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Qualification BTEC Level 5 HND Computing and Systems Development

Unit number and

Unit 32: Quality systems in IT

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Assignment title Quality in Amazons IT System Software Development

Aim of the To provide learners with an understanding of the importance of the

assignment quality process as applied to IT-related systems development.

Specific Amazon Inc. is an American international e- commerce company. It was

requirements started by Jeffrey P. Bezos in the year 1994. Today, it is the world largest
online retailer.
(see Appendix for
assessment criteria From a simple users point of view, Amazon is a Web-based application
and grade fulfilling three purposes:
descriptors) 1. Find general information about available books
2. Check the prices of books
3. Purchase books to be sent home
Amazon makes use of the latest information technologies to maintain,
and develop, its competitiveness including big data and cloud-based e-
commerce applications which are web-browser accessible and database-
centred. It develops these in-house using its extensive business analysis
and computing expertise in these areas.
You have been appointed as a senior systems analyst who also has
particular responsibility for ensuring that the companys IT systems are
developed, and evolved, to the highest possible quality standards to
ensure their cost-effective development and maintenance. It is also one
of your responsibilities to train colleagues in your team about the

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importance of:
quality standards,
quality assurance,
quality in the development life-cycle,
quality control documentation, and
The role of project management tools and techniques in the
production of high quality IT systems.

Task 1 : (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3)

With reference to the web-site development aspect of Amazons IT


a) Define what is meant by quality in terms of the development of a web-

site and explain why a systematic approach to:

1) quality assurance, and

2) quality control is needed.

b) Briefly discuss the various SQA standards that are defined in respect of
the development of IT systems

c) Briefly discuss the risks associated with the development of an IT

system which has a database at its centre.

d) Describe the systems development life-cycle (SDLC) as it applies to

database development, and then go on to explain how each phase of the
life-cycle is quality assured. Include an annotated diagram of the SDLC in
your answer.

Task 2 (LO2: 2.1)

With reference to the web-site development aspect of Amazons IT

system, produce the following:

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1) A software test plan (STP)

2) A software test description (STD)

3) A software test report (STR)

Task 3 (LO3: 3.1,3.2)

With reference to the web-site development aspect of Amazons IT


a) Explain the importance of project management to the production of

high quality IT systems.

b) Produce:

1) a Work Breakdown Structure,

2) a GANTT chart

3) a Critical Path Method

for Amazons web-site development project

1. You should write this assignment in the essay style, although a formal
essay structure will not be required.

2. You should use tables, diagrams and figures where appropriate and be
sure to give sources of information.
Student guidelines
3. You should include a list of references to all cited sources using the
Harvard referencing system.

4. You should use font Calibri size 12 with 1.5 spacing for your report.

Submission Besides the soft copy, students are expected to submit hard copy of the
requirements report

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Merit grade:

Merit descriptors Indicative Evidence Assessor Achieved Internal

characteristics (Task number, comments/feedbac (Yes/No) verifier
other) k comment
M1 Identify and 1. Effective All tasks
apply strategies to judgements have
find appropriate been made.

2. An effective
approach to study
and research has
been applied
M2 Select/design 1. Relevant theories Task 2
and apply and techniques
appropriate have been applied
es 2. The design of
es has been
M3 Present and 1. An appropriate All tasks
communicate structure and
appropriate method has been
findings used and technical
language has been
accurately used to
present the

2. Communication
has taken place in
familiar and
unfamiliar contexts

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Distinction grade:

Distinction Indicative Evidence Assessor Achieved Internal

descriptors characteristics (Task number, comments/feedba (Yes/No) verifier
other) ck comment
D1 Use critical 1. Conclusions have All tasks
reflection to been arrived at
evaluate own work through synthesis
and justify valid of ideas and have
conclusions been justified

2. The validity of
results has been
evaluated using
defined criteria
D2 Take 1. Substantial All tasks
responsibility for activities have
managing and been planned,
organising managed and
activities organised

2. Activities have
been managed
D3 Demonstrate 1. Self-evaluation has All tasks
convergent/lateral taken place
/ creative thinking
2. Problems have
been solved

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