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Intake Key Number: 2016070206 pw ae Dos: — Sex: FEMALE 080 Dos: Respondent Name: Ezekiel Elliott Dos: 7/22/1995 225 On Behalf of: SSN: Race: SSN: Race: Height: Eyes: wail call Ettoritten statement THPolice ples. tfrecical recora: Wot stortement ease CAUCASIAN AFRICAN-AMERICAN 0" COLUMBUS CITY ATTORNEY RICHARD C. PFEIFFER JR. COMPLAINT FORM compLant no. 2OVy0"10 ZAla = THE VICTIM INTERVIEW AND ALL WITNESS STATEMENTS RELATED TO THIS COMPLAINT WILL BE AUDIO RECORDED + | oF 03-14 Whi : Date o of Birth face DuUdIIN aa Employer ‘Work Phone No. Home Phone No. Cell Phone No. Social Security Number Date of Birth Nile Nt | Street Address Zip Code tO UTlot ~_Yrow) Height Weight Eyes Hallas Lovwpont __ ‘Employer Work Phone No. DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN WITH THE PERSON YOU ARE FILING AGAINST? CyYes [J No: IFYES, enter the information below: Child's Name Date ofBirth Child's Name “Date of Birth Child's Name Date ofBith Child's Name ~~ Date of Birth O Parentichite Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend (if so, answer be/ow) (1 spouse/Ex-Spouse Have you fived with hinvner within the past 5 years? [LYFES [] NO 4 — 42239 Zip Code ‘Address —_—_——— PBEM eae If YES, enter the information belo Coluiiious DINIS Ion of Police {Lost ‘Name of Police Department Police Report Nurnt Was ényone; including yourself, arrested out of the incident?[_] YES [tio ‘DID ANY OF THE FOLLOWING TAKE PLACE DURING. URNS Assault (/f'so, answer below) C1 Property Stolen/Damaged (If so, answer below) 1 Doyou nave visible injuries? [Ves LINO 1. Are you the owner of the property? (ives( Jno 2. Did you receive medical treatment?[_]YES [Yio 2. Is the value of the property less than $10007(_] ves[_]No (1) Threats of Harm iber/Oicer Name/Badge No. INYES, where: Oyes Ono SUT aNe NID If YES, enter the information below: Witness’ Name "address Phone Number Witness’ Name Address Phone Number “Phone Number Witness’ Name "Address STEEN NTS eT NT NNO J Evaluate for Criminal Charges [% Protection Order Referral (2 Complaint Only CO Mediation (1 Warning Letter WRITE A SUMMARY OF THE INCIDENT BELOW: NOTE: Falsification is a misdemeanor of the first degree and is punishable by a maximum sentence of a $1000 fine and/or 180 days in jail. O.R.C. § 2921.13 Q Said on, Wig’ Guiie Liv Murpund. 3 asi. ricinus ee OC Wel i 4 Uyas fi DLELtid OUSWI ~ SUNG J the Sane Vivi anda : ei ig taal. Monday gar Tuetd ned ‘ DUCT Ti. AML Wome CKecl hie re 0G Downe | vr COLUMBUS CITY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE, PROSECUTOR DIVISION PROSECUTION RESOURCES UNIT, INTAKE SECTION DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COMPLAINANT REQUEST FORM Thave filed an intake complaint and met with a Legal Intake Counselor. My options were discussed with me and I had an opportunity to ask questions. I understand the following: 1. Before any charge is filed, my intake complaint must be reviewed and evaluated by a prosecutor. 2, Ifa criminal charge is approved by a prosecutor and filed, there will probably be a warrant issued. This ‘means that the person I filed a complaint against will probably be arrested. 3, Ifa criminal charge is approved by a prosecutor and filed, I will be required to come back to court several times. IfT am subpoenaed and fail to appear, I can be held in contempt of court. 4, Once a charge is filed, I do not have the right to have the charge dismissed. I have the right to participate in the case, but decisions regarding the outcome of the case will be made by the prosecutor and/or judge. 5. What types of protection orders may be available to me. 6. If any children were abused or neglected or were at risk for abuse or neglect, the Legal Intake Counselor is required by law to give that information to Franklin County Children Services. 