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Forgery: Garden Variety and the Real Deal Part 3

In the last two installments that Ive released, I have outlined some ex- And, they were even more surprised that nearly identical pages such as
amples of both minor and major types of forgery that the Vallone cam- these would not have been flagged by those in charge of the campaign
paign committed during their gathering of petition signatures. While and petitioners, i.e. Patrick Jordan, who (as mentioned before) is also
entire petition sheets in the same handwriting might be considered the head of the New York State Young Democrats; the Queens County
shockingly brazen behavior by the general public, Vallones campaign Democratic Party lawyers, who routinely go through the petitions of
committed worse offenses much worse. their candidates; and the candidate himself, Paul Vallone.

Sometimes what Ive discovered is so weird and ridiculous that you But wait: theres more to this story. Take a closer look at Line 9 on each
cant help but laugh, even though its serious voter and election fraud. page.
Nicole Schmitt, a Whitestone resident, witnessed two pages of petitions On Volume QN1700047, Page 8, the signers name and signature are
for Paul Vallone: Volume QN1700017, Page 10 and Volume correct: Richard Coffey. This has been confirmed by the signature on his
QN1700047, Page 8. buff card (As a side note, like so many of Vallones signatures, this one
would have been invalidated due to the fact that Mr. Coffey is not a
Whats so strange about them? They are almost identical to each other.
registered Democrat).
In fact, at first glance I thought one page was a photocopy of the other.
Instead, it is likely that she was carrying two clipboards with two sepa- On Volume QN1700017, Page 10, the signers name and signature are
rate pages of petitions and had almost all of the signatories sign wrong and misspelled: Richard Coffee, as in the morning cup of Joe (Mr.
twice, for what reason I could not tell you; as I discussed previously Coffee, anyone?). Obviously, they do not match the buff card; in fact,
with the example of Vallones staffers signing multiple petitions, only both the signature and print seem to match the handwriting of the wit-
one signature is counted in those cases., with the others invalidated. ness, Nicole Schmitt, seen in the Statement of Witness portions of both
Lines 1 through 15 seem to have the same people signing on each page. petitions. In addition, Richard Coffey just happens to live at 151-07 18th
Lines 16 through 20 each have identical signatures on four of the five Avenue in the house next door to Nicole Schmitt, her address being 151
lines, with two new people (Line 20 on Volume QN1700017, Page 10 -05 18th Avenue.
and Line 16 on Volume QN1700047, Page 8). This leaves one signature If indeed Nicole Schmitt forged Richard Coffeys signature, the question
on each page - Line 20 on Volume QN1700017, Page 10, Maria Bene- is: why? And what possessed her to fill up two nearly-identical pages of
ventano, and Line 16 on Volume QN1700047, Page 8, Karen Kolessar signatures? And, most importantly: why would the Vallone campaign
as non-duplicates (both are highlighted). file such obviously fraudulent petitions? Is their disdain for the demo-
cratic process that is the cornerstone of our country that blatant?
I showed these two pages to several former and current elected offi-
cials, professional petition gatherers, Democratic Club members and More to come.
long-involved political insiders. The response from each was the same:
they had never seen anything like this before.
VOL QN1700017 VOL QN1700047

All Signatures are duplicates on both pages except those highlighted

VOL QN1700017 VOL QN1700047

SignatureRichard Coffee SignatureRichard Coffey

VOL QN1700047

SignatureRichard Coffey BuffcardRichard Coffey

VOL QN1700017

SignatureRichard Coffee BuffcardRichard Coffey

Signature and Print of Richard Coffee in comparison to Nicole Schmitts handwriting