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Technical details
1. No Plug-In is required.
3. No music track is included in this project.


Template structure
- Do not Touch

By default you will see the above two folders. Inside the *USER STUFF folder youll see following
four folders:

- male_character
- female_character
- backgrounds
- logo reveals

Inside male_character folder youll see one folder animations , And

two composition style01-MC_control panel & style01- male character
of male character.

Same structures youll nd in female_chararcter folder.

Inside the animations folder youll see 30 premade animations of the male
character, you can easily drag and drop your desired animation comp. .

How to control the appearance of the characters ?

When you open the project le you will see two separate control panels for male and female
characters. The character control panel layers, male and female, are named style01-MC_
control panel and style01-FC_control panel . In these comps youll see control panel
layers, by selecting them you can see the corresponding attribute options in the eect control

change background layer allows you to see your character

on your selected background. When you select this layer
you will see a list of backgrounds in eect controls panel,
from there you can chosse your desired background.
Each item has its own labeled number, you can use them to modify the character appearance,
by simply putting the label number in the eect controls panel.

In each pre_animated comp, youll get a native control panel layer, it will work similar to the main
control panel layer, except main character controller checkbox and character number.
You can use main character controller and character number to link your specic comp character
appearance to the main control panel layers appearance.

You can refer to the tutorial videos for detailed explaination.

*Note: As explained above, you can nd similar

folder structure for the female character inside
the female character folder.
How to change the expressions ?
Each animation comp contains a layer, named EXPRESSION CONTROL, youll nd all the expression
with their names in eect controls panel. From there you can use the desired expression by simply
checking the respective expression checkbox.
You can refer to the tutorial videos for detailed explaination.
In background folder youll see 3 folders background_adjust_time, background_change_color and
elements .

In background_adjust_time& background_change_color folder

youll see 33 beautiful animated backgrounds.

background _adjust_time folder contains the background comps in which you can manage the animate
in , animate out and hold timing of a background.
Double click on your required background and youll nd something similar to the below image. Drag the
keyframes to adjust the time of loop in animation, hold and loop out animation.

Hold Time

Loop In Loop Out

In order to change the backgrounds color just double click the comp. You will get a color control to change
the colors of the backgrounds, select the color control and go to eect controls panel to change the colors.
In each background comps youll nd some character placeholders. You just need to ALT+drag your
character to t into that background. Character placeholders looks similar to the below image.

In elements folder youll see various elements, these elements you can use in any background
according to your interest

In logo_reveals folder youll get 5 cool logo reveals.

In each logo reveal folder youll see some comps, you can easily edit them using the comps.

When you double click on Logo Reveal comp, youll see same comps in timline panel.
color control layer allows you to change the colors of the elements, text and logo.
Text placedholder comp allows you to change the text and Logo Placeholder allows you to replace
the logo.

Select Color Control layer and then go

to eects controls panel to change the colors.

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