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February 23, 2017

The President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President Trump,

We are writing to you about the forces that have unlawfully acquired and concentrated much of
the world’s wealth and are opposing your presidency through coordinated fake news to attack the
legitimacy of your office and policies. We have learned these forces are a network and that its
resources have been directly used to kill American citizens, fraudulently alter US elections,
finance and control terrorists to commit treasonous acts to defeat American actions overseas, and
to involve the nation in wars against the interests of its people.

Introduction to the Authors
I am a former attorney that was involved in opposing the monopolization of hospital supplies (1/3
of the total $3.1 trillion US Healthcare spend annually (1)); Stewart Webb was the son in law of
President George H.W. Bush’s college roommate Leonard Millman who took over the organized
crime empire of Meyer Lansky and laundered the Bush family wealth acquired through the
diversion of public assets into private control protected by a vast network of governmental
corruption, now estimated to be be 100 Trillion dollars; and Tom Heneghan was the opposition
researcher for Vice President Albert Gore and worked with returning the Reagan-Mitterrand
Protocols to the US Treasury. We have written this letter to alert you to this organization’s threat
to the nation and the national security steps that need to be done immediately to take back the real
estate and real property titled to the United States which provides the majority of the resources
being used by this organization, which we call the Network, against the nation and your
administration. We believe these vast assets which are the property of and titled in the name of
the United States can be immediately returned to the control of the Treasury through e xecutive
decree. The non liquid assets that we will identify for you should immediately become the res
capital of a new United States bank that can start lending directly to small businesses, municipal
infrastructure projects, hospitals, and schools to counteract the Network’s current attack on your
administration to delegitimize your presidency and obstruct any economic recovery as part of the
Network’s plan to retake the power of your office.
The Converted National Wealth Controlled By the Network
While two of the strongest leaders of the Network’s operations in America over the last thirty
years are no longer calling the shots, Stew Webb’s former father in law Millman has passed away
and the senior President George H.W. Bush’s direct supervision is fading, the forces against you
are utilizing the Network’s vast private financial resources acquired through fraud and
conversion, including over 500,000 thousand HUD funded government housing units converted
through Millman’s land fraud and insurance fraud schemes, along with undisclosed controlling
interests in the nation’s seven largest banks and much of its largest corporations, all maintained
without taxation, and that have passed to Millman’s successors Larry Mizel and Norman
Brownstein who help control President George H.W. Bush’s off the books Central Intelligence
Agency diverted assets and the assets President Bush skimmed under the Reagan, Bush Jr.,
Clinton, and Obama presidential administrations through a network of active and retired
government officials, government contractors and foreign state entities. This Lansky and Bush
family empire that was leveraged by Leonard Millman is now estimated at $100 trillion dollars

In addition to this vast wealth taken from American citizens, the res of the trust created through
the combination of the "Mitterand Protocols" and the "Global Settlements Agreement” to bring
down the former Soviet Union and calculated to be in excess of $600 trillion dollars is managed
by the Network and used solely to unlawfully concentrate the wealth of the world’s middle class
into the possession of less than a few hundred individuals in the Network (3).

Since the time of the Vietnam War, the Network’s operatives have used fraud upon the Veteran’s
Administration to convert the benefits of soldiers, creating the first crisis where thousands of
veterans in need of healthcare were unable to obtain benefits in a system where their
identification had been used to embezzle federal funds for services never performed, then causing
the successful and efficient provision of medical diagnosis and treatment by centralized VA
physicians and specialists during the period from 1977-1979 to be replaced by groups of doctors
moonlighting from full time work at civilian hospitals and providing kickb acks to the Network
for contracts to provide services to the VA. This change for the benefit of the Network’s corrupt
conversion of federal funds began the rationing of healthcare to veterans and pushed initial visit
waiting lists and treatment schedules into months and years solely for the purpose of increasing
payments to the Network and reducing the services provided by the contracting doctor groups to
the VA for the US Treasury funds being spent.

