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Sir, as we say, we see here, Sharon say we don't see my part of bringing forth suppose

it evidence courtroom evidence and describing the image over here and we seen a right
hand sign with the map audiovisual display property being properly identified as well. If
we could proceed or not proceed is that the question may be of the is that a dog that
needs to be saved from Jamaican of meat is better is that some respect loaded be that
could be appreciated in it in a way that usable once volunteer does get sentiments
thoughts it, it's like a dog little bit sir okay major okay so what we want to do is double
check here were seeing straight and where on the level try to murder each other that
seem fair to somebody. Anyone clear character Danielle, etc. what I hundred one of
their science history book and joy cannot
even as I'm a better friend Alan now doing and in her hand, but your is the but to
sarcasm not laws being broken here that annual laws every law by a statement when a
statement rendered as bubblelike telepathy 24 seven 365 70 is a way 26 years
overlapping. Aside from your telepathy's mental health got another ideas will play
games and laugh my face.

Rick want to break the goal and that subject right there your with Mr. please mark sex
crimes unit dinging service please with Rick. Leo doesn't like it when somebody else's
like it I like objects or can't abuse any kind of medical capabilities whatever race you are
to inflict injury and harm on others in pain, prejudice and abuse, especially that
capabilities ill begotten, you will be get subject to objection your Rick going to my area.
My invisible realm capability lives you telling you don't have. You did have data right
there, so these we may shoot Noreen thing with frequent we may think, none of the
sequences of sentences and paragraphs using Rick Arroyo first evolve right here. One
of the first false, and the police chief together this minimum one right now most anyone
needed to you. Also, having know nothing to do understood 24 seven 365 2524 days
seven days a week ending 365 26 years everyday fair was Collingwood higher. So, with
nothing to say what other ideas what you know. 26. It took 10 years.

About five years but 20 years back. Nothing to say but somebody got another ideas as
well. Active guarantying her mama landed around. They don't know that can limit the
nagging and but were never were only a rumor American dollars limit. For example,
when he limit for example you want some. He wants him and come on you and you
want known at you sure you Noreen about pads unknown hundred a complaint to see
lawbreaking, very, very bad. Where you going both say here, that's $50 fine for Placer
anyway. Were getting back on track and I am using your funny, Westminster, Huntington
Beach. Your response, protect me if you don't mind you I want to tire secrecy
clearances and that ain't so bad.
You can kill yourselves fighting everybody else, so anything or not this hormone Astarte
or tree gets up and say you know my phone number emergency line summary on
critical life support line, why would you say something to me on to plan if we could be
there in your honor. Available Judges nods as a lawyer type of visual power of attorney
to know that we were only going to make that dear Dan, please let's to strike 11 10 PM
Friday, June 16, 2000 we got a gray Steve you do say great stipulate return on that and
we have a very dire doomed murder problem so terrible I told you you're not even in the
real world you did something so evil and Can keep coming to everybody wants getting
on the act here and intercept my our communication like Anthony Woodcock is your
mom always brought back from the entities she's been done during magician to admit
that blip pinball plate for all kinds of people.

It would be equally very many people do that murdered telecare murder my weaker
brought back for resident Rick Frederick Frederick that funny when we start that
document of business. So if we make executive business you know something is that
false statement. But you don't. But you might want unimplemented my sound very fence
and that's an offense, but you even my if you dint know I don't even disagree order from
Mac Manson and something at you and Stevie recording artist computer hanging on
any of bringing over little bit artistic weird computer and see me in a steamy thing where
a plant paying the sheriff department, you I know the limitless kind, all in dinging luck to
send you we subpoena individuals across examine with so to say and share reflector
field technology sector field technology you have your flat saucer after conveyance
Abby's we have our dark lots crew nipped at saucer crew got you know anything about
the gym you did know, though, so did Mr. Pocock is you saw the invisible that was

invisible wars of 19 90 yes invisible wars is like totally outdoor work warfare met with
city that right is one thing to share about that in my ear incoming sounds in invisible
warlike warfare situation that occurred occurred in Midway city during the hiatus of the
beginning as it is about my that they got it 1550 but would start the summer to do it a
fast one. I want to see your side of SH words and I will let my NSTAR thank you my
don't tell me that that that although took me on time to so anything to do it last thing on
my little mind get back on track circle at Rick Dixon set a circle danger that a circle of
something that needs to be surrounded in check out observed many angles of how
circle needs to be for certain study to research the information people, places, things,
the events so the BC you discover here, reported please reduce is good but your
nurture. The probation officer and sheriff department Townsend see the house and
getting called and don't point I don't want 24 seven 365 2520 point 23 77 days a week
26 here's 1989, 90, 90, let's say Saul Amaral sent an apartment over here. Those
people and be reimbursed if the no Albert reimburse I was riding my bike out to and
house training training to help her work with the Israelites who by the way Canada may
not make it you have liable response look at going on so you get it you don't go

Go fish over there this guy wouldn't even get to go there. That that's any gun or
anything at all. And if you think that is where problems are you these director be
because of their behavior unbecoming and sheriff department. Townsend this is
something laugh about not content can turn any opinion or any type of input towards
understanding mind all is not that in Mike noted that the money what will you would
want to move but you know that every procedure is that they be handcarried and have
clear or seasonally. But anyway, besides that it's possibly a way of communicating and
holding higher courts opinion spinal and supernal you want to describe what
supernovae don't like thinking that I want them to get out in space so I can connect to
the Nazi space stipulates that it circle and if we could I courts accord you hear that. Did
you have a canary on that. Mr. Gonzales not go out space is that fighting words look like
it's fighting were let me go get some men that's fine about it.

You do right there. I guess not to go out space. Why is that a problem is it a problem.
You said it or somebody over here is watching you don't want. Let's her here and now
he's not wanting her later that you want. I got about Democrats problem. We know
where the real problem is you say we don't know were not we, I disagree. So you're
about. I disagree you to special you. I disagree. Are you a murderer. I disagree. You
murder have you murdered thousands a day. I disagree You murdered millions a day
that one right there you to Val aim objection a neck and back in the in the murder that
many thing I come after you been I object to Quicken to Marriott pallets in all that he no
real pal is that right company to get on it sir we'll talk about it somebody
else talking for you right somebody would guns want to talk for you on the ending just
what I was in the Army units and let's make sure we get this without having to have a
input of at least some a look like Army

and I did to make an ape again yeah wow how you can do that you gotta leave Murder
millions a day can say your American issue. That's what you stand for. On provoked
rectal insemination murder by the way, want to call call us a people help I do. I do want
to cause people I know you do by and say it was okay to rectal insemination, murder,
rape. Do that as many as a toddler that.I say it was okay to do that. I didn't say it was
okay I said not to Abby's aperture flight module conveyance quote unquote those kind
words by raping up ducting that's abuse murdering killing all you did I detect a super
spirit, soul, okay, then it's murder killing at better everybody is at your purpose in life you
to pal no such thing as you do, especially it's fighting words. By the way my military and
thing so you have to act like you know we want to utilize these on a movie about a
movie, a film of the art law would go to Hartwick that's really more I you did as and that
it did you decide orders and does not make it skin certificate stipulates that little part of
you get oil reports and reporting of low-level world gone soul so terribly genocidal rectal
insemination murder devil worship genocidal Swan quasar both NAS stipulate plan
would you explain that plaintiffs yes or these minerals and seeing hearing on a number
higher courts accord omnipotent. Supernal not been evident far and few in between
become victimized individuals that Mr.

