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Attack on Eisen

Authors: Tara Zuber

Age: Teen

Tags: Supernatural, horror, mystery, Eisen

Suggested Heroes:

Suggested Villains: None (adventure provides its own Villain)

Content Warning: Hexenwerk, zombies

The horrors of Eisen are a well-known threat to those who must travel the perilous
countryside, endangering the innocent and guilty alike. When people think of these horrors,
they typically think of supernatural perversions of naturethe undead, the cursed, and the
products of dark sorceries.

But mankind is also just as capable of visiting horror on itself, and one terrifying example of
this now rampages across the landa soldier made of gears and steel, animated by no known
force, pursuing its purpose with deadly efficiency and absolute focus.

Unfortunately, that purpose seems to include killing as many people as possible. It has left
many dead already, and appears to be unstoppable. But it hasnt met a Hero yet...

Be it to save Eisen from the Horrors, for fame, for adventure, seeking retribution,
or a search of knowledge or Wealth. The Heroes are a group of explorers and
Monster hunters who are traveling in between the towns of Hainzl and Wische in
Der Liebliche Wald in the country of Eisen. From deep in this forest are rumors of
undead attacks, flying shadows, and a metallic man creating chaos and death in
his wake. .But what is new in the land of horrors?
Goal and Basic Story
Attack on Eisen has a 2-Step Story before achieving its Goal. In keeping with the advice on
pages 199-200 of the Core Rulebook, feel free to reveal the Goal of the Story when you first
sit down to play. In addition, reveal Step 1, and then reveal each Step in turn as the players
get there.

Step 1: The Heroes save victims left vulnerable in the wake of the Panzergeists rampage.

Step 2: The Heroes discover the origin of the Panzergeist and uncover its weaknesses.

Goal: The Heroes confront the Panzergeist and end its reign of terror.

Adventure Setup
This adventure is intended as a one-shot in a convention setting. Unlike other adventures,
this one does not have connections for character stories or multiple paths. The adventure
does, however, have two possible endings depending on how the Heroes handle the Goal

The Panzergeist
The Panzergeist is a mechanical man powered by dark magics. He is tall with thick metallic
limbs coated in blood and shadowy ichor. The crush of undergrowth and the whirr of his
gears are the only warnings of his approach. His right eye is missing and his left eye burns an
unholy green-yellow. During fights, he shoots a beam of light from his eye that slices through
flesh and shadow with equal, devastating effectiveness. While he follows and attacks the
flying shadows relentlessly, He shoots with his eye and crushes with his arms all who cross
his path.

Die Erben der Kreuzritter

This splinter cell of the Kreuzritter secret society believe themselves to be the true heirs of
the original settlers of Stern. The group is small and earns more eyerolls than concern from
those who know about them. They are radicalists who believe that while no cost is too high a
price to pay for Eisens freedom from Monsters and darkness, fighting the same fights
repeatedly is a waste of lives and energy. Experimentation and innovation, no matter how
questionable, are the paths to a peaceful future.
Die Erben have a fort within the woods where they have created the Panzergeist, a
monstrous creature formed from machinery and Hexenwerk. The Panzergeist was to be their
masterpiece, an unliving soldier that could slay the Monsters of the dark woods and restore
Eisen to peace and prosperity without sacrificing the entire population to do so. The
Panzergeist proved less amenable to their control than designed. Villagers do not know Die
Erben are the ones to unleash this mechanical nightmare upon them and are actually waiting
on Die Erben for protection.

Those who joined Die Erben each tattooed a star at the base of their skull where it would be
hidden by hair as a way of identifying one another.

The Heroes may encounter two named people from Die Erben: Roswitha and Liesel
Falkenrath, twin sisters who are key members of Die Erben.

The Falkenrath twins have light brown hair and pale skin. Liesel is noticeably more muscled
than Roswitha, which is how most people tell them apart. Both women are talented at
blending in and acting. When Die Erben abandoned their fort and laboratory, the women hid
among the refugees traveling to Neuenstern. When the Heroes first meet Roswitha and
Liesel, they will appear to be normal women in search of a safe place to live.

Die Schatten Dee Shot-ten

The Shadows are large, flying pools of darkness. They skim and slide through the air like
manta rays. When attacking, a Schatten descends and envelopes its victim. The hapless soul
snared in this darkness suffocates as the Schatten drains out his life. The people killed by die
Schatten rise as hungry, unthinking undead that follow mindlessly after the shadows that
created them and devour those who evade the Schatten and scavenge the Schattens carrion
before the corpses arise.