The Network further branched out into hospital skimming of private health insurance, Medicare
and Medicaid funds at health systems nationwide through the monopolization of hospital supplies
(4) in long term anticompetitive contracts that through fraud and extortion of health systems
along with bribes and kickbacks to hospital administrators against the interests of their
institutions, permitted the Network to skim more than 80 billion dollars annually by the time attempted to enter the market with a competitive electronic
marketplace for hospital supplies (5). When the ___________________

antitrust case against the Network controlled entities had progressed to the Tenth Circuit Court of
Appeals and simultaneously the Third hearing before the Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights of the United States Senate
Hospital Group Purchasing in 2006 (6), the annual spend on hospital supplies had climbed above
2 trillion dollars. To protect their hospital skimming, the Network in advance of the Senate
hearing had required the deaths of the USDOJ False Claims Act Assistant US Attorney Thelma
Colbert that had brought a sealed case (7) against the Network entities named in the author’s hospital supply antitrust case and the weekend before the Senate
hearing, the death of USDOJ Dallas Criminal Prosecutor Chief Assistant US Attorney Shannon
Ross that had served criminal subpoenas (8) on the Network entities named in the author’s hospital supply antitrust case (9). Both AUSAs Colbert and Ross had
preceeded against the defendant Novation LLC without the approval of AG Ashcroft or
Whitehouse counsel Alberto Gonzales, Ashcroft’s successor whose only career private practice
client had been Novation LLC. Ashcroft retired with a $50 million dollar contract for his start up
boutique law firm to supervise the antitrust compliance of Zimmer Holdings, one small entity in
the Network’s Novation LLC hospital supply cartel. (10)

The day of the Senate hearings, Jim Nicholson Secretary of Veterans Affairs and former Chair of
the GOP made the primary defendant and target of the Senate hearing, Novation LLC the hospital
supply contractor for the Veterans Administration. Through this action, the Network was able to
support its hospital skimming entity against perceptions of antitrust misconduct and guarantee a
pipeline for the pharmaceutical hospital supplies that could not be moved in fast enough growing
quantities through civilian healthcare systems. This expa nsion is the reason for the spike in
veteran suicides and the staggering losses our nation’s military suffers returning from combat in
comparison to the low suicide rate in similar militaries forces such as the Israeli Defense Force
soldiers after combat service and while reintegrating into society.

The civil attorney bringing an antitrust action against the same Network entities for keeping life
saving technology out of American hospitals through the Network’s restraint of trade on behalf of
an associate of the author’s client Samuel Lipari (11) also died mysteriously as portrayed by actor
Chris Evans in the fictional movie Puncture (12). The author, while representing was disbarred on pretextual grounds for conduct in other cases that
was clearly required by Kansas ethics rules and clearly established US Supreme Court precedent.
Later, another attorney representing was also disbarred on similar false
pretexts. The Network required these extreme measures to protect its hospital skimming rackets
in the healthcare industry that by 2024, will be nearly a fifth of the economy (1). The Network’s
systematic conversion of federal Medicare and Medicaid funds at health systems nationwide
through its hospital supply rackets has made America lose its base of living wage manufacturing
jobs to other nations and the resulting runaway costs of healthcare, the major driving component
and destabilizer of America’s national debt (13).

The Network uses the vast resources converted from the United States and its citizens to prevent
the creation of new technologies, jobs and wealth which threatens the monopolies and control
established by the Network. Your Presidential Administration threatens the more than thirty years
of accelerated concentration of wealth and power by the Network. The Network is now openly
using its control of financial systems, main stream media and telecommunications to cause the
Trump Presidency to fail, to prevent the creation of jobs, access to healthcare, and the creation of
technologies that would enrich Americans or raise the standard of living of the world’s citizens.

