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(815) 882-2800 ext: 213
When Im Available: 2nd Hour Prep, before/after school
Course Length: 1 Year

Welcome to Culinary Arts!

Class Objective:
To explore different career paths available in Food Service.
To develop more advanced techniques in the kitchen.
To expand knowledge on healthful eating and to work through challenges in the kitchen
that are applicable to the real world.

Class Description:

Culinary Arts is a course designed to learn about the business of food. Topics covered include:
restaurants and food management, careers in foods and hospitality, food preparation,
commercial kitchen design, herbs and spices. Several weeks spent on an introductory unit on the
Illinois Food Safety and Certification requirements. Topics in this unit include: food-borne
illnesses, personal hygiene, food safety and sanitation. Additional units covered in this course
are: meal planning, using a work plan, cakes and cake decorating, garde manger, breakfast
foods, food buying, nutrition, desserts, sandwiches, casseroles, and rice. Students must past the
first semester in order to continue into the second.

Unit Topics:
Careers in Food Service
Equipment and Technology
Safety and Sanitation
Cooking Techniques
Soups, Stews, Stocks, Sauces
Appetizers and Sandwiches
Baking and Breads
Garnishes, Seasonings, Flavorings
Meat, Fish, Poultry
Pasta and Grains
Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes
Foreign Foods

We will be utilizing Google Classroom this year!

Classroom code will be given during the second
week of school.

My Website:

Grading Scale:


90%-100% 80%-89% 70%-79% 60%-69% Below 60%

Weighted Assignments
Homework - 15%

Assignments - 15%

Tests/Quizzes - 25%

Projects - 20%

Labs - 25%


Please let me know when you need to leave to use the restroom (For safety reasons, I need to
know where you are). There is a sign-out sheet for the restrooms near the door. Sign out and
take the bathroom pass with. Sign back in when you return. If its an emergency, or youre going
to be ill, JUST GO!

Make-Up Work/Late Work:

If you were absent from school, it is YOUR responsibility to come talk to me. If you know in
advance that you will be gone, talk to me and I can gather materials for you. Once you return, you
have two days to complete the missing assignments (Unless we discuss otherwise). 10% will be
deducted each day an assignment is turned in late. If youre turning in a late assignment, you
MUST fill out the green late work slip (located on top of turn-in bins).

An Assessment Of Knowledge (AOK) will be given at the end of each unit to assess conceptual
understanding, technical skills, and problem solving strategies. If a student is present on the day
before an AOK, but misses the day of the AOK, that student will be expected to take the AOK on
the day he/she returns to school.

Cell Phones:
Youll turn in cell phones to the cell phone pouch at the beginning of the period. You will be
assigned a number for your phone. All phones must be in the pouch by the time the bell rings. I
have a sign that will indicate when cell phones are allowed to be used during class. If its out
when it is not supposed to be, Ill take it to cell phone jail!

Classroom Equipment:
Ask permission if you need something of mine. Be respectful of the school property, and my
property. If you break something on accident, just be honest and let me know.

Teacher Contact:
I check my email frequently, so do not hesitate to contact me!

Extra Credit:
Extra Credit is the opportunity to undertake additional work, in the hopes of earning additional
points and boosting an academic grade. Extra Credit is NOT an opportunity to gain additional
points to replace assignments that were not completed in the first place. In other
need to earn the opportunity for extra credit. For a student to be eligible for extra credit
opportunities, he/she must have ALL assignments turned in for the quarter/semester. Extra credit
is never guaranteed.
Tentative Course Schedule:

Week Unit Topic

Week 1 Welcome
Aug. 16-18 Expectations and Procedures

Week 2 Nutrition + Basic info

Aug. 21-25

Week 3 Nutrition + Basic info

Aug. 28-Sep. 1

Week 4 Careers in Food Service

Sept. 4-8

Week 5 Careers in Food Service

Sept. 11-15

Week 6 Equipment and Technology

Sept. 18-22

Week 7 Safety, Sanitation, HACCP

Sept. 25-29

Week 8 Safety, Sanitation, HACCP

Oct. 2-6

Week 9 Cooking Techniques

Oct. 9-13

Week 10 Cooking Techniques

Oct. 16-20

Week 11 Soups, Stews, Stocks, Sauces


Week 12 Soups, Stews, Stocks, Sauces

Oct. 30-Nov.3

Week 13 Appetizers and Sandwiches

Nov. 6-10

Week 14 Appetizers and Sandwiches

Nov. 13-17

Week 15 Baking and Breads

Nov. 20-24

Week 16 Baking and Breads

Nov. 27-Dec. 1

Week 17 Desserts
Dec. 4-8

Week 18 Desserts
Dec. 11-15

Week 19 FINALS
Dec. 18-22

Second Semester

Week Unit Topic

Week 1 Garnishes, Seasonings, Flavorings
Jan. 9-12

Week 2 Garnishes, Seasonings, Flavorings

Jan. 15-19

Week 3 Menus
Jan. 22-26

Week 4 Menus
Jan. 29-Feb.2

Week 5 Breakfast
Feb. 5-9

Week 6 Breakfast
Feb. 12-16

Week 7 Breakfast
Feb. 19-23

Week 8 Meat, Poultry, Fish

Feb. 26-Mar.2

Week 9 Meat, Poultry, Fish

Mar. 5-9

Week 10 Meat, Poultry, Fish

Mar. 12-16

Week 11 Pasta and Grains

Mar. 19-23

Week 12 Pasta and Grains

Mar. 26-30

Week 13 Pasta and Grains

April 9-13

Week 14 Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes

April 16-20

Week 15 Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes

April 23-27

Week 16 Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes

April 30-May 4

Week 17 Foreign Foods

May 7-11

Week 18 Foreign Foods

May 14-18

Week 19 Foreign Foods

May 21-25

Week 20 FINALS
May 28-June 1