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The most successful project promoting Bucharest tourism in

social media

#ExperienceBucharest is the largest project promoting Bucharest

tourism ever organized in Romania. We are inviting more than 100 top
bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, snapchaters and travel influencers
around the world to visit and experience Bucharest and connect with
more than 100 Romanian content creators

The mission of #experiencebucharest is to position Bucharest as a
favourite destination of travelers in Eastern Europe

Promoting the diversity of experiences that the city can give to a unique
audience of at least 10 million people (age 18-70+) in Europe, USA,
South America and Asia
Increasing the average of nights spent in Bucharest from 2 to 3 nights
Creating valuable content on all media channels and social media

The project was born as a passion project by a team of 100+ volunteers from Travel Massive Romania,
along with other local traveler influencers and organizations. We engage as hosts and we will provide a
great diversity of experiences from bohemian tours, arhitectural treasure hunts, amidst old
neighbourhoods, culinary experiences in alternative places, underground culture performances to huge
nightlife parties for international travel influencers to discover Bucharest as the diverse, eclectic capital
that we know as locals.

Travel Massive worldwide is a global network of locally connected communities of travel industry insiders
who are making travel better in more than 50 countries.We founded Travel Massive Romania in 2015 with
the goal of improving the travel industry (the quantity of tourists and the quality of services) in Romania
and Bucharest. We are a team of local travel industry professionals, bloggers and content creators,
photographers, tourism guides and operators. Our team has traveled extensively around the world and we
vouch that our capital has a lot to offer to experienced travelers!

The 1st edition of #experiencebucharest become the single most successful
project promoting Bucharest as the leading tourist attraction in Eastern Europe

100 international social media influencers in Bucharest

More than 15.000.000 followers combined
More than 50.000.000 people reached around the world
More than 150 volunteers
More than 100 organizing partners
More than 40 dedicated Bucharest Tours
How to promote Bucharest Conference / 250 attendees
Special Guests / Speakers:
- Kash Bhattacharya, Portugal / 2016 blogger of the year & National
Geographic Traveler Reader Awards
- Siya Zarrabi, Canada / Travel Vlogger, YouTuber, Videographer & Speaker
- Dave and Debbie, Canada / 2014 & 2015 winners of the best travel blog
- Alyssa Ramos, USA / Travel Blogger & Social Media Influencer
- Kristen Sarah, Canada YouTuber, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
- Kat Von B, USA / Luxury Travel & Technology influencer
- Kate McCulley, USA / Top Travel Blogger
- Jordan Simons, UK / Top YouTuber
Tours and Experiences:

Bohemian Bucharest / Beautiful Decay Tour / Darkside Tour / Home Cooked Lunch / Rroma
Heritage Tour / Jewish Tour / Alternative/Street Tour / Tasting Bucharest / Old Town Treasure
Hunt / Classical Music Tour(Enescu Festival) / 3 Bike Tours / Relax day activity / Village Musem
forgotten tools / Architectural Treasure Hunt 1 Cotroceni / Architectural Treasure Hunt 2
Armenian Neighborhood / Escape Rooms Experience / Pantelimon Neighborhood Tour / Tourist
bus- off the beaten path / Geocaching in Bucharest / City exploration via smartphone /
Culinary Workshop Garlic themed / Welcome to Bucharest Treasure Hunt / Moved
Churches Tour / Mogosoaia /Snagov Day Trip / House of Parliament Visit / Vacaresti Delta
More videos here:
Published Articles & Videos
There are over 60 articles written after Experience Bucharest
2 Edition / 20 23 OCTOBER 2017
The 2nd edition of #ExperienceBucharest aims to
promote Bucharest as a leading tourist location to
more than 60 million people around the world
through its entire communication network: special
guests, owned media channels, media partners and PR

100 top international influencers (cumulating more

than 15 million subscribers) will discover and promote
Bucharest between 20-23 October 2017.

3 full days (20th - 23rd of October)
that offer a wide variety of tours and experiences to choose from:

Bohemian Bucharest / Beautiful Decay Tour / Darkside Tour / Rroma Heritage
Tour / Alternative Tour / Time Travelling Tastings Food Tour / Culinary
Workshop / Outcast Bucharest Tour / Architectural Treasure Hunt - Cotroceni
Edition / Architectural Treasure Hunt - Armeneasca Neighbourhood / Enescu
Tour - Lets talk about classical music / Old Town Bike Tour / Bellu Cemetery
Discovery Tour / Communism Tour of Bucharest (by Bus) / Walk & Shoot /
Walkabout Free Tour - The Essential Walking Tour / Vacaresti Delta tour

LOGO Experience Romania

Taking a step forward. Going national.

The 1st edition of Experience Romania is the biggest independent
project that promotes Romania and its beauties: nature,
traditions, culture or fun and adventure.

The project is brought to life by a team of volunteers passionate
about their country, a team made of Travel Massive volunteers,
local traveler influencers and local organizations.

Following the #ExperienceBucharest great success, 50 special
guests, social media influencers from around the world, are invited
this autumn to Experience Romania on a 2 weeks trip on Romania
Traditions and culture.
rd th
Between 23 of October - 5 of November our guests will travel
through Moldavia, Bucovina, eastern Transylvania and Prahova Valley.
The trip will get them closer to Romanian customs, exploring old
fortresses, showing around ancient churches, whilst being surrounded
by the natural beauty of Romania. And nevertheless explore more urban
sites as we get closer to Bucharest.

And this is just the start of what it will be the biggest project
promoting Romania. Stay tuned for more!

In the future editions of Experience Romania our guests can experience:

Maramures and Banat with its old customs, the spectacular biodiversity
of Delta Dunarii, the most incredible fun in Europe at the Black Sea, the
magic stories about Dacians around Sarmisegetuza, not to mention the
breathtaking views in Cazanele Dunarii.

For 2 weeks our guests will get closer to the Moldavian traditions and culture,
including also for the culinary with some wine tastings and cooking, discover
beautiful and breathtaking scenery and visit fairytale fortresses and castles.
And as we travel to the eastern Transylvania and Prahova Valley well mix
urban experiences, with fun and not to be missed sightseeing.
And thats not all. Get ready for some big surprises on the way.

On our way to Romania - Traditions and culture well be traveling to
Bucharest - Buzau - Focsani - Piatra Neamt - Campulung Moldovenesc - Cluj-
Napoca - Sibiu - Brasov - Sinaia - Bucharest
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Social media Branded Posts on #ExperienceRomania FB
page 4 3 2 1
Articles on Romanian travel blogs 20 10 5
Dedicated posts on Romanian bloggers FB page 20 10 5
Dedicated posts on Romanian bloggers Instagram
account 20 10 5
Dedicated tweets on Romanian bloggers Tweeter 20 10 5
Branded bus for bloggers
SPONSORSHIP 15.000 10.000 5.000 1.000
Promotion through #ExperienceBucharest & #ExperienceRomania websites and social media channels
(FB, Instragram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube)

Promotion through Romanian Content Creators & media partners

Promotion through 150 Top International Travel and social media Influencers

Promotion through local, national and international publications, press conferences, press kits and online travel
enthusiasts communities

Total Estimated Communication Reach:

ExperienceBucharest + ExperienceRomania

National: + 3 million people

International: + 80 million people

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