Network Influence Over the Judicial Branch
As your presidential administration has just experienced in the Ninth Circuit over the Executive
Order temporarily suspending the entry of travelers from nations that pose a threat to the United
States, the constitutional safeguards that enabled citizens to rely on the rule of law to conduct
their affairs, business, and preserve their rights against e ncroachment by forces infiltrating
government agencies, are voided in the Judicial Branch whenever rights or statutes conflict with
the un-legislated policies of the Network despite whatever conflict those Network policies have
with any national interest or controlling legal case law authorities. After 15 years (14) of trying to
fight for the right to enforce contracts and conduct a lawful business ,
employing artificial intelligence technology to save hospitals nationwide more than 20% of their
spending on hospital supplies, the author _____________and his former client Samuel Lipari
filed an action against the Chief Justice __________et al v. John G. Roberts, Dist. of Columbia
_____________(15) to mandate that he exercise his duties as head of the Judicial Conference of
the United States to better enforce judicial discipline against judges that fail to follow black letter
case precedents or to otherwise distinguish why an order is deviating from established
interpretations of statutes or controlling case authorities. The entire D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
including its Chief Judge Merrick Garland chose to overrule even Marbury v. Madison (the
historic US Supreme Court ruling establishing jurisdiction was proper in the distric t court and
first the right to judicial review) and the statutory authorities preventing then AG Holder under
the direction of Chief Justice Roberts from using warrantless electronic eavesdropping and
Internet censorship to interfere with the persons conducting MedicalSupplyChain.Com’s business
and to interfere with their assertion of individual rights in federal courts where those rights
threaten criminal enterprises controlled by the Network.

The author Stew Webb learned of some of the activities of his then father in law Leonard
Millman including the fraudulent take over and control of the giant insurance conglomerate AIG
and distanced himself from Millman and moved away to Texas. Millman, along with his
leutenant Larry Mizel were able to use the Denver US Attorney, federal and state judges to
deprive Webb of the right to parent his child. This unlawful power available to a leader in the
Network included having Webb’s Texas attorney threatened with murder.. When Webb reported
the involvement of Millman in organized crime, Millman and Mizel were able to control the
investigation into the racketeering of the Network which included the systematic looting of
federally insured Savings and Loans, the fraud of thousands of federal mortgage guarantees of
Farm Home loan Administration backed farm loans, and the confiscation of hundreds of millions
of dollars raised by federal government officials under the pretext of funding operations against
Contra rebels in Central America through George H.W. Bush’s and the Network’s claimed CIA
non official cover companies, by having Webb imprisoned first in Denver, then transferred to
Springfield, MO where Bush had eventually over 1000 CIA non official cover company
employees detained to prevent their testimony before the Independent Counsel investigating Iran
Contra, and to limit the public disclosure grand jury testimony on the Network’s takeover of
Saving’s and Loans to confiscate the increased FSLIC federal insurance of the thrift institutions
and to protect the Network’s asset in the scheme Senator John McCain.

Webb was never convicted and the Network was unable to deprive him of his competency to
control his legal defense and upon release from Springfield with the information and contacts
with the witnesses to Millman, Mizel, and Brownstein’s role in laundering the funds and assets of
the United States converted by George H.W. Bush, Webb became a whistleblower (16) and
contributed to several of the books exposing the Network’s Iran Contra era criminal enterprises.
Lt. Cmdr Al Martin and others determined that Bush and Millman employed over 5000
operatives and raised over $ 9 Billion (17), however less than 5% was actually dispersed to the
Contras themselves while the rest was laundered through the non official cover companies by
George H.W. Bush and reinvested to create private profit for members of the Network.

A large number of the witnesses to the Network’s vast criminal enterprises that were not
imprisoned, bought off, or murdered had their testimony sealed in USDOJ run grand juries that
were convened gathered thousands and thousands of documents in evidence, heard limited
witness testimony, then gave notice to the witness of prosecution should their testimony and
knowledge be leaked.