Sunlight is deadly to die Schatten; the creatures melt into slimy ichor if caught in the sun. The
corpses are inactive during the day, but are not affected the sun. Only the victims of die
Schatten rise as undead. Those were merely injured or who were attacked or killed by the
undead do not turn.

Die Schatten are Monsters that attack in Monster Squads of 5 or more. They have the
Monstrous Qualities of Nocturnal, Shadowy, and Winged. This qualities grant the following
abilities, the Squad inflicts double Wounds at night or in complete darkness, attempts to
track the Monsters cost 2 Raises instead of 1, and attempts to deal Wounds cost an additional
Die Schatten are often followed by a Monster Squad of undead. These shambling corpses
are Unliving, which allows the GM to spend a Danger Point at the end of the Round to return
the Squad to full Strength.

Scene Summary
Step 1

The Heroes save victims left vulnerable in the wake of the Panzergeists rampage.

This first Step introduces the Heroes. Since this is a convention game with pregenerated
characters, this Step only provides one origin story for the Heroes. This Step also provides
the Heroes a chance to reminisce on their shared past.

Roving Heroes for Hire: The Heroes ride through Eisen slaying Monsters and saving lives.

Siege of Shadows: The Heroes fight a flock of Schatten that attack Neuenstern.

Step 2

The Heroes discover the origin of the Panzergeist and uncover its weaknesses.

In Step 2, the Heroes go to ask Die Erben der Kreuzritter to come fight with the people of
Neuenstern, but find the fortress abandoned. Within the fortress dark secrets lurk.

The Abandoned Fortress: The Heroes explore the buried secrets of Die Erben der Kreuzritter.


The Heroes confront the Panzergeist and end its reign of terror.

The Goal is twofold since defeating the Panzergeist is no guarantee another will not arise. Die
Erben may choose to create another.

The Panzergeist Attacks: The Heroes battle the greatly feared Panzergeist.

The Real Monsters Emerge: The Heroes confront Die Erben der Kreuzritter.
Step 1: The Heroes save victims left vulnerable in the wake of the
Panzergeists rampage.

Roving Heroes for Hire

This Scene establishes the Heroes as a seasoned band who travel through Eisen testing
themselves against the might of Monsters and protecting all they can.

Action Sequence: Caravan in Peril

A scream slices through the forest at dusk. The Heroes run toward the source and discover a
caravan surrounded by a swarm of shiny black and red giant centipedes. A mousy woman
with a heavy sword is fighting the Monsters, but is more focused on protecting the people
than killing the giant insects.

Opposition: A Strength 5 Monster Squad with the qualities Chitinous and Venomous (Spend
a Danger Point at the beginning of the Round. When the Monster deals damage, remove 1
Raise from the Monsters target).

Objectives: The Monsters are carnivorous and hungry. They want to eat.

Tactics: The centipedes grab onto their prey and can maintain a hold with even just a few of
their legs no matter how their prey writhes. They manipulate their victims so that they can
bite and eat. Their bite is venomous.

Consequences: Each Round at 1 Raise, despite the unknown womans best efforts, the
centipedes kill and eat a member of the caravan. A Hero can prevent this from happening by
spending 1 Raise.

Outcomes: The Heroes defeat the centipedes and save the caravan.

Encounter: The Falkenrath Twins

After the battle, the woman with the heavy sword introduces herself as Liesel Falkenrath. She
explains that she and her twin sister, Roswitha, are leading the caravan to Neuenstern, a
village in the woods that has been standing strong against the Monsters. Liesel and Roswitha
thank the Heroes for their aid and invite them to travel with them to Neuenstern.
Liesel mentions that she is the best fighter in the caravan, but that she is growing tired after
so many battles. Plus, night is falling, which means die Schatten and she describes the flying
shadows. When one of the other caravan members hears this, he adds that wherever the
Schatten fly, the Panzergeist is soon to follow. Liesel allows the man to describe the
Panzergeist and quickly turns the conversation back to whether or not the Heroes will join
the caravan as they make camp for the night.