7. If requested, a domestic violence advocate is available to speak with me. I WANT TO PURSUE A CRIMINAL CHARGE ome: I WANT MY INTAKE TO BE PROCESSED AS A COMPLAINT ONLY 1 ‘Additjonally, the following items were given to me by a Legal Intake Counselor: €PO Information Card (blue) (1 DVTPO Information Card (yellow) — provided to the prosecuting witness after criminal charges filed Ci Choices Brochure C1 City Attorney Guide to the Courts & Protection Orders Cl Domestic Violence Information Packet a]2z})U Intake 2010070 20 Case#. Victim's Nam @ 8 serious Ejuy(titehesoacture, break, sprain) Ve Visible Bruise, Mask or Injury [N= Non-vsible Buse, Mark or Iajury COMPLETED BY: 4) Beco eee ——— ‘Signature of Vie Di THE CITY OF __ COLUMBUS ANDREW J: GINTHER, MAYOR DIVISION OF POLICE ‘case Report Number: 160637752-001 Case Report Columbus Division Of Police 120 Marconi Blvd Columbus, OH 43215 Preliminary Investigation Case Report Date: 7/22/2016 2:40:00 AM. Administrative Case Number Case Report Number Subject Disposition Entered On Entered By Reported On Reporting Officer Reporting Agency Report Type Assisted By courted On (Date and ne) Or Between (Date and Time) Location sz Location Name Target Verification Verification Level Latitude Longitude Jurisdiction Grid Sector 60637752 +60637752-001, 180 - Domestic Violence Exception 712212016 6:11:05 AM ERDENSERGER, DEVON J 712212016 ERDENSERGER, DEVON J CPD - Columbus PD RICKS, TERESA A ‘Saturday 7/16/2016 7:00:00 PM Wednesday 7/20/2016 11:59:00 on 43215 Watermark Mult-Family Dweting Unveried Columbus, OH Zone 3 15 Pet For Exceptional Clearances Clearance Basis, Referred To Prosecutor Exceptional Clearance Date 7/22/2016 arrative Map Census/Geo Code Call Source Related Cases Means Other Means Motives Other Motives Toletypet LEADS ID Number Nic# Threat Group Crime Incident Number Latent Process Property Process Location of Dispatched Run Reporting Officer Assignment Detective Notified Vehicle Activity Direction Vehicle Traveling Cross Street Unit Case Filei 150 Distict Dispatch other Physical Harm. N-No 160637752 10 Not Applicable 26 W 3rd Ave 408 Nifigh St Victim 1 stated that between the listed dates and times, Suspect 1, Victim 1's boyfriend, struck her several times leaving bruises on her arms. Victim 1 stated the she lived with Suspect 1 for approximately 3 months within the last year. ‘uspect 1 stated he never touched Victim 1 in a harmful manner and that the bruises on Vietim 1 were from a bar fight se was in, Suspect 1 stated that he and Victim 1 had never lived together but he did pay for Victim 1's rent and was a co-signer on Victim 1's vehicle. Due to conflicting versions of what had taken place over the listed dates and the inability to prove co-habitation, Victim 1 was referred to the Prosecutor's Office. Offense Offense Domestic Vilence Method of Entry For Motor ee Vehicle Theft 136 Method of Entry For oeoess — Burglary/B&E one Method of Entry For 1BR Group a Burglary/B&E Crime Against Peraon Method of Operation Femiar Wi Promibos Location Type Muttole Dwoting Direction of Entry Secondary Location Type Using Not Appoable Completed ves ‘Weapons Hate/Bias No BiasNotApptcable Criminal Activity No Gang ivavement Pomestic Violence Yes Type Security emises Entered Tools Entry Offenders Suspect Name: Elliott, Ezekiel Aliases ‘Alias Aber(s) Addresses ‘Address Type _[ Address cSZz County Country H-Home es Columbus, OH 25-Franklin United States of 7 3201 America Phones Phone Type. Phone Number ‘Mobile Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Page 20f7 Emails Email Address Sex Mae Pos Race Black DLN Ethnicity Not of Hpac rain DL State Dos ran 998 DL County Unted States of America Age 20 SSN aaa Eye Color