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English language names with real meaning.


Blink-182 (American group)
To blink is to close your eyes quickly.
I blinked when she took my

Jimmy Buffet (American singer)

A buffet is a type of restaurant in Keith Sweat (American R & B singer)
which you pay a fixed price and then Sweat is a liquid released through
serve yourself to any kind of food the skin when you are hot, sick,
that is available. playing sports or scared. 50 Cent (American Rapper)
I ate three pieces of pumpkin pie, a I am sweating so much because I 50 cents is half of one dollar.
slice of pizza and a salad at the buffet. have just run 10 kilometres. This pack of gum costs 50 cents.

Dusty Springfield (American actress)

Dusty means to be covered with pieces
of sand or earth. For example, We found
an old dusty record player in our attic.
Sting (British singer) Status Quo (British band) Spring is the season in between summer
If a bee stings you, it bites you and The status quo is the state of and winter. A spring is also a coil made
leaves its sting in you. affairs at a present time of wire which maintains its original shape
even after being twisted. A field is an
This type of bee doesnt sting, but We want to maintain the status quo; open area of grassy land that can be
that other type does. Run! we dont want any changes to occur. used for sports or for growing crops.

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CD track 3
US man


Have you ever experienced extreme anger
whilst driving? If you have, youve probably
been a victim of road rage. This form of
anger, and, in some cases, violent behaviour,
is usually caused by stress. However,
according to a recent survey, some people
are more prone to road rage than others.
Psychologists found that people who use
vanity plates (licence plates with phrases or
names on them) sufer more from road rage
than any others. These drivers are territorial,
and are more likely to get angry easily, says
Jacob B enield, who led the study. Plates
with aggressive phrases such as Ill sue you
deinitely say a lot more about a driver than
you think. Anything you do to make your car
feel like your territory will make you more
upset when someone steals your parking
space or cuts you of on the road.

Road rage is a big problem in America.
Every year, it is responsible for over 20,000
injuries and 370 deaths. Not all of these
drivers have vanity plates, but many do.
And now, states such as North Dakota

are trying to make vanity plates illegal.
The state has a large problem with angry
drivers, and authorities agree that vanity
plates are connected with road rage.
License plates are causing us a lot of
trouble, and theyre deinitely connected
with road rage, says the director of the
Department of Motor Vehicles. Tell that to
the 9.3 million American car owners with
Vanity plate viciousness vanity plates. Thats a lot of road rage!

1 Discussion
1. What do you think road rage means? Phrasal verb alert
2. Have you ever experienced extreme anger Look at the three examples of the use of to cut of.
Whats the diference?
whilst driving? Have you ever seen an incident a. to cut someone of on a road
of road rage? What happened? b. to be cut of whilst talking on the GLOSSARY
3. What are the causes and efects of road rage? phone road rage n
extreme anger experienced whilst
4. What do you understand by the term vanity c. to cut someone of in a conversation driving
plates? a survey n
a questionnaire to ind out about
peoples opinions
2 Pre reading prone to exp
if you are prone to do something,
Look at the following adjectives from the article. you have a natural inclination
towards doing that thing
How do they relate to road rage? Give examples: a vanity plate n
a. violent a customised series of numbers /
letters on your licence plate
b. aggressive a licence plate n
an object with letters and numbers
c. territorial on the back of your car used for
3 Reading I Grammar spot territorial adj
concerned or obsessed with an
Now read and check your answers. To get angry area of land / your property / your
These drivers are territorial, and more likely to get to sue someone exp
4 Reading II angry easily. to begin a legal case against
someone in order to get
What does the article say about the following? We can use get with lots more adjectives compensation
to talk about the process of becoming a parking space n
1. vanity plates something. For example: to get tired = a place to park a car
2. America in general to cut someone of exp
I get tired when I work long hours. to drive in front of another car
3. North Dakota, in particular taking their place on the road

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Lets be

friends (if we arent already!)
A look at animals in war. By Kejan Haynes

Pets of Honour

1 Match the words
Match A (a bird) to B (a picture).
1. a pigeon ____
2. an eagle ____
3. a vulture ____ b d
4. an ostrich ____
5. a falcon ____
6. a dove ____
a c
These pigeons
and many others

ost countries have medals for an innate ability to ind their way home, even if
like them inspired
brave soldiers. Americans have the they are quite far away. During the war, homing
the 2005 movie,
Medal of Honor and Britain has the pigeons were used to carry messages. These Valiant, which was
Victoria Cross. But what about brave messages were usually written on small pieces a tribute to all of
animals? Many animals go to war: horses, dogs, of paper, which are tied to their legs. the pigeons used
cows and pigeons, to name a few. Is there any in war. This was the
award for them? One of the most famous pigeons to win the UKs irst computer
medal was Paddy. He was an Irish pigeon, and generated
In fact, there is. Its called the Dickin Medal, and one of the irst pigeons to return to base out of animation ilm.
its given to animals who show bravery and hundreds launched. He was bringing news of
devotion to duty whilst serving with the armed the successful D-Day landings in Normandy.
forces or civil emergency services. The award He crossed the English Channel in just 4 hours
was created by (and named after) Maria Dickin and 5 minutes (a record).
in 1943. She had previously established the
Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Another famous pigeon was G.I. Joe. He worked
an organisation that took care of injured for the United States Army Pigeon service. G.I.
animals. During the Second World War, many Joe saved the lives of the inhabitants and allied
animals were given the Dickin Medal, including soldiers of the village of Calvi Veccia, Italy. The
1 cat, 3 horses, 18 dogs and 32 pigeons. village had been captured by allied soldiers. But
the air force didnt know this and was about to
Pigeons? You ask. Yes, pigeons. OK, so they bomb it. G.I. Joe was given a message to take,
may seem like unlikely candidates for a bravery and it arrived just in time to avoid the bombing.
medal, but they were very important to the GLOSSARY
devotion to duty exp
war efort. During the Second World War, The only cat to have received the award was dedication and a sense of
responsibility to do the things you
communications werent what they are called Simon. He was on a Royal should do
today. There was no internet, no Navy ship HMS Amethyst. He injured adj
physically hurt
e-mail, no mobile phones and was originally found in Hong a homing pigeon n
no satellites. So, on many Kong and was taken on board a bird that is trained to return to a
certain place
occasions, soldiers had to the ship. He got rid of rats on specially-bred adj
if an animal is specially-bred it is
use homing pigeons the ship. In 1949, (during the raised / trained to do a speciic job
to pass on messages. Yangtze Incident), the ship innate adj
internal; instinctual; natural
These are was attacked and Simon was an ability n
specially-bred injured. He soon recovered a talent or a skill
the D-Day landings n
pigeons and returned to his duty of the day on 6th June 1944 when
allied forces landed in northern
with rat catching. He was also France
used to raise the morale of to bomb vb
to attack a place with explosive
injured teenage soldiers. weapons
to avoid vb
if you avoid something, you dont
Some fairly recent awards were given to do / see it
to get rid of phr vb
non-military animals. In 2002, two guide dogs to eliminate completely
successfully led their owners out of the World Yangtze Incident n
in 1949, a British ship was attacked
Trade Center during the attacks of September in the Chinese city of Nanking
11th. And more recently, brave animals have to raise morale exp
to make people feel happier and
been given awards in Iraq and Afghanistan. more conident

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1 Match the words
Match the words below to the pictures.
1. big ____
2. tall ____
3. rich ____
4. slow ____ c d
5. short ____ a b
6. fast ____
7. poor ____
8. little ____
9. old ____ g
10. new ____ h

2 Wordsearch e
Now ind these words in the wordsearch.

big tall f j

rich slow

short fast

poor little

old new
3 Guess the word
Make a sentence with each place. Ask your partner to guess
the word.

Its the
of big.


8 / /

TO HAVE BREAKFAST / LUNCH / DINNER Have something to eat / drink
TO EAT SOMETHING FOR BREAKFAST / To eat or drink something.

Would you like to

What time did you have have something to
breakfast this morning? eat?

Lay the table Make food

To put the plates, knives, forks, To prepare food by combining ingredients.
spoons, etc on the table.

Who made
this? Its

Could you lay the

table, please?

Cook food Do the washing up

To prepare food by heating it. To clean the plates, knives, forks,
spoons, etc.

Who cooked Do you want any

this? Its help doing the
delicious! washing up?

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Headline News

Headline News N 1 The voice of the people London 2016

Train Robber The life and times of the UKs most famous robber.
Is it right to put old people in prison? Is it outside the prison threw a ladder over the
Born on 8th August
right to keep prisoners in jail even though wall. Biggs took much of the money with
they are old and sick. This is a diicult him. He later went to Rio de Janeiro where 1929 in Lambeth,
question. Especially England. He was
when it comes to a member of the
Great Train Robbery
someone like Ronnie
gang of 1963. He
escaped prison and
went to live in Brazil.
Ronnie Biggs is one He died in 2013.
of Englands most
notorious criminals.
Biggs, an English
gangster, was part
of one of the most
famous robberies
in British history. In
1963, ifteen robbers
hijacked the Post
Oice train travelling
between Glasgow and
London. 2,631,784 was stolen from the train he was safe from
and the driver was seriously assaulted. The extradition.
equivalent of this in todays money would There was no
be 40 million. Hardly any of the money was agreement
recovered. The robbery became known as between Brazil
the Great Train Robbery. Thirteen members and Britain so
of the gang were later caught after a tip-of. he lived freely
Their ingerprints were found on a Monopoly until 2001 when
board. They had been playing the game with he returned
real money! voluntarily to prison in the UK. Many people GLOSSARY
a gangster n
thought he did this because he couldnt a member of an organised criminal
After a year and a half in prison, Ronnie aford his medical bills. However, his son, to hijack vb
Biggs escaped and led to Australia. At the Michael, said that he wanted to do his time to attack a vehicle and to hold it (with
the people inside) whilst robbing it
time and have a drink in an English pub before to assault vb
to attack
of the he died. Ronnie Biggs said that he just the equivalent n
escape, wanted to die close to his family. the same as
a tip-of n
he was information for the police giving
outside Biggs spent several years in prison, then details of a crime
to lee vb
in the was released in 2009. He died in 2013. Many to escape
a yard n
yard. He people thought he should have stayed in a patio; an area outside where
climbed a jail because of what happened to the driver, prisoners can exercise
extradition n
ten-metre Jack Mills, who sufered badly after the legally transferring a criminal from
wall after robbery. Despite this, no one knows which one country to another
to do time exp
someone robber actually attacked and hit the driver. to spend time in prison

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Story Time

Complaints earning plenty of money. But eventually, the
Boss: Ive had crowds become bored of the ape and switch
complaints about their attention to the lion beside the apes cage.
you, Johnny, from all The man doesnt like this, so, one day, he climbs
your line managers. on top of the lions cage and makes fun of the
What have you been lion. The lion gets very angry and the crowds
doing? love it. But all of a sudden, the man slips and
Johnny: Nothing. falls into the lions cage. Hes terriied and starts
Boss: Exactly. running around the cage
screaming, Help me,
Hidden Money help me! The lion
There was once a man who loved money. When eventually catches
he got it, he wouldnt spend it. Instead, he took him and lies on top
it to the bank and put it in a savings account. of him and says
In fact, he was so tight-isted that once he to the mime, Shut
said to his wife, When I die, I want you up, you idiot, or
to bury my money with me. So when well both
he died, his wife did just that. get the
On the day of the funeral, she sack!
was sitting beside her sister with
her husband lying in the coin GLOSSARY
in front of them. When the a complaint n
if you make a complaint, you tell
undertakers had closed the someone that you are unhappy
with something
coin, her sister said, Did a line manager n
you really bury all that the person in charge of a speciic
department or division at work
money with Fred? You tight-isted adj inform
must be crazy! And the used to describe a person who
does not like to spend money
woman replied, Yes, of to bury vb
to put a something in a hole in the
course, I did. I always ground
keep my promises. a coin n
a thick box in which to put a dead
So, after he died, I went person
to the bank, put the an undertaker n
a person who prepares the bodies
money in my account of dead people and makes funeral
and then wrote him a to keep a promise exp
cheque. Hes got it with him to do what you say you will do
a mime artist n
right now. a person who entertains people
by using body movements but no
The Zoo a zookeeper n
a person who feeds the animals at
A mime artist is performing outside the zoo
a zoo one day when a zookeeper to replace vb
if you replace A with B, you put A
invites him into his oice. The instead of B
zookeeper tells the man that the a costume n
clothes that are used to make you
main attraction, a gorilla, has died look like someone a gorilla in this
recently and he needs to replace it. to earn vb
So the zoo keeper ofers the mime a to make money from working
an ape n
job. Basically, the guy has to put on a member of the family of
a gorilla costume and pretend hes mammals that includes
chimpanzees and gorillas
the gorilla. to switch vb
to change
The mime thinks about it for a bit, to make fun of someone exp
but then accepts the job. Amazingly, to mock another person; to laugh
at another person
none of the visitors notice the to slip vb
diference. The gorilla is as to lose your balance
to get the sack vb exp
popular as ever and the man is to lose your job

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Useful language for successful communication.


Inviting someone to do something

Im having a party
Can I get you a Would you like to Would you like to later. Would you
coffee? have lunch with us? go to the cinema? like to come?

How about coming to my

house for dinner on Friday? Ill get this one.

Reacting to an invitation

Id like to invite Ill get this one. You

This ones on me. Lunch is on me. you for lunch. get the next one.

Reacting to an Id love to.
No, let me get this one.
invitation But you paid last time.
Im sorry, but I really dont
That sounds like a good have the time.
idea. Im afraid Im a bit busy at
That would be fantastic. the moment.
Yes, OK. Im sorry but Im not
Would you like to come up for OK. Ill get the next one. going to be able to make
a coffee? Thats a good idea. it.

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Treasure 500 year old treasure found.

1 Activity
Read the sentences, ind the errors and correct the sentences. Then listen to
the CD to check your answers. Good luck! Afterwards, you can read the error
analysis section. ANSWERS ON PAGE 56
1. What time are you wake up?
What time do you wake up?
2. She like the ilm?

