, absences without prior notice and/or without a
written note from a parent or guardian will be considered unexcused (regardless
of the reason). In the case of illness or a family emergency, an explanatory
telephone call prior to the rehearsal or performance is requested.
5. ALL absences will be made up (even excused absences). Absences must be
made up within one week of the missed event. Absences not made up within this
time frame will result in a grade of zero. Unexcused absences must be made up
but may not result in full credit as the conditions of the missed event cannot be
replicated (we cant simulate an audience etc.). Alternate assignments for missed
performances will be equally as rigorous in order to encompass all of the
necessary TEKS and components of the missed performance.

In any group, there will be outstanding members. The awards program of the band
department is designed to recognize these individuals for various accomplishments.
Students must be eligible under league and school rules to receive any award. Awards
paid for by the school will be approved by the school principal before the order is placed
and must be in compliance with UIL standards.

Outstanding Bandsman of the Year

This award is given at the end of the year to one boy and girl from each of the bands at
Folks MS. Students are selected based on outstanding performance, leadership,
dedication, attendance, behavior and spirit throughout the year.

Most Improved Bandsman of the Year

This aware is given at the end of the year to one boy and girl from each of the bands at
Folks MS. The purpose of this award is to recognize students who may not have been the
most outstanding musicians but who have demonstrated effort and improvement that
exceeds expectations.
Full Orchestra Recognition
Students selected to participate in full orchestra with the band will be recognized with a
special award on the Spring Concert.

Our band hall is a fine facility and each band member should do his/her best to keep the
band hall in the best shape possible. With over 100 band members using the band hall
each day, there are some guidelines that students must follow:
1. Gum, candy, food, and drink are not permitted in the band hall or any room
associated with the band hall at any time. (Socials and controlled activities may
be excluded).
2. Band members are expected to keep the band hall neat and clean at all times. All
music and instruments are to be put away in designated areas before, during and
after each rehearsal. Running, scuffling, and throwing things in the band hall are
prohibited. The directors podium, stand, and chair are off limits to students.
3. Only band students are to be in the band hall or band-related areas. Do not bring
your friends into the band hall area. Ask them to kindly wait outside while you
are putting up instruments.
4. Writing on the boards, music stands, walls or any surface not designed for such
activity or without director approval will not be tolerated.
5. Students are not to touch, move or use any equipment that does not belong to
them or is not checked out to them.
6. Students are not to move chairs or stands to or from rooms or in the rooms
without specific instruction to do so.
7. The band hall areas, practice rooms, music library, uniform room and percussion
room are private and are to only be used by the band and its members.
8. Practice rooms are for practicing. Students in these rooms must secure
permission to be there and should use the room for its purpose. If a student is not
going to practice, he/she may not use the room. The practice rooms should be
closed with the lights off and locked when not in use.
9. If you are in the band hall before or after school hours, you are to be practicing or
getting tutoring. Idle behavior will not be allowed and you will be asked to leave.
10. The band hall telephones are business lines and are not to be used for personal
calls during school hours. The ball hall telephone will be available for emergency
calls after school hours.
11. Damage No student shall damage or deface any property belonging to the
district. The type of discipline which may be imposed for damage to school
property by students depends on the circumstances. The student shall be subject
to removal from the band program, suspension or other disciplinary action for any
willful destruction of school property, in accordance with FMS and NISD policy.
12. Liability A parent or guardian is liable for any damage caused by the student.
Band Instruments
1. The following school-owned instruments may be available for use:
a. Piccolo
b. Oboe
c. Bass Clarinet
d. Bassoon
e. Tenor Saxophone
f. Baritone Saxophone
g. French Horn
h. Euphonium/Baritone
i. Tuba
j. Some Percussion
2. Mouthpieces or reeds will not be provided with school-owned instruments.
Percussionists must own their own mallets and sticks. These items can be
purchased from local music stores. Please speak with the band directors about
recommended brands etc.
3. School-owned instruments can be checked out from a band director at times to be
4. The issue of school-owned equipment will be done on a contract basis with the
student assuming all responsibility for the storage and damage to the instrument
outside of normal wear and tear. Students will be expected to pay an instrument
usage fee for these school-owned instruments that will cover only normal wear
and tear to the instrument from normal daily use.
5. If a student is failing to meet the proper care needed to maintain the instrument in
working order or if a student abuses the instrument, the student may lose the
privilege of using any equipment furnished by the school.
6. School-owned equipment will be stored in the assigned storage area and will be
kept in its case (properly stored) with the case closed and latched.
7. Privately owned instruments will also be kept in assigned areas. The band
department or the school district assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost
(stolen) privately owned instruments. It is recommended that students have the
proper insurance related to music instruments.
8. All students are expected to keep their instrument (school-owned or privately
owned) in proper working order. Students are also expected to have on hand all
necessary accessories for the instrument (e.g. reeds at least two new, working
reeds at all times, valve oil, slide grease, mutes, etc.).
9. Students are never to play anyone elses instrument. Percussionists ONLY may
play percussion equipment.
10. All students are required to take their instrument home EVERY DAY. When
daily practice is required as part of the grade, is it apparent who does and does not
practice by whose instruments are left nightly.
Miscellaneous Equipment and Supplies
1. Students should own a music stand and metronome for proper practicing habits.
2. Metronomes and tuners are available at the band hall and practice rooms. These
should be used responsibly they are expensive and are not toys.
3. Each student is expected to have all copies of music, pencils/markers/pens,
erasers and folders at all rehearsals and performances.
4. Instrument locks and lockers are provided to keep instruments safe during the
school day. Locks must be kept on lockers at all times. At the end of the day, all
instruments should be taken home and lockers locked. The school is not
responsible for theft or vandalism. Students who are found in possession of
another students lock or items will face disciplinary action. Lost or damaged
locks will be replaced at the students expense of $10.00.
Note: It is the responsibility of each student to get his/her own equipment to and from
rehearsal and performance sites. It is also the responsibility of each student to see to it
that his/her instrument, music, equipment etc. are loaded on the bus. Students are not to
expect anyone else to load or transport their equipment for them. Should a student have
to leave early from an event, they need to assign a person to ensure transport of items
back to the band hall or make sure that their transportation allows them to take these
items home.