The author Tom Heneghan connected with Stew Webb during the election contest between
George W, Bush and Vice President Al Gore, when a witness with evidence against Bush and the
Network, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, was killed on the way to a debate between George
W. Bush and Vice President Gore at St. Louis, to deliver that evidence tot he Vice President.
Heneghan has also experience fighting judicial corruption with Sherman Skolnick (18) who
instigated the prosecutions that led to the selection of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
Currently, the Network is using its infiltrators in federal and state courts to deprive the authors
and some of their associates including an attorney the current edition of Corbin on Contracts is
dedicated to (20), of all contractual and real property rights, the benefits of insurance, or any
funds that might be required for survival. This has most recently included the withdraw of
Missouri and Kansas personal injury attorneys from representing the author Stew Webb and the
attorney expert on mortgage contracts in separate auto wreck injuries sustained in the Network’s
assassination attempts against them. In this covert way, the state courts can be made to participate
in the obstruction of Justice to protect the Network and its ongoing criminal enterprises.

Closer examination of the use of criminal assets by the Network for for procuring the
imprisonment of the Democrat state governors Rod Blagojevich of Illinois and Don E.
Siegelman, of Alabama, along with the much earlier conviction of the American Indian activist
Leonard Peltier will reveal the need for the executive powers of clemency and pardon to be
exercised. Governor Blagojevich was first targeted by the Network when he sought to go around
the Network’s monopolistic control of prescription drugs in the United States through a plan to
reimport those same prescription pharmaceuticals from Canada. Also, Blagojevich had to be
extorted into silence because his testimony threatened the legitimacy of the Network’s control of
the Bush and Obama administrations. Governor Siegelman was targeted by the Bush family
members of the Network. Both men would be of great service to their country by helping to build
Democrat Party leaders in their state that would not be controlled by the Network and place the
interests of the citizens and the nation first again. The author Stew Webb was detained with
Leonard Peltier and was briefed on the Network’s operations to control Indian reservations to
facilitate the Network’s narcotics importation and the Network’s control of oil p roduced in the
United States. Peltier is also needed to rebuild minority leadership outside of the control of the

Need for Executive Action
The Network’s concentrated wealth exceeding the Fed’s calculation of Currency in Circulation is
real property and property in financial deposits the US Government has title to but which the
unlawful concentrators in the Network utilize as resources against President Trump through
conversion. This property is held for members of the Network by federally licensed institutions
and recorded in the offices of the states where it can be returned to United States control in the
next three months without court action and where the transactions revealed would provide
irrefutable criminal evidence against the individuals participating in the network.

This direct and swift action is required because through these vast financial resources, the
Network has corrupted and controls many in federal office, the government of states, and
municipalities. The President experienced this election night when five states were falsely
attributed to Hillary Clinton and President George HW Bush and the Network were in the process
of falsely rigging the results to include six more states to ensure Clinton’s victory, in the days
following the election when the media has been directed to delegitimize President Trump in
knowing preparation for attempts to remove him from office, the sedition by federal agencies and
some courts to block any return to the rule of Law in the national interest, and the treasonous acts
to defeat American actions overseas.

While the authors have each experienced the USDOJ and the FBI using their powers illegally
under previous presidential administrations to retaliate against and destroy individuals exposing
the criminal wrong doing of members of the Network; and even during the composing of this
letter reporting that wrong doing to your office, a primary protected activity under the First
Amendment; the authors are experiencing interference, retaliation and censorship by Network
controlled telecommunications providers in service to the Network’s stay behind infiltrators
within the the USDOJ and the FBI (and which were detailed in the case against Chief Justice
Roberts and AG Holder (15)); we are confident in AG Jeff Sessions’s ability to stop the use of
the USDOJ as an enforcement arm of the Network to protect the criminal operations of
Millman’s lieutenants and successors Larry Mizel and Norman Brownstein both AIPAC
Directors. However, the national security requires the rapid crippling of the Network through
seizure and return of the real property and property title to the United States that is being
unlawfully controlled by over 100,00 Bush era CIA front corporations and trusts and which is
currently used to control seven of the nations’ largest banks and nation’s mainstream media
through hidden controlling interests. This vast wealth is what funds the Network’s ongoing coup
and attempted overthrow of your presidential administration.