Dramatic Sequence: Spinning Tales and Recounting Legends

The caravan makes camp nearby in the ruins of a village. Scorched lines trace across the trees
and the caravan members blame the Panzergeist. Some of the caravan work on repairing the
damage the giant centipedes did to their wagons and supplies, while others start a large fire
for cooking. At dinner, Roswitha Falkenrath asks to hear the Heroes story. Together, the
Heroes recount some of their past adventures.

Approaches: The Raises the Heroes generate in this sequence can be about either their past
(what they did) or their present (how the audience takes their story). Encourage the players to
roll whatever they consider their specialty and let them incorporate either into the stories
they tell or the effect they have. For example, a Hero who includes Weaponry in her
Approach might recount the time she disarmed a traitorous knight or she might wow those
present by getting her sword or using a stick to demonstrate and thereby creating a sense of

Obstacles: Other than a tired audience, the Heroes narrate obstacles they faced in the past,
such as terrifying monsters, malicious lawmen, or relentless storms.

Raises: A Hero volunteers to begin telling of a past story about the crew. If the players are
uncertain where to start, have one of the members of the caravan say, Hey, you werent
involved in slaying that one-eyed boar monster that killed that one boy, were you? Howd
you find where it was hiding during the day? Use the caravan to ask questions to get the
players going. Ask each player to describe how they solved a problem and how that solution
led to another problem. Another player then steps in and describes how they saved the day,
while causing or getting surprised by a new problem. When a Hero spends a Raise, he can
focus on how he acted in the past or on how his retelling affects the present audience.

Notes: This sequence is intended to promote Hero and player bonding. This is especially
helpful in convention settings where everyone at the table may be strangers. This scene is
not essential, however. You can skip it and move directly to the next scene, Siege of
Siege of Shadows
The caravan arrives at Neuenstern, a patchwork village deep in the woods. Building styles and
slang range from all over Eisen and beyond. A small group clumped together speak Ussuran
to one another and a woman covered in sailor tattoos yells at a man high in a tree in Inish.
Neuenstern is a village forged from villages destroyed and filled with people seeking refuge
from one nightmare or another.

Dramatic Sequence: Fortifying Neuenstern

Everyone in Neuenstern is busy. Theyre building wooden walls and traps for monsters (or
arguing about the best way to do so), serving out food and water to those working, watching
after children, teaching or practicing fighting skills, and generally preparing for the next wave
of monsters to hit the town. If asked why they remain in Eisen if theyve all weathered so
many attacks, some devastating, the residents will answer some variation of you dont need
a star on a sunny day. Other places might be safer, but here is where safety is needed most.

The Heroes have the opportunity to explore the town, check in on the caravan, get supplies,
and learn where Monster attacks have flared up so that they know where to go next.

Approaches: Nearly any Approach is useful in Neuenstern. While it may seem like a Convince
+ Panache or Wits Approach would be most useful to talking with people, the villagers of
Neuenstern are busy. The villagers are more inclined to talk with the Heroes who have
something to contribute. Some ideas include, but are not limited to the following:

Aim, Brawn, or Weaponry with any Trait. The Hero helps train the villagers or spars
with some of the village defenders.

Scholarship + Resolve or Wits. The Hero tends to those who were hurt in previous

Perform + Panache. The Hero entertains the children and their minders.

Sailing + Brawn or Finesse. The Hero uses her knowledge of ship repairs to help build
the walls or of rigging to tie up ropes for traps.

A Hero may also choose to investigate the village without engaging. In this case, he may want
to use Notice or Empathy to learn more about Neuenstern.

Obstacles: As a village of outsiders, the people in Neuenstern do not tend to be untrusting or

stoic. That said, they are very busy. Heroes need to contribute if they want extended
Here is some information the Heroes may learn during this sequence:

Schatten attacks have increased over the past year. They used to be no more
common than any other Monster, now though, attacks come weekly if not more

Die Schatten always attack when the sun is shrouded or gone for the night. Rumor has
it that they melt in sunlight. Fire, alas, seems to have no special effect.

The dead follow the Schatten. The east wall collapsed when the scheduled Watch
froze instead of alerting the village of an attack when he saw the faces of his family
among those shambling toward Neuenstern.

Neuenstern has stood for so long because it is under the protection of the Kreuzritter.
It is even in the villages name--Neuenstern or New Star for Stern or Star.

The Kreuzritter who guard Neuenstern broke off from the larger society. They call
themselves Die Erben der Kreuzritter or the Heirs.