Return of School-Owned Equipment

The FMS Band follows NISD policy regarding the return of materials and equipment.
Any equipment that is not turned in or that is turned in damaged will be charged to the
student and grades may be withheld until that students debts have been cleared by the
band department. The $30/year rental fee only covers normal wear and tear and pays for
the instrument to be flushed and properly cleaned before being checked out to another
student. It DOES NOT cover dents, broken keys/braces/slides, jammed slides or valves
due to inadequate care or any other damage not normal everyday wear.

UNIFORMS (Advanced Bands ONLY)

The concert uniform consists of:
Gentlemen: a white dress shirt, a black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants, black
cummerbund, bowtie, black dress pants, all black shoes, and black socks. The school
will provide a black tuxedo jacket, a white tuxedo shirt, black tuxedo pants, the black
cummerbund and bowtie. In the event that one of the tuxedo items is damaged or lost,
the following replacement fees will apply: Jacket - $50, Shirt - $30.00, Pants - $30.00,
Cummerbund $15.00, Bowtie $10.00.
Ladies: a black concert dress. The school will provide the dress. In the event that the
dress is lost or damaged, the following replacement fee will apply: $100.
Uniforms will be returned at the end of the school year in a dry-cleaners bag with a
receipt attached.
NOTE: Parents who experience difficulty acquiring required uniform components
(black concert shoes and black socks) are encouraged to contact one of the band
directors as soon as possible. There is no financial situation that we cannot
Rehearsals are an essential part of the band program. Rehearsal time is very valuable and
every moment must be used for actual rehearsal purposes. Each student should be at least
10 minutes early whenever possible in order to collect equipment, set up, and warm up to
be ready to play at the assigned time. In order to organize the band rehearsals so that
maximum benefit from precious time is attained, there must be some guidelines to
1. Band students should be respectful to other band students.
2. Be on time, in your place, ready to begin rehearsal at the appointed time.
3. Have a pencil (with eraser) handy at every rehearsal. It is also recommended that
you have a colored pencil or marker/pen.
4. Make sure that your chair and stand are properly set up.
5. Make sure that all measures in a selection to be rehearsed are numbered.
6. Make sure that you have the music that you need and your equipment ready
before the rehearsal begins. Do not expect to be able to do things of this nature
during rehearsal. Rehearsal time is for rehearsal only.
7. In order to be considered NOT TARDY, you must be in your seat at the appointed
time (the moment the director steps onto the podium or when the bell rings) with
your equipment (instrument, music, mutes, extra reeds, etc.).
8. No instrument cases or personal materials such as bags or backpacks are allowed
in the rehearsal area.
9. When a director, guest clinician, administrator or parent steps onto the podium, all
talking must cease and you must give your undivided attention to that person.
The quicker you respond to the beginning of rehearsals, the faster the objectives
can be obtained and the further the band program can go with the allotted time
10. Use rehearsal time for rehearsal purposes only. No not do homework, read
newspapers or books, text message, write notes etc. during rehearsal.
11. All scheduled rehearsals are considered mandatory and your presence is required
for grading purposes. Absences from rehearsals must adhere to the FMS Band
program attendance policies.
12. All students should raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.
13. The expectation is that all students will follow directions when they are given.
Directions can be from a director, another faculty member or administrator.
14. Students should keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.
15. Do not blast or make other obnoxious noises on your instrument. Warm up
16. For your safety and the safety of others, no gum, candy, or drinks of any kind are
allowed in the band hall. All students must leave all food in its appropriate place
and spit out gum before entering the band hall. It is dangerous to have anything
in ones mouth while playing a wind instrument and it can cause damage costing
hundreds of dollars to an instrument if objects become lodged inside.
17. No one shall touch or play another persons instrument. This is for health reasons
as well as safety reasons. Each student is responsible for his/her own instrument.
18. Band students will bring to their parents/guardians attention all correspondence
which is sent home (practice records, information letters etc.). Any
correspondence that requires a parent/guardian signature and is to be returned to
the band director, will be returned promptly.
19. The basic rule of behavior is that you may do nothing that interferes with either
the learning or teaching of the band.
20. When the rehearsal is over, check your area and pick up any trash in the area and
dispose of it properly. Clean your instrument (percussionists should cover
instruments) and properly put it back on the shelf or in your locker (with latches
closed) and leave the room quietly.
21. If you should have to leave the rehearsal before it is over, make sure to secure
your instrument so that it cannot be knocked to the floor by passers by. Do not
leave instruments sitting on music stands.