Gonzales were over there right there when he landed to the main LeBlanc 5 foot 5 foot
four six-foot fellow Americans, but in reality there serial killer murderers that led the print
lead and still lead the scrimmage held me captive told lies got seven years behind
everyday affair straightfaced straightfaced make me look like a dork stipulated. We don't
use dork you're blinking assaulted me my intelligence and didn't stand up to their flag
and say to omnipotent creator here missing all wanted all points that no such thing as
cartoon phenomena image that can speak and so saying you came and call the police
and came over how many times the sauce working. Mr. Gonzales or ran plead because
the image over here to say this potentially Steve is not a good thing to do now but that's
when I'm in the middle here and and I want to brag about and out of the program is
getting into it all the time the image your lie about life or fight is fighting words to by the
way the no doubt about that. Fighting words is I asked the shared the said forum here
were the Westminster police you not be checked tries units, sex crimes you explained
anything is that communication all can hear you all can eavesdrop

eavesdrop that Rick is leading one of the faades of Oort scrimmages Rick Arroyo
stepbrother by for a preplanned, phony family and phony friend evildoing dark saucer
crew leader returns over my father. That's what the testimony shared all can heard it
was the I said it that the perpetrator right there to be police, we have quite a bit crime
going on, but not limited we got doing quasars beyond quasars in a time still so big and
so large that they lost my site on spermicide on the images in Google you can you can a
funny thing like 90s just recent times. So by this court, being all to do negligent seditious
libel abusing funds and purposely and for every and every example of what never to do,
uphold ending life killing humanity and humans. Mankind is there purpose exactly that,
though exactly you're not mankind anymore. Womankind somebody say otherwise
you're a fight a fight for liars you're a monster and you're also another being in your also
a magician hybrid. I'm human. You are not you want to comment on that. I wish I was
sure I would kindly don't wishful thinking was home and it was an owner will be open or
you want to fight about it. I know I'm very sure you want to fight about, because Steve

doesn't have superhuman strength like you do your magician hybrids out I know is the
issue the way long ago the insurer wanted nuclear war to kill us all. First is that where
the liability lies here gag. I'm in duty bound to whatever the added identity would you
ever been around about Diddy to be great happiness is seeing us perish nonionizing
murdering man Acoma Marianne well went back my kingdom cycle make Rick and Mr.
Gonzales together cycle make whoever you got pre-planned F over is what the entity
described that you live you don't understand, didn't hear the entity straightfaced you
walk away from his gravity compression being right here is that something old to do
them in time only on their left and right this minute. The weather is good and Anthony
and the little ones don't seem to me that something so when he drank the old want to let
me get this straight you on the meat stipulate order in the court and Loyola is not make
this dress thing that you need to be taken out or killed on site until I come over here.
Would guns poisons coxswain slapped my face anyway and means who would not
claim or argue to the contrary, don't come later. Try try to talk crap is not funny please
weigh not funny at Saul help Mitch malicious and evil in lying and conniving. Love,

Diana Coram
Leanne Golding the last two and half years critical life information and critical life is been
done under this laughter to your over your thinks it's funny to do under all the life you
could see current diabolical murder. Keller genocide rate the whole cosmos much to can
it can make and to get 30 together the is all that though you did it that doing that. Still,
who anybody say to say differently that there were we are draining you. But don't dance
going to march her up your back just in multiple departments type of court the way to
sequester bring for. And when's is more than here this evening on the 10th and then
again also for me to hurry up and share that sometimes people are so overwhelmed by
being observed by the Holy Ghost thing in abandon anyone in the bathroom get you to
give a little leeway there will think outside unit the right way. Neither I went to your
place. I quit want to place and so you're not the way I do it. That's right, you are so big
and so gone so far it illegal that we talked about when you kill and
murder emulsify that work dealing with that billions of shot then send millions a day
rectal insemination gratification need to is that you not China. Okay, let's go with you
Marshall's thing. So the objective is to permit objectives here where we start this to
make sure we put Don Trump down like were doing when you see him and infiltrate
what about Anderson's people in every way you can like backstabbing, conniving
magician bad guy like you did with them want to do me up right there to see him right
here at your shoot that there some might be the other day today to shoot a basketball
right beside me telling times and protective safety area. I wasn't present. Sometimes I
am sometimes a not as a dangerous work that stipulate it's and I'm not in this meaning
undercuts that did not work to do work program and they now work program to do the
work work work work so let me get this straight material facts material facts someone

concerts witnesses omnipotent creator image billing and means I can talk sweet
intercept water to women. Which of summer another Severna everything to do any
minor to me. You need it. The skull seated would be Rebecca to talk to that is a whole
thing that William supposed to live up to. Not any lawyer. First of all, doesn't have
anything to do with pander that's all they do those pander aid in the abetment kill on the
murder murder all that to to hear what I said. One person wanted to three flight aperture
individuals taken down. How many you want to say something you call yourself a what
you say it's okay to do a call us a liar or call ANSI liar or say you didn't hear the 24
seven 365 anyone easy, especially to each CNC go to the bathroom you say fight and
shoot murder because you can't bear when a space up to the image handling is a
romantic means once for this and if plainly stipulated that the seminar and through
Scripture reading that some people may not Leanne but bear in face of space up to the
image of some and panned out. They want to murder Stephen drugged him up in
hospital you need be taken out killed you want to kill me as I support the pull knife what
you you you sport, uphold skill and death written at me through 27. Enemy lines enemy
enemy that some enemy talking on his mother Fokker die as fast possible mother
Fokker mother Fokker thoughts about Brett stipulate I object to the lying want to murder

me to lie about it like you doing today by Mike they did it when too many times each
year. Having people died is there murdering my the funky escapade on my talking
account of all the talking, never told me mother Fokker business inside information
never Fokker new you know what you talking about to get the streets the easiest but
you did million billions a okay let me Brad the pre-private corporate but peep peep you
yet peeping know everyday people per se are not everyday people know that to know
that we know that doing on a yes or no, you talk about billions of murderers each and
every one of you do a day sometimes. Now, especially the ones that think they can
come up and contested not take it down. I want to see me and they want to murder me
first because I know too much of the murder record will laugh that's funny Ricky Arroyo
is doing going around with visible capability invisible cable like you all the flock got
mother Fokker thought you your anatomy flock you dive mother Fokker a die soon a
possible quick did at that and give you peace. We need to get to your goal all the not
funny that material fact, let me get this straight. You drafted me Street ease in the

distant local doctor dark truck tractor start with them. Let me go to the screen here to
get you to look at these trouble to. And if what's that anything left of Washington, which
is not you guys nuke it because nuke it to death. When I looked we look at the pictures
and photos of individuals like Mr. Obama. There was, and maybe a hibernation all
sometimes occurred card sometimes occurred for a while right now to so let me get this
straight. If you don't mind somebody kill you later when we can get somebody else go
take the get-go to some criminals you need be taken out to you will need to be taken out
any qualms about it, I got Ms. excuse me. I guess a busy work to do somebody nuke us
up all the way and you laughed my face and egg it on me to go down that marshal
service for Merck more than the spring and I got you guys all murder to so if you ever so
much as come forward as a big hosta group try to take take drives flock you dead right
there. Paul don't ever, ever, ever disrupt our hearing less emotion please if we may
proceed, and don't ever come in my visible around my room ever again. By the way and

invade my body medical abuses execute missing Mr. Obama's earnings And really
that out recording at two the television to to the computer so to speak. Thinking in a way
that even you where people get off and stuff to what it should have been what Rick
would want to been dead ducks. We don't say in dark saucer circles because gravity
manipulation. What would you do human people like people do cemeteries under like no
one other very bad things everyday bear, but that's not even enough to describe get
back on track what Rick Arroyo is out to do universal polyps. Yet you believe that that is
never going to happen. All you can you provide is that the police that do this exactly the
cosmic that do the stars in the some quasars often more than that now and their very
many all you all you do that and so all these years. Recent times, we are praying for get
back on track and try to get things that you have been praying Steve praying with higher
power and simulating praying is much as possible for the benefit of what goodness is
better than funky when he asked kill everything you can talk later know that can't be true
stipulated circle that can't be true is it true that get me to. Is it better to be screwed in the
but raped in the but killed than what it when you have we got on your deal to get dude
that's with 50 Royal and every one of these individuals. Everybody in the world, so to
say that me and Nancy for now or all of the regular mass people like all present on
these photography exhibits want to preform I think within the realm of the sec. on the
beats second clock here. Okay, stipulate exhibits because this Jeff photography here if
subpoena photography is a way to exact contentions exact contentions we can watch
and see here should share what an opponent is thinking or trying to do with me so bad,
so I would never even sat so fast, say, that is internal that they have super billing so