Over the past months, a giant metal man has followed after the Schatten attacks.
They call this Monster the Panzergeist. Villages that survived the shadows fell to the
Panzergeist who treats all life as something to destroy.

The Panzergeist is missing one eye. With the other eye, it shoots out a beam of
unholy and destructive light.

Die Schatten are bad, but what makes them terrifying is the Monster that follows
them: the Panzergeist.

Opportunities: When the Heroes help fortify the village, they are creating Opportunities for
the next sequence.

Outcomes: The Heroes have learned more about the Monsters in the area and know about
the major antagonists they will face during this adventure. They have also earned trust in the
village as competent and helpful.

Action Sequence: Shadows Attack

Just as the villagers are all returning to their homes or favorite taverns to eat their evening
meal, the heavy bells along the northern wall begin ringing. A moment later, a young woman
runs through the village, shouting, Die Schatten! North wall!
Defenders gnaw off another bite of chicken or swill back another mouthful of water or ale as
they hurry out toward the North wall. One of the defenders notices the Heroes and points
them toward a section of wall with stairs up it. Help us? he asks.

Opposition: Neuenstern is facing two Strength 6 Monster Squads of Schatten and one
Strength 14 Monster Squad of the Schattens undead followers.

Tactics: The squads will combine and divide as necessary to remain nimble and pose the
maximum threat. Die Schatten are the primary attackers. The undead attack those nearby,
push against the walls, and eat those die Schatten have killed. Die Schatten are proactive
attackers; the undead followers are more reactive.

Objectives: The Monsters want to eat.

Opportunities: A Hero can spend a Raise to activate one of the Opportunities created by
helping prepare the village for being attacked. If a Hero has a good idea for how to use one of
the Opportunities, follow her lead. If the Hero is unsure how her help before matters now,
follow this general rule: if the aid the Hero provided focused on defenses, the Monsters must
spend an extra Raise to attack. If the aid focused on people (e.g., training with, healing,
entertaining), the Heroes can ignore the consequence about protecting the villagers for 1

Consequences: Die Schatten can fly over the walls and choose victims from among those
not among the fighters. At the end of each Round, the Shadows will take and begin eating a
number of villagers equal to the number of Heroes or equal to the number of Shadows left,
whichever is lower. Die Schatten eat quickly and will rejoin the fight at Raise 3 of the next
Round. There are 30 villagers the Schatten can reach.

The Heroes can spend Raises each Round to protect the villagers, one Raise per villager.
Heroes do not have to split up the Raises evenly. A Hero may be able to activate an
Opportunity from the earlier sequence with 1 Raise. This Opportunity means the villagers can
defend themselves or are safe from the reach of die Schatten and so the Consequence does
not affect that Round.

Outcomes: Die Schatten are defeated or held back through the night until morning. The
village survives. The fewer people who died in the attack, the warmer Neuenstern is toward
the Heroes. If most survived, the Heroes are celebrated alongside the rest of the Defenders.
If most died, the village looks to the Heroes as scapegoats.
Encounter: Gero Sonnen
In the morning, Gero Sonnen approaches the Heroes and introduces himself as the voice of
the village council. Gero is a reedy man with long, tight muscles and plaited blond hair. He
wears a pair of swords at his belt. He speaks with a deep voice that hooks into listeners
chests and vibrates with their heartbeat.

Die Erben der Kreuzritter have always come to defend Neuenstern before, but did not this
time. Worse, this as a Schatten attack. The Panzergeist always follows in the wake of the
shadows. The council fears that Neuenstern will not survive an attack from the Panzergeist
and they cannot or will not--depending on how the village feels about the Heroes--rely on
strangers passing through for aid. Gero asks the Heroes to check fortress of die Erben and
find out why they did not come to help the village. If the village likes the Heroes, Gero will
say the Heroes are the only ones the council can trust for this task. If the village dislikes the
Heroes, Gero will say that this the Heroes only chance to redeem himself and that hes heard
people talking about letting other villages know about the Heroes and how dangerous and
untrustworthy they are.

Gero provides the directions to the fortress and thanks the Heroes for their help.

Step 2: The Heroes discover the origin of the Panzergeist and uncover
its weaknesses.

