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AG Sessions Cover Letter

February 23, 2017
Mr. Jeff Sessions
Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Dear Mr. Sessions,
We are sending you a copy of a letter we have also mailed to President
Trump describing our knowledge of the concentration of wealth through
unlawful means that backs the attack on President Trump, his personal
interests and his policies by a Network created by President George H.W.
Bush. We are bringing this knowledge to your attention because much of
that vast concentrated wealth exceeding the Fed’s calculation of Currency
in Circulation is real property and property the US Government has title to,
but which the Network’s unlawful concentrators utilize as resources against
President Trump through conversion. This property is held for members of
the Network by federally licensed institutions and recorded in the offices of
the states where it can be returned to United States control in the next
three months without court action and where the transactions revealed
would provide irrefutable criminal evidence against the individuals
participating in the Network.
This direct and swift action is required because through these vast financial
resources, the Network has corrupted and controls many in federal office,
the government of states, and municipalities. The President experienced
this election night when five states were to be falsely taken by the Network
for their candidate Hillary Clinton, in the days following the election when
the Network directed the media to delegitimize President Trump in knowing
preparation for attempts to remove him from office, the sedition by federal
agencies and some courts under control of the Network to block any return
to the rule of Law in the national interest, and the treasonous acts by the
Network to defeat American actions overseas.
Stew Webb has become knowledgeable of the Network and its assets
through his former father in law, Leonard Millman a college roommate of
President George H.W. Bush and lifelong bagman for the assets of the
United States converted by George H.W. Bush through the CIA and later
during the offices of the Vice President and President, then through Bush’s
control over Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama.
I had the misfortune of being an attorney for a tech start up, Medical Supply
Chain, inc. that had revolutionized cost savings in 1/3 of the then 2 Trillion
hospital supply spend monopolized through Bush front corporations. Along
with the start up, I was destroyed and disbarred by officials and courts
under control of the network. in trying to overcome the censoring of these
events from any media coverage, I met Mr. Webb who like the early Matt
Drudge, had developed an email list of thousands of subscribers that along
with a web site he created was able to get information about the crimes out.
We are confident in you, Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop the prior
use of the USDOJ as an enforcement arm of the network to protect the
criminal operations of Millman’s lieutenants and successors Larry Mizel and
Norman Brownstein, but know that the national security requires the rapid
crippling of the Network through seizure and return of the real property and
property title to the United States being unlawfully controlled by over 1000
Bush CIA front corporations and trusts and which is currently used to
control seven of the nations’ largest banks and its main stream media in the
Network’s coup against President Trump. We are willing to travel to where
we can both assist the government in identifying these assets and the
hidden control of financial actors and government policies against the
administration of President Trump as we have outlined in more detail in the
attached letter.
Best Regards,
Former Attorney

Stewart A. Webb
10607 E. Sheley Rd. Indep. MO. 64052.
Phone 816- 478-3267

Tom Heneghan