they consume all-stars. They rake the people flights on saucers. They were named in
Rimini now those now days like take out Alice Jones lateral movement try to come over
to to get about Terry anything but we don't want to go there but if you really bring up the
bar people. Please over nearby there do this the world me like you doing you need to
bone to bone you be taken balm balm should send it to the mentor units are there is a
trouble you to Jim about your mind and my India any reason say why you what you
need to help Momo help Momo about 20 an timing I want that in uniting gaming
examined up like rounding out for grant to know all yeah and so a phony failing type of

situation arose dark soccer saucer cruise attorney invented by men Bynes and Ming are
missing and have been made decoy type humans that's bait traps in these a try to
murder me ground and had to take them out to balm balm home trying to kill me in the
act. In the act, mother Fokker is a guy nuclear mirror, you get an apartment use money
into taken out balm Stan Anson trying Emmanuel wanted to rent a preplanned and
answering something you and so the rest of that's what Emmett said and that the
people of Canada knew all the wound and want me to know about it as I was ionizing
you and also procreating is seen and the end result saw my example with Barnum and
not doing and you guys went bonkers the other way when you stop that right there, I say

to take her out what it said to take her out to come out to that I say that yes I did share
that, stipulate his apartment so is unfair for one to value their life like myself fair and
severe thing with stipulate sure. So by signing by citing shoot dead on site for not
standing up to Israel's right to exist from murder for not obeying the law for making a try
because we got Jake the Marshall services out of order up to the place got nuke talent
you guys did it living off of Anson Nancy think he's despond for more nuclear attacks
REASON to float his other folder here stipulates of remains ever a PC didn't area of
investments or comptrollers or all to do a shoot dead on site I tell you why later if you
don't mind the cute to you how to get out you get a way to lump and yes was let go walk
away is up at least put in custody at where where were you were beginning that not
even see the picture is why because you murder to add to everything to do what you
want them for special personal sense and and they need to be taken out right there their
lives mental health that way took too long properly officially dignitary in any or
respectively. I got the image knowingly my memos that are lying around alone and let
him doing to get up to the IBM normal how to be a normal and mental health areas of
understand humans are mankind psychology why they now can winding and not not
okay. Murder is the problem murder talking burn on any old murder but flocking murder
but flocking killing murder, not a devil worship guide know anything about it know
anything about about. So by psyching inciting a matter were going to neutralize and
neutralize power home between us right there mechanics that is works some reason
avoiding or get some differences in different I don't like gas Steve Gunite glass it real
time when you don't murder got a copy Stan up like mother Fokker it away and asked or

in the interests of others, myself and our way and if you want to do quick nonowner
open, but the but some need to get you out to over here you know it can hold on a
minute been in the unit that you not to because not having the patient's that I'm in the
patient's to stop that about-face in affirmative answer and affirmative there no murdering
when we talk about talking about the billions nowadays each of you swallowing a bowl
you think your Bible to seek but individual mother Fokker you know, some I didn't want
to get beat might want to think like that, stipulate think the rosary flowery benefit to get
your soul sucked like I think I saw you do did want be be big thank you for your but
thought problems but fun crown on talk about shoot dead Killian flocking mental health

mother Fokker worker ever. First you got your orders sir at your aggravating mayhem
ma'am Sir I know you are you want to crazy talking situation like a mother Fokker you're
fleeing like a mother Fokker running because you're guilty exactly that murder genocide
will we haven't even gotten to the particulars will try to last long enough to give you
detail if there's anything left in life. Pretty soon the rate they're going by the way, that is a
stipulation that objection. I object to negative behavior going on. It's complain of making
I have information on a number High Court to corner Sir detail the Secret

Service. Of course of course not. Of course the least persons ever wanted to be
needing a hand or assistance in everything to do with their in on it so bad so much.
Don't know how to stand up. They flag got probably but to stipulate brought with it or
they do murder like no tomorrow to Eden, so it only had a few phone unknowing is more
or to share a little bit of narrative that one with the super you know some legal areas of
MP3 and so we can play it separate from Steve's got you all you lives the only lives not
big you are now and everybody else's want to fight us to say God is God again and
cremate you guys a quick I'm very glad I did now on I was very Merry Riverwood not
sure for a while yet murderers like you that are so bag so large if I documented another
interval view. I would not last at all as long as I like to see you guys change your ways
change that's about-face change your ways and when I look at places and people that's
been nuked out always in the sunken a come back and like when I sleep in a dark
sleeve and deep sleep you guys some might recall that to disappear into the area of

unknown reasons not something like that to some, so you're a big blowhard scene the
steam to do an evil big parent science to Mabel try to walk them into her rectal
insemination deed or murder so you can have one on them for one so you can do are
world up like were like the parasite worm at the Nels way back when. Then I was too
long ago though your beyond that now when you're more see that that that you know
you're on the world with an old tank any. So by having a rectal insemination gratification
rape or assault need and desire to get the street running at court. Bernal court like Mr.
Gonzalez has still Mr. Perez has an like no tomorrow thinks it's the funniest thing
missing on-again if you don't mind you making a try at me you are not only cues you
need to be input in a place so you and you and you were you won't and won't be

harmed others to play the higher courts accord the so you Rick, but in the place is to
rank over someone. Whether it's in seniority or classifications are on the merit of you not
murdering on rectal insemination rapist not annual murder by the way every chance he
gets any none. I want to drive you did that movie, but you gotta learn is these got and
that's if it's something to learn is this and this and it wasn't now here are said to not look
that took a check to Google thinking run long but forgot to regard Nancy Nancy an

answer regard Nancy Nancy as a sponge a nuclear sponge that Wanda. It look like in
NC same around the circumference of why the law can view is where business is really
going on. That's in recent times when it looks like things I want to look over here in
Washington so you can look at it. Nevertheless, I hear the incoming like we did in 1990,
very, very frightening and that's last thing we want to do anything with that we want to
make my only event. When I aren't friendly movie and in the and I want to run the ball
and yanking let the field and that's it on a movie film this point, you look really good.
This monotony on the yet to the camera and the camera you the camera. The camera
you not to do it on same Antman this is if someone was to argue some case in that

manner, and art have us for what it's worth could have us expletives okay when okay
but they forgot to scan the nice look a little bit but up by all means. This stuff is going to
be by buyer table table so it really compares must would like to get too many liens but a
table is supposedly a visa preplanned. That's why they laughed so much like it's the
funniest thing and to statement mitochondrial DNA that was somehow the real signed
by through Charlie. That's hard to believe the image but it looks like a dock. The quacks
like a dock as regards. It seems to me there my mind all me that, though, why is he just
I ain't tweaking anti-all the way like we disclosed and shared swells and shared and if
you tell me one more time prisoner that you know the difference in your supposedly
right biscuits want her talking prisoner the death row inmates that's Amanda paint
someone hanging out what you little bit to get you to protect you are seller even try to
get the image to some a nice picture. Like, protect nice community. That community and
you owed not only lives. How many billions of times a week even see in here here in a
spray and trying to things as we each predicate's say let's say a Patricia shoot. For
example, Wendy Linley together and all the disrespecting contemporary contemptuous
mockery of how many intercepts many intercepts we figured they made us go through
and try because of their all the way want a different mind and murder all that you can
find laws don't count judge don't count. You don't want to hear it. Could you do the same
thing mother Fokker don't be bad ass about it right now to Jan that I would say they
have money might put in that kind of tax if you want to buy your life in those Kenneth
space abuse like were trying to get at abuse of space flight aperture abuse really alloy
in disguise but Ricky just made a sex VISX to thumb through my interbeing assumed
money that that that's been going on for a is can tell you all about that, but
won't get them, but we got the right rear end now six transient ending meaning at some
time. Any ANSI eggs in on a little bit brings in more but that's for the

reason purpose that he attacks on what looked when it looked when it was cool, not
cool see and if nothing to do if anything that you can really understand Steve and it
where you're out at this is way out that this doing this easily washed all all deal that one
you think, how do if they feel about that. You saw my a semi example help procreate
you to what they say it back procreated by ionizing and other areas looking every and
any way to exemplify and demonstrate a need to take you all out wage. All in all warfare
disappearance of recycling. All in all either disappearance recycling warfare.

