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Departamento de Ingls

Name: ______________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________

I. Select the correct WH question word:

1. _____ is your name? 6. _____ old are you?

a. What a. How
b. Where b. What
c. When c. Which
d. Who d. Whose
2. _____ is your favorite actress 7. _____ books are these?
a. What a. Why
b. Why b. How
c. When c. Where
d. Who d. Whose
3. _____ are you from? 8. _____ did you quit your job?
a. What a. Who
b. Where b. Which
c. When c. Why
d. Who d. Whose
4. _____ is your birthday? 9. _____ are you going to America?
a. Whose a. Who
b. Where b. What
c. When c. When
d. Who d. Which
5. _____ color is your new car?
a. What
b. Whose
c. How
d. Where