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Sheltered Instruction Components Menu

Realia Teacher-prepared outlines
Manipulatives Jigsaw activities
Props Marginal notes
Photographs Related literature
Illustrations or visuals Hi-lo readers
Demo lesson procedures Graphic organizers and/or thinking maps
Videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs Leveled study guides
Adapted, enlarged, taped, or highlighted text Bilingual dictionaries or L1 texts

Realia, Photos, Illustrations Advance Organizers
Classroom Charts & Posters Vocabulary Flip Books
KWL Chart (Dueling Flip Charts) Mnemonic Strategies
Insert Method Contextualizing Key Vocabulary
Anticipation Guide Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS)
Pretest with a Partner Personal Dictionaries
Backwards Book Walk Word Wall (Interactive)
Go to Your Corner Concept Definition Map
Student Journals/Quickwrite Cloze Sentences
Concept/Question Board List-Group-Label (Write)
Signal Words Word Generation Activities
4-Corners Vocabulary1 Word Study Books
Word Sorts Vocabulary Games (Pictionary,
Cognate Study Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, Catch
Surprise Book Phrase)
Magic Curtain of ______________ (e.g. Science) Self-Assessment of Word Knowledge
Oh Yesterday! (I learned that we studied I Word Bank
discovered that our class) Plot Chart
Vocabulary Key Rings Shades of Meaning with paint strip
Graffiti Write
Question Stems
Vocabulary Flip Book Visuals
Idiom Match-Up Hands-on Activities
Taped Texts Demonstrations
Framed Outlines Gestures & Body Language
Move It! Sentence Strips
Multimedia Resources Repeated Exposure to Words, Concepts, etc.
Modeling (processes, tasks, assignments) Concrete, Realistic Models
Preview Material Graphic Organizers
Storyboarding Experiments
Scale Models Carousel/Literature Circles

Mnemonic Strategies Question Stems
Digital Storytelling Canned Questions
SQP2Rs (Squeepers) Anticipation/Reaction Guides
GIST (Generating Interactions between Magnet Summaries
Schemata & Texts) Think Alouds
Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA) Note Taking Strategies (Three-Column,
Interactive Reading Guide Cornell Notes, Split Page, etc.)
Rehearsal Strategies Insert Method
Comprehension Strategies (Big 5 - Stop and Think
predicting, self-questioning, monitoring, You Are the Teacher
determining importance, & summarizing) Vocabulary Alive
Thinking Maps/Webs Cognitive Academic Language Learning
Captioning Approach (CALLA)
Graphic Organizers Progressive Maps
Reciprocal Teaching T-Chart
Semantic Feature Analysis Model Thinking: Stop and Think
QAR Strategy Value Line
Questioning the Author (QTA) Adapted Venn Diagram
Scaffolded Questions Authors Chair

Dialogue Journals Think-Pair-Share (T-P-S)
Partner Share about Lesson Objectives 3 Step Interview
Cooperative Learning Strategies (Kagan) Round Robin Brainstorming
Expert Stay Stray 3 Minute Review
Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Gallery Walk
Team-Pair-Solo Milling to Music (adapt to Musical
Circle the Sage Flashcards)
Share in a Square You Are There
Partners White Board Group Response
Inside-Outside (Concentric) Circles Reader-Writer-Speaker Response Triads
(Conga Line, Shifting Lines, Wagon Elaborated response prompts
Wheel, River Dance Discussion) Is It Complete (sentence frames)
Red Light/Green Light Truth/Fib
Pen Pals, Class Email List, Blogs, etc. Find Your Match/Find Someone Who
Dinner Party (or Tea/Birthday Party for I Have Who Has
younger students) Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up
Jigsaw Take a Stand
Role Play, Charades, Pantomime, Puppetry
Improvisations, Frozen Moment (Tableau) 4 Square Vocabulary Activity
KWL Charts Literature Circles (Book Club)
Manipulatives and Movement In the Loop
Hands-On Games Bingo
Electronic Games Poetry and Patterns
Foldables & Flip Charts Plot Chart/Short Story Flow Chart
Character Diaries (or Fake Facebook Vocabulary-Go-Fish
profiles) Piece OPizza
Models Letter Writing/Journaling (double entry,
Physical Timeline problem-solution, metacognitive, synthesis,
Kinesthetic Activities reflective, speculation about effects)
Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers Interviews
Debate/Panel Discussion Inquiry-based Projects
Discussion Debate
Role Play and Readers Theater Lyrics Writing
Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Listening Cloze Dictation
Frame Up Semantic Gradient Scale
Find Someone Who

Think-Pair-Share (T-P-S) or Think-Pair- Response Cards
Square-Share (T-P-S-S) Take a Stand/Stand Up-Sit Down
Chunk and Chew Magic Buttons
Roam and Review Heading into Question
Podcasts Secret Answer
TV Talk Show Take Your Corners
Writing Headlines (Class Summary Tweet) Stop that DVD/Video
E-Journals and/or Wiki Entries Nine Squares


Non-verbal Responses (Thumbs up/down, Portfolios
Number Wheel, Response Boards) Stock Market game
Student Response Systems (handheld Self-assessment of Objectives
clickers, Socrative, Poll Everywhere) Simultaneous Round Table
Journal Entries Mix and Match
Milling to Music (SIOP for science book) Find Someone Who
Red Light/Green Light Find the Fib
Web of Information Vocab Journals
Snowball Quick Assessment (periodic notes
Pass the Note Card summaries)
Graffiti Write Non-print Review (pictures, songs, etc.)
Outcome Sentences On the Spot (clipboard cruising)
Student-generated Rubrics