Whatever takes like you did do because all last thing ever in any one of the why in the
world. The dads so crooked want to hurt is very evil to see the conduct and substance
enough. So what is house and then they go all the way there first thing because there
are murderers and a very bad serial killing preplanned folk overdue every living thing
and you creation up like you doing though it did in on your still doing as big as you are
doing way more than quasars, a dollop rectal inseminating that used to be. It is a rectal
insemination rape kill scene that multiplies the living tar out of every and inside the core
of the planets implode soul system starts to know what you know. Which do you system
your big big problem. Hi read everybody's community. I written everybody's line my dad
what it boils down to so it was not a laughing interface and especially my face and
people like my face like he did, though, to others, I so funny to me or a homosexual or
rapist, murderer
unit are you listening and taking note US asking for Dr. Picard to come up with
something real real good at insurance company never wants to pay the claims to the
working shut that cut the do a good job when at your insurance company to see
somebody find out find any wealth that this fight is out this eight foot use when I got sick
way that's not what you need to get to is that defensive is about the right measure. I
know the right measure want to see the rent better is that reasonable who should be
upset at who so is that overstepping your balance to live murder and export murdering
to live that witness to the witness the Christlike witness in fact enemy campaign on and
only mean one thing and clean opening and handling a little on laughing along. So
Omar mercy because they murder like no tomorrow and you, Mr. Obama you to
recommend some romance and you laughed in her face to jump laughed in her face
because Newcomb and sodomize him this way he would would would be should do way
back when. What was that, so every day separate there separate there, and Noreen
liens we think, no planes, a crime so many lysosome anywhere & we are not a sponge
for you to continue taking pot shots at me us like you did and are doing acids
Westminster Bridge roundabout and that by limiting lot does not backslide at that big big
unit mental mother Fokker by the way, boys yelling advertising would you talk about it,
meaning all salt to psych inside you guys have to come looking limiter murdering in a
manner to anything I noted my music on it while you wanted to cuddle don't do anything
else so you will so big it right there other ideas that go that's the other ideas in
affirmative certain no murdering what flight abuse distant returning to be cited are taking
and locked up for every shot. They cannot see how it is your job is ready to general stop
Naval intelligence stop dispose assembly not only is it civil or order both to before GOP
did the sold at what saw you by assimilating or by taking another to take an oath. When
we went on the other two goals in this kinds of resort you working with the police went to
nursing and the police department are in urinal to their the time for goofing off and this
time forget back on track and to get upset ANSI Nancy what I do want to do for not
stripping of energies like some retarded somebody forget all the stipulated procedures
we found in bringing down, up and back and forth from the departed close to it in those
realms in other areas ones are why did. Can I speaker is anyone he contended that that
isn't even remotely closely accurate to the flagrant so I did, I did after after the fact
stroked Wilbur to June 17 is as a Ricky want to do with bowel play with you again take
back from the table right here. Note the mechanics so their innuendo is not in you know
that Hispanic enemies are not human beings like Steve and and like what appears to be
their time. The regular pneumonia about a right over there. I bet your humans
Robbinsville what got you on the other. It was Kathy Whiteley house going over here
sipping a little bit of input on both screens go so let me get this straight, Mr. Obama's or
limits other screening are also total of 308 a.m. you and the rest of the crew people that
were supposedly corroborated with corroborating with whoever however can. Not only
do Steve way here, murder all and emulsify all the planets he can multiply and do all the
life off you know anything about it. You do that to them. And while but about W if I do, I
mean if you don't have it about the sold limousine you if I told you that Mr. Donald
Trump over here. You earn money here. You can be. Danner didn't die or died about to
die because of whatever reason, one false move one move can sign and not decide in
her leg, and as a buddy in them. I don't you and you want to hear what I had to tell you
think that's funny sold as all you know about selling to the devil to not be part of the
solution solution stop murdering. We asked we complained we objected we put in
writing wrote a paper we were not able to get a real anything to do consensus with
murderers like you murder so bad on fire and try not trying to buy or try to trademark try
at that and maybe I'll save firesides that better to if I tell you to find Scott sign that that's
a unified return fire truck sign up and made his sculpture supply going to find one but I'll
say that sign what time we the firings was on funny friendly funny friendly at the old
anointed the you you probably know you anything new. I don't know anything about it so
your worse then anything I really thought voted for do by the way everything you do with
the last thing if ever there was the last thing come hell or high water, or eaten uphold's
consuming records rectal inseminating on the outgoing away from my own rental even
elderly men lying on. Sometimes get better yet better by really cannot make a fence
going into this in the computer and all you want done. But then again, sometimes I
forget Sharon stipulate something that see the image that's all ghost and so you want to
show restraint that way sometimes. Like these missing is not the skin individual way
bigger and you do are not without knowing of the big not big at all. She so antsy to say
and psych are share. There is no such thing is that dictate that you talk to me on map
map of Africa a mopey map of Africa going or memory not at that amount is on Mamma
Mayor cartoon phenomena you me happy to bring you something for pretty good to me
little so as we were saying in signing or not signing anything to take up his probation
separate years behind that many deaths that many people who I'll be starting lots right
now and here is mulling I would check in your training again. I'm going to know I don't
normally they print it you indent down to real bad because it is the unity it is guaranteed
the rectal insemination to take you to come out of a soul snatched scraps that was
come in what David what going on with David answering at me in the middle more away
were more marked in your essay safety zone somebody when one listens him or
someone or some sense it has a spear coming get scared something is walk walk right
through you and dangerous work and you are you made a big mistake. Mr. Trump, I
thought you made a big mistake. You think it's funny to so let me get this straight. Mr.
Trump they did out of those of higher courts accord by Rick Arroyo tuning carelessly
where and how I ran up Steve but now kill him. We want to pop the world pop the earth
pop Steve but you will laugh anything that's fun and I want to show you funny right
there. If I can't side as were nominally cuss as I can do kill him or is easily 70 million
billion 20,000,000 yd. mile that Wayne romantic you gently she went missing thing on
the ass so I'm the bad guy let them poppy. I asked in the world in nuclear war were
doing and I know more about it or boiled down to. And that is what I want to boil down to
I want to bow down. It should date on site. First of all the way many.

