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opportunities@lostinrecursion.net | flexamphetamine.blogspot.com | San Francisco Bay Area EXPERIENCE
References provided upon request  

Tiny Speck / Glitch (glitch.com) | Flash Software Engineer San Francisco, CA  Developed all the in-game visual tools the designers used for interactive world building Aug 2010–Nov 2012  Lead ongoing efforts to identify and optimize overall game performance, especially of the renderer  Wore as many game-client-related hats as could be stacked on head without toppling over Scribd (scribd.com) | Lead Software Engineer San Francisco, CA  Lead the development of the Flash document reader until company transition to HTML5 Jan 2010–Aug 2010  Lead the research/development of a secure document conversion system and licensing server for enterprises Sprout (sproutinc.com) | Software Engineer SFO, HNL, NYC  Performance engineering: large internal rewrites to improve actual and perceived Nov 2008–Jan 2010 start-up time, animation/transition smoothness, and memory/CPU utilization  Design/implementation of modular components (e.g. webcam) for social media marketing campaigns Adobe | Computer Scientist (Flex SDK)  Flex and ActionScript compiler engineer, specializing in compile-time performance  Flex SDK engineer, specializing in development tools and runtime performance  Design/implementation of open source strategy for Flex SDK and other Adobe projects  Stints on Flex (Flash) Builder and Flash Player – touched everything Flash-related  Attended many, many, many meetings; assured it builds character

San Francisco, CA June 2006–Oct 2008

Macromedia | Engineering Intern (ActionScript Compiler)  Developed a bytecode (dis)assembler for testing the ActionScript 3 Virtual Machine’s verifier PLT-Scheme Group | Programming Language Research and Development  Developed the MzTake scriptable debugger/program monitor† for Scheme EDUCATION Brown University | A.B. Computer Science, May 2006 University of Edinburgh | Architecture and Computer Science, Spring Semester 2005 P A T E N T S   A N D   P A P E R S   Systems and Methods for Organizing Source Code (U.S. Patent Pending, filed 2007) J. Spiro, for Adobe Systems Inc. Methods for reducing unnecessary recompilation; an implementation was shipped with Adobe Flex 3 The Design and Implementation of a Dataflow Language for Scriptable Debugging G. Marceau, G. Cooper, J. Spiro, S. Krishnamurthi, S. Reiss Automated Software Engineering Journal‡ (2006) TECHNOLOGIES  

Newton, MA Summer 2005 Providence, RI 2003–2005

College transcript provided upon request  

Providence, RI Edinburgh, Scotland

Syntactical: ActionScript 3 / Flash / Flex | C/C++ | Python | Java | Scheme | many others Tools: Vim | Eclipse | Flash Builder | Ant | Bash | Git | SVN | Creative Suite | performance tools OSes: OS Xes through 10.8 | DOS 3 through Windows 7 | Linux Hardware: Experience building, troubleshooting, and maintaining computers and networks I N T E R E S T S   Climbing | Cooking (Paleo) | Cycling | Dogs | Gaming | Knots | Lighting | Piano | Punctuation | Scotch | Sea Shanties

An open source framework for building rich applications in Flash Player/AIR/mobile http://www.cs.brown.edu/research/plt/software/mztake and http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/179 ‡ http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1265119

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