The Abandoned Fortress

Geros directions lead to a once mighty fortress now (and recently!) destroyed and

Dramatic Sequence: Explore the Ruin

The fortress is only a couple hours ride without pushing the horses. The stone fortress is
crumbling. Most of the wall of a tall tower lays crumbled across the forest floor. The spiraling
stairs upward are likewise destroyed, but the very top is still mostly intact. Within the walls
are evidence of people leaving in a hurry. The overturned dinner tables cover moldering food.
Corpses litter the rooms and walls. The fortress is not vast, but behind a broken down door
are wide steps leading down. They go down a long time.

Neuenstern praised die Erben der Kreuzritter as strong and capable protectors, so what
exactly overpowered and destroyed them? The Heroes cannot return to Neuenstern without
Approach: While Notice is definitely a useful Skill for investigating, Theft would also be good.
Sailing, if the Hero can rig a rope to climb, could also prove useful. As always, encourage

Obstacles: The fortress is falling apart. The Heroes will need to step carefully navigate safely.
Also, die Erben have boobytrapped some of their more sensitive research.

The fortress also has some particularly dangerous areas where a Hero can spend Raises.
These areas take multiple Raises to investigate.

Some of the knowledge the Heroes can glean from the fortress includes the following:

Die Erben all have a star tattooed on the backs of their necks near the hairline.

Die Erben founded Neuenstern to attract Monsters. The town is bait so that die Erben
can test their theories and experiments.

The Kreuzritter have officially expelled die Erben from their ranks for their edging on
Villainous techniques for fighting Monsters.

Die Erben have a large vat of thick black ichor, which greatly resembles melted

Die Erben have engaged in human testing. There are rooms of desecrated corpses.

In one room, limbs encased in different metals are lined up along a table, though
some have fallen to the floor or been tossed around. Notes about the limbs are
scattered throughout the room. The implication is that the Panzergeist is not made
purely of metal and gears.

Heroes may find a bedroom with letters written to and from Roswitha Falkenrath. The
handwriting on the letters from Roswitha matches the notes in the limb room. She
was one of the Hexenwerk sorceresses working at the fortress.

Opportunities and Consequences: In unsafe areas of the fortress, the Heroes may need to
spend a Raise to avoid taking 1-3 Wounds from the environment.

The additional, more dangerous areas of the fortress offer special Opportunities for the

At the top of the Tower a room appears to still be intact. A Hero can spend 2 Raises to scale
the Tower and return to the ground safely. The Hero takes 2 Wounds for each Raise not
spent. At the top of the tower is a small workspace and a man dead in his bed. He seems to
have died peaceably, perhaps even before the fighting occurred. The Hero can spend 1 Raise
to look through his notes and find a journal. In the journal he expresses misgivings about die
Erbens grand project and says that he has used his Sanderis to embed some control over the
Panzergeist. Singing a line of a harvesting song popular in his hometown will cause the
Panzergeist to stop moving. Luckily, the man included the music in his journal in case he died
before he could find the right person to tell.


The Harvesting Song

The Hero who has the song may spend 1 Hero Point to sing the song and make the
Panzergeist stop moving. The Panzergeist remains immobile until the end of the Round or
until he spends 2 Raises and 1 Danger Point to regain movement.


Deep in the bowels of the fortress is a large Vat of dark, slimy liquid that is similar to melted
Schatten. A Hero might spend 1 Raise to notice something gleam in the bottom of the tank
when the liquid is disturbed. A Hero can spend 2 Raises to swim down through the liquid and
find the gleaming object. Unless the Hero has some kind of protection against the liquid, the
Hero takes 3 Wounds. The object is the Panzergeists missing eye. It is glowing, which means
it is fully charged. The Heroes can use the eye like a gun. Unless the Heroes find a way to
recharge the eye, however, it is one use only.

Within the warren of rooms, one is sealed off especially well. The sealing around the door is
similar to what shipwrights use to make ships watertight. A Hero can spend 1 Raise to breach
the room. Inside the room, lightning dances. On the far table is a bolt trapped within a
canister. The top of the canister looks like it is made to fit something. If the Heroes have the
eye, the shape of the canister matches the hole in the back of the eye. A lightfooted Hero can
spend 2 Raises to get across the room, grab the canister, and get back without Wounds. If the
Hero does not spend both Raises, she suffers a Dramatic Wound from a lightning strike. The
canister will provide 1 recharge for the eye.