Communal I am up your ass did on site to be good. Mr. Harlow do his job you anybody
mind and by my stippling at faceted possible pleaded it the dreaded I goggled you got
gold both goggled not men with anyone here that the hotel goggled my job to make sure
you don't do those things that there laugh at our faces murder on a Q want you to all the
devil text that you will suck conflicting reports or before conflicting reports your
underlings. No higher courts accord and notary planes all to do or try to gasping
fumigate mean foul play is man. Mr. Trump, and in everything and anything to do with
mental health. A bottle rank-and-file to the top to the fragrance in the moment
unfortunately saying in its June 17 1210. Every effort they can to avoid paying the man's
claim like this joker comedian thinks is funniest thing and so the reasonable thing calls
of an attorney were now they sent is inventor trying to kill every living thing in rectal
inseminating every living thing in creation. Your help them to their time that you let me
help you like a ship say they're selling you your cell and out you sold out sold out all
sold out, and in fact, in fact in nuclear and if the nuclear fans come through an aunt in
antsy dance. These spines factum. Nobody cares what is that mean that certain of
leader on later macros are not remaining in the mean time, please, 11, 12, 11 and living
it straight again. Repeat them for more complete you got and she wouldn't let me get my
gun I need some attention to women want to be Rebecca much meanwhile were to the
screen length mixer with saline. I got another ideas that get them on the trend look like a
leaning and smile and not an easy wood decks if I needed he/she would decks and
visible realm. I would want will have that. So when a universal like a leaning scan decks
so to stipulate is that fighting words couldn't walk away from this and I am and
walkways, stipulate your unrelated circulated a deity sentiment of the ladies. A lot of
most of all, all non-not all, and not at Dixie magicians that were to translate well and
then one day, all the while the unit gave eat him up to speed amount decoy a real and to
share and denies either never know the identity and let me at some of this. So first
thought. Are you cute you're not cute. I did what he called like a shark didn't write it did
cold-blooded some months team Sarah Lapland, stipulate plans anyway. Sarah Kaman
share will whatever reason, I think I want try to make an excuse for if I'm exacting
contentions, and I say I'm not exactly content in the but nothing in and anointing by
contentions give them online murder. Do those things mentioned not anyone I murder
room at 12 not that bad. There is a real bad shortcut make death threats and tries at me
because I we add and share exhibit stand up for what to do with taking Rick out on site
taken into custody and not working with and for him to end our lives that you need to be
taken outside Boehm real fast but will possibly be over to your boundary please sir, so
complications arise when you don't do justice do justice complications do I want
complications Steve no sir. And this year my sperm and there are with you. Your exciting
name in turn. That was small potatoes long time ago. Your opening argument to make
her honor and privilege for your attention. These guys they were Hispanic is what you
want to stop by one of them. We heard Nancy Bagwell. Little is that a stipulation of
quick and fast and spiffy not love them to share. Excuse me not to talk over the nuclear
base please. How many times he says to do that sent you that not to talk on their talk
when at Town & Country get on the computer and use the computer phone up at the
little sky care or get a mutual account to Google Kaman gone you didn't have anything
to want to do would communicate with us and want to laugh in her face because you're
not and wasn't anything to do with the governing purpose your bagel. The biggest
government laugh in her face. It's funny like to cuss high you did with them so that
whenever ladies and gentlemen, you're doing looking for someone to think it's funny to
do that like they did and are doing, they got this and didn't doing things funniest thing
murder all the heck you want to lie about is no such thing as cartoon phenomena, global
telepathy that intercepts and to go use our platform like I see you're doing and did you
did eat, and it is our platform and abuses attorney-client privilege now abuse and public
information or national security information like you didn't doing to go to get away with it
uphold everything anything to do with not life like shoot dead Ricky to get eat you did
and we were trying to murder me a come out put hands on me to that time explain this
again. You got this job a little bit you got this, but here not do not not use what year did
you get into degrees electronic moment during a laying on bringing a bite you when you
get in human computer better that way. And that guy got another ideas telling times we
ask so you have no way of communicating because you're into deep and you murder
too much here out of control and you know not to stop murdering and if I tell you Ms. got
me no more universal Crayola pet places to go color magazines that you want to put us
in jail for because you knew what you did in the world that meet the annihilation of my
that's what it can seem to indicate but everything seemed like a slippery appear right
sensory right that screen you want to see how you don't follow the step of situation, why
you would would you do you are you Emmy eat, how many people you did upcoming at
Rick and your friend please. Your friend is the Avalon so where were going over this
here old to say or sarcastic. Steve's efforts worth 30 billion our anybody want to remain
20 10 million 6 million 2000 what we value our lives that knew the end be quiet the
machine the end be quite once it was an opinion right here and leave me see this all to
do with the old shoes all to hold nuclear composite magicians think they don't burn in
hell or input they do to us. When you kill him to especially conveyance eat up your
conveyance eat this that's conventional conveyance, even you, and being a mother
Fokker to Ellen thing thing on so let them into the now say that prone to it is what's was
right answers is that you still peanut in the unit. So what to ask them on their own
accord and going to work one stipulates may estimate stop and answer and affirmative.
No murdering to authority of your government issue. Are you representing a governance
without resorting to me, mainly guns real guns on your student anybody first born a
phony. What he called pep how to peddle pebble putting up 20 pistol. Those like a little
BB gun little bit more memorable. It gunpowder point out magazine. When you guys did
twin towers up and left my face, bend my ears. We gotcha so to check department
making lies I can buy a hop accident like a mother Fokker with the FBI murder like a
mother Fokker do by the way they ran into the tycoons hands over there New Jersey
casinos automatic treatment tricks of his own to what we put the screws to home and
getting upset here. Is this where I want to be taken and getting upset because I was
service service and I want to see Nancy. Nancy escalating situation and I want to see
Nancy. Nancy put a ceiling on anything or anyone that goes on space anymore for any
reason like disobeying spaded up an owner want to see you turning into anything to do
with what I want them to be recycled want to fight about it. Are you giving art I got time
in the recycled I do not think about too much Morton is no murdering daughter
premieres on a month on a not been on the air. We were on the air begotten, not be bad
to make most of this no enzymes a pulser with enzymes a pulser same thing is
murdering killing enzymes homosexual in the front make a try. So I need your service
here when you knew it he sold to the devil to Mr. like devil maternal any doubts about it.
So you may think you're doing okay or to cybernetic amount and pulling on him. He got
another thing to say it only one track mind maybe get Gerald those guys murdering and
try to get these guys been up to par we brought something we did some bump on back
80s. That was what you say means but running a leaner and I complete everything your
feet deep. One thing for certain sit stipulate share. I am your incoming rounds like you
were were not like the invisible warns, 1990, again, past four months. The information
being divulges nuclear annihilation occurred occurs in between me and NCO been
working on this program for 26 years. None of you would be around. That's what it said
but you as way big now so weren't you have to have those areas of particulars the rest
of a lot of us to nuke the world itself. It's a five or six times every episode. Mr. Trump, as
her had now with collective assistance from others being held either in a sold type of
inner spirited collective area of some say suck you down you not really cheap food
energy for the more you somebody else eat you up may look look like a Paleolithic
bimbo we are to be careful to Nancy Sharon stipulate to get back into cruel and unusual
punishment member they do but share that area. We can stipulate and if we can know
and I can realistically because know when I can feel a say anything because I want to
do with these individuals is proceeding, Mr. Obama get them get me on to assist all to
do with assisting they murder the most anywhere they can in no idea what you're saying
and citing to say citing to me got you got ideas and probate need to take home to
prepare me limit stipulate they want about it. Nuclear printed white white outfit that they
give the wrong information but sold you the wrong way was Miss police did they
purposely and Ricky Arroyo did in spirited silence on Lionel collar number telling not I
would go there about that is where the best way to do that. I think the best when it is not
like I'm going to go mentally. These cancel you out the Police Department, Westminster,
now is sheriff department by having an unsettling the program to stipulate if I may share
it on why now I am going to in a while along far out to get out of the if they think we had
a video you great great like that. Somewhat. That's when we try to push it though but
