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Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) represents Requirements
the intentional recharge of surface water to Graduate and post-graduate students with
aquifers. MAR can be applied for seasonal Bachelor or Master degree in hydro
water storage, restoration of overexploited sciences or related areas. General
aquifers, prevention of land subsidence, knowledge on groundwater management
control of salt water intrusion, improvement (previous experience with GIS tools and
of water quality etc. simulation models are of advantage).

Depending on local conditions and project Application

objectives, aquifer augmentation can be Send your application (CV and motivation
primarly based on infiltration or interception letter) by email to Ms. Claudia Schnekerl:
techniques using water from different
Deadline for application
During the Summer School, the participants 30 April 2016
will get familiar with different MAR
techniques and will be guided through Costs
different steps in planing, operation and Participation to INOWAS Summer School
optimization of MAR schemes. 2016 is free of charge, accommodation on
TUD campus will be provided. Travel costs
must be covered by attendees but grants
will be available for selected applications. SUMMER SCHOOL
on Managed Aquifer Recharge
More information

Technische Universitt Dresden
4-9 September 2016
Department of Hydrosciences Dresden, Germany
Junior Research Group INOWAS
Pratzschwitzer Str. 15
01796 Pirna, Germany
Photo: MAR scheme in Salisbury, Australia
Tuesday, 6 September 2016 Thursday, 8 September 2016
PROGRAMME 08:00 Lecture notes Lecture notes
10:00 Selection of suitable sites for application of 10:00 Modeling of managed aquifer recharge
managed aquifer recharge applications
Sunday, 4 September 2016 10:00 Lecture notes 10:00 Practical exercise
12:00 Selection of methods for managed aquifer 12:00 Web-based simulations for optimization of
17:00 Welcome reception recharge MAR schemes
20:00 Presentation of participants 12:00 Lunch break 12:00 Lunch break
Short introduction of INOWAS project Lunch break and poster exhibition Lunch break and poster exhibition
Introduction of Summer School agenda
Ice-breaking buffet 13:00 Practical exercise 13:00 Role-playing exercise
15:00 Application of managed aquifer recharge to a 17:00 Participants will be assigned different roles
case study method selection and asked to simulate a MAR project
15:00 Practical exercise 19:00 Dinner
Monday, 5 September 2016
17:00 Multi-criteria GIS-based analysis of suitable Official Summer School diner
locations for MAR implementation
08:00 Lecture notes
10:00 Introduction to managed aquifer recharge:
definitions, classification, technologies
Wednesday, 7 September 2016 Friday, 9 September 2016

10:00 Lecture notes

12:00 Water balance and estimation of natural 08:00 Lecture notes 08:00 Case study
groundwater recharge 10:00 Processes occurring in soil during MAR 10:00 Detailed presentation of one case study
(physical, chemical, biological) (e.g. Dresden-Hosterwitz)
12:00 Lunch break
Lunch break and poster exhibition 10:00 Lecture notes 10:00 Field trip
12:00 Operation and maintenance of MAR 12:00 River bank filtration in
13:00 Practical exercise schemes Dresden-Hosterwitz
15:00 Estimation of natural groundwater recharge
using a numerical model 12:00 Lunch break 12:00 Lunch break
Lunch break and poster exhibition Lunch break and poster exhibition
15:00 Field trip
17:00 Testfield infiltration in Pirna-Copitz 13:00 Closing ceremony
13:00 Practical exercise
15:00 Summer school evaluation, attending
17:00 Experimental determination of soil and water
certificates, closing ceremony
flow parameters in laboratory and field