During performances, we are on public display at all times. The impression that the
public has of our band program is formed not only by our playing but also by our
behavior at the performances as well. The following guidelines will help us to ensure
that we make a favorable impression at all times:

1. Be properly uniformed at all times.

2. Remain seated in your assigned seat and do not move about the band.
3. No eating or drinking is allowed in uniform.
4. Do not play your instrument at any time that the band is not playing.
5. We only play the music that has been rehearsed.
6. Be ready to play and attentive to direction from the directors at all times.
7. No one (except band members) is allowed within the band area (stage and
8. Do not make discourteous remarks to others (this especially applies to when you
are listening to the other bands performing).
9. Only use the restroom with permission from the band director and be quick about
10. Do not talk, hum, sing or make any other distracting noises during the
11. Do not daydream during the rests. Count and be prepared for your next entrance.
12. If you or anyone else makes a mistake during a performance, ignore it and go on.
Do not laugh about it, make negative comments or make distracting gestures.
13. In between pieces, quietly prepare for the next piece.
14. As an audience member, do not talk, hum, sing, tap, rustle your program, pop
gum, wear loud watches or jingly jewelry, open wrappers on candy, snap or zip
purses or bags, sigh with boredom, read or make any other type of distracting
noise. Be an active listener.
15. Do not enter or leave the performing area while a performance is in progress. It is
acceptable to enter or leave between pieces.
16. Do not applaud between movements of a single piece. Applause is appropriate at
the end of the entire piece. Consult your program to see if a piece has more than
one movement.
17. Applause is the only appropriate reaction at the conclusion of a music piece.
Whistling, cheering and hollering are for rock concerts, not band concerts.
18. The general rule is to be quite and attentive during any musical performance.

On all band trips, assembly behavior is expected on the bus. NO exceptions. There is
only one definition of silence. This allows the performers to focus on the performance
and what will be expected of them during the performance.
Students are representing the school and band program on all field trips. All school rules
and dress codes apply. Bad behavior on a band field trip may result in loss of field trip
privileges for the remainder of the year. Students are also expected to keep up with
grades and missed work and directors/eligibility rules may require that students be
passing all classes in order to travel with the band.
Annual Events
Solo & Ensemble Contest
The contest is designed to measure the individual student's ability to prepare and perform
suitable music as a soloist or in a very small ensemble (usually no more than six players).
Student performance is assessed according to its own merits and weaknesses students
are not "rank ordered." Students, however, are assigned a numerical rating of overall
quality for their performance and may be awarded either a medal or ribbons for
exemplary efforts.
Participation: All students
Dress code: Sunday best or band uniform (no denim, no sandals or sneakers)
Eligibility: No and Yes (All students perform for a grade; students must be
eligible to receive a medal or ribbon
Transportation: None (event is at Folks MS)

Region Band Contest (Advanced Bands ONLY)