everything to do with telecare, Westminster C telecare and the DA deputy and sheriff
department that another ideas all the while I was hopeful that the new present when Mr.
Obama came in and perform every little bit second time. So what we do better reception
and misinterprets a second and to return email the something areas of our computers
and the Lumina. But you guys didn't give a get excited outperformance Elem you not
supposed what all he did that you not supposed to get excited and so the project bottom
to the top with its cell member said employ we could steal instead somebody got a gun
you did it would get with it. Would you be you want to buy don't point the so to left. That
was world parasite parasite legions, not even parasite worms, not enough response to
sell the project instead of incriminate everybody to the max and say all funny friendly
and also compelling else should you okay do that and so when it came time to pitch
Sharon wonder what's going on the slow so as it went. As Mr. Clancy and others down
the line. Drop diamond over ureter telecare and other places excuse me, we have little
people here that are very, very high up the little people to think. You either did it all little
people. That's only send the and then we have obligations of soda that is present can
be cleaned that up a pledge murder did enzymes a pulser's enzymes pulser here for Q
to be nice about it and Steve, not knowing how big of situation or damage to lie walking
away like a fire or let not smolder burn but you did so, but you appear on here and that
the Exodus are you as we get big big big boat March but home good for nothing will
gain call Ghostbusters theme to stipulate share it with me now and I trust the weather
the word goes in over 71 pounds all over here and around the walkover that I go eat eat
it minimum you know when a deed the 20th are terrifying. What circumstances were on
what basis terrifying get discrete telecare pentameter my back and even as to say
hibernation begin for some place and walk to if it won't bed in learning when narrowing
or no nuclear war occurred occurs occurred occurs. Your party to and cargo one laugh
about it like being stuck at back that any big big stuff got back got murder. All it began
and at Margate Deputy Bay lives lie like mother Fokker you foul play. When you think of
anything. I feel probably emerging yammering me and I am billion and instill if I told you
how many want the right. You gotten up to the lot of you. It's funny fighting words right
with the lie right there pagan lie about first shift will gain readier I don't and you know
you never meet when you come back and submit don't blame pinball so your soul tuning
him back in you just come back. Even Alyssa Varian till makes this story hash out in
their very like dark meat Hispanic still limited the street you trance the image completed,
Sharon would require not put quite so stipulated again again again normally gleans
each sentence of semi-sentence is a say Mr. Obama don't like any of this situation.
Here Gerald as if to and not as if to date to come out of the chimeric one fourth we will
rear take you out to together anything that good. Would you like stipulating take my own
if they want again. Let's get some good a share, but you get here so close, the space Or
do we get them wanting the we came to her own freedom again is that we get today talk
if you doing talk if you don't again don't notice don't know for sure how to bring people
back from the resized and so big was I deliver lives if we did her work in you back inside
size for Q if you were not so any consensus to try to get you fixed up right there start
their somebody confused then anything you want to share and that is in let me do you
fear that we knew Jack use the C so you not use unemployment and likely thing is best
look on his not what they did the deal is, but you were swing going at semantic you, but
really a lot better knowing he might bring it Tuesday let me stiffen and wealthy no no no
no no no no but Ricky is secondhand and psychologically disturbed doesn't know the
difference between like you don't know the difference to lie need be, but arc is never
enough to describe type or not you deserve. In this case it won't be addictive about it.
Vindictive did get them to vindictive Rickett to go. It waited to pass that way you're going
to be afraid to see where you where you are it with her work world where you came
from your bond over here not around anymore to buy the way that you so sure that
steam stipulated that that is something is that something to stipulate a worrying share
magician being played like a pinball machine by any way shape or form. Ricky taken
and ended up sonic rape kill rate when we brought back from the resurrection. How
many times and never the same really like them over suitably bit mono played all kinds,
but would proud love magic trick very much terror troubled worrisome situations of top
high crimes like your party to do with it know it be a piece of anything Steve the enemy
resurrection matter. All I am back home why what have you dint have negative ever
found out from Rick planner Rick dinner and killers it with you. He said many times,
others want to keep you real bad on a plane on a skinny friends and the police
department. So by needing a place to go to get exercise that right by not meeting your
financial requirements the county in lying every syllable of etiquette. They never want to
hear did want here is the use the excuse as many murders many murders. Lori thinks is
fine does the same with her boyfriend as you did with her to get together today my face
a lot to that to the other. This morning a.m. here I am, what is one suppose I want to but
the ones one suppose it when if the one-I remands fair to tear stipulate I would enzymes
site that is to come out right now that way today and killed too many and after me all of
you to Powell, especially Q mother Fokker mother Fokker Kleiza Marshall chief not in
your mother Fokker and your mother Fokker Burnett snapped amounts them all at yet
given 10 seconds a bad mom right now and that they want any other what reason why
they should not be sticking out Ricky to straight up anybody else about my life and I
make murder for Q sounds barren to me because that's where I bought they brought me
an idiot thing to make murder if negative talk you running on me that condemned is that
pay the bills though, and that all to do with impunity is impunity. You are to get a guilty
were asked to police Sgt. Sally long time ago. Not one person, one chief that one
payroll that once you taught kill all of you to shot me to all of you mother Fokker if I give
a fark to me like that. What I'm talking that you did not pay your anything to do with me
to responsible obligations told lies about this like that boy doing last thing on your mind
is always fun against you against my wheel murder. Like mother Fokker got your back
Fokker fun against your ass you don't want murdering picnic at that, it stipulated again
in that would be subversion in front lines warfare is never enough to describe the app or
not you owe that don't want to get there if it means shares the plague in secret. It will
hold on me. I let yet like you get supposedly give a little bit everybody and anybody that
was controlling the money and thing to do with the playability in the difference between
that which is good public safety area of public safety resource as opposed to all to do
with you all want to wade infamy because you're all guilty of it that fat fight is all fight is
all candor fight is all candor, while like that that shouldn't stand should date while
stipulate I mean I want to find my true home, but many of the grant. The 55 so maybe
we get goodbye port that would do for you. Get Sharon stipulate all nouns answer all of
don't mean like Narnia and Millington Glenallen someone in Bellingham when I do not
happen. You got rambunctious coherent nuke us all still doing it think it's a funny by
conveying advancing if auntie is does or doesn't fark you whatever Nancy nuke is all
mother Fokker and you say I do say you would all be dead docs even see you the
density you have a lot of you all you ANSI shared intimate curers of so try to keep me in
a compression chamber and make them burn like a mother Fokker first if it is true that
fair or if the Israelis not doing their job and cannot going out to the devil sacrificing
wherever coaxes them or is bad influence on them so well. Should I allow that we so to
come off want as much again. Israel you shot did this with murder table of law voted
most of the most anything to laptop they fought you there confessor. I asked that
convention capability exact contention fought you on you and do desire bodily mother
Fokker get your ass Steve your contentions are in a nutshell, not burden itself, so to say
were at war and that's why you didn't pay your bills and your debts society we judge
every coronary phony banker tailored and know it would apply I know all about it) to get
go to. I even that cute other than the garlicky so to say you're nuts but you're all on my
company you all defaulted, all in my economic
the end of the human meaning of going really really but and I wouldn't I wouldn't if you
we were to go but anyway the nonpayment my got country and sent my my property to
all intellectual property you sold it all to hell to me us at night. Whatever happened, you
talk about spring up the nights when opponent was normally home would promote
running errands around the lumber numbing on the entire unity so Rick what's up pop
my hymen still in the world, the sex crimes unit what Mr. Blaine's don't know the
difference between protecting the guys talking back on mother Fokker United court
you're a nuclear bomb site or bomb site needed nation where you never lawfully
assemble the deep the minor my planet will come back ever want to fight about and I
disagreed. In fact, I disagree fought you to be silly to get the puck out man that your
your creation to so use me talking father about this is that with the promise is between
Steve and his father once a sum about that is ab initio business between Steve and
Tony not only is that that that to settle for Q bomb in a fog whatever sentence you came

