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Application Deadline:

January 15
When we share our classroom successes with our
Indiana senators and representatives, we put names
and faces on the policies they must consider. Teach-
National Writing
ers armed with student work can best convey the
nature and the impact of IWP and the National Spring Meeting
Writing Project. in
- Linda Hanson, Site Director Washington, D.C.

“I was so proud to represent IWP in D.C. and

share with the members of Congress and their aides
the great effect the National Writing Project, a

Conference Information
sustained professional development network, contin-
ues to have on me and my teaching of writing.”

Teacher Consultant
- Alena Bogucki, TC ‘07

“When I shared how Writing Workshop changed

my struggling students into writers who have pur-
pose and passion, many legislators were impressed.
Telling my classroom stories seemed to make a dif-
- Barbara Miller, TC ‘09

Benefits of Participation
 Share successes of using Writing
Workshop in your classroom.
 Affirm your belief in Writing Work-
shop principles.
 Be inspired to continue IWP work.
 Build your network of NWP contacts
Indiana Writing Project
 Meet your legislators and their Ball State University
aides. Muncie, IN 47306
 Contribute to our nation’s 1-800-342-3531
democratic process. (765) 285-8414

Before Applying…

Talk to previous participants– They are the best

sources of information about this experience.
Think about your story– Consider what will have the
most impact in the few minutes you would have to
speak to each legislator or aide.
Contact the IWP Director - Let her know you are inter-
ested in participating well before the January dead-
Start collecting student work early– Legislators and
Conference Snapshot
their aides enjoy seeing examples of the impact of
IWP in the classroom. Who: Teacher Consultants (TCs) from
Apply by January 15– Submit your application in a Indiana Writing Project, as well as other area
2010 NWP Spring Meeting
timely manner to be considered. and National Writing Project members. Keynote Address
What: Two-day conference consisting of the
After You Are Selected… first day visiting legislators to share the im-
Application Process
pact of NWP and the second day in round
table discussions. IWP has limited funds to support TC partici-
Check flights early– Contact other IWP members
traveling to coordinate your flights and to get the pation each year. Please provide the fol-
When: A Thursday and Friday in late March.
lowest fares. lowing in one word-processed document no
Use a credit card; save receipts—You will need to Where: A Capitol Hill area hotel with easy longer than 1500 words total.
pay for your flight, ground transportation, meals, and access to legislative buildings and sites of
1. A brief teaching autobiography.
hotel. IWP will reimburse you for these individual interest.
expenses or include them as part of your per diem 2. How you have used Writing Workshop
funds after you submit a claim with receipts upon re- Why: To update national legislators on the
in your classroom in the past school year.
turn. work on IWP and NWP, as well as to discuss
current political issues that impact NWP phi- 3. The skills or strengths you would contrib-
Wear comfortable shoes & professional clothes– You
will be briskly walking distances of 10 to 15 blocks losophy and implementation. ute to the Spring Conference team dur-
between buildings to back-to-back appointments with ing legislator meetings.
legislators and their professional aides. Be prepared
for weather changes.
4. Why you want to participate in this Na-
tional Writing Project professional op-
Plan time for site seeing before you leave– Capitol
Hill is within walking distance of Folger Shakespeare
Theater, the Library of Congress, the National Mall, Must be postmarked by January 15.
and many other tourist sites and restaurants. After you
arrive, the concierge at the hotel can help with direc- Send to:
tions and some ticket information. Union Station Metro
stop is close and provides easy transportation to other
Director, Indiana Writing Project
parts of the city, as do taxis. These excursions may be Department of English,
enjoyed before or after conference sessions but are Ball State University,
not reimbursable expenses. Muncie, IN. 47306-0460.

2010 NWP Spring Meeting Conference Location