The region contests offer individual players the opportunity to test their abilities against
other players on the same instrument from schools across the region. Students will
prepare two pieces in advance as well as the required scales. At the auditions, they will
perform these as well as a sight-reading piece individually to a blind panel of judges.
Students in each section are subsequently ranked, and a selected number from each
instrumental category will be chosen to participate in a later clinic and public concert
performance. Students who are selected for the Region Band are presented with a
remarkable opportunity to rehearse and perform music at an advanced level, which is
more challenging due to the fact they are among the elite musicians in the region. Those
students, on certain instruments, who place high enough in their section, will have the
opportunity to perform with the region orchestra as well. All Wind Ensemble students are
required to audition for the Region Band Competition since they are the students who
represent the best that the Folks Band Program has to offer. All Symphonic Band and
students are required to learn audition materials and may be selected to audition.
Participation: Advanced students only
Dress code: Audition is casual attire, no school logos; performance is formal band
Eligibility: Yes students must be eligible to compete
Transportation: A bus may be taken to auditions depending on number of students
and distance to host campus; a bus will be taken for the clinic on day 1. Parents
need to drop off students at the clinic on day 2.

U.I.L. Concert & Sight-reading Contest (Advanced Bands ONLY)

This spring contest measures the ability of the larger ensembles (Wind Ensemble, and
Symphonic Band) to perform in two critical areas: a concert performance and a sight-
reading performance. The ensembles are assessed by two separate judging panels and are
assigned ratings which offer a look at how the groups compare to superior standards of
Participation: Advanced students only
Dress code: Formal band uniform (only black dress shoes and socks permitted as
Eligibility: Yes students must be eligible to compete
Transportation: bus

Fall Football Game Field Trip(s)

This excursion offers eighth-grade band students an opportunity to see what life in
marching band is like for an evening. Although the Folks MS students do not march, they
are given a chance to play alongside their high school counterparts while entertaining the
crowds and the teams from the bleachers. These are considered to be mandatory
performances by NISD.
Participation: All 8th graders
Dress code: Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes
Eligibility: Yes students must be eligible to perform
Transportation: bus

Spring Festival Trip

This trip is usually for beginning band students only however, there will be years when
the advanced bands also participate. This performance offers students the opportunity to
perform as a band in state-of-the-art facilities such as the Tobin Center or Lila Cockrell
Theater in front of an esteemed panel of judges for comments and a rating.
Participation: All beginning band students; advanced band students some years
Dress code: Formal band uniform
Eligibility: Yes students must be eligible to compete
Transportation: bus

Symphony Trip
This trip is a reward for students who have met the rigorous demands of the band
program all year and an opportunity for them to observe professionals who play their
instruments in an active rehearsal setting. Students will see what symphony rehearsals
look and sound like and may also hear from guest performers or conductors.
Participation: All band students
Dress code: Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes
Eligibility: No, however, grades will be checked to ensure passing status to miss
Transportation: Bus

National Night Out Performance (Advanced Bands Only)

Part of being a musician is sharing the gift of music with the community. This
performance gives our band program the opportunity to give back to our immediate
community, Silver Oaks. It is the second Tuesday in October each year.
Participation: Advanced bands only
Dress code: Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes
Eligibility: No
Transportation: Parent drop-off

Franklin Elementary Pep Rallies and Fiesta

Part of being a musician is sharing the gift of music with the community. This
performance gives our students the opportunity to share what they do and what they have
learned with future Folks Band students.
Participation: All band students
Dress code: Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes
Eligibility: No
Transportation: Bus or parent drop-off
End-Of-The-Year Trip
This trip is designed for students to celebrate their year of accomplishments and spend
time together. This trip is not mandatory but is encouraged and it is often combined with
a festival/contest performance for one or more of the bands. We vary the location each
year so that students get a different experience each year. Locations may include Six
Flags, Sea World, the Schlitterbahn Sound Waves Contest, Main Event or others.
Participation: All band students
Dress code: Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes
Eligibility: No
Transportation: Bus or parent drop-off depending on location

The single most important factor in the development of a championship band program is
the development of the individual player. The amount of individual attention the
directors can give each student is extremely limited by the number of students they must
teach and the time each class period allows. Though private instruction is not required, it
is strongly recommended and is expected of students in the top band. Private lessons can
help a student progress much faster than group instrument. Lessons are a valuable asset
in preparation for Region Band auditions and Solo and Ensemble contest, they can
greatly increase the chances of moving to higher band placement and they enhance the
possibility of scholarships in the future. It is our goal to have 100% of the Folks Band
Program students enrolled in private lessons.
During the year, there may also be opportunities for students to study with professional
musicians through master classes. These sessions will be done in small groups of like
or similar instruments and may occur during the school day or after school. These classes
may have a small shared fee associated with participation and advance notice will be sent
home with those students who will have the opportunity to participate.

