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Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam -

August 26, 2017

How can we purify the mind? What is the problem this act will fix? Bhagawan reminds
us of the sacred path today.

The six vices of lust, anger, greed, pride,

delusion and envy have enveloped most
people. Attachment and aversion have gripped
them. Due of this most people have forgotten
their real nature and are filled with pride of all
sorts. Losing their power of discrimination
(vichakshana-jnana), people indulge in all kinds
of misbehavior towards others. The scriptures
prescribe devotional worship (upasana) as a
means of getting rid of these bad
qualities. Upasana is the process of elimination
of the accumulated impurities in the mind
resulting from impure thoughts and actions in
the past. As a lighted joss stick removes the bad
odour around by its fragrance, devotional
repetition of the name of God drives away the
impurities of the mind. Remember, all actions
done as an offering to God are pure actions
(sat-karmas). Through such actions, the mind is

- Divine Discourse, Oct 4, 1989

Never try to control the mind. Follow the intellect, then, the mind will naturally submit
The master of your mind should be your intellect. Baba
26 Ag`sq,2017
sweI ieMspwier(pRyrxw) dw pMjwbI tRWslySn

pRSn: AsIN, Awpxy mn nUM ikvyN Su`D kr skdy hW?ieh krn nwl ikhVI muSikl Awvy gI?Bgvwn, A`j swnUM, piv`qr
rsqw dsdy hn[

au`qr: bhuq swry lokW nUM, Cy burweIAW ijvyN mwVI cwhq, gu`sw, lwlc, hMkwr, BulyKw(mwieAw) Aqy hsd ny Gyr ky
r`iKAw hoieAw hY[ivroD Aqy moh ny aunHW nUM jkV ky r`iKAw hoieAw hY[ienHW burweIAW kwrx auh Awpxw AslI sBwau
Bu`l bYTy hn Aqy hr qrHW dy hMkwr nwl Bry hoey hn[cMgy-mwVy dw Prk jwxy ibnW auh hr iek nwl dur-ivvhwr krdy
hn[Dwrimk gRMQ isKwauNdy hn ik ies qrHW dy AvguxW dw sPwieAw aupwsnw rwhIN kIqw jw skdw hY[aupwsnw auh FMg
hY ijhdy nwl mn dIAW auh ASu`DIAW dw ivnwS ho jWdw hY ijhVIAW ASu`DIAW BUqkwl ivc mn ivc mwVy ivcwrW Aqy
mwVy krmW kwrx iek`TIAW hoeIAW hn[ijs qrHW iek KuSbU dyx vwlI Agrb`qI, Awly-duAwly dI bdbU dw Kwqmw kr
idMdI hY ausy qrHW BgqI Bwv nwl ilAw bwr-bwr Bgvwn dw nW, mn dIAW ASu`DIAW dw ivnwS kr idMdw hY[Xwd r`Ko,
Bgvwn dy inim`q kIqy swry krm SuD krm hn[ies qrHW dy krm, mn nUM piv`qr krdy hn[(04 AkqUbr, 1989 dy
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kdy vI mn nUM kMtRol krn dI koiSS nw kro[jo bu`DI kihMdI hY auhI kro, mn Awpxy-Awp bu`DI dw kihxw m`ny gw[quhwfy
mn dI mwlikn bu`DI hY[(bwbw)