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Assignment Guidelines

(1) All students are required to submit a signed statement of compliance with all work
submitted to the University for assignment, presentation or publication.

(2) No late submission of assignment problems will be accepted unless

previously arranged with the lecturer.
(3) Each assignment question will be marked as follows:

0 for totally incorrect solution

1-9 for partially incorrect/correct solution

10 for correct solution

(4) Solutions of assignment problems must be neatly laid out and all intermediate and final
answers clearly highlighted. The detailed working out of the solution must also be included.
Failure to do this will result in misinterpretation of your solution which could lead to it being
marked incorrectly.

(5) Marks may be taken off from the total for poor presentation of solution.

(6) When submissions are identical, the mark of one will be divided by the number of
identical submissions and this will be awarded to each.

(7) Assignment solutions will be available some time during the semester.

(8) Assignments are to be submitted by the appropriate submission date and

time in the handing in boxes on Level 3 in ME building (outside Purcell room)
AMME2301 Mechanics of Solids2017 Assignment 1

Due by 10 am, Monday August 14 2017




A simple three-bar frame is loaded and supported as shown in the figure. Determine

1. The forces exerted on bar BD by the pins at B and D.

2. The pin reaction at A on bar ABC and bar ADE
3. The internal resisting forces and moments at section aa in bar ABC.

For the beam shown in the figure, determine

1. The total force p and the total moment M acting on the -left hand portion of the beam at
the section b=200mm.
2. The total force p and the total moment M acting on the- right hand portion of the beam at
the section b=200mm
3. The reaction at point A.


Two hydraulic cylinders are used to control the position of the robotic arm ABC. Knowing that
the control rods attached at A and D each have a 20 mm diameter and happen to be parallel in
the position shown, determine,

1. The reaction at F and B.

2. The average normal stress in (a) member AE, (b) member DG.

Link AC has a uniform 6 12 mm uniform rectangular cross section and is made of steel with a
410MPa ultimate normal stress. It is connected to a support at A and to member BCD at C by 10
mm diameter pin, while member BCD is connected to a support at B by 8 mm diameter pin. All
of the pins are in single shear and are made of steel with a 170 MPa ultimate shearing stress.
Knowing that an overall factor of safety of 3.25 is desired, determine the largest load P which
can be safely applied at D. Note that link AC is not reinforced around the pin holes.


Two wooden members of uniform rectangular cross section of sides a=100mm and b=60mm are
joined by a simple glue joint as shown. Knowing that the ultimate stress for both joints are
=1.26MPa in tension and = 1.5 MPa in shear and that P=6kN,
1. Determine the factor of safety for the joint when =20o, =35o, =45o
2. For these values of , also determine whether the joint will fail in tension or shear if P is
increased until rupture occurs.