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Ev breathe u take T Police chang com xprs/opp MI REBT self-conc refl
Everyday People Sly & Fam St com Cop Sk xprs/opp self-conc refl frship
A Woman's worth A Keys self-est
Because of You K. Clarkson A/C agr xprs/opp self-est
Big Girls Don't Cry Ferguie chang self-est
Don't let me get me Pink A/C agr chang xprs/opp self-est
I Hope You Dance L A Womack Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est refl
I Will Survive G. Gaynor agr chang Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi rebt self-est refl
Irreplaceble Beyonce chang self-est
Mirror Barlow Girls self-est
Reflection C. Aguilera Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est refl
Stren, Cour, Wisdom India Arie Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est refl
T Greatest Love of all W Houston Cop Sk hope pos thi self-est
U Made me find myself L A Rimes agr chang xprs/opp pos thi rebt self-est refl
Unrwitten N Bedingfield Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est refl
Video India Arie self-est
W I like about u Romantics self-est
W W World L Armstrong Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est refl
Walking on Sunshine K & the Waves Cop Sk pos thi self-est refl
Work Jars of Clay agr xprs/opp MI rebt self-est refl
You Gotta Be Des'ree Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi self-est
A Change is gn come Sam Cooke chang
Ain't no Mntain high M Gaye Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi refl
Always on my mind Elvis
Amazing Grace Cop Sk hope
Amphetamine Everclear A/C MI
Beat it M Jackson
Black Water Doobie Bro Cop Sk xprs/opp
Black Water
Blowin' in the wind
Blue Skies
Bohemia Rhapsody Queen MI
Breakaway K. Clarkson agr chang hope pos thi goals
Bridge over trouble wats
Crawlin Linkin Park agr
Crazy Patsy Cline Cop Sk MI rebt
Crazy Aerosmith
Dream On Aerosmith xprs/opp hope refl
Dreams Cranberries
Drif Away Dobie Gray Cop Sk xprs/opp pos thi refl
Estranged Guns n Roses A/C agr chang MI
Eye of the Tiger Survivor chang xprs/opp hope pos thi
Free to Decide Cranberries A/C MI
Gansta's Paradise Coolio A/C agr chang com xprs/opp refl
Gone Switch Foot xprs/opp refl
Good Riddance Green Day
Higher Creed agr chang xprs/opp hope
Hold On Good Charlote hope pos thi refl
Hold On Wilson Phillips hope pos thi refl
Home Daughtry
How to save a life T Fray com
Hurt C. Aguilera refl
Hurt J Cash MI
I am a Rock S & Garfunkel
I Believe I can Fly R Kelly
I can See Clearly Now
I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline agr chang MI rebt refl
I Walk the Line J Cash
If Everyone Cared Nickelback
I'll be there
I'm not alright Sanctus Real
Imagine Beatles
In Between Linkin Park agr chang com xprs/opp rebt
It's a lovely day
It's my life B Jovi A/C chang refl
Kind & Generous
Lean on Me Bill Withers com
Lean on Me Limp Bizkit
Let it Be Beatles Cop Sk MI
Let the Good Times Roll
Life is a Highway Rascal Flatts Cop Sk
Listen Beyonce
Listen to the Music Doobie Bro Cop Sk
Livin' on the Edge B Jovi Cop Sk MI
My Girl Temptations Cop Sk
My Way Elvis, Sinatra
My Wish Rascal Flatts
No Rain Blind Melon xprs/opp MI
Nothing Else Matters Metallica agr Com Cop Sk xprs/opp MI pos thi
Ode to my Family Cranberries MI
One Last breath Creed Agr MI
One step at a time J Sparks
Raindrops keep Falling B.J. Thomas Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi refl
Respect A. Franklin
Rise Up R Kelly
River of Dreams Billy Joel MI
Say J Mayer Com
Side by Side Patsy Cline
Slow Fade C Crowns
Son Sung Blue
Sorry, blame on me Akon A/C
Stand Rascal Flatts chang xprs/opp hope pos thi refl
Stand in the Rain Superchick Cop Sk xprs/opp hope pos thi
Step by Step W Houston A/C chang Cop Sk pos thi refl
Stronger K. West Cop Sk
Take it easy Eagles A/C
The Middle J Eat W Cop Sk hope
This is your life Switch Foot
Voice of Thruth C Crowns
W arms wide open Creed
W do u think about that? M Gentry
W on the W to change J Mayer A/C chang com Cop Sk xprs/opp MI pos thi refl
We are the Champions Queen refl
We can Work it Out Beatles A/C chang com Cop Sk
We live Superchick xprs/opp refl
Welcome to my life Simple Plan MI
What about now Daughtry A/C agr chang com Cop Sk xprs/opp rebt refl
What's Up? 4 Non Blondes chang com Cop Sk MI refl
When I'm Gone 3 Doors Down agr chang xprs/opp MI rebt refl
Wide Open Spaces Dixie Chicks A/C chang xprs/opp
Yesterday Beatles chang Cop Sk xprs/opp refl
Yesterdays Guns n Roses agr chang hope pos thi rebt
You Learn A Morissette A/C chang pos thi refl
The Climb M Cyrus goals
So Small C Underwood goals
Happy N Bedingfield
Live like you were dying Tim McGraw