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Dear Roanne,

Please tell your classmates that on Wednesday August 2, we will have our Long Test #2
covering Octogesima Adveniens, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Gaudium et Spes and Populorum
Progressio. Our Long Test #2 will be only for 30 minutes only. Since we were not able to meet, I
was supposed to group you for your Social Encyclical Reporting. We are indeed pressed for time
and the reporting will be as follows:

August 2, 2017 (Immediately AFTER Long Test #2)

Redemptor Hominis (Dana Abada to Mirjana Burog)
Laborem Exercens (Grayvqiel Campos to Mariz Domingo)

August 9, 2017
Solicitudo Rei Socialis (Henrick Esguerra to Matthew Lua)
Centesimus Annus (Julianne Magbitang to Dylan Ordoez)
Caritas in Veritate (Andric Orencia to Julian Sunpayco)
Evangelium Gaudium (Ivy Tan to Richard Zapanta)

Each Social Encyclical Reporting Group will present the following:

1. Ten minute reporting (10 minutes) for each group. Deductions will be given beyond the time.
2. Powerpoint Presentation Slides will be 5 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) only.
3. Give a one page (or two page) comprehensive summary of the Social Encyclical (Word
Document) to all your classmates for their reviewer. The Professor will NOT give any ppt/doc.
4. Include the names of the members and leader with Grade and Section and the name of your
Professor in both powerpoint presentation slides and word document summary. Include them at
the end of the presentation and word document.
5. Include the following: (for the Powerpoint) 5 10 slides only (with relevant pictures)
NOTE: Please see the format in the previous encyclical lessons given by your professor.
a. Official name of the Encyclical
b. Literal translation of the name of the Encyclical
c. Real name/ Subtitle of the Encyclical
d. Author
e. Historical Overview
f. Key teachings (key words and phrases)
g. End Credits (URL from where document was accessed and names of the group members)

6. For the Word Document Summary, it should include everything from the powerpoint
presentation and a more comprehensive summary of the key teachings. (1-2 pages, short bond,
Times New Roman 12 (body) and 14 (titles), usual margin format.

NOTE: For the Redemptor Hominis and Laborem Exercens Groups MUST submit a soft copy of both
powerpoint presentation and word document to and to at August 1 (Tues) before 10PM. No group will present the following day
without sending it ahead to me for checking and evaluation of the contents of the lesson. Deductions will
be given for those who will send AFTER the said date/time. For the next groups, August 8, 2017 before
10PM is the submission of the said documents. Text me if you have Qs. Thank you very much!