The Folks Middle School band looks forward to an active support group for the band
program. This support group will be comprised of parents and other interested parties
who lend their valuable time and talents to support our organization. Your involvement in
the program will ensure that you will be actively involved in your child's musical
progress and offers you an opportunity to share in the social rewards that music programs
have to offer. Our goal is to put 100% of our fundraising profits back into the program so
that we can cover the cost of such items as new instruments, instrument repairs, music,
contest fees, and social activities for our young musicians.
We hope that our parents and volunteers will do much more than simply participate in
our annual fundraisers. We are always in need of parental assistance at concerts,
contests, fundraisers, special events, and social occasions. These events could take place
during the school day as well as before and after school. The Stallion Band needs and
appreciates your support.
In addition to volunteering your time within the program, parents should recognize that
they are truly the most influential people in assisting their child's success in music.
Teachers cannot assure success simply by having a student in class each school day. The
lessons and goals of the teachers must be reinforced and encouraged at home through
individual practice.
The following suggestions are offered to assist parents in helping their child get the
most out of the band experience:
1. Stress the importance of taking the instrument and music home every day.
Ou do,
3. Find a location at home where your child can practice without interruption or frequent
4. Arrange a regular practice time.
5. Help your child practice as much as possible by counting, studying the text of his or
her book, or simply listening attentively.
6. Never make fun of the "strange" sounds occasionally produced.
7. Ensure that there is a safe place at home to store your child's instrument.
8. Keep the instrument in good repair and make sure that your child has all necessary
9. Protect school owned instruments. The cost of repairs is your responsibility.
10. Encourage your child to be on time at rehearsals, lessons and all band activities.
11. Encourage your child to play for others when the opportunity arises in the home, at
school and in the community.
12. Notify your child's director if he or she will be absent from rehearsal or a
13. Encourage your child to make up assignments when absent.
14. Discuss anything that will help the directors better understand your child.


We use several ways of keeping you in the loop with all the goings on in the Folks
Band. The first is Remind101. This is a FREE app that we highly encourage you to
download. Once you do, text @7ahe8 to 81010 to join the Folks Band Remind.
Second, we use Charms. This is our online portal for music, information, news, financial
reminders and more. Go to and log in as a parent/student. The
students will each have accounts set up by the first week of school. Once accounts are set
up, you can log in using their s-number (without the s) and the School Code
JFMSband. Once in, you will be prompted to change your password. We HIGHLY
recommend you made it your s-number WITH the s. This is easy to remember for
parents and students as there are times when the students will need to log in and they
share the account with parents. Once you are in, please go to your childs profile and
complete missing information and then add yourself as a parent (there is a tab for this)


A school instrument usage fee will be in effect for the 2012-2013 school year, per district
mandate, in the amount of $30. This fee only needs to be paid by any student that uses a
school-owned instrument throughout the school year, including all 2nd/3rd year percussion
students. Beginning band percussionists will only be responsible for a $15 fee since they
will not be using school percussion instruments until the second semester. This fee will
help fund the maintenance of the instruments, however, students will be responsible for
repairing any damage beyond normal wear and tear done to a school instrument in their
possession. Please sign and return the district form on the second to last page if your
child is going to be using a school-owned instrument (or is a percussionist).

An opportunity to defer the cost of uniforms, clinician fees, music, travel, contest fees,
and supplies exists through fundraising. The band program only participates in two, one-
week fundraisers per school year. Participation in these drives is encouraged but is not
required for grades or any other purpose. All profits will be used exclusively for the
benefit of the Folks Band program. Donations to the band program will be accepted as
Folks Middle School Band Program
Band Student -Information/Permission Form 17-18
NAME _______________________________________ GRADE _______


CITY________________________ ZIP ____________________

HOME PHONE # ________________

CELL PHONE #__________________

PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________

FATHER ______________________________ WORK PHONE ___________

MOTHER ______________________________ WORK PHONE __________

INSTRUMENT _________________ BRAND ______________

SERIAL NUMBER ____________________________________


ADULT T-SHIRT SIZE_____________________

I have read the Folks Middle School Band Handbook and understand that the policies
enclosed are the guidelines under which our program is conducted.

Student Signature __________________________________ Date ____________

Parent Signature ___________________________________ Date ____________