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Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Question sheet
Applied thermodynamics ~ ME301

Module: 01 // Chapter: 02 ~ Properties of pure Substance

1. What is a pure substance? Is iced water a pure substance? Why?
2. What is the difference between saturated liquid and compressed liquid?
3. Draw the phase equilibrium diagram for a pure substance on T-s plot with relevant constant
property lines.
4. Draw the phase equilibrium diagram for a pure substance on p-T coordinates. Why does the
fusion line for water have negative slope?
5. Why do isobars on Mollier diagram diverge from each other?
6. What is quality of steam? Explain one method of measuring quality.
7. What do you understand by triple point? What is the difference between triple point and
critical point?
1. A vessel of volume 004 m3 contains a mixture of saturated water and saturated steam at a
temperature of 250C. The mass of the liquid present is 9 kg. Find the pressure, the mass,
the specific volume, the enthalpy, the entropy and the internal energy.
2. A pistoncylinder device contains 0.8 kg of steam at 300C and 1 MPa. Steam is cooled at
constant pressure until one-half of the mass condenses.
(a) Show the process on a T-v diagram. (b) Find the final temperature. (c) Determine the
volume change.
3. A well-insulated rigid tank having a volume of 1.25 m3 contains saturated water vapour at
100C. The water is rapidly stirred until the pressure is 2.50 kgf/cm2. Draw T-v, and p-v
diagram, and determine the temperature at the final state, in C, and the work during the
process, in kJ.
4. Water contained in a pistoncylinder assembly undergoes two processes in series from an
initial state where the pressure is 10 bar and the temperature is 4000C. Process 12: The
water is cooled as it is compressed at a constant pressure of 10 bar to the saturated vapour
state. Process 23: The water is cooled at constant volume to 1500C.
(a) Sketch both processes on Tv and pv diagrams. (b) For the overall process determine the
work, in kJ/kg. (c) For the overall process determine the heat transfer, in kJ/kg.
5. Steam initially at 03 MPa, 250C is cooled at constant volume. (i) At what temperature will
the steam become saturated vapour? (ii) What is the quality at 80C? (iii) What is the heat
transferred per kg of steam in cooling from 250C to 80C?