Outcomes: The Heroes have learned the truth about die Erben der Kreuzritter and the

Encounter: Gero Sonnen, Redux

As the Heroes are leaving the fortress, the sun is beginning to set. Gero Sonnen rides up to
them. His horse is heaving breaths and sweating darkly. When Gero sees the fortress, he
keens with dismay. The Panzergeist is attacking Neuenstern. Gero rode for help because he
could defend himself if attacked along the way. He begs the Heroes to come save
Neuenstern where the Panzergeist attacks.

Goal: The Heroes confront the Panzergeist and end its reign of terror.

The Panzergeist Attacks

Action Sequence: Battle the Panzergeist

Opposition: The Panzergeist is a Rank 10 Villain with 10 Strength and no influence. He has
the following Monstrous qualities: Chitinous (steel skin), Fearsome, Powerful, and Relentless.

The effects of these qualities are as follows:

Chitinous: Spend a Danger Point to negate all Wounds dealt to this Monster by a
single attack.

Fearsome: The Monster has 3 Ranks of Fear. Spend a Danger Point to double the
Monsters Fear Rank for 1 Round.

Relentless: Any attempts to evade or escape from this Monster cost 2 Raises, instead
of 1. Spend a Danger Point to have the Monster enter a Scene, so long as it is
physically possible.

Powerful. Spend a Danger Point to double the number of Wounds dealt by the
Monster after a successful attack against a Hero.

The Panzergeists eye works mechanically like a gun and causes a Dramatic Wound. The GM
can spend a Danger Point to recharge it immediately.

Objectives: The Panzergeist is trying to eradicate all life, but is especially concerned with
slaying die Schatten. The villagers have fled or died, so they are neither help nor distraction
for this fight.

Opportunities: Any unused traps from the first Step might be useful now. Also, if the Heroes
collected the special items from the fortress, they can use those. Each item takes 1 Raise to
activate, in addition to other requirements (e.g., the Hero Point for the song).

Outcomes: The Heroes defeat the Panzergeist. Alternatively, when night falls, a flock of die
Schatten fly past and the Panzergeist abandons the Heroes to follow the shadows.
The Real Monsters Emerge

Encounter: The Falkenrath Twins, Redux

From the woods, the Falkenrath twins materialize. They are very interested in the Heroes
fight with the Panzergeist. If the Heroes won, Roswitha falls beside the Panzergeist and starts
examining him. Bones poke out from beneath the metal.

The Heroes may have found Roswithas lab in the fortress and, if they did not, they may have
realized that all members of die Erben have a star tattoo. Liesels hair has been burned away,
likely from the Panzergeists beam. Above the puckering burnt skin on the back of her neck is
a star.

If the Heroes confront the twins, they are proud of their work with die Erben. Roswitha talks
about trying again, but doing it better this time. Liesel talks about how many Schatten the
Panzergeist has destroyed and how much potential it has for good. Roswitha is certain she
can make the Panzergeist safer, more controllable. If the Heroes used the Harvesting Song,
she points to that as proof.

The Heroes must decide: do they let the twins go or do they stop them here and now. If the
Heroes let the twins go, go to Neuenstern Rebuilds. If they decide to stop the twins, go to
the Sequence Stop the Twins.

Action Sequence: Stop the Twins

If the Heroes try to stop the twins, they will defend themselves.

Opposition: The Falkenrath Twins. Both sisters are Rank 7 Villains.

Roswitha has 5 Strength and 2 Influence. She is a Hexenwerk sorceress.

Liesel has 6 Strength and 1 Influence. She is a duelist trained in the Eisenfaust style.

Objectives: Liesels primary objective is protecting Roswitha. Roswithas primary objective is

getting useful scraps from the Panzergeist, either from its corpse or whatever it left behind.

Tactics: Liesel will use Pressure to keep the strongest fighters off her sister. Roswitha will
spend her Raises to gather up materials and escape. If Liesel takes two Dramatic Wounds,
Roswitha will make a Black Broth for Liesel to make her either Powerful or Regenerating.

Outcomes: The Heroes defeat the sisters or the sisters escape, but without any Panzergeist
spare parts.
Encounter: Neuenstern Rebuilds
As the sun starts to rise, survivors return to Neuenstern. Though tired, many start to pick up
detritus. A group starts up a fire and begins to boil water and oats for breakfast. Gero Sonnen
finds the Heroes and thanks them for their help. Neuenstern no longer has its defenders, but
everyone who lives here has already run at least once. This is their home and they will remain
a star shining in the darkness of the woods.

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