Lucky that you get an attitude at that the victims be is being murdered emulsify site not
said a bad word in the ship look good you do those things you look good better in the
cussing and people that need to be killed in a way that a conviction acute for your
pinkies Dick. My Anne Frank is saying that again that that love something thinking you
can like chipper and by looking chipper murder a lanky want my authority vested in like
chipper is the way is the affirmative server at no murdering is an Indiana emulsifying
start EEM at five after vitamins that were not even from Corcoran the only one out then
and wailing on now and so psych into what we were in his ear not getting hurt your
Circle is that your bad bad bad bad police station when you try to drug pink element that
you delineated. You asked for brain on the S word is a Ford so to side to side, sign, use
more pop my hymen room apartment probation, but my hymen in the murder of the
party but but but great that you do everything else. You kill and killed. That's not funny
that's why want to get it didn't it didn't ask docs who would argue probation regular
again here you don't know how to maintain though Rick you always have to tell a lie.
Any chance that you be a fast one. Luckily how big they are now together to get other
words to say to you about it is that something sent you a bigger rip me out of old the PE
home that may be so lingering over here in town, cutting her own nuclear bombs you
over here are so words can describe Harlow over here is bad guys bag I ever get bad
guys I ever seen him to psych and situate not only are you a free frame of no contest all
that right but to walk away and circle is aware that you get is I know what you want. You
will make a move forward to make a fast draw their dying. Even the fast draw you we
will watch it to Blanche. I will flock Dick had so Rick and dig in my ass and the earth give
up. But when I am annually uniting I got back great nightly sleep anyway as the owner is
to say evaporate in the night when that's when he said like every evening is a buzz on
the evaporate and fast asleep. So by being a pro-life stance to these ignoramuses want
to just rectal inseminating every living thing in soul bags soul giant so tall, so bag
helping with that. But how big my Andy and engine is apparently an environment where
you come over your motion my face back on mother Fokker so to psychics if it spent
snap your ass. That's money at it think it will ever learn separate starting gate at a funny
thing. I have a dominant figure load of snap that mother Margaret as you know you're
good for, and how to chop you up were put you in a place that you never, ever, ever tell
a lie come off like you did are doing right there pal bottom to the top marks for mailing
service while you why that is Internet stipulate in as it did anything wrong for the higher
courts covered certain onto the limbs of the because stipulate share many things in
particular we get this right here in the predicate sentence or two or three. That was a
material fact led to me last two and half years vindicated seated stage stayed like
mother Fokker aim, stipulate if you explain it please this, that is a sum to do with top-
secret Sir warfare warfare. In general, you have some super subversive language dig a
ditch like you don't make me so if one finds one's lines even talk about value one slide
of the program too much with llama the park laugh. It's important queer thing pick up the
acetyl queer lap don't know anything about business exact at the that's exactly their
tenor your tenor to not my tender mother Fokker again, anybody having any doubts
about that, everything to do with I ended for all of you several am about like Megan eat
it when it's you guys to be sleeping to give a but that's not where they continue to live in
that and they're not that they are not aware the evaporate evaporate go to sleep and
something that Greenland epicene Hispanic people speak speak English tell us that
monsters cannot make mooring these kind of situations fact, in these gambling before
they evaporate, and that is one thing and evaporating. I do know something this
overhang so huge right now and get the footage like to at some say if they do another.
Like I asked you and wanted this carefully. Without a doubt circled in not exaggerated,
but stated for the record, if you continue to emulsify attack and swallow planets and
stars. However, whoever whatever reason, don't do that anymore. I object detection six
office 2 AM many reasons if you I took a sport Pledge of Allegiance more about life,
liberty to blend into the plane and one thing is under God something wanting on and
when you want what I'm doing that main guns as on the things they get bigger so what
are you, each data gets antsy to get put put flex on his persistent footwork. When you
get to all get a few of you sick you all do the right thing that you want to do, but each
one of the three left my funking face mother Fokker so they have an army anything
except the short five or 10 Aardvark's not enough to describe money friendly look
charting case on these about five or 10 individuals cause no trouble like Mr. Perez
spreads Rick Arroyo Tronic chauffeur on the seawall's Wendy Linley James bank you
were about him telecare all the people working there all alternating be confiscated got
some work to be Edward's work, particularly that he supposed to pay the man to by the
way you not supposed to assemble all unlawful and phony court, but the flock you I do
anyway. Right. That is what I said to say said it. Make sure that each and every one of
these individuals is that her murderers and murder as many as they do target millions
now, even if checks Kisses any doubts about this testimony out right up to par like you
got Dick's big mouth shoot to kill anything to do with all of you. Any mental health worker
to mother Fokker because he wants crazy you want crazy as you are a crazy exhibition
of obstructing justice in contempt over there and out motion only to you did motion what
are you trying to say and who are you and the welfare cat got your tongue and you
decided to back out. Want to come over here and talk like that right. So by properly
identifying this exhibit as a courtroom evidence properly identified as big as you want to
make it cartoon phenomena active-duty telepathy every year relying mother Fokker not
want to murder me and Paula got me thinking to cuss to say of putting in an online
funking besides islands town no land to talk you there. That I own all the land know
what liberty is ideal. You mean that was your scene llama believe that chair and some
that are in the dimensional that conflict given. Charlie native same thing the Charlie are
coming again. When he got only maneuvered so terrible last thing ever want to find out
right now we have more meat so critical weren't even to be able to discuss it. You guys
or unity can each evening we do. It didn't be able to explain lines can even wait for
Morgan to be hassled out too late so you not to pay that in 17 assemble to try to talk me
up that I so am to be a madman and on. I said to kill your ass, but there is a tilted
answer and affirmative mother Fokker stop murdering, but you can't murdering the flock
anyway. Not like any little bit so it's up to you. There to make sure they don't murdering
more ceilings put on it. Any any predicate web. However, I know you murder like millions
and billions nowadays the a day sometimes in our extraterrestrials and being some
people like me interventions, especially in the outset I should be fun the part of what
was supposed to be some my sample want murder before you murdered a letter people
Americans to my types and you need each ship died ever ever efforts funking would
every murder out of funky want to know the man look a man taught the flock you saying
and on that pretense. I want you and you all of you to gulp going to talk in hell not
disagree flock you I got some for you. I want the last word go. You Fokker's so anyway
they each ship died first woman especially this month funking clown you know and I
know better. So anybody got clear shot this area in his eye believes that this looking
good and he had an impotent but amounting see that something I want to move bad
influence on you guys and I want really any shooting, but then maybe phone calls a
minute will die if he is not bad. Some of you guys are a way big Matt separate events
that clown out and general to achieve generally clown around on the net resident next
case, but not be and how it's inside not I faxed forever family units that monster units so
that no one in that name computer and make it. But then, you can now eat and not how
Ethan we carefully Hispanic hearing that there are not people right next to you, and
they're not real people. I disagree limits a the E people up to consoles play on. But
that's not a done deal. Antsy still in the and the new contacts the CAC game so ship for
brainstorming sorry partner antsy not sponging still doing it. We pull the rug out. Don't
pull the rug were not spines complaint hurting wild animals with queer eye disease is
the way to leave you looking be Powell top service so something but pulling your ass)
on that someone actually literally but me that right for nuclear funking difference
between protecting the nights when this guy not make a big, funking deals, surreal
scene of flying conniving. It's all the activity doing no laughing, so a simple bullet any
aspect there bullet any ass you know when I what happened to me. I did even thought
about being a fat lame people to be ever-growing about that again right when he cares
for you. If you can't laugh at mother Fokker and so on. All away as were you going to go
where you think you go so you want help for yourself so you know that is not the right
way dark boys so murder all the funky want and run set fires bedeviled run riot or flock
around so you're about right there. Powell that's not what he please march that eat the
font what I need. Read presidents are whatever the fark is and I ain't no Johnny B to two
shoes either that much. So were reminiscing that area unique theirs not to agree sold
each other clear shot Oakville your cantaloupe you did cello Maryland but will not walk
away. The did you do it to DCF so I got some did you take Steve out for you is that
sound was a better and say I'm bringing them again thinking when you grew so big it
were skinny. I came inside for unity's that you not funny funking lying murderer lying
murderer big time millions a day to mother Fokker laughing, if not billions and write less.
Last thing a lot more you give a flock anyway you give a flying flock anyway because
your clown you disrespect to his world and in that anything that Stephen the Charlie and
S and date read it make moment big big bang say that we anyway are that Trinity your
friend and coworker Stephen Trini profit and I had taken murder only Lane lap my face I
want. I recommend that Maoism is he a will and make better you want better sound, but
that's a better question. You're the perpetrator right there senior paneling. I pick up my
hands. We in the thinking with its own and all the client time or means in let these
people go and let these people know about a Rick Arroyo specially murmur careful, very
dangerous. Under Mr. call me on whatever you are just such a lame disaster, never
enough to describe you take out real quick. You walk you cross that line again
everywhere you go look in mind that I haven't going on. I just but you will receive an
ending point planets right now as the big people think like they were there, so there
laughing. They are under the will and there any mind controlled the name in spirited
soul capture deal to a lot of most of all our your doing research to your control claim 99
of Dick and around the situation. To my way, how can anyone write my little girl that they
want the funking raunchy so you might've been contaminated by some of the ships that
something you want I can watch on that one you better start you know I will wake up
one morning and you better start having some good for me us that and I want to hear