Your administration has been given a mandate to repeal and replace Obamacare, however the
Network controls the Banks and healthcare insurers that authored the Affordable Care Act and
these entities serve the Network’s long term goal to increase the costs of healthcare and decrease
access to care. Your inauguration speech highlighted the national interest in new healthcare
technologies that extend life and the standard of living for people around the world. The Health
Sciences are an area where the United States has lead the world technologically and which the
nation has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in pure and applied research that would permit
Americans businesses to rapidly create jobs to meet unmet domestic and international demand
that would add trillions of dollars to the nation’s economy over the next decade. The Network
must stop this diffusion of technology and wealth in order to maintain its global control.

More immediately, your administration’s plans to improve healthcare for veterans , especially
soldiers, sailors, and airmen recently separated from military service also threatens the control of
the Network where these citizens are loyal to the nation and far more likely to come to the
defense of the constitution and repel foreign and domestic threats, including the agitators the
Network is attempting to deploy against your administration’s policies.

The authors have witnesses that can identify the deliberate systematic destruction of core
competencies and efficiencies in the VA including retired military surgeons who can detail the
changes that were made to corrupt the delivery of care to veterans without waiting periods until
after 1979. Similarly, the authors have witnesses that can identify the deliberate substitution of
health insurance for healthcare in order to socialize the costs of delivering substandard care while
privatizing the profits and government subsidies to the management of health insurance and
resources (administrative costs).


The American telecommunications companies, forced to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act ;
along with Cogent Communications Group, Inc., one of the world’s largest internet service
providers founded by a member of the Israeli Parliament; Sprint providing the fiber optic
backbone for the transmission of recorded surveillance on domestic calls of American citizens;
and state/federal fusion centers all knowingly provide platforms for the Network to manage its
criminal enterprises and protect itself against co mpetitors in the marketplace and witnesses for
law enforcement actions against members of the Network. The surveillance state created by the
administration of President George W. Bush to protect the Network’s 9/11 and London 7/7
operations directed by Network infiltrators into the Department of Defense, CIA, and FBI
controlling Israeli technicians and directing funds originating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is
necessary to the survival of the Network and prevents evidence of their crimes from being

The Network went ahead with 9/11 to cure the crisis in legitimacy resulting from the way the
Supreme Court judgment against the popular vote and Electoral College winner Vice President
Al Gore that endangered the administration of their asset Pres ident George W. Bush. The
perspective that popular perceived legitimacy is essential to governance has given birth to the
gravitas that the Network has brought to marshaling all of its assets in the media to prepare the
current presidential administration to be seen as illegitimate and incompetent as part of
Network’s coup against the nation. For these reasons, the Network still uses telephone and
telecommunications intercepts through FBI and USDOJ sanctioned warrantless surveillance to
monitor and defeat loyal citizens like the authors from building any consensus to enforce the
Laws of the United States or to protect the nation from the subjugation by the Network.

A good example of this continuing illegal practice by federal government officials to protect
criminal racketeers from being detected or brought to justice is the Western District of Missouri
Office of the FBI currently headed by Eric K. Jackson, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s
Kansas City Field Office which is responsible for both Kansas and the Western half of Missouri
and is where the orders to wiretap the authors, Samuel Lipari, and their associates and to conduct
warrantless break ins of the residences of their associates by state/federal task force members
were given between 2005 and February 2017. Information from these taps has been repeatedly
given to federal government contractors to censor and block access to the authors publication of
evidence against the Network and its members on Internet sites or to prevent mainstream media
coverage. Beyond mere warrantless wiretapping, the surveillance is purposely disruptive,
degrading voice telephone calls to where the parties cannot understand each other’s words or
conduct business. The businesses and persons discovered in the surveillance are then approached
at the direction of the FBI for the purposes of discouraging any commerce from being conducted
by the targets. This includes destroying employment opportunities and the building of social
relationships. The FBI developed these techniques, which were determined to be unlawful during
the investigation of Operation COINTELPRO, but they are used daily by the FBI and
state/federal task force offices against American citizens targeted by Larry Mizel and other
members of the Network to obstruct justice in furthering of the Network’s criminal enterprises.

