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KGB and CIA were controlled by Rothschilds

Most Indians who have some basic understanding of History would remember that before 1990s, the world was
divided into TWO camps, one camp under USA and another camp under erstwhile Soviet Union. When Indira
Gandhi was prime Minister of India, she used to often warn about foreign design, usually by CIA. She
obviously had a reason to fear the CIA, but she had no idea how insidious Rothschild conspiracies were, that
they were almost inscrutable. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi thought that both KGB and CIA were
separate organizations. Yes on the face of it, but colluded with each other at the highest level.

Bolshevik revolution was funded by Jew Jacob Schiff – an Agent of Rothschild.
It was actually Jacob Schiff, who gave the order to murder the Tsar and his family--- Jacob Schiff made a
public announcement that it was due to his financial influence that the Russian revolution was successfully
accomplished .
Google Wikipedia - Shooting of the Romanov family.
The murder of the Romanov family took place in Yekaterinburg on July 17, 1918.
Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and his Government were used during World War I by Jews such as Max Warburg
to channel funds into Russia to breed disaffection in the Russian Army and Navy, and to set the stage for the
ultimately successful Bolshevik Revolution.
Jacob Schiff swore to destroy Russia and made sure that German Jews would be the intermediaries of trade
between Russia and the United States. Felix M. Warburg and Paul M. Warburg of Kuhn, Loch & Co., partners
of Jacob Schiff, were brothers of Max Warburg of Hamburg, Germany, the pay-off man, in power with the
Kaiser, who funneled funds to Lenin and Trotsky during World War I to undermine and destroy the Russian
Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky were all Jews and they received funding from Jewish Banking Cartel – many of
whom were agents of Rothschilds. Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky received funding for orchestrating Bolshevik
Bolshevik Revolutionaries under Joseph Stalin set up NKVD, which was a secret police.
Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin appointed Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda director of the NKVD - the Soviet
Union's security and intelligence agency. NKVD later transformed into KGB.
KGB remained active in India until 1990s.
Until the demise of Soviet Union, it was controlled by Rothschilds and Jewish Banking Cartel.
Many top politicians in India had ties to KGB.

OK, in USA the Jewish Bankers control the IRS, CIA, FBI, Fed Reserve, Hollywood, TV, Media and the
Congress. CIA was founded by Zionist Jew William Joseph Donovan, ( head of OSS –Office of strategic
services ). FD Roosevelt and William Joseph Donovan received their orders from financier Bernard Baruch ,
the richest man of America and a Rothschild blood agent of USA. William Joseph Donovan statue can be seen
at the main entrance of the CIA building. CIA works for Jewish Banking Cartel led by Rothschilds, not for
US Government or American people. Ask, why US Media hates US President Donald Trump & Putin.?
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