3. I drink normally cofee in the morning.

4. She does often not go home by bus.
1 Discussion
1. Have they found any treasure in your country recently?
2. What stories of treasure have you heard about or read about?
5. He reads the newspaper never. 3. What ilms about treasure have you seen?

2 Pre listening
6. How long does take you to get home?
What types of things would you expect to hear on a programme such as History today?

3 Listening I

Travel English
Learn over 500
Listen once and check your answers. Did you guess correctly?

4 Listening II
Choose the correct answers.
1. A shipwreck was found of the
verb alert
coast of The phrasal verb
useful words and a. Thailand. b. Namibia. to go down
expressions for 2. They were searching for has a number
travelling abroad. a. gold. b. diamonds. of different
3. The shop was carrying treasure of meanings.
40 topic areas gold coins, copper, ivory and Can you think of any
covering a wide range a. cannons. b. guns. meanings related to
of typical situations. 4. The ship dates back to the the following things?
a. 14th century. b. 15th century. a. a ship
Over 400 images 5. The area is described as rocky and b. prices in shops
to help you learn a. foggy. b. dirty. c. a sports team
the words and 6. The captain could have been a d. a computer
expressions. a. prince. b. pirate.
More than 30 dialogues so you can hear
the language in action. Grammar spot
There are a number of examples of the past passive in the
conversation. What is the difference between these two sentences?
For more information, visit: a. A shipwreck was found. b. The shipwreck was found by diamond miners.


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The section that makes grammar easy, interesting, and fun.

Confusing Words



threw versus through

Threw is the past tense of throw. For example:
a. Paul threw the ball at me.
b. She threw the chair at it.

Through can be used as a preposition. It is often

used to refer to the process of passing from
one side of something to the other side of it. For
a. She walked through the door.
b. They walked through the forest.
c. Paul worked all through the night.
d. The bird flew in through the window.

threw versus through theyre versus there

Threw is the past tense of throw. For example: As we saw last month, theyre is a contraction of
a. Paul threw the ball at me. they are. For example:
b. She threw the chair at it. a. Paul and John work here. Theyre our colleagues.
b. Petra and Jane are here. Theyre talking in the
Through can be used as a preposition. It is often dining room.
used to refer to the process of passing from one side
of something to the other side of it. For example: There is often used to indicate place or position.
a. She walked through the door. For example:
b. They walked through the forest. a. My new car is over there.
c. Paul worked all through the night. b. He is there in the garden.
d. The bird flew in through the window. c. There are three of them on the roof.

Choose the correct answers.
1. Nigel threw / through the apple at Paul.
2. Sam and Ben are here. There / Theyre discussing the project.
3. My new bike is over there / theyre.
4. We think there / theyre is too much colour on the picture.
5. There are too / to many tables and not enough chairs.
6. He listened too / to the instructions.
7. They walked through / threw the forest.

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Luke Pittard loves his job. So much so that he came back to work after winning
1.3 million pounds on the National Lottery 18 months ago. He missed his job at
McDonalds, and got bored doing nothing. To be honest, theres only so much relaxing
you can do. Im still young and a bit of hard work never did anyone
any harm, Pittard says. He and wife Emma met working at McDonalds,
years before their windfall. After a number of holidays, a big
wedding and buying a new house, Pittard got a bit bored.
My workmates all think Im a bit mad, but I tell them theres
more to life than money. His manager is thrilled to have the
millionaire back behind the counter.

However, his wife doesnt feel the same way. Emma doesnt mind
staying at home with their three-year-old daughter, Chloe. And she
enjoys her millionaire status. However, she does understand why her
husband misses the job. We both really enjoyed
working at McDonalds and still have good Luke Pittard
friends there. It was really familiar for us, and
something for him to look forward to, she
Luke isnt the irst Lotto winner to go back to
work. According to a survey one in three big
winners go back to work, and half go back to
working full-time. Like Luke, most get bored staying at home. Even a job like
lipping burgers at the local McDonalds can keep a millionaire content.

The Working
McMillionaire Lottery winner returns to work.
1 Discussion. 4 Reading II
1. Do you ever buy lottery tickets? When? How Choose the correct answers.
often? 1. Luke Pittard was bored / happy in his job at
2. Have you ever won anything on the lottery? MacDonalds.
How much? When? 2. Luke had a number of holidays, a big wedding
3. What do you the following sayings mean? and he bought a new house / car. to miss something exp
How can you translate them into your 3. Lukes workmates think he is mad / right. to wish you still had something
to do harm exp
language? Do you agree with them? 4. Emma thinks her husband did the right thing / to hurt someone or something
a windfall n
a. Theres more to life than money. is completely mad. money you receive unexpectedly or
b. Money doesnt bring you happiness. 5. About one in three / ive big lottery winners go by luck
mad adj
c. Money doesnt grow on trees. back to work. In British English, crazy
d. A bit of hard work never did anyone any harm. thrilled adj
very, very happy
Grammar spot behind the counter exp
in a fast food restaurant, the
3. What would you do if you won the lottery? Do What does this expression mean? workers stand behind a barrier to
you think you would you return to work? Why? Emma doesnt mind staying at home. take the customers orders
familiar adj
Why not? a. She hates staying at home. closely intimate or personal
to look forward to something exp
b. She loves staying at home. to be excited about something that
2 Pre reading c. Its OK for her to stay at home. is going to happen
a big winner n
Why do you think some people return to work after winning the a person who wins a huge prize,
lottery? The verb to mind is followed by like a lot of money or something of
very high value
a. the gerund. to lip burgers exp
3 Reading I b. the ininitive.
to turn hamburgers over on a grill,
often a responsibility of a fast food
Read the article and check your answers. worker

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1 Exercise
1. standing up
2. scissors
3. star
4. mountain
5. beard
6. moustache
7. badge (of police oicer) B C
8. thumb
9. eyeball
10. logo
11. rye
12. detective
13. Prime Minister





The writer
Woolf wrote
all her books
standing up.
Virginia Woolf

Leonardo Da
Vinci invented
the scissors.

Leonardo Da Vinci

There are
22 stars
surrounding the
mountain on
the Paramount
Pictures logo.

John Lennons
assassin was
carrying a copy
of the book
The Catcher in
the Rye (by J.D.
Salinger) when he shot the
famous Beatle in 1980.

The only member of ZZ Top

to not have a
beard has the
last name Beard
(Frank Beard).
He does have
a moustache Harrys badge number is 2211. diicult. GLOSSARY
though. The title scissors n
an object with two sharp blades used
If youre ever in of Prime for cutting paper
an assassin n
trouble and ind Minister
The Beatles yourself being has only Henry Campbell- a person who kills a famous or
prominent person (a celebrity or
Bannerman political igure)
broke up attacked by a been a beard n
more than 25 crocodile, you used oicially in the United hair on the lower part of the face
a moustache n
years ago, but should push Kingdom for 100 years a line of hair above your top lip
to break up phr vb
they continue your thumbs since 1905, to be precise. In to separate; to stop being together
to sell more into the beasts the 18th century, the British a crocodile n
a large reptile with a very long
records than eyeballs it will political leader had mouth; similar to an alligator
the Rolling Stones. let go of you many diferent an eyeball n the part of
your eye that you use for seeing
immediately. It names, The Lord to let go of phr vb
to stop holding
Jimi Hendrix, is also said that if Chancellor, First Lord to run in zig-zags exp
Janis Joplin, and you run in zig- or the Lord Privy Seal to run from side to side
to outrun vb
Jim Morrison zags, you will be being one of the to run faster than an opponent /
were all 27 able to outrun a more high-winded enemy / competitor
an alligator n
years old crocodile or examples. The term a reptile that is similar to a crocodile
in straight lines n
when alligator. Prime Minister lines that are direct, with no curves
they These reptiles run came into use near the end or turns
high-winded adj
died. very fast in straight of the 18th century, and was trying to appear important and
lines but ind turning oicially adopted at the start sophisticated
to adopt vb
Movie detective Dirty corners somewhat of the 20th century. to be used oicially

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for (not on). For example, We need to ix a date for

the party.
clinic@hotenglishmagazin Of course, we could say, The meeting is on 14th March.
While we are on the topic of dates, please remember
that there is a diference between the way we say and
write dates. Look at this example:
Dear Dr Fingers, Written: We are going on 21st April.
o questions.
Please help me. I have tw Spoken: We are going on the 21st of April.
cor rec t?
1. Which sentence is d on the 14th March. Notice how we dont need to include the and of when
ng has be en ixe
a) The meeti d for the 14th March.
en ixe writing dates.
b) The meeting has be
Also, remember, in US English, they often put the month
2. Which sentence is cor irst, We are going on April 21st.
rd to he ari ng from you.
a) I look forwa
hearing from you.
b) Im looking forward to 2
a) I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much, b) Im looking forward to hearing from you.
Geo Thermals confusing
Both of these sentences are correct. The diference is
Dear Mr Thermals, very subtle and depends how the speaker perceives
Thank you so much for your e-mail. Of the action: as a whole; or as a continuous process. The
course, I would be delighted to help you. choice of the terms is entirely up to the speaker and is
Lets look at each of your problems in turn. not correct or incorrect. Does he / she see it as a ixed,
whole, complete unit of thought (I look forward to)?
1 Or as an activity in progress (I'm looking forward to)?
a) The meeting has been ixed on the 14th These diferences are very, very subtle and are not worth
March. worrying about as there is no real diference there.
b) The meeting has been ixed for the 14th
March. Well, Mr Thermals, I hope that has brightened up your day.
Yours, Dr Fingers.
Only sentence b is grammatically correct. The Please send your questions or stories to:
expression is to ix a date for with the preposition

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Corny Criminals

The Jedi
The Jedi Church
is now an oicial
religion. It is
dedicated to the
doctrines of the
Jedi. Followers
believe that there
is one powerful
force that binds
all things in the
universe together.
The Jedi Church
accepts races and
species from all
over the universe as
potential members
of the religion.

Drunken Darth Apparently, the man, 27-year- driving and the unlicensed
A number of Star Wars fans old Arwel Jones, used a crutch operation of a vehicle.
have been involved in a ight. as a light sabre. Jones, who
The incident took place outside has a drink problem, was Drunken Dad to duel vb
a Jedi Church* in Holyhead, given a ine and a suspended A strange case came to light in to ight with swords
a crutch n
Wales. Two men dressed in Star sentence. During the attack Alice Springs, Australia. A man a stick used to support injured
Wars costumes were duelling he shouted Darth Vader as he has been ined for strapping a a light sabre n
with light sabres as they ilmed hit one man on the head with case of beer into his car with a the laser swords used in Star Wars
a ine n
a documentary. All of a sudden, the crutch and punched seat-belt while his a cash penalty
this guy dressed as Darth Vader the other. However, this 7-year-old son was a suspended sentence n
a prison sentence that is only served
appeared and started attacking man was quite lucky as left unrestrained. if the criminal commits another
us, said one of the men. the real Darth Vader got When police stopped to punch vb
No-one was safe as we were his hand cut of in the the car, the child was to hit someone with your ist
a bolt of lightning n
attacked by the most evil man ilm by Luke Skywalker sitting in the back a lash of light in a thunderstorm
in cinema history, then killed by a bolt of of the car. However, tuxedo-clad adj
wearing a very formal suit
he added. lightning. a box of 30 cans of a lawnmower n
a machine used to cut grass
beer was strapped to be charged with exp
Drunken in. When questioned about to be formally accused of a crime by

Gardener it, the man stared blankly

the police
to come to light exp
In another incident, at police oicers and said he to become revealed or discovered
to ine vb
a tuxedo-clad didnt know anything about if someone is ined, they must
pay money to the government as a
man in New York it. The police gave the driver a punishment for committing a crime
was caught driving spot ine of $750. Weve never to strap into phr vb
if you strap something into a car,
a lawnmower seen anything like it, one of you put a seat belt around it
while drunk. The the oicers said. According to a seat-belt n
a safety strap on a car seat
man, who had Australian law, it is the drivers unrestrained adj
without protection or control
been banned responsibility to make sure all to stare blankly exp
from driving, was passengers are strapped in. And to look at someone with no
expression on your face
caught at 1 am. He as far as we know, there is no a spot ine n
has been charged mention of applying this to a an amount of money you must pay
for committing a crime. It is given by
with drunken case of beer. police at the scene of a crime





hot english
1 Exercise
Oldest Nobel winner
Here are some famous Nobel prize winners. Do you know anything about
them? Where are they from? Why were they awarded the prize?

Jean Paul Sartre
Doris Lessing

3 Pablo Neruda
Samuel Beckett
1 Listening I
Listen once and answer the questions.
1. Which noble prize winner is being discussed?
2. What was she famous for?

2 Listening II
Complete the fact ile. Write down what happened in each year.
1. 1919 =
2. 1937 =
3. 1943 =
Ingredients 4. 1949 =
500 grams of ground beef
1/2 cup chopped onion 5. 1960 =
2 cloves of garlic, pressed
2 avocado pears Word alert
1 red onion, sliced thin Upbringing
1 jar roasted red peppers in the text is used
6 large bread rolls as a noun but it
Tabasco sauce is also a phrasal
verb, to bring up;
Method GLOSSARY but what does it
ground beef n
Mix ground beef, minced onion and a socially incompetent
mean? Answer the
pressed garlic together. a clove of garlic n questions to help
one section of a garlic bulb
Make burger patties. an avocado pear n you guess.
Cook the burgers (preferably on the a round, green vegetable with a
large stone in the middle. Used for
1. Who do you
barbecue) making guacamole think brings
to slice vb
Place hamburger patties on bread to cut thinly you up?
rolls and top with red onion, roasted a patty n US 2. At what time in
a small, round meat pie
red peppers and avocado slices a slice n your life are you
Sprinkle Tabasco sauce over the top a thin piece of something
brought up?