When the current administration prosecutes government officials who violated the federal
criminal statutes against warrantless wire tapping, American businesses will be able to regrow a
diverse and vibrant economy that competes with the Network’s offshore conglomerates and
return jobs to the United States and restore a middle class.


A major criminal enterprise of the Network is the importation of illegal narcotics which has
continued and grown far beyond the Iran Contra era operations by George HW Bush’s CIA non
official cover companies in a scam of purportedly raising money for Contra rebels fighting
Communism in Central America and was expanded into a far larger current Heroin trade. This
current national Public Health crisis often discussed during the 2016 presidential race was
necessitated by the Network’s need to provide a payroll for the tribesman used to attack
American soldiers in Afghanistan and justify the 9/11 and London 7/7 operations as attacks by an
external foreign enemy, which the Network infiltrators into the Department of Defense, CIA, and
FBI have cast as the threat of Muslim extremism. Illegal drugs in the United States is a black
market industry estimated at $200-$750 billion a year in size, with the current decade seeing the
largest per person drug usage per year in American history.(21)

The currency from the Network’s narcotics enterprises needs to be laundered and brought into the
United States in order to be used to control and influence government and the media. For the last
36 years the Network has used Leonard Millman’s technique of opening loans through cutouts
qualifying for federally insured and guaranteed loans. The Network’s control of the 7 largest
banks permits the Network loan acceptance (the original corrupt enterprise of Leonard Millman)
to projects controlled by the network and its members. In this way, approximately $500 billion a
year in narcotics profits is leveraged into secure long term legitimate income to supplement the
tax free income


All funds held by the Network in United States licensed financial institutions and facilities can be
returned immediately to the control of the United States Treasury. This is over $100 trillion
dollars in the Lansky and Bush empire managed by Millman, and more than half of the $27
trillion dollars that is the res of the Reagan-Mitterand Protocals. The over 500,000 Housing and
Urban Development units and other real property converted from the United States can also be
identified and returned to the control of the United States. Where that property has been
fraudulently retitled, or where the assets the United States have been mingled with the proceeds
of narcotics sales and racketeering control of legitimate businesses, the property can be
immediately used as collateral or used to form the res of a trust that can rapidly start lending to
small business owners with credit scores of 520 and above, to cities with past bond rating
problems, and to hospitals and school districts at long term low interest rates in order to repair the
damage done to the nation and its economy. Later, in the courts, US Attorneys can claw back the
proceeds from the Network’s racketeering enterprises and obtain the treble damages that was
intended by Congress to deter this massive criminal co nduct. In that process, the people that
betrayed the nation and committed felonies in furtherance of the Network’s racketeering
enterprises can be criminally charged, providing a deterrent to others being recruited by the


The authors are willing to provide agents of the United States the information to identify the
assets described above, along with witnesses that will come forward and provide first hand
accounts and documentary evidence regarding the converted assets and the criminal misconduct
described above. Those witnesses have asked for their identities to be concealed until they can
appear before the proper government authorities and give their testimony without fear of being
compromised or targeted through traitors to the Network. We believe it is urgent that your
administration restore these assets to the control of the United States.

Most Respectfully,

Former Attorney



Stewart A. Webb

10607 E. Sheley Rd. Indep. MO. 64052.

Phone 816- 478-3267

Tom Heneghan

End Notes

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