Broun Scars/Marks/Tattoos Hair Color Black Attire Hair Style Employer/School Dales Cowboys Hair Length Employer Address 1A TWey Facial Hair Employer SZ Aainglon, 7X 76011 ‘Complexion Occupation/Grade Footbal Payer Teeth Mo Build Other MO Height 6 Habitual Offender Weight 225 Status Resident Resident Notes entified via US passport Victims - ne Vietim Type Individual Vietim of 291925.13C - Domestic Violence Aliases ‘Alas ‘Alerts Addresses ‘Address Type [Address sz County [county H-Home [sis Dublin, OH 25 - Franklin United States of 43016 America Phones phones (one Type Phone Number. Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Page 3 of 7 M- Mobile a = alls email Address Sex Female DL State Ohio Race wie DL Country United States of America Ethnicity Not of Hispanic Origin SSN =D DOB —_ Attire Age 20 Employer/Schoo! Eye Color Brown Employer Address Hair Color Brown Employer CSZ Facial Hair Occupation/Grade Complexion Testify Yes Height 5s Injury Weight 120 Victim 160837752 Resident Resident Investigative Case Number POB DLN TP726382 Offender Relationships J ender | S-lliott, Ezekiel Boyfriend/Girlfriend Circumstances Just. Hom. Cire, LEOKA info Type Activity Assignment ORLOther Jurisdiction Notes Identified via OH DL. Witnesses Other Entities ~voperties Property Photograph Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Page 4 of 7 ate Type 2» Condition Description Dv photos Identifying Marks Status Evidence (nding Oter Selad Property Color ‘nd Took) Count 18 ee Date Value aa Manufacturer eee Model net Serial oo NumberVIN Caliber Owner Applied Number Finish Vehicle Information Vehicle Type Bicycle Speed Vehicle Year Bicycle Wheet Odometer Sie Reading Boat Name Body Style Boat Type zense Number! HIN License Exp. Date Hull Shape License State! Propulsion Bicycle Make Boat Length Bicycle Model Color Type Calor Drug Information Drug Type Drug Quantity Drug Measure Notes Uploaded to the Division U: Drive. Investigative Information ‘Type of Information Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Other List In Notes Section Page 5 of 7 Investigative Information Personnel 2011036 - ERDENBERGER, DEVON J Date/Time 7/22/2016 5:34:49 AM Narrative On Friday, July 22, 2016 at approximately 2:40am, Officer Ricks #1546 and Officer Erdenberger #2688 were dispatched to 29 €. 3rd Ave. on a domestic violence incident. The caller said her boyfriend hit her and she had bruises. The caller said the suspect was still at the house. Upon arrival, Officers Ricks and Erdenberger made contact with the caller IIE who was later identified via her OH driver's license. Ms. IIII|said on Saturday, July 26, 2016 she and the suspect, Ms. boyfriend, Ezekiel Elliott got into an argument about their unhealthy relationship. Ms INI said she and Mr. Elliott lived together for about 3 months from November 2015 until January 2016. Ms. MNMBnd Mr. Elliott were at Mr. Elliott's Watermark apartment Ji on Saturday. Ms. IIE said they got into an argument hhecause Mr. Elliot cheats on her all the time and when they had broken up for a bit and she slept with another guy. The gument turned physical and Mr. Eliott attempted to hit Ms in the face. Ms. III said she raised her right arm to cover her face from the strike. Ms IIIIIMhad a bruise on her right forearm. That was the end of the fight and argument on Saturday. On Sunday, July 17, 2016, Ms [IE 2ic a fight between her and Mr. Elliott started because they went out to different places and Ms. lid not make it home before Mr. Eliott. Mr. Eliott choked her leaving a red mark and bruise on her neck. On Monday, July 18, 2016, Ms INI said she remained at the Watermark apartment with Mr. Eliot's friend while Mr. lott went out. Ms said when Mr. Eliott returned to the apartment he picked Ms. EP anc threw her against the wall. Mr. Elliott told Ms {Ehe was lucky that he has not killed her yet. Ms ANN said on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, she and Mr. Eliott did not fight. Ms _IIEESaid Mr. Eliott cried and ‘told Ms. pe loved her and did not want to have to put his hands on her but "it's tough love.” Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Page 6 of 7 ‘Wednesday, July 20, 2016, Ms MIMMNMand Ir. Eliott went to 4th Street Patio. Ms. IN saic everything was fine until they got home and she asked him a question. Ms NNcould not remember the question she asked that vet Mr. Elliott off. Ms. said Mr. Elliott "lost it" and picked her up under her arms, in her armpits, and threw “i against the wall, Mr. Elliott then grabbed her throat. Mr. Elliott released her neck and grabbed her left wrist and drug Ms. fE>cross the floor leaving rug burns on her right knee. Mr Elliott said he has never lived with Ms AIBN Mc. Eliott said he has never laid a hand on Ms. Aland the bruises on her body were from a fight she had gotten in at a club called Social. Mr. Elliott did admit that he was a co- signer ona vehicle loan for Ms I Mr. Eliott also admitted he pays the rent for Ms. IK apartment in Dublin, OH, ue to the conflicting variations of what happened and whether or not Ms, and Mr. Eliott had ever lived together, no charges were filed against Mr. Elliott. Ms. IEEE was referred to the Prosecutor's Office to discuss filing charges against Mr. Elliott Ms [NIIIornpleted a written witness statement, +t. Morrow #5292 responded to scene and took 15 pictures of Ms injuries, the scene atthe time of Ms, ‘Thompson's call and the associated photo card. Printed 8/18/2016 5:56 PM Page 7 of 7 @0000 VZW Wi-Fi * 12:14 AM THL+}4 < Columbus - Italian Village go Edit July 21 3:27 AM 1yust WUKe up Hit me back please “you possibly can to pass your test tomorrow. You'll be okay. |'m here for you I'm gonna pass About to live in this sauna the next 24 hours I'm sorry but | can't see you Friday or Saturday. | can get you from the airport depending on what time you get in and take you home so you can get your house keys from me but other than that e@ Have a good day \AlAv can't it can ma ? Can u please stop bottle serving Like this whole shit just made me realize | can't be done with u. Like u are the only person | really feel comfortable talking to about anything. Like how do | push u out of my life when u are the first one | come to when | have a problem. I'm sorry things were just really really hard but that shouldn't have been a reason to just give up Honestly I'm sorry it took something like this to show that but | realize now and that's all that matters honestly I'm sorry for all I've put u through Can u say something ? Mon, Jul 11, 7:54 PM Well I'm catching a flight to LA So | land there at 10:15 communication with you anymore e Saturday 9:25 AM U at the airport? Honestly calm the fuck down | mean I'm really sorry we missed out flight but ill get in at 3 Let me know if u want get me or not @ Love u! really am looking toward to seeing u a oO QwerRTYU!OP ®xn SDdDFGHSJ! KL I don't think it's a good idea for me to just see you for a day or two so we - don't have to each other at all while you're back. Imma be back for for that that? Just chill because we won't be able to see each other for awoke until after camp is over for me e CZ I'm coming back And I'm seeing u Co Oo QweERTY Ut O P e @ | told ul would let u know when I'm done though? and what not:don't want you just leave me behind Look man I'm about to send u the @ address when | get there http:// http:// e Appreciate you Sorry for bugging you Ma Monday 10:29 PM Don't play with me Ur shit will really be sitting outside my house Wednesday 11:18 AM You find my Nike leggings that | had on