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1 Dont Look Back in Anger, by Oasis

Learn some examples of spoken English from this
song. Notice the use of cos (because), aint (arent)
and gonna (going to).
So I start a revolution from my bed,
Cos you said the brains I had went to my head.
Step outside, summertimes in bloom,
Stand up beside the ireplace,
Take that look from of your face,
You aint ever gonna burn my heart out.
Brit pop
to help you
2 Adventure of a Lifetime, by Coldplay
Find out about the use of conjunctions.
In this song, like is used as a conjunction
to mean as if (I feel like Im alive).
we are diamonds,
Now I feel my heart beating,
I feel my heart underneath my skin,
And I feel my heart beating,
Oh, you make me feel like Im alive again,
Alive again, oh you make me feel like Im alive again.

3 Perfect, by One Direction Find

Improve your knowledge of verbs in English. out how
8 Brit pop
In this song, the verb tell is used to mean see,
understand or realise, etc. (I could tell that).

When I irst saw you,

songs can
From across the room, really
I could tell that you were curious, oh, yeah,
Girl, I hope youre sure,
What youre looking for, your
Cause Im not good at making promises, English.

4 Parklife, by Blur
Learn some useful verbs + prepositions. This song includes the use
of the prepositional phrase think about: (and I think about leaving the house).

I get up when I want except on Wednesdays,

when I get rudely awakened by the dustman, [Parklife]
I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea,
and I think about leaving the house, [Parklife]
I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows too,
it gives me a sense of enormous well being, [Parklife]
And then I'm happy for the rest of the day,
safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit
of my heart devoted to it. [Parklife]

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5 Ruby, by The Kaiser Chiefs
Learn some useful phrasal verbs. The phrasal verb find
out appears in this song. It means to discover or learn:
(finding out what).

Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is cancelled,

Let the clocks be reset and the pendulums held,
Cause theres nothing at all except the space in between,
Finding out what you're called and repeating your name.

6 She Moves in her Own Way, by The Kooks

Learn some idioms in English. This song has lots of
idioms, including pull someones strings, which means
to control someone (you dont pull my strings).

So now you pour your heart out,

You're telling me you're far out,
You're not about to lie down for your cause,
But you don't pull my strings,
'Cos I'm a better man,
Moving on to better things.

brains n
7 Just, by Radiohead to go to your head exp
if something goes to your head, it makes
Learn some grammar from Radiohead. This song you feel very important
in bloom n
features the use of the present perfect continuous a plant that is in bloom has lowers on it
(have/has + been + verb -ing) to talk about an to beat vb
when your heart is beating, it is making
action thats been continuing for a period of time regular rhythmic movements
to get rudely awakened exp
up until now (its been hanging round). if you get rudely awakened, someone
wakes you up in a loud or aggressive
Cant get the stink of, a dustman n
It's been hanging round for days, a person whose job is to collect the rubbish
devoted to exp
Comes like a comet, if youre devoted to something, you like or
love that thing very much
Suckered you but not your friends, due to exp
One day hell get to you, because of
to reset vb
And teach you how to be a holy cow. if you reset a clock, you change the time
You do it to yourself, you do on it
a pendulum n
the pendulum is a part of a clock with a
long piece of metal with a weight at the end
which swings from side to side in order to
make the clock work
to pour your heart out exp
8 Common People, by Pulp to tell someone your secret feelings
Learn some slang. This song includes far out exp slang
a slang expression that means good
the use of the slang term loaded, which to lie down for your cause exp
to be prepared to die for your cause
means rich. a stink n
a very bad smell
to hang around phr vb
She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge, if a smell (for example) hangs around for
She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College, a long time, it stays there for a long time
sucker vb inform
That's where I caught her eye, if someone suckers you, they trick you
a thirst for exp
She told me that her dad was loaded, I said, [There have been rumours that if you have a thirst for something, you
in that case I'll have a rum and Coca-Cola, she said ine, the mystery woman in the song is really want that thing
to catch someones eye exp
And in thirty seconds time she said, Danae Stratou, the wife of ex Greek if you catch someones eye, they notice
I want to live like common people finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.] or see you

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A look at the current British music scene.

British Music



Pete Doherty Amy Winehouse

ete Doherty is an English singer- my Winehouse was a singer who wrote
songwriter of Irish-Jewish descent. and performed a mixture of jazz, blues and
He became famous when he rhythm and blues music. Unfortunately, she
performed with a band called The also had a number of problems with drugs
Libertines from 1997 until 2004. They were and alcohol. And news of her mental health was
a garage rock band, often in the papers.
which is a type of very She once appeared
funky rock inluenced in a YouTube video
by punk. They had a playing with mice,
UK number-one album prompting worries
but broke up due to that she was going
Dohertys problems insane. Pete Doherty
with heroin. Later also appeared in the
he formed the band video. Her husband
Babyshambles, which (Blake Fielder-Civil),
plays various types of was once sent to
music, including punk prison, for a violent
and ska. This is a form of assault on a pub
Caribbean music similar landlord. Amy, like
to reggae. However, Pete Doherty, was a
Pete Doherty has become more famous for very talented musician
his continuing problems with drugs and his who was unfortunate
iery relationship with top model Kate Moss. to have fallen into the
They had a very public relationship until world of drugs. This
2007 and were constantly in the tabloid is something that has
press. He has spent time in prison and has happened to many
been in and out of drug rehabilitation clinics. young people in the
Despite this, he is a very talented musician rock and roll business.
and is very popular with young music fans. She died in 2011.

24 / / For Skype / Phone speaking classes, e-mail

oldplay are a world-famous alternative-rock
band and are much less controversial than
the previous two stars. They are known, along
with their music, for their social activism. Chris
Martin, the singer-guitarist-pianist is very public about
issues such as human rights and fair trade for third
world countries. They were also involved with the Live 8
event in 2006. They have won a Grammy before for their
song Clocks. Other popular songs are Yellow and Speed
of Sound. Their song Vida la Vida was one of the fastest
selling singles in history. And their seventh album A Head
Full of Dreams reached the number-one position in the
UK charts and number two in the US, Australia, Canada
and Italy. Coldplays style of music has been compared to
Oasis and Radiohead. They themselves have described it
as very heavy soft rock. Some of their music has a very
sad feeling to it but it has struck a chord with many
music fans. One impressive
thing that the band have
done is to give 10% of their
proits to charity. Their
activism is well-known and
Guy Berryman, the bassist,
has said that if it helps people,
then they want to do it.

Oasis The Prodigy

asis were formed in 1991, he Prodigy are one of the biggest
and were part of the Britpop electronic music bands in the
movement of bands. This was world. This is a type of heavy dance
a type of music focused on the music. It has sometimes been called
British style of guitar playing and lyrics Electronic Punk. Others known for this
about things that afect British people. Oasis music are The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy
second album Whats the Story Morning Slim. Although there are three members at
Glory is considered by many to be their the moment, most of the music is written
best. Their singer, Liam Gallagher, is known and performed by Liam Howlett. They have
as a wildman and has had many public caused controversy before with one of their
bust-ups with other musicians. They were songs. In the US, there was outrage as many
involved in the Battle of Britpop in1995 people thought it was glorifying violence GLOSSARY
with Blur. This was when the British press against women. funky adj
rhythmic; with strong rhythm
decided that there was rivalry between the The music video of to break up phr vb
bands, and a battle for sales of singles took the song showed to stop playing together as a band
iery adj
place. Blur won the battle. When the Britpop a person on a aggressive
the tabloid press n
movement night out, taking the newspapers in Britain that print
ended in the drugs and ighting. sensational stories
mental health n
late 1990s, It caused even your mind and sanity
Oasis lost more controversy to strike a chord with phr vb
to inluence; to please
popularity and than their song, the lyrics n
the words in a song
several band but many saw it as a wildman n
members groundbreaking. someone who is crazy or does
outrageous things
left. Liam The Prodigy have a bust-up n
continued with worked with many a ight or argument
rivalry n
the band until famous artists competitive feeling between
people / organisations, etc
2014. Noel including Oasis and outrage adj
started a solo Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis, who is also extreme shock or anger
groundbreaking adj
career. a talented singer. very original or modern

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Headline News N 6 The voice of the people London 2016


The 20 simple words
the English are
unable to spell:
1. questionnaire
2. accommodate
3. definitely
4. liaison
5. existence
6. occurrence
7. referring
8. occurred
9. millennium
10. embarrass
11. calendar
12. receive
13. necessary
14. separate
15. cemetery
16. library
17. accidentally
18. independent

Silly Spelling
19. occasionally
20. receipt

A study on poor spelling in the UK.

Do you have problems with English spelling? third thought their spelling was brilliant, and
Its notoriously diicult. And in many cases 46% said it was just good. Alarmingly, 14%
there is very little connection between the did not think it was vital to spell correctly, and
pronunciation of the word and the way it is 11% were not worried by colleagues spelling
written. But you arent the only ones who ind mistakes. Twenty percent said that theyd
it diicult. avoid writing documents by hand because
their spelling was inadequate, and 59% said
A recent study has shown that native English they relied on their computer's spell-checker GLOSSARY
notoriously adj
speakers cant spell either. More than two to get things right. Amazingly, 6% had lost a famous, but for a bad reason
thousand people took part in the study and job because their spelling was so poor. indings n
results from research
the indings were very interesting. Forty a questionnaire n
a list of questions in order to ind
percent of the respondents could not spell James Margate, who was in charge of the peoples opinions of something
the word questionnaire, 38% had trouble study said, It's worrying how weak our liaison n
cooperation and exchange of
spelling accommodate and 37% also had spelling has become, especially with regard information and ideas between
problems spelling deinitely. Other diicult to simple, everyday words. Its interesting to two companies or parts of an
words included liaison, existence and see that despite getting basic words wrong, a to embarrass vb
to make someone feel ashamed or
occurrence. Even relatively simple words huge majority still regard their spelling skills as uncomfortable
such as calendar, embarrass, library and excellent or good. Its inexcusable to see badly- a receipt n
a piece of paper given in a shop after
receipt caused diiculties. written documents in a work environment. you buy something
If something isn't done in this generation, to blame vb
to say someone is responsible for
So, why is this? Two-thirds of those in the spelling standards will only decline further. something bad
to rely on phr vb
study blamed mobile phones for their A member of the Plain English campaign said, to depend on
inability to spell. Abbreviations in texting are People seem less inclined to consider correct to decline vb
to decrease
leading to a new type of English (coz instead spelling important. When we spell words to be less inclined to exp
of because; 4 instead of for, etc). But this incorrectly, it is bound to cause confusion and to have less desire to do something
bound to exp
doesnt seem to worry many people. Nearly a make writing more diicult to read. likely to; probably going to

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How NOT to do business.

Don Arden
Born: 4th January
1926 in Manchester,
Died: 21st July 2007
in Los Angeles, USA

Don Arden
Known as: Mr.
Big, The English
Godfather and The
Al Capone of Pop



orn as Harry Levy in 1926, Arden went date and manage Ozzy. In an attempt to split
into showbiz at the age of 13. He them up, Arden told Ozzy that Sharon had tried
did stand-up comedy and singing to seduce him, her own father. After this failed,
during the war years. Don Arden was he set loose his dogs on Sharon, who was GLOSSARY
AKA acronym
Jewish so he began his career in management pregnant. She had a miscarriage and didnt Also Known As
showbiz abb
by organising Hebrew folk music competitions. speak to her father for over 20 years until Ozzy show business
By the 1960s, he had moved into full-blown reconciled the two. a stand-up comedy n
comedy performance that consist
management and was organising British tours of a single comedian talking to the
for American performers such as Chuck Berry In the 1980s, Arden had a record company, but full-blown adj
and Bo Diddley. it collapsed after legal costs destroyed it. His total; complete
to sign up phr vb
son, David, seems to have taken a to enlist someone to your company
His irst major group was The leaf from his fathers book and went a hit n
something that is commercially
Small Faces. The group liked his to prison for assaulting an employee. successful
to ix vb
enthusiasm and, in a short time, Don was also charged in relation to organise / manipulate a result
were signed up. They had a chart with this. Don Ardens violent temper foul play exp
unlawful behaviour; illegal activities
hit but it entered the charts illegally and unethical business practices to seduce vb
supposedly by ixing it. But his eventually destroyed his business. to persuade someone, often by
using charm
foul play with The Small Faces wasnt to set loose phr vb
to release; in this case to allow
over yet. In 1966, Robert Stigwood, His daughters business practices animals to attack someone or
another music manager spoke to are somewhat diferent. Sharon something
a miscarriage vb
The Small Faces about changing is more open and she is Flying the death of a baby during
managers. Arden went to teach him High Again to quote one of her pregnancy
to reconcile vb
a lesson with some friends and threatened to husbands songs. She has been involved in court to make friends again after an
throw Stigwood out a window. He also tried cases involving royalties but, in general her to take a leaf from someones
to strangle a musician and throw him out a methods are fairly honest. She once said that book exp
to do things in a similar way to
window. her father taught her how to destroy a business another person
and that was the best thing he ever did for her. If in relation with exp
connected to
In the 1970s, Don Arden became manager of you want to succeed in business, you shouldnt lying high exp
doing well
rock legends Black Sabbath and ELO. Ardens alienate too many people. Negative actions have royalties n
problems really began to grow here. In 1979, a way of coming back to you. And in the case money earned from music sales
fairly adv quite
Arden had Sabbaths singer Ozzy Osbourne of Don Arden, losing his family and business what goes around, comes around exp
thrown out of the band for drink and drug are good examples of the saying What goes what you do to others will be done
to you; if you make others sufer, you
problems. Ardens daughter, Sharon, began to around, comes around. will sufer too, one day

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How to market yourself and be successful.