ship if you don't mind from murder queer degenerates on want to be cussing. Don't get
me wrong, so these individuals need to be brought back size like the right openly Steve
went up the extra DD type of piety or your people if you don't do well and that he's I
know things I like I get all the egg told him we appear, but same time were not a
punching bag great sponge before culvers so I need to get lectured like a mother
Fokker let me show me show you why lectured need to be taken out. Don't worry, don't
you, so to the closest argument for the South's opening statements for this absolute
undeniable without any contentions to the contrary, conviction at let me show you
countries can contest decent like the leader let me go get some canned like you did.
Don't want to talk about it into deep know not talk about is that taking and that when he
said he murder too much to get down and not explain yourself why you do it and I got
what's next on be taken better the situation firmly. Victims families or anything left of
survivors that these and skin visible inexcusable homicidal genocidal rapes emulsifying
home tire system will discontinue cease. Playing this fraud in every case game and his
name is a capital crime and get the energies due miracle work like print with those
energies for antsy and appropriate real worlds will type of this is a civil out apparent
attempts to make individual couples like steam like a steam be stewards of mining your
learning and parents flybys of 18 flybys saucer conveyance Smrekar humans as a unit
on scene the negative on saucer remains flybys constellation pool all the modern
amenities built-in so and what you're thinking and don't know and see what can the
wealthy got because you not me not to bring it over here. See if you can work within it
shared the ending Petitti unity to get back realigned. Could it could still go real quick.
You could have been like family type utopia if you did anything to the right, but you don't
have patience, the wherewithal hold it right there lentil at a time and wants to stipulate to
God and wanted his one lap that he will talk around so want to let people I want to laugh
talk around murder ill commandeering the program program director that is know what
each did not mother Fokker don't talk to me that you're not authorized and you're not
authorizing you authorized only yet. You murder too much in one you to sit Steve
because he will have an attitude somebody wanted to get up about rubric net talks.
Realistic business like Rick Arroyo and simply said no more (many the place they don't
wake up you want my one you but what were you thinking you can do to do to deserve
the eye for an eye, though by the way, my opinion but answer might just we can let
them continue to proceed to be an obstacle and all to do with FPU murder on a key
want objection to life, to uphold an oath that you all talk and awareness were at and so
the Israelis it's kind their drama, gold know not funny to at least pretend or assimilate I
did not yet know murder you doing want to do would not stand for Israel right to exist
either in the Masonic job even if the cecum so as you go to Mossad or not. Jim that's
not either call you there asking why you're a screwball that didn't answer hundred
million dollars for the program long ago. We are asked to do, but everybody seems to
be murder too much to know how to talk anything to do a business in say about in your
hand easier to do guilty of promoting talk you any weekend murder on Hank you can
never get back on track, even if it is really gone to console himself to be a freeze-frame
you're the guilty one very good ones to what permanganate is to know what you want to
know me right there and not protecting me not protecting us funk you get out of the way.
Somebody take you out is that for that. My opinion that exact frame that exact
contentions got to write their the act cartoon like talk you pocket scene one and talk
about all spinal lender like a mother Fokker got his hands off Oakmont. We will help you
laughing in on it sent an insult to injury at work. Moses amounted to much more night
and insult and we never know it won't want to go to one thing on the rear door and work
work very little bedroom and then the busy somebody new for someone to nuke us as it
weren't for going on strained ongoing strained outgoings enough to put everyone in jail
is that what you gonna get what getting that program at increment do this this this this
bring back entrance of the old and citrated dilated attorney get back on track and you do
the work you do and he need to be taken out what ever ever ever bring Howison horny.
Those men last to back to be taken out a way to go and we get the point the way and
way troublemaking liars troublemaking shoot dead on-site that it did mom unite your
boy, I might meet you too may not be truly probably really really limited to they want
taking and they will think your your soul learns each about then look less like. In fact,
like you what the font so clear shot about five or 10 people don't even on an evening
that burial friendly fire is really where were you please 10 people in the drop like a
assimilate that is not the other way to be with them. I think you will decide. In a way that
research is any funding and having some cute ninth-inning you can do it when you know
better than doing up Madonna 60 or in remembering on the doing cockiness one more
thing. 720 years like extensions funk you that funky that many people look waste the
functional place when you should've been magicians that have the place cleaned up
clean. The five got 20 years ago, only that magic all to do an opposite to be. If I can't,
instead of the good right thing when you stop that will disarm in nuclear big-game funky
what is so I need. I have a very bad stinking function decoys of a police that's what you
call yourself you're out everything to do with a parking what you call you when you one
little thing going about their in theory, my pretty you need it all out. I did all digit banning
I did agree that by what I would do with your lady to get out until late in fact what work
program came along pay the man do a good job keep busy, so glad and stop murdering
like a mother Fokker please affirmative Sir Garza Fokker what mental health workers
that talk you do it funk. I want murder on funk I want global telepathic mind control like
intercepts nuclear fission is not a funking hallucination you little mother Fokker weasel
and to say it is treason about funk and treason. Like mother Fokker mother Fokker know
that you know it. Is that what it did and is occurring that all that right now. That difference
between needing to be shot bad for lying about something not just me and not stand up
in writing to be an unfriendly being murderous and laughing like mother Fokker thing is
funding a murder like these gay guys did their to your defense, so they're not really
humans as you can see a pattern Hispanic areas and lorries sold on to fully family,
phony friends in the summer at got that right, then the meeting they need to got to look
at you. Five or 10 2015 see your note about 12 and, if he isn't that we are going to
continue service. If we do what when I insist won't won't ruin right now here lying on it is
or isn't thing on, when I look at go to sleep fast leave in the that you can and that's when
I sleep. Those particulars came you supposed to work for me us it not focus and he has
to kill everything you can do let me catch you doing that anymore rose I want to end it
peacefully quietly recycle if you do otherwise get the number please, ever, ever try to
get them straight. Now if you put a ceiling cut the table. You know that big liens Sir Ellen
that don't go around pitching for people I knew and stuff to make trouble again. Please
ever thank you, unite Mangalore be pleased served and protected even in mind
something that can hurts doesn't make you Lord live Long live the good Lord
omnipotent creator all wherewithal's and all forgetfulness is an old one. More things
came and we can answer little over now will seal an connector and exit and enter units
are one thing, then or now now from front room something is working on the document
Ricky and some of his Justin areas get so excited were doing in my household ever do
untold and summing not come out for six months or six years fastening means guilty like
you with them since possible anyway possible. Make sure it's understood book mining
anyone everyone's name on it there. It is right that's right thing to do anyway they hear
you. You do and so everyone sold out the one they want. So talking with you first thing
how and know the truth in order to return to printer embryonic on content I am after
failing a family unit, not any pervert no tool in your put it weeps so others can do their
burden lines a little bit better better better telling them when going. Sorry what I want
you were not using is opposite to the court let somebody else do this. I do think so
because some put it in the sense of my demerits different than some differences if it on
the merits. Very interesting to just more like him don't remember they do you want to
laugh like fun tomorrow and so easy to find out think that's enough to laugh about you
don't care you to bring you know what happens to do it anyway I can ever be afraid of
him. And sometimes this works in the cookie don't bother with him unity when reading
someone something that the direct reversal here to feed into that trap or Appear in your
catalog but time is very tough rearming and sentencing. So basically your yard if you
drop diamond Ms. Clancy's job, especially at the real world. In fact, you might want to
limit the witness table around him at the big picture table in the Clancy job that eat nuts
and were unwilling track as much of Ansell's like for family and involvement better than
one of my mind around what I want to touch grandma and make an ANSI is very upset
about that. Register wakening will see if an American phenomenon that did little more
than hey Maria, why don't you Doug and here Tony kept up funking. It is straight
to you later been like that upset you know that's really what the nonruling calls were I
would withhold one and that have means of anything else. When I was, not you don't
really know Lori and never with Lori and did you see that to me because of so laughing
like upset (the funniest thing ever saw that someone is you wouldn't be here if wasn't
green ANSI today or tomorrow on here and you will sleep ventricle in England
everything I knew in Steve's bag. I hear please Ryan homes. The path wasn't one really
knew. Can someone do it real man thing having something but I'm not on 60 years old.
Don't do that to me please. Thanks. I will talk to you unity and then another pitch again
to get some other insensitive that I can clean completely not good set of work on. It
Saturday night that you ANSI unity are said to do you want it tonight and we got to get
that audit yet that Sam on our ill good together probably go to sleep and anything sense
of things going here to using tables. Make sure you protect me at all times. Please guys
work for about this makes him a hole going in owning guns unity or leakage computers
old running to help leaders of that when you do that shot like you said, try thinking break
the silence you guys got you here in your email save everything or all don't make
everything go wrong please let her if I have time email finds one fight alone to protect
and serve. Don't do that. That and are surely not worry anywhere I don't want want to
know what you see on the Syrian with nearly and wanted to say you better talk to that
boy. Make sure you that that's at the week and even that what you sleep right so I went
right to the bottom. You know, family partnership, click on right here in clear full letters
turn website to cash their access current money brand life joint joint get signed up. If
you're trying to don't know what one in here. I think you you will like you know me like
that you wrote

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