the other day? | got them : birthday with you since you're going : to Miami for the weekend Tate is leaving Can u listen to me For once Just have a bad feeling U should leave Really Sle ecie(saamm 10001 Pl FO Where are u Never had ur number blocked Ween Why are u not out celebrating my bday with me U said u wanted to spend this day with me but all u tryin to do is ruin it U don't love me You downtown? Wats finn Ce Ee Boe rey ae Like what are you going to do then wnat Can! ao ¢ Lol like she got 10k followers on IG now lol wi i al | Her shit say 7124/16 #StopDomesticViolence Lol come on she nuts rere tec co ig.since it happened Look Beno yA een Ruan aa hes Rena tke ere SUL Idk what | can do maybe you —% guys can creep v Vea aan s How we gonna do that while she beta ba enna abana an nn Look e BU iStac yA eR aad Cat BEC mere Tus C3 \dk what | can do maybe you guys can creep Vo A Bian ¢ How we gonna do that while she pen ine wat ene ao \yy Then like wat is she doing ? @ U think she want me to try and talk to her ? She got the same number ? | won't text her but if she wants to talk she can text me or something e But tell her my 214 number not working miss her. Smh. This sucks I'm not calling her EAR el] eee with her then Nothing | can do now this shit has gotten too big People would think I'm an idiot if I did She really getting famous off me it's a shame I'm not calling her Nothing | can do now this shit has gotten too big ® People would think I'm an idiot if \did o are my gl I'm just reluctant to say it Like | treat u like my gf | want u to be But | don't act that way It sucks | can't have u and be who i am You've had me for how long now and e have been who you wanted to be | just can't right now | can't keep putting u through this U deserve better Solem [Ui reetat do it in a respectful way @ But! want to see u go get better e000 Sprint 3G 10:43 AM © 95% = < Messages +1 (614) 928-4472 Details Come get me from the lobby Friday 2:53 AM If they ask he dragged me out of my car When we got here Like we pulled up and he showed up then yanked me out if the police ask Friday 4:57 AM Sitting on the side of the road Where are you? @ee0co Sprint 3G 10:42 AM © 95% = < Messages +1 (614) 928-4472 Details Huh Call me Gwen nla Paes you out ao oo) 4 “by. ela te AEs Call me f fy ie eee) Ayri in Yea FSR We eT Re 1. Was after ! threw her into the pool, wasn't before then. 2. Yes. 3. Roughly 1-2 hours e How soon after she got there did hae cee : Got out, took her clathes off, then got back in | Sk nearer reid , All the way in Gees) was Pea She was in 3ft, then swimming in 5ft e How long was she in the pool? Well I'm starting to feel like she definitely knows I'm involved. | @ know | had a choice but I'm starting to feel like this is going to cause drama at work But anyways everything she said is a lie. | know what happened and didn't witness any bruises with most of her clothes off. That's absolutely all | know about the situation. What ® happened on other days | have no idea. QWERTY UI OP ®A SDF GHJ KEL Witness Statement - Columbus Division of Police . Offense Repot Number I40U37752, jit hom \_questtonad Wu wil Ack ond avs mie ouround. te fen. Se subd alt Ht due Thine ring (o_o ut “Tae. Sunday ngiat Ne bod ovowing_ tne. taouid ern Mad ruc toy akdt nc had Ha tie aportmunt i WAU py nad uur} nikon lr 4 | Vd wut? my faendS grt Imad ber cutest didn Gti in ot wacn’t home eke hin. Nba ut | toyed act tie artim with fre Loniidiadod Rained Rive. Ae Care ome eed), morn Hind stuvted Utnking we und smnQling i fNCL i “OA nc WY, | Cu Vel ta Ln hs pga dog 3 Kd Ab Ste iW Inet ie olde onl OCC vu nor Hie Hed OMG ound oppalooteed TW We onl We. faut ALS “tt “Choy aye” stays itt (ose ive. WA rE WE Adopt (pan. 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