Dream Big

Marketing Ozzy
f you own a failing business and you need Nowadays the Blizzard of Ozz lives a
some advice to turn things around, you quieter life. He is a TV personality and
should look at the career of Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon has been a judge on the talent
The ageing English rock star was considered series The X-Factor and Americas got Talent.
a dinosaur. That was until his wife and His son, Louis, from his irst marriage is a
manager, Sharon, signed the family up for the famous DJ. His children by Sharon, Kelly
reality TV series The Osbournes. The series was, and Jack, have successful careers stemming
surprisingly, a smash hit around the world and from The Osbournes. His other daughter,
the once-reluctant TV star Ozzy saw his album Aimee, has stayed out of the media glare but
sales skyrocket. is successful in her own right as an actress,
singer and columnist. She is an impressive
Of course, it would be diicult to survive in show character because she has never used her
business for so long without two other important fathers fame to help her own career.
things: talent and an ability for self-publicity. Ozzy
has both of these in droves. When they started A lot of the Osbournes success is down to GLOSSARY
a (rock) dinosaur n
in Birmingham at the beginning of the 1970s, eicient marketing. Many observers credit this a (rock) star who is less popular
Ozzys band, Black Sabbath, deined a new form to Sharon. Ozzy has always been popular with now, often because of age
a smash hit n
of music: heavy metal. Their musical style, lyrics metallers but with the Ozzfest tour his music has a successful album, ilm, TV
series, etc
and wild antics struck a chord with millions gained a much wider popularity. Sharon, to skyrocket vb
of disafected teenagers. Ozzy was Ozzy and son Jack organise this if sales skyrocket, they increase
quickly and a lot
a talented singer and a charismatic multi-band annual festival which in droves exp
frontman for the band, but his tours America and, occasionally, in excess; in abundance
to strike a chord with phr vb
personal life became notorious. He Europe. Along with Sharons career to afect; to be something that
others can connect with
had a serious problem with alcohol as a reality TV presenter, this gives disafected adj
and drugs which culminated in the family Osbourne plenty of unhappy or alienated from society
to cite vb
him trying to kill Sharon. He was media attention. Sharon has, as a to accuse formally; to name
also blamed for causing the suicides rock and roll manager, the talent and someone as a suspect
to clear vb
of two fans. His song Suicide opportunities to constantly grab to be found not guilty
a stunt n
Solution, which was actually about the public eye. Although Ozzy an action for publicity
alcoholism, was cited in court for is the most famous, the rest of a wildman n
a crazy person
these deaths but he was cleared. His the family has beneited from a metaller n inform
most infamous stunt was when he this intelligent form of marketing. a heavy metal fan
annual adj
bit the head of a bat on stage. He At times, the family appears as a once a year
reality TV n
claims he thought the bat was made unit and, at others, as individual unscripted TV; games such as Big
of rubber, but the wildman myth personalities. And all of this is Brother, Pop Stars, etc
to grab the public eye exp
grew. He has also admitted to killing incredible for a man who was once to get public attention
all his pet cats, about 17, considered a pariah by a pariah n
someone who is disliked by society;
with a shotgun. Nice man! the media. an outcast

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A look at the movie blockbuster Wanted.

Choose your Destiny
hat happens when a man out that he is the son of a recently-deceased
goes from having no power legendary assassin. As the heir to his new
to having more than he world, he must learn the ways of an assassin
can handle? The action to avenge the death of his father.
blockbuster Wanted is loosely based on the
comic book mini-series by Mark Millar (also Fox takes him under her wing, and brings
titled Wanted) and art by J.G. him to the Fraternity (a secret
Jones. The ilm stars James society of assassins). Gibson,
McAvoy (from The Last King of who used to process accounts,
Scotland), Morgan Freeman is now learning to shoot the
and Angelina Jolie. wings of lies (literally). Except
he already knows how, of
The story starts in a drug course. Under the tutelage
store. The anxious and passive of Sloan (Morgan Freeman),
accounts manager Wesley the leader of the Fraternity,
Gibson (James McAvoy) is Gibson undergoes brutal
waiting for his prescription for training to cultivate his skills.
anxiety pills. All of a sudden, a In the process, he becomes
mysterious woman, Fox (played more proactive about his life
by Angelina Jolie) approaches in general and demonstrates
him. The news that she gives that you cannot deny your
him changes his life forever. destiny.

Apparently this average guy with no hopes, This action lick is illed with high-quality
dreams, or fulilled life purpose has a very special efects. So, if you like action movies,
special and untapped ability. Gibson inds this is the one for you.

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to handle vb
to be capable of dealing with; to be
able to deal with
loosely based on exp
more or less the same as
a drug store n US
a shop where medicine and other
articles are sold. A chemists in
British English
an accounts manager n
a person whose job is to deal with
the inancial transactions in a big
approach vb
to walk up to someone
legendary adj
very famous
an assassin n
a professional killer
to avenge vb
to hurt someone who is responsible
for doing something wrong to you
to take someone under your wing exp
to teach someone something and

James McAvoy Angelina Jolie watch out for them; to take care of
under the tutelage of exp
under the care of

rowing up in Glasgow, Scotland, ngelina Jolie is an actress, ilmmaker to deny vb
not to accept something
James McAvoy never thought of and humanitarian. She has also been a lick n
becoming a serious actor. He only described as one of the worlds most a ilm
a priest n
acted because he was allowed beautiful people. She, however, describes a high-ranking member of a church
the navy n
to and he had to do something. Rather, as herself as someone who will always be a punk kid the ships and people who ight
a child he wanted to be a priest or join the with tattoos. Despite her self-proclaimed punk at sea
to take on phr vb
navy. Since committing to acting, however, personality, Jolie works hard for humanitarian if you take on a role, you accept
he has taken on a variety of characters. He has causes. She has travelled to African and Asia to that role and play the part
key adj
had key roles in sci-i ilms, romantic movies, promote the plight of refugees and has worked as important
a roles n
including as the main star in the 2008 action a Goodwill Ambassador. a part in a ilm or play or theatrical
ilm Wanted. His acting versatility relects his She is also quite the ighter. As a mother of work
to fence vb
real-life varied interests: he is a skilled boxer, he three adopted children and three biological to ight with swords
fences, and is also a ire-eater. children, she is quoted as saying, If anybody a ire-eater n
a person who puts ire or sticks of
Even though he received a BAFTA Film Award comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, ire into their mouths to entertain
in 2007 for The Last King of Scotland and also I've no problem shooting them. Having played accolades n
the 2006 Rising Star Award, he hasnt let these numerous action roles in movies such as Tomb awards
to go to ones head vb
accolades to go to his head. Despite all the Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, as well as Wanted, she to become arrogant / big-headed /
fame and riches, he still drives a modest car, believes that everyone should enrol in some self-important because of success
to take a break vb
lives in a small apartment and leads a normal sort of ighting class whether it is kung-fu, to stop doing something so you can
life. And he is even thinking of taking a break kickboxing or boxing. As for her own children, soul-searching exp
from all the ofers to do some soul-searching she believes they need to learn to hold their a period of relection on your
thoughts, feelings, life, etc
and to take some me time. own in a ight. Just like their mum can. a kid n inform
a child

James McAvoy Angelina Jolie humanitarian causes n

acts that are designed to help poor
Born: 21st April 1979 Born: 4th June 1975 the plight of n
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States the severe problems related to; the
pain and misery of
Main ilms: The Last King of Scotland, Main ilms: Interrupted, Tomb Raider, Mr and a Goodwill Ambassador n
Atonement, X-Men: Apocalypse Mrs Smith, The Bone Collector, Unbroken a celebrity representative who uses
their inluence to help the poor

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The true and tragic story of Helen Duncan. By Kejan Haynes

This Royal Navy
ship was launched
in 1914. During the
First World War, it
collided with her
sister ship Warspite.
Later, it received
ive hits in a battle.
During the Second
World War, the ship
was used in the
Atlantic and the
In March 1941, it
received bomb

Wicked Witch
damage during
the Battle of Cape
Matapan of the
coast of Crete. It
sank in November
1941 after being hit

elen Duncan was a medium They would try her as a witch under the 1735
someone who communicates with Witchcraft Act. She was eventually convicted
the spirit world. One and sentenced to nine months in
day during a sance, The Blitz prison after a highly-publicised
she spoke with the spirit of a dead This is a shortened version trial. At the time, many people
sailor. He told Helen that his ship, of the German term Blitz were against the trial, including
HMS Barham*, had sunk. She Krieg (Lightning War). the prime minister, Winston
then passed the message on to It is often used to refer to Churchill.
his family, thinking that she was the extended bombing
doing the right thing. of Britain by Germany So, who was Helen Duncan? She
The family then contacted the from 7th September 1940 was born in Callander, Stirling GLOSSARY
a sailor n
Admiralty to verify the news. In to 10th May 1941. The (Scotland), in November 1897. a person who works on a ship
to sink vb
turn, the Admiralty demanded attack began with the She was a famous medium and to disappear below the surface of
to know how the family knew bombing of London for performed sances, contacting the water
the Admiralty n
about the ship as it was a secret. 57 consecutive nights. the spirits of recently-deceased the government department that is
It was 1941, at one of the worst In total more than over people. She was a mother of in charge of the navy (the warships)
to maintain morale exp
moments of the Second World 43,000 civilians were killed six children, and the wife of a to keep people in a positive frame

War. Britain was just recovering during the Blitz, although wounded veteran. During the
of mind
the prosecution n
this was far fewer than
from the Blitz*, and there was war, she worked in a bleach the lawyers who try to prove that
the number of German someone is guilty
still the danger of an invasion factory but practised her craft to to try vb
civilians who were killed
(although by this time the during allied attacks on make extra money to support her to try to prove that someone is
Germans had started their Germany in 1944 to 1945. family. Duncan eventually died a trial n
a formal meeting in a court of law
invasion of the Soviet Union). The in 1956. with a judge
British government were paranoid recently-deceased adj
that has recently died
about the countrys security. They Now more than six decades a veteran n
a person who served in a war
wanted to keep information about after her arrest, one group bleach n
the Barham a secret in order to is requesting that she be a chemical that dyes something
white or a pale colour; often used for
maintain troop morale. So, they posthumously pardoned. cleaning
decided to arrest Duncan. Although it has never been a craft n
a special talent or ability
oicially stated, it is thought that posthumously pardoned exp
found innocent after death
At irst, they thought she was a spy. How else her trial and unfair arrest led to the repeal of to repeal (a law) vb
would she know such top secret information? the Witchcraft Act in 1951. This was replaced to end / cancel / delete a law
to scam vb
There was a trial. However, the prosecution by the Fraudulent Mediums Act which is to trick; to deceive in order to get
could not prove that she was working for the often used against dishonest mediums who money
to collide vb
Nazis. So, what were they going to do? Simple. scam clients. to hit; to crash against

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Headline News

Headline News N 5 The voice of the people London 2016

Art Eggxibit
What's the most ununsual piece of
Breakfast inspired art
Hofstra hoped so too. The super-sized eggs
environmental art that you've ever were his second attempt at a sculpture
seen? In 2008, artist Henk Hofstra, big enough to show up from space on
inspired by his breakfast, created a Google Earth satellites. Google Earth is
series of enormous egg sculptures in Googles online 3D (three-dimensional)
the centre of Wilhelmina Square. Called map programme that lets you look at any
Art Eggsident, (like art accident) many destination on earth. Hofstras irst try at
of the eggs were over 30 metres wide. reaching space with sculpture was with
The egg art was popular with kids, who his piece Water Is Life. He used over 4,000
enjoyed climbing up the 2.3 metre tall litres of bright blue paint to cover 1,000 GLOSSARY
a blogger n
sculptures. The enormous eggs had metres of road in Dratchen, Holland. The a person who keeps an online journal
bloggers talking too. One person said, road became a giant, painted river. The artist ofto their personal opinions
pick up phr vb
I love it, but it does need bacon. And even added funny details like a car sinking to notice; to detect
to show up phr vb
toast. And cofee. Another blogger said into the water. Unfortunately, Hofstras river to appear; to be visible
she hope Google Earth would pick up wasnt big enough to be seen from space on to sink vb
if an object sinks, it goes below the
the eggs on satellite. Google Earth. surface of the water

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High voltage rock n roll.



ngus and Malcolm Young were socially maladjusted. Along with Scotts wild
born in Glasgow but the family stage antics, they also gained popularity
moved to Sydney, Australia, when for Angus crazy spasms, his mooning and
the boys were young. his other famous trademark: his
Angus musical career began at school uniform. Although their
the age of ive when he restrung music has been described as
a banjo as a guitar. Eventually, he heavy metal, they have always
got his trademark Gibson SG and, hated this reference. Their music
since then, has never changed is, in fact, ordinary rock n roll,
instruments. Their brother George played loud and aggressively. This
had a band, The Easybeats, and straightforward type of music
gave his younger brothers guitar Angus Young has kept them popular all through
lessons when he wasnt touring. their career.
He would eventually become AC/DCs
producer. Their irst few albums were popular in
Australia but when they released Let There
In 1973, Malcolm and Angus Be Rock in 1977 they became world famous.
formed AC/DC. They got They toured with Black Sabbath. In one
the bands name from a incident, Sabbaths bassist, Geezer Butler,
sewing machine AC/DC threatened Malcolm with a knife. Malcolm
is an electrical reference. then reportedly beat him up. Despite this,
They eventually met another Malcolm Young the two groups remained friendly, and in
Scottish-born 2006 Angus inducted Sabbath singer Ozzy
Australian, Bon Scott, who was Osbourne into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
their driver for a while. After their Their next album, Highway to Hell made
irst singer left, Scott became them big in America but trouble was coming.
their frontman. He has been
voted as the greatest frontman In February 1980, Bon Scott was found dead
ever in Classic Rock magazine. in London from alcohol poisoning. The band
Part of this success came from his bad-boy thought about quitting but eventually replaced
image as he had spent time in prison. He was Scott with Geordie singer Brian Johnson.
also refused entry into the army for being AC/DC Fans showed their loyalty and their

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AC/DC once helped
overthrow a brutal
dictator! Manuel
Noriega, leader
of Panama in the
1980s, led to the
Vatican Embassy in
1989 after American
troops tried to arrest
him. The troops
surrounded the
embassy and played
songs by Van Halen,
The Clash and AC/
DC full blast day
and night. The
dictator eventually
surrendered and was
deported to the USA.

next album Back in Black became the Night Stalker, was a devil multi-platinum adj
one of the biggest selling albums worshipper and now the band that has sold millions of copies
madcap adj
in history. Apparently, Scott were also accused of this. A crazy; wild
to restring vb
admired Johnsons singing. Scott campaign to censor popular
saw Johnson in concert once. Brian Johnson music in the US included AC/DC
to change the strings of an
instrument changing their
position or turning
During the concert, Johnson fell on stage and as targets. Despite this, the group survived a trademark n
started yelling on the loor. The crowd thought and became more popular in the 1990s. They something a person is famous for
to tour vb
it was part of his act but it was actually acute made a comeback and their newer songs are to do a series of concerts in diferent
places / countries
appendicitis. Brian Johnson has become considered a return to form for them. They a producer n
known for his trademark lat cap, which is are releasing new material now in September a person whose job is to control
album recording, music mixing,
fashionable in his home town of Newcastle, and a world tour is expected. music editing, etc
England. a frontman n
the singer in a band
The band never forgot where antics n
crazy or controversial actions
The 1980s saw AC/DCs popularity drop and they were from and much old a spasm n
their music is seen as being below standard footage from their Scottish a convulsion; an involuntary
movement of the body
at this time. And there were problems for tours shows the band wearing to moon vb inform
the band. Malcolm got into another ight, Scottish football jerseys. Also, to show your backside in public as
a sign of disrespect to others, or
this time with Phil Rudd, the drummer, who one of their songs, Bonny, just for fun
straightforward adj
then left. For a while, there were rumours a tribute to Bon Scott is Bon Scott uncomplicated
that they were a gay band, especially as in actually a traditional Scottish a bassist n
a bass player plays a guitar with four,
some countries, AC/DC is a slang term for air. Newcastle man Brian Johnson has also thick strings
bisexuality, and also because they played strengthened the connection as his home to induct vb
to welcome someone oicially into
gigs in gay clubs. They responded saying that town is close to the Scottish border. Bon Scott a group or society
a Geordie n
they would play gigs anywhere they wanted has been honoured in his birthplace Kirriemuir, someone from Newcastle, England.
the more fans, the better. They had also got north of Edinburgh. Their 1978 live album If Also the name of Brian Johnsons
original band
into trouble for referring to a real Australian you want Blood, you Got It was recorded at a a crank call n
telephone number in a song. This led to the concert in Glasgow. Angus is frequently named a phone call made as a joke
to censor vb
owners of the number receiving thousands of as the reason many young people start to learn to prohibit partially or totally
a return to form exp
crank calls. In the United States a serial killer, guitar. to become good again; to be as
Richard Ramirez left an AC/DC hat at a crime good as before
an air n
scene and was also claimed to be inspired The band stopped playing after Malcolm left the a traditional Celtic song
by their song Night Prowler. Ramirez, AKA group in 2014 as a result of health reasons. full blast adj
at maximum volume

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1. What do you call a python DIPLOMACY IS THE

with a great bedside PATRIOTIC ART OF
Jane: Whats the diference
between Chinese food and Y.
Italian food?
Bob: With Chinese food, youre
hungry after two hours. With
Italian food, youre still
3. Why did the raisin go out
with the prune? ITS NOT THAT IM A
4. What kind of shoes do you
make from banana skins?
a bedside manner n
5. Why do bananas wear after-
the way you behave with someone
sun lotion? who is in bed (often sick)

6. What is more useful after it is

a raisin n
a dried grape (the fruit used to HAPPENS.
broken? make wine)

a prune n a dried
Boss: You missed work plum (a round, purple fruit)
after-sun lotion n
yesterday, didn't you?
a type of cream you put on burnt
8. Jim: How did you like your irst skin
day at work? to miss something exp
two meanings: a) not to go to
Mary: Going there was ine, and
something; b) to feel sad because

you arent with certain people, or
coming home was great too, you arent at a certain place and
but Im not too keen on you want to be there
keen on something exp
if you are keen on something, you POLITICIANS WHO
A: Slippers. like that thing very much
the time in-between. soft shoes that you wear in
C: An egg. the house. If you slip, you fall

D: A snake charmer. a date n
two meanings: a) a dark-brown
E: Because he couldnt ind a sweet fruit from a date palm; b) a
date. romantic meeting
to peel vb
COMPLAIN a sentence n
two meanings: a) a grammatical
F: Because they peel.
G: Employee: Not very much!
two meanings: a) to take the skin
of fruit; b) if your skin peels, it ABOUT THE SEA. unit with a subject, verb, etc; b) a
legal judgement that involves a
starts coming of, usually because it punishment
H: eating after two hours. has been burnt to string something together exp
to connect; to join
the media n
newspapers, television, radio, etc
Silly Neighbour by Daniel Coutoune

THE Situation
A Husband and wife are packing boxes in their front
garden. There's a Big removal truck parked in the Yeah, it
road, and they are Obviously moving house. Bob, a
neighbour, comes for a chat. completely
Hey, Jim. You destroyed the
hear about the building. Hey, are
Hendersons? They had a you moving
for fun.
fire round their place out?
last night.

No. We just
put our stuff
in boxes every

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Misheard Lyrics

of an album is
Bohemian Rhapsody
by Queen. Many
people think its
called Bohemian
Rap City.

The word for a
phrase or
expression in a song
is a mondegreen.
Apparently, the
term comes from
a folk song in the
1950s. The singer
was singing, They
1 5
slew the Earl of
The song is Smells like Teen In the Shakira song Underneath Morray and laid
Spirit by Nirvana. Which of the your Clothes, what does she sing? him on the green.
following is correct? a. Theres the man I chose, theres However, many
a. Here we are now, entertain us. my territory. people understood,
b. Here we are now in containers. a. Theres the man I chose, theres They slew the Earl
my Teletubbie. of Morray and Lady
2 In the song Purple Haze by 6 What do the Beatles sing in the
Jimi Hendrix, he says song Something?
a. scuse me while I kiss this guy. a. Something in the way she moos the lyrics n
b. scuse me while I kiss the sky. attracts me like no other mother. the words to a song
a haze n
b. Something in the way she moves dust, moisture or vapour in the air
that makes it hard to see
attracts me like no other lover. a ferret n
a long, furry mammal with sharp
teeth often used to hunt rabbits
3 Which is the correct lyric for 7 Outkasts song Hey Ya goes Teletubbies n
Hero by the Foo Fighters? a. Shake it like a polar bear ninja. ictional and colourful characters
from a childrens programme who
a. There goes my hero. Hes old b. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. live in a futuristic dome and make
irritating noises
and hairy. to moo vb
b. There goes my hero. Hes ordinary. when cows make a noise, they
to brush vb
to touch lightly
a hairbrush n
4 Which is the correct lyric for the Red 8 What do the 98 Degrees say in an object used for making your hair
look nice
Hot Chili Peppers song Cant Stop? the song I Do (Cherish You)? to slay n (past: slew)
a. Cant stop the spirits when they a. your hand brushes mine to kill
to lay vb (laid; laid)
need you. b. your hairbrush is mine to put in a horizontal position
b. Cant stop the ferrets when they a green n
an area of well-kept grass often in
need food. the middle of a village

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Robots in
Barbots may be relatively
new to the scene, but the

idea of a mechanical man
is old. The irst humanoid
robot, Elektro, debuted at
the New York World Fair
in 1938 and then in 1940.
Robot Barman Elektro walked, talked,
smoked cigarettes, blew
Does shaken, not stirred, mean anything to to see how dry you want your Martini. This up balloons, and could
you? Its how James Bond orders his Martinis. is Roboexoticas 10th anniversary, and it move its head and arms.
But how do you tell that to a robot barman? usually takes place in Vienna, Austria. The Built with a good sense of
Its easy. Especially with Chapek, a robot San Francisco event is smaller than the Vienna humour, Elektro said things
bartender at the San Francisco Roboexotica botparties, but there are plenty of booze- like, My brain is bigger
exhibition. He can serve you a cocktail when slinging robots to go around. than yours, and, If you
you choose a drink So, will human bartenders have anything use me well, I can be your
on his control panel. to worry about? Apparently not, as barbots slave.
He makes break down often. El Espaol Films such as Terminator,
screwdrivers, Borracho, a small cylinder robot, Robocop, and the Matrix
gin Martinis, makes a strong Spanish cofee, play on our fear of robots
vodka Martinis, complete with shooting lames taking over. Could robots
and gin and when it works properly. El Borrachos develop a conscience and
motivation to take over or
Chapek juice cocktails. But creator, Davalos, knows about the trial-
destroy the human race?
Chapek is just one and-error process involved in working
So far, the greatest danger
of dozens of barbots at Roboexotica, the with robots. Last year I set my arm on ire, is malicious programming
annual robot bartender festival. she says. And at irst I didnt notice, because or unsafe use of robots,
the loor was also on ire. But aside from experts say. For the
Another barbot reads your mind to igure minor ire-related incidents, Roboexotica is time-being, a robot world
out how you want your drink. Chris Veigls a good time for everyone. You have liquor, takeover can be left to
Mind Reading Martini Maker creates ire and robots, how could we go Hollywoods imagination.
customised Martinis. The robot wrong? says Roboexotica organizer
measures your alpha brain waves Johannes Grentfurthner.

1 Discussion fresh mint 3 Reading I
1. Do you like cocktails? Why? Why not? leaves Read the article once. Which cocktail is
2. Whats your favourite cocktail? How do you make it? mentioned? What do they say about it?
3. What do you associate cocktails with? vodka
4 Reading II
2 Pre reading lemon juice Read the article again and answer the questions.
Here are some famous cocktails. Write the ingredients under each one. 1. How do you choose your cocktail?
freshly 2. How does the robot barman know
squeezed Elektro
orange what you want to drink?
juice 3. What is the main drawback of a
robot barman? GLOSSARY
to shake vb
dark rum 4. What accident did El Borrochos to move something up and down
creator have last year? quickly
to stir vb
bourbon to move something around in a
whiskey 5 Colloquial English. container using a spoon
a bartender n
Screwdriver Mojito Manhattan
Look at the sentence from the article again. Can a person who makes drinks at a bar
angostura you work out the meaning of the word in bold? a screwdriver n
a drink made of vodka and orange
bitters juice
There are plenty of booze alpha brain waves n
slinging robots to go around. measurable electrical signals that
vermouth the brain produces
to take place exp
As you can see, booze (the noun) to occur / to happen
lots of refers to alcohol in general. It to break down phr vb
sugar is also used as an adjective, It
to stop working; to malfunction
a trial-and-error process n
a process that involves trying
was a boozy night. (suggesting
soda diferent ways of doing something

water that there was a lot of alcohol until you are successful
to set something on ire exp
consumed) to burn something

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The Police


Suspect someone to decide if someone is
accused of a crime. innocent or guilty.

Suspicious a Innocent not guilty.

suspicious-looking person
is someone who appears to Guilty not innocent.
be a criminal.
Police radio a device a person who
police use to communicate. works in the
legal system. A
Police officer a solicitor often deals with the
member of a police force. paperwork, and a barrister
represents people in court
CCTV during trials.
(Closed circuit
television) a Community
system of street Service - a punitive
video cameras, used for sentence that requires
maintaining security. a convicted person to
perform unpaid work for
Sniffer dog the community in lieu of
(sniff dog) imprisonment
a dog that is
trained to ind Capital punishment
illegal drugs or explosives - Punishment by death for a
through smell. crime; death penalty.

Alibi a legal excuse; an Rob to steal

explanation of where you from a building
were at the time of a crime. or person.
For example,
Hold up to rob a bank or They robbed a bank. / They
building, often using force or robbed a man in the street.
the threat of force. The noun is robbery.

Break in to enter a Steal to

place illegally. take something
that isnt yours.
Arrest to Steal is often
take custody used for things you can
of a person carry away. For example:
because he / a) They stole the jewellery.
she is a suspect. b) His wallet was stolen from
the table.
Court the building The noun is theft.
where legal processes take Be careful! You cannot say,
place to decide if someone is He stole a bank. / They stole
innocent or guilty. me. In these cases,
you need to use the verb
Trial a legal process to rob.

40 / /


Police Search


Police: Excuse me.
Nigella: Yes.
Police: Where are you going at this time of night?
(dog growling)
Nigella: Well, Im, erm, Im going home.
Police: Where do you live? (dog growling)
Nigella: I live in Queen, erm, King, erm, Queen Street.
Police: You dont seem to be very sure. (dog growling)
Nigella: Sorry. Its your dog. Hes making me nervous.
(dog growling)
Police: (on the police radio) Yeah, theres a suspicious-looking
lady here. She matches the description of the
woman were looking for. (on the radio) Yeah, short,
Nigella: Excuse me, Im not fat.
Police: (to Nigella) I do the talking here, miss. Stand by the
car and place your hands on the roof. (on the radio
again) Yeah, shes getting a bit cheeky. Could you
send some reinforcements? This could get nasty.
Nigella: Could you please tell me whats going on?
Police: I ask the questions here, miss. Open the bag.
Nigella: My bag?
Police: Yes, open the bag.
Nigella: I will not.
Police: Now, look here. We can do this the easy way, or we
do this the hard way.
Nigella: Whats the hard way?
Police: Pebbles! Here, boy. (dog growling)
Nigella: OK. OK. Here you are. (he opens the bag)
Police: Whats all this?
Nigella: Its a leg of lamb and some parsley.
Police: Do you think Im stupid, or what? This looks like a
human leg and some marijuana.
Nigella: Its lamb and parsley, honestly.
Police: Well, what on earth are you doing with a leg of lamb
and some parsley on a
Saturday night? GLOSSARY
Nigella: Im going home. I was at my to growl vb
when a dog growls, it makes a low,
restaurant. I am a restaurant angry noise
miss exp inform
owner. And Im a celebrity an informal and sometimes
chef a famous one. insulting way of referring to a
woman. Can be an abbreviation
Perhaps youve seen me on of Mrs or Miss. Also, a term for an
the television. unmarried woman / girl
a roof n
Police: On the television? Oh, right. the top and outside part of a
Yes, I know. Its you. Youre cheeky adj
Nigella Gulliver, arent you? disrespectful; disrespectful but also
Nigella: That is correct. reinforcements n
Police: I am sorry. (the sound of a back-up; support; more police
police siren) Please carry to get nasty exp
to become violent / diicult, etc
on. Can we give you a lift (what) on earth ? exp
home? used to express shock / surprise, etc
a chef n
Nigella: No, thats quite all right. I will a cook in a restaurant / hotel
ind my own way home. to give someone a lift exp
to take a person to a place in a car /
Police: Enjoy the lamb! motorbike, etc

/ / 41
Famous people fight it out in our monthly competition.

Face ecaF

Do you think Led Zeppelins
music contains secret
messages? Follow
this link and decide
for yourself. http://
Remember that this type
of message can be found in
practically anything.

Led Zeppelin vs
Led Zeppelin career and were known for
Pink Floyd
replaced by David Gilmour and
Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin was formed in their wild behaviour. They had a faded into obscurity. He died
1968. Originally they were reputation for destroying hotel in 2006.
going to be called The New rooms and Jimmy Page had As the 1970s progressed, so
Yardbirds, after an earlier band, a fascination with the occult. did the music. Dark side of the
The Yardbirds but the name was Led Zep was even accused of Moon and The Wall are two Dark side of the Moon
changed. One story says that putting backward messages of the biggest-selling albums in
guitarist Jimmy Page asked two on their records and Satan GLOSSARY
history. The singer/bassist Roger a super-group n
members of The Who to form worshipping but the messages a music group which is very famous
Waters wrote most of the music and with many famous individuals
a super-group with him. They are debatable. They broke up
didnt like the idea, saying that in 1980 after the death of their at this time and songs like Wish into itgo down like a lead
it would go down like a lead drummer John Bonham. They you were Here and Comfortably balloon exp
failing in a spectacular manner
balloon. So, Page formed the have reunited from time to time, Numb are world-famous. Roger a zeppelin n
a type of balloon used for transport
band with Robert Plant and with Bonhams son Jason on left in 1983 after a bust up with a soundtrack n
renamed it Led Zeppelin. drums. the rest of the band, but made the music for a ilm / television
series, etc
They released ten albums, up when they performed at Live a masterpiece n
including a soundtrack to their Pink Floyd a perfect creation
8 together. In the time that Roger a genre n
ilm The Song Remains the Pink Floyd are equally a type of music
was gone, they recorded two the occult n
Same but they didnt name their controversial and admired for albums, A Momentary Lapse of the world of magic, ghosts, spirits,
devil worshipping, etc
irst four albums. Led Zeppelin their music. They were formed Reason and The Division Bell. a backward message n
IV is considered their best, and in 1964 and their irst singer/ Roger Waters had a successful a message that can be heard
properly when the record / tape /
the song Stairway to Heaven guitarist was Syd Barrett. solo career. CD is played backwards
is thought of by many rock fans Their music was originally debatable adj
not deinite; that can be interpreted
and musicians as a masterpiece. psychedelic and Syd was The verdict in a variety of ways
psychedelic (music) n
This song has several diferent known for his drug-induced
Both bands have been very drug-induced music
styles, beginning as a folk song performances. As he used to fade into obscurity vb exp
inluential with other bands and to become unknown after being
and ending in Heavy Metal style. LSD more and more, Syds famous
This is a good description of the performances became bizarre. sold millions of albums. They a bust up n
a serious argument or separation
bands music as they have never He once mixed powder and hair have both been successful for to make up phr vb
played one style of music. They cream then put the mix in his over 40 years and capable of to become friends again
a solo career n
have played music from the hair before a concert. As the heat holding massive sell-out concerts. if a musician starts a solo career,
he / she leaves the band and starts
genres of Folk, Rock, Reggae and of the lights melted the mixture, So, our results are as follows: Led playing / singing alone
Latin amongst others. the audience thought Syds face Zeppelin = 10 / 10; Pink Floyd = a sell-out concert n
an event for which all the tickets
They have had a controversial was melting. Eventually Syd was 10 / 10. A draw! have been sold

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being perfect


an alley n
a narrow street between buildings
gloves n
clothing for the hands
a charm n
a prayer n
ACT OF BEING PERFECT. words you say to God often asking
for something

Be right up somebodys
alley / street Fit like a glove (clothing) Work like a charm
That ilm I saw last night is right These new trousers it like a This new washing powder works
up your alley. glove. like a charm.

Be the answer to
someones prayers Be just the job / ticket Be as good as new
She gets everything done on We need someone to help us EVEN THOUGH IT ISNT.
time shes the answer to all our with this and you seemed to be This car is second hand, but its as
prayers. just the job. good as new.

Have somebodys name

written on it
Fit the bill TO BE PERFECT FOR Hit the mark
She really its the bill for this new This job has got your name The way youve done this is
job. written all over it youll love it. perfect. It really hits the mark.

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Unusual news stories from around the world.

quirky news

d the world.
Unusual news stories from aroun

The Great
Train Robbery

Naughty Donkey The Great Train Robbery was

one of the largest
value robberies in
British history. On
August 8,1963, a

court in a remote village has sent bills, which amount to about 300. A police traveling post oice
a donkey to jail for assaulting two oicer said, Around here, if someone commits train was stopped at
men. The animal wont a crime they go to jail, no matter a tampered red light at Bridego
be released until the owner who they are. Railway Bridge, Ledburn in
pays compensation to the Apparently, this isnt the irst time Buckinghamshire, England. It
two victims. The men were that police in the area have sent a was robbed by a 15 member
on a ranch when the donkey crime-committing animal to jail. gang led by Bruce Reynolds and
attacked and bit one of the men A few years ago, a dog went to they escaped with 2.6 million.
on the chest. The other man prison for 12 days after biting an
came to the rescue but was elderly woman. More recently a GLOSSARY
a ranch n
kicked by the feisty animal and bull was sent down for a crime an extensive farm (often in the
US) with large numbers of sheep /
got his ankle broke. The owner wave that included destroying cattle, etc
of the donkey has to pay the mans medical stalls and eating crops. a chest n
the top part of the body at the front
feisty adj
tough, courageous, aggressive,
an ankle n
the joint that joins your foot to your

Dirty Tours
to be sent down for something exp
to go to prison for a crime
a crime wave n
a series of connected crimes
a stall n
a place in a barn (a large building for
animals) where a horse lives
crops n

company in Rio de Janeiro has got into areas, she said. plants / cereals that are grown
for food
trouble for ofering tours of the citys In the past, visitors to Rio to get into trouble exp
to start to have problems (with the
notorious slums. The tourist experience de Janeiro were given the opportunity to have authorities / the police, etc)
with a diference includes photo opportunities dinner with the infamous Great Train Robber, a slum n
a very poor residential area with
with members of drug gangs who are often Ronnie Biggs. Down on his luck, Ronnie had houses with no basic facilities
involved in turf wars with each other. The head run out of money which he had stolen in Britains a turf war n a war
between criminal gangs for control
of tourism in the city said that the company, biggest robbery at the time. Biggs made a living of an area
troubled areas n
which claims that it isnt the only one to ofer the by getting his photograph taken with anti- the dangerous areas of a city
service, didnt have the necessary licences to do establishment tourists. But they also had to down on your luck exp
having a lot of problems; having a
this kind of thing. Rio has more positive things buy him dinner. Ronnie eventually returned to lot of bad luck
to ofer than tours around the citys troubled jail in England. anti-establishment adj
against the government /

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bar chats

British Trinidad & America
Ginger: Hello, Anne, how are you Diana: So the other day I was in my apartment and
doing? I went into the bathroom and there was a giant
Anne: Yeah. cockroach in the toilet.
Ginger: Yeah, its lovely, isnt it? Keyjan: Im from Trinidad. Its in the Caribbean.
Youve got a lovely colour Diana: Oh, Ive been to the Caribbean, but Ive never
there. Where have you been been to Trinidad before. How do you like the
or were you away this weekend, or? US?
Anne: Do you think so? I mean my Keyjan: I love it. Ive been here almost every summer
Ginger: Yeah! since I was a kid.
Anne: Well, my arms arent bad theyre kind of yellow-y. Diana: Oh, erm, what cities have you been to?
My legs are white. I mean, the weather hasnt been Keyjan: I usually come to DC, thats where my aunt lives.
brilliant. But you know, years ago, I used to lie in But Ive travelled all the way down the east coast
the sun for hours and not worry about tanning to Florida on a road trip once.
creams or anything. Just put on, for example, chip Diana: And Im sure you went to Disneyworld, then,
fat right?
Ginger: Youre kidding me! Keyjan: I did. It was wonderful.
Anne: Did! And used to lie on silver paper and so the Diana: Erm, actually, I have family in DC as well.
sun would be relected of the silver paper, and I Keyjan: Oh, thats cool.
hoped would pr promote a greater tan Diana: So, what do you think about the American
Ginger: Oh, God, but thats so dangerous now these days. girls?
Anne: And let but thats the and I, I realised that Keyjan: Erm, theyre cool. Theyre, theyre almost exactly
thats really dangerous these days. like you see on TV sometimes.
Ginger: Yeah Diana: Erm, oh, what does that mean?
Anne: And now we have these special creams, you Keyjan: They, they, they know how to have a good time.
know, with factor 30. They hang out, they party, they drink, and then
Ginger: Absolutely. they go home at 2 am.
Anne: Yeah. But, I mean, you, for example, I suppose you Diana: Well, what do girls do in Trinidad?
should actually have quite a high factor, shouldnt Keyjan: They go out at 2 am, and then they come home
you? at 6.
Ginger: Yeah, well I have quite pale skin, really. Erm, Diana: Huhmmm I wonder if we can do that here...
I did once try, try this erm, spray-on tan Keyjan: Im sure you can, but the bars might have to stay
which is an option open a little later.
of, of tanning without GLOSSARY Diana: Thats true, they all close really early.
actually getting the yellow-y adj
a bit yellow; more or less yellow
Keyjan: And the drinking age is GLOSSARY
sun damage. Erm, but brilliant adj 21. Thats kind of hard. a kid n
excellent; very good a child
that worked out as chip fat n Its 18 where Im from. DC abbr
a complete disaster the oil used to fry chips (small pieces Diana: Ah, well, you know, Washington DC the capital of the
of potato) USA
because, literally, it just youre kidding me exp there Im going to a road trip n
started peeling of, youre joking
pale skin n
a party right now. Do a journey by car often across
the USA
but wouldnt come of white skin with no colour from the you want to come to hang out phr vb
completely, so it looked sun a spray-on tan n with me? if you hang out with friends, you
are with them in a place
like I had some sort of if you get a spray-on tan, you make Keyjan: Oh, sure. Is it a college college n US
your skin brown by covering it with a a school, often a university
horrible skin disease chemical liquid party? to graduate vb
for about a week. Never to peel of phr vb
if you skin peels of, it starts coming
Diana: No, I graduated from inished you graduate when you have
your courses at university /
again, I tell you. of often because it has been burnt college years ago! college

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Bean The Dental
Skinny Appointment
1 Pre listening 1 Discussion
You are going to hear a conversation from a programme called Healthy Living. 1. How often do you go to the dentist?
What do you think they are going to talk about? For example: seasonal illnesses 2. When was the last time you went?
(hay fever), etc. 3. What did you have done?
4. How do you book your appointments?
Make a list of ive health issues they might discuss.
2 Listening I
2 Listening I Listen once and answer these questions.
Listen once. Which health issue are they talking about? What do they say about it? 1. What time does the caller want an appointment?
a. 09:30 b.10:00
3 Listening II 2. What time does the caller get an appointment for?
What are the main beneits of a bake bean diet? Find three ideas. a. 09:30 b. 10:00
3. What is the callers address?
Complete the sentences with the words from the conversation. a. 29 Okaysha Road b. 29 Acacia Road
1. You can eat as much as you like, and they ill you up, but you
_______________. 3 Listening II
2. You can eat an unlimited amount of healthy food with them, Listen again and complete the sentences with a word or expression from below.
such as, _________________________.
3. Not at all. Baked beans are __________________________. t
idnh e en
4 Discussion
at se u ot
Look at the useful collocations in bold. Have you seen them before? Do you know what p
they mean? Can you guess their meaning from the context provided?
Now answer the questions.
1. What do you think about fad diets?
2. Why do people go on diets?
n y s
3. What is the best way to lose weight or put on weight? wsom Fria o ed
4. Whats the best way to get it?
eeh up
Top language tip 1. I have a bad toothache and think its my ______________.
It is important to learn set phrases. For 2. When would you like _______________?
example, to lose weight. Learning isolated 3. Well, Doctor McClean _______________ tomorrow.
words is useful, of course, but chunks of 4. but there are some slots _____________ if you want.
language are even more useful. 5. Oh, Im sorry. I ______________ your name?
6. Well __________ on Friday.

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It is illegal to sell any The Fire Department

alcoholic beverages may blow up your house.
on Sunday, unless you own (SOUTH CAROLINA)
a private club. (SOUTH

MORE CRAZY LAWS Horses are to wear pants
FROM THE US. at all times. (SOUTH
(US ENGLISH A permit must be CAROLINA)
SPELLING) obtained to ire a missile.

It is illegal to display When approaching

a confederate lag on a four-way or blind
a courthouse. (SOUTH intersection in a non-horse
CAROLINA) driven vehicle you must stop
100 ft from the intersection
and discharge a irearm into Eating watermelons in the
the air to warn horse traic. Magnolia Street cemetery is

By law, if a man promises

to marry an unmarried
woman, the marriage
must take place. (SOUTH
CAROLINA) Every adult male must No horses are allowed
bring a rile to church into Fountain Inn unless
on Sunday in order to ward they are wearing pants.
of Indian attacks. (SOUTH (SOUTH DAKOTA)
It is illegal to lie down and
fall asleep in a cheese
factory. (SOUTH DAKOTA)

Railroad companies may GLOSSARY

a courthouse n
be held liable in some a place where trails are held
to hold someone liable for
instances for scaring horses. something exp
(SOUTH CAROLINA) to say someone is responsible for
It is a capital ofense to scare vb
to frighten, worry
Musical instruments may to inadvertently kill a bathtub n
not be sold on Sunday. someone while attempting a place to take a bath
a beverage n
(SOUTH CAROLINA) suicide. (SOUTH CAROLINA) Movies that show any drink
police oicers being a four-way intersection n
a place where roads meet and you
Horses may not be kept struck, beaten, or treated can go four diferent directions
a blind intersection n
in bathtubs. (SOUTH in an ofensive manner are a place where roads meet but you
CAROLINA) forbidden. (SOUTH DAKOTA) cant see cars coming from other
to discharge a irearm exp
to shoot a gun
to ward someone of exp
to protect yourself from danger
pants n US
clothing that covers the lower half of
the body
to strike vb (past: struck)
to hit sharply or bluntly
to beat vb
to repeated hit someone or

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Kill two birds with one stone
I went back home for Christmas and saw my parents and IF SOMETHING IS STONE-COLD, ITS VERY COLD.
my old school friends I killed two birds with one stone. This food is stone-cold. Ill have to heat it up!

People who live in glass houses shouldnt

throw stones Sticks and stones may break my bones
YOU SHOULDNT CRITICISE PEOPLE FOR FAULTS (but words will never hurt me)
Shes always criticising our work, but hers is no better PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU CANT HURT YOU.
than ours. People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw They can write what they like about my restaurant. As they
stones, in my opinion. say, sticks and stones may break my bones, and all that.

Stone sober (stone-cold sober)

Stone deaf ALCOHOL.
VERY DEAF, OR WITH VERY LITTLE ABILITY TO HEAR. I was stone-cold sober. I dont know why they thought I
Youll have to shout hes stone deaf. was drunk.

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Missing a
few copies of
Hot English
Situation Formal Relaxed Informal

A friend is always Hes always

nervous about He is of an anxious nervous about Hes really uptight.
things and can disposition. things.
never relax.
You are
commenting on a A number of A number of Some people got
tragic accident in people were slain. people were killed. wasted.
which a number of
people died.
A friend wants to
ask a man out but Please desist from Stop being so Dont be such a
For some great
is too shy. You tell acting in such a pathetic! wimp! deals on back
her to stop being pitiful manner.
so pathetic. issues:
She is a citizen of learnhotenglish.
A friend of yours is Shes a yank; shes
from the USA. the United States Shes American. a septic. com/shop
of America.

A friend of yours is He is a citizen

from the UK. of the United Hes British. Hes a Brit.
Please note that some of the words
Kingdom. in this glossary box are literal
translations of parts of idiomatic

You want a friend GLOSSARY

to give you all I beg you to shy adj

the information provide me with Tell me all about it. Come on, spill the timid, not outgoing
septic n inform
concerning an full details of this beans. this is Cockney rhyming slang for

incident. incident. septic tank = yank (American

person). A septic tank is a tank that
stores organic waste
to spill beans exp
to reveal information



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1 Exercise

Read the following sentences. Can you correct them? Then listen to check.

1. I never thought it would be such success.

2. The ilm was a so boring. Speed

3. A: Will you have time to do it? B: Yes, I hope. Chase Police chase UFO.
4. She asked me to go to the cinema with her but 1 Discussion
I didnt want. 1. Have you ever seen a UFO? When? Where?
2. Have there been any UFO sightings in your country?
Where? What happened?
3. Do you believe in UFOs or other supernatural beings? Why?
5. The article was mostly concerned about Why not?
environmental issues. 4. What makes some people believe in these things?

2 Listening I
How many supernatural experiences /sightings are referred to in detail in the
6. He left the room without close the door. conversation?

3 Listening II
Make detailed notes of each incident.
Try to answer the questions.
Where? Who? What? When?
What happened?

Vocabulary focus
Here are some verbs of movement that appear in the
listening. What do they mean? How would you translate them into
your language?

1. to swerve We had to swerve to avoid it.

2. to hover A black mass was hovering in the air.
3. to spin It was spinning in the air.
4. to stall All the nearby cars stalled and stopped.


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Awful England
Rough Guide
to England
The Rough Guide to
England is seen by many
as the deinitive guide
Travel writers insult Brits. to England. It includes
a 24-page, full-colour
section introducing
Englands highlights, with
reviews of all the best
places to stay, eat, drink
and party plus author's
picks to highlight the very
best options. The guide
includes accounts of all
the top sights including
The Eden Project and The
Baltic Centre in Newcastle.
Plus there are
practical tips on
As a glance at the tabloid newspapers will But that wasnt all. The only certainty for visitors everything from
conirm, England is a nation of overweight, is that however long you spend in England, and cycling coast to
binge-drinking, reality-TV addicts, say four however much you see, it still wont be enough to coast, to hiking The Ed
en Project
Rough Guide travel writers. The authors give understand the place, the Rough Guide says. In in the Yorkshire
Britain a bad rap, even though all four are the end though, the authors say, England isnt all Dales. The guide also
British themselves. They warn travellers that bad. Deeply conservative England is a safe haven takes a look at England's
the English are the most contradictory for political refugees and immigrants, and Brits culture, politics, history
people imaginable, and that traditional British are animal-loving, tea-drinking charity donors, and wildlife.
reserve makes attempting to communicate whose warmth is in the humour. A Rough Guide
with a stranger tantamount to physical spokesman said he believed that visitors would
assault. The writers also say there is nowhere see that the commentary was tongue-in-cheek.
so fascinating, beautiful, and culturally After all, our sense of humour is one of the many
diverse, yet as insular, self-important and reasons why, along with our heritage and culture,
irritating, as England. that people come here, he says.

1 Pre reading 1. The English are most contradictory people
What do you think of the British? Which of the adjectives below imaginable.
best describes them? Give reasons. 2. Traditional British reserve makes attempting
to communicate with a stranger tantamount
insular warm reserved cold to physical assault.
3. Deeply conservative England is a safe haven GLOSSARY
a tabloid newspaper n
passionate arrogant animal lovers for political refugees and immigrants. a newspaper that often has
sensational stories about the rich
and famous
open boring charity givers stylish 4 Discussion binge-drinking n
1. Would you agree with the rough guide drinking alcohol in excess
to give someone a bad
creative food lovers sporty writers? rap exp inform
to speak badly about someone; to
2. Are any of the descriptions applicable give someone a bad reputation

big-headed pig-headed diplomatic to people in your country? What are the to warn vb
to tell someone of a danger
similarities / diferences? contradictory adj
3. Which adjectives would you use from the list inconsistent; saying one thing and
cautious patriotic aggressive above to describe people from your country?
doing another
reserve n
holding back; acting politely or
calm trendy funny lively fun
Expression of the day! tantamount to exp
equal to
What do you think tongue in cheek means? Read insular adj
2 Reading I over the sentence in which it appears again. Can you
closed; not willing to think about
new ideas
Read the article. Which adjectives are mentioned in relation to guess the meaning from the context? As you can see, a safe haven n
a protected, safe place
the British? many expressions may have individual words that you tongue-in-cheek adj
ironic / / mocking / not serious /
know the meaning of, but the combined expression intending to be humorous
3 Reading II has a completely diferent meaning. How does this one a heritage n
Read the article again. What do you think the author means by the traditions and aspects of
translate into your language? culture that are passed on from
the following? Give examples. generation to generation

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Food and Drink


Go off (food) Thaw out (frozen food)
If food goes off, it becomes bad. If frozen food thaws out, the ice melts.

We need
to thaw
out the
the food went chicken
off because we out
forgot to put it before we
in the fridge. cook it.

Heat up Go with
To make warm. To be a good accompaniment to.

Shall I heat this This salad goes

food up in the really well with
microwave? this food.

leave over Take away (food)

if food is left over, that food remains To buy food from a restaurant in order to
after the rest has been eaten. take it away so you can eat it at home.

We can make They

a soup with ordered
the meat some Italian
thats left food to
over. take away.

Eat out / eat in Live on / off

Eat out = to eat at a restaurant; To eat just one type of food.
Eat in = to eat at home.

Were thinking of
eating out tonight. Do
you want to come?

She lives on beans and

nothing else. That cant
be good for you, can it?

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Silly things that the stars demand.

Celebrity Requests


1 I want 2 All the

nineteen leafy food that is
two-metre brought to
plants in me must be
my dressing covered in
room. a b c plastic wrap. a b c
John Lennon Paul McCartney Ozzy Osbourne Prince Britney Spears ABBA

3 I need 4 I would like

to have a to have rose
cardboard, petals in my
life-size cut- toilet.
out of myself.
It is of utmost a b c a b c
Whitney Houston David Hasselhoff Celine Dion Jamie Cullum Barbara Streisand Aretha Franklin

5 I need 6 I need a
an ear, nose security guard
and throat for my guitar.
with me at all
times. a b c a b c
Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis, Jr. Dean Martin Jimi Hendrix Iggy Pop Bruce Springsteen

7 I dont need 8 All the sofas

much. Just in my dressing
everything room must
I asked for be placed
plus 4 pairs of on top of
boxer shorts. a b c 15-centimetre a b c
Nirvana Foo Fighters The White Stripes Michael Bubl Luciano Pavarotti Charlotte Church

9 Please 10 I need
provide me $25,000
with a large in cash every
arrangement time I perform.
of coloured
lowers. a b c a b c
Elton John Lenny Kravitz George Michael Mariah Carey Dolly Parton Aretha Franklin
There better
not be any
chrysanthemums, GLOSSARY
a leafy plant n
lilies, carnations a plant with many leaves
or daisies mixed plastic wrap n
transparent and thin covering to
in though. keep food fresh
life-size adj
something that is the same size in
real life
a cut-out n
a shape cut from thick cardboard
rose petals n
the colored parts that form a lower.
In this case, the parts that form
a rose
boxer shorts n
loose underwear for men
a riser n
an object used to increase the
height of something
in cash exp
if you pay in cash, you pay with real
money (not a credit card)

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Editorial Director


DUMB DOWN Andy Coney (00 34 91 543 3573)
Financial Director
Leigh Dante (00 34 91 549 8523)
The expression
in action Classes Department
Here are some examples of (00 34 91 455 0273)
this months expression.
a) They were accused Teacher Coordinator
of dumbing down Roco Herrero
their content in order
Accounts manager
to appeal to a wider Roco Herrero
b) Thats too complicated Administration Department
THIS MONTH WERE LOOKING AT for me. Could you dumb Subscriptions (9:30-13:00)
THE PHRASAL VERB TO DUMB DOWN. it down, please? Jose Lobo (tel / fax) (00 34 91 549 8523)
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SIMPLIFY IT SO THAT OTHERS CAN America. Credit control and administration
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UNDERSTAND IT MORE EASILY. d) The BBC has denied it Ofice hours 10am to 6pm (Spanish time)

he main problem these days, particularly in is dumbing down after Barcelona ofice (Hot English)
with this the mass media. Some buying the format for
expression is that think its a good idea, others a Japanese game show Seville ofice (Hot English)
it has some very dont like it. Television where contestants are
negative connotations. The channels are often accused humiliated through a Editorial Department
word dumb can be used to of dumbing down their string of tasks. James Blick assistant editor
mean stupid. For example: content in order to appeal Chris Cooper designer
a) Sometimes he can be so to a wider audience. And here are some Patrick Howarth writer
Steve Brown writer
dumb. Critics of this argue that examples of the expression Christine Saunders writer
b) Im not dumb, you there are more and more in song lyrics. Louisa Glancy writer
know! meaningless game shows a) They told me I should Contributors
The word is also used and trivial programmes. come down cousin, Blanca San Roman translation
in the insulting term a Some channels are also but I latly refuse, I ain't Magnus Coney proof reading
Marcie Lambert proof reading
dumb blonde. This is used accused of dumbing dumb down nothing. Natalia T. Piekarowicz proof reading
to refer to an attractive down news reports. This By the American rapper Laurent Guiard French depart.
Peter Barton proof reading
but supposedly stupid is because media owners Lupe Fiasco on his song Danielle Ott intern
blonde woman, with all want to communicate with Dumb It Down. Georgina Kiely intern
the resulting sexist jokes the masses. b) I dumb down for my Rayner Taylor intern
Vanessa Simmonds writer
known as dumb blonde The education system audience and double Petra Bates writer
jokes. Dumb is also an has also been accused of my dollars / they criticize Slim Pickens special intern
Nick Hargreaves writer
old-fashioned and very dumbing down certain me for it; but they all
non-pc way of referring qualiications. The terms yell holla! By American
to someone who is not Mickey Mouse Degrees rapper Jay-Z on the song
Audio Production
able to talk. These days, or Mickey Mouse exams Moment of Clarity.
people with an inability are often used to describe HEP
CD Production
to speak are now known courses or exams that GLOSSARY MPO S.A.
as speech-impaired; and people think are too easy, sexist adj
the person is known as a especially compared that is insulting to women ISSN 1577-7898
a non-pc way exp
speech-impaired person to exams of the past. a way that is insulting to some. PC is an
Depsito Legal M.14277.2001
or person sufering from June 2016
Educational ministers abbreviation of politically correct
the mass media n
speech-impairment. argue that they are making the large news channels, newpapers, Published by Hot English Publishing, S.L.
courses and exams magazines etc C/Paseo del Rey, 22 - 1 planta,
Mickey Mouse adj oicina 1, Madrid 28008
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is a fairly common practice theoretical.
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ROAD RAGE (PAGE 5) SUNKEN TREASURE (PAGE 13) The Nobel Prize for Literature 4 Reading II want to.
3 Reading I 3) Discoveries in the present in 1969 1. There is a control panel for 5. The article was mostly
2) Pre reading about things from the past 4. Pablo Neruda Parral, Chile you to choose your cocktail. concerned with environmental
a. behaviour people display 4 Listening II Nobel Prize for Literature in 2. The barbot reads your mind issues.
when experiencing road rage 1b 2b 3a 4b 5a 6b 1971 by measuring your alpha brain 6. He left the room without
b. people with aggressive Grammar Spot: Sentence a is 2 Listening I waves. closing the door.
phrases on licence plates are in the past passive; sentence b 1. Doris Lessing 3. The robot barman breaks
more likely to experience road is an active sentence 2. She was self-taught and won down a lot. HIGH-SPEED CHASE (PAGE 51)
rage Phrasal verbs alert a Nobel Prize as a feminist 4. The creator set his arm on ire 2 Listening I
c. if people decorate their cars a. to sink writer. She also campaigned last year. Five incidents are mentioned.
and make their car their b. to fall / decrease against the use of nuclear
territory, they are also likely c. to be relegated (move down a weapons BAKED BEAN SKINNY 3 Listening II
suferers of road rage division) 3 Listening II (PAGE 47) 1. A lying saucer about
4 Reading II d. to stop working (temporarily) 1. the year Doris Lessing was 2 Listening I 2,000 metres in the air.
1. people with these customised born Losing weight. Astrobiologists say it might
licence plates are more likely GRAMMAR FUN (PAGE 14) 2. when she began writing They say if you go on this diet, have been leftover pieces of
to feel road rage 1. threw 3. the year her irst marriage which consists of baked beans comets and meteorites.
2. road rage is a big problem 2. Theyre ended with a variety of other healthy 2. A black mass hovering over
there. According to the article, 3. there 4. the year her second marriage foods, you are guaranteed to Rhyl.
there are more than 20,000 4. there ended lose weight. 3. A lying disc over Newport.
injuries every year and almost 5. too 5. the year the Nobel 3 Listening II 4. A spinning object with legs
400 deaths. 6. to Academy judges told her 1. wont get fat above the Rhondda Valley.
3. trying to make vanity plates 7. through she would never win a prize 2. fruit, vegetables, pasta, 5. A UFO landing.
illegal because they feel because they didnt like her potatoes and lean meat
they have a large number of
work 3. low calorie AWFUL ENGLAND (PAGE 52)
aggressive drivers MCMILLIONAIRE (PAGE 15)
Word Alert 2 Reading I
4 Reading II
Phrasal Verb Alert 1) parents or whoever you live PHONE CONVERSATION overweight, binge-drinking,
a. to drive in front of someone, 1. happy (PAGE 47)
with as a child reality-TV addicts, contradictory,
even though it is not your turn 2. house 2 Listening I
2) as a child reserved, culturally diverse,
b. to be disconnected 3. wrong 1b 2a 3b
4. did the right thing insular, self-important, irritating,
c. to interrupt someone to LITTLE JOKES (PAGE 36) 3 Listening II
animal-loving, tea-drinking,
express your own ideas 5. three 1d 2h 3e 4a 5f 6c 7g 8b You can lose weight; its cheap;
Grammar Spot warm, charitable
its simple 3 Reading II
PETS OF HONOUR (PAGE 7) c. Its OK for her to stay at home MISHEARD LYRICS (PAGE 37) 4 Listening III
a. the gerund. 1a 2b 3b 4a 5a 6b 7b 8a 1. The article says the English
1d 2f 3a 4c 5e 6b 1. wisdom teeth
are both insular and culturally
2. the appointment
MECHANICAL MARTINI (PAGE 38) 3. is booked up diverse, and then self-
USEFUL VOCABULARY (PAGE 8) TRIVIA MATCHING (PAGE 16) important yet charity givers.
1i 2k 3a 4c 5g 6b 7j 8l 9e 10h 2 Pre reading
1e 2f 3a 4g 5b 6h 7c 8i 9d 10j 4. on Friday
11m 12d 13f Screwdriver: vodka, freshly- 2. It is very diicult to
5. didnt catch
DR FINGERS ERROR squeezed orange communicate with British
6. see you
1. What time do you wake up? 1 Pre listening Mojito: fresh mint leaves, lots DR FINGERS ERROR 3. Refugees and immigrants
2. Does / Did she like the ilm? 1. Doris Lessing Salisbury, of sugar, lime juice, CORRECTION CLINIC feel comfortable in deeply-
3. I normally drink cofee in the Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) light rum, soda water (PAGE 51) conservative England.
morning. She won the Nobel Prize for Manhattan: bourbon whiskey, 1. I never thought it would be Expression of the day: Tongue-
4. She doesnt often go home by Literature in 2007. angostura bitters, such a success. in-cheek: a comment that may
bus. 2. Jean Paul Sartre Paris, France vermouth 2. The ilm was so boring. seem serious, but is actually
5. He never reads the The Nobel Prize for Literature 3 Reading 1 3. A: Will you have time to do it? ironic / funny.
newspaper. in 1964 The screwdriver it is one of B: Yes, I hope so.
6. How long does it take you to 3. Samuel Beckett Dublin, the cocktails that the robot 4. She asked me to go to the CELEBRITY REQUESTS (PAGE 54)
get home? Ireland bartender can make cinema with her but I didnt 1b 2a 3b 4b 5a 6c 7b 8b 9a 10c

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Idioms Phrasal Verbs Listening files
AUDIO SCRIPTS Articles Great content Vocabulary

SUNKEN TREASURE (PAGE 13) had two children, before the marriage ended in Receptionist: Yes, thats ine. When would you like the
500 YEAR OLD TREASURE FOUND. 1943. appointment?
Host: And when did she get involved in politics? Ella: As soon as possible if thats OK.
Host: Hi, and welcome to History Today. A Nigel: Well, following her divorce, Lessing was drawn Receptionist: Well, Doctor McClean is booked up
shipwreck was just found of the coast of to the Left Book Club, a Communist book tomorrow and Thursday but there are
South Africa. Im speaking with archaeologist club. And it was here that she met her second some slots on Friday if you want.
Deirdre Noli. Tell me about it, Deirdre. husband, Gottfried Lessing. They were married Ella: Friday sounds good. Is it possible in the
Deirdre: Yes, well, the ship was found by diamond shortly after she joined the group and had a
morning at, say, 10.00?
miners of the coast of Namibia. child together, before the marriage also ended
Receptionist: He has an appointment at 10. What
Host: What were diamond miners doing at the in divorce in 1949.
Host: She is most famous as a feminist author, isnt about 9.30?
bottom of the sea?
Deirdre: They were searching for diamonds on the she? Ella: Yes! Thats perfect.
seabed of Namibias southwest coast. But Nigel: Yes, thats it. But also for her campaigning Receptionist: OK, so Ill put you down for 9:30 am,
instead of inding diamonds, they found a against nuclear arms and South African Friday morning. Oh, Im sorry. I didnt
500-year-old wreck illed with treasures. apartheid. One of her books, The Golden catch your name?
Host: So, what was the boat doing there in the irst Notebook is considered a feminist classic, Ella: Its Ella Livingstone.
place? although she doesnt like the idea of being Receptionist: And your address?
Deirdre: Well, it sank about 500 years ago. It was pigeon-holed as a feminist author. Ella: Its 29 Acacia Road.
carrying a treasure of gold coins, copper, Host: OK. Thank you very much, Nigel. That was Receptionist: Could you spell the name of the road,
ivory and cannons. really interesting. please?
Host: Where did it come from? Nigel: My pleasure. Ella: Yes its A-C-A-C-I-A.
Deirdre: It was probably a Spanish or Portuguese Receptionist: Yes Ive got that. OK well thats it. Well
ship from the 15th century, although we BAKED BEAN SKINNY (PAGE 47) see you on Friday.
arent certain. The copper we found on the ARE BEANS A MIRACLE DIET?
Ella: Thanks a lot.
boat probably means the ship was sent by a
Receptionist: Bye.
government looking to make cannons. There Host: Welcome to Healthy Living. Here with me in
was ivory on it too, and this was often used the studio is Skinny World dietician Nancy
by royal families as a form of payment for Smith. Shes here to tell us about the baked HIGH-SPEED CHASE (PAGE 51)
goods. So, we think the ship was on oicial bean diet. So, what is this new diet all about?
business when it went down. Nancy: Well, this diet is guaranteed to make you lose Reporter: Its an alien invasion! Police in South
Host: What happened to it? weight. Wales just had a run-in with an alleged
Deirdre: Why it sank is a mystery. The area is rocky Host: But how efective is it? UFO. Were here in the studio with police
and often foggy. However, at the time this Nancy: Well, our health programme helped one oicer Mary Clarkson. She claims she saw
ship sailed no one knew enough about client lose 60 kilos in 9 months by eating just it all from the air. So, Mary, what did you
the area to avoid it. They had very simple canned baked beans. He didnt even need to see?
navigation tools back then. exercise. Mary: We were in the helicopter, on routine work,
Host: What about the treasure? Host: Only baked beans? How can you lose weight when a lying saucer almost hit us at about
Deirdre: Its strange that the captain had so many by eating just baked beans? 2,000 metres just as we were waiting to
gold coins on board. Either he made a very Nancy: Its simple. You can eat as much as you like,
land at the St Athens Ministry of Defense
good deal, or he was a pirate. and they ill you up, but you wont get fat.
base. We had to swerve to avoid it. Once
Host: Very interesting. And I suppose the big Host: But hows that possible? You cant just live of
one type of food, can you? we got over the initial shock, we chased
question is, who is going to get all the
treasure? Nancy: Baked beans are full of ibre, and, if you the ship across the Bristol Channel, but
Deirdre: Yes, thats always a diicult one. At the wanted, you could eat just baked beans. But it was so fast we lost the trail. It vanished
moment, the Namibian government is with our diet, you can eat more than just around the coast of North Devon.
overseeing things, so well have to wait and beans. You can eat an unlimited amount Reporter: Astrobiologists say that UFOs are most
see. of healthy food with them, such as fruit, likely leftover pieces of comets and
Host: OK. Thanks very much for that. vegetables, pasta, potatoes and lean meat. meteorites heading for earth. Dont you
Deirdre: No, problem. These foods are illing but if you always eat think that what you saw was a meteorite
baked beans, you wont need to eat so much fragment?
NOBEL NOBILITY (PAGE 21) of this other food. Mary: No way. This was a ship. We all got a
OLDEST NOBEL WINNER Host: But doesnt it get a bit boring? very close look at it. This isnt the irst
Nancy: Not at all. Our clients seem to like the beans. UFO sighting here. In the past few years,
Host: Welcome to Literature Today. I am here with The man who lost 60 kilos has eaten over half
thereve been 30 diferent reports of
Nigel Parsons. Hes here to talk about the a tonne of beans since June 2007. Thats over
strange lying objects all over Wales. One
Nobel Prize winner, author Doris Lessing. So, 1,500 cans. He now eats six cans a day, having
person described a black mass hovering
tell us something about her. beans with rice for lunch and beans with a
Nigel: Well, shes the eleventh woman to win a potato for tea. over Rhyl, another saw a lying disc
Nobel Prize for literature in the 106 years of Host: But isnt eating all those beans bad for you? over Newport and a third report tells of a
Nobel Prize history. And winning was a bit of a Nancy: Not at all. Baked beans are low calorie. Not spinning object with legs seen above the
surprise for her. Back in the 1960s, the Nobel to mention theyre cheap, and it doesnt Rhondda Valley.
Academy judges told her they didnt like her matter what brand you buy. Its the ideal diet. Reporter: So, is this your irst experience of aliens?
work, and that shed never win a Nobel. Another client lost six kilos a month for six Mary: Oh, no. I had another experience back in
Host: Incredible. So, tell us something about her life. months eating two large cans of baked beans 1975. Then, I was one of 170 people who
Nigel: Well, Lessing was born on 22nd October 1919 a day. He ate them with bread and pasta. witnessed a UFO land. I remember it like
to Captain Alfred Tayler and Emily Maude Host: Is there any medical evidence to back this up? it was yesterday. It was a sweltering day,
Tayler. She had a very traditional upbringing Nancy: Well, doctors we spoke to suggest limiting and the sky was a real clear blue. Suddenly,
at a single-sex, all-girls school in Salisbury, your variety of foods to lose weight faster. at the crossroads in town a ship landed.
Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). She left school Eating just baked beans is one way of doing It was funny-looking, shaped like a hat.
aged 14, and was self-educated. A year later, that.
It had to be around 10-metres. It landed
she left home and worked as a nursemaid, and Host: OK, thanks, Nancy, although I dont think Ill
and stopped. It stayed there, still for a
it was around this time that she started reading be trying this one.
few minutes. No one who saw it dared
material on politics and sociology books that
her employer gave her to read. THE DENTAL APPOINTMENT (PAGE 47) to blink even, everyone was so shocked.
Host: So, when did she start writing? Receptionist: Hello, Thompson and Sons Dental Something strange happened, when it
Nigel: She began writing around 1937. She went to Clinic. What can I do for you? landed too. All the nearby cars stalled and
Salisbury (the capital of Rhodesia) to work as Ella: Hello, Id like to make an appointment. stopped. Ill never forget it.
a telephone operator. And it was there that she I have a bad toothache and think its my Reporter: Wow! That gave me a chill up my spine!
married her irst husband, Frank Wisdom. They wisdom teeth. Thanks, oicer Mary.

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Sorteo de 3 CURSOS DE INGLS de una semana de duracin Las Respuestas:

1. March:
Q: What is the film Pablo Picasso
en IRLANDA con entre nuestros alumnos de empresa.
appears in?
A: The Testament of Orpheus (1962), it
Simplemente haba que responder a las preguntas de la revistas de los 3 was a film by Jean Cocteau.

ltimos meses correctamente. 2. April:

Q: What is the connection between a
piano piece and a dollhouse?
A: In the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger
Mother (2001), the author Amy Chua
describes some anecdotes related to her
El sorteo daughter in an attempt to explain the
tuvo lugar term 'Tiger Parent'. One day, Amy
threatened to donate her daughters
en nuestras dollhouse to the Salvation Army if she
oficinas couldnt learn a piano piece which
centrales was extremely difficult. Amy said that
de Paseo apart from that, she also said that her
de daughter could have no dinner, no lunch,
no Christmas presents and no birthday
Extremadur parties for four years. Even after that, the
a. (Madrid) poor girl was still getting it wrong.

3. May:
Q: What is the name of the Yoga DVD
that can help you to learn more about
Slackline yoga?
A: It is called 'Slacksana', the Art of
Slackline Yoga.

Los afortunados ganadores son: el premio!

La oportunidad de vivir una
Belen Merino Rodriguez de Tap Tap (Madrid) semana inmerso en la cultura
irlandesa acudiendo a clases
por las maanas con
Ane de la Iglesia Castillo de ERV (Bilbao) MovingOn.

Jose Antonio Martinez de Blue Hive/ Wunderman (Madrid)

*Incluye alojamiento, comida y clases.
No incluye billete de avin ni
*Nos pondremos en contacto personalmente con los ganadores. desplazamientos.

. Enhorabuena a los ganadores